Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 18, Episode 2 - The River: Part 2 - full transcript

Continuation of Episode #18.1, "The River, Part 1". The outlaws catch up with Matt Dillon and the two orphans, Tuttle and Hannah, at the rough mining town. Matt and the children make their escape on the raft, along with the pair of thieves, Pierre and Paulette. As the outlaws ride hell-for-leather along the Rogue River bank, the escapees continue their whitewater rafting journey. All the characters meet at the Narrows, and the plot threads weave a well-disposed conclusion.


And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

After him, boys!

Don't let him get away!


I want you to think
of Stinson, here.

Oh, I think a whole lot of him,

but I think a whole lot
more of that $24,000

you got stuffed in them
saddle bags, Dillon.

It ain't all that much money!

It ain't that much money?


There he is!

He's gonna jump.

Oh, we got him this time.

Shoot him, kill him,
don't let him get away.

He's all bloody,
look at his head.


On a raft.

That Marshall's got
more lives than a Tom cat.

What're we gonna do, Tutt?

Maybe we could pull to shore

and dump him before he wakes up.

I ain't gonna leave him to die.

What about the money?

Let's steal it.


Too late.

What did you bring him for?

You told me to bring
the horses, Charlie.

I don't mean the horses, I
mean them, you bonehead.

Well, I couldn't
just leave 'em there

for the birds and all.

Rest in peace, boys,

we ain't got time to bury you.

C'mon, let's get ridin'.

Them that was shootin' at ya,

them be outlaws?

Yeah, they sure were.

What're you two doin' out here?

Well, this here's
my sister Hannah,

and my name's Tuttle Kincaid.

Our pa owns this here raft,

and he told us to take
it down river for him.

That so?

Hang on!

We're goin' to the Mississip'

to join up with Joe Snag.

Joe Snag, the river pirate?

He's the best there is.

Well, what about your folks?

Aren't they worried about you?

Ain't got none.

We're orphans, and we've
run away from the workhouse.


Looks like somethin's up ahead.

You figure it's that
Jacob's Crossin'?

Well, we'll find out.

Get your bets down, boys.

Every spin is a new game.

What's this for?

You go 'round and make a bet.

Make it loud so I can hear.

What for?

Go, just go on.

What's goin' on here?

This here's a trap
robber, Marshall.

He's the leader of a
crazy bunch of Frenchies

down river who's
been robbin' us blind.

Well there's gonna
be no lynch-law here,

and I want you to cut him down.

Number 18!

Number 18.

And the youngster
here is the big winner.

Boy, we got him, we got him.

Let's go.


Run, Marshall, run!

Get them kids, stop them!

Marshall, they're
taking our raft!

May I introduce you to
Mademoiselle Paulette Duvalier,

my wife.

For this I've got to loot?



He's all right,
it's just a crease.

Hang on, Tutt, we'll
get to you in a minute.

Hold it, hold it.



How long is it gonna take 'em
to get to the Narrows down there?

Well, with them
stoppin' tonight,

which they'll have to do
on account of the rapids,

about noon on the morrow.

If we was to ride all night,

how long would it take us?

Well, if we rode hard,

we'd beat 'em about an hour.

We'll do it.

How awful is it?

Oh, it's not too
bad, just grazed ya.

Am I bleedin' heavy?


Not a lot?

Sorry to disappoint ya.

Feels like a hot knife
stickin' in, Marshall.

It's gotta be worse
than you figure.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Now we have a moment
to breathe air again.

Paulette, this is
US Marshall Dillon.

Dodge City is it?

The other two I have not met.

Ma'am, can you
look after the boy?

I apologize for Paulette's
behavior, Marshall.

She's very difficult at times.

I'm Hannah Kincaid,
ma'am, and this here's Tutt.

Pleased to make
your acquaintance.

Stop squirming.


Sorry about back
there, cheatin' ya and all.

You should be.

You should never cheat.

