Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 18, Episode 1 - The River: Part 1 - full transcript

The episode has two plot threads. First, in the Oregon wilderness Matt Dillon escapes with a prisoner from a band of bank robbers led by Charley Utter. They kill the prisoner but continue to pursue Matt for the $24,000 bank loot he has recovered from them. Second, Matt encounters two runaway orphans, Tuttle and Hannah Kincaid, who are floating down the Rogue River. At a rough mining town Matt and the children encounter a thief, Pierre, and his partner in crime, Paulette.


And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.



There he goes!

Get him! Shoot him! Kill him!

After him, boys!

Don't let him get away.

There he is, there he is.

I can't go no further, Dillon.

Get up, Stinson,
get on your feet.

They've run into ground.

Masters, you work your way on
around yonder and get up above him.

Hodad, you go
back down that way.

Don't let him work
out that direction.

All right, the rest of you boys
kind of scatter around here,

and see if you can't
get a clear shot.

Wave when you're ready.

All right, Dillon.

Let's talk.

We got you cornered.

You can't get away.

Utter, I want you to
think of Stinson here.

Oh, I think a whole lot of him,

but I think a whole lot
more of that $24,000

you got stuffed in
them saddlebags, Dillon.

Charlie, don't let him kill me.

It ain't that much money.

It ain't that much money?


Get him, Masters.

He's gonna jump!

I think I see him.

There he is!

Hey, he's heading
around the bend.

Get him, men!

Shoot him! Kill him!

Don't let him get away!

He got away.

Oh, no, he ain't.

He'll never get through
them rapids alive.

- Suggs!
- Yeah?

Oh. Go get the horses and
meet us down around the bend.

- All right.
- Come on, men.

Let's keep track of his carcass.


Look, his head's bleeding.

He's a sheriff!

No, he ain't. He's
a U.S. Marshal.

That's worse.

You ain't going through
his personal property.

He's a U.S. Marshal!



Lookie here!

What is it?

Well, would you look at that.

Kids on a raft.

That marshal's got
more lives than a tomcat,

but we got him this time.

Shoot to kill, boys.

Somebody's shooting at us.

Let's get out of here!
Get going, Hannah.

Stay down!

Shoot him! Don't let
him get away, boys!

They out of range!
They out of range!

All right, keep
pulling! Let's go!

What are you gonna
do now, Charlie?

We're gonna go after him.

Charlie, we ain't got a snowball's
chance in hell of catching him.

We'll get him.

Are you crazy, Charlie?

The onliest way we can
get down to down river

is on the other side.

And the only place we can
cross that river is ten miles up.

What did you bring them for?

You told me to bring
the horses, Charlie.

I don't mean the horses,

I mean them, you bonehead.

Well I couldn't just leave
'em there for the birds and all.

You know I always did have
a hankering for that watch.

Charlie, you're
being unreasonable.

By the time we get
across that river,

that marshal will be
halfway to Jacob's Crossing.

You mean to tell me

that you're willing to forget
that Dillon killed Masters?

Not to mention poor
old Stinson here.

Two of my closest,
personal friends.

Are you boys going to forget

that he's packing
down the $24,000

in them saddlebags?

Money that we worked
hard for in the first place.

Well, you can forget
it if you want to,

but I need to go and
do, I'm going a-huntin'.

Get out of my way.

What about the boys, Charlie?

Rest in peace, boys.

I ain't got time to bury you.

Come on, let's get riding.

Hey, look, Hannah, it's a hat.

Hannah: Must be the marshal's.

Tuttle: We ought to be safe now.

There ain't no way they
can come down after us.

See if he's breathing.

I don't hear nothing.

What do we do with him, Tut?

Push him back over.

We can't do that,
that'd be murder.

Not if he ain't
breathing it won't be.


What are we gonna do, Tut?

Let me think on it.

Why do you figure they
were shooting at him?

Seeing as much as I did,

maybe we could put ashore and
dump him before he wakes up.

You mean just leave him in the
woods, all banged up like that?

He's the law.

You want to go to jail for the
rest of your natural born life?

No, but I ain't gonna leave
him here to die, neither.

I swear, Hannah.

Put your brains
in a jay birds head,

and he'd fly backwards.

And what if them bad bellies
that was a-shooting come after us?

I ain't gonna leave him to die.

- What about the money?
- Let's steal it.


Too late.

Don't you tell him nothing.
Let me do the talking.

