Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 18, Episode 6 - Sarah - full transcript


and starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


Just leave 'em tied.

You have feet
like a cat, Dillon.

Unbuckle the gun belt.

One hand.

Anybody else in here?

No, no one.



I guess I've changed some.

Been a long time.

What were you
shootin' at me for?

I just wanted to
scare you into thinking

Vesco had some friends with him.

Get you to hightail out.

Didn't know you was a lawman.

He's dead.

No particular friend.

Just someone I
knew over the years.

What's the name of this place?

Some call it the roost.

Meaning robber's roost, I guess.

Does the name fit?

People who use this
place ain't usually welcome

in a regular town.

What are you doing here?

Might say I run it.

I'll fetch you a
shovel for buryin'.

Kinda freshened up a bit.

Less signs of a grave'd be
better for me, after you leave.

Wouldn't have much business left

if folks figured there was a
lawman around these parts.

All right.

Long way from Dodge, Matt.

Well, my deputy and I
have been chasing Vesco

for most of the week.

What were you after him for?

Well, he robbed a
stage outside of Dodge.

Killed the driver.

Did you catch the others?

They're in the Cimarron jail.

Vesco never was lucky.

What about that stage
driver and his widow?

I'd say their luck kinda
ran out, too, wouldn't you?

Guess you rub shoulders
on the one side long enough

you kind of forget
about the other side.

I'll see to some coffee.

Sarah, this is the last place
I ever expected to see you.

Last I expected to see myself.

Started about ten years back.

Figured it would grow
back into a town again.

It didn't.

Do you take care of
the place all by yourself?

No, I got Ruiz.

He's an old Mexican feller.

Brings in the supplies,
takes care of the horses.

Does all my heavy
back work for me.

He's taking some
time off right now,

he'll be gone most of the week.

Don't figure I'm
doin' much wrong.

I run a place where
people don't have to look

over their shoulders, I mind
my business, they mind theirs.

They're pretty careful not to

make much mischief
in these parts.

You might say over the
years, it's kinda gotten

to be neutral ground, between
the law and them outside it.

You mentioned you had a deputy?

Yeah, we split up
a couple days ago

trying to pick up Vesco's trail.

Guess you're long been married.

House full of kids someplace.

Nah, that's something I
never got around to, Sarah.

I remember back in San
Antonio, when you were a deputy.

Saw to your feelings then,
badge and wife not mixin'.

I always remember
the night you left.

Heading on to Dodge
to be a Marshal.

I was so proud of you.

Danced most of
that night at the fort.

Of course you wouldn't be
remembering after all these years.

Sure I remember.

Guess you didn't know
I made that pink dress

especially for you.

It was a nice dress.

Kinda didn't do all the
things it was supposed to.

I'll get that water
for your shaving.

Soon as you're done, I'll
have dinner ready for you.

Sounds good.

Pappy and his boys.

Pappy Quinn?


Others be Sonny,
Digby, Taylor, and Ed.

Been one or two months
since they've been through here.

I've heard of that bunch.

Matt, I need a favor.

Assuming none of
them's wanted by you?

Well, I'm sure the
Mexican government

would have some
questions to ask them,

but I don't think they're
wanted on this side.

Well usually they
never stay no more than

two hours or so,
maybe you wouldn't mind

staying out of sight until then?

Just kinda rest
yourself in here.

Better for my business.

All right.

First drink's on me!

After that, you buy
your own, you hear?

Like I told you boys,
first drink's on the house,

then you're on your own, right?

Lookie here.

Looks like somebody
got themselves

all spruced up for you, Pappy.

Oh did my little
Texas gal get herself

all dressed up for me?

Pappy, will you leave
my ribs in one piece?

Ooh, you smell
just like lilac water.

Honey now don't you
worry nothing about Pappy,

'cause at his age, he
ain't nothin' but a big barn.

Any old time this old
man can outlast you, boy.

You just put your
hand on your money.

Where you boys headed?


Mighty interesting place.

Now lookie here, girl.

