Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 18, Episode 22 - Jesse/II - full transcript

Festus Haggen and Newly O'Brien meet an old friend of Festus, Jesse Dillard, an African-American cattle drive cook. Their confab is interrupted by U. S. Marshal Halstead, who has a warrant for Jesse's arrest, charging him with jail break. Jesse goes along peaceably, explaining that he killed his employer for shorting his wages and for a racially motivated flogging. Instead of the normal sentence of six to twelve months, Jesse had been given ten years at hard labor because of his race. Pete Murphy and a few drovers try to rescue Jesse, accidentally shooting the marshal. Dave Carpenter, the owner of the herd and Jesse's boss, rides in with the rest of the drovers to save Jesse from the marshal, who soon dies. Festus is conflicted between his sense of duty and his loyalty to Jesse.


And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.


If I'd known there
was gonna be drovers.

And it's three
hours before dawn,

I'm gonna get some
sleep somewhere.

Well, where you going?

Outside of town

It's like getting caught between
a shoot-out and a sawmill.

Well, I gotta ride down to
Hayes in the morning anyways.

So, you two might as
well go on into Dodge,

I'll see you when I get back.

Good luck.

What in the tarnation's
goin' on out there?

Watch where you're
shooting them guns!

What's your trouble old timer?

You betcha I got trouble.

You hoots.

Knot heads.

We're celebratin', Pops.

We've been out in
the rain for two months,

sleepin' with the cows and
the prairie dogs and the horses.

And we got just one night to...

Dag burn, blabberdee
mouth coots,

old bunch of willer wally,

and waddies squallin'
their blamed brains out.

Where's Matthew at?

He went to Hays.

Well, that's a blame good idea.

Feller tryin' to get hisself
a little quiet night's sleep,

what do ya get a bunch of
blame waddies down there,

heel squattin',
idiots are squallin',

what I'm fixin' to do is go
down and get myself a beer.


How are your pockets?

Well-lined, honey.

Oh, you are the handsome.


Hey there.

All right boys, fun's over.

I'm tired of tellin'
you to keep down.

This is the third fight tonight.

Larry... bar's closed.

Wait, wait, wait a minute,
wait a minute sheriff.

Now we plan on
going until sunup, right?

And we pay all
out damages, right?


And you know that.

Now why don't you just,

go on and go to bed, right?

That's right.

Now it's gettin' outa hand.

Oh come on, as
long as there's a moon

we got som howlin'
to do, right boys?

All right boys, just quiet down

and listen to the sheriff.

Time to call it a night.

Come on Jesse, we
still got some rollin' to do.

Now Link, you know if we
make trouble in this town

Mr. Carpenter is
not gonna like it.

Well, I guess he's right.

Let's get movin all,
let em ripe and drag.

Come on, good night my dear.

All right Murph, move 'em out.

Come on all a ya'll.

If you haven't got a bed
you're welcome to use the jail.

Ah come on, let's
get outta here.

Watch were you're
going, you knot-head.

Where's everybody goin'?

It's all over we're
just going back.

I'll take me a beer, barkeep.

Sorry, the bar's closed.

The bar is closed?

You mean I got into my duds
and come down here for nuthin'.

All's I want is one
little bitty old beer.

I said the bar's closed.

Don't you serve that yayhoo
barkeep, he's a ring-tailed

turkey-toed doobaloo.

Jesse, Jesse Dillard?

Jesse Dillard,

you banger you, where
in tarnations you been at?

- Festus - Good to see ya.

Are you with all these
roockus raisers here.

I sure am, still I doughbelly.

I'd buy ya a drink but, but,

how much we owe you,
including the damage?

Well, I guess
40 dollars'll do it.

Thanks for steppin' in.

Oh they good men
sir, just not town broke.

The liquor talks mighty loud
when it gets loose from the jug.

Ain't that right Festus.

Jesse we ain't goin' to sleep

without some of
that harmonica music.

