Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 19, Episode 21 - Trail of Bloodshed - full transcript

Festus pursues the cold-hearted Rance Woolfe after a brutal robbery in Dodge City. Rance heads to his brother's farm. Not wanting his notoriously lawless brother around, his brother agrees to let him stay just long enough to refresh himself. Rance has other ideas. Turning on his brother, he murders him for his money. When his brother's son, Buck Henry, discovers his uncle has murdered his father, Buck vows to kill Rance. Having tracked Rance to his brother's farm, Festus orders Buck to sit out the chase. Determined to avenge his father's death, Buck heads on without Festus. When Festus realizes what has happened, he gives chase, hoping to reach Buck before Rance has a chance to kill him.


And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

Not very long now.

All right, Doc.

Boney, Festus
wants to talk to you.

Mr. Lathrop, I know it's
bound to hurt you to talk

but what happened?


Why do you don't just went ahead

and give him what he wanted?

I did.

But I...

Just take your time now.

I only had a dollar and 87 cents

in my pocket.

He done this to you for
a dollar and 87 cents?

Right. Now the most
importantest thing,

did you see who he was?


Rance Woolfe.

You mean the one
that Matthew had

locked up for knife fighting?

Well, just don't you
worry none, Mr. Lathrop.

I'm fixin' to make
him answer to the law.

The wayward brother
has come home for a visit.

Well, Rance.

Just like a bad penny.

Always did have a way of
making a man feel welcome, John.

You're welcome, Rance.

You're welcome to water
for you and for your horse,

and then, I'm gonna
hold the gate open for you

when you ride out.

I ain't done nothing to you.

Not this year, you ain't.

You ain't gonna have the chance.

Who you running from, Rance?

I ain't running.

The horse is beat
and you look worse.

I can't think of
anything except the law

that would make
you stick with anything

long enough to work up a sweat.

I'll take the water.

Then you best be on your way.

I don't want Buck Henry
knowing you've been around.

Pretty proud of
that boy, ain't ya?

Proud enough.

He can get by without
socializing with his thievin' uncle.

He's a hardworking boy.

I don't want him getting
no ideas from you.

He's such a hard worker,

why ain't he here
helping you now?

Today's Sunday.

In case you didn't you.

There's a girl over in the
next valley he's got his eye on.

Couldn't hardly wait
to get over there.

That reminds me of when
you and I were his age, John.

Seems we used to
do the same thing.

Well, Buck Henry's got a right.

He's full-grown,
strong as a bull.

What did you do
this time, Rance?


Had some hard times, John.

I suppose.

Say, you wouldn't have
anything for a traveler

harder than that
water, would you?

I guess there's a
little rye in the kitchen,

but then I don't want to see
nothing of you but your back.

Do you hear me, Rance?

Yeah, I hear you, brother.

All right, Mr. Smart,

what if I do marry you?

You gonna take me to St. Louis

and buy me a big house,

and a carriage,
and fancy clothes?


Well, then what
are you gonna do?



Nothing fancy.

You don't have to tell me that.

You don't know nothing
fancy, you farmer.

Brian Scoby said he'd
take me to St. Louis.

I'd take you to China if I
don't have to marry you.


This is the laziest
tumble bug I ever saw.

Won't move but
an inch at a time.

You're the laziest
beau I ever saw.

Why anybody else
I said that to would

run down to town and hit
Brian Scoby with a board

to prove he was a better man.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Well, a woman likes to
know she's cared about.

I could whip Brian Scoby.

Bet you couldn't.

All right, I can't whip him.

You quit that!

You say things like that
just to make me mad.


Give me a kiss.

No, gotta come and get it.

Oh, do I have to?

Just got comfortable.

Buck Henry.

Well, that's more like it.

I was beginning to wonder
if you'd move for anything.

Come back here.

No you don't.

I think it's time I got home.

Pa will be after
you with a shotgun.

Well, I'd get settled anyway.

Lord, I never heard
of a case like you.

Leave the scattergun be, John.

