Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 3, Episode 10 - Never Pester Chester - full transcript

Matt sets out with a vengeance to capture two trouble-making Texas cowhands who dragged Chester and left him near death.

...starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

? All that he made
was his own grave ?

? When he crossed the path
to killer lane ?

? His last home was there
below. ?

What's the matter,
Mr. Dillon?

Are you tired?

Oh, boy, I'll say so.

Maybe I ought to run
down to Long Branch

and get us a bucket
of beer or something.

I don't need any beer.

What I need is some sleep.

It'll do that for you, too,
you drink enough of it.

If you want a beer,
you go down and get one.

I'm gonna get
some rest.

Well, no, it wasn't me.

I don't want a beer.

I just, you know,
thinking about you.

Trying to be as
helpful as I could.

Sure. You don't want a beer,

well, that's...

Well, Shiloh,
either come in or go out.

What's the matter?

Oh, looks like
trouble, Chester.


There's a couple of cowboys
been liquoring it up

down to Long Branch,


Well, Shiloh, that's, uh,

what saloons are for, isn't it?

Well, yes, but...

they're out on

the street now
insulting the town ladies.

Do I have to go
all the way over there

just to lecture a couple
of playful cowboys?

Shiloh, you worry too much
about the ladies anyway.

Well, there's gonna be
trouble if you don't.

Mr. Dillon, you just stay here.
I'll take care of it.

It won't be any trouble at all.
Well, Chester.

All right, Chester, just go over
and tell them to take it easy

and not bother the ladies, huh?

Yeah, all right. Come on,
Shiloh. But, Marshal...

Chester, you's gonna
get yourself...

Come on, it's gonna be
all right.

Mr. Dillon,
you just relax there

and everything'll work out
all right.

Hey, how about these?

Hey, lady, how 'bout
a little dance, huh?

Y'all's a might
stuck-up, ain't ya?

Ah, the trouble with them is,

they just don't know
what a real man is.

Hey, you know something, Stobo?

Know anything
you can tell me.

It ain't so much the fault
of the women up here

as it is the men.

By golly, you're right.

I'll tell this one
about that.

Hey, lady, ever been
down to Texas?

They got real men
down there.

None of these
short grass Kansas.

You men, now...

now that's enough of that.

Who's this?
Maybe it's the preacher.

No, no, the marshal,
he sent me over...

Yeah? We're gonna send
you right back, fella.

Well, now the marshal said

that you could have all the fun
that you want to,

just so long as you
left the ladies alone.

Man, that's the whole
dang trouble,

these Dodge ladies,

they been left alone
too long.

Yeah, and what they need
is a couple of big Texans.

Why don't you two fellas just go
back into the Long Branch there

and get yourselves a couple of
beers and get...

Couple of beers?

All we want is just not
to have no trouble at all.

Sure we don't.

And I got an idea how we
won't have any trouble.

Trevitt, talk to
our friend here,

I want to get something.

Hey, look, fella.

Wait a minute, fella.

How would you like
to make a bet?

Well, I don't...
what kind of a bet?

Just any kind of bet,
you name it.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Well, what's
the matter with you?

Ain't you a betting man?

Well, yeah, sure.
Well, all right.

Then name your bet.

I'll put up whatever
money you want.

How 'bout it? Nevermore, you must
be drunker than I thought you was.

What's the matter with you?

First you say you want to bet,
then you say you don't.

How's a man to do business
with you anyway?

I never said no such thing.


Come on!

Give you a ride!

Chester! Chester!

Marshal Dillon!

Marshal Dillon, they're killing
Chester down here!

Marshal Dillon!

Is he alive?

Just barely, huh?

Them dirty, awful devils.

I'll stay here
with him, Marshal,

if you want
to go after them.

No, no, I...

I'll find them.

Right now, I got to do
something about him.

We can't take him back.

He may be
busted up all over.

Look, Charlie,
you stay here

and-and do what you
can for him, will you?

I'm gonna
ride for Doc.

You hurry,

Well, Doctor?

I think he's in
bad shape, Matt.

