Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 19, Episode 24 - The Disciple - full transcript

The final episode to feature Kitty is also the last one where Matt gets shot in the shoulder -- he takes down a shotgun-wielding bank robber but takes a load of buckshot in his gun arm. When Matt wakes, he says: "This arm just doesn't feel right." Matt soon discovers that rehabilitating the arm will be a long, slow process and (ironically) after a quarrel with Kitty, he decides to turn in his badge and leave town to be a drifter. Good idea, because the remaining bank robbers soon come back looking for Matt's scalp. When Kitty convinces them he's left, the robbers leave too, but determine that Matt has to live off the land by fishing and "this part of Kansas ain't exactly awash with rivers and cricks." Meanwhile, Matt comes upon a young Army deserter, who ran out after his unit massacred a group of unarmed Indians (My Lai, anyone?). A bounty hunter menaces the deserter, but Matt distracts him long enough for the deserter to whip out his revolver and fire a warning shot. The deserter, Lem, takes a liking to Matt and brags about his prowess with a gun, all the while gloating about how he would never fire a bullet into another man. Matt considers that a dangerous contradiction and says so in no uncertain terms. Lem's ideals are tested when the robbers come upon their hideout and start blazing away, intending to get Matt and take Lem down with him.


And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

I don't think you've been paying

any attention to me at all.

I've been trying
to explain to you

the magnificence and the
beauty of the human anatomy,

and you don't pay any attention.

What's that?

The human anatomy,
well, I'll tell you what that is.

That's your body,
that's the way it works,

the way it's put together.

Well, I reckon it's all right,

but then there could
be a few changes

that would help it a little.

Oh, you could make
some improvements?

Well, yeah, I think so.

Now, take your eyeballs.

Yeah. Look where they're at,

right there in the middle
of a feller's noggin.

Oh, that's not good?

Well, of course, you can see

where you're goin'
and everything,

but then, why couldn't they
put one eyeball right there,

and then put another
one right back yonder?

That way, you could
see where you've been.

Back of your head?


Well, then you could
see where you've been.

You want to see where
you've been, huh?

Well, it would come
in mighty handy

for a law feller like
myself, you know.

Then I could see them
yahoos is a-slippin' up

a-tryin' to bushwhack me.

You ought to talk
to Matt about that.

What about one right there,

a eyeball right on
the end of your finger.

You mean, on your finger there?

Well, that'd make it three.

Well, that don't
make no nevermind.

Oh, you can have three?

You can have as
many as you want.

Well, now, that's
nice. Looky here, now.

Supposing you expect
that they's a feller

down in the dark alley there,

and he's a-fixin'
to shoot at you.

So you just poke your finger
around there and take a look.

That way, he ain't
gonna get no shot at you,

don't you see?

He don't surprise you, then.


- No.
- No.

You know, I'm glad
you brought this up

because for a long time now,

I've been thinking
about some changes

- that I'd like to make, too.
- Yeah?

There's something I'd
like to ask you about.

I'd like you to work on the
human mouth, you know?

I'm speaking about
one mouth in particular.

Doc, you hit the
nail right on the head.

I was just fixin' to
talk to you about that.

Now, look where
your ol' mouth is,

just spread all
over your face there.

And hadn't ought
to be there at all.

It hadn't? It oughta
be right here,

on the top of your
head, right there.

Top of your head? Of course.

Now just supposing ol' Matthew

was to come in here right now,

and he'd say, "Festus,
go get your mule.

"We're a-formin' up a posse,

"and we're goin'
after some outlaws."

I say, "All right, Matthew,

"but I ain't eat
my breakfast yet."

You couldn't go
without your breakfast,

- I know that.
- But wait, wait a minute,

wait a minute, now,
the only thing I gotta do

is to put my vittles
right in my hat there,

put it on my head like that,

and then, I could go ahead
on and rise with the posse

and eat my breakfast,
don't you see?

Come to think of it, I ain't
eat a bite of breakfast today.

Oh, now I'm wise to you.

I know what you're doing now.

You want me to buy
your breakfast for you.

- Oh, no.
- Well, I tell you,

I'm gonna fool
you, I'm gonna do it.

How would you like to have
some nice, soft scrambled eggs

- with red-eye gravy
- and hominy grits...

- And biscuits...
- Biscuits and honey.

- Little side meat?
- Yeah, a little side meat.

