Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 26 - Dooley Surrenders - full transcript

Addled hide skinner Emmett Dooley believes that he killed a man and demands to be put in jail. Matt is convinced that Dooley was not the culprit and tries to lure the real killer into giving himself away.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

It's a long, mean ride
up the trail,

breathing the dust
of half-wild Texas cattle,

feeding poor on salt meat
and beans,

drinking branch water
for months at a time.

You don't wonder when they
hit Dodge, they load up

on cheap whiskey and go on
to shoot for each other...

and for me, Matt Dillon
U.S. Marshal.

I'm a wild bull tonight!

I'm big!

I'm fierce!

I'm all tooth and claw!

You drunk already?

Drunk? I'm
already drunk.



Then get out in the brush
and do your hollering!

Not around here!

Oh! Whoo-hoo!

Colpitt, when are we
going to Dodge, anyway?

When we shoot
some more buffalo

and get some more money.

We got plenty
of money.

You want to split it
right now?!

No, no, I didn't
mean that.

All right, then.



You got the rest
of that stuff, Nelson?

I guess I must
have fell asleep.

You was drunk, Dooley.

Terrible drunk.

Yeah, I-I do recall swallowing
some of that whisky.

Moving out, huh?

Where's Faber?

Faber's dead.


We just finished burying him.

But why'd he die?

What happened?

You killed him.


You come roaring and
bellowing over to the wagon,

you picked up the Winchester
and you shot him with it!

No. No, I wouldn't
kill nobody.

You did.

And we're leaving you.

I won't have no murderer
working for me.

Oh, no, no, please?!

I wouldn't kill nobody!

Pull it out, Nelson!

I wouldn't kill

I never killed nobody!


I wouldn't!

Whoa, boy, whoa.

Morning there, Doc.

Morning, Chester.

Doc, you don't look like you had

too hard of a trip there.

A trip? But I've only come
from the stables.


And even that's probably farther

than you're gonna get

the whole day.

Matt, I'm on my way
out to Little Mountain.

Little Mountain?


Well, that's a
mighty long ways.

Yeah, I know it is, but old
man Wheeler's a mighty sick man,

and I just thought I'd let
you know where I'm gonna be.

I'm glad you did.

You, uh, looking for me?

You the marshal?



I've got something
to tell you, Marshal.

What's that?

First, I'd better
say my name.

It's Emmett Dooley.

How'd you do, Emmett?

Better call me "Dooley,"

Nobody since my ma
ever call me Emmett.

All right, Dooley.

Now, what's on your mind?

I been skinning hides
for a buffalo hunter.

Man by the name of Colpitt.

You know him?
No, I don't think so.

Ain't Colpitt
I come tell you about.

His partner,
fellow name of Faber.

What about him?

I killed him.

You what?

I got drunk

and killed him
with a rifle.

It's a bad thing, Marshal,
but when I drink whisky,

I get plumb out of hand.

Well, a lot of men do,

but they don't always
kill somebody.

Well, I-I go crazy wild.

You won't believe it,

but I'm a dangerous man
when I'm drinking whisky.

Well, uh, where'd all this
happen, anyway?

In camp up
at Little Mountain.

I don't even remember
killing him, I was so drunk.

Well, how do you know
you did, then?

Oh... well, I remember shooting
a rifle... kind of,

but I-I don't remember
hitting nobody.

Colpitt told me about it
next morning when I came to.

Said he'd
already buried him.

He said I murdered him.

Then they drove off and left me.

If a man kills somebody,
he doesn't usually come

and tell the law about it.

You gonna hang me, Marshal?

No, I'm not gonna hang you.

Then what'd I come here for?

You the law or ain't ya?

Now, Dooley, there has
to be a trial first.

We can't even have a trial
unless I find that body.

Are you calling me a liar?

No, I'm not
calling you a liar.

Then I don't understand
none of this.

Well, I guess we'll
just have to go out

and see if we can
find that body.

All right,
I'll go with you.

No, no, no, you won't.

This is gonna be a tough
enough trip as it is.

You don't like me
'cause I'm a murderer.

Oh, sure, I like you.

But just that...

Chester, take him over
and lock him up, will you?

Yes, sir.

Uh, this way,

Where's your horse?

He foundered.

I walked the last 20 miles.

You'd better get him
something to eat, Chester.

Then saddle up
the horses.


Oh, forever more.

Looky there at him,
would you?

You'd think that
he's performing

an operation
or something.

Well, he may not
work fast, Chester,

but he doesn't
miss much.

Well, what's there to miss?

I mean, it's just
a shot man.

I mean, a got-shot man.
I mean...