I got you a little
doodad, and I paid for it

with hard cash.

Pappy, will you quit?

Stop pawing me!

Oh come on now, what's
wrong with you, girl?

You sure got a fast hand?

Aw, ain't nothin'
wrong with this girl.

She's fixing to kiss
little old Pappy right now.

Fellas, I just got married!

I'm a married woman now.



Couple of days ago.

Who'd you marry?

Nobody you know.


Uh, Charlie Jackson.

Dakota Charlie?

Been known as that.

Where is he?

You know him?

No, but I'd sure
like to meet him.

He's in back,
getting cleaned up.

Well come on, boys,

let's go to meet Dakota Charlie!

I always wanted to meet him!

I'll be doggone!

Dakota Charlie.

You know, I always did
want to meet up with you.

They call me Pappy Quinn,
these are some of my boys.

Be a good idea to knock
before coming in, don't you think?

Ooee, you're even bigger
than your reputation.

Hey, is it true
up Northfield way

you knocked off Jim Bob Miller

before he even
cleared the holster?

Wasn't Northfield, it
was Angus, Colorado.

Well, anyway,
boys, we've got a lot

of celebrating to do.

Our little Sarah girl
here getting herself

all married off, it's
practically her wedding night.

But you usually head on down

to San Carlos before nightfall.

Oh we got a couple of
boys gonna meet us here

tonight and tomorrow.

Dakota, I sure
wanna buy you a drink.

Now come on
boys, back to the bar.

We'll leave him alone here.

Ah, little Sarah girl.

I just didn't know what to do

to make 'em quit
being so frisky.

Where'd you come up
with Charlie Jackson?

I don't know, it's
just the first name

that popped into my head.

I met him once, a long time ago.

I'm sorry, Matt.


It's gonna look funny
to them, you ridin' out.

Can you stay until they leave?

See that way when
they come back,

I can just say you're
away doin' things.

I gotta meet my deputy, Sarah,

and you heard 'em,
they're staying overnight.

Well you can, too.

I mean you've gotta
stay someplace tonight.


They catch me in a
lie, they ain't never

gonna let me forget it.

Oh I mean, I have to get
along with people around here.

I know my business
ain't much, but it's all I got.

For old times' sake, Matt?

All right, Sarah.

Thank you, Matt.

No sign of him.

See Deering and I'm
gonna kick his face in.

We've still got time.

Here's your plate, Taylor.

Thank you, Sarah.

You boys want any more steak?

Start with me, honey.

I want some.

You sure know how to
cook up a steer, Sarah.

Comes natural.

She ain't wearin'
a weddin' ring.



She ain't wearin'
no weddin' ring.

That don't mean nothin'.

That Dakota sure is a lot
more quiet than I heard about.

A lot more everything
than you heard about.

There you go.

Don't worry, boy.

We'll take care of him.

Hey now boys,
it's supposed to be

a wedding celebration here.

Ed, play something a
little more lively, will ya?

Hey, Miss Sarah.

May I have the
pleasure of this dance?

With your kind
permission, of course.

Pappy, let me show
you how it's done!

Hey, hey.

I've seen a moose that
can do better than that!

Don't break her in half, Digby.

Just a mite out of practice.

I think you outta
kiss the bride.

Here's to bad breath, Digby.

He even kisses like a moose.

Charlie, you sure got yourself

more than just a good cook here.

Get your hands off her.

Oh come on now, Dakota,
the boys was only funnin'.

I said let go of her.

You gotta learn.

We kinda share things
around here, Dakota.

Man who lays one hand on
me had better be ready with two.

That is, unless you'd
rather say you're real sorry.

Now, now wait now
just a minute, boys.

We got ways of
settlin' things here,

with a little go 'round.

By go around, Pappy means this.

Get him!

Careful now, Digby,
don't break the man's back.

Come on, you got him Dig,

squeeze his brains
out through his eyeballs.

Well that just about
warmed me up.

Pappy, make him quit.

Don't you fret, girl.

