Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 20, Episode 7 - The Iron Men - full transcript

Ex-lawman Chauncey Demon, an old friend of Matt Dillon, has fallen on hard times. He has become an alcoholic who can no longer ride or shoot the way he once did. He renews his acquaintance with the widow and son of another lawman who was a close friend, Kathy and Johnny Carter. Demon runs afoul of wealthy cattle baron Carl Ryker and must face Ryker's gunslinger Kane, as well as deal with his feelings for Kathy and Johnny. Matt comes to the rescue at the crucial moment.

With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


I'd like to see the color of
your money first, Mr. Smith.

You put it on my bill
and I'll pay you later.

We don't carry
nobody. It's a house rule.

I need a drink
and I need it bad.

I tell you what,

I got a good horse
down at Silvery stable.

You give me some whiskey,
I'll give you the horse.

A bottle of whiskey.

Just one.

He's not buying
your horse, Mr. Smith.

You're gonna need it
to get out of Brimstone.

You can't run me out.

I already have.

Luke's not gonna buy your horse.

- Are ya, Luke?
- No, sir.

- Now, that's you saying that, Sheriff.
- It's a mighty strange town.

A man can sell his
guns but not his horse.

Well, a man don't need
guns to get out of town,

all he needs is a horse.

I want you out of this
town within the hour.

Now let me see
those guns you bought.

I told you before,

you ain't running
no pawn shop here.

Man needs liquor bad enough
to sell everything he owns,

is a public nuisance and
I don't want him in town.

These ain't just ordinary guns.

What are you talking about?

Alright, now you look at right there.
You just see what is written there.

C Demon.

Chauncey Demon,
Marshall of Laredo.

That's right.

And, more than
likely their stolen.

I couldn't pass
up an opportunity

to get a souvenir like that.

But Sheriff, these guns
cleaned up Santa Fe, Laredo.


Uh, man.

I can't go out on the
trail again without a bottle.

I gotta have a drink.

Now, look. I got a
locket here, see?

It's solid gold.

It's good.

You look at it, I tell you what.

I'll give you this locket. It's
worth 100 dollars for two bottles.

Smith, I'm sorry.

Just one bottle, then.

One bottle. Come on, man.

You gave me two
bottles for the guns.

This is worth a lot
more. A lot more.

Just one bottle, please.

Look, Smith. I'd
like to help you

but the Sheriff just laid
into me for buying the guns.

Now, I can't help you. I
don't dare give you a bottle.

Man, give me one for the road.

All right, hold it!

Now, just hold it right there.

Put it away, Luke.

You don't expect to stand here
and let you half kill that man.

Well now, you see.

He's making some smart
mouth remarks about Mr. Ryker.

We're just teaching
him better manners.

I ain’t gonna tell
you again, Luke.

You ain't gonna try
and take all of us.

Give me one bottle
and I'll stop them.

One bottle.

Give me the guns.

I'm crazier than you are.

Luke, I told you...

Looking to get
yourself killed, rummy?

Get that fellow off the floor.

Mister, you're asking for it.

Anybody else?

You're gonna
pay for this, mister.

We'll be back and we better
not find you in Brimstone.

You better keep them, mister.

You're gonna need them.

What about the bottle?

The bottle's yours, too.

And the drinks are on the house!

I'm telling you, Sheriff.

As unlikely as...

this man just kind
of blew them apart.

No gun fights, Sheriff.

I had my gun level at 'em
and they tried to pull on it.

And it went off.
Like an accident.

I see.

Well, as they say...

I reckon a man is entitled to
some of the fruits of victory.

So, I'll put off that deadline
until noon tomorrow.

After that, Mr. Smith,

I don't wanna see you
in Brimstone. Clear?

Couldn't be any
clearer, Sheriff.


Matt! What are you
doing in Brimstone?

Hello, Frank.

I'm here on a fishing expedition

and the name in
Kimball. Matt Kimball.

Ah, so you've heard about
the trouble we've been having.

Governor sent me
down here to look into it.

How bad is it?

Aw, it's bad enough.

Man named Ryker moved
in two, three months ago

with a fist full
of gun slingers.

Been riding rough
shod over everybody.

