Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 32 - Cheap Labor - full transcript

A man wants to marry a woman whose brother may be willing to resort to violence to keep her from leaving home.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

I don't think
anybody really likes

to take unfair advantage
of a man.

But I'm afraid
we've all done it at times.

And maybe that's why
we're still alive,

while others, like these here,
are dead and buried.

And maybe that's excuse enough.

But there's sure no excuse

for a man who crowds
a defenseless woman.

Who makes a slave of her

with threats of brutality
and violence.

A man who does that
belongs here,

not down there in Dodge
where I have to watch him.

Matt Dillon, U.S. marshal.

Hello, Florry.

Well, looks like
you need a hand here.

Oh, I can manage all right,

Oh, this ain't no job
for a woman, Miss Florry.

Oh, thanks just the same,
but you shouldn't, really.


What's the matter, Florry?

You worried
about your brother?

Ben will be here
in a few minutes.

He don't like folks to help me.


Guess he's afraid it'll make
you lazy or something, huh?

You know how Ben is.

Yeah, I know how
Ben is, all right.

What'd you do,
spend the night in town?

Yeah. He's riding
in this morning.

Gotta get supplies
for the ranch.

Must be kind of tough
on Ben and his men out there,

with nobody cook
and do all the chores for him.

Please, marshal.

Well, I'm sorry,
Florry, but,

you know, Ben Stancil
makes me kinda mad sometimes.

Even if he is your brother.

Please don't get him
riled up when he gets here.

He'll just
take it out on me.

Well, there you are,
Miss Florry. All set.

Sure do thank you, Chester.

Oh, that's all right.
Anytime at all.


Hello, marshal.

Why ain't you down at Jonah's
store laying on them supplies?

I had to hitch up
the horse.

You should've had
that done by daybreak.

We need you out the ranch.
Now, come on.

Goodbye, Florry.

Get up.

Somebody ought to open him up
and pull him full of grass.

You talk like an Indian,


But in this case,
I agree with you.

Well, I gotta go over and see
Bill Pence at the Long Branch.

You wanna come?

All right.

Just dog around
the street for a while.

Where'd you say
you're from, mister?

Hello, marshal.
Hello, Sam.

Bill Pence around?

He'll be back
in about ten minutes.

Have a beer while
you're waiting.

No, I don't think so,
Sam. Thanks.

So your name's Fos Capper,

that's right, mister.

You say your name out
like you got nothing to hide.

Well, now,
you're right again.

I guess a man wanted
to hide something,

he'd be wearing a gun
to help him do it.


Well, you agreeing with me,
or ain't you agreeing with me?

Anyway you want it,

You're big, backer.

But I ain't afraid of you.

Ain't no reason you should be.

You're awful big.

A man would be a fool

to go up against you
without a gun, wouldn't he?

Well, wouldn't he?
Mister, have a drink, huh?

I don't want your gun, mister.

I can't fight you lessen
you got a gun. You're too big.

We got no cause to fight.
Take your gun back.

You're afraid.

You're a coward.

You're a stinkin' coward.

Now, don't you push it too far.

I said you're a coward.

All right. Don't you think
you've had enough?

You keep out of this.

I am wearing a gun,

and I'll bend it
over your skull in a minute.

Oh, the marshal.

Get out of here,
go on.

Sure. Sure.

I guess I ought to
thank you, marshal.

No need.

My name's Fos Capper.
How are you?

You know, Capper, most men
around here do wear a gun.

I've had enough fighting.

Oh? Where's that?

The war.

I had it from Harpers Ferry
all the way down to Richmond.

A man gets tired of killing,

Yeah, I know.

Mr. Dillon?

You better get out on the street
if you wanna stop a fight.

What fight's that?

that Ben Stancil again.

He's about to wop that cowboy
that rode into town with him.

Because of Flora?

All right.

Flora was trying to load
the wagon all by herself,

and this cowboy of Stancil's
come up to her,

and was just trying
to help her, that's all.

