Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 14 - Doc's Reward - full transcript

Doc, on his way to an accident at a local farmhouse, is confronted by a stranger barring his way. When he feels forced to shoot him, he tells Matt to arrest him for it before the marshal's reputation comes into question by everyone in town.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

? Oh, the Cape Cod girls,
they got no home ?

? No, they got no home ?

? They comb their hair
with a sunfish bone... ?

Hold up there!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who are you?

Well, I'm Doc Adams
from Dodge.

You're a long way
from Dodge, ain't ya?

Well, yes, as a
matter of fact.

I'm going on
to Cam Seton's,

about 15 miles
on south of here.

His horse kicked him
in the chest.

He's pretty bad
hurt, I guess.

How do you know?

Well, a cowboy rode in
and found him there

and put him in bed.

Then he hurried into Dodge
to get me, you see.

Do you know Cam?

I just come from there.

That cowboy

must have been funning you.

Cam never got kicked
by no horse.

Well, now I don't think anybody
would want to joke

about a thing like that.

Well, that's the truth.

Now you better turn around
and go back to Dodge.

Somebody might
be needing you, Doc.

I mean it, Doc.

Who are you, mister?

Just do what I say.

Now get that buggy
turned around.

Not very likely.

I'm driving on
to Cam Seton's.

You ain't driving nowhere
if I shoot your horse, Doc.

You shoot my horse,
and I'll kill ya.

What are you doing
with a shotgun?

Well, it just so happens
I like prairie chicken

when I can find it.

But you better start
thinking about

what two barrels of this
birdshot will do to you.

You? A doctor?

You're bluffing.

No, I'm not bluffing.

There's a man with
a crushed chest waiting for me

about 15 miles from here,
and if you shoot my horse,

he may die
before I can get to him.

You better believe it, mister,
I'll kill ya if I have to.

You won't turn around
and go back to Dodge, huh?

Nobody keeps me from going
where I'm needed.

The horse goes, Doc.

And if you try anything,
you go next.

Don't you do it, mister.

That's Doc's buggy,
all right.

That cowboy must
have been right.

Look here.

Let's hope he was right
about this, too.

You know him?

I never seen him
before in my life.

I wonder what could
have happened here.

I don't know.

Well, let's get him buried
and get over to Cam Seton's.


You all right?


Well, uh, how's...
how's Cam Seton?

Oh, he-he's dead.

He died a few
minutes ago.

Aw. That's a
doggone shame.


Doc, we, uh...

we found your buggy

out there
on the prairie.

And the man.


Did you kill him?

Yes, I did.

He shot my horse.

He... Well,
what in the world

did he want to do
a thing like that for?

Well, he didn't want me
to get here, that's for sure.

He knew Cam Seton was hurt.

Well, I don't even know
who that man was.

And, by the time I got here,
Cam was beyond talking.

I didn't know Cam had
any enemies like that.

Matt, I shot that man before
he even turned his gun on me.

You did?

Yes, I did.

That's not what you'd call
self-defense, is it?

That's not for me
to decide, Doc.


You've got to arrest me.

Doc, the day I arrest you,
that's the day I quit.

Well, no, no, Matt.

Because, uh...

Well, there'd be a lot of talk
about it in town.

I should be in jail,
they'll say, waiting trial.

And they'll blame you for that.

Too bad you couldn't
help Cam, Doc.

You sure tried.


Doc, you...

how are you?

I'm fine.
How are you?

You ain't worried,
are you, Doc?


Well, why?

Well, oh, you know
how people are.

I mean, everybody's...

you know how they been
looking at you since,

well... since
the other day.

Oh, well, I don't pay
any attention to that.

Well, I just wouldn't want no
harm to come to you is all.


Now what in the world
you talking about?

Well, you know how
people are, Doc.

I mean, take that...

that feller across
the street there.

Well, who is it?

Well, I don't know.

He's a perfect stranger
to me, that's it.

Well, he doesn't mean
anything to me, Chester.

What are you getting
all excited...

You're getting worse
than an old woman.

Now, wait a minute, Doc.

You don't need to
smart off at me.

I'm just trying to help.
Oh, how do you do?



Chester, come on.


Where we going?

We're going down
to the Long Branch.

What for?

I just got through
telling off

some of the town's
leading citizens,

and now I want to be seen
buying you a drink.

No... That'll really give
them something to talk about.

Matt, you can't fight them all.

Well, it isn't all
of them anyway, Doc.

It's just a few.

And I want them to
know where I stand!

No, that's not the way.
Well, now, wait a minute, Doc.

Now, I'm going to go, too,

and I'm going to buy
the second round myself.

Now how about it?
Come on!

No. Well...

All right, I guess I can't
refuse to have a drink

with two friends of mine.

Well, I say not.

Give us a bottle of whiskey
and three glasses, Red.

Right, Marshal.

Uh, make mine a beer,
would you, Red?