You was.

Don't sass me!

Wasn't sassin', ma'am, I mean,

it's all right to cheat,

so long as it's a
man you're cheatin'.

I should never cheat you,

'cause you're a lady.

Well cheating is cheating,

regardless of the circumstances.

I figure I gotta make
my way in the world.

And the onliest way is
to get the other fellow

'fore he gets you.

That kind of thinking
will get you in trouble.

Been in a lot of trouble
in my life, ma'am.

Kinda take to it myself.

What are you doing
here with a Marshall?

Me and Hannah fished
him outta the river.

Saved his life.

Yes sir, he'd'a been a
goner if it hadn't been for us.

Where are your folks?

El Siola. Pa own this here raft.

He runs a lumberyard.

And our ma, she's the
head of all the socials,

and the fourth of July
doin's and all that kinda thing.

Do they know you're
out here on the river?

Oh, yessum.

They're real good
about lettin' us do

just about whatever we wanna do.

Figure kids gotta do to learn.

Real good folks we got.

Real good.

Monsieur, it is the
Hell Gate Whirlpool.

Everybody hang on.

Take the tiller.

How you doin', Tutt?

All right.

You know somethin' Marshall?

I'm more 'n likely the onliest
person in this whole world

that's got shot by Charlie
Utter and lived to tell the tale.

You figure that?

I figure that's about right.

And boy, am I gonna
have some stories to tell.

Yeah, for the rest of your life.

For a landlubber, you
handled this rig very well.

'Course that whirlpool
is a mere nothing.

Downstream the rapids
are more formidable.

It will be an excitement
to see what happens.


Wonder if you could loosen
these bandages of mine?

Cuttin' in somethin' fierce.

Think I could take a peek
where the bullet went through?

Think it'll leave a scar?

I do not know.

Sure do hope it does, ma'am.

Whaddya expect from
a woman but ill temper?

Where does she come from?

She's my associate.

My spy, if you
will, at the crossing.

She kept me informed on
certain movements shall we say.

You know this river
pretty well, do ya?

I know everything
about everything.

Whaddya wanna know?

Wanna know how
far it is to Piety Hill

and how dangerous
it is to get there.


Piety Hill.

I would appreciate if you
would drop Paulette and me

before we get to Piety Hill.

We have a certain
disagreement with authorities,

you understand?

As to the danger?

There's considerable risk.

You're thinkin' of
the children, eh?

Who are they?

They're runaways.

Ah, you cannot leave them alone,

and yet the rapids
are dangerous,

and then there is
Monsieur Utter, eh?

Quite a predicament.

Why is he after you?

'Cause he robbed four banks,

and I tracked him to his camp.

You track him to his camp,
and now he's pursuin' you?

That's very strange, Monsieur,

unless you have
somethin' he wants.

Like the money from
the bank robberies, eh?

You have it?

Let's talk about the river.

I vote we try the rapids.

They have been around before
once even with success, eh?

There are many kinds of
animals up in the deep mountains.

Strange, wicked creatures
never before seen by man.

At least, no man has
every lived to tell of it.

There's the Sqwank,
the Billydad, Splintercat,

the Trepidero...

Perhaps the most fearsome
of all is the Hidebehind.

What's that?

A very dangerous animal.

It gobbles people up so
there isn't no trace of 'em.

The Hidebehind is so named

because it is always hiding

behind something.

Usually the trunk of a tree.

No matter which way a man turns,

it's always behind him.

What does it look like?

Ah, that is the mystery.

For no one has every seen one.

Or at least, has
never lived to tell of it.

- Never?
- Never.

Are there any around
these here parts?

That I do not know.

But always remember,

the owl is a friend to man.

And if there is a
Hidebehind around,

he will try to warn
you with his hooting.


Hoo, hoo.

Another thing to remember
is always walk very careful

in the forest.

For the thing that draws
the Hidebehind to you

is the cracking of a twig.