Marshal, are you all right?

I think so.

You was being shot at.

And you got slammed
up alongside a rock.

Me and Tut pulled
you on the raft here.

Yeah, I remember that.
I sure want to thank you.

Them that was a-shooting
at you, them be outlaws?

Yeah, they sure were.

What are you two doing out here?

Well, this here's my sister Hannah,
and my name's Tuttle Kincaid.

Who are you?

My name's Matt Dillon.

I'm from Dodge City, Kansas.

Where are you two from?

We come from upriver a ways.

Up around Wathena?

No, sir, it's a bit farther up.

Actually, we come from Osceola.

Our pa owns this here raft.

He told us to take
it downriver for him.

- That so?
- Yes, sir.

- This belongs to our pa.
- That's what I just told him.

Uh-huh, and where
are you headed?

Piety Hill.

Well, I appreciate what you did.

I won't forget it, either.

Heck, Marshal, you don't
owe us nothing, much.

How long you two
been on the river?

Don't rightly remember.
Four or five days, maybe.

This Piety Hill you were
talking about. How far is it?

About this far on the map.

We figure it'd take us about
four days from yesterday.

- Do you have the map?
- Hannah lost it over the side.

Did not. It blew away
when you wasn't looking.

Well, is there any other
towns between here

- and Piety Hill along the river?
- Never heard of none.

There's a small spot on the
map named Jacob's Crossing.

That kinda sounds
like a town, don't it?

I sure hope so.

Tut, you read the
river pretty good, huh?

I know every nook and cranny

a catfish ever took
a mind to hide in.

I read the river like
a hog reads slop.

Heading into the
rapids. Hang on.

Get down, both of
you. Hang on tight.

Hang on.


Tuttle: We made it, Marshal.

Hannah: We never ran
into anything like that before.

Matt: Hope we don't
run into any more.

I don't know how much
this old raft can take.

Tuttle: Not so tight, Marshal.

I stubbed it pretty bad.

Matt: Oh, I think it'll heal.

Food's ready.

There we go.

Marshal, you never said
how come them outlaws

was a-shooting at you.

Tut, maybe that's private
marshaling business.

And if we wants us
to know, he'll say.

It ain't polite to ask.

Tuttle: Well, I figured
we got a right to know,

seeing we saved his life.

Did you ever hear
of Charlie Utter?

Yes, sir.

Everyone on the river
knows Charlie Utter.

Heard he's crazier
than a ganny-nipper

due to some horse kicked him
in the head when he was a baby.

He's the one?

He's the one. That
scare you, does it?

I ain't scared none.

Me neither.

I ain't scared a hair of it.

Not as long as
you're here, Marshal.

Well, you two are mighty brave.

Marshal, you figure Charlie
Utter's gonna come following?

He might, Hannah.

If he does, we're gonna
have our work cut out for us.

Charlie: Ride, you yahoos!

Dang blood thirsty skeeters.

About worse than a
nervous doo-doo bug.

Gotta keep the spit
knocked out of it.

It gets all gummed up in there.

- We gotta tie up for the night, Marshal?
- Well, I don't know.

If it stays smooth like this,
I think we'll just keep going.

Care if I smoke?

Been smoking since
I was crawdad bait.

That so?

Prefer Old Creepy
in the can best.

But I ran clean out yesterday.

Picked some kah-nit kah-nit.

We were put up last night.

Hear it's next best.

Might stronger than Old Creepy.

Injuns use it a lot.

But it's okay.

Sure smells good.

I think I'll rest a bit.

Are you a real strict lawman?

Well, there are
some would say so.

I'm real scared of that.

Marshal, do we have
to go to Piety Hill?

I thought that's where
you were headed.

Well, it is in a way.

Marshal, can I ask you
something secret and confidential?

Well, sure, I guess so.

Have you ever told a lie?

Well, I've told a few.

But I always felt
pretty bad afterwards.

So do I.

And I've been
telling a lot lately.

Seems to be the
times call for it.

That so?

Where are you and
Tut really headed?

Why, Piety Hill
like we told you.

I got a hunch
you're running away.

Where are you headed
for, California or something?

No, we ain't running away.

We're going down to Mississippi
to join up with Joe Snag.

Joe Snag the river pirate?

He's the best there is.

We heard about him
all the way up from Alvin.

I thought you told me
you were from Osceola.

Tut just said that so you wouldn't
know where to take us back to.

