Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 8 - Lynott - full transcript

A badly injured Matt asks a good friend to take over temporarily as the Marshall of Dodge.

Announcer: Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Man: Yeah, Fergusonville.

Ain't a bad town.

They can sure use me,
but it ain't a bad town.

All it needs is a little attention
to law, order, and a Winchester.

Not necessarily in that order.

Just a little
stone-nosed marshalin'.

Yeah, old Ferguson
would have liked it, though.

Raunchy as it is.

Ah, I remember him like
it was only 100 yards ago.

Ha. I remember one time he...

He picked up a
300-pound grizzly yearling

he kept as a pet,

and, uh, he carried it
on down to Danny's Bar,

and he sets that's old
grizzly up on the bar,

- and he says to Danny...
- "You serve sheep herders in here?"

And Danny nods.

- And then old...
- Ferguson.

Ferguson, he'd nod and say,

"Well, then give me a glass of whiskey
and give my friend here a sheep herder."

I told you that one before?

In Cross Creek,
Hell's Bend, Oblivion,

half a dozen others.

Why'd you marry me, woman?

I can't think of one reason.

Drifting from one
hell hole to another.

- Gunfight.
- Tom.


Whoa. Whoa.

Tom, no.

Tom. Tom.

- Gunfight.
- Tom!

- Get down. Get out of the way.
- Tom!

Get down!

Tom! Oh, God.

It's a gunfight,
all right, but...

question is, who's
doing what to who.

Who are ya, pilgrim?

Dillon: U.S. Marshal!


Let's get busy.

Jack! Ben!

Jack's dead!

I'm hit!

All right! All right!

We're throwing it in!

All right, pilgrim.

Get over there next
to that other one.

Where I can see
ya clean and solid.

I'm bleedin'!

Along with most of us.

Now lay that gun down
flat a little to the left.

Throw your other
guns on that pile.

Now sit!

Tom. Tom Lynott.

Well, it's a small
world for the size of it.


Who's them?

I don't know.

Just ambushed ya?

At the base of these rocks when
I was trying to get to the spring.

Yeah, a badge do draw a
crowd on occasion, don't it?

Yeah, they sure chewed on you.

Well, come on, I got a
buggy down yonder here.

A buggy?

Yeah, a man can't tote his
wife around in a pack trap.

Come on.

Pene with ya?

Four feet would be
a mile without her.

All right, you left-footed,
spine-shooting heroes.

Get on down there!

Or I'll tack ya flatter
than a bug's pockets.

Come on, Matt.


Doctor! Marshal's been shot!

You got a doc here?

- You the croaker?
- I'm the doctor.

- All right, you got a room?
- I have.

All right, get him on up to it.

Right now.

You, hold him gently.
You, easy. Take it easy now.

You with the
badge, you got a jail?

- 'Course we have.
- All right, take these dry-gulchers

and pack 'em on into it,

tighter than a long fish
in a short can. Get to it.

You, take these horses, and
sell 'em for anything you can get.

Put the money in
the bank. Ma'am?

- Yes?
- Get this little woman up to a room.

You, close your mouth before the
bees hive, and get those bags upstairs.


As old Ferguson used to say,

now let's belly-up
to the trough.

Wet the whistle.

Well, how do you make it, Doc?

Everything considered,
I'd say we're lucky.

One bullet missed his shoulder
socket about a quarter of an inch.

Another one glanced off a rib.

Almost took a kidney with it.

He's gonna need rest.

Good, long, sound rest.

How long?

It's hard to say, Miss
Kitty, but I'd guess a month,

and that'd be on
the narrow side.

Well, I'd... I'd best be goin'.

See you back at the
Long Branch, Miss.

Thank you, Mister.


Tom... I heard you talking.

Look, I'm not gonna be in here
a month. More like two weeks.

But whatever it is, I gotta have
somebody looking out after the town,

Tom, while I'm in here.

Well, you got your deputy.

You got some boys here
with some sand to 'em.

You got you a nice town
with roots reachin' out.

You'll make out all right.

Now, Tom, there's a Wells
Fargo shipment due in.

Now, Newly and
Festus, they're good men,

but I gotta have somebody
who's marshaled before.

Somebody experienced, Tom.

Oh