It's just a little scuffle
to keep him asweatin'.

Step on his back!

Hey now, hold
it, hold it, Dakota.

Ordinarily I could care
less if you hammered him

right smack in the ground,
but I'm gonna need him

in one piece tomorrow.

Anybody wanna pick
up where he left off?

You sure do cut a short fuse.

Sarah, come here.

She's got some apologies comin'.

Just wait a sec.

Hey now, let's get
everything back friendly

the way it was, huh?

Sarah girl, I kinda
think we got off

on the wrong foot here today,

and I sure wish you'd
accept my apologies.

And that goes for the
rest of the boys, too.

- Sure.
- Only funnin' Sarah.

Sorry, Sarah.

Sure fellas.

Look, go on inside and
open up some bottles on me.

Take care of him first.

Haha, you sure
proved a point, Dakota.

Care for a little walk
and some talkin'?

What about?

Well, could be to
both our advantage.

Sure ain't gonna cost
you nothin' to listen.

All right.

You know, a man who won't quit

sure is a hard
man to find today.

I know the boys pushed
you a little bit too hard,

but now they know
where you stand.

Hey, you heard much
about me, Dakota?

Not much.

Well, I don't play
for small stakes.

I figure if you go big enough,

you don't have to come
back to the well so often.

There's five of us here.

Three more are comin'.

Now, what I'm tryin' to say
is I might be shorthanded

for what I got in mind.

You interested?

Lay it out.

Government gold,
runnin' below the border.

Government gold means troops.

By the time we
make a move, I'll know

exactly how many troops,
the route they're takin',

how much gold,
right to the penny.

You got inside information, huh?

Nah, I would say
that I got a contact.

Sonny's gonna go in
tomorrow and see him.

If it looks like we're over
our head, we'll forget it.

Who's your contact?

Oh now Dakota, you
oughta know better than that.

Quinn, I never go
into anything blind.

Besides with that
bunch you got in there,

I got an idea you
may all wind up

in front of a
Mexican firing squad.

You get to know
me a little better,

you'll find me a
very cautious man.

I got my own plans,
I'll stick to 'em.

Aw, now I know you
usually work alone,

but a loner works for
nothin' but pocket money.

You know, nothin' put
aside for a dry spell.

Now you might just sleep on it.

I might.

He's still out there, arguing.

Pappy arguing to
take you in with him.

Seems you made a big
impression on him, sayin' no.

Gonna ride with them, Matt?

I may have to.

Well, you take good
care of yourself.

Them boys of his
are mean, but nobody

can outmean or outshoot Pappy.

What about you, Sarah?

Been givin' that some thought.

Maybe, maybe when
they leave I'll be leavin', too.

Today, you bein' here, I
kinda saw myself plain.

The way they handled me
like trash, with you lookin' on.

I kinda saw myself.

Guess you'll be goin'
on to Dodge from here.

Well, I'm gonna go down
along the border first,

see if I can find my deputy.

It's hard to figure.

We were no more than
kids them San Antonio days.

Been a lot of years.

Just a wink.

No more than closin' your
eyes and opening them again.

That's all gone.

You kinda scared that
maybe there's nothin' ahead.

We can't go back.

Doesn't make
much sense, does it?

Me, I mean.

No, I know what you mean.

You never want to go back, Matt?

I never gave it much
thought, I guess.

You know, that's what I
always recall about you.

Kinda like you were
always lookin' through me.

Like you saw me, but you didn't.

Lookin' way beyond
people, way ahead.

I'm not bein' impolite,
I'm just rememberin'.

I do a lot of that around here.

There's really not much else.

You know I began
sewin' from the first day

you asked me to go to the dance?

Got the lace from my
ma's weddin' dress.

I felt so scandalous
wearin' all them frills.

Looked mighty good on ya.

Counted the days from
the first day you asked me.

Fourteen whole days.

Fourteen whole days, and I just
knew they were never gonna come.

I just knew it.

I did love you.

Kinda wish I'd said it then.