How bad?

Well, I don't
know. I...

See, the worst thing is,
he's having so much trouble

with his breathing at night.

I don't know what it is.

We're just gonna
have to wait, see.


Say it out.

Well, he may pull through if he
lives the next couple of days.


I'm not gonna leave him
for a minute.

I should never have
sent him out there.

I should've gone myself.

Now, don't-don't go
blaming yourself, Matt.

I made him go, didn't I?

I told him to.

Well, it's not
your fault.

How long before I can
talk to him, Doc?

I just can't
tell you that, Matt.

All right.

Well, wait a minute.
Where you going?

I'm gonna get those two men.

Howdy, Marshal.

Hello, Rhett.

Where's Kitty?

She's in there,
I guess.



Oh, can I talk to you
for a minute?

Oh, Matt, I heard
about Chester.

How is he?

Doc says he
doesn't know.

Won't be able to
tell for a few days.

Come on, let's sit down.
I'll buy you a drink.

Look, Kitty,
I don't have time.

Oh, uh, Shiloh says that
the two men that dragged Chester

were in here just before
it happened. Yeah, I know.

I figured that's
who it was.

Who are they?
Do you know?

I never saw
them before.

Just a couple of cowboys
that came up the trail.

Did you get their names?

Well, one
was Trevitt,

and the other
one was, um...

Stobo, I think.


Well, did they say
what outfit they're from?

Could it be
the Crow Track?


Yeah, the Crow Track's holding
a big herd upriver, I think.

Thanks, Kitty.

Look, Doc's over there
all alone with Chester.

Would you, uh, would you go over
and spell him once in a while?

Now, don't you worry.

We'll take good care of him.

Thanks, Kitty.

Wait a minute, Matt.

Look, I-I know this isn't
any of my business,

but are you gonna
arrest those men

or are you gonna
shoot them?

Well, uh, I'll have
to decide that

when the time
comes, Kitty.

Did you find out who
they was, Marshal?

I think so.

Can you wait till
I find a gun?

I'd sure like
to ride out with you.

No, Shiloh. I'm
gonna do this alone.

Well, I feel pretty strong
about it, Marshal.

All right, then you can
help me here if you want.

Here? How?

Well, I'm gonna be
bringing in two prisoners.

I'll need a jailer
when they come in.

Well, so I can
help you bring them in.

No, you stay here.

Now, look, the keys to my rifle
rack are over in my desk drawer.

You arm yourself and
wait for me there.

Okay, Marshal.



Hey, boss!

Hey, boss,
somebody's coming.

I wonder who he is.

Some grub line rider,

Who's trail
boss here?

I am.

And I don't need
any riders.

Maybe not, but you got
a couple riders I need.

Just what do you
want, mister?

This is the Crow Track outfit,
isn't it?

That's right.

Well, I'm looking for
a couple of your men,

Stobo and Trevitt.
They ain't here.


No, they come back
this afternoon,

picked up their gatherings
and left.

Didn't even wait
to get paid off.

Only reason I'm telling you
this, they're no good anyway.

I'm glad they're gone.

Which way'd
they ride?

I wouldn't tell you
if I knew, mister.

Who are you, anyway?

I'm the marshal
over in Dodge City.


Well, I don't know what
you want with them two.

I don't care.

But, uh, be
careful, Marshal.

That Stobo is mean.

He's bigger
than you are.

Besides being
a Texan.

That doesn't matter
to me, mister.

We've hung all kinds up here.

All right, Marshal.
You go find him.

And, Marshal...


I heard Stobo and Trevitt
say where they was headed.

That so?

Yeah, they're riding west
along the Arkansas.

Where you
from, son?

Why, Texas,
down near Waco.

What are you
coming around here

telling on Stobo
and Trevitt for?

'Cause that Stobo
kicked me the other day.

He knocked me down
and he kicked me.

That so?

All right, let me
tell you something.

You take my advice,
go on home,

learn how to fight
your own battle, huh?

Don't shoot, mister.
Don't shoot.

Your name

Sure, but I ain't
done nothing.