Oh, there ain't no
lullabyin' tonight.

You guys go get some sleep.

Pull it out in the mornin'.

All right, go on boys.

Still tuckin' 'em
in, are you Jesse?

I sure am.

You ain't changed a notion.

What ya doin' here?

Oh we was delivering
some prisoners down here.



You ain't tellin'
me you a lawman.

Oh, 'course I am.

I been a deputyin' for the
marshal there in Dodge City.

Well look, I, I gotta see

if the boys got bedded
down tonight, so I'm goin'.

Oh, fiddle now Jesse.

They can go without
lullabyin' for one night.

We ain't saw each other
in a whole mess of years.

Come on, stay.

Sure Festus.

Jesse, tell me one thing.

You still pan cook them
taters in that Texas butter?

Sure do.

And them cat fries

and plenty of soppin'
gravy and biscuits?

Festus, you hungry?

Jesse, I'll tell ya.

I never figured I'd get to
taste your cookin' again,

but I ain't fixin' to
go to bed till I do.

Well sir, you know that
blamed ol' rattlesnake

glommed onto
my leg, right there.

Why it swollet bigger
than a mush melon,

didn't it Jesse?

Sure 'nough.

Here we was, a 100 miles
from nuthin' no doctor.

You know what Jesse
went to work an done?

He cut that there snake bite
and sucked out the poison,

and he doctored me back
to where I was fit enough

to take on a grizzly bear.

When he joined up they
had him eatin' dust ridin' drag.

But before it was over
Festus here was a top hand.

Showing a trade.

I hate to tell you
how long back.

Musta been some good times.

And a lot of hard work too.

You betcha.

Dawn to dark.

If it ain't hot enough
to sunburn a horny toad

it's rainin' or stingin' sleet.

You know sometimes
the cattle get so skittish

you have to ride a mile
fore you can even spit.


- Mornin'.
- Good mornin'.

You're under arrest, Dillard.

US Marshal, on your feet.

Whoa, and what's
goin' on here, marshal?

Drop the gun belt; left hand.

Would you mind explainin'?

Not my job to explain,
just to bring 'em in.

Gun belt.


Now you just,

- Stay right where you are.
- Festus.

We're lawmen too, marshal.


From Dodge City.

What are you doin'
here in Tribune?

We been deliverin' prisoners.

What's he to you?

He's my friend.

Your friend's an
escaped convict.


Broke jail a year ago, Festus.

Oh what in blazes
was ya doin' in a jail?

I shot a man.

I want that gun belt.

Jesse, don't try
nuthin' foolish now.

All right Dillard.

Well, can't I take just
a spell to talk to him?

You wanna talk to him

he'll be at the
prison in Unionville.

Let's go.

Jesse, there's anything
we can do, just say it.

Nothin', Festus. Nuthin'.


Long way to Unionville.

Meanin' what?

Only reason you took me
alive was them two back there.

I didn't want them
mixed up in it.

You know I had my
fill of bein' locked up.

No more.

I've took a lot of
men back, Dillard.

Be a holiday in Hell before
one gets away from me.


That's our trail cook, mister.

You're gonna have
to get yourself another.

That explain you know
nuthin' about a trail drive.

No cook, nobody works.

That'll leave 5000 head
of prime cattle left to stray.

That'll make Mister
Carpenter real upset.

Who's Mister Carpenter?

Oh he just owns the Big T.

He's actin' trail
boss on this drive.

And he loves Jesse's cookin'.

Well you tell 'em

he's just gonna have
to tighten his belt.

Sir, I'd hate to be
the one to do that.

I think it's best we just
bring Jesse along with us.

Murph, you and the
boys get on back to camp.

Move aside boys.

Murph, you'll only get
yourself into bad trouble!

He's talkin' sense, boy.

We're comin' through.

Put it away Murph!

Come from over there Festus.

The, that was an accident.

Come on let's get out of here.

