Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 34 - Who Lives by the Sword - full transcript

Despicable gunman Joe Delk provokes Lew and Billy Baxter and easily kills the inexperienced young men in gunfights, but Matt's swift and unexpected reaction soon has Delk experiencing nightmares and self-doubt.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Well, I guess that's about it,
Mr. Snyder.

Sure do thank you, Billy.
And you too, Lew.

Ah, weren't nothing,
Mr. Snyder.

If'n you were my age,
it would be something.

Ah, you ain't
that old.

Say, by the way,
the missis found

some blueberries
down by our street

If you're a mind for pancakes
on Sunday morning...

Now, that's right
kind of you, Mr. Snyder.

Be mighty proud to have
your wife along too.

Well, I'll tell her.
Say, when are you

gonna get married
like your brother?

Well, I-
I just ain't found

a woman that'd have me.

Said the same thing
when I was your age.

What happened?
Got over being your age.

Ha-ha. Goodbye, boys.

So long, Mr. Snyder.

Mr. Snyder, I'll see you.

Well, hello, boys.
Hey, marshal.

You're working
for Old Man Snyder now?

Well, his place
ain't far from ours

out by Turkey Creek,

Oh, yeah, that's right.

We don't work
for nobody.

Well, I'd call
loadin' that wagon

with them big bags
work, myself.

Oh, we got all
our own work done.

We was just
giving him a hand.

Besides, it's a good
excuse for us

to keep out
of the Long Branch.

Aw, now, Lew,

you said that
you'd stay in town till 6:00.

Well, I'll stay, but I sure
wish you'd get married.

Listen to him.

He's only been married
half a year.

Well, I guess you boys
deserve a drink.

You don't get to town
very often.

Well, that's right.
I'd go with you myself-

Yeah, yeah,
only you live here.

Well, yeah, that's what
I was trying to say.

Ah, well, you stay
out of trouble, won't you?

Right, marshal.
We ain't never been

in no trouble here
yet, marshal.

I know that.
See you later.

So long.

Oh, them two
Baxter brothers

are real good fellows,
ain't they?

Yeah, Chester, we need more
of their kind around Dodge.

Oh, hello, Miss Kitty.
Well, hello, boys.

Morning, Miss Kitty.
How are you?

Couple of beers.
Coming up.

Uh, be right proud to buy you
a drink, Miss Kitty.

Well, it's a little early
in the day for me.

Mm. I guess it is
for me too.

We don't get
into town much.

Well, you ought
to come in more often.

I bet you don't get a chance
to meet very many girls

out there on the prairie.

Aw, just because
Lew done it

everybody wants me
to get married.

Two beers.

Ah, that's enough.
Uh, we'll drink up the rest.

Yeah, I guess we'll have to.

Yeah, old married man.

Excuse me, miss.
There's a fellow I wanna see.

Sure, Lew.

I'll be right back.

You, um...?

You got something
against marriage?

Mm, no, uh, I just
ain't found the gal.

Well, a nice, steady
young man like you

shouldn't have
any trouble.

Bet you wouldn't marry me.

you haven't asked me.

I sure wish you had
a sister my age.

Oh, Billy.
Well, I do.

Oh, you don't know
what you want.

You know, sometimes,
Miss Kitty,

you don't treat me
like a man.

No reason why
she should, kid.

Kitty, huh?

You won't have
no trouble

treating me like a man, Kitty.

Beat it, stranger.

What are you wandering
in here for?

Go on home to bed,

Let's you and me
sit down somewhere

and talk this over
a little.

You won't feel at home here.

There's no hog wallow
for you to sit in.

People don't talk
to Joe Delk like that.

Well, then why doesn't Joe Delk
go back to wherever it is

where people
are afraid of him?

You won't find it here,
mister. Not in Dodge.

They'll be afraid of me
in Dodge.

They just don't know
I'm here yet.

Well, why don't you go let 'em
know and leave us alone, huh?

She's asking you,

I'm telling him.

You heard her.

Take care of you
in a minute,

soon as I get this little
blowfly off my neck.

This your money?

You leave that alone.

Pick it up before you get
into real trouble.

I'll kill you for that.
No, Billy, he's a gunman.

Can't you tell?

I don't care what he is.