I never knew anybody to ride
rough shot over you, Frank.

Ah, they're getting to me.

They busted up this
place a little while ago.

You'll never believe it,

but a barroom bum I
though I run out of town

put out the fire
before I got here.


I said you wouldn't believe
it. Calls himself Smith.

He's right over there.

When'd he get into Brimstone?

Two, three days ago.

Drank up all his money.

Been trying to sell his horse.

And you threw him
out of town, huh?

Well, I tried.

Is that really Chauncey Demon?

That's him, all right.


Haven't heard
about him in years.

I remember when you and him

and Billy Carter
cleaned up Laredo

when you weren't much
more than runny nosed kids.

Yeah. I'll see you later.

See you, Matt.

Mr. Smith?



Yeah, Matt Kimball. Why not?

Matt, you dirty old horse thief.

How are you?

You must have
lived a charmed life

or else they'd have
buried you years ago.

Good to see you, too, Mr. Smith.

Come on, sit down.
I wanna talk to you.

Sit down.

Matt Kimball now, huh?

No thanks.

Hey, you're hitting
that stuff pretty good,

aren't you, Mr. Smith?

Well, times is changed, Matt.

Yes, sir. Me and old Betsy here,

we've been going steady
for quite a spell now.

You know when I heard
what happened to Mary,

I wrote you a letter.

Guess you didn't get it.

Yeah, I got it.

I always meant to
answer you, Matt, but...

well, you know how it is.

Wanna tell me about it?

Well, ain't much to tell.

Mary was, she was
taking our little boy

to see the grandparents
in Kansas City.

And the Injuns
jumped the wagon train.

There wasn't nobody left.

They found this...
the next morning.

You see, Matt. I had...

I had give that to her
on our wedding night.

And tonight...

Tonight I tried to sell it...

for a bottle of booze.

Maybe, Matt, I wouldn't blame
you if you won't drink with me.

Well, I'll tell you...

been a long time since
I really tied one on.

Maybe this is the night.

Here's to Billy Carter.

Best of the best.

Best of the best.

I wish still were here.


Bartender, bring
us another bottle!

You better make it two!

Mr. Ryker, he just
took us all by surprise.

I mean, who figure
an old barroom bum

would be able
to shoot like that?

Well, that barroom
bum split your ear,

shot Harry and conned the
rest of ya into doing nothing.

Look, Mr. Ryker, we
didn't just stand ar...

I bought you men, and
I'm paying top wages

because you're
supposed to be hard.

Now, it appears to me I
bought lambs instead of lions.

We'll get him, Mr. Ryker.

Oh, you'll get him alright.

Or every last
one of you is fired.

Now, in the meantime...

you've make this
spread look like

it's run by a
bunch of milk sops.

- Ouch! Stop!
- Oh, go easy on him, Doctor.

He's delicate.

Like Dubbins.

Like all of ya.


Good morning.

I'm sorry if Johnny woke you up.

I tried to keep him away.

But, I'm afraid
it's not everyday

we have Chauncey
Demon in our house.

Ma'am, how'd I get here?

Matt brought you.

Matt. Oh.

Where is he?

He went into town earlier

but he'll be back soon.

May I?

Oh, you two had yourself
quite a time last night.

Well, I guess I
should be apologizing?

You needn't be. I wasn't there.

But from what I heard,

you and Matt took on all comers.

It was positively Homeric.


Oh, there's the school
teacher coming out in me again.

In drink and battle,

Homer's heroes always
surpass the deeds of mortal men.

My golly, was it that bad?

The fight started
about midnight.

After about an hour, Matt
regained consciousness.


Somebody hit him with a bottle.

It wasn't me, was it?

No. Then you began knocking
on most of the doors in Brimstone

and insisting that
everybody get up out of bed

and join you on the street
in honor of the chariot races.

Matt won.

No. No, ma'am.

I always win the
chariot race. Always.

That's what Matt told everybody.

So, he tied your
left leg to an anvil.

And halfway down the
street, the rope snapped tight,

and as far as anybody knows

the horses are still running.

I've waited a long time
to meet you, Chauncey.

I have heard
everything about you...

there is to hear.