Man shouldn't have
to take from his own,

but you don't seem to
be in the mood for giving.

Now, I gotta have
food and money.

Pa always said there was a
whole lot of snake in you, boy.

I'll see you in hell before I...

You always was
mule-stubborn, John.

Pa said it'd get
you killed one day.

I guess he was right.

He was right about both of us.

What did you have to
bring that thing along for?

I thought I might
pick me up a rabbit.

Pa's got a taste
for rabbit stew.

It's the least I
can do, I guess,

leaving all the work to him.

Seems like your pa might
take Sundays off anyway.

Well, we went down
to services this morning.

He thinks that's enough
recreation in the spring

when the plowing's
gotta be done.

You two are gonna
rot away in that cabin

like a couple of old skunks.

Uh-huh, Pa figures
there'll come a day.

Day for what?

The day when I take it all over.

He says he's just
gonna sit back in the sun

and watch his
grandkids play in the dirt.

You'd better get
yourself a woman

before he starts
talking about grandkids.

Guess I'll find me one.

If not here, then maybe there.

You just quit
looking over there.

What is that for?

That's enough for one day.

I don't wanna be giving
you too much of a good thing.

Besides, I gotta get
back and help Pa.

Honestly, Buck Henry I
hope your hair falls out.

Now don't you go fooling
around with Brian Scoby now,

you hear?


John, I know you don't
get rich off a dirt farm.

Seems you should've
done better than this.

Pa's dead.

You killed him,
ain't that so Rance?

Now, you listen, kid.

Ain't that so?!

Hello in there!

What's been going on here?

Who are you?

Festus Haggen, deputy
marshal from Dodge City.

You wanna tell me what happened?

My pa got shot.

That's what happened.

You the one that done it?


Who done it then?

I'll take care of him.

You caught you a bullet
your own self, I see.

It ain't much.

I'll be all right.

You know, I been
tracking a killer here,

Rance Woolfe the name,

for purt nigh a
week now, I reckon.

Near beat a friend
of mine half to death

there in Dodge City.

What is your name, son?

Buck Henry Woolfe.

Buck Henry Woolfe.

Rance Woolfe.

So, that's the way it is, huh?

Yeah, that's the way it is.

Well, I heard he had
kinfolks up this way.

I'd be obliged if
you'd give me a hand

with Pa's burying, deputy.

I was carrying him, but
I must've passed out.

Well, here, you
just sit right down.

First thing I'm fixin' to do

is take you back
to that little town

there in the valley and
get that head looked at.

And I'm gonna be the one
to go after Rance Woolfe.

Let's get my pa
buried, we'll talk after.

We'll send some folks
back to pick him up.

I ain't moving till he's in
the ground proper, Deputy,

on the place here,

and you'd better
get clear on that.

He would've wanted
the same for me.

Buck Henry, I can't...

You can help me or not.

But I just couldn't
leave him here this way.

Now, I ain't
going till it's done.

All right, but quick
as we get done

you're headed for town.

Right now, see if
we can't wash some

of the blood off of
that noggin of your'n.

I'm sorry I ain't more
of a help, deputy.

I keep getting dizzy.

I think maybe a meal and a
night's sleep will see me right.

Well, I'll tell you something.

You're just blamed lucky
to be alive and kicking.

Bullet been one
inch to the side,

you wouldn't have been
sitting there jawing with nobody.

What do you figure to do now?

You got other
kinfolks here about?


I'll stay on here.

It's my place now.

Me and Pa always
figured I'd take it over.

"Come a day," he used to say.

Day come a lot
quicker than we thought.

You and your pa was
pretty close, wasn't you?

Yeah, I guess.

Folks always said so.

My ma died when I was born.

Him and me hung
on here together.

He never did marry
up again, huh?

Yep, but she took off
after a couple of years.

Couldn't take him, I guess.

Pa was as hardheaded
as they come.

He got it in his
head that he'd never

find a woman to match my ma,

and he never gave any of
them that came after a chance.