Go ahead and draw.

That's my brother.

Your brother was a fool.

You're nothing
but a killer!

I've been called that.

Why you-

Why you dirty
rotten murderer.


They didn't have
a chance.

No. Nobody I ever
met has.

But now, people will begin
to know that Joe Delk's in town.

That so?

I never heard of Joe Delk.

Maybe not, mister,

but you've seen
what he can do.

What happened here,

I'll tell you
what happened, mister.

They was crowding me,
same as you're doing right now.

It's Marshal Dillon
you're talking to now.

Oh, Marshal Dillon, huh?

Well, I don't mind
eatin' a marshal, now and then.

Kitty, what happened?

Well, the kids drew first.

Both of 'em.

It must have been
real easy for a man like you.

Real easy, marshal.

It was kinda fun too,

takin' my time
that way.

Give me my gun.
What are you doing?

You're not gonna need any gun
where you're going, mister.

There's the door.
Get outside.

You've got no right.

Get going.

Take this.

Yes, sir.

Keep everybody inside.

Yes, sir.

I don't get this.

All right, you heard
what he said. Just stand back.

Uh, good morning,
Mr. Dillon.

Good morning, Chester.

Well, I had this fire
going once.

You really need
a fire today?

Seems a little warm
for it, somehow.

Well, I didn't figure
it would hurt none.

I- I chopped a whole
cord of wood yesterday.

Oh, I see. Well, I guess
I just didn't understand.

Well, there ain't no point in
a man doing a lot of hard work,

you know, unless he can enjoy
the fruits of his labors.

Well, you sure can't
argue with that.

What have you
got there?

Well, it's the money
I've been collecting.

Boy, you sure did
all right, didn't you?

You betcha.

Oh, I forgot to tell you,
uh, Doc was in,

and he told me to tell you
that he looked at Delk,

and he said
he could go anytime.

Oh, yeah? Good.

Well, go get him.
Let's get rid of him.

Gladly. More than a week
of that man

is more than I can stomach.

All right, there,

Let's go. Get out of that cage.
It needs cleanin'.

You got no cause
to talk like that.

Go on.

Left me locked
in here a week.

Jail's a good enough
hospital for you.

Treated me
like an animal.

Didn't come in here
yourself once

to see if I was
alive or dead.

How are you feeling, outside
of your pride being hurt?

Do you know what
I think of a man

who fights
with his hands, marshal?

I don't care
what you think.

He's a coward,
that's what he is.

Kind of took you
by surprise, didn't it?

Course it did.

And I hurt you some
too, huh?

Guess I hurt you
pretty bad.

You wouldn't want to go through
something like that again,

now, would you?

Nobody would.

You kill another man in Dodge,

and I'll beat you
half to death.

You already done that.

What are you doing
around Dodge anyway?

Came in on the Santa Fe
last week.

I said what are you
doing here?

Now, look, marshal,
just because I shot

them men in self-defense-

Those men were hardly
more than boys.

Was wearin' six-guns,
wasn't they?

Yeah, and against you,
they might as well

have been using sticks.

I still say it was self-defense.

You gonna turn me lose?

Put it on.


All right.

All right what?

I can't reach you from here

with my fists, Delk.

My goodness,
Mr. Dillon,

you took an awful
chance there.

I mean, you might have had
to shoot him.

Ah, I didn't think
he'd draw, Chester.

You didn't?
That beating I gave him

kind of takes the vinegar
out of a man like him.

Scared him.

Well, it would
scare anybody.

Gunman only thinks
his gun.

Never even thinks
of fighting any other way.

He's rattled. He doesn't
know what to make of it.

Well, you mean, that's why he
walked out of here like that?

Well, that's one reason.

One reason?
What do you mean?

Well, he could have
something else in mind.

Like what?

Well, like coming up on me

when I'm not ready for him,
or shooting me in the back,

or getting me with a shotgun,
something like that.

He's taken a beating
and he's rattled,

but he's not through yet,
not by any means.

Well, what are you
gonna do?

Well, I guess I'll go out
and collect some more money.

But Mr. Dillon,
didn't you just say

that he might shoot you
in the back?

Well, I can't hide,
can I?

Uh, may I borrow your spoon
to stir my coffee?


