Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 30 - Big Girl Lost - full transcript


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

Surely you're
not Marshal Dillon.

Oh. Oh, well, no.

Uh, no,
I surely ain't.

Well, then would you please be
good enough to find him for me?

Yeah, well, uh,
he's busy right now.

All right then,
I'll wait.

Yeah, I don't suppose
that there's anything

that I can do for ya.

No, no, no, there's not.

Well, you just wait, then,

if it's all right.

Oh, please.

You like that?
No, I do not.

Oh, well, uh- I don't care
too much for it myself.

It's, uh- It's awful hard
to get the right kind of paper,

is what it is.

What do you think
about this one?



Look, lay off
of that thing, will ya?

I can hear it
clear out back.

Oh, can you?
Oh, well, I'm sorry.

I'll got out back
and play it.

Now, if I can hear it
from out there,

I can hear it from in here.

Yeah. W-well, if you feel
that way about it, Mr. Dillon,

I just won't
play it anywheres, at all.

Oh, there's, uh-

This is Marshal Dillon.

Uh, Marshal Dillon,

I'm Philip Locke
from Philadelphia

I arrived here
on the Sante Fe this morning.

Huh, you're a long way
from home, Mr. Locke.

Yes, unfortunately,
but I came for a purpose.

I'm looking for somebody,
a girl as a matter of fact.

Oh, a girl? Well, you oughtn't
have any trouble at all.

Dodge is full of girls.

If you please.

Huh? Oh.

I, uh, found out that this girl
had written her parents

in Philadelphia that she was
teaching school here.

However, she's never been
heard of at that school.

I inquired, straight off.

I'm afraid that something
has happened to her, marshal.

Well, out here, Mr. Locke,
that's, uh, more than likely.

That's why I've come to you.

I want you to find her,

I'm afraid
that kind of work's

a little out of my line,
Mr. Locke.

But I'll keep
an eye out for her.

What does she look like?
What's her name?

Well, she has auburn hair,
she's a very pretty girl,

her name is Laura Simmons.

Laura Simmons?
Do you know her?

Well, sure-

No, he doesn't know her.

Neither do I, but I'll see
what I can do for ya.

Where are you staying?

At the Dodge House.

And I must say that
I've stayed at better hotels.


Well, uh, bad as it is,
you go on back there and wait.

If I find anything out
I'll let you know.

It is very important that
I find her at once, marshal.

And I might also add
that I have a certain amount

of influence in Washington.

Well, that's fine,
I don't seem to have any at all.

Well, good day.

Well, I wonder what on Earth
he wants with Laura Simmons.

I don't know, but I think
I'm about to find out.

What does she have to talk
to that Doolin for anyway?

We hired her to entertain
the customers, didn't we?

Sure, but not him.

He's spendin' money.
I don't like him, Kitty.

There's something
wrong with him,

like he's been hit
in the head or something.

There's nothin' wrong
with his money.

Nobody's gonna
let him hurt Laura.

I worry about everybody, Kitty.


Aw, now, wait a minute-

You're the spookiest lady
I ever did see.

Here, now he won't
bother you no more.

Come on, Laura.
Come on upstairs with me.

She'll be all right.
Anything I can do?

Hello, Pence.

Uh, what's he been up to?

Nothing new.

He was troubling
one of the girls

so I tapped him on the head.

You lookin' for somebody?

Yeah, Laura Simmons.
She around?

What for?

Well, I want to talk to her.
Where is she?

Well, it was her
he was bothering.

Kitty took her upstairs.

There's no trouble is there?

Well, no,
I hope not.



It's Number 8, isn't it?


Hello, Matt.
Oh, hello, Kitty.

Say, Bill Pence to me
Laura was here.

Yes, come on in.

Laura, Marshal Dillon's here.

Hello, Laura.

Hello, marshal.

Say, uh, I heard about
you and Ed Doolin.

Don't let that worry ya,

I think Bill Pence
will take care of him.

He already has.
He was pretty mad, Matt.

Well, that sometimes happens.
Don't let it bother you.

I suppose I just have to
get used to it.

I have a feeling
it won't happen too often.

Not with Bill Pence around.

Oh, Kitty.

Laura, there's, uh,

somebody in Dodge
lookin' for you.

Uh, Philip Locke.

Oh, no.