I bet you stole this
raft, too, didn't you?

Yes, sir.

But it wasn't outright
stealing, exactly.

More like borrowing.

We just found it
floating down the river,

and there was no one on it.

What about your folks?
Aren't they worried about you?

Ain't got none.

Don't tell Tut I told
you, but we're orphans,

and we've run away
from the workhouse.

Charlie: Whip him
over and under, boys!

I can almost feel that money

bunching in my pockets.

All right put 'em
in, you yahoos.

We're going across.

We're gonna get him.

We're gonna get him for sure!


Marshal, looks like
something's up ahead.

You figure it's that
Jacob's Crossing?

Well, we'll find out.

Hey, Marshal, look at that.

It's a whole town
made out of tents.

I've never seen
anything like that before.

All right, Tut, tie it up.

Can we stay here a while?

Just long enough to get
a rifle and some supplies.

Why don't you two stay on
board and look after the raft?

- Aw, Marshal.
- We'll just take a look around.

- We won't do nothing wrong.
- Come on, Marshal.

We ain't seen a
place like this before.

Looks like there's
a lot of things to do.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

I want your word
you'll stay here.

All right, Marshal.

We'll make sure no
one steals the raft.

I'll be back in a little while.

Wish he hadn't taken
them saddlebags.

How much money you got?

- 27 cents, why?
- Give it here.

I'm gonna run it into
something bolder.

You promised the marshal.

I promised to make sure
no one steals the raft,

not to stay here.

Tell a lie and you die in rags.

I swear, Hannah, I teach
you everything I know,

and you still don't
know nothing.

How you ever gonna
find out anything

unless you're adventurous?

Hey, you!

You speak-y American?

You speak-y American?

I give you one nickel.

You watch-y raft.

Okay, fella boy?

Come on, Hannah.

Was that one of them Celestials?

I think it was a Hi-waiian.

But I ain't for sure.

All them foreigners
look the same.


Man: All right, gentlemen,
we'll try just one more time.

Remember, there's
a winner every time.

Sometimes it's you,
sometimes it's me.

Chase it, trace it,
see if you can place it.

Here it is. Red wins for
you, black wins for me.

See if you can pick
out the red queen.

Any time, gentlemen.

That's the one you want,
that's the one you're gonna get.

Oh, better luck
next time, stranger.

How do you play
this game, mister?

Cost you a dime,
son, you got it?


Game is called "Tossing
the Broad," my boy.

Now you watch the red
queen, tell me where she goes,

and you win two for one.

Chase it, trace it,
see if you can place it.

Red wins for you,
black wins for me.

- That's a shame.
- Shoot.

Have another go at it.

Chase it, trace it,
see if you can place it.

Red wins for you,
black wins for me.

That one.

- Too bad.
- Shoot.

Want another go at
it? Want to try again?

Come on.

Live and learn, sonny boy.

What did you do that for?

He was a crook.

Give me a minute and
I'd have figured it out.

Come on. There's
lots more to see.

Lookie there.

She's dressed
up like a sore toe.

She wants us.

What for?

How should I know?

Come on.

Hello there.


What are you two kids doing in
a place like Jacob's Crossing?

We just looking around.

See anything you like?

It's a wondrous place.

There's all kind
of wonders, boy,

but most of 'em take money.

Oh, we got money.

77 cents.

Your friend there
seems in a hurry.

Oh she ain't my
friend, she's my sister.

What's your names?

Hannah Kincaid, ma'am.

Tut, we gotta get going.

My name's Tuttle Kincaid, ma'am.

Well, you're two fine-looking
kids. I'll say that for ya.

You run some kind of
business, do you ma'am?

I'm a professional
woman of sorts.

Gee, that's great.
What you sell?

Homemade apple pie.

Quarter a piece.

Boy, I could go
for some apple pie.

Come on, Tut. The
marshal will be looking for us.

- Marshal?
- Come on, Tut. I mean it.

You find that marshal,

bring him back for some
coffee and apple pie, you hear?

Okay, ma'am.

Bye, ma'am.

They have gambling, too?

What's the limit on gambling?

Get your bets down, boys.

Come on, Hannah.

Let's go around back.

Bets down, last call.

You may be the next
one to win the lucky strike.

Number 20. Come on, 20.

Come on, 20, 20.

Come on, 20.

Dealer: Number 16.

No money on 16, the house wins.