- Yeah.
- I'll be right back.

Morning, Kitty.

Morning, Matt. How
about some coffee?

Oh, sounds good.

That coffee of Festus' is
gettin' worse by the hour.

Well, looks like you're
making a lot of money here.

Well, the way I
figure it, in 50 years,

I might be able
to show a profit.

- Well, it must be three minutes to eight.
- Why's that?

The new bank
clerk is right on time.

He has missed by a
minute in two weeks.

Pour yourself some
more coffee, Matt.

- I'll be back in a minute.
- All right.

Matt, the bank,
three or four men.

Drop your guns.

- Julian.
- He's dead.

Doc, Doc!

Let's get out of here.

Hurry, Doc.

Will he lose the arm?


Sure not gonna be
much use to him, though,

for a long time.

Will he be able to go on
being Marshal of Dodge?

I don't know about that, Kitty.

I don't know when
we'll know that.

I just know that...

when he starts to mend,
he's gonna have to learn

to do everything all over again.

Shave, everything.

Handle a gun?

Well, you take a young
man and train him.

How long will it
be before he's able

to handle a gun
like Matt Dillon?

Ten years, 20, ever?

What's he gonna do?

What does anybody do?


I'd like you to be here
when I break it to him.

How is he, Miss Kitty?

Hit him again.

- Newly.
- Got a beer, Floyd?

- Sure.
- Newly!

- How is he?
- He's gonna be all right.

What did I tell you?

Could I have a beer?

You bet, Newly.

Except for his arm.

His gun arm?

Probably never use it again.

Burke, there's enough
rumors going around

without you spreading any more.

Marshal was shot
in the right arm,

and nobody, including Doc,
knows the extent of the damage.

Oh, suppose he can't use it?

Who's gonna be the marshal, you?

He's not dead, Halligan.

What are you in
such a hurry about?

The marshal will
decide what he can do

and what he can't do.

Well, you know what this
is gonna mean, don't you?

Yeah, rough days ahead.

Rough days, huh.

That's putting it mildly.

You know, every outlaw
he ever run out of Dodge

is gonna come back now,

buzzin' around like a
bunch of flies drawn to honey

to get their crack
at Matt Dillon.

Who's gonna be
here to protect you?

Newly, Festus, you, me?

No, I think if I was
Marshal Dillon right now,

I'd feel just about as safe
as a raw egg in a stampede.


How do you feel?

I've felt better, I
can tell you that.

Well, I can believe that.

I don't like the way
this arm feels, Doc.

How bad is it?

Uh, oh, Kitty's here.

She's here, I'll get some
coffee for you. Kitty?

Well, you don't look
as bad as you might.

Kitty, this arm's
pretty bad, isn't it?

It's a safe bet to say

that you can go
fishin' for a while.

That's what I figured.

For how long?

Matt, there's no rule that says

that you have to be a lawman.

Is there any reason
says I shouldn't be?

Oh, here you are.

- Ah.
- It's good,

- I made it myself there.
- Aw, I bet it's good,

thank you, Doc.

Doc, I wanna know
the truth about this arm.

What am I up against?

Matt, your arm
was badly torn up.

Be a long time
before you can use it.

A long time.

Well, there's no
sign of any posse

or anybody else looking for us.

How much we get?

We saved some
of it for your old age.

Woo hoo!

You do get a man goin', Sissy.

When are we gonna
get out of here?

I'd feel better with a
lot of miles behind us.

Aw, what's your hurry?

If Dillon's dead, they'll
be goin' around for days

like chickens with
their heads chopped off.

Come here.

What if he ain't dead?

I hit him, he dropped.

But we ain't sure.

Now, he shot my brother,
and I ain't satisfied.

I wanna know.

- Sissy?
- Yeah?

Get away from him.

I got something for you to do.


Come here, I said.

Now, here's what
I want you to do.

I want you to ride into Dodge

and find out what kind
of shape Dillon is in,

and then come right back here,

and don't talk to anybody.

It's a little out of my line.

I don't know what to tell you.

Matt, hold on here!

You goin' somewhere?

That's right.

Must be awful important.

It is, Doc.

Did I mention to you how
much blood you've lost?

I think you
mentioned that, yeah.

Well, I guess it didn't
impress you much.

There's somethin'
I gotta do, Doc.