Oh, so it's not
good news then, huh?

I mustn't let him find me here.

Well, you know, uh,
he went lookin' for you

in the schoolhouse first.

I wrote my mother
I was teaching school.

Look, honey, you don't have to
see him if you don't want to.

Oh, I can't see him, Kitty.

Oh, he mustn't know
I'm working in a saloon.

Well, that's nothing
to be ashamed of.

Oh, yes it is.
Especially now.

I'll, uh- Look, I think
I'll just leave you two alone-

Oh, no, marshal, please,

maybe you can help me.

Well, Laura, I'll be glad to
do anything I can for ya.

You see, I was engaged
to Philip once,

before I left Philadelphia.

We were about to be married
but his family found out

that my father
had been a sea captain.

What's wrong with
being' a sea captain?

Well, plenty
for the Locke family.

They called off the wedding
so I came out here

and got the first job I could.

Well, what about Philip,
what'd he do?

Well, they are very
aristocratic people, Kitty.

They took one look at me

and decided I wasn't right
for Philip.

I-I guess he had to do
what they wanted him to.

Doesn't sound like much of man,

aristocrat or not.

I know I'm not a kid anymore
and I've been around,

but I'm tired of men accusing me
of being something that I'm not.

Philip never did.

And I think
he was in love with me.

And I know
I was in love with him.

Are you still?

I- I don't know

But he mustn't find me here.

This is exactly
the sort of life

they said I was
best suited for.

His mother
told me so herself.

I've known nicer people
than that on riverboats.

Oh, he mustn't find me.
Not now.

Look, maybe we can take her out
to Ma Smalley's for a few days.

that's a wonderful idea, Matt.

Where's Ma Smalley's?

She lives about 2 miles
south of town,

she's a wonderful old woman.

Look, I'll tell you
what I'll do.

I'll go down
and talk to Bill Pence.

He'll drive you out.

Maybe while she's out there

you can spook this Philip Locke
back where he came from, huh?

All right.

I'll do what I can, Laura,

even if it makes
a liar out of me.

Well, marshal?

Afraid I got bad news
for ya, Locke.

Go on.

Laura Simmons was here, but, uh,
it was only for a day or two.

She went back to St. Louis.

Are you certain?

Well, that's, uh,
what they tell me.


Maybe you'll find her there.


Good luck.
Thank you.

Now, that sure is warm beer.
That's just-just awful.

Well, I paid for that beer.

Well, I know you paid for it,
and I-I thank you.

Thank you for it.
It's just that I-

It's warm, I'd like to see you
get your money's worth.

Well, don't worry about it,
I'll-I'll get my money's worth

as soon as
you decide it's time

for you to buy us a beer.

I'll buy you a beer.

Hey, Matt,
is it true that, uh,

this Laura is out
at Ma Smalley's place?

Kind of shyin' away
from the subject, aren't you?

What sub-?

The beer?


Why don't you
answer my question?

Yeah, she's out there.

Well, it's an awful
sad story.

Well, I'll tell ya, Doc.

If you ask me,
she's better off without him.

Women are strange.
They're strange-

They fall in love
and I just sometimes wonder

if it has anything at all to do
with the particular man.

Well, I don't know, Doc.

I-I remember what a little
Kiawah gal said to me once.

I didn't know you talked Kiawah.

Well, I don't talk it,
not exactly.

I mean, we used a...

Kind of a sign language,
you know?

I can guess.
I can guess your-

Well, look at this.

Marshal Dillon.

Hello, Mr. Locke.

I want to talk to you.

You know Chester
and this is, uh, Doc Adams here.

How do you do?

Marshal, I think
you lied to me about Laura.

That so?
It most certainly is.

And there's something
very strange

going on around here.

Well, I told ya
she went to St. Louis.

You told me a lie.

I think you're hiding her
for some reason.

Now, why would I be
hiding a woman?

I don't know
but you're in on it.

You know, Locke, uh,
maybe she just doesn't

want to see you anymore,
did ya ever think of that?

I've done a lot of thinking.

I'm gonna see her
if I have to kill you to do it.

Well, now,
you better put a gun on

before you start
talkin' like that.

I don't have to,

I'll hire a man to
kill anybody I tell him to.

It can be done.

Philadelphia must be
quite a town.

You have until 3:00
tomorrow afternoon, marshal.

