Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 28 - Bottleman - full transcript

There's a new Faro dealer at the Long Branch. When the town drunk, the meekest man in town, tries to attack him, the dealer swears he'll kill him if he ever tries that again. But he also swears he "never seen him before in his life."

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Oh. Oh, hey, Chester.

How do you do,
Miss Kitty?

Oh, um...

Uh, Dorey, this
is Chester Goode.

This is Dorey Dandy.

How do you do?

Hello, Chester.

Dorey- oh, that's a
very pretty name, Dorey.

Why, thank you.

What'll it be, Chester?

Well, I don't rightly
know right...

Where'd you get
that guitar, Bill?

Oh, that?

Some pilgrim left it here;
couldn't pay for his drinks.


Say, didn't you tell me once
you played the guitar?

Oh, no.

No, I was just bragging
that up, Miss Kitty.

No, I don't
play the guitar.

Well, uh, hand it
to him, Bill.

Let's see how much
he was bragging.

No, now, just leave it there
- I was lying to you,

I tell you, Miss Kitty.

I don't play the guitar.

Oh, play it, Chester-
I'd love to hear it.


You asked for it, now,
you just remember that.

I'll see if I can...

get it here in the chord of C.

Sure ain't had one of these
in my hands in a long... time.

? Run... run, run. ?

? Run, rabbit, run
the dogs'll catch... ?

? Catch... ?


Let me begin that one
all over again.

All right.

? Run, rabbit, run,
the dogs'll... catch you ?

? Run, rabbit, run,
you better get away ?

? Run, rabbit, run,
the dogs'll catch you ?

? Run, rabbit, run,
you better get away ?

? Oh, the rabbit run,
the rabbit flew ?

? The rabbit tore
his tail in two ?

? Run, rabbit, run,
the dogs'll catch you ?

? Run, rabbit, run,
you better get away. ?

Oh, that was
wonderful, Chester.

Did you like that? I loved it.

Here you are, Chester-
it's on the house.

Play another one.

Oh, well,

Oh, no, no, no,
I couldn't do that.

I shouldn't have even
already done what I did.

Oh, you were just fine,
wasn't he, Dorey?

He's just shy,
that's all.

Here, Bill.

You better
put that up

before somebody
gets hurt.

Oh, I got
to go now.

waiting for me.

Oh, uh, Dorey,
uh, uh,

if-if I-I come back,

uh, a little bit later,
maybe in an hour or so,

could I buy you
a drink, maybe?

I wish you would.

Howdy there,

Hello, Chester.

What will it be,

I can buy half a bottle,
if you got one.


Did you find a job
today, Tom?


Hello, Miss Kitty.


I had a job every day this week.

I've been real lucky.

Here you are,

Thank you, Bill.

Where you
going, Tom?

It's better I
don't stand here

and drink
all evening.

I'll just get
down around

to the end of
the bar there,

kind of out of sight.

It's better.

Well, you can drink
anyplace you like.

No, it's better,
Miss Kitty.

I don't make too
good advertising

for your place.

It's better.

Poor fella.

Well, I guess I better
be going, Miss Kitty.

Say, when's Matt
coming in, you know?

Uh, well, the telegram
said tomorrow.

Did he get his man?

Well, now, he went
after him, Miss Kitty,

and you can bet
your boots

that he ain't coming back

I guess that's true.

I'll see you.

Good night, Chester.

Uh... excuse me.

Who's the owner
of this place?

Well, uh, Miss
Kitty Russell,

there at the bar,
she's one of them.

Thank you.

Miss Kitty?

Oh... yes?

Uh, my name
is Dan Clell.

This is Flora.

Well, how
do you do?

I'm a dealer,
Miss Kitty.

I'm looking for
a faro table.


Uh, Flora kind
of helps out.

She gets them

brings them over
to the table.

You know.

Isn't she a little young?

Oh, no, I've been
doing this a long...

Shut up.

She's my wife.


Well, it just so happens we...

do need a dealer here,

but, uh, there's just one thing.

The game will have to be honest.

I could take
offense to that.

You could take offense
to it if you like.

That's the way it is.

I always deal honest.

Well, I think you better talk
to Bill Pence.

He's, uh, co-owner here.