It'll be lonely around here now.

We didn't pay much
attention to religion

except for Sunday services

and Pa said that that
was mostly for appearance.

He always kept the Good
Book around, though.

He even read it sometimes.

I didn't have no proper
coffin for you, Pa,

and I'm sorry for it.

This won't keep
you warm, I guess,

but there may be
some comfort in it.

Buck Henry, now
you ain't eat a bite.

Go ahead now eat something
to help get your strength back.

I guess you ain't
changed your mind

about letting me
go out after Rance.

He's a killer, Buck Henry.

I don't care what he done, boy,

this here's a job for the law.

Why Rance would cut you up

and hang you out to dry
before you could bat an eyeball.

He's purty nigh did it already.

He killed my pa, deputy.

Now, the way I
see it, I got a duty.

You got a duty to get
that noggin healed up

and take care of
your pa's place here.

Sounds to me like that's
what he'd be wanting.

You didn't know him.

He was a proud man.

Now, I know what he'd
have expected of me.

More coffee?

Yeah, I reckon you
can hot her up a little bit.

Kid, it don't make no
nevermind what you think,

I'm telling you
how it's got to be.

These here kind of
things they've gotta be

left up to the law
officers, don't you see?

I sure give you enough
chances, Deputy.

You're about as
stubborn as Pa was.

Now, come first light and
it's me going after Rance.

Good morning, Mr. Brodie.

Good morning, Buck Henry.

Hurt yourself did you?

Nah, it's nothing.

I got some business to
attend to for a few days,

I was wondering if
you could go over

and water the
stock while I'm gone.

I'd be pleased to.

You know, it ain't
too often a man gets

a chance to do the
Woolfe family a favor.

How's your pa?

He's dead.

He's dead?

Shot down yesterday afternoon.

I don't know what to say.

There's nothing to say.

It's done and he's buried.

Only one thing left to do now,

and I'm the one
to take care of that.

Who done it?



Yeah, John always
did say that Rance

wasn't worth the
powder it'd take

to blow him all to hell.

Listen, I don't like the
idea of you riding out alone.

You just say the word
and I'll go along with you.

I guess it's my
affair, Mr. Brodie.

Well, you take care, boy.

Joanie's down at the
house doing some washing

if you wanna see her.

Thank you, I'll go down there.

I got me a Deputy
Marshal tied up in Pa's bed.

Don't forget to cut him loose
when you go down there, okay?

Buck Henry!

You got a place here.

You remember that.

I will.

If I ain't back in a
couple of weeks,

the stock and place is yours.

I left the paper in the house.

I don't want it going
to the state for taxes.

Buck Henry?

What on earth are you
doing here on a weekday?

And what happened to your head?

Scratched myself in my sleep.

I was gonna ask
you to run off with me,

but seeing you looking
like that, I changed my mind.

Oh, you wait.

Joanie, I come
by to tell you that

I won't be visiting for a while.


I got to be away for a while.

See, Pa's dead.

Pa, how?

He was shot down.

It happened yesterday.

My uncle Rance did it.

I'm so sorry.

It's done being
sorry don't help none.

The only thing that helps
now is setting things straight.

Would it matter if I
didn't want you to go?

I knew you wouldn't want
me to before I got here.

Joanie, I didn't come for advice

I come to feel you close to me.

Oh Buck Henry, I'm so sorry.

You're shivering.

Someone walked
across my grave, I guess.

Bye Joanie.

At least that plain knucklehead

kept me worried about one thing,

sending somebody
back here to cut me loose.

Well, he's a honest boy.

And he's after my
daughter Joanie, you know?

Well, if I was you
I wouldn't go out

and buy no rice till I
bring him back here alive.

He's out there after
a killer, his own uncle.

I know it.

You know it, and you
just stood there flat-footed

and let him go?

Well, you're a law
man and you didn't

have much luck in stopping him.

I'm just a farmer.

Hey listen, how about
you and me riding

up to the place and
having a bite to eat?

Oh, I ain't got
no time for that!