About me?


From Matt?

From Billy Carter.

Billy Carter.

He was my husband.

- You're Kathy.
- Mmhmm.

My gosh, I should've
guessed that.

Why, what do you mean?

Well, Billy Carter...

was the unluckiest man
at cards that I ever knew.

Oh, thank you.

How long has it been?

Almost two years.

Well, Kathy, they say that
the best of us die young.

I've got some coffee on.
Would you like some coffee?

No, ma'am.

I don't think I could
face coffee this morning.

- Would you like a drink?
- No.

Yes, ma'am, I would.

I didn't realize
there was so little.

Morning, Chauncey.

Would you care for
some coffee, Matt?

Yeah, I think I can use some.

How's your head?

I'll tell ya one thing,

I had a hard time getting
my hat on this morning.

Hey, I hear you're still trying
to cheat at chariot races.

Well, I had to do something.

You always get the best horses.


Matt, I better be getting along.

Chauncey, sit down, sit down.

Look, we gotta do some talking.

Oh, Matt, I talked
too much last night.

I usually don't
remember out loud,

but seeing you again
must have struck a nerve.

Here you go, Matt.
It's strong and hot.

Thank you.

Well, I just figured all those
years I put in looking for you,

I got a right to know
where you been.

I was in prison.

How'd it happen?

Well, after the Indians
burned out the wagon train

I went crazy.

I started a one man
war against them.

I was doing pretty good, too.

They signed a peace
treaty with them.

The only thing, they
didn't ask me to sign it.

So, for a while there,

I was fighting both the
US Army and the Sioux.

It was a federal
offense, they called it.

Oh, they took me to
Washington for the trial.

How much did you get?

Well, I had a
good lawyer fellow.

He pled to extenuating

so they gave me five years.

Now, Matt, I know I
should've told you about it

and I'm sorry I didn't.

Uh, Kathy? It was
nice meeting you.

Matt, I got a
horse in Brimstone.

Now, I gotta be out
of here by noon today.

That was the Sheriff's order.

I've got your
horse right outside.

Come on, I'll show you.

Well, let me hang
on to your shoulders.

My head is killing me.

Mr. Demon?

- Where you taking me?
- Mr. Demon!

Hello, Johnny!

This is John Chauncey Carter.

He's you're number one admirer.


Named after you.

Hello, Mr. Demon.

Hello, Johnny.

Would you shoot
for me, Mr. Demon?

- Uh?
- Uh, well, Johnny.

Maybe Mr. Demon will do
that for you some other time.

You sure fixed them fellas
at the saloon last night.

It's a small town, Chauncey.

My pa said you
were the fastest man

with a gun he ever saw.

Your pa said that?

Well, talking about your pa,

he's the best there ever was

but he used to
stretch the truth a little.

But we couldn't done
nothing without him.



In fact we probably still
would've been together

except that your pa saw your ma

and after that, well, he
just put his guns away

and he come up here
to be a gentleman farmer.

Oh, Johnny, Mr. Demon will
come back and talk to you later.

Right now, we got some
things we have to do.

Yes, sir.

Bye, boy.

He's a spitting image of his pa.

You know, Matt. My boy
woulda been his age now.

I mean, just about.

It's a lousy world, Matt.

Everybody loses.

I need a drink.

- This way.
- Oh.

Got him around the barn.

Alright, if you need a
drink of this, you can have it.

But first I think you
gotta listen to me.

You know that deadline
for you leaving town?

Well, you don't have to
worry about it anymore.

It's been revoked.

As a matter of
fact, you can't leave.

Can't? Why not?

Well, you just been elected
the new sheriff of this township.


I don't recall you
being hard of hearing.

You're the new
sheriff of Brimstone.

Matt, I don't believe you.

Will that convince you?

S-H-E... Sheriff.

Tell me, who made me sheriff?

Town council.

You had a shoe in once
they knew who you were.

But what happened
to the one they got?

He's sick.

He's running a high fever.

He's gonna be in bed for a week.

Well, they're crazy.

Man, I couldn't be second deputy

much less a sheriff.

Why not?

You know why, Matt.

Look. Look at these. Look!

