Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 19, Episode 3 - Matt's Love Story - full transcript


And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Well, Slick, I'll be made
of milk if he don't hang on.

I took him up a rock
slide that'd slip an ant,

through water where a trout
couldn't find his own shadow.

I don't know.

There he is.

Just keeps comin'
on steady and even

as a toenail
growing in a casket.

Yes, sir, Slick.

I'll be a gelded rooster if
I figure out why they do it.

All on account of I
gutted me a gambler

as crooked as a gully.

You figure they'd be
right glad to get rid of him.

But no, got them laws
tattooed on their eyeballs.

The Bible ain't no
seriouser to 'em.

They don't ever learn.

Just keep comin' after ya.

Bigger than a skinned mule.

Fool doin'.

Oughta be a law about the law.

This one here though,
he's got sand to him.

Most of 'em don't have.

Still and all...

gonna lose his life.

They don't never learn.

Did you want me?

They don't ever learn.

Just never learn.

They do not ever learn.

Come on in, Settler.

You didn't dream about a
short tree full of coons last night,

I heard 'em too.

Gonna be a year for wolves.

They'll be welpin' about
the same time we'll be calvin'.

Just keep your eyes skinned.

Let's see if we can trick those
chickens out of some eggs.

You've smoothed
out some country, boy.

Did you throw him?

Did he take off up the
creek after a gold sign

and get lost in his own shadow.

Bet he's in trouble
wherever he is.

Come on, Settler, come on.

See him, Settler?

Well, you just gonna stand there

or you want me to
sing a hymn over ya?

Go get him.

Well, Settler, he
finally surfaced after all.

Two days you snored loud
enough to fetch hogs from a mire.

Here, drink this.

Elk oil juice and liver soup.

Doesn't sound nor taste pretty

but it'll make a
fort out of soft sand.


You got no papers on ya,

so I gotta ask you
right out who you are.

All right, where ya from?

Well, who shot ya?

Look, what I'm gettin'
at is are ya wanted?

I don't know.

You don't remember gettin' shot?


You don't remember
none of nothin'?

I guess not.

Well, I'm a, I heard about such

but I never believed it.

Not recollectin' anything?

Like they put ya in a box
and raised the lid another time.

I'm sorry to have
trouble ya, ma'am.

I'll be leavin'.

You'll do crawlin, that
right ankle's bad swollen.

But you don't
remember none of that.

No, ma'am.

My name's Mike.


I was supposed to be a
boy, Ma tried for Peggy

but mountain for stubborn
Pa was, and Mike it is.

And I'm gonna call you Dan.

'Cause Daniel come
into the lion's den

and that's what you'll be in

if you take light to
circumstances here abouts.

Now drink that.

Yes, ma'am.

How'd you get me here?

Your horse came in sore footed.

Settler, that's my dog,

and me backtracked
to where you were.

Got you on the horse.

You got me on a horse?

Well, you helped some.

But I guess you
could push a grizzly

over the rafters easier.

- Drink that.
- Yes, ma'am.

And isn't ma'am, it's Mike!

Yes, ma'am, ah, Mike.

You know I may not remember
who I am or how I got here,

but I'll tell you one thing.

I never knew anybody called
Mike looks as good as you do.

You want to know something?

I shouldn't never
have picked you up.



No, ma'am.

Old Canoot says he ain't
seed hide nor hair of him

or heared nothin' neither.

Doc, I'm worried.

He's been gone over two weeks.

Well, Kitty, how many times
have we sat at this very table

and worried about Matt?

Now you know as well as I do,

he'll come right in here
before long, you can bet on it.

Well, I don't care
what anybody says.

If he's not back
here pretty soon,

somebody's gotta
go lookin' for him.

Well, that's just
what I'm fixin'...

Now hold on, just a minute.

Let's don't go traipsing
around the country

without knowin'
what we're doin'.

Tell you what we'll do.

Festus, you go over
to the telegraph office.

You tell Barney to wire
every station up north.

Now we'll get a
line on him that way.

I'm gonna do her, Doc.

Now that's the only
sensible thing to do.

You're not foolin'
me one bit, Curly.

You're just as worried as I am.

Just what do you think
you're doin' out here?

Good morning.

I asked you a question.

Well, I figure I'd been
gold breaking around here

for a week, I, well, it's about
time I started to earn my keep.

Who said I was gonna keep you?

Just a figure of
speech, ma'am, Mike.

I'll be leavin' in the morning.


You can't even
walk, let alone ride.