Um, uh, Bill?

Could you come here
a minute?

Would you, uh, talk
to this gentleman here?

Let's sit down, Flora.

Oh, thank you.

Okay, this
will be fine.

So, you and Clell
are married, huh?


Seem kind of young.

Mean you're not gonna
let me work here?

Well, that's for
your husband to decide.

He wants me to.

He always does.


You move, I'll kill you.

Put that gun away, mister.

He's harmless.

He tried to club me, didn't he?

All right, you.

Get up.

Let him be.

He won't carry a gun.

That's enough, Clell.

He won't hurt you.

I ought
to kill him.

What's the matter with him,
attacking me?

He's drunk,
can't you tell?

Still no excuse
to jump me.

He never done nothing
like that before.

It's just not
like him.

What is it, Tom?

What's the trouble?

Now, you listen
to me, mister,

and hear me good.

I never seen you before
in my life.

And next time, I'll kill you.

Do you know
this man, Tom?

Have you got something
against him?

Well, it sure beats me.

Well, he's drunk.

Let's just forget
about it.

No man jumps me.

Next time, he won't
be so lucky.

Yeah, well, we all
know he jumped you.

And the next time,
you'll know

that he isn't armed and
that he's just a drunk.


Is he dealing here?

We need a faro dealer.

All right.

I'll be around.

Oh, morning, Doc.

Morning, Chester.

What are you
doing here?

You fixing to leave town
or something?

Oh, no, no, not me.

I'm just waiting for
the stage to come in.


Mr. Dillon
is on it.

What time is
he coming in?

Well, ain't
quite sure, Doc.

You mean they're not
sure it's coming in?

No, no, they're sure
that it's coming in.

They just ain't sure
when, is this thing.

Well, I've heard of stages
that didn't come in.

Well, that...

Didn't come in where?

Didn't come
in anyplace.

Just didn't come in.

Well, I-I know it...

You're joshing me,
ain't you, Doc?


You're joshing me, ain't you? Hmm?

There, for a minute,
I thought that you...

There it is, Doc.

There it is,
you see?

Wel-welcome back,
Mr. Dillon.

Hi... how are you,


How you feeling?
Oh, I'm tired.

Where's, uh, Big Jim Kelly,
Mr. Dillon?

Well, I don't know.

What do you mean?

Well, got close enough
to put salt on his tail.

Killed my horse doing it, too,
but he still got away.

Well, how... how
did that happen?

Just outsmarted me, I guess.

Well, forevermore.

What's new
around Dodge?

Oh, there's
nothing much.

Oh, say, yes.

Tom Cassidy got beat up.

He did?
Oh, yeah.

That's right,
Mr. Dillon.

A new dealer at
the Long Branch.

A fellow by the
name of Clell.

Tom Cassidy never
bothered anybody.

Well, he sure went after
this fellow with a bottle.

Sure don't seem much
like Tom, does it?

Why, he wouldn't attack
a wood fence.

Well, he attacked this
Clell, Mr. Dillon,

and he says that he's
going to kill Tom

the next time
it happens.


Well, I guess
I better look into it.

But first, I'm gonna
get me some sleep.

You sure look
like you need it.

I do, Doc.

I'll see you later.

Thanks, Red.

I hear you came back

Well, it isn't
the first time.

I guess you can't
win them all.

Kitty, what can you tell
me about this Clell?

Well, I don't know
anything about him.

I don't like him much.

Well, I want
to meet him.

I've already
talked to Cassidy.

He won't tell
me a thing.

Oh... Flora
just came in.

You might as well
meet her first.


I had a talk
with her last night.

She's a real unhappy girl.

Well, of course,
it's none of my business, Kitty,

but I just hate to see a poor,
harmless old drunk

like Cassidy
take it from anybody.

Good evening,
Miss Kitty.

Flora, I want you
to meet Marshal Dillon.


Are you the

Nice to meet you, Flora.

Won't you sit down?

I can't stay
very long.

Mr. Clell will
be in directly.

Yes, I, uh... I hear
you're married to Clell.


Have you known him
for long?

All my life, I guess.

You didn't tell me that.

He sort of adopted me
when I was five.

After my
mother died.