Somebody's comin'.

Jesse, that was an accident!

Get on outta here.

Jess that was an accident

- I didn't mean to shoot 'em.
- Get outta here.

Come on, get outta here.

Get out.

- Jesse.
- Whoa,
Whoa, whoa.

That drudge from
your outfit, Jesse?

He, he knows who they are.

You'll need a doctor.

We'll take him back to Tribute.

Well, you can doctor
him, can't you Newly?

Not this, Festus.

There's a bullet in there and
I don't have my instruments.

We gotta take him
back to Tribune.

No, no.

I'm takin' this
man to Unionville.

Tribune's the wrong direction.

There's a bullet
in you, marshal.

You better listen
to him, marshal,

'cause he knows
what he's talkin' about.

Plug up the bleedin'
as best you can.

Ugh, got some bandages
in my saddle bags.

You'll still need a doctor.

I'm goin' to Unionville.

You'll never make it.

Hurry up Festus.

Fine, all right, all right.
Take me to Lovelock.

It's on the way.

No, no listen to me.

Them drovers, they'll be back

as sure as the sun in the
mornin' I seen it before.

He's right.

I know Dave Carpenter.

They'll be comin' back.

Don't you get caught in it.

Newly, what do you think?

Now wait a minute.

We're all three the law.

We're bound by it.

We're goin' to Lovelock.

Shootin' a lawman.

Oughta get rid of all of ya.

Well, it was an
accident, Mr. Carpenter.

He was takin' Jesse to prison.

By the looks of that old
marshal he's mildewin'.

So we could put spurs to 'em

and they wouldn't do nuthin'.


Well now, it's them old mosh backs
and them coggies that are tough.

Now you're sure he's not dead?

He wasn't hit that
bad, Mr. Carpenter.

And them two fellas came on us.

They patched him up,

and him and them
fellas rode off.

Link said that Jesse knew
one of 'em, friend of his.

Yeah, that's right a,

I seen 'em in the
saloon together.

Jesse was callin' him... Festus.

Well that hard nose
is hurt bad enough

to take on some help.

Jesse gone one day

and that coffee already
tastes like river bottom.

Ah, what're we gonna
do Mister Carpenter.

Well we owe Jesse too much

to let him rot in
some stinkin' prison.

That lawman being
wounded he'll...

he'll see a doctor.

Headed north, Unionville.

Unionville that's 60 miles away.

It's too far for a
man that's been shot.

Lovelock's a lot closer.

Mount up.


Try not to move much.

He's bad off.

What you gonna do
with me if he, if he dies.

I don't know.

Jesse, I gotta ask this

sooner or later.

How's it come that you
went and shot that feller?

Well, it's not much
of a story, Festus.

After Abilene we both
went our own ways.

I worked trail drives till
ol' Manson went broke.

Drifted a lot.

Finally got a job
cookin' in a loggin' camp.

Job's done foreman tries
to give me half my wages.

But I want 'em all.

So he run me off.

You went back for your money?

Just what was mine.

Broke in the paymaster's
office, they catch me.

Foreman strapped me to a tree

and puts a bullwhip to my back.

They beat me like
a scavenging dog.

Then they cut me loose.

I grabbed me a gun
from one of his men

and I shoot him down.

I don't know how I
missed killin' him,

'cause I sure as hell tried.

How's it come ya
busted outta jail.

They coulda just locked
ya up for six months

or a year at the most.

Ten years, hard labor.

Maybe I had it comin', Festus -

but I growed up a slave,
somebody's property.

And the war, Jesse Dillard
had his first taste of freedom.

And I swore I'd never be taken.

There I was just
like my pa and his pa.

Whip scars on my back
and under lock and key.


Facin' ten years.

I don't think I coulda
made it, Festus.

Woulda ended up
dyin', killin' somebody.

I can't be locked up no more.

I know.

Here, upstairs to the right.

That all the keys?