Yeah, yeah, I know
what you mean.

Well, I seen
all I need to see.

Well, I should
think so.

What was you looking for, the measles?

Well, I sure wasn't looking
for what I found.

What do you mean?

That man Dooley had things
a little mixed up.

That man wasn't shot.

No, sir.

He was stabbed right through
the heart with a knife.


Well, he sure enough
did get things mixed up.

Yeah, well, he admits
he was drunk.

Anybody who'll start blasting
at people with a rifle

is not above working on you
with a knife, I guess.

I don't know about
that, Doc.

Maybe they just
told him wrong.

What? Who?
What do you mean?

Well, uh, maybe they counted on
his remembering

using that rifle so they
told him that Faber got shot.

Well, you know
that could be.

Dooley sure enough
believes it.

Well, then you figure
it might have been

one of the other two, huh?
That'd be my guess, yeah.

Well, which one, though?
Well, Colpitt, probably.

I don't think he'd let
the cook shoot his partner

unless he wanted him shot.

Well, that makes sense.

Well, maybe we ought
to go find that man.

Well, we'll never find him
out here.

They could be hiding anywhere.

No, we'll have to make them
come to us, I guess.

Well, I guess so.

Well, I've got to get on
out to old man Wheeler's.

See you in a couple
of days.

All right, Doc,
thanks a lot.

All right.

Well, come on.
We got work to do.

Here he is,
Mr. Dillon.

Oh, well, Dooley,
I'm gonna turn you loose.

You are?

Yeah, but I, uh, I don't
want you to leave town.

What's wrong with me
being in jail?

I shot a man, didn't I?

Well, I'll explain everything
to you later, Dooley.

Right now, if anybody asks you
why you're not in jail,

I just want you to tell them
that I'm waiting for something.

Waiting for what?

Well, you just say
that I didn't tell you.

Another thing, don't tell
anybody we rode out

to Little Mountain,

you understand?

Am I still under arrest?


Well, I don't understand
none of this.

Yeah, but you'll, you'll do what
I tell you anyway, won't you?

Well, I've got no place to stay.
Got no money.

Well, here, I'll...
I'll give you some money.


Sure. Now you go on and take it, all right?


Can I come see you
sometime, maybe?

You? Chester?

Best time of
day, sort of?

Sure, Sure,
you can, Dooley.

Just once
in a while.

I wouldn't feel right
otherwise, Marshal.

Me being a murderer
and all.

Land's sakes,
Mr. Dillon,

you know, he still thinks
that he killed a man.

I couldn't tell him
the truth, Chester.

He'd go out and tell
everybody else.

He couldn't help

Yeah, I know,
so, I mean...

Well, so this way, the
word will get around

that he's out of jail.

That Colpitt is bound
to hear about it

some way or another,

and he'll be curious
as to why.

Come to Dodge and start
asking questions.

Watch the shop,
will you?

I got to go over
to the Land office.

Sugar, Mr. Dillon?

No, thanks,

Well, I didn't mean,
"Did you want some?"

I meant that
I wanted some.


This coffee
sure is black

this morning,
you know?

Four... five... six.

You know, that, uh,
that's not gonna change

the color of that
coffee any.

No, no, it won't
do that at all.

Sure makes it
sweet, though.

Well, hello, Dooley.

Sit down.

Here, how about
a little coffee?

Ain't you even gonna
say hello, Dooley?

I can't stand it
no more.

You gotta help me.

What's the matter?

Three days now. I been
out of jail for three days.

I just can't go
another one.

What's the trouble, Dooley?

Well, everybody treats me bad.

They won't have nothing
to do with me.

They say I admit shooting a man
and I ought to be in jail.

They're talking about you, too,

for letting me out.

Now, Dooley, people talk
about me whatever I do.

Well, if I hadn't had killed
him, I wouldn't care,

and I'd tell them so,
but I did kill him,

and I ought to be in jail.

This way, I feel
like I stole a sheep.

It's just how I feel,
like I stole a sheep.

Dooley, I'm sorry, but, uh,
it's not gonna last much longer,

I promise you.

Well, you gotta help me now.

I-I can't face
these people no more.

They won't even let me sleep
in the stable, no place.

Seems to me like the good citizens of Dodge

got awfully high-minded
all of a sudden.

Doggone it, Dooley, I just
can't let you stay in jail.

But I tell you what.

Now, Doc Adams has got an old
shack out in back of his place.

He doesn't use it

except to store
stuff in, does he?

Yeah, yeah, and I know
where I can get you

a couple
of blankets, Dooley.