Well, you're still pretty young.

I wish I was ten years older.

Why do you say that?

Maybe I could get away
from him somehow.

Please don't tell him that.

Well, of course we won't.

He married me last year.

I guess I'll never get away
from him now.


I want to
talk to you.


I've had enough of you.

Shootin's too good for you.
I'm gonna kick...

Hold it.

You keep out of this.

Oh, you're the marshal.

Why aren't you after him?

Didn't you see him try
to shoot me?

A couple of you boys give
me a hand here, will you?

Take him up to Doc's.
He looks pretty bad.

You going to arrest him?

What's between you two?

I never saw that drunken bum
before in my life.

Tom Cassidy's one of the most
peaceful man in Dodge.

This is the first time
he's caused any trouble at all.

Now, there's got to be
a reason for it.

Marshal, I swear I never saw
or heard of him before.

I warned him last night
when he took a bottle to me.

Tonight, he had a gun.

Figures some lawman
to be protecting murderers.


now let me tell you something.

If Cassidy tries to shoot you,
it's your right to kill him.

But just don't do it
with your feet.

His friends might not like it.

And I'm one of 'em.

All right,
there you are.

That's about all
I can do for you.

Thanks, Doc.

Well, how you
feeling, Tom?

Oh, okay.

He's so full of booze,
he don't know how he feels.

He's got two broken ribs.

I've had worse.

Tom, listen to me.

Now this Clell claims
he doesn't even know ya.

Never saw ya before.

13 years of hard drinkin'.

It's lovely to think
about, Marshal,

but it's bad for the aim.

Well, why were you
trying to kill him?

I had to hold that gun
in both hands,

and I still
couldn't fire it.


Yeah, Tom?

Doc, will you do
something for me?

Sure, Tom, if I can.

Make me sober.

No, no, I mean
real sober.

Oh, I won't quit forever,
but... just for a while.

Will ya, Doc?

Tom, if I coulda
helped you in any way,

I'd have done it a long
time ago, you know that.

No, please.

If you're gonna get
sober, Tom,

and stay that way
for any length of time,

you got to do it


Stop drinking.


Hey, now,
take it easy, Tom.

I'll do it.


I'll do it.


If Marshal Dillon
will help me.

How can I help you, Tom?

You can lock
me up in jail.

Keep me there
for about a week.

That way I can't
drink, ya see?

You'll do it,
won't you, Marshal?

Ordinarily, I'd do anything
I could to help you, Tom,

but not this time.

Why not?

'Cause you're trying
to sober up

just so you
can kill a man.

All right then,
I'll do it without your help.

Just a minute, Tom.

By golly, I never
saw a man

so set on anything
in my life.

You never saw a man that had
a reason like I have, Doc.

What is
the reason, Tom?

I'll tell you later...

when you come to hang me.

Mr. Dillon, guess who I seen
out there in the street.

General Grant.

I'm serious.

Well, all right, who?

Tom Cassidy,
he's back.

Oh, well, tell him I want
to see him, will ya?

Well, I thought
you would.

I told him to wait.

Here he is,
Mr. Dillon.

Hello, Tom.

What do you want,

I ain't got much time.

Where you been,

Everybody's been
worried about ya.

I been out
on the prairie

in a little shack I found
out there, sobering up.

Well, you're looking fine.
How are your ribs feeling?

I still breathe
kinda hard,

but that don't bother me.

I see you're wearing
a gun, huh?

Yeah, only this time I don't
need two hands to shoot it.

Still after Clell, huh?

You can hang me later, Marshal.

It don't matter.

But right now, there's not
a thing you can do about it.

Tom, we're friends, aren't we?

Oh, well, you've always
been a friend, Marshal.

Then why don't you tell me
what this is all about?

Marshal, I don't want
to cause you no trouble,

but I can't help it.

It just gotta be.

All right, if you don't
want me to help you,

I'm gonna do it anyway.

You can't help me, Marshal.

Yes, I can.

Oh, here, no, no.
You've got no right.

Marshal, that ain't fair.

Yes, sir?

go open up
that cell in back.

Yes, sir.

You can't do that.

It ain't legal.
I ain't done nothing.

Come on, Tom.

You can't lock me up.