Yes, sir.

Gonna need a doctor
as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.

There a sheriff in this town?

Yes, sir, across the street.

You go get 'em.

Tell him I want to
talk to him right away.

Yes, sir.

All right do it.

Let's go.

Easy now, just easy.

Grab his feet, Festus.

In the other room.

Anchor him to somethin'.

I reckon' he wants
you to get locked

to that there bedpost.

I ain't gonna do it, Jesse.

I'm runnin' from
the law, Festus.

Mean you too.

It's a long ways
down there, anyhow.

All right, all right,

get it over with, so
I can be on my way.

I'm afraid not.


The bullet's still in there,

that mean's I'll
have to operate.

Thi, th, this here's
Sheriff Bradley.

What seems to be
the problem here?

Name's Halstead,
United States Marshal.

These two men are deputies.

What can I do for ya, Marshal?

I got a prisoner
in the next room.

I expect some men
to be comin' for him.

I expect trouble.

What kinda trouble?

Like the Marshal says,

a buncha men from an
outfit called the Big T.

Big T, well, that's
Dave Carpenter's outfit.

Who could you possibly
have that he'd want?

Their trail cook.

I got a federal warrant
for him, that's why.

I figure them men to be
here late today or tonight.

And I figure 'em to be trouble.

Well, I guess I could
deputize a few men.

Ah I, I'd do it now.


What are you gonna do, Sheriff?

I don't know, but they think I'm
gonna mess with that Big T bunch

they got another thing comin'.

They'll tear this
town up by the roots.

Just don't understand all
this fuss over some cook.

Carried that bullet
for nearly a day.

Lost a lot of blood doin' it.

Just have to wait.

He ain't here, Mister Carpenter.

Where is he?

Over at the hotel.

With the Marshal?

And a couple of deputies.

- Deputies?
- Yes, sir.

I thought you said one
of 'em was Jesse's friend?

We're here to get our friend.

I ain't gonna do nuthin' to
stand in your way, Mr. Carpenter.

That's good.


Jesse, we've come for ya.

Stay right where ya are.

Whiskered one there,
that's Jesse's friend.

The Marshal, he all right?

He's bad off.

Mighty sorry about that.

But it was an accident.

One that could been avoided
if he hadn't been a damn fool.

What's that there
supposed to mean?

It means that you could
make the same mistake.

We're here to get Jesse!

It can be easy,

or it can be hard.

Depends on how you make it.

You think about it.

You got til daybreak.


Jesse's a friend of yours.

Badge don't change that.

Nobody can expect
you to stand up

against Carpenter and his men.

They want the same
thing for Jesse you do.

So I's thinkin'.

Why don't you slip out the
back, ride to the next town

and wire Marshal
Dillon for some help.

I know what you're
sayin', Newly.

Much obliged.

But you know blame well

Mathew couldn't get here
in time to help us out none.

Jesse, he's my friend...

but I'm stayin'.

Things get to movin', they
awful hard to stop ain't they?



You better ride out to camp.

Round up the rest of the
men, bring 'em back here.

I got a feelin' we're gonna
need a big show of force.

Bring 'em around.

Yes, sir.

Newly, one of
'em's a ridin' out.

Probably to get the others.

Drovers here?


Me in bed.

Like a woman givin' birth.

Who is it?

It's clerk, brought
you some breakfast.

Come in.


eggs, coffee, hot biscuits...

I'll... I'll just...

M, m, Mr. Carpenter's
downstairs in the lobby.

He asked to talk
to one of you two.

Much obliged Mister, uh...

Glass, Able Glass.

Festus, want me to go
downstairs and talk to him?

No, I'll talk to him, Newly.


this here Carpenter,
can you trust him.

You can trust him.

You're Festus?

I... I didn't figure
you to be a lawman.

It ain't never been
harder to be one.

Let me... tell you a
story about Jesse.

He told me he broke outta
prison, but I hired him anyway.