Better luck next time.

You know, I'm getting
mighty tired of losing, little lady.

Some win, some lose.

That's the game
of chance and life.

Bets down, last call.

There she goes, boys.

Like a wood stake
in a hurricane.

Man: 20! Come on, 20!

Ladies and gentlemen, number
two. The gentleman right here.

Get your bets down, boys.

Every spin is a new game.

I have seen
players who have left

this very same table
with a fortune in gold,

and a fine life,
and fine houses,

and have servants
who wait on them.

Number double
"O," the house wins.

Better luck the next time.

Put your bets down, boys.

Put your bets down.

- What's this for?
- You go around and make a bet.

Make it loud so I can hear it.

- What for?
- Go, just go on.

Dealer: Get your bets down.

And if you lose again,
go home, take a bath,

clean your fingernails,
and write a letter to mother.

But most of all, boys, pray,

'cause tomorrow's another day.

- What are you doing here?
- Can I make a bet?

Get out of here, kid!

Oh, let her play, Lolo. She
can lose like the rest of us.

Number 18!

Another game,
this is our last call.

Come on, seven.

Come on, seven.

Hannah: 18, 18.




Seven, come on, seven.

Come on seven, seven.


- Seven, come on.
- Number 18.

Number 18.

And the youngster
here is the big winner.

You know, something
smells like rotten hides to me.

What your wearing, Lolo.

Bets down, boys, bets down.

Last call boys, bets down.

Another game coming up.

Number 23!

Come on. Come on, 20.

Somebody wins, somebody loses.

But it is always exciting.

Come on!

They caught that
crazy Frenchman.

You're never gonna
get out of this one.

What's going on down there?

It's what they do to
thwart thieves, Marshal.

They chop down a tree,

well, it's not very nice
to see what happens.

Hold these for me.

Aye, I will, lad.

A silver fox to an otter,

the right arm goes first.

No, no, no, no.

Make it two to one
beaver, and you got a bet.

Hold it there! Hold it there!

What's going on here?

What kind of lawman of you?

United States Marshal out of
Dodge City. Now what is this?

This ain't Dodge.

This is Jacob's Crossing.
We got our own law.

I asked you a question, mister.

MacCool is the
name. Finn MacCool.

We take care of
our own business.

Like you'd best do.

Mr. MacCool, I want
you to cut that man down.

This here's a trap
robber, Marshal.

We caught him six, seven
times, thieving from our traps.

- But he slipperied away every time.
- Has he had a trial?

Trial? He don't need no trial.

He's the leader of a crazy
bunch of Frenchies downriver,

been robbing us blind.

There's gonna be no lynch law
here, and I want you to cut him down.

It ain't lynch law.
It's trapper's law.

How many here say he's innocent?

How many here say he's guilty?

Marshal, come back!



Marshal! Somebody,
untie me, help!

Somebody untie me, please!

I will pay!

Hey, stop it!

Hey, get away from there!

Stop it! No, no, no! Go away!

Go away, you drunken fool!

Somebody take him away.

Man: Nobody can
be as lucky as that kid.

Man: Yeah, how come
she's always winning?

- Dealer: Get your bets down, boys.
- Number 19!

Come on, fellas, spin the
wheel. Let's do another game.

I see what's going on
around here, and I ain't thrilled.

Another game coming up.

Last call, boys.

Man: Hey, fight!

Oh, the heck with the
fight, spin the wheel.

There we go, boys. There we go.

Frenchman: No, no! Stop, no!

Chop the other tree.
It's the other tree.

If that tree falls,
you will kill me!

No! No!

Cheat, cheat!

Get the cheaters! Get the girl!

Get the girl!

- There he goes.
- Hey, the cheats.

Grab that kid.

Boy, we got him,
we got him. Let's go.

Get those kids, get them!

Don't let 'em get away!

They're getting away!

Grab 'em, get the kids!

- Stop them!
- Hold it right there.

But they cheated us!

They rigged the wheel.

Them are the marshal's.

Marshal, they're
taking our raft!

Stay right where
you are. Don't move.

Hannah: Hey,
don't! That's our raft!

- Hey, mister!
- Get away, kids!

- That's our raft!
- Get away!

They do not seem
happy that I get away.

Frenchman: Sacré blue.

May I introduce you to
Mademoiselle Paulette Duvalier?

My wife.

Get him! Shoot him! Kill him!

I want Matt Dillion dead!