Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 20, Episode 4 - The Guns of Cibola Blanca: Part 2 - full transcript

Contination of Episode #20.3. Dr. Rhodes dies and Doc Adams takes over treatment. Ben Shindrow is in such misery he wishes to die. Matt Dillon pretends not to know Lyla, but takes her away from Ivers, leading to a nasty knife fight. As Ivers is about to plunge his knife into Matt, Doc kills him with a rifle shot. Matt has a daring plan of escape, which Ben overhears. He tries to bargain with Doc to trade a lethal dose of laudanum for his silence. Doc is conflicted but refuses. The climax reveals unexpected character development.

With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

You showed you had grit, Evans.

Now you've got to prove
how greedy you are.

You know what the
others are gonna do to you?

Who did it?

- Evans.
- Evans, find him!

There's no way around.

At first light, take Hatajo,

pick up his trail and
bring him back here.

Colonel Shindrow won't
be interested in hearing

how you haven't found anything.

Hatajo, you check the
stables and blacksmiths.

I'm gonna be awful glad
to get back home to Dodge.

What about you? Don't
you miss Dodge at all?


Well, my saloon's
finally making enough

for me to live in style.

Smartest thing I ever did
was to leave Long Branch

and open up my own place.

In that case, we
don't miss you either.

Of course I miss you.

And Matt and Festus.

Everyone, but...

Well, I like Kansas
City just fine.

And right about
now, I'm wondering

if I'm ever gonna see it again.

Well, we know we're gonna be
going tomorrow, how about that?

Do you know what
beautiful women do to me?

Do you know what I
do to beautiful women?

I hope you have a
big brother, sonny,

because you are not man enough.

Thatcher, do you
know how long it's been

since I've seen a fine,
good looking woman?

I know if you don't keep
your mind on why we're here

you won't have a head to
look at any kind of woman.

Hold up, driver!

Hold up!

Whoa! Whoa!

And now you're going home?

Yes, ma'am, from here on
out, for this old boy at least,

the sight of kith and
kin and a quiet life.

I come mighty close
to killing a couple

of fine horses trying to get
here ahead of you, Evans.

What is this?

Well now, and for
some time to come,

lots of things.

Burt said you wanted to see
us quick. What's came up?

Well, we just got
word from Wells Fargo,

they've lost a stage between
Santa Fe and Denver.

You think old Doc
could have been on it?

He's been overdue
for three weeks.

Did they have a passenger list?

It was two men and a woman.

Seems there was a
massacre at this weigh station,

the driver and station master
and a couple of hired hands.

Newly, get over to
the telegraph office

and get a wire off to Hayes.

Tell him to get a deputy down
here just as fast as he can ride.

On my way.

Festus, get ahold of Burt,

tell him to put on a badge
until that deputy gets here

- and then get the horses saddled.
- You betcha.

- How's it going?
- Come on, Pa.

Rhodes says in a month or two

I'll be breaking in one of them
fancy stallions we borrowed.

You bet you will!

Stagecoach coming in.

Badger's drivin' it.

Evans, you are
gonna curse the day

you ever saw the light.

I personally am gonna...

- He's dead.
- Yes sir.

- He's dead!
- We tried to get away...

I wanted him alive!

I promised my son
he'd watch him die.

That he'd hear him beg to die!

Who are they?

He's a doctor, she was with him.

Why did you bring them here?

We figured that he might be able to
keep Evans alive until we got back here.

He wasn't.

- Get rid of them.
- Major!

Me and Badger figured
Dr. Rhodes being the way he is,

another doctor might be useful.

Find something for them to do.

I'll think about it.

Well, this is it...

your new home.

I don't know nothing
about no stagecoach,

but speaking of the trail,

it's got so hardly anybody
can get safe through at all.

What trail is that?

The one we used
to use to haul cargo

between Santa Fe and Juarez.



Any idea where they hole up?

Nobody knows. Could be anywhere.