I'm high-tailing it
out of here trying

to keep that scamp from
getting his head blowed off.

My daughter Joanie
could fix us up

some biscuit and
eggs in no time at all.

Your facing a long trail
on an empty stomach.

Well, I can run them
two down without

no vittles in my belly
if that's what I gotta do.

The onliest thing
I can't figure out

is why you're so all-fired
bent on slowing me down.

Looks to me like
you're trying to lose

your daughter a husband.

Well, all I know
is that Buck Henry

deserves a chance to try.

That's all I'd ask for myself.

There ain't one of you up here

that understands that
this is business for the law.

It's pure old dee amazing!

Give me a whiskey.

You there.

You talking to me?

Would you be a poker player?

Glass for the lady here.


Right now I have some
other things to take care of.

I am at your service.

C'mon, Musket!

You can't do this now!

All right, you asked for it.

You know what Pa'd do.


Who are you?

A deputy U.S. marshal from...

You look like you
can handle mules.

Well, I reckon I can.

Well, then get down here
and get this one to move!

I can't be standing
around here like this!

Whoa, whoa!

Now, it wouldn't hurt
you none to quit being

so short with your elders.

Besides, what in the
tarnation are you doing

way out here in the
middle of no place?

This here ain't no
country for a girl

all by her own self.

I'm looking for somebody.

Maybe you've seen him.

He's 18, his name is
Buck Henry Woolfe.

And you gotta be that
there Joanie, ain't you?

How'd you know that?

Well, I know a
heap more about that

whole outfit than
anybody needs to know.

Now, that don't
change things a bit.

You're getting on that mule

and you're turning around
and you're heading home.

Not if the mule don't move.

Well, before you
learn a mule anything

you gotta know more
than the mule knows.

Go on, get in your saddle.

Now, look here mule.

You see this here stick?

Much obliged, deputy.

Wait a minute!

You're supposed to turn
around and go the other way!

Must be the blamed air
up here that makes them

all so dadgum stubborn.

Tell you they're all just
plain silly in the head.

C'mon Ruth.

The only way I'll go back
now is if you take me.

Then you'd never
catch up with him.

The next town we get to

I'm fixin' to find some
folks to put you up

till I can get back
and fetch you home.

Now, this here ain't
no time for no she-male

young'un to be tagging along.

Don't you understand
why I got to get to Buck?


Course I can see how you feel,

but think how
everybody else would feel

if you was to get yourself shot.

Well, your pa's probably
done fretted himself sick

'cause he went back to the
farm and found you gone.

I ain't gonna stay behind!

Look here, missy,
you're gonna stay behind

even if I gotta
throw you in jail.


That's what I
said and I mean it.


And again.

I call you.

Pair of kings.

Two pair, nines and fives.


Have you had enough, my friend?

Deal the cards, lady.

Having yourself quite
a run of luck, ain't you?

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Don't you ever get
tired of looking at a man?

It's my pastime.

You don't have to sit there.

Well, I'm gonna
sit here, mister,

till I get all my money
back, you hear me?

Why don't we get it
over with, my friend.

Five cards.

All up, for what you have left.

You deal the cards, lady.

Ace, king, gambler man.

I can see.

Pair of threes.

The game seems to be over.

You got all my money, mister.

I need that money!

You're a bad poker
player, my friend.

And you drink too much
when you shouldn't.

Your luck, your money, and
your welcome have just expired.

All right, time for you
to ride on out of here!

I'm hit!

You'd better ride, my
friend, while you can!

Hey there, boy.

Pete, give me a hand.

Watch that step.

Get him over there on the table.

Straighten that
other table up to it.

Easy now, boy.

Get his leg up there.

It's a bad one.

Put something under his head.

Oh, you're the one that
started all that commotion.

That wasn't a very fair
fight you set up out there.

I didn't come to fight him,

I came to kill him.

And I still aim to.

Take it easy, boy.

I don't know what he did to you,

but I trust it's worthy of what
you have in mind for him.