Promise me you will
always be very careful.

Supper must be hot by now.


Marshall, Paulette.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

Why d'ya figure she's
so uppity, Marshall?

Well, Tutt, you know it's
easier to read a strange river

than it is to try and figure
out a woman sometimes.

You'll learn more about that
when you get a little older.

You're a fool.

A stupid French fool.

I'm French, and I am foolish,

but I do not like being
called them both at once.

Then stop being
both of them at once.

Let us get out of
here, leave them.

That would not be honorable.

What do you know about honor?

I put up with you, don't I?

A lesser man would
have left you years ago.

Pierre, we are thieves.


I do not want him to
arrest us and put us in jail.

Paulette, you are no longer a
picker of pockets in the streets.

You are Pierre's woman.

Pierre will protect you.

We could slip away
and go to our camp,

and we will be safe.

Please, you owe
the Marshall nothing.

What about the children?

They know nothing of the river.

Would you leave
'em to die in the rapids

without even trying to help 'em?

They mean nothing to me.

Nothing at all.

What's the matter with her?

Ah, yes.

Still and peaceful Paulette
is sometimes caught up

in what might have been.


'bout time to turn in.

I'll fix the bed rolls.

Good night, Marshall.

I'll go with you, Marshall.


When we get to Piety
Hill, what're you gonna do?

Well, I don't know,

whaddya think we oughta do?

Me and Tutt was kinda
hoping you'd drop off

and let us go on.

To the Mississippi, eh?

That's where we
was figurin' on goin'.

You don't wanna go
with me to Piety Hill?

No, sir.

Why not?

Got a reason.

You know, you and Tutt
told me you were orphans.

That's not exactly true, is it?

Yes, sir.

We ain't got no ma
or no pa, neither.

They was killed in a house fire.

What about relatives?

Don't you have any relatives?

You sure do it make
it hard for a body.

Didn't want to
stop at Piety Hill

'cause we got a aunt there.

But she don't want us, Marshall.

And we're growed up
enough to do what we want.

Is that so?

Well we are.

Marshall, you wouldn't wanna go

and give us to her, would ya?

I mean, she's
meaner than a hornet

and got a face like a hawk.

Why, you can't say nothing,

she don't jump down your throat

and gallop your insides out.

There's some folks
say she's a witch.

What's her name?

Aw, Marshall.

Now, Hannah, look, I'm
gonna have to talk to her.

But I promise ya I'll put
in a good word for ya.

It's Turney, Miss Ida Turney.

And how is your
magnificent wound?

I think it's gonna scar
up just somethin' prideful.

Wanna see?

Later, perhaps.

After my dinner has settled.

I wished I could live out
here in the forest with you

and be a trapper.

It's a good life for a man.

Perhaps someday you will, eh?

How long have you
and Miss, Miss...


Paulette been married?

We have been together
for about 10 years now.

That's an awful long
time to be married.


Aren't you worried with
her bein' out there all alone?

To be alone is sometimes
good for the soul.

But it's dark and scary, and
a Hidebehind might get her.

Why don't you go and sit
with her, and protect her?

I don't think she likes me.

Never presume that a
women's first reaction

is her final one, you go ahead.

It might help.

Well, I guess I could.

I mean, she might be lost.

She will be down by the river.

Mrs. Pierre?

Mrs. Pierre?

Pierre said it'd be all right
if I came down to find ya.

I mean, it's kinda
dark and scary,

but if you don't
want me to be here,

I'll go on back.

Well, 'night.

You can stay if you want to.

Maybe we oughta
be gettin' on back.

How old are you?


And how does it feel
to be 11-years-old?

I don't know.

What do you think about?

What do you feel?

What do you want to do?

I don't know what to say, ma'am.

Just tell me about yourself.

Well, I'm Tutt Kincaid,

and I'm goin' down to
Mississippi to join up with Joe Snag

and be a river pirate,

and lead the life of adventure.