They try to raid every wagon
train that comes through?

They want them all.

Anything and
everything they can get.

Is there any one
particular kind of shipment

they might try to hit for sure?

The only thing I
know of that they'd risk

almost anything for is
guns and ammunition.


Go slop up the night
pots in the main house.

Go to the devil.

I'll call the numbers here,
missy. You answer them.

You got my answer.

Get on your feet.

Now, go do like I said.

I am through taking
orders from you, lady.

You fancy-headed bim!

I want you to come with me

and talk to Shinrow's
son, see him.

Why should I?

Maybe I can appeal to
your sense of medical ethics.


Kind of a strange
word coming from you.

Well, if I can't
appeal to your ethics,

maybe I can appeal to
your sense of survival.

No, threats don't
bother me a bit, not a bit.

But there is something I want.

Now if I can get it,
I'll look at the boy.

What do you want?

I want the lady's safety.

I don't want that lady hurt.

That's easy to promise.

You have my word.

Dr. Rhodes.

Would you care to
discuss your prognosis?

No sir, I would not.

I, sir, am a coward.

This makes failure
totally unimportant.

Any failure's unimportant
if you don't surrender to it.

And opium is most
certainly not the answer.

Well, sir?

The odds against your
son ever getting any better

are not very good.

And the odds against him
getting out of bed are even worse.

If you ever say
that to me again...

Colonel, you asked
for my opinion.

For your opinion,
I'll give you a fact, sir.

Your existence here and
that of your woman friend

is at best tenuous.

Something we can do for you?

We's just wondering why
you come by this army wagon?

We found it.

Up north a ways.

That's mighty fancy finding.

Yeah, it was, wasn't it?

We heard the Apaches
pay a lot of money

for what's in those crates.

And the three of you
just... found them?

There were some more
of us when we started.

Now there's just three.

Tell me something,

whereabouts up north
you say you found it?

They didn't say.

You touch that hat, you're dead.

Ain't nothing but a bunch
of mangy bushwhackers.

Let's just go ahead
and polish them off.

- I'm with you.
- Wait a minute, hold it.

Let's talk about it.

Nothing to talk about, mister.

You were gonna kill us,

now we're gonna kill you.

You don't understand.

You said you're gonna sell
them rifles to the Apaches.

What about it?

You go into Apache
territory alone,

you'll sell your
rifles all right.

Only thing you're gonna
get is a gut full of arrows.

We'll take our chances on that.

Mister, we're in the
same business as you,

exceptin' there's three of you
and there's a lot more of us.

Not anymore, there ain't.

Back where I come
from there's a lot more.

Now listen, we need those guns.

You come back with me, I'll see
that you get top dollar for them.

What makes you think
we oughta trust you?

You ever hear tell of Colonel
Shindrow and Major Coltraine?

Coltraine? You mean Johnny Reb?

Him and Colonel Shindrow
are running the outfit.

All right, we'll
join up with you.

But I'm gonna
tell you something.

You try leading us into a trap

I don't care what else happens,

you're gonna
get the first bullet.

Dr. Adams?

What is it?

You come with me, I
need your medical advice.

Last time you needed
my advice, you lied to me.

I told you I was sorry, what
happened to your lady friend.

But at least she's still alive.

You familiar with that, Major?

Breathes there the
man, with soul so dead,

Who never to himself hath said,

"This is my own,
my native land."

That could apply to all
of you here, you know.

That's true.

That's the only escape.

Is there anything
you can do for him?


It's out of my hands.

I doubt that he will
last through the night.

Then you'll have to take his
place looking after my son.

Colonel, Colonel Shindrow...

I'm afraid you're gonna
have to face the fact,

that knife wound
in your son's back

caused severe
damage to his spine.

Now, the paralysis will continue

and his condition will worsen,

and he will ultimately die.

In that case, sir, you are of
absolutely no importance to me.

Take him out and shoot him.