You hit him.

He's hurt badly.

Now, you can take that
for whatever satisfaction it is

and quit while you're
ahead of the game.

He killed my pa.

Well, that's a
different problem.

Steady now.

Well, at least the bullet
went through clean.

Rita, hand me that whiskey.

And I'll need some bandages.

Last petticoat went
up to my knees.

Stings does it?

Well, that'll clean
it up better than

anything else
there is around here.

Rita, see that he
drinks the rest of that.

Deputy, is that a town up ahead?

Blame sure looks
like it, don't it?

Hold steady now.

Let's say it's a
small service, son.

In light of your
intention to go out there

and let your
friend finish the job.


Easy, easy.

Give me your hand.

Why are you helping me?

Why are you doing all this?

Let's just say, I owe you one.

I had an opportunity
to do you a big favor,

I let it go by.

One more thing you'd
better understand, boy.

That bullet hole... You
lose any more blood,

you'll never stay
in that saddle.

I'm obliged to you.

All of you.

Figure I'll have myself a drink.

Hey, mister.

I'm looking for
a fella, a killer.

Just wondered if you
seen him pass by this way.

He's 30-35 years
old, six feet tall,

kind of a quick-tempered scamp.

I think I saw your man, deputy.

He rode north tonight.

There was another one,
his name was Buck Henry.

There was a boy.

Is he all right?

Where is he?

That young man of yours

is quite a rarity
in this world, girl.

One who knows exactly
what he wants from it.

I found that cause
for a fit of meditation.

But where is he?

He stopped long enough
to take a bullet in the leg,

then he took off
after the killer.

You could've stopped him.

Perhaps... but there
are certain issues

in which a man, of
good conscience,

may choose not
to intrude himself.

Now, this here boy,
was he shot bad, was he?

Not so bad as the gunfighter.

The gunfighter, by this time
tomorrow, is a dead man.

But there's a
reasonably good chance

that he could kill your
young man before then.

Much obliged.

Miss Joanie, now it's
just too slow for both of us.

You gotta promise me something

that you'll stay right here

and wait for me till I get back.

Now, will you promise?

You'll catch him?

I aim to try, Miss Joanie.

Now, mister, I'm
fixin' to leave this here

young lady here with you

and I don't except
nothing to happen to her.

You sit down here
next to me, girl.

Do it.

Let this soldier be on his way.

You and I will just sit
together for a while.

Just don't you
forget what I told you.

You can set your
heart at ease, deputy.

Satan closed up
shop a long time ago.

Buck Henry.

Buck Henry!

I didn't mean to kill John!

Just happened, you hear me?

It just happened!

I told you, boy.

Buck Henry?

Is that you, Pa?

I wanna go home.


There's a room upstairs.

Why don't you get some sleep?

I couldn't.

Try, when you wake up,

I'll hire some
responsible citizen

from this disreputable
community to escort you home.

I ain't leaving till
he comes back.

You do as you're told, girl.

Oh Buck!

But the deputy.

Oh, he went on.

Said he had to get
home see about a friend.

I never thought
I'd see you again.

Your leg.

Oh, it's all right.

He fixed me up.

Made me rest till I
get my strength back.

Bartender, a bottle
of elderberry wine

and three glasses.

From what I hear,

you're gonna be black and
blue and kind of sore for a while

but you'll be all right.

Well, thanks, Doc.

Don't mention it.

Marshal, I'm sure
glad you got back.

We haven't heard
a word from Festus

it's been almost a week.


Feels more like a month.

Well, for heaven's sakes.


Mr. Lathrop it sure is
good to see up and around.

Well, I'm sure glad
to see you, Festus.

What happened?

Yeah, what happened, Festus?

Well, I'll tell you that there

Rance fella Matthew,

he ain't never gonna
hurt nobody again.


Tell you something,
Matt, I think that

old mule's gonna
need a little rest, yes sir.

You know, by golly, I was
doggone worried about him this time.

I sure was.

Now, don't go
tell him I said that.

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.