Well, knowing Stancil,
that's enough.

I don't see any cowboy though.

Now get back to loading up
that wagon, you hear me?

Well, I hope
you didn't kill him.


Oh, him. Ah, he's just
knocked out, that's all.

I'll get a bucket of water.

I should've killed him.

For what? Helping Flora
do a man's work?

Flora's my sister,

What she does
ain't no business of yours.

Let me tell you something.

Your keeping her
away from men the way you are

is gonna get you into
real trouble one of these days.

My trouble, marshal.

Not if you kill somebody.


Now by heaven...

Just what do you
think you're doing, stranger?

Well, that box seemed
a might heavy

for a lady to be lifting.

He don't mean no harm,

You know this man?

He told me his name.

You're getting to be
a regular doxy, ain't you?

Now, I wouldn't
talk like that, mister.

Shut up.

You wanna beat me, like you did
that other fella there?

I'll do worse than that.


There's been enough fighting
for one day.

Now, your wagon's loaded.

Suppose you get on it
and get out of here.

All I gotta say to you,

is you better be
carrying a gun

the next time I see you.

Get up on that seat.

Bye, Miss Flora.

Thank you, Mr. Capper.


Giddap there.

Now, how did you
get mixed up in this?

Well, I, uh-
I got curious,

followed you
out of the saloon.

Then I saw her struggling
with them boxes. I-

I just couldn't stand there
and watch her, could I?

No, guess you couldn't.
But let me tell you something.

One of these days he's gonna
kill somebody over her.

Well, I hope it ain't me.

Guess you know what to do then.


Yeah, marshal,
I know what to do.

Hello, Chester.

what a surprise.

I had an idea it was you.

What do you mean?

Oh, I couldn't tell for sure
because the window was so dirty.


Oh, yeah, yeah,
well, uh...

I was lookin' at the galluses
in the window

is what I was doing.

Are you gonna buy some?

Well, I-

I think that man ought to buy
himself something new

every once
and a while and

sort of dress
himself up and...

You know, it- It-

I know.

Seems sort of
fitting and all.

Uh, did you buy
a new ribbon or something?

Oh, no, today's
just a looking day.

I don't have any money.


Well, Melanie you wait
till Mr. Dillon gets back,

and he owes me $3.

I'll give you
the loan or something.

That's very sweet of you,
Chester, but I shouldn't.

Well, my gracious.
I don't see why not.

Just because.


Say, where is Marshal Dillon?

Oh, well, he went
up to Hayes City

for a trial
or something. He-

He's gonna be gone
a couple of weeks, and...

I guess that
I'll be in charge.

Would you like to-?

To sit down for a spell
or something, Melanie?

Well, all right.

Oh, good.


Mr. Capper.
Morning, Miss Flora.

You drive in
for more supplies?

Men are pretty big eaters.

You do all the cooking?

Yeah. It isn't so bad.

Well, it appears to me
that your brother

ought to hire
a little extra help.

Mind you, it ain't
none of my business,

I'm just talking.

I shouldn't,
I guess.

A man's got a right to talk.

You mean it?

Guess I don't know
what I mean.

All you need is just
a little sunning out.


You've been living in the shade
too long, Miss Flora.

Nothing can grow good
like that.

Body needs space, air,

chance to breathe.

Now here I go again.
I'm sorry.



What's wrong?

That Fos Capper's
starting something for sure.

Well, I think
it's about time.

Ben Stancil's treated her
like a slave long enough.

Come on, I'll-
I'll help you with your supply.

Oh, well, my brother-

You let me worry about him.

Well, he's not in town anyway.

I guess it's all right.

Well, he ain't gonna
give up easy, that's for sure.

Which one?
Ben or that man?

Well, neither one of them
as far as that's concerned.

Wish Mr. Dillon would get back
before this goes any farther.

Oh, Ben won't find out.

He doesn't come to town
very often anyway.