Not that it would have
made much difference.

Just wish I'd said it.

It was a long time ago, Sarah.

I know.

I just wish I'd said it.

You're losin' your eye, boy.

That last bottle could
have been some yahoo,

shoveling dirt in your face.

I got a hundred
says I get the next six.

Any takers?

Ain't in no mood to have my ears

rattled round in the morning.


What happens if
they don't show up?

We forget the whole thing.

Unless of course we
get Dakota to go with us.

We don't need him.

You sure don't need him again.

Dakota, you sure ain't the most
sociable man in the world, are ya?

Just busy.

Doin' any thinkin' on
strengthenin' our hand?

Well maybe that's
what's gettin' me worried,

your hand needing strengthening.

You could be passin'
up a pretty good stake

for a few minutes' work.

I got business down
south, I told you.

Down south?

Maybe around San Carlos way?


I tell ya what.

You're heading that
direction anyway,

why don't you
ride in with Sonny?

And like I say, it sure ain't

gonna cost you
nothin' to listen.

You might just find
you'd be plain foolish

to pass up this kind of a deal.

A lot of gold, eh?

More than enough.

All right.

But if I don't like what I
hear, don't count me in.

If you don't like it, chances
are we won't, either.



It's time for you to get movin'.

Now, I want you to let
Warren know real plain,

I don't want no guesswork
on the amount of soldiers.

Otherwise, he's gonna
have to face me personal.

I want 100 percent facts.

You know, I don't like
takin' Dakota in with us.

When you get ready
to run this outfit, boy,

you let me know, won't you?

Deering and his
boys don't show up,

we're gonna need him bad.


Do you figure you'll be
gone a long while this time?

Hard to say.

Take good care of yourself.

I'll be back in a couple days.

Two dollars.


I'm in, too.

Do you recollect that old
gals in that real fancy hotel

down around Three Rivers?

Can't remember much about it.

Yeah well like I
said, I come in,

I told her I wanted the
best room in the house,

I want a bathtub and everything.

Bathtub, shoot.

You ain't never been
in a bathtub in your life.

I had me a bath, last
time we was in Pima.

Well anyway, she
kinda looked me over

If you're still dealin',
I'll take two cards.

Deal it.


One for the dealer.

So she asked me,
was I one of the bunch

come down about six
months before, 'cause if I was...

I bet five dollars.


I call.

Three aces.

Beats me.

This last leg,
they'll stop for water

right here at the
old Diego mine.

But to reach it, we'll
have to skirt this saddle

back to the south, crossing
right through the riverbed.

Mostly heavy sand there.

Gold stage be slowed to a walk.

And from the saddleback,
they'll be directly below you.

Are you sure there'll be

no escort of soldiers
following behind?

Five soldiers riding
inside with the gold,

driver and shotgun
outside on the box.

Warren, how much
are they carrying?

Close to 200 pounds.

You know, for a
Johnny come late,

you ain't doin' too
bad for yourself.

What time will they be
going through the riverbed?

'Bout two hours before sundown.

Be light enough for you
to tear the stage apart.

By dark, back across the border.


Tell Quinn I'll meet him at
the roost as soon as I can.

What are you talkin' about?

He knows I got
business here in town.

I'll be there in plenty of time.

Pappy didn't say
nothin' about that to me.

Guess you don't
remember me, mister.

I'm afraid I don't.

Look, whatever it is,
just leave it alone for now.

El Paso, you got me
four days jail time?

Come on Dakota, leave it.

I remember you now.

You got off easy.

That badge of yours doesn't
mean much down here, mister.

Make it another
time, no harm, friend.

We're just leavin'.

You best stay away
from El Paso from now on.

I'm gonna be lookin'
for you before then.

One thing I figure for sure,

this job's over,
you're alone again.

That's my business, not yours.

Well you don't show up on time,

Pappy gonna
make it his business.

You listen to me, Sonny.

Any more mouth out of
you and I'm gonna show you

the difference between
breaking bottles

and looking down a
gun barrel, you got that?

