Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 2, Episode 18 - Kick Me - full transcript

A bank robber murders his partner and comes to Dodge with his terrified wife, hoping to keep a low profile, but an Indian he once humiliated won't let him be.


Starring James Arness
as Matt Dillon.

When you take advantage

of a seemingly innocent,
helpless man,

when you humiliate him,

make a living joke of him,

then he sure has the right
to strike back any way he can.

And when he does
it sometimes happens

he loses his helplessness,

becomes a truly
dangerous human being.

And sometimes too,

there's a crude sort of justice
handed out.

I know. I've seen it happen.

Matt Dillon, U.S. marshal.

Did it go all right?

Did anybody follow you?

Nobody followed me.
It's all here.

Every cent the bank had, and
it's all ours, yours and mine.

What about Fred?

We split after the holdup,
just like we planned.

Your husband's
at the cabin right now

probably wondering
why you ain't there.

But he won't wait long.
He'll start looking for us.

He'll never find us here.

Besides, it'll probably take him
a week before it hits him

his wife and his partner
run out on him.

Harry, I'm scared.

Nothing to be scared of.

Everything's going like
we planned, ain't it?

Where's that
Indian guide you hired?

Why isn't he here?

You mean Tobeel? He'll be here.
Now, don't you worry so much.

You are just as scared
of my husband as I am.

He ain't gonna find us,
I tell you.

As soon as that Indian comes,
he'll guide us to Dodge

in no time, and nobody,
including your husband,

can track us at night.

Now, you just let me
worry about things.

Whatever it is you're
cooking, Jennifer,

it's getting spoiled.


Now, look, it ain't
what it looks like.

Where's the money, Harry?

In the wagon.

Good. I knew they'd both
be safe with you.

The money, my wife.

We must've made a mistake about
where to meet after the holdup.

Yeah, I kinda thought
that might happen.

That's why I followed you.

Smart, hm?

We've been waiting for you,
ain't we, Jenny?

My wife's name is Jennifer.

And that food's
gonna be plumb ruined.

Why don't you go get it, Harry?

Go get it, Harry.

You're doing fine, Harry.

Go on.

I got a use for you.

The way bank robbers get caught

is mostly spending
too much money too quick.

Hm. Burned.

Remember where I found you?

You were working
in a dress shop.

You were only 15 and you would
have done anything to get out.

Even marry me.
Now, ain't that so?

You were kinder then.

A woman's like a dog.
You gotta teach her to heel.

But that's not what
I'm talking about.

Now, we're gonna take that money
and we're gonna go to Dodge

and open a little dress shop.

Nobody'd think of looking
for a bank robber

in a dress shop,
would they?

You're taking me with you?

Well, why not?
In Dodge, they'll see me

as a solid, respectable husband
of a loving wife.

Get a blanket, quick.

Now, start dishing out food.
Keep your mouth shut.

Uh, looking for somebody?

You not man who hire me.

Hired you?

Man hire Tobeel
for guide to Dodge City.

Promise $4.


Say, "Meet here.

Travel at night."

Sure, but things have changed
some. We don't need a guide.

Three dollar.


Maybe he man who hire me.


No, he's asleep.
Tired, he's been sick.

Tobeel need job. Broke.
Will wait till man wake up.

You'll wait for nothing.
Now, get outta here.

Tobeel wait. Need job.

Get moving, Indian.

Fred, come here.

Here's from Dodge.
Harry told me.

Well, he can't hang around here.
I'll have to get rid of him.

He's known there.

If you kill him
they'll find out, sure.

And if I don't,
he'll find out about Harry.

Look, all he wants is a job.

Give him his money
and he'll be happy.

I'll give him nothing.

You've got to.

Wait a minute. He wants a job
so bad, I'll get him one.

I'll take care of him.
Find me some paper and a pencil.

Go ahead.
You, uh, read English?


I didn't think so.

Look, I'm gonna get you a job.