Easy, Son.

Steady, easy.

Let me have it all.

No, no, no, hey.

Don't do that.

- Why?
- It'd kill you.

If I was a horse,

dog in this condition,

you'd shoot me.

It's against
everything I believe.

That's crazy.

If I wasn't hurt, you'd
kill me to escape.

I might.


I can't move my head
without it almost exploding.

Now boy, it's gonna pass.

You'll see.

You're gonna get
your strength back.

You tell him, doctor.

Don't fight another lost cause.

I'm never getting
out of this bed.

And you know it.


I just wanna die.

Please, Pa.


Riders coming in.

Farm riders.

What are you, the top honcho?

I'll ask the questions
around here, mister.

You Coltrane?

Yes, I'm Coltrane.

How did you know about me?


I didn't have no choice.

They gunned Hennik
and Dutton boys.

They shot up Trankus, then
they was gonna kill the rest of us.

Well now, let's
get this straight.

They killed three of our men

and yet they're standing here?

How many of them were there

when they began?

Just the three of us, mister.

Well, then it was an ambush.

No, they wasn't no ambush.

It was nose to nose, mister.

Your boys was
just a tad bit slower.

Oh, I get it.

You brought them
here to save your neck.

I didn't have no
choice, I tell you.

They were trying to get
their hands on these rifles

but they bit off more
than they could chew.

Still, we've got the rifles

and we've also got you.

Yeah, that's true, mister.

I guess you could gun
the three of us right now,

if you had a mind to.

If you try that, you're
gonna take the first bullet.

If that's what you
want, go ahead.

You know, you got
more courage than brains.

You mean that
you'd risk all of this,

just for a few rifles?

Just say I don't
like being pushed.

Neither do my friends.

Now we came here to sell rifles.

You buying or not?

We might be.

Let's take a look at them.

Break them open.

They're all the same, just
like this one, brand new.

Show 'em how it works.

Hey, that's pretty
fair shooting, boy.

Yeah, he's coming along.

One of these days he's
gonna be as good as us.

Give him a look at it.

Good piece.

Got 47 more just like it.

You gonna sell these
to the Apaches, huh?

That there was the idea.

I suppose Ivers told you,

you'd have lost your scalps.

We didn't figure
it that way at all.

We figured it'd get
us a safe trip to Mexico

till things quiet down.

Maybe, but you
better understand,

what trading there is to
do in this territory, we do it.

As long as you meet
our price, that's fine.

Well now, we'll
just think about that.

What do we call you?

I'll answer to Smith.

Got about 15 of those
in camp right now.

How about Jones?

Well, we got some of those, too.

Makes no difference to me.


Whatever's friendly.

I like men with courage.

Maybe we can talk business.


Major Coltrane
here will show you

where to store your gear.

And after dinner
we'll discuss the rifles.

And your future.

What's the matter
with right now?

Mr. Smith, you're still alive.

Don't push it.

You're gonna let them
get away with this?

They killed three of us.

You just unsaddle
those horses, you hear?

You should have killed me
when you had the chance, mister.

The shoe's on
the other foot now.

He's right, you know.

You took a big chance
bearding the lion in his den.


Meaning the three of
you against all of us,

in our cage.

Mister, I figure it's safer
than where we've been

and no worse than
where we're going.

Oh, a philosopher.

Why don't you
step this way, Mr...


Here, take this.

Keep an eye on the rifles.

Oh, you outdrew
Henning, did you, huh?

You know that
really impresses me,

and the Colonel too.

Good was he?

Good, he was about
the best I ever saw.

You know, that pretty near makes a
fellow wonder which one he was, don't it?

I mean him being
one of the best and all

and no way of telling which
one of us it was that took him.

Well, I guess we
never will know now.

Right there's a looksome sight.

So blamed parched
I can't pucker.

Get out of my way old man.

I wanna wet my whistle.