You did it last night.

Last night, I could've
fought Masterson.

I could've fought
Irv, Billy the Kid,

and all at once...

just to get a drink in my hands.

Now, what kind of a
sheriff would that make me?

Well, maybe a little reckless.

I could see you taking
them on one at a time but...

I can't do it. And I won't.

Those boys you took
the measure of last night,

they're part of a bunch

that's got this whole
town running scared.

You know as well as I do

they're gonna come back
to Brimstone looking for you.

If they don't find you,

they're gonna take out their
sweat on anybody that's handy.

You're not the kind of man

that walks off
from your own fight

and leaves it to somebody else.

Matt, I know what
you're trying to do for me.

I know it and I'm obliged.

But man, can't you
see it’s too late?

You're taking too
much for granted.

I didn't elect you
sheriff of this town,

these people did.

And you, an
upstanding US Marshall,

I mean, you had
nothing to do with it?

Is that what you're
trying to tell me?

Well, let's just say

I figure they made
a good choice.

How come they
didn't ask you to fill in?

Because the Governor
asked me to come down here

in the first place and try
to find out what's going on

without anybody
knowing I'm a law man.

I'm not trying to hand you
some kind of story, Chauncey.

This is going to be rough.

I need you.

How long you figure
before they'll be back?

Well, to get their men spread out
around the countryside pretty good.

Might take them two, three days to
round up enough men to feel safe.

Matt, I can't do it.

Can't you see? I am
dying for a drink right now.

You haven't taken it yet.

I can't do it, Matt!

It's no good!

True I'm alright
just for a little bit.

But long about
10 o'clock tonight...

I'm liable to pull my
guns on you, Matt.

I might even...

I can't do it.

I can't do it!

Can't! Can't!

You told me once if I ever
needed anything from you

all I had to do was ask.

Well, I'm asking now.

Stay off of that for a week.

All right, give me one
good reason why I should.

One reason.

All right, I'll give
you a reason.


Ever since he's been
old enough to understand,

Bill and Kathy have
been holding you up to him

as an example of
what a man ought to be.

He heard what
you did last night.

Fits right in with
his picture of you.

I don't ever want him
to know any different.

I don't want him to know that
a hero like Chauncey Demon

can want a drink so bad

that he'll grovel
in the dirt for it.

Like a whipped dog.

Who's got so little respect
for himself, or his friends,

that he can live without pride,

without dignity,

and from the smell of
you, even without soap.

I ought to kill you for that.

You're one of the
few men I ever knew

might've had the
chance of doing that once.

All right, big man.

Let me see if you're as
good as you used to be.

Matt, it's gonna be rough.

You've been through rough
ones before, Chauncey.

Yeah, those times was easy.

It was gun against gun.

But this time,

it’s me against me.

Matt, I can't take
any more of this.

- Sure you can.
- No.

Since I been out of prison,

I haven't been sober for two
hours much less two days.

I am going to town.

No, you're not.

The only reason we
came out in this buggy

is 'cause you were
getting tired of the house.

Yeah, I'm tired of the house.

I'm tired of you!

I'm tired of everything!

Matt Dillon, I'm gonna whip you!

Get off this buggy!

You couldn't whip me on
your best day, much less now.

I got more reason to now.

Will you get off the buggy?

All right, that's the
way you want it.

Ain't no man in the world gonna
keep me from getting a drink today.

Did you forget to duck?

He always did
have a sneaky left.

Where's Johnny?

He's doing his homework.

Sit down.

Maybe you better take Johnny

and head over to
your sister's for a while.

This could get kind of rough.

Well, if he's half the man
Bill said he was, he'll make it.

I hope so.

I've got a feeling
he's like Bill.

And you, Matt.

Strong when he has to be,
but soft as old leather inside.


Matt, I can't.

Look, you're gonna eat that

or I'm gonna jam
it down your throat.

You think you're man enough?

You've got a pretty
short memory.

Or do you think it was you that
carried me home this morning?

So you sneaked one
in. It was a lucky one.

Yeah, and I got a few more
where that one came from, so eat.

All right, I'm gonna eat.

I'm gonna eat this, because
I know you want to help me.