No, Matt, get upstairs!

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Dang fool.

Hello, Marshal.


I want you to send this for me.

Marshal, you're sure
you want me to send this?

I'm sure.


He's resigning as
marshal of Dodge City.

- Bert, the marshal's alive.
- Gah!

But his gun arm
ain't no use to him.

You ought to see him, he
can't even hardly stand up right.

- It ain't worth it.
- It is to me.

We got us more money
than we can spend in a year.

Why don't we go on to
Mexico or somewhere?

We'll go... After.

Now, get your gear together,

and remember,
the marshal is mine.

Yeah, what about
them deputies he's got?

Well, what about 'em?

Now, move.

You know, Marshal, if
that holster doesn't suit you,

maybe you ought
to try a cross draw.

Well, I don't know.

I guess I'll, I'll
leave it like it is.

Newly, you know the
new marshal's coming in.

Maybe you and Festus
can keep an eye on him

until I get things
straightened around.

Sure will, Marshal.

Hello, Kitty.

Your rent's paid up 'til
the end of the month.

This doesn't mean I'm
leavin' for good, you know.

It doesn't mean you're
comin' back, either.

Look, can't you just wait

until Doc says it's all right
for you to be walking around?

You're in no condition
to go anywhere.

Kitty, I'm not in any
condition to stay, either.

You've got two deputies

and a town full of citizens
who'd stake their lives

on seeing that you're safe.

Now, you owe 'em that right.

Sure, they'd stake their life,

and they might lose 'em, too.

How long do you
think it's gonna be

before word gets
around that I'm helpless?

Anyone who's
lookin' could track you.

Well, at least if they
find me, I'll be alone.

Oh, Matt.

Kitty, I know what
you're trying to say.

But it's just that I've always
had to do things my way.

Is that a fact?

Where will you go?

I don't know, Kitty.

I'll be in touch.

Where do you think he's going?

I don't know, but I
hope he gets back soon.

We need him around here.

I'm gonna stop him, Doc.

No, no, no.

No, that'll make
it harder for him.

But I could go with him
and just look out for him,

don't you see?

Well, you offered to
do that, and he refused.

No, he wants to be alone.

He needs to be alone, Festus.

He's already said his goodbyes.

Now, let's leave it that way.

He'll be back.

Yeah, of course he will.

All we want is Matt Dillon.

Now, where is he?

He's not here anymore.

Don't you lie to me, boy.

I hate a liar like
I hate poison.

Now, I want you to
tell me where he is

before I blow you apart.

I'm not lyin'.

Go look around for yourself.

What is this?

What do you want?

I'm lookin' for Marshal Dillon.

Help yourself.

Come on.

Don't do anything, Festus,

while Newly's still out there.

No, I won't, Miss Kitty.

Where did he go?

He didn't tell us.

I hear he's got a woman.

Would she know?

Nobody knows.

Maybe I ought to
ask her and find out.

Now, where is she?

You got about two more seconds.

I'm here.

He's gone.

I don't know where he is,

and I don't know when
he'll be back, if ever.

I'll never misbelieve a woman

who's got the grit to stare
me straight in the eye.

Sonny, you just missed the
devil's supper by that much.

- Miss Kitty.
- Don't say anything, Newly.

Please, just don't say anything.

I'm still shaking.

Newly, you go and
get Lathrop and Howie

and whoever else you can find.

I'll get Jonas and
Halligan, and Burke,

you go get anybody you
can find that can sit a saddle.

Tell 'em to bring
their horses, and...

Wait a minute, what are
you getting ready to do?

Well, I'm gettin'
a posse together

to go after 'em, Miss Kitty.

Well, I don't think
that's such a good idea.

What's not a good idea?

Well, Doc, we ain't got
time to tell you about it.

Now whilst we're
standin' here jawing,

them yahoos is after Matthew.

Well, what do you
propose to do about it?

Well, I'll tell you,

I'm fixin' to get up
a posse and go...

Just wait, let's just calm down.

I agree with Festus,
we're wasting time.

If we're goin' after 'em,
we go after 'em right now.

No, Newly, no, wait a minute.

You don't do anything
until we think about it.

Doc, you don't even know
what we're talking about.

I know exactly what
you're talkin' about.

You're talking about
gettin' a posse together

and go traipsing off
around the country

with blood in your eye.