- Yeah.
- All right, go on.

Don't seem like much
of nothin', does it?

Maybe they didn't wait.

They waited.

Deering's comin'.

All right boys, let's go.

Well, I'm sure glad you
boys decided to join us.

Well, we spotted a posse
riding north of Las Cruces.

Holed up for a few
days until we found out

they had no interest in us.

Was tailin' some horse thieves.

Sure is a comfort,
having you on our side.

Get off of it.

Sonny's in San Carlos now.

We'll know in an hour
what kind of deal we got.

There's gonna be nine of us.

Including Charlie Jackson.

Looks like we'll ride.

Who's Charlie Jackson?

Dakota Charlie.

Sarah married him
a few days back.

Hey, those horses sure look like

they need feeding and watering.

You're talking about
the same Dakota Charlie

who rode with Cole
along that Canadian river?

That's right.

See you around, Pappy.

Now hold on, Deering.

What do you got
against Dakota Charlie?


'Cept he was buried two
weeks back north of Deadwood.

Reckon he's got
to be buried again.

Well, Sarah girl.

How's it feel to be
married to a dead man?

Deering made a mistake.

Oh, no.

No, I don't really think he did.

But I tell you what.

I think you're very anxious

to tell me something,
aren't you?

I'm telling the
truth, I swear it.

Oh come Sarah, don't swear.

It ain't becoming to ya.

You know, we all make mistakes.

Now, the hard
part is admitting it.

I'm gonna give you
all the time you want,

but you're gonna
tell me just like it is.

I'm not gonna rush you.

You're gonna tell me
just what you know.

And what happened.

Take all the time you want.

Now Sarah girl, you
will tell me, won't you?

And here's where they're goin'.

Just before they get here,
there's an old mine here

where they have to
stop and water up.

They got caught in that
riverbed, it'd be a turkey shoot.

That's right.

Now the nearest police
are over here in San Paulus.

There should be plenty
of time to get 'em there.

Have 'em come in here, around
the saddleback, and across.

Quinn and his boys
won't even make a stand.

Why can't we just arrest 'em?

'Cause we got
nothin' on 'em so far.

Nothin' we can hold 'em on.

Well I'm gonna
head on out, Marshall.

What do you figure on doin'?

Going back to the roost

and keep playing the same game.

Sarah, what happened?

The men Pappy was waitin' fer.

They rode in, said Dakota
Charlie had been killed.

I had to tell him who you were.

Told myself they could
kill me before I did, but...

Should have told him sooner.

I didn't know what
they'd do to ya.

Kept seeing you
dead if I said anything.

Guess I just wasn't
strong enough.

Are they still back there?

Still there.

No and I ain't gonna
go no place complaining.

How many of them are there?

Just Pappy and his
boys, the others left.

I'm asking you not
to go back there, Matt.

They ain't too happy
about you spoiling things.

They know you can't
arrest them for nothin',

and they're waitin'.

Don't worry about that, Sarah.

I'll get you back to town.


I'll get by.

I always have.

Bye, Matt.

Kinda glad we met again.

It's kind of a lazy
day, isn't it, Pappy?


Bet you a five dollar
gold piece he don't come.

You'd lose.

Want a drink?

Well, if I took a drink,
I'd have to open my eyes.

My lids feel so good,
so I won't have a drink.

What about that bet?

You sure are one to throw
away your money, ain't you boy?

All right, you're on.

- Pappy?
- Hm?

I think you'd better
open up your eyes.

Well you just lost yourself

a five dollar gold
piece, didn't you?

Afternoon, Dakota.

Why don't you come
on in and have a drink?

There won't be no charge.

We kinda bought
out the business here.

Quinn, I'm taking
you and your boys in.

What in ever for,
we're peace lovin' folk.

Assault and conspiracy.

Are you talking about us?


Come on out, give yourself up.


How's my boy?

He's dead.

Sure been awful expensive
meetin' up with you.

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from our next Gunsmoke.

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