Thank you.

You'd think this place
could afford to serve

more than one spoon
to every two customers.

Heh. Well, if they did that,
they couldn't afford

the quality of beef
they serve here.

Oh, well, in that case,
I won't complain,

because I'd sure hate
to eat any lower

off one of those animals.

You know, someday,
somebody's gonna get the idea

of raising cattle
all in one small area,

so they'd stay nice
and fat and juicy.

That's a great idea.
Why don't you start it?

Me? I've got a job.

Oh, yeah, that's right.
I forgot.

Job of the future
like yours...

Now, Kitty...

Oh, I can see
your gravestone now:

"He didn't die rich,
but he sure died stubborn."

Hey, that's not bad.
I might use that.

You won't be there.

Well, maybe you'll take care
of it for me, huh?

Oh, having dinner with you
is real pleasurable, Mr. Dillon.

Thank you, ma'am.

Oh, don't mention it.

Excuse me, Miss Kitty. I guess
that that wasn't too polite,

wavin' like that
from out there.

Oh, it's all right.
Sit down and have some coffee.

Uh, well, no,
Doc wants to see us

over at the Dodge House
right away.

Yeah, he wants you

to be there, Mr. Dillon.

What does he want?

Well, he wants you
to see Joe Delk.

Don't tell me somebody
finally shot that ape.

Oh, no, no,
it wasn't that at all.

But, you see, ever since we let
him out of jail yesterday,

he's been drinking' real hard.

And he sent word to Doc
that he's sober now.

But all that whiskey just
left him with terrible shakes

and I guess he needs something
to calm him down.

A little wolf poison
might help.

Well, what does Doc
want me along for?

Well, I guess he just doesn't
trust that Delk enough

to be alone with him.

I never heard of a gunman

fool enough to drink so much

that he'd give himself
the shakes, Matt.

No, neither did I.
Well, I'm thinking that maybe

it ain't true at all,
Mr. Dillon.

You know, he might
be trying something fancy,

like you said,
with a shotgun.

Yeah, he might be at that.
Let's go over and check on him.

Kitty, you be sure
and thank the girls

for the contribution, will you?
I sure will.

They'll give more,
if you need it.

No, no.
They've done more

than their share

See you later.
Miss Kitty.

Goodbye, Chester.


Well, do you think that we
ought to go on up, Mr. Dillon?

No, I think that probably ought
to wait for him, Chester.

Well, I see you beat me here.

Yeah, Doc, he's, uh-
He's upstairs, Number 20.

He's probably fully
recovered by now.

What do you mean?
Oh, he sent for me

a long time ago,
and by golly,

I thought it'd be
just as well

if he lived with his
misery a while.

Yeah, if there's anything
wrong with him at all.

Oh, he's been drinkin' the whole
night. I saw him last night

at the Lady Gay Saloon
and he was just pourin'-

Yeah, but a man can make
a big show of being drunk

and still be sober,
you know?

You mean if he's trying
to fool somebody?

Let's go up
and find out, huh?

Oh, Chester, you probably
better wait here, huh?

No. No. Can't we-?

Don't hit me.

G-Get away.

Stop it!

Or I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

Don't hit me, marshal.

Don't hit me.
He's asleep.

Don't hit me.

Oh. No.

No more.

Don't hit me.

No. Don't hit me.
Delk, wake up.

Come on out of it. Come on.

What are you doing here?

Who's he?

Well, I'm Doc Adams.

You're all right.
You just had a nightmare.



Where you been?

I sent for you
hours ago.

What did you bring
the marshal for?

What's your trouble?


Like you said, I-

I was dreaming, that's all.

A man like you can't
afford to dream, Delk.

He can't afford to get
as jumpy as you are.

Doc, will you
give me something?

Something I can take?

Well, I'll give you
a couple of pills here,

if I can find 'em.

You'd probably be
a lot better off

with about a gallon
and a half of coffee.

All right, marshal.

What are you starin' at me for?

Here, you can take these.
They might help a little.

Stop starin' at me.

Stop it, will you?

Stop starin'.

I just wanna get a last look.

What do you mean?

You're leaving Dodge.

I'm what?

I'll give you two hours
to get out.

Now, wait.
I ain't done nothing.