Well, I've been a burden
to ya long enough here.

I'll tell ya when
you're a burden to me.

I'll also tell ya when
you're fit enough

to ride out of here.

And let me get some peace
and quiet in the morning.

Sorry I woke ya.

Breakfast will be
ready in 15 minutes.

Don't let me call you again.

Yes, ma'am.

♪ Got breath like a fox
And a face like a fox ♪

♪ Hard to prove gold
Turns permanent green ♪

♪ I love my sweet Raylene ♪

Whoa, Slick.

Had to be Hasty darn
Starcourt's spread.

You gotta figure
it'd come legal,

bein' as he wouldn't
know a runnin' iron

from his own backside.

Yeah, but he's smart, Slick.

The Devil in his
pocket with a lock on it.

But, maybe we can
get us a short roost here.

Opposites attract, my papa
said when he left Mama.

You know, it ain't the
world I'm askin' for, Judge.

Just one valley.

Just one valley, Ray.

Near 100 miles of the
spine of this land, this county.

I don't care if it's the
stairs to the moon, Ray.

I want her land.

I want to make
something of this valley

and I can't do it with her owning
the rights to those headwaters.

Ray, if we could get a
federal grant for a stage line,

it'd have to come
right down the divide

and right through her bonnet.

Property condemned
and the public need.

Be a train coming
down shortly to Bulle.

We're gonna need
that rail line, Judge.

You see that, don't ya?

Like to make somethin' of
this God chosen earth that lasts.

But I need those
headwaters, Ray.

That Yardner women,

she couldn't find a smile
to life if she had a net.

No way to her.

Well, I see your concern.

And I don't say I don't
agree in the long of it.

And I'd be a liar

if I said you hadn't
helped me into office.

But I never asked
ya for a favor, Ray.

That was the bargain.

Yeah, we made an
agreement, Hasty.

What was good for the land.

Land bein' this country.

Now this Yardner woman,
well, maybe she's a might frosty

but she's got guts
in an iron basket

workin' that spread
of hers alone.

And that's how it
all started, with guts.

We gotta have the
likes of that woman.

The country needs 'em.

Now you talk to her, Hasty.

We all tried.

Nobody but a fool shakes
hands twice with a bear trap.

Why don't you try
incorporating her, Hasty?

She's still a woman.

I know that they can
be forward sometimes,

but they still got a pulse.

Oh, now looky here, Judge.

Hasty, you're makin' an empire

and I'm makin' a judgment.

What that woman
owns she's earned.

When you try to use the
law to break a part of life,

I can't sanction it and I won't.

And that's all.


You a hard man.

I was just born on the
hard side of the bed.

We ain't far apart.

Hey, watch it, Slim, no!

Hey, hold it!

What's goin' on here?

This here one, come
in, no askin', just straight.

Comet outraced him.

Took to horse and
that ol' bait bit me!

Done sent him East
to all the best schools.

Still and all, I guess
the skunk still smells

like a skunk to him.

That's about it.

My thoughts as well.

Didn't mean no
runction, Starcourt.

It ain't Starcourt,
it's Mr. Starcourt.

Now you water your horse and
you ride outta here, right now.

I go where I want,
when I want, junior boy.

Wait a minute,
Monte, wait a minute.

Where you come from?

About anywhere's
the compass turns.

Where you going?

Where the spirit moves me.

What can you do?

'Bout anything ever thought of.

Use that gun?



You're hired, 25 a
month and found.

Bunkhouse is yonder.

Don't use it.

I'll bed in the river wood,
fetch my own found.

Thirty a month.

What's your name?

Lester Dean this year.

You found work, Dean.
See you at first light.

Come on, Slick!

Mr. Starcourt, $30 a month?


Excusin' me, Mr. Starcourt.

But that's $10 more than
our top hands are gettin'.

Oh, he'll earn it, Monty.

Don't you worry.

He'll earn it.

Go get him, Settler, before
he thinks himself to death.

Go on!

All right, Settler, general
calls the troops move.

Settler come in?

No, he's a dog.

He sure doesn't know it.

Ah, it smells like pie.

It's a settlers' muley roast,

they're prime this time of year.

Should made a stout son of a...

Son of a gun stew?

Yeah, son of a gun stew.

I can carve if you want.

I never want and I've
been carvin', butcherin',

skinnin' and scalin' since
before I can remember.

Get some plates.

Yes, ma'am, ah, Mike.



Knives and forks are in the...

Wrong cupboard.