And remember,
I'm a man of my word.

Well, that fella,
he sure talks pretty big.

Oh, yeah, well, he's probably
one of them fellas

that hired somebody to fight
in the war for him.

Yeah, and he could probably have
it done again too, right here.

Hey, you, mister.

Hey, mister.

You lookin' for somebody,

Are you sure?

I've been watchin' you.

You're lookin' for help,
ain't ya?

Well, perhaps I am.

This kind of help?

How well can you
use that gun?

Well, that depends.

What do you mean?

Well, for a dollar or two

I don't guess I'd be much good.

I wasn't thinking
of a dollar or two.

Then I wouldn't mind
killin' nobody, mister.

Who's your man?

I'll tell you that
when the time comes.

And the money?

I'll give you 500 dollars
just before you meet him.

Five hundred dollars?

You meet me here tomorrow,


It's almost 1:00,
Mr. Dillon.


in a couple more hours

it'll be 3.

Well, that gives me
a couple more hours to loaf.

Oh, you mean you're not gonna

do anything to stop him.

it's not my play, is it?


I'll say one thing,
he sure is an awful coward,

ain't he, that Locke?

Well, I don't know,
he might, uh, just be smart.

What do you mean, smart?

Well, he'd be a fool

to put a gun on himself,
wouldn't he?

Well, yeah,

he ain't gonna
impress nobody much with it.

I'll tell ya one thing,
he's got you

in the most no-sense spot
that I ever heard of.

How do you mean?
Well, here you are

gonna fight some stranger,
somebody you never seen before

over a girl that
ain't even yours.

Chester, I'm not gonna
fight anybody.

Not if I can find a way
to get out of it.


It looks like maybe
you gonna get out of it.

Have you made up
your mind, marshal?

About what?

You don't believe
I'm serious, do you?

Well, sure I believe
you're serious,

but what's it
got to do with me?

I gave you until 3:00 today
to find Laura for me, remember?

Locke, I don't suppose
there's any point

in my tryin' to talk sense
into you, is there?

All you have to do is to tell me
where I can find Laura.

Well, now,
gettin' somebody killed

isn't gonna help ya, is it?

You've got a couple of hours

to change your mind, marshal.

I'll be waiting.

Well, I'll tell you,
somebody ought to

stuff him into a trunk and send
him back to Philadelphia.

That's not a bad idea.

If I ever seen anybody
that didn't know

when he wasn't wanted.

Matt. Oh, Matt.

I'll be back.

What the fuss?
Laura wants to see you.

See me?

She's up in my room,
she had Bill Pence

drive her in from
Ma Smalley's a while ago.

Well, let's go see
what she wants.

Here he is, Laura.

Oh, thank you
for coming, marshal.

Well, sure, Laura.

Hello, Bill.

All right, Laura,
what's this all about?

Well, first of all, I heard how
Philip has been threatening you.

Well, don't worry about that.

Yes, but I feel it's my
responsibility, marshal,

and anyway,
I've been doing some thinking.

I've decided to face it up.

How do you mean?

Well, I was ashamed
to meet Philip,

and I was ashamed to have him
find out how I've been living.

She had me bring her here
so she could see him.

Oh, I think that's a mistake.

Well, so do I. He's not gonna
wait around here forever.

Well, it's her trouble
and right or wrong

she's made up
her own mind about it.

All right,
I'll go get him.

Downstairs, marshal.

I'll meet him at the bar.

Wait a minute, Dillon.

In here, in a saloon?

That's right.

What'll it be, gentlemen?


Better bring us
a bottle of rye, Bill.

Right up.

You're not up to a trick
of some kind, are you, marshal?

Now, why should I be?

You've lied to me before.

What would Laura be doing
meeting me in place like this?

He's your whiskey, gentleman.

Hello, Philip.

Laura, I-I don't understand.

What are you doing here?

Well, if you'll buy me
a drink I'll tell you.

A drink?

Well, of course.

After all, this is
how I earn my living.

You work here?

Well, obviously.

Now, if you'll buy me
a drink to start with...

I-I-I can't believe it.

Can't you?

You, here?

Please, Philip.

Why, you're-

You're nothing but a-

Oh, now, Laura,
don't pay him no mind.

He don't mean nothin'.
He'll get over it.


It's just what
his mother said about me.