You're through, Delk.

That gun will never be any good
to you again.


I had a bad dream.
That don't mean nothing.

Did you ever have
that kind of dream before?

You've lost your nerve, Delk.

You're afraid.

Go get yourself killed
somewhere else.

I don't wanna watch it.

Well, here she is, Mr. Dillon.
I found her at the bank.

Hello, Mrs. Baxter.

Marshal Dillon.

I wanna thank you
for coming.

I- I thought it would be
best if I saw you alone.

What was it you wanted, marshal?

Well, uh,

I already told you
how everybody felt

about your husband and Billy.


Well, they were
fine young men,

both of them, and,
well, uh,

people around Dodge just-

Well, they wanted
to show you how they felt.

Take this and put it
in the bank.

Might help some.

You did this?

No, I didn't do it.
A lot of people did.

Marshal, I'll-

I'll need it for the boy.

The boy?

Well, if it's a son.

Lew wanted a son.

Thank you.

Thank you, marshal,
for that.

Sure, Mrs. Baxter.

it's a miserable thing,

Lew and Billy
getting killed like that.

Can't think
of nothing worse.


Look at him, Mr. Dillon.
He's just a low-down,

rotten murderer,
that's all he is.

I'm feeling some better,
marshal. Uh-

Them pills
the doc gave me helped.

What makes you think
I care how you feel?

Nothing, unless I decide
not to leave Dodge.

You'll leave.

You got an hour to go.


It's your choice.

You know what'll happen
if you don't.

I may not be so easy to get at

next time, marshal.

Maybe not.

But we'll find out.

We'll find out real quick.

Well, I'll think it over
while I'm gettin' a drink.

You do that.



Looks like you and me
are the only ones at the bar.

I'm a stranger in town.

Come on,
I'll buy you a drink.

No, I ain't drinking
no more.

Look, I said
I'd buy you a drink.

One's all I could take.

I did my drinking yesterday
and the day before.

I don't like it much when
a man's downright unfriendly.

Some other time, mister.

I take it you think
you're too good

to drink with me.

That ain't what I'm saying.

You'll drink with me.

Now, look,
I told you.

All right,
you're wearin' a gun.

Hold it, mister.

What are you
interfering for?

Did you ever hear of Joe Delk?

What's he got to do with this?

You're about to fight him.

Joe Delk? Nah.

Can't be.

Well, it is.

It can't be.

He'd have killed me right off.

You're just lucky.

Are you really Joe Delk,

I am.

Well, look, uh,

I-I didn't mean anything.

Uh, I didn't know.

Uh, besides, I-I-I gotta be
running along.

Another whiskey.

Delk's hour's about up,
ain't it, Mr. Dillon?


You think he's left?

I hope so.

Tsk. I hate to say it,

but I feel kind of
sorry for him.

Do you?
Well, it's not like,

you know, like you feel sorry
for anything that's-

Now, take it easy, marshal.

I ain't lookin' for trouble.

I wanna talk to you is all.

All right,
go ahead and talk.

Over at the saloon,
a fellow called me out,

but I backed down,

He wasn't even a gunman.
He was just a bum.


don't you understand?

Something's wrong with me.

Ever since that beating
you gave me, I ain't the same.

What do you wanna
talk about, Delk?

You gotta help me.

I'm taking my gun off.
I'm through gunfighting.

But you gotta
protect me when I do.

You gotta do it, marshal.

Sorry, Delk. There's nothing
I can do for you.

But they'll kill me. There's men
all over looking to kill me.

You should have thought
of that a long time ago.

I gotta stay in Dodge,

And you gotta tell people
to leave me alone.

Let me ask you something, Delk.

How many men have you killed
in your time?

Well, I don't know.
A lot of them.

What difference
does it make?

How many like those two boys

you shot down the other day?

You're a killer, Delk.

You're nothing
but a murderer.

Hold on a minute,

Did you ever hear
of that saying,

"Who lives by the sword
dies by the sword"?

Yeah, I heard that.


Well, it's true, you know.

I guess it's gonna
be true for me.


And you know something, marshal?

I can see no reason why someday

it ain't gonna be true for you.


except for one difference.


I'm not a murderer.

I'm not afraid to die.

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