Get up.

Please, I ain't
done nothing.

I said get up!

You gonna kill me?

No, I'm not gonna kill you,
but you might hang, mister.

Now, get that
rope off.

All right, now
get up there.

You can't hang me.

Who are you?

Let's just say I'm
a friend of the man

you dragged out of
Dodge this morning.

Oh. Oh, you're
the marshal.

Turn around, get your
hands behind you.

Where's your partner?

Oh, it was him did it.

It was his idea.

Where is he now?

He's camped upriver.

How come you're
not with him?

Oh, we had a row.

I left. I was headed back
to the Crow Track.

Let me go now, Marshal.

You're going to
jail, mister.

Turn around.

Put your feet together. No.

You take me to jail,
Snowball will get away.

I've already
thought of that.

You're going to jail
on this saddle.

No. Turn this horse loose,

you'll go right there.

Look, no, you can't
do that, Marshal.

I can't ride like that
all the way to Dodge.

Maybe you'd rather ride
behind the horse, huh?

On the ground?

You're gonna kill me.

Killing's too good
for a man like you.

Now get up there.

No, Marshal!

No, Marshal.
I'll be dead.

I-I can't ride to
Dodge like this.

No, Marshal.

You might as well
shoot me.

No, Marshal.


No, Marshal.

No, Marshal.

Lost, stranger?

No, I'm not lost, Stobo.

Get your hands up.

What do you want
with me?

I'm the law.

I'm the marshal
from Dodge City.

You're a long way
from Dodge, Marshal.

You and Trevitt had some fun
with a friend of mine yesterday.

He may be dying right now.

You walk into camp
without pulling a gun

just to tell me that?

Well, you're the craziest man
I ever saw.

I figured if I couldn't bring
you in without a gun, Stobo,

I wouldn't bring you in at all.

I'm gonna kill you, Marshal.

What do you
think of that?

I kind of figured
that might happen.


What do you mean?

It doesn't matter.

You wouldn't mind
feeding a man

before you kill
him, would you?

No, no, I like that.

Help yourself.

Sorry I only got meat
for your last meal, Marshal.


My face! My face!

My face!

All right, get up! Oh!

My face!

All right,
now you get going.

My face!

Uh, what are you gonna do?

Hurt me?

I'm gonna take you
into Dodge, Stobo.

And if you make
one wrong move,

I'm gonna jerk you
off that horse

and drag you worse
than you drug Chester.

Now, get up there. Come on. Hey!



That's him, Marshal.

That's the other one.

Trevitt get back
all right?

Yeah, more dead than alive,
but he's here.

That was rough,

Real rough.
How about Chester?

Is there any word in?

I ain't heard nothing
since noon.

Lock him up.

I'm going over to Doc's. Okay, Marshal.

And don't let him
go this time.

Oh, don't you worry,

Now you get down.

You try anything

and I'll shoot you
through both knees.


How is he?

Well, he's still
unconscious, Matt.

Well, uh, is he
any better at all?

Or is there any...
any change?

Well, he's still having
some doggone much trouble

with his breathing.

When are you gonna
know something, Doc?

Well, it could
change anytime.

Well, you mean
for the better or the worse?

I mean either way.

Matt, I take it you caught up
with both those fellas.

Yeah, I caught
up with them.

You know, the whole
town's talking

about the way you sent
that Trevitt back.

Doc, look, I'll, I'll
stay here a while

if you want to go
get some sleep.

Oh, no. No, I'm fine.

Kitty's coming over
to help me in a little while.

You'd better get some
sleep though, Matt.

All right.

Look, you know where
to find me, though.

I'll let you know.

Well you look a little
better today, Marshal.

Everything all
right, Shiloh?

Oh, sure.

How's Chester?

Well, I was over there
just before breakfast.

He's... about the same.


Well, your prisoners
are okay here.

Oh, Stobo complaining
about some burns,

but you can't hurt
that buffalo.

Their hanging might.
Oh, sure,

but what if Chester
pulls through, Marshal.