I'll write you a letter.

You take it to the boss
of that trail here

about 5 miles upriver.



Shut up.

Now, you just show this
to the trail boss

and he'll take care
of you fine.

This will give job
to Tobeel. Thank you.

That was cruel, Fred. Why did
you do it? He's harmless.

Not if he hung around
here long enough

to find out poor Harry's dead.

Now, let's get out of here.
It's a long way to Dodge.

I don't know, Matt.

Must be something about
that state of Texas.

Well, it's big.

Oh, big, sure, but that
still doesn't explain

Texas cowboys to me.

I'll just soon be
full of them

and all of them
looking for trouble.

No, some of them
are all right, Kitty.

Yeah, that's true.

Kitty, you're pretty hard
on people sometimes.

People. There's not much
people left

in a drunken trail rider.

Well, you're right about that.

I see old Tobeel is drinking
pretty hard and fast for him,

isn't it, this morning?

Sure, is.

Hello, Tobeel.

Sit down.

Uh, marshal,

Fred Myers
and his wife...

What about them?

They must die.


They give me this to show

to trail boss.

"The Indian carrying this letter
is a liar, a beggar and a thief.

"But he wouldn't steal
a hound-dog pup

"couldn't pull out
of a tan yard.

"Best way to get rid of him
is to kick him out of camp

before he can open his mouth.
Fred Myers."

Trail herders laugh at me.

Kick me out.

Well, it's a joke, Tobeel.

Tobeel old but still proud.

I know. But you can't
kill a man

for making a bad joke,
you know.

I make strong medicine.

Oh, well, all right, but, uh,
look, just don't try

to help that medicine along

with a knife, say.

I need no help.

Medicine real strong.

Fred Myers was in here
yesterday, Matt.

He says his wife's
a dressmaker

and they plan to open a store
down on Front Street.

Now, they don't sound
like the kind of people

that would do that
to Tobeel.

No, they don't.

Well, there's no
accounting for people.

Can't you make
that Indian go away?

Why should I?

Matter of fact, I've been
thinking of going out

and hanging a sign on him.

Nerves been bothering you?

Of course not.

Come here.

Now, the money's
in a safe place.

Harry's dead and forgotten.

All we gotta do
is sit quiet for a year.

I know, Fred.

Maybe you're having
trouble forgetting Harry.


Where do you want this?

In the back room.

Nervous people
aren't safe, Jennifer.

Don't make me fear
you're not safe.

Think I'll go over
to the marshal's office.

Make a complaint
about that Indian.

But you just said you we-

I changed my mind.

Having a complaint on record
might come in handy.

Uh, just in case.

Well, that Tobeel
just won't give up.

He stands there
all the time.

Well, of course, I guess he does
take time off to eat and sleep,

but don't you think that you
outta do something about it?

No, there's no law against
what he's doing, Chester.

There's no harm in it either,
as far as I'm concerned.

Yeah, well.

Oh, I see, they're still after
these Wichita bank robbers.

I sure wish they had
a description on those men.

Oh, well. Maybe I can get
some fishing in tomorrow.

Marshal Dillon?


I'm Dillon.
What can I do for you?

My name's Fred Myers.

I want to make a complaint
about your pet Indian, Tobeel.

My what?

Well, a man hears things.

Tobeel is a friend of mine,

if that's what you mean.

A good friend.

And he hangs around us
all the time.

My wife don't like the way he
looks at her, and neither do I.

Tobeel won't hurt you.

Not unless you've given him
some good reason to.

I warned you. If that savage
does anything to my wife

I'm gonna hold you

Good, fine. You do that.

Seems to me
you ought to worry a bit

about the respectable
citizens of this town.

Citizens who write funny letters

don't interest me very much,

I'm gonna take the dress,
Mrs. Myers.

Mrs. Myers, would you put
the dress in a box for me?

I'm gonna take it.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You're terribly worried,
aren't you?

Well, Tobeel won't hurt you.