Sorry, ain't that the
common word these days?

The plates are in here.

So you like muley roast?

Oh, I'm not particular.

Same as Ma, not particular.

That and a pound
of tears at night.

That dress, did
you ever wear it?


Johnny Yardner
was all this land.

Big, wild as any cliff eagle

and kind as clover.

He always had a smile
and a joke to the day.

Come out here together.

Sunday morning he
was out mustanging,

wind howling like a banshee.

His horse found
a prairie dog hole.

Got to him as quick as I could.

When I turned him
over he was grinnin'

that sideways grin of his.

He said, "Sorry, hell of a way

"to take the honey
out of honeymoon."

And he died.

That'll be three years
ago, Friday next.

You been takin' care of
this place alone ever since?

I have me a Mexican
field hand from time to time.

But yeah, I run it.

It's gettin' cold, let's eat.

Stop all that sugar footin'.

Dear Chief, a mule deer I shot

and it rolled down
the side canyon,

so as I had to
quarter it to get it out.

Some potatoes I kept
from freezin' this year

by doin' everything but
putting them under the hens,

Some dried apples in a
pie, for all the bounty you laid

on this table without an
ounce of effort from us,

we're right here
to thank ya, Amen.


I thought you were hungry.

Now we've talked on it.

You know what stand and where.

I do, Starcourt.

Mr. Starcourt.

You know somethin', Starcourt.

I do believe if you was
to tie his tongue down,

his arms would talk
enough to flap him to death.

A hundred dollars here, $100 in
the bank in Starcourt when it's done.

I don't care how she's removed.

I don't like murder
but I've been around it.

I sense you're a better man.

But you've got needs,
that's plain to see.

And you're not known,
that's my concern.

But you double back on
me, Dean, and I'll skin you.

I'll set my men on you.

I'll drag you back
and I'll skin ya,

slow as any squaw ever wished.


Monte, there's a
hundred silver pouch

in the right dresser
drawer, get it.

But Mr. Starcourt!

Get the money, junior
boy, let the men talk.

Gentleman might be right, Monte.

So you have your own idea
what money is, Mr. Dean.




You trap, you shoot,
you do your gettin'.

Doin' the best that's in
ya and you get that reward.

Done proper it's money.

Done what ain't
proper and it's you.

You and what's comin' now.

Coin, not paper.

I'll see her, I'll
know what to do.

Let's go, Slick.

Excusin' me, Mr. Starcourt,

but I figure you
owe me a killin'.

Oh, we'll kill him,
Monte, all right.

What kind of
businessmen would we be,

lettin' $200 go down the
craw of some sundown shadow

who's just as dead as
the buffalo he smells of.

What are you doin' up there?

Roof needed fixin'.

The roof needs fixin'
in a dozen places,

how come you picked,
the spot right over my head?

Just lucky I guess.

Well, close up that hole and
go patch somewhere else!

Yes, ma'am.

Oh, I forgot to
say good mornin'.

Get out of here!

♪ I seen her in the moonlight ♪

♪ Later in the sunlight ♪

♪ And the moonlight was best
When there weren't no moon ♪

♪ No way to spoon ♪

Mike, you got any beeswax?

It's in the hutch where
we got the dishes.


What's the matter,

haven't you ever seen a
woman in a dress before?

I guess I just forgot
how good it looks.

Don't go gettin' any
ideas that this is for you.

Oh, of course not.

Of course not.

A woman has to have change
every once in a while, you know.

Let me see it.

It's nothin'.

Well, why don'
you just go sit down

and finish whatever
it was you were doin'.

Whatever you say.


Where will you go?

Oh, I don't know, someplace.

Find work, I guess.

Must be lonesome,
not knowin' who you are,

where you come from,
why you was shot at.

Guess you think on it.


I've been thinkin'
on it, all right.

Oh, I'm such a fool.

Most of us are.

You got particulars?

I couldn't sleep last night.

Yeah, I heard ya tossin'.

Did ya?

Would have occurred to
some to come find out why.

Occurred to me.

I'd have shot you deader
than a banker's pulse.

I don't think so.

Why not?

The gun that's right there.

Appears to me the idea did a
lot more than just occur to you.

You took it all the way
around the mulberry bush.

Well, if the gun was out here...


Well, what stopped you?

Maybe I'm a married
man with a bunch of kids.

You're not.

- You sure?
- I'm sure.


You got a disconcertin'
way of lookin' at a woman.

Like you're measuring her.

That sol?