If he don't die
you can't hold us, Marshal.

Ain't no law says so.

Shut up, Trevitt!
Well, he can't!

Don't worry, Trevitt,

ain't a blank thing
he can't do.


Here, Marshal.
Thanks, Shiloh.

Now, that Stobo's
a mean'un,

but I can't
help feeling

kind of sorry
for Trevitt.

Well, then go do your
crying somewhere else.

I don't.

Don't take it out
on me, Marshal.

I didn't send Chester
to do my job.

I'm... I'm sorry,

Don't take it personally.

You been a lot of help
to me and I thank you.

Sure, sure,
I understand, Marshal.

Matt, by golly, he's
gonna be all right.

He-he's breathing
better, you see.

And, well, he's
gonna be fine.

Just fine.

Good, Doc.

Now, Matt, he-he's
gonna be in some pain.

Quite a bit of pain
for a while yet, but

he'll be fine.

Well, I just wanted
to tell you, Matt.

I-I'll get back
up to him.

Oh, Doc...


Say, that's fine.

Ain't it, Marshal?

Yeah... that sure is.

But I guess you'll have
to turn them two loose.

Where are you taking him,

Be back for you
in a minute.

What are you going
to do to me?

Get out that front door.

Your horse is down
at Moss Grimmick's stable.

Go get on it.
Turning me loose?

That's right, and don't
you ever come back to Dodge,

not while I'm here.

All right, I'll go.

Come on.

What'd you do
with Trevitt?

Put a knife in him?

No, I turned him loose.

You gonna turn me
loose, too?

Yeah, why not?

I'll turn you loose
in just a minute.

Let's go out back.

What are you going to do?
Shoot me in the back?

I'm just going to do
what I should've done

when I sent
Chester after you.

Let's go.

What are you going to do?

Get a horse and drag me?

I ought to kill you,

That Chester
fella's gonna live

or you wouldn't
turn Trevitt loose.

That's right, you'd hang
otherwise, mister.

We were just teaching
him a lesson.


Teach him a lesson.

Wait a minute, Marshal.

You're going
to fight me?

Why, you're crazier
than I thought.

I'll tear your throat out.

Shiloh, if he wins,
turn him loose.

Okay, Marshal.

I guess this is your party.

I'll make it
short for you.

Even shorter than
I did for Chester.

You all right, Marshal?

Yeah, I'm all right.

What about him?

When he comes to, you...

you tell him
to get out of town.

I ever see him
around Dodge again,

I'll kill him.

He'll go.
He'll go gladly.



Well, what in the name of
thunder happened to you?

Well, I just had a little
something to settle. How is he?

Oh, he-he's fine. You can
go see if you want to.

Here, let me have this.

And then, uh...

I think you'd better
come back in here

and let me have a look at you. Right.

Hello, Chester.
Hi, Mr. Dillon.

What in the world
happened to you?

Oh, I just...
Well, I was,

I was out doing what I
should've done the other day.


Well, I was just...

lecturing a couple
of hard-nosed cowboys.

There was one
in particular.

Well, I'm...

I'm just awful sorry about that,
Mr. Dillon.

I guess they just
got the drop on me there.

Yeah, I guess they,
they sure did, didn't they?

Mr. Dillon?


Well, maybe I...

...not much help
for you anymore.

Maybe I'll just go off someplace,
you know? Oh, Chester...

Well, no, I was just...

Well, I was
thinking that...

Well, stop thinking,
will you?!

Well... L-Look, let me tell you something.

Well, I, I need you
here, that's all.



Well, because outside
of Doc in here...

Well, you're the only man

I can trust around Dodge,
that's all.


Mr. Dillon,
you-you don't, you...


Chester, I...

You know, let me
tell you something.

I'm-a tell you
one thing.

That is that you're
no good to me lying here.

You're no good at all.
No, that...

I ain't worth it.

Doc said that I'd be up
and about in-in a little while

just as good as new.

Well, you'd better hurry up.

That's all I got to say.

Well, I...

I guess I'd better
go get cleaned up now.

I'll see you later.

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