It's just that he's
got his pride.

You didn't write
that letter, did you?


Well, then, why are y-?

You don't understand.

It's not him I'm afraid of.

Get out of here,
Mr. Myers.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Excuse us.

Well, all I know is, Matt,
that this woman

is scared to death of something.

When I left, she was so nervous
she couldn't even say goodbye.

He was very polite, though.

Mr. Dillon, there's bad trouble
over at the dress store.

What's the matter?
It's Mrs. Myers.

She's- She's dead.

That had driven in
from close-up.

No question who did it.

That Indian was
just waiting for a chance.

Well, let's go get him.

Hold on, Myers.

You're not going anywhere.

I'll handle this.

Hello, Tobeel.

What happened to you?

Tobeel have fight
with Fred Myers before.


this is your knife,
isn't it?

Blood. Dry.

You know where I found it?

Tobeel not know where he lose.

I've got to arrest you,

Look at this.

Well, I didn't know
he come from Wichita.

Why is it people always
lock their front door

and leave the back door open?

I haven't been able
to find anything so far

except for what belongs here.

Well, what'd
you expect to find?

I don't know, Chester.

But I do know that
Tobeel didn't kill that woman.

Must be Myers.


What are you doing here?

Looking around.

For what?

I don't know, Myers.

Well, that's no answer.

Well, it's the best
I can give you.

When are you gonna hang
that Indian, marshal?

I'm not gonna hang him.

I'm gonna turn him loose.

You'll what?

And I'm gonna take him over
to the Long Branch

and buy him a drink.

He won't talk
while he's in jail.

He feels
he's in disgrace.

But over a drink,
he'll talk easy.

Talk about what?

Found that in your wagon.

Tobeel could help
if he wanted to.

I had to throw him in jail
to keep him from being lynched.

I knew it would disgrace him
but I didn't want him to die.

Tobeel's a friend of mine.
I'd like to help him.

If he'll help me.

We kind of need each other.

When I see them on trail,
there was two men.

And one woman.

When they come to Dodge,
there was just one man.

Well, now, that's more
like it, Tobeel.

Now you're helping us.

You see, uh, Myers was in
Wichita before he came here.

Now did you actually talk
to this other man?

No. He was asleep.

Long sleep.


Matt, look.

Go tell Chester we're ready,
will you?

You better get out
of the way, Kitty.

Well, first time
I ever seen a lawman

drinking with a known murderer.


Tobeel here
didn't kill your wife.

What are you saying?
Everybody knows he did.

Nope. Tobeel's a Kiowa

and a Kiowa's got a special way
of handling knives.


kill me that bear
over in the corner.

Your wife was stabbed
from close-up.

Well, if the Indian didn't
kill her, who did?


Got proof?

Maybe I didn't like her
dressmaking, hm?


You just didn't like her knowing
you'd killed your partner.

What partner would that be?


It takes a rope
to hang a man, marshal.

Not an old flour sack.


I want to show
you something.

Put the gun away.

You're not gonna kill a marshal

in front of a dozen witnesses.

Are you?

What are you gonna show me?

Come here.

You're getting out
of Dodge, Myers.



Kind of figured you'd be too
anxious to leave by yourself,

so I got Chester
to give you a hand.

But why should I leave?

Because I'm tired
of looking at you, mister.

You're through.
Now get going.

Well, what about the dresses
and the store fixtures?

Send me an address.
I'll ship them to you.

You letting him go
just like that?

Just like that.


Keep walking.

Now, turn around.

Reach inside.
You'll find a moneybag.



I kind of thought
you might be around.

That's why I brought her.

If you want this, you'll
have to buy it with her life.

I'll send her back
after a while.

Unless she takes
a liking to m-

Medicine good,
but work too slow.

Thanks, Tobeel.

He had me stumped
when I saw you walk in.

He did?

Come on,
I'll take you home.

Tobeel, stay here
until I come back, will you?