You'll find the rooms
here are comfortable

and you can get just
about anything you want.

But you'll have to
earn what you get.

Now wait a minute, mister,
we came here to sell rifles,

not join up with this bunch.

What you do and
don't do, we'll tell you.

You wanna stay
healthy, remember that.



You near killed me.

I'm gonna kill you!

Crazy fool.

If you don't leave
I'll kill you myself.

Now, listen to me, old man.

Don't you ever try that again.

You go take care of Ben.

I'm gonna kill him.

What was that all about?

That's another thing you'll
learn in Cibolo Blanca.

If you wanna remain alive,
mind your own business.


Go away, Doc.

Lyla, I have to
talk to you. Here.

Doc, forget it, just
forget everything.

- No, this is...
- Nothing is gonna change.

Nothing you say can
make anything any different.

Just go away and
leave me alone, please.

Something's already changed.

I have to talk to
you. It's important.

Dr. Adams.

Here, let me look
at that bruise now.

Get back with Ben.

This lady needs
me, can't you see?

Get back to my son.

This will take a minute only.

You'll do as I tell you.

I don't want you to leave
him. Do you understand?

I don't want you
to leave his side.

Except when it deals
directly with his welfare.

Your friend could be a lot
worse off, sir. I assure you.

She could be dead.

Now get back to Ben's room.


I'll tell you this.
Mr. Shindrow,

it seems as the hair off a hog

that boy went clean through
the war without a scratch,

and then he gets
back-stabbed by his own friend.

His friend paid for his
treachery, sir. I assure you.

Lucky thing you
had that doctor here

to take care of your boy.

That isn't all the doctor'd
like to take care of,

is it Ivers?

Next time that banty
rooster comes at me,

- it'll be his last.
- For who?

Him or you?

Bill, don't that look larripin.

Well, don't just
stand there, missy.

Bring it on down here.
Let's get started to eating.

A fella could starve to death
sitting here waiting for you.

Here, you better let
me take hold of that.

Looks kind of heavy.

I'm just a clumsy,
dang knot head.

I'll tell you it's been
a many a many a day

since I've put any vittles like
this here past my old gullet.

Will you look at all that
sopping gravy there?

I'll tell you, I may need
me a bushel or two

of biscuit before I get done
a swamping all this here.

You can serve me anytime
you're ready here, miss.

She'll serve me first.

On my left, lady, you know that.

Yes, I can understand
what you meant

when you said that a man
can find most anything he wants

down these parts.

You'll have a chance to
show your appreciation.

A day or two.

A few more days like this,

we might have to change our
minds about joining up with you.

You bet you, Mr. Shindrow.

You just name it.

Banks, stages, cattle...

Sure beats the way we've
been scrounging for a living

up to now, don't it?

Miss, you keep
serving food like this,

I'm gonna stick close to you.

Anything would be better than
the company I've been keeping.

What's going on?

Get out of here.

That's my woman, mister.

Not anymore.

Go ahead.

Maybe you'll get lucky.

Kill him!


She told me about you, mister.

I don't want to ever see
you around her again.

Get out of here.

Move it!

We'll never get away, Matt.

Sure we will, Lyla.

We'll find a way.

You all right?

Better get some rest.





Leave us alone, please.

Well boy, how you feeling?

Like dying.

Don't you talk like that.

Before long you're
gonna be better than ever.

I wonder what ever
happened to Sarah Jane?

She said she'd wait.

Yeah, she and your
mother both said that.

Poor Mother.

We could still go home.

Could even maybe
go to California.

Send for Sarah Jane and Mother.

We could start over. We could.

Oh, we could.

Remember that
clearing in the grove

down by the river, just north
of the servant's quarters?

I remember you and Sarah Jane

spent an inordinate
amount of time down there.

You just might have
been a granddaddy by now.

How I ached for her.

That ache is a long time dead,

and I miss it.

I miss it.

Please, Pa.

Let me die.