Now, let's talk about it first,
but not here on the street.

Miss Kitty, he don't
know what he...

Look, uh, look. A minute
one way or another

isn't gonna make
that much difference.

Now, let's go on
inside. Come on.

Doc, you just don't understand.

I understand, I understand.

And so does Kitty.

Let me explain something.

The reason Matt left
town in the first place

was so an awful lot
of innocent people

wouldn't get hurt
tryin' to protect him.

But this here ain't
the same thing, Doc,

don't you see?

Festus, Festus, he's right.

You know how much Matt
respects you and Newly.

But for you to go
after those men

with a lot of inexperienced
deputies, well, that's a job

I don't think Matt
would tackle himself.

You mean, we just
let 'em ride out of town

without doin' anything about it?

Yes, that's what we're gonna do

because Matt would
want it that way.

You know, the minute
that word gets out in Kansas

Matt's been hurt,

every no good bum is
gonna flock into Dodge,

try to take advantage of us.

Now, what are we
gonna do for law and order

with you two gone?

You know, maybe
Doc's right, Festus.

Nobody asked you,
did they, Burke?

Festus, Doc's making sense.

Well, you know how I feel.

There's nothing I'd like better

than to have you two
out there with Matt,

but you don't even
know where he is.

Now, if you leave, you not
only leave Dodge unprotected,

but you're gonna lead that posse

right smack dab into an ambush.

If we could just
warn the marshal.

Of what, that they're after him?

He knows that.

Well, I'll tell you this.

I never felt so blamed
hogtied in all my born days.


The new marshal.

Mm, howdy.

You must be the new marshal.

Is this here the
marshal's office

or the Chinese laundry?

Well now, you don't have
to look so sour-dy in the face.

- We just...
- Get that stuff out of here.

You get my telegram?

We got it.

I said I was arriving
on the morning stage.

You didn't see fit to meet me.

You know, I was just plumb sure

that you could find
your way to the jail

all by your own self.

I favor a clean desk

You read these, and get
me back what's important.

Drop the gun belt, boy.

Wanna go for the gun, boy?

Stand to attention, boy.

That's it, don't slump.

That's much better.

I said, stand to attention, boy!

Stand to attention.

You can bash me
around all you want to,

but I ain't goin' back.

Well, you're goin' back,
one way or the other,

sittin' on a horse or
strapped across the saddle.

It's all the same
hundred dollars to me.

You'd kill a man for a
puny reason like that?

Deserter ain't a man in my book.

Now, you think on that.

You got one minute to decide

how you wanna sit on that
horse, upright or face down.

Boy, in just a half a minute,

one of us ain't gonna
walk out of here.

I told you I ain't goin' back.

Well, it's nice to see somebody's
willing to die for their beliefs.

Hold it!

Who are you?

What's goin' on here?

He's my bounty, I got him.

Mister, around here,

we don't usually
hold an execution

until after the trial.

That boy's got a hundred
dollar legal bounty on him.

Don't say nothing
about alive and happy.

Suppose you go on about
your business, mister,

we'll call it even.

Mighty big talk for
a one-armed man.

You the one better
be makin' tracks.

Me and you gonna tangle.

Right now.

I'm gonna count to three now.

If you ain't gone by then,

it's gonna be root hog or die.

Mister, bunged up like you are,

you ain't hardly
got no chance at all



You better get, now.

Pretty handy with that.

Yeah, well, I didn't
have too many toys

when I was growin' up.

Lem Rawlins.

Name's Matt Dillon.

The marshal from Dodge.

Used to be.

That arm have
anything to do with it?

You ain't a left-handed gun.

Shows that much, huh?

Well, your arm just don't move

like it's used to
shootin' left handed.

Well, I like it better that way.
Keeps me from temptation.

It's the same reason I done
quit the Army, temptation.

As good as you are with that
gun, you wouldn't kill anybody?

There ain't no
need to kill, ever.

You keep wearing that,

someday, somebody
will provoke you into it.

Looks like something
done pulled loose there.

Well, it'll be all right.

Don't look to good to me.

Listen, I got a camp
a little ways off here.

Come on, I'll fix
you a poultice.

All right.

How's that arm feeling?

Oh, it's feelin' a
lot better, thanks.

Yeah, I did do a
good job, didn't I?

Ain't much I can't do.

Doctor, farmer, carpenter some.