What else?

Well, I wanna do
everything there is to do,

and see everything
there is to see.

I wanna grow up to be
as big as the Marshall.

I wanna drive one
of them big trains,

and ride on a steam boat,

and be a soldier,
and a mountain man,

and a scout for the Army.

And a wagon
master, and a admiral.

That's an awful lot
to do in one lifetime.

I can do it.

When my ma was
alive, she used to say,

"Tutt, your life is ahead of ya,

"and you can do
anything you've a mind to."

She said to never
look down at my feet

to keep from stumblin',

'cause if I'm
always lookin' down,

I'll never see all the wondrous
things that's around me.

She said, "You gotta
reach out, and take, and feel,

"and do everything you can.

"But if you start feelin'
sorry for yourself,

"then your life
ain't worth livin'."

She said a lot
of things like that.

'Fore she died.

Do you miss her much?

Yessum, a whole lot.

Kinda sad feelin',
growin' up without her.


I am sure it is.

Did you and your husband
ever have kids, Mrs. Pierre?

It is late.

But we just got started talkin'.

Did I say somethin' wrong?

It's a woman and the boy.

I can get a bead on 'em,

pick 'em off like
crows on a fish.

Yeah, we go to shootin',

and the rest of 'em will
take off with our money.

What about crossin' the
river and sneakin' up on 'em?

The current's too fast,

and besides that, you
can't swim a flat lick.

What're we gonna
do now, Charlie?

We'll just go on down the river

and wait for 'em at the Narrows.

They'll show up down
there sooner or later.

Ain't no place else they can go.

C'mon, let's get goin'.

It was worth a try, was it not?



Rustle us up a bite to eat.

- Lapin.
- Yeah?

Why don' you get us
some firewood for him.

Suggs, you and
Hodad come with me.


We can drop that tree across
the river, and we'd have 'em.


Why don't you
boys get to choppin'?


It is strange to think

that the river can
be so peaceful here,

and yet farther
down, so violent.

You know, the boy, Tuttle,

he came to me last night.

Mhmm, I know.

He has so many dreams.

Wonderful little boy.

Dreams about joining
up with river pirates,

and driving steam engines.

Will you marry me?

You know, last night he
called me "Mrs. Pierre".

I liked the sound of it.

There is so little
time left for us.

We have wasted so many years.

Not wasted.

We have been together.

When you first took
me from the streets,

I was happy being your woman.

And when our son was
born and growing up,

I was still happy.

But when he died, well,

from that moment
on, I was not happy.

And I have often
wondered if maybe

he is being punished

because we were not married.

I do not believe God
is as wrathful as all that.

I want another son, now.

But not unless we are married.

I wouldn't have
kept you this long

if you were not a good woman.

It is against my
better judgment,

but when the time is
right, we will be married.

But, do not expect me to change.

I do not want you to change.

And I thank you.

Monsieur, the rapids!

Everybody get down and hold on.

We've done it,
Monsieur, we've done it!


That's them.

Boy, we got 'em, we got 'em.

Let's get ready.


Look out!

Marshall, we are about to
have a situation on our hands.

They've blocked the Narrows.

You kids, get down
behind the crate here.

Pour it on 'em!

Marshall, the money!

What are you doing?

Hey, lookie there.

He's throwin' the money away!

That's $5,000, Pierre.

That's the amount
of the reward money

for Charlie Utter and his gang.

You and your
Frenchmen help me out,

you can have the reward.

My Frenchmen?

Those mirror
signals. How 'bout it?

Five thousand dollars?

You have a deal!

That's our money in the river!

Stay down, you boneheads!

Come back, you idiots!

Poe, you can't even swim!

Look at all that
beautiful money.

Grab it!

- Poe!
- Lapin, help me!

Help me, save me!

Lapin, help!

I can't swim!


I got you now, Dillon.