It's true.
Ah, Philadelphia.

What do they know
in Philadelphia?

Lace in their pants.

Here, you need a drink.

N-no thanks, Bill.

He just don't understand,
that's all.

You ain't done
nothin' wrong. Never.

You're very kind, Bill.


Laura, I can't leave.

I started to but I can't.

I came here to find you

and I'm gonna
take you back with me.

You are?

This has been
a big shock to me

of course,
seeing you like this.

But I can forget about that.

I'll try, Laura.

You will, Philip?

Yes, I promise.

And we won't
mention it again ever.

To your family, you mean.

To anyone.

It'll be our secret.

It will?


I nobody knows,
perhaps it won't matter.

I'm not sure, Philip.

I think it will always
matter to me.

I don't understand you, Laura.

No, you wouldn't understand,


You heard her,
she doesn't wanna go.

Oh, now,
you stay out of this, bart-

No, by golly, I won't.

What kind of a man
are you anyway?

This girl's done
nothing to be ashamed of,

except earn a living,

which is probably more
than you've ever done.

What makes you think that
you're good enough to judge her?

Now, that's enough.

You'll try to forget about it.

You're no good, mister.

Laura here's worth a hundred
of you and I'm proud of her.

I don't care what she's done
or who knows it.

You're proud of me, Bill?

Of course I am.

I won't listen to
any more of this.

Are you coming, Laura?


No, Philip, I'm not.

I'm going to stay right here.

You're what?
You heard her.

Now, get out of here before
I bust a bottle over your head.

So you're the one
responsible for this.

Get out, I said.

All right, I'll get out.

But you're going to die, mister.

I'll see you killed.


Philip, no.

You've got to stop him, marshal.
He means it, I know him.

I can take care
of myself, Laura.

Oh, it's all my fault, Bill.

It's not fair that
you should be in trouble.

Are you going to let
an innocent man be killed?

Not if I can help it, Laura.

Well, then go after Philip,

and put him in jail
if you have to.

If I did that I'd never find out
who he's hired as his gun.

I want that man.

I can pick Locke up any time.

Now, you go on upstairs
with Kitty.

Bill and I'll handle this.

All right.

I'll get out of sight.

Do you really think
there'll be any trouble?

I don't know, Bill. There's
only one way to find out.

I'll take a seat
and we'll wait for him.

Hope you don't mind
bein' the bait in the trap.

Beat it, Doolin, I ain't got
time to be servin' drinks.

Get out from behind
that bar, Pence.

You heard me.

Now, you do what I say.

Hold on a minute here, Doolin.

You keep out of this,

What do you want Pence for?

Why, I've been paid
to shoot him.

That's what for.

Why you-
Hold on.

It'll be a pleasure too

after what he done to me.

you wanna hang?

I was born to hang.

That don't bother me none.

Look, uh, maybe I'll just

lock you up for a while.

Maybe you'll see things
a little clearer later on.


No, you can't do that.

Can't I?


I got to earn
my 500 dollars.

All right.

But you'll have to
shoot it out with me first.

With you?

Well, what have you
got to do with it?

Pence here is unarmed.

There's a law against murder.

I know that.

Then what makes you think

you can get away
with shooting him?

I got 500 dollars,

right here in my pocket.

You wanna see it?
Oh, for the name of-

Just-just a minute.


maybe you can
understand this, Doolin:

Either you get out
of Dodge right now,

or I'm gonna
throw you in jail.


No, I ain't goin' to jail.

All right.

Then you wanna draw on me?

I ain't no fool.

All right,
then you get out of here,

and you get out of here fast.

I'm gonna throw that employer
of yours out of town next,

now, you get movin'.

You don't leave a man
much choice, marshal.

Guess I'll have to go.

But can I keep the money?


Sure, let him
keep the money, marshal.

All right, keep the money.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Say, maybe I better
go out the back way.

I wouldn't have missed him even
if he had gotten the marshal.

You were standing here
all the time?


Well, where'd you
get the shotgun?

It's yours.

The one you keep out back.

I-I borrowed it.

For me?

Well, I'll be doggone.


Quite a girl you got
yourself there, Pence.

She ever tell you
about her father

bein' a sea captain?


I wanna hear more about him.

Do you, Bill?

You bet I do.

Sea captain's daughter, huh?

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