I don't know.
Doc might find me in there

and shoot me or something.


No, he wouldn't
do that.

Beside, he's not
even back yet.

I tell you what.

You, uh, you use that
shack. How about it?

Sure, Dooley.


Doggone it, I'd like to
know what a man has to do

to get jailed
in Dodge City, Kansas.

Hello, Kitty.

Hiya, Matt.

You, uh, gonna buy
that hat?

You like it?

Yeah, I like it fine.

You sure, really?

Well, I don't think you could
do any better than that.

Well, um, Mr. Ross ordered
it for me six months ago.


Those mails are really
slow out here, aren't they?


This, um, came on
the Santa Fe, Matt,

not by Pony Express.


I ordered the hat
six months ago,

it arrived four months ago, and
I've been wearing it ever since.

Oh, well, uh...

Well, I'm glad you
like it though.


Hey, where, uh,
where's Mr. Ross?

Is he, uh...

Oh, he's out back trying to
sell somebody a new wagon.

Oh. Well, at least
that's a more important item

than that watch chain
that I came for.

It's the finest wagon

you could buy,
I guarantee it.

Cost too much.

What's the matter
with them Conestoga people?

They raise
their prices every year.

Maybe I'd better
think it over.

Uh, tell you
what I'll do.

If I do not sell that
wagon by noon tomorrow,

you can have it
for $20 off.

You mean that?

You have my
word for it.

Noon tomorrow.

Well, I'm camped
down on the Arkansas.

Stephens Grove.

Suppose you drive it
out there at noon.

No, I'll not
be able to do that.

You'd have to
pick it up here.

Only got one man
in camp, my cook.

What happened to the
rest of your crew?

Dead. Or gone.

All's I need is
a good hide skinner.

What do you think of this? Hmm? Oh.

Well, you can find plenty of
good hide skinners around here.

Find one tomorrow
when I come for the wagon.

By the way...

I hear there's a skinner
around here named Dooley.

Don't know where I could
find him, do you?

No, I do not.

But, uh, now, here's
the man you should ask.

No, no, I'm afraid
I don't know

anybody by the name
of Dooley, Mr. Ross.

Uh, look,

you don't have that watch chain
of mine ready yet, do you?

No, sir,
it's not ready yet.

Uh, Mr. Ross, I've been
waiting for half an hour.

When are you gonna
be through with him?

Don't get yourself
in a fret, lady.

He's through now.

See you tomorrow,
at noon.

Thanks, Kitty.


What's this all about?

That man's name is Colpitt,
Mr. Ross.

I've been waiting a week
for him to get into town.

Colpitt- now,
wait a minute.

I've heard that name.

That fellow Faber
was his partner.

The man that Dooley killed.


That's why he said

he's running his outfit
alone now.


Using his partner's share of the
money to buy new wagons with.

At least it looks that way.

If he comes in here tomorrow,

don't say anything
about this, will you?

No, sir.

You can rely on me.


Matt, I don't understand

why you just didn't
arrest him right here.

Well, because I want to arrest
his cook first, Kitty.

And alone.

If I can scare him into talking
without Colpitt around,

I may get
the evidence I need.

Oh. Well,
where's Dooley?

Oh, he's over in Doc's shack.

Come on, I'll walk you back.

Oh, all right.

Bye, Mr. Ross.

You can rely
on me, Marshal.


Here! Here, here!

Stop that now!

Who are you?

Now, listen, come out of there!

That's my shack!

Stop throwing things...!

By thunder, you come out of
there or I'll come in after you.

Now, here,
come out of there, you!

Well, Dooley,

Who are you?

Well, I'm
Doc Adams.

Well, don't hit me, Doc.

Don't hit me.

Oh, good heavens.

I'm not gonna
hit you.

What-what, what are
you up to here?

Well, I was just
readying it up a little.

I-I been kind of
sleeping in there, Doc.

You've been
sleeping in there?

Marshal Dillon said
you wouldn't mind.

Good heavens, I
don't mind at all.

But that's... not a
nice place to sleep.

Well, he won't
let me stay in jail.

Well, no, of
course not.

I don't blame him.

You don't
belong in jail.

You're forgetting, Doc.


I'm a murderer.

Oh, you're no
such a thing.

Why, that man
wasn't even shot.

He was stabbed
with a knife.


He was stabbed right through
the heart with a knife.

You didn't...

Matt must have told you that
the minute he got back to town.


Well, he must have.

No, no.

He-he-he didn't say that.

Oh, well, now, Dooley,
I know that Matt...

Oh, uh...

Yeah, well, now, here,
Dooley, tell you what.

You- I was just talking.