Best man for the job.

Before he came, I...

I had men that ah, well they
just worked for their wages.

Most of the time they were
pullin' in different directions.

But Jesse, he... he settled 'em.

Pulled 'em together.

Now we're an outfit.

Those are my reasons.

Now I'll tell you my men's.

Rain or shine, three hot
meals a day, fast and good.

But that's only part of it.

Jesse was doctor, banker,

friend, brother...

and sometimes father,
depending on the need.

Jesse's all that to those men.

He was all them
things once to me too.

Well then how in the heck
can you send him to prison?

Mister Carpenter, I
ain't got me no druthers.

I'm a swore in deputy marshal.

Now, if I was to let Jesse
go, it wouldn't do no good.

They'd just be some other
feller a trackin' him down.

Don't ya see?

I know that.

It's just not a matter

of keepin' a good
trail cook anymore.

Savin' Jesse's life.

I'm gonna see to it
that he gets to Mexico.

He'll be free there.

You blame sure ain't
makin' it easy for me.

Look, we both want
the same thing for Jesse,

to see him free.

Festus, if Jesse goes
back to that prison,

he's got ten or more
years waitin' for him.

That kind of a
man, it'll kill him.

I'm gonna need me
some time to study on it.

All right you take it.

Festus, rest of my
men are on the way.

Just might keep that in mind.

Could bash a snake's
head in with one of these.

Those men down there,

some of the best sweat and
dirt cowboys I've ever seen.

Sorry you and Festus got
caught in the middle of it.

Who is it?

Me, Festus.

Well, he's gave us a little
more time to think about it.

Deputy, deputy.

Lay back down, lay back down.

I'm wanna fight in that...

but I'm all out...

You didn't make no deal did ya?

No, no deal.

He's your responsibility now.

So's that badge you're wearing.

You gotta swear to it.

You gotta swear to...

He was a good man.
But he was a fool.

You do what he says
and more men gonna die.

You got to let me
go, not for myself.

But, you're only gonna
get yourselves killed.

Those men out there are mine.

And I don't want none
of them killed either.

One man dead already.

For God's sake.

Dyin' man's words, and
you hell-bent to carry 'em out.

I was afraid of that.

I didn't mean for nuthin'
like this to happen.

Yeah I know.

What we gonna do now?

Gone this far, there's
no turning back.

But there won't be
any more killings.

How long you wanna wait?

I don't know.

At least until the rest
of the boys get here.

More power we've got,

the less chance there
is for a showdown.

You know.

I could stand to hang
for murder for this.

You didn't murder 'em Murph.

Yeah, try tellin'
the judge that.

He was a lawman.

What're you gonna do?

Gonna run?

I was thinkin'...

The two of us goin' in
there and getting Jesse.

Then maybe three of
us headin' for Mexico.

Well, I...

It's gettin' late.

Jesse, I just hope
you understand why

I can't let you go.

It don't make no
difference, Festus.

No matter what happens,
things won't never be the same.

Gonna miss being
"the old woman",

that's what the boys call me
when I get ornery with 'em.

Bein' a trail cook is important.

I'm the best.

Sourdough biscuits that float,
beef swimmin' in brown gravy,

Son of a gun stew
made from the heart...

Only man in camp
can have shortcomings

as long as the food's
good, and coffee's hot,

and the...

They always say I talk a lot.

But I'm a good cook,
so nobody objects.

Who is it?

It's clerk.

Heh, I brought you
up some dinner.

I'm much obliged, sir.

Much obliged but I
couldn't eat a thing myself.

Oh you, you ought
to eat somethin'.

What about the prisoner?

You can ask him.

I bet you're hungry.


Well there's chili beans,
bread, hot coffee...

I've had saloon food.

Tastes like axle grease.

What's that for?

It's a present from
Mr. Carpenter.

When it's dark, there'll
be a horse out in the alley.

I'll just leave it here in
case you change your mind.