I don't believe it.

On your feet, Charlie.

Don't shoot, we give up!

Andre and the rest followed us.

Paulette, children, all is well.

I told you Pierre
would protect you.


Get the gun, get the money.

Get the money from the river!

The money, you rob a bank, huh?

Reward for bank robber.

Hurry up with the money!

Take the ones
in front of ya first.

Leoni, are you
asleep or working?


Cut the big log to your left!

Pull it off!

You need some help?

No, thank you, young lady.

We're almost finished.

Y'know, I've been thinkin'.

Them trappers up river
are pretty ornery mean.

And they got you outnumbered.

That is true.

My band of men is quite small,

and sometimes the odds are...

You have a suggestion?

I might knows where
there's a couple that might be

willin' to sign on.

They would have
to be very brave.

Oh, they're brave.

Ain't no doubt about that.

Think they could pass
the test of initiation?

What kinda test is that?

A very secret ceremony

about which I am
not supposed to tell.

I'm sure you will not repeat it.

No, sir.

At midnight on the
blackest day of the month,

we take 'em deep
into the forest,

where the Hidebehind
is known to be.

We tie their hands,
and we break sticks,

and we leave
'em alone all night.

What happens?

If they are still
there in the morning,

we celebrate by giving
them fine things to eat.

What kind of things?

Ah, very great delicacies.

Lizard legs, owlet's eyes,

and to drink the blood of...

Tell me, where can I
find these who would like

to join up with me?

Well, if I run into 'em,
I'll tell 'em to look you up.

You lazy oafs!

Put your back to it!

Hannah, Tutt?

We're leavin'.

C'mon, Tutt.

Well, ma'am, I guess
it's about time to go.

I wanna thank you
for the doctorin' and all.

And how is the wound?

Puckerin' up somethin' great.

It will leave a good scar,

I am sure of that.

Thank you, ma'am.

Tuttle, before, when we spoke,

I was rude,

and I apologize.

Heck, ma'am.

I didn't notice
anything like that.

I thought you was real fine.

Pierre told me all
11-year-old boys were alike.

It is not true.

Goodbye, Tuttle.

I shall miss you.

Me too, ma'am.

I'm ready to go, Marshall.

Paulette, are you ready?

Woman, I told you.

When I was ready.

I am ready.

For what?

I am ready!

I am ready!

Marshall, we are
coming with you.

Gene, Andre, get the
ropes, get the ropes.

Oh, Paulette.

My darling.

Push him out.

Andre, bring the men.

We will meet you at Piety Hill.

We will meet you at
Piety Hill for the wedding!

If it weren't for your
say so, Marshall,

I never would've allowed
the children to attend

this kind of a wedding.

What kinda wedding
is that, ma'am?

The likes of them are not a
good influence on young minds.

You gotta go to
Dodge City, Marshall?

Well, I'm afraid so,
Tutt. It's my home.

You really gonna
leave us with her?

Tuttle, Hannah?

Well, Hannah, she's your aunt.

I'm sure she means
the best for ya.

How can she mean the best

when she makes us
wear these things?

Pinchy shoes, too.

And the clothes
ain't the worst of it.

We have to go to school.

Yeah, well, that'll
be good for ya.


If we go to Dodge City,
can we come and visit ya?

I'd sure be
disappointed if you didn't.

Tuttle, Hannah,
come here this instant.

Her mouth's wider
than the Mississippi.

When it ain't all
puckered up like a prune.

Well, so long.

So long.

I guess Joe Snag'll
just have to wait.

You stay right here
while I go back in

and enroll you
for Sunday school.

And don't you move one
inch, you understand?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Tuttle, Hannah, where are you?



Children, stop this nonsense.



Oh, good heavens.

Tuttle, Hannah!

Goodbye, Miss Turney!

Thanks for everything.

We're gonna join
up with Joe Snag.

Tuttle, Hannah!

Come back this instant!



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