I don't know anything
at all about the-

You just forget
I mentioned it.

No, no, maybe
it is true.

No. Maybe I didn't kill him.

You say so.
Well, no, I...

I'm gonna tell

No. I'm gonna tell them all!

No, no!
Dooley, here, now.

That'd be- you see,
that'd be terrible.

You can't do-
Here, I tell...

Let's you and me, uh, we'll
go to the marshal's office now.

And then you can
say hello to him.

And, uh, and Chester.

Come on, and, uh, then
you can tell everybody, see?

Well, all right, I guess. You can tell...

Yeah, you can tell
everybody in town, then.

Hello, Dooley.

Doc, I was just over at
your office. Yeah, I know.

Well, I should've
stayed there, too, Matt.

Now, listen, I found Dooley in
that shack out back of my place,

and confound it,
I guess I must have

said something
that I wasn't...

Doc tells me
I didn't kill nobody.

Well, I'm sorry, Matt,
but by thunder, how was I...

Is it true or ain't it?

It's all
right, Doc.

Yes, Dooley,
it's true.

Colpitt killed
him with a knife.




Well... that's
pretty mean of him,

telling me I done it.


Well, he wanted
to get me hung for that.

Pretty doggone mean, I say.

Dooley, it's
all over now.

I'll take care
of Colpitt.

Well, how?

Well, he's coming into town
tomorrow at noon.

I'm gonna ride
out to his camp,

and I'm gonna throw
the cook Nelson in jail.

I'm gonna tell, uh, Colpitt that
he's confessed the whole story.

That Colpitt.

He shouldn't
have done that.

Dooley, listen to me.

You're free now,
you're out of trouble.

But if Colpitt catches up with
you, it might go pretty bad.

Now, if you'll take my advice,
you'll get out of Dodge

just as fast as you can.


He's a wicked man, Colpitt is.

A wicked, wicked man.

Dooley, listen to me.

Now, Chester's over
at the stable.

I want you to go over there

and tell him that I said
to give you a horse.

You get on that horse,

and you ride just as fast
as you can out of town.

Will you do that?

Sure, sure.

I'll go.

Marshal, you been as good as
you could be to me, I guess.

Sure, Dooley.

Sometime, if I'm
in Dodge again,

can I come and say
hello to you, maybe?

Sure, Dooley.

You come say hello to me
anytime you want to.

But you'd better
get going now.

Good luck to you.

Bye, Doc.

Oh, yes, good-bye,
Dooley, good-bye.

So long, Marshal.

There it is.

Better leave
the horses here.

Sounds like you're
expecting a fight.

Well, with these kind
of people, you never know.

You mean, maybe Colpitt didn't
go back into town at all?

He'd better have;
I want to get that cook alone.

Well, if he's alone, he
shouldn't give us no trouble.

No, not if
we handle it right.

Come on.

Well, there ain't
no smoke there, Mr. Dillon.

That cook sure ain't
cooking nothing.

Oh, with Colpitt gone, he's
probably asleep or something.

Come on.

I guess that Colpitt didn't
go back into town after all.

That's not Colpitt, Chester.

Colpitt's a buffalo hunter.

He couldn't miss at this
distance with his eyes closed.

Well, is it
the cook?

Maybe it is, yeah.

Well, what's he
shooting at us for?

He don't even know
that we're after him.


What the matter
there, you drunk?!

You bet I'm drunk!

That's Dooley.

I'm crazy wild drunk!


Dooley, it's Marshal
Dillon and Chester!

I know who it is!

I'm gonna kill you, too!

I'm gonna kill everybody!

I killed them, didn't I?!

It's Colpitt
and that cook, Marshal!

I killed them with a knife!

Now I'm gonna kill everybody!

I'm coming right up there
and shoot you!

He's crazy, Mr. Dillon.

Uh, Chester, get down there
a few feet, will you?



Now you throw down
that gun!

I don't want
to have to hurt you!

Here I come!

I'm gonna kill everybody!


All right, Dooley,
drop the gun!

You kill me, Marshal.

I-I know.

I'm sorry, Dooley.

But you didn't
give me any choice.

Colpitt and the cook,
they're dead.

I knifed them.

That Colpitt was
a mean, wicked man.


Yeah, he sure was.



I'll come say hello to you

next time I'm in Dodge.

You said I could.

Sure you can, Dooley.

Come anytime you want to.

Thanks... Marshal.


Oh, my goodness, Mr.
Dillon, that's terrible.

Wasn't your
fault though.

I mean, you did
what you had to do.


Well, come on, Chester.

We- I got three men to bury.

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