Track like a fox.

Reckon I'm about the best
there is at most everything.

Even if you say
so yourself, huh?

Best at bragging, too.

How come you'd put
yourself out for me like that?

Well, you're the best
at asking questions, too.

Figure I got a right to know,

seeing as how you saved my skin.

See, I read somewhere that
someone saves your skin,

why then, they're
responsible for you.


I got enough
problems without that.

Yeah, that's why I figure

it's gonna be the
other way around.

You saved me, so I'm
gonna be responsible for you.

Yeah well, thanks just the same.

Ain't gonna leave your side

'til your arm's all mended.

Lem, I can take care
of myself all right.

Now, there's gonna
be a lot of folks

out lookin' for you.

My daddy was a lawman.

They killed him. I never
hardly even knowed him.

So what's gonna happen to you

when your enemies find
out that you're helpless?

I'm not helpless.

Besides, you'd just
be one more target.

Marshal, I ain't got
your years of experience.

But I ain't never met a man yet

wasn't mighty respectful
about my shooting.

I know, it sounds like
boasting and vainglory,

but there ain't a man living

can shoot faster or
straighter than me.

You got about the
highest opinion of yourself

of anybody I ever ran across.

I'm just tellin' facts.

Well, I've never seen
anybody much better,

I'll have to say that for you.

My ma says I'm mule stubborn.

Reckon she ought to know.

So if it's all the same to you,

I'll stay with you for a while.

And like my ma says,

"I don't wanna hear
no more about it."

You better stay in
the cave 'til I get back.

Same prints.

Couldn't be no one else.

It's gettin' too dark to track.

Well, we'll camp here
and start again at first light.

I don't know if we can
track him much farther.

We're running into rock.


He ain't headed for no
town or nobody's farm.

He's gonna be
roughin' it for a while.

Yeah, but it's a big country.

Well, man livin' off the
land's got to have fresh water.

And he needs grub.

But if he's weak and
he can't move around

like you've got to if
you're gonna hunt,

now what does that leave?


And this part of Kansas
ain't exactly awash

with rivers and cricks.

Now, I'd estimate
he's got another two

or three days at
the most to live.

Let's get a fire goin'.

You gonna tell me
how it happened?

Oh, bank robbery.

You kill them that done it?

One of 'em.

You put a bank's money
above a human life?

Well, it seemed like a
good idea at the time.

The man was tryin' to kill me.

I guess you killed a
lot of men in your time.

I know my daddy did.

Never could figure, though,

how one man could
kill another one.

The Good Book says,
"Thou shalt not kill."

Reckon you couldn't
hold your job, though,

if you didn't have
some taste for killin'.

Son, nobody but a madman
has a taste for killing.

I ain't never in my
life killed a livin' thing.

And when I have a
marker or a headstone

put up above my mortal remains,

I wish they'd write
just that about me.

You know, if that's the case,

I'm gonna give you
a piece of advice.

You know, you go on
showin' off with that gun

without being willing to use it

when somebody challenges you,

you might get that headstone

a little sooner than
you're figuring on.

That's the new one, yeah.

- Evening.
- Evening.

Beer, please.

Nice night, isn't it?

Seems to be.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

- A little warm, but nice.
- Tolerable.

Course, I guess it's usually
warm this time of the year,

being as how it's
summer and not winter.

Well, goodnight.

It's been nice talkin' to you.

I hate to go, but I've
got rounds to make.

Oh, bartender.

Drinks on me.

Well, seeing as
it's done paid for,

I'll take another one, Floyd.

You know, I loved
being a soldier.

I was proud to
wear that uniform,

salute the flag, be somebody,

be of service to my country.

Well, it was a grand life.

Still, you must have known
what soldiers were for.

I guess I figured that peacetime

was all flags and parades.

I found out soon enough.

Some starving Indians

raided one of our pack trains,

and we got orders to go out and,

like a colonel said,
"Disabuse them."

We come on a small village.

Didn't nobody know
if they was the ones

that raided us for sure.

Most of 'em was women and kids.



I reckon we
disabused 'em, all right.

I just stood there
lookin' on, feelin' sick.

Never raised a hand,

not to kill nor to stop it.

When it was all over,

smoke, blood, screamin'.

They blowed assembly
for us to go back to the fort.

I wasn't with 'em no more.