Clell might
get away.

Tom, you want me
to do this the hard way?

Marshal, no, no, no.

Come on.

This ain't fair,
Marshal, no!

Clell might get away,

Tom, I'm gonna put
you in that cell.

No! No!
Come on now!

All right, all right,

I'll tell ya.

13 years ago
down in New Orleans.

Clell run off
with my wife.


It's true.

Well, then why does he
claim he doesn't know ya?

He don't know me.

I was shamed by it, I guess,
so I changed my name.

He never saw me,
but I saw him.

He stole my wife,

And she took my little girl
when she run off with him.

You had a daughter, Tom?

Flora was
five years old then.


She don't remember me,
but, Marshal,

I don't ever want her
to find out now how I am.

Look, Tom, killing Clell now

isn't gonna
solve anything for you.

I'm not gonna kill him
because of me, Marshal.

I'm doing it for Flora.

I can tell
how she feels about him.

Tom, if I could get Flora
away from Clell,

would that satisfy you?

How are you
gonna do that?

Would you get over this idea
of killing him if I did?

I told you, Marshal,
it's Flora I'm thinking about.

The other, I drowned that
in a thousand whisky bottles.

All right, Tom,
I'll see what I can do.

But I want you to lay low.

I want you stay out
of sight for a while.

Can you do that?

But I'll be watching.

All right, Tom.

It just better not
take too long, Marshal.

Don't look so
worried, Flora.

He only wants
to talk to ya.

But why?
What about?

Well, you haven't done
anything wrong,

so you got nothing
to be afraid of.

Come on in.
She's here.

Hello, Flora.

Is there something
wrong, Marshal?

Yes, I'm afraid
there is.

I haven't done anything.

No, no, you haven't
done anything,

but I want to help you
do something, Flora.


Well, there isn't much time,
so you'll have to decide fast.

Now if you were alone,
free from Clell,

where would you go?

I don't understand.

How about St. Louis?

Could you find
a job there?

Well, yes,
I have a friend there.

A woman.
She'd help me.

I can't go anywhere!

Now, look, this'll
get you to St. Louis.

Oh, no, Marshal,
I can't take that.

I can't run away.
He'd kill me.

You leave Clell to me.


I can't.

You want to stay with him?

I hate him.

All right, then this is
your chance to get away.

Do it, Flora. You just
might not get another chance.

The stage is gonna
leave in an hour.

You'll have to hurry.

I'll help you pack
a few things,

and we can send the rest
on to you later.

Where's Clell now?

He's over at the Long Branch.

And he'll be expecting her
pretty soon.

He'll find me! And if
he does, he'll kill me.

I'm gonna be down

to the stage
with you, Flora.

If he finds you, it
won't do him any good.

I promise you you're gonna
get on that stage alone.

You two better
get busy.

We sure will.

I'll see you over
at the stage.

All right.
Let's hurry.

Well, ol' Flora
better hurry up

if she don't want
to get left behind.

That stage is
about ready to leave.

Kitty will see
she gets here all right.

It'll be a doggone
shame if she don't.

Now what's he doing here?

What are you doing, Cassidy?

I thought you were
gonna lay low?

I know what's
going on, Marshal.

I just want to see her leave.

It's the last time.

Well, here she comes.

You better get going

If you don't want her
to suspect something.

I'm going.

Here we are.

Let me take
that for you.

Take this one, too,
will ya, Chester?

See that she
gets a seat.

You better hurry, though.

Flora, I'll say good-bye
right here.

I don't know why you're doing
all this for me, Marshal.

But... I can't
seem to say anything.

You don't have to.
Good luck.

Good-bye, honey.

You're gonna make
out all right.

I just know it.

I kinda hate leaving you, Kitty.

You better get going.

Hold up there, driver!

Flora, don't get in there!


All right, Jim,
take it out of here.

Halt right where you are! Take it away!

He's dead.

I killed him.


I killed him.

Cassidy, why didn't you
let me handle this?

Now he can't never
follow her.


I'm gonna have
to arrest you, Cassidy.

Oh, you can hang me.
I don't care.

All right, let's go.

Oh, one thing, Marshal.

Could you...?

All right.

Chester, get him
a bottle.