Mmhmm, married man with kids

gets that beaten out
of him sooner than later.

You're a range bull, mister,
there's no ring in your nose.

You said you couldn't sleep.

I was thinkin'.

Thoughts keep you awake?

Does when it
concerns my way of life.

Meanin' what?

You're almost well now.


That means you
either gotta go, or...

make up your mind about stayin'.

You mean I got a choice?

Guess so.

That's what all the
thinkin' was about.

You don't know who you
are or where you're from

and maybe you never will.

I don't think you're married,
so that solves one problem.

But you sure are somethin'.

Got a a way about ya,
tells me whatever you did,

you did with authority.

I like that.

I like you too.

I've tried not to, but.

That a proposal?

You can go straight to hell.


I'd like to stay.

Hello, the cabin!

Damn, this place is worse than
Dodge City on a Saturday night.

What's the matter?

I don't know.

Comin' in peaceful.

You all right?



It's all right,
Settler, take it easy.

I'll be made of milk

if that ain't a fine
lookin' dog, ma'am.

He'll do.

What do you want?

Water for old Slick
under me and vittles.

I got money, I've
been out a spell,

but I'm well fashioned, ma'am.

"Ma'am..." sure, we're
all well-fashioned.

And that's the well yonder.

And come in.

I do thank you, ma'am.

And you stay out here.

You takin' on men's ways.

Come in.

I surely do thank you, ma'am.

Sorry, ma'am, I didn't
know you had company.

Ain't company, two's company.

This is Mr. Daniel,
he's just passin' through.

How do?

Mr. Daniel.

We finished eatin' but there's
some son of a gun stew.


That's nice of you, ma'am.


Call me Favorite.


That's a name though, ma'am.

Kind of come this way, it did.

Yeah, we had eight boys,

all of them scuffy, but tryin'.

Well, when I come along

they water witched over
my momma's tummy,

sizin' they was.

Well they just knowed
I was gonna be a girl,

so they called me Favorite.

Name ain't ma'am, it's Mike.

Mike Yardner.

Mike, ma'am?

Oh sure, Mike, yeah, ma'am.

Things sure do come
out left hands, don't they?

Got to agree with that.

Ma'am, it's the best.

Frogs in it what does it.

If'n it'll make you
hop, I'm all for it.

Never thought I'd be takin'
bait under a roof tonight.

No, sir, not after
that pass up yonder

with the wind howling like
lost souls huntin' for graves.

You come down that
pass, did ya, Dan?


Oh, no business
of mine, none at all.

Gotta tell you the
truth though, Miss Mike.

I was told I'd best tread
easy if I was to come by here.

You was a widow
woman I was told.

With a trigger temper
and a rifle to prove it.

They told ya right, I
don't take to strangers.

Dan here got hisself
stove up somehow or other.

Settler and me found
him out on the prairie,

closer to judgment
than being prayed over

and waitin' for the shovel.

I'll be made of milk,
if that ain't a caution.

How'd that happen?

Somebody took a shot at me.

Creased my skull, I
don't remember anything.

Yeah, I heared of
such things happening.

Times I wish I couldn't
remember nothin'.

Yes sir, there've been times.

Well, you appear to be
doin' all right now, though.

Thanks to my nurse and
that son of a gun stew there.

Well, be gettin' late,
I'll be out in the barn.

Me and old Slick's
been together so long,

every time I snore, he answers.

See ya first light.

Oh, and ma'am, like the
man said, son of gun stew,

that is pure sugar to a
body used to lemons.

First light.

Well, Mike, I never did
figure out, am I goin' or stayin'?

Well, you can't go
now, not at this hour.

We'll talk again in the mornin'.

Oh, Mike...

figure you're gonna need that?

No, we're a lot closer

to understandin' one
another than we were.

I just don't want
you to get dizzy

goin' around the mulberry bush

and lose your
sense of direction.

Goodnight, sleep well.



It is truly difficult for a lady

to get some sleep around here.



How come you're
always up before I am?

I kind of wondered
about that myself.


Figured you're bone lazy.

I'll take this coffee
out to Fortunate

and then I'll fix us
some breakfast.

All right, fine.

Yes, sir, Slick, ain't it a
puffin' the way the wind comes

to you with thoughts
as clear as brook ice.

I was wrong.

I was wrong.

Well, we'll just go
a-visitin', we will.

Visitin' where?

Starts the heart, Favorite.

Where ya goin'?
You just got here.

Best set a while.