And because I don't
want to hurt you.

That's fair enough reason.

You know, Matt.

If I could just get
through tonight

I think I could make it.

You're gonna make it.


All right.

All right.


How you feeling?

You and me gonna
have a nice little ride.

We took care of that old man.

You cross eyed,
double dealing warthog.

Listen, if I can't
sleep, nobody sleeps.

If I'd have known you were
gonna be such a hard case,

I'd have the
sheriff lock you up.

We're going to have a poker
game. You just sit down.

Just sit down.

Wanna try your luck, huh?

Hey, Matt, fill me in.

Why am I going
through this agony?

You ever hear of a
brand called The Crazy X?

Yeah, it used to
be Rykers brand.

Still is.

He's stole half of Texas

now he's moved in here
trying the same thing.

Half his hands are gun fighters.

They go to a rancher
and if he won't sell,

well, they find
their cattle missing

or their barn burned
down, their fences cut.

He's already got about a
half a dozen ranchers that way.

So, what we gonna do?

The only thing I
figure we can do

is to call out his gun
fighters, have a showdown.

Hope we scare them off.

And if we don't?

The only thing I can figure.

It wouldn't be the first time
Ryker's been up against us.

Yeah, but we didn't
exactly beat him before.

No, but we slowed
him down a little.

I doubt if he's forgotten.

Men like Ryker never forget.

You gotta kill him.

You just can't seem to
get away from it can you?

I guess not.

Lord knows I've tried.

All right, show me the openers!

Pair of jacks.

Nobody loses all the time.

I'm gonna have to leave
you for a while, Chauncey.


No, I'm just going into
town to check on the sheriff.

Your horse is shackled outside.

It a long walk to town.

You know, I think its
nice the way you trust me.

I never did trust
you. Just liked you.

Get out of here.

Get out. Leave me alone.

Morning, Demon.

You give us a bad
time the other night.

Embarrassed me to Ryker.

Should've guessed
who you was right off.

Black gun belt, fancy Colts.

Mr. Ryker says you're
an old friend of his.

We figured since you ain't
been around the saloon lately,

you must be taking the cure.

He's heard that
can be pretty tough.

So, he sent you a bottle.

Here, you want it, Demon?

Look, Demon.

Nothing like it.

All you gotta do is ask.

Go to hell.

Now, you don't mean that.

Not after I come all this way

just to relieve your suffering.


Now, that wasn't a
nice thing to do, Demon.

Not nice at all.

Mr. Ryker wouldn't like that.

You see, he told us to insist

that you have a drink on him.

He's a stubborn man.

Grab him!

Grab his arm!

Hit him!

That's it, hit him!

Get him down!

Drink it, Demon.

Drink it.

Get it down.

Drink it, Demon.

You get out of Brimstone, Demon.

We find you here tomorrow

and you're not
gonna get off so lucky.

Mr. Demon! Mr. Demon!

What happened, Mr. Demon?

Johnny. It's all right.

All right, it's all right, boy.

What you doing here?

I snuck away, so
I could talk to you.

Well, boy, you picked
a good time for it.

Are you hurt bad?

I don't know yet.

Who did it? The men
you fought in the saloon?

Uh-huh, yeah.

Oh, there must have been
over 100 of them to beat you.

There was enough.

There was enough.

Oh, thank you, Johnny.

You know, I had
a little boy once.

Be about your age now.

What happened to him?

He died.

He did?

Yeah, he died.

But you look a lot like he did.

The same color hair, freckles.

He got them from his mama.

You look a lot like him.

You're crying, Mr. Demon?

Does it hurt that bad?

Yeah, Johnny.

It hurts something awful.

Maybe I better go get a doctor.

No, no, I don't need a doctor.

You know, when your
daddy and me was together,

when one of us was hurt

we used to kind of
hold on to one another

until it passed.

You can hold on
to me, Mr. Demon.



What happened?

It's the men from town.

They came and beat him up.

- There was over 100 of them.
- It's all right.

Let me take a look at it.

I think you're going
to have a scar there.

Johnny, Johnny, go inside

and get me some
tincture of iodine.

Yes, ma'am.