Oh, Melanie, you're just
as purty as you can be,

but you just don't realize
how little it takes

to get yourself killed
around here.


Well. Welcome back,
Mr. Dillon.

How are you? Fine,
Chester. How are you, Doc?

Golly, Matt,
it's good to see you back.

Well, it's good
to be back, I'll tell you.

I've been in that
saddle since midnight.

A little cool
around the horse,

but it sure don't
catch a man up on his sleep.

Well, you ain't gonna

catch up on your sleep
around here, Mr. Dillon.

Uh-oh. Trouble again?

Well, there ain't yet,
but there's gonna be, that's-

Oh, Chester,
you don't even know-

Doc, you ain't seen 'em every
few days the way that I have.

He's just trying
to break up a romance.

Doc, I ain't either,

but I know trouble
a-coming when I see it.

What are you talking about,

Well, it's Fos Capper
and Flora Stancil, that's who.

He's been sitting here-
Doc, all right.

Every time she comes in,

he's waiting for her
out the edge of town.

And then
they come in together,

him driving
the buckboard

and his horse
tied onto the back.

It's just exactly as if
they was man and wife.

He- Listen to him talk.

Well, does, uh, Stancil
know about this?

No, well, of course
he don't know about it.

Otherwise there'd be blood
all up and down Front Street.

Well, there's nothing I can do
about that, that's for sure.

Well, of course not.
Now, uh, Chester,

will you put my horse away for me? Hm.

I'm starving.
Well, I'll go with you.

I haven't had a thing
to eat either.

Mr. Dillon, you better
pay attention to what I said

and keep your eyes open.

All right, Chester,
I will.

Come on.

Do you think
he's a coward, Matt?

That Fos Capper.

What makes you say that?

Well, he doesn't carry
a gun for one thing.

I don't know, Doc.

Haven't made up my mind
about him yet.

Oh, say.
What's the matter?

I forgot to give Chester
the money I owe him.

Oh, well, what? He's waited
this long with no-

Well, I guess-


Isn't that Flora's wagon
right there?

Yeah, that's
Capper's horse there.

Just like Chester said,

Well, yes, but what you-?
What you gonna do about it?

Ah, there's nothing
I can do about that, Doc.

That's a family matter.

Well, of course.
Come on, come on.

Let's get something to eat.

I was told these
hotcakes and coffee-

What's the matter now?

Looks like you're gonna

have to eat breakfast
alone after all, Doc.

Yeah, well, maybe
I just better skip it too

and stand by here, huh?

Yeah, maybe you better.

All right, I'll-
I'll wait right here.

All right.

What kind of a woman
are you, anyway?

Easy now, Stancil.
Now, you shut up.

I wanna know how long it's
been going on. Hm? Tell me.

You mind if we talk about it
at home, Ben?

We'll talk about it now!

No, we won't.

We're gonna get this
settled once and for all.

And you ain't gonna
stop it neither.

Just don't forget
that he doesn't carry a gun.

A dirty coward.
Of course he ain't.

Shooting won't solve
anything, Stancil.

It'd get you killed.
That'd solve something.

Maybe for you,
but not for Flora.

I don't wanna
hear you say her name.

You're gonna have to.

It's gone on long enough,
the way you treat her.

What I do with my sister
ain't none of your business.

Yes, it is.
How do you figure that?

I want Flora to marry me.

You never told me that, Fos.

Well, I've been thinking
on it, Flora. I...

I figured to wait,
but now it looks like

there ain't no chance
for waiting.


Flora's worked hard
for you, Stancil.

You've never given her
anything of her own.

You've kept her away
from everybody

for fear of losing her.

She ain't a woman to you,
a sister.

She's just cheap labor.

That makes you about as small
a man as I ever heard of.

I'll kill you now
for sure.

No, you won't.
Because you'd hang for it.

All right, Capper. But I'll
get you one way or another.

You go back home,

you pick up
all the things you need.