Now, if I went out
and killed a man,

I'd be drinking
water... in jail.

Huh, Marshal?

I'd throw a gambler in jail
for most any reason, mister.

Well, that's a fine way
for the law to talk.

Get out of here.

Now, look here, Marshal.
I said get out.

You're in trouble,
ain't you?

Matt, I don't think that
there's any need and reason...

Never mind, Doc.

Come on, let's drink up.
That's what we came here for.

Maybe, I ought
to be in jail.

I'll decide that.

I'm not going to have
any of these good citizens

helping me out, either.

Yeah, well, most
people don't know

what they're talking
about anyway.


Lookee there.
There's that same feller again,

right over there.

Lookee there, Mr. Dillon.

Well, who is he?
What about him?

Well, I don't know, but he keeps
watching Doc all the time.

He was watching him
right out there on the street,

just a-watching him, and now,
he's followed him in here.

You know him, Doc?

No. No, I...

Something familiar
about him, though, and I...

And I don't like to have him
staring at me like that.

I... I don't like that.

Stay here.

Like to know
your name, mister.

You would?

I'm the marshal here.
What is it?

Nate. What's yours?

Nate what?

Nate'll do, marshal
or no marshal.

Where you from?


What are you doing
in Dodge?

You got something against
me, Marshal, say it out.

All right.

You've been following
Doc around.

He doesn't like it.

Well, maybe
Doc got a guilty conscience.

I can't help what he don't like.

What have you been
watching him for?

No reason.

I heard he killed a man,
and he's not in jail.

Just curious.


Let me tell you something,

Doc's a friend of mine,
a good friend.


So, if anything happened to him,
I'd take it personal.

You ain't talking
about me, Marshal.

Whiskey, please.

Be right with you.


Yes, sir?

I want you and
Doc to go over

to the office
and wait for me.

What for?

'Cause, from now
on, I want you two

to stay together,
day and night.

Oh, now, Matt...
I mean it, Doc.

Now, go get
yourself a shotgun

and keep it loaded.

Oh, yeah.

All right, let's go,
Doc, come on.

Come in!

I said, come on in!

Is that you, Helen?

Well, no, it's me.


Well, what's the matter?

Don't come in here!

Don't come
in here!

You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

I thought it was the girl
down the hall.

I... I wasn't expecting you.

What do you want?

Well, it's important, Kitty.

I got to talk to you.

Well, can you talk
from there?

I can come back if I have to.

No, I'll come out.

Just a minute.

What's it all
about, Matt?

Well, it's about this mess
Doc's in.

I think you might be able
to help.

Well, I'd do almost
anything for Doc.

You know that.

Well, this isn't gonna be easy.

It'll probably take most
of your evening.


Well, go on.

Well, there's a fella
running around town,

calls himself "Nate."

Nate who?

I don't know
what his last name is.

Well, what's
he look like?

Kind of tall, and, uh,

he's wearing a buckskin vest,
black hat, and he's...

he's got a bandanna
around his neck.

I think I know him.

He bought me a drink
last night.


That'll make it easier.

Well, what do you want of him?

Kitty, I, uh...

I think
he's after Doc.

Oh, you want me to
find out for sure, huh?

You're the only
one who can.

Yeah, I know.

It's not
gonna be easy.

Maybe I'm asking
too much of you.

It might save Doc's life.

Is that what you're saying?

I wouldn't ask it
of you, otherwise.

Now, look, this Nate is
not a man to get drunk easy.

In fact, you may not be
able to get him to talk

even when
he is drunk.

You just leave that to me.

Like I say, I'll do
most anything for Doc.

Thanks, Kitty.

I'll see you later.



That's your move, huh?

Yeah, well, I moved it
there, didn't I?

There you are.

Now it's your
move again.

Gracious, you play a
wonderful game of checkers.

A man's really got to be
on his toes to beat you.

Well, I guess I just
need a cup of coffee.

All right, just sit there-
I'll get you a cup of coffee.

Save your strength.

I don't know,
I think I just better...

...lay down for a minute here.

Try to get the cobwebs
out of my head. Oh.


Wake up.


Fell asleep there
for a minute.

Where's Doc?

Uh, oh, well, we...
he was here.

We was playing checkers
there together, and...

I thought I told you
to stay with him.

I just laid down
for a minute.

Look, go over to his
office, will ya,

and see if you
can find him,

and this time stay with him. Yeah.

I... I don't know how
it could've happened.

I just... I just laid down
there for-for a minute.

Oh. Miss Kitty.

Good morning, Chester.

It's good to see ya. Uh..
Nice to see you.

I've... I-I've got to go.

Well, all right.

Well, did you
find anything out?

Well, when you said he
wouldn't get drunk very easy,

you were sure right.

Come on and sit down.

Matt, his name's
Nate Brandel.

Nate Brandel?

It was his brother Doc
killed, Myles Brandel.