I like him.

So do I.

Don't he need a man around?

I mean, ain’t none
of my business,

but why haven't you remarried?

Well, I guess Billy kind of
spoiled me for most other men.

I can understand that

but you can't go on the
rest of your life remembering.

I know.

I just keep on waiting.

- Did you find Chauncey?
- No.

I should've told you about
the wire cutters in the shed,

but I didn't even think of it.

Don't blame yourself,
Kathy. I didn't think of it either.

- Well, what do we do now?
- Just hope he gets back here.

Ryker's men are looking for him.

They warned him not
to go into Brimstone

but he was seen
there this morning.

Who is it?

Somebody I been expecting.

- Get inside.
- Who is it?

Just get inside, Kathy.

What do you want?

I'm looking for a
man they call Demon.

He's not here.

Well, now, if you don't mind

I'll have a look-see for myself.

You're not going
anywhere, mister.

Now, you'd be the one

who tore up the town
with him the other night.

Who I am is none
of your business.

Now, get back on
that horse and ride out.

I told you, I came for Demon.

And I told you,
you're not getting him.

Now, mister, I ain’t
been paid to kill you...

but if that's the way you want
it, you just make your play.

I wanna give you a
message to take to Ryker first.

You tell him Demon and I

will be in Brimstone tomorrow.

Then you tell him, next time

to send a man not
a boy to do this job.

Suppose you just
drop your gun belt.

You talk a lot, mister.

I dare you to shoot.

Try me.

Now you take that
message to Ryker.

Hold it.

Drop the gun belt.

You don't leave a
man a lot, do you?

You didn't bring a lot with you.

Who's that?

Ah, he's a friend of Ryker's.

Came out here looking for
you. I told him you were gone.

- Look like he don't listen too good.
- Yeah, in that way he's like you.

Matt, I just couldn't
do it your way.

I tried.

I was doing fine till Ryker's
boys came by yesterday.

Then I realized I
didn't have it half licked.

You know something?

Even when those boys
were half killing me,

I could've kissed each
and every one of them

for pouring that
whiskey down my throat.

So you give up?

I don't have time
to do it your way.

I'm not like that.

I gotta be where the whiskey is.

What are gonna do?

Well, me and this here bottle

are gonna battle it out,

face to face

until one of us quits.

You come back about supper time.

When you arrive, in
case this bottle's empty,

well, I'm saying
goodbye to you now.

See you at supper.

Ma'am, I owe you two dollars.

It's what I stole
from your sugar bowl

to pay for this.

And I'd appreciate it, ma'am,
if you'd get in your buggy

and go see your sister.

All right.

But I sure would
like to stay around

and see how much
guts you've really got.

Not bad... for an old man.

How's the sheriff?

Oh, he's getting better fast.

You know, I figured he would.

You standing out here
for any particular reason?

I like hearing the
clink of glass on glass.

- Matt.
- Sheriff.


You ready?

As I'll ever be.

Here they come.

Well, boys, it looks
like yesterday's drunk

has gone and gotten
himself some company.

He's wearing a badge.

Ain't that something
to reckon with?

You the one that tried to
teach my boys right from wrong?

Tried, but they didn't
seem to learn anything.

Maybe that's because

you ain’t the man
you think you are.

Well, I ain’t the man
I was, Mr. Ryker,

but maybe enough.

Now, you take off that badge

and you throw it in the dirt.

Like hell.

Take it off, mister.

Or the three of you are
gonna wind up a bloody pulp.

My boys and I will
burn this town down.

That's a US Marshal's
badge, Ryker.

How you feel about that?

Who's the lamb now, Ryker?

Here, Matt.

Well, Chauncey, if you
like the feel of this badge,

I know a lot of towns

where they could
use a good Marshall.

Yeah, it does feel kind of good.

Well, Matt, I guess the
itch will always be there

but, thanks to you,

I figure I won't have
to scratch it anymore.

Well, I hope not

because by the looks
of things around here

you're gonna have
some responsibilities.


Mr. Demon!

Hello, Johnny.

Are you all right, Mr. Demon?

I never felt better.



Goodbye, Chauncey.

Come on, Johnny!

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.