I'll be waiting for you
right here tomorrow at noon.

No, Flora.
No, you won't.

you stay out of this.

You're gonna be free,

You can make up your mind
later about marrying me,

but you're gonna be free.

Stancil, shut up!

And if you lay a finger
on her out there,

I'll beat you to death.

Now, you go on.

All right, Fos.

Tomorrow noon, Flora.

I'll be waiting.

You mind what I say.

Don't you try
to stop her.

I won't try to stop her.

It's you I'm gonna stop.

Well, there you are,

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to start
no trouble when I came here.

Well, Capper,
maybe you didn't mean to,

but you sure did.

I'll be watching.


You're in it now, Capper.
We're gonna fix you good.

I see you brought along
plenty of help.

You're too big
for one man to handle.

But the three of us can do it.

All right, boys.

You aren't taking no chances
at all, are you Stancil?

Even a poisoned wolf
can run sometimes.

He can bite too.

We'll see about that.

Get him!

Hold it.

Now, just what do you men
think you're about to do here?

We ain't gonna shoot nobody,
if that's what's worrying you.

I almost wish you'd try.

That ain't no way
for a lawman to talk.

It's all right, marshal.
Don't bother with him.

Why don't you
keep out of this?

You think
I'm gonna stand by

and watch three men
work over one?

Now, listen, marshal.
There ain't no other way.

I gotta take 'em on.
All of them.

It's gotta be done.
Mr. Dillon, look.

I told her to go home.


You keep away from her,


Shut up.


They caught up with me
outside of town.

I guess I'm late.

No, you ain't late.

I made it though.

He couldn't stop me.

You get back on that wagon,

go on home now,
do you hear me?

You do this, Stancil?

You sure need a lot
of convincing.


Would you be so good
as to take her up to Doc's?

I got a little business
to do.

Oh, I'd be glad to.

I've changed my mind,

I ain't gonna fight you,

you and your boys.
Not anymore.

Not after
what you done to Flora.

We're gonna settle this,

for good and all.

What are you talking about?

Marshal Dillon,
may I ask you a favor?

Sure, what is it?

Lend me your gun.

Lend you his gun?

Well, marshal?

Now, what's this?
What are you doing?

Whoever heard of
a lawman lending his gun?

Somebody's gotta
take care of you, Stancil.

And I think that's
the man to do it.

All right then.

You can watch him die.

Get your guns, boys.

Now, look here.

We didn't say nothing
about no gun fight.

What's the difference?
He's only one man, ain't he?

There's something
about him.

I don't like the way
he wears that gun.

He looks professional to me.

She's nothing
but a tin horn,

and a coward at that.

No, he ain't no coward.

And I ain't having
no part of this.

I ain't no fool either.

You leave now and
you're fired, both of you.

That beats getting buried.

You're cowards.

You're rotten cowards!


Was he right, Capper?

You a gunman?

Easy enough to find out.

What kind of a lawman are you,

You gonna stand there
and allow this?

Nothing I can
do about it now.

Well, I think he is a gunman.

He's nothing but a killer.

I ain't no professional.

I'm just a decent,
ordinary citizen.

You're through, Stancil.

All the way through.

Get moving.

I thank you, marshal.


Remember what I said
the other day

about a man
being sick of killing?

I figured it was something
besides the war

you were talking about.
Yeah, well,

I thought I'd never
have to wear a gun again.

That's why I asked Flora
to marry me.


Would you tell her
something for me, marshal?

Tell her I was ready
to kill her brother.

I can't hold her
to marry me now.

Time will always come when
I'll have to wear a gun again.

Not against Stancil.

Well, not him,
somebody else.

Man like me's got enemies.

Why don't you tell her

No, that wouldn't be fair.

I'd be influencing her
the wrong way,

just by being there.

Will you do it?

I'm afraid you're too late.

She's been there all the time.
She saw you,

gun and all.


Like I said,
it's too late, Capper.

It's way too late.