Then he really was
after Doc, huh?

Just waiting for the
chance to shoot him.

How did he find out about Doc
and his brother so fast?

Well, he followed Myles
out here from Colorado.

Seems that Myles
has a wife back there,

and she knew
there was gonna be trouble

and told Nate about it. Hmm.

Myles came here
to kill Cam Seton.

Old feud of some kind.

When he got out of here,
he found him hurt so bad

he didn't have to kill him, huh?

Except by trying
to keep Doc away.


Matt, wait.

There's something else.

It seems that Myles had
a price on his head-

a thousand dollars.

What? Bank robbery in Denver.

Well, I never had
any circulars on it.

I know, but it's
true just the same.

Don't you see, Matt, that's
why Nate is after Doc so bad.

He thinks Doc shot his brother
for the reward money.

Well, doesn't he know
the true story?

He just doesn't
believe it.

Mr. Dillon!

Mr. Dil... uh, oh.

Mr. Dillon, Doc left
a note on his door

that he was going
down to the stable

to look over
a new horse.

I was just headed
down there now.

Well, I'll go along
with you.


He said he'd be here.


Look out, Doc!

You can kill me easy now.

You just hold
still right now.

No, you finish me
like you done my brother.

It was his brother
you killed, Doc.

All right, you
hold still...

No, no!

Matt, that bullet's
got to come out of there

before I can stop
the bleeding.

Let's get him up to the office. All right.

I just tried
to kill you, Doc.

Yeah, I know.

What are you doing
trying to save me?

I'm a doctor.

I tried to explain
that to your brother.

I don't believe you-
you're lying.

We're wasting time-
let's get him moved.

About finished?

Yeah. Yeah,
I'm all finished.

How is he?

Well, he'd have
bled to death

if I hadn't got that out
just when I did.

He'll be all right.

That is, in a couple
of weeks, he will.

He'll be all right in jail, won't he? Jail?

Well, you can't
leave him here.

Well, you don't think
he'd try it again, do you?

Doc, that was his
brother you killed.

I know it was...

Well, I'll tell you
something you didn't know.

His brother was
a wanted man-

there was a $1,000
price on his head.

You don't say so.
That's right.

And he thinks you killed
him for the reward money.

He's not gonna
believe otherwise.


Go ahead, put him
in jail, then.

He'll be all right.

I'll look at him
every day or so.

All right, Doc,
I think that'd be best.

I'll be back for him
in a little while.

Uh, Matt.

A thousand dollars, huh?


Well, send for it.
I want it.


I mean it.
It's mine, ain't it?

Well, yeah, but...
All right, send for it.

I want it.

All right, I'll
send for it.

Three weeks in this hole-

I'm beginning to wish
you'd killed me.

Look, you're in jail because
Doc Adams wants you here.

Does Doc run the law
around here?

It was him you tried
to kill, mister.

If I had my way, you'd
be in state prison.

Hm. Between you and Doc,

I ain't got much of a chance
at anything, have I?

That'll be settled
before long.

What do you mean?

I'm gonna do
this his way.

What's his way?

I don't know,
I didn't ask him.

Well, I got it.

Uh, Mr. Dillon, I got it.


That's, I think it's that
one on top there, ain't it?

Yeah, I think it is.

Go over and get Doc,
will ya?

Tell him I'll be in the office.
Oh. Well, all right.

All right.

All right, Nate,
let's go.

What for?

Come on.

What do you got
in mind now, Marshal?

Let's go.

What, are you gonna let Doc
shoot me or something?

Sit down.

All right, now what?

I got him,
Mr. Dillon.

Doc, here it is.

Came in this morning's mail. Yeah.

What's going on
here anyway?

What are you doing?

This is
the reward money, Nate-

a thousand dollars
for killing your brother.

Doc wanted it, so
I... I sent for it.

I might've know'd that's
why you kept me alive.

Just so you could
show me that.

No, that's-that's not why
I kept you alive, Nate.

Hope you have a good
time with it, Doc.

That's a lot of money.

What are you gonna
spend it on?

I'm... I'm gonna spend
it on you, Nate.

Here. Here it is.

It's yours.


Go on, take it.

What for?

Did you ever kill
a man, Nate?

Well, did you ever?

But you tried.
You bet I tried.

And you came pretty
close to it.

It's a bad...

it's a bad thing to kill a man.

It... it does something
to you inside.

Even if you have to kill him,
like I did your brother.

That's gonna rot inside of me
for the rest of my life.

I just wouldn't want
that to happen to you,

and I thought
that maybe somehow

this just might make
you see what I mean.



My brother left
a wife in Denver.

I'm gonna see she gets this.

She don't have to know
what it's from.

Why don't you
take it to her yourself?

You mean I can go?

I'm free?

You can go.

Marshal, will you...
will you tell the doc

that I, uh...

Don't worry.

I think Doc knows.