M, m, Mr. Carpenter's

Tell him I'll be comin' down.

How's Jesse doin'?


Well I was kinda hopin'
that he'd be with you.

I'm sorry.

Maybe I didn't make
myself clear, Deputy.

We're not leavin'
here without Jesse.

I figured that all along.

Now maybe you can hold
out against the five of us.

But I got about 50 more
men on the way right now.

Mister Carpenter, that
marshal gettin' killed,

that there was an accident.

He told us that his own self.

You ride out now

and chances is there
ain't gonna be no trouble.

You stay here and you're
gonna wind up facin' the law.

I got a bad feelin'
that we're a lot alike.

Only the odds are in my favor.

You're not gonna get any
help from anybody in this town.

So it's just you and that
other deputy against all of us.

Now my men have
fought border gangs,

whiskeyed Indians, flood
and lightening and beat 'em all.

Now if we don't get Jesse back
by the time my men get here.

We'll take this hotel
apart board by board

and build a fire under it.

Murph... I...

We'll draw Festus out.

We'll get a hold of 'em.

Then we can bargain for Jesse.

You make it sound
so mighty easy.

We'll make it work.

I'll tell him Mister Carpenter
wants to seem him.

When he comes
out, we'll take him.

All right.

Two bulls buttin' heads.

Neither of you
gonna give ground.

I'm going back
to prison, Festus.


All right, Jesse.

I'll tell Mr. Carpenter.

Jesse says he's
willin' to go back to jail.

He is?

Doin' it for us. For them.

Catch 'em!


Drop it.

Ah, ugh.



Come on, Murph.

Cut it out, Link. Stop it.

He's still alive.

Let's get him to a doctor.

What are we gonna
do if they rush us?

Don't know, just hold 'em
off as long as we can I reckon.

Hope it don't come to that.

- Jesse, where'd you get that gun?
- Makes no difference.

Put your guns over there,

and give me the
keys to the cuffs.

Jesse, you're only
makin' things worse.

Only way out of
this for everybody.

Another man got
shot on account of me.

Lot more gonna be
bustin' through that door.

More killin'.

Only this time, won't be,
'cause I'm gonna be gone.


Newly, go down tell Mister
Carpenter everything's fine.

I'm free.

Why don't you tell
him yourself, Jesse.

Because I'm gonna be
trailin' dust to Mexico.

And you tell him,
tell him I say thanks.

I'm not takin' any
chances with you, Festus.

Got a hunch you'd
try and stop me.

'Fraid so, Jesse.

All right.


So long, Festus.

- Mr. Carpenter.
- Yeah.

Jesse's gone.

He's got a gun.

Well, where in the heck
would he get a gun?

Out in back.



What happened?

Easy, Jesse.


he give me the gun.

He was waitin',

waitin' for me.

You... you old grub worm.

You never got to taste my best.

What's that, Jesse?

Black, black mike stew,

snake feet, hound's ears...

- fruits, skunk cakes...
- Skunk cakes...

goat meat.

Plum larrupin...

What happened, Festus?

He was makin' a run for it.

I stopped him.

I shot him.

I, I was only doin' my duty.

I shot him.

He's an outlaw, a criminal.

There's a reward on him.

You give 'em the gun.

You planned the whole
thing, you wormy little...

No, he escaped from prison.

You tell 'em. Deputy?

He was escapin' again.

I stopped him.

Now he was, he'd escape again.

Wha, what're ya doin'?


Carpenter, don't.

He's not worth it.

He's not worth it!

What ya...

He was an outlaw,
he was an outlaw.

Let's go.

There was a reward.

I just, I just did my
duty. I stopped him.


I didn't do anything wrong...

All for a lousy hundred dollars.

I'd like to take him with us.

Bury him on the trail.

If you don't mind,

we'd sure like to ride with you.

Stay tuned for exciting scenes

from out next Gunsmoke.

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