I'm sorry, son.

I'm truly...


Maria, if you get
yourself a corset

you might get lucky
with lover boy there.

The supply being
short like it is

you could get lucky.

You're not gonna change
anything staring at him.

He's made me out an
A number one jackass.

Will, if you do
something about it.

I seen him work with a gun.

I seen you work
with one of these.

Get out of my way.

I got a batch of
clothes needs cleaning.

You have got a
very short memory.

Two days ago, somebody
told you he'd kill you if you...


I got me a good memory.


Things is going back
the way they was.

You're too good
with a gun, mister.

In fact, you're one of the best.

But with a knife,

I don't figure you're
no trouble at all.

I told him I'd kill him.

That's all right.

Mighty lucky that old
man hated Iverson.

Only a fool would
fight over a woman.

Any woman.

Is that why you were gonna
let him back shoot me?

You were fool enough not to
kill him while you had the chance.

You deserved to get shot.

That's a mistake I
won't make again.

Good to hear that.

Got some ideas how you
can start earning your keep.

We'll discuss that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you better have
a doctor look after that cut.

Yeah, I'll do that.

Matthew, we're gonna
have to get out of here fast.

We might be able to make it,
but what about Doc and Lyla?

Two dead cents, we can't
walk clean to Santa Fe.

I've been thinking about that.

I have an idea how
we can get out of here.

I don't see how you're
gonna get those horses.

Yard full of Comacheros,

and a guard posted
up there on the tower.

Matthew's got that
there all worked out, Doc.

Now, if it's dark and
them Comancheros

is a jumping every
which way, we can do it.

The thing is it's
gotta be tonight, Doc.

Otherwise Shindrow's
gonna have plans for us.

We stick around here much longer

he's gonna expect
us to go on a raid.

Well, how we do it?

Timing's the most
important thing.

You and Lyla gotta be
ready to go at 3:00 am sharp.

Now I know that
sounds kind of wild

but I don't know anything
else that will work.

If we can get all our horses together,
when fireworks start, make our escape.

We're gonna blow
up those main gates

and we're gonna cause as
much confusion as we can.

- 3:00 am?
- That's right, Doc.

- Doc, what time you got now?
- 4:25.

- 4:25.
- Don't worry, Doc.

It'll work.

Buggy's about to pull out, Doc.


Sounds like it might work.

Must be awfully good friends,

risk coming here
to save your life.

Why didn't you just keep quiet?

Tell your father or Coltrane?


now you have to kill me.

You don't have any choice, Doc.

Not now.

I just wanna go to sleep.

You could make it easy for me.

You've got to.

I will see to it,

you, your friends...
won't leave here alive.

Don't fret so, Doc.

This way we're both winners.

The rest.


Son, I can't do that.

I'll tell them.

I will.

I will.

So, the onliest
thing you gotta do

is stay in the buggy, Doc.

'Cause Matthew's got
this thing figured out

so we'll get out of here.

And I'll phase and wait.

I just want,

there's something
I wanna say to you.

You see if this thing don't
come out the way we're...

Hold on.

Hold on you old scutter,

you ain't gonna start getting
syrupy on me, are you?

You didn't let me finish.

What I wanted to say is,

if it don't come out right,

well it'll probably be
because you bungled it.

Well, that there's more like it.

Wait for Doc and then don't
lose any time getting outside.

We won't.

Remember, it's less
than a half an hour.


- Doctor?
- Yes?

Still awake?

Yes, I have been
checking on him.



You a married man?


No children?


He was our only son.

Well, Colonel
somehow it's kind of hard

for me to think of
you as having a family.

Even difficult for me to
remember that sometimes.

Wasn't supposed to come to this.

No, I guess not.

Leave us alone, doctor.

Leave us alone.


Doc, this ain't no time
to be going for a walk.

You better go see
Major Coltraine.




The armory!

Stay tuned for exciting scenes
from our next Gunsmoke.