Thank you, Mike, ma'am.

I ain't no drifter, though.

I come certain as a front side.

I come to kill you, ma'am.

- Kill me?
- Starcourt.

He wants this valley,
short grass and long.

Paid me 100
eagles, full-feathered,

a hundred more
in a bank in town.

I done bent low in recent
times, but not this low.

Man could pound dreams
to iron with a woman like you.

Dillon's come on
to luck after all.


I seen the way
you looked at him.

It do become a
woman to look like that.

You'll have a good life.

What he don't know
won't chew on him.

You said Dillon, you know him?

Know him?

I was near wearin'
him for three days.

Made of steel twice, that one.

Had to shoot him.


I shot a man in Dodge,
was meant for a bullet.

This man in yonder, that's Matt
Dillon, Marshal of Dodge City.

He's put in his time.

Now you take to the
sunlight, the both of ya.

Be ridin', Miss Mike.

Where you goin'?

Goin' back to Starcourt.

Gonna take him back his eagles.

I'm gonna tell when they saw
the roost they took to moltin'.

Don't never call it Favorite.

Isn't that Favorite ridin' out?

Uh huh.

Kind of a short
hello, wasn't it?

Had to see Starcourt.

Who's Starcourt?

Big rancher, next valley.

Wants this land.

Sent Favorite to kill me.


Think he found shame to it.

Anyway, he's returnin' the
money Starcourt gave him.

He goes back
there, they'll kill him.


Don't do it.


You called me Matt?

You're Matt Dillon,
Marshall, Dodge City.

That's why you felt strange
when I mentioned Dodge City,

you were on the
verge of rememberin'.

How did Fortunate know?

He was the man who shot ya.

You were trailin' him
for killin' a man in Dodge.

Evans Vincent.


That's the gambler he shot.

You remember, then.




Mike, I'm sorry.

I got a badge, responsibility...

Twenty years of my life.

Twenty years and
you never got married?

She must have been
some kind of woman.

- Mike.
- Well, I said it.

I never should have
picked you up, never.

Well go on, go save
Fortunate or arrest him

or do whatever you
have to do with him.

I'll come back,
we'll talk about it.

Will you get out of here?

Mr. Starcourt, that man, Dean.

Well, what about him?

His horse just came
in but he wasn't on it.

Well get out there
and bring him in.

You short bellied...
Farnsworth, Starper, go get him.

What for?

Thought I'd better let
you know where I was.

Shame to have you boys
runnin' all over the country.

Stand easy.

You, junior boy, pour a drink.

Go to hell.

Been there.

Pour a drink!

All right now, back away, easy.

You best put that
hand up on the bar.

Put it up there,
you want to keep it.

I didn't double on
you, money pockets.

Just found some
folks worth the worth.

The whole worth, money pockets.

That makes them as
different from you and me

as the north end
from the south end.

'Sides, you was aimin' on
killin' me anyway, wasn't ya?

Still am.

She's still in my way, Dean.

Now you are too.

Five to one, Dean.

Unless you're
lightning for dodging,

you're gonna wind up
with more lead in you

than a Boston bar.

I ain't sayin'
you won't kill me.

I'm sayin' I don't care.

Done my livin', money pockets.

I done it all.

You ain't licked your
lip come the first bullet,

I'm gonna put a hole in you low.

You're gonna shout out loud.

And a long time prayin'.

Even longer dyin'.

All right, now.

I'm gonna ride out of here.

There's gonna be two instead
of one at that woman's ranch.

And they deserve
heaven for supper.

Come I to hear that you put
any rocks in the way of that,

you can start lookin' for me
anytime the moon's covered.

Now I'm ridin' out of here.

The only where
you're ridin' is to a hill

with a hole in it.

Hold it!

All right you men,
drop your guns.

Move back.

Evans Vincent?


I figured you had to
surface sooner or later.

Always played the odds too long.

You take me back, that it?

That's right.

Rope or jail?

I don't know.

Well, wouldn't mind a rope.

The way they dodahday
around, it's bound to be jail.

I couldn't stand to that.

Don't do it.

Don't lose your
lights, you don't learn.

Trouble is, reckon I waited
just a, maybe a hair too long.

Yeah, one of 'em got lucky.

Oh, I'll be made of milk.

Ain't she a woman clean.

Stand to her, Dillon.

Things build with
the likes of her.

I'll, I'll be made
of milk, milk.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

I want you to know
something, Dan.

It ain't easy to
find two good men

and lose 'em both.



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