Been runnin' ever since,

and I ain't never goin' back.

They'd have to kill me first.

You know, Lem, I heard
about that massacre.

And I'm not tryin' to
defend what the Army did.

What they did was wrong.

But there are times
when a man has to kill

to defend what's right.

It's wrong.

There ain't nothin' worse

than a man denying
the sacredness of life.

Well, that's why they
put uniforms and badges

on men like you and me.

That's to defend
that sacredness.

By killing, never.

I hope you never have
to find out different.

I'm goin' for water.

Over there.

What are you all doin' here?

Well, we heard
gunshots over this way.

Well, that was me practicing.

Oh, is that so?

We figured it might
be a friend of ours.

Big man, have you seen him?

I know what you're lookin' for.

You're lookin' to
kill Marshal Dillon.

Who's Marshal Dillon?

Figure you know that.

So I'm gonna give
you just one chance.

Pack up and leave.

And if we don't?

I'm gonna try and persuade you

that Satan ain't
playin' square with you.

You gonna preach at us?

Well, now, that'd be the
first time I was ever taught

the word of the
Lord at gunpoint.

Now, don't twitch a hair.

Y'all just forget
about Matt Dillon,

else you're gonna have to
answer to this here pistol.

Well now, we ain't
lookin' for trouble, boy.

We're peaceable,
God-fearing folks.

And suppose you just get off to
somewheres and read your Bible?

Well, boys, I guess
it takes a man

to admit when he's been licked,

Come on.

Yah, yah.

What happened?

I done went and proved

that you don't convert
a man by killin him'.

What are you talkin' about?

I found some fellers
was lookin' for you.

What makes you think
they were lookin' for me?

They was, I could tell.

I get real good hunches.

I reckon you'd be dead by now

if I hadn't went
and disabused 'em.

I don't think they'll give
you no more trouble.

And I did it without having
to spill a drop of blood.

And I reckon many's the time
that's what you could have done

if killin' hadn't come
so easy to you.

If they were looking for
me, they're gonna be back.

No, I don't reckon they will.

Take cover in the cave.

There's some other fellas.

No chance.

Aw, you always expect
the worst, don't you?

Good way to stay alive.

Why ain't they comin'?

Oh, they'll be
comin', all right.

They'll wait 'til
it's dark, though,

so they won't be
such good targets.

They're tryin' to smoke us out.

Next time he
moves into the clear,

you get a good shot at him.

You got a better chance
of hitting him than I do.

You mean, just gun
him down in cold blood?

Well, wound him if you have
to, but stop him somehow.

Back at that rock.

Shoot, Lem.

I can't.


We got no quarrel with the boy.

He can come out and go on home.

Now, while there's still time.

I'm gonna give you 30
seconds to convince him.

Wouldn't be good for you
to go out there now, anyway.

Why not?

They'd blow your head off

as soon as you
stepped out there.

What reason would
he have to do that?

Some men don't need a reason.

The wind's blowin' the
smoke right at them.

They'll either be
comin' out real soon,

or choke themselves to death.

How much longer you figure

before we have
to bust out of here?


Maybe I was wrong
about some things,

but the fact is I just
couldn't fire a bullet

into another man
even if I knowed

he was tryin' to kill me.


Send out the kid!

Ain't no use him dying with you.

Go on, kid, go on home
while you're still breathin'.

I'm gonna talk to 'em.

- Don't shoot!
- Come back here. Lem!

Drop your guns!

Get face down on the ground.

Stay down.

I don't want a move out of you.

- Let me take a look at that.
- I'm all right.

You know, Lem,

you keep on wearing that
gun, you're wearing temptation.

Now's as good a time as
any to make up your mind.

Goin' back to the Army.

Gonna take my medicine,
serve out my time.

Without using a gun?

I reckon the Army can find

some other kinds
of usefulness for me.

Good, Lem.

You're makin' the right choice.

I got some thinkin' to do
myself about responsibility.

Hello, Kitty.

Oh, Matt.

Well, I'm glad you decided

on goin' back to being marshal.

You sure that left-handed
draw's gonna be enough?

Well, I guess it'll have to do

'til the other one gets better.

You're leaving in a
big hurry, aren't you?

Marshal, I can't
hardly wait to leave.

Why's that?

This is the unfriendliest
town I've ever seen

in my whole life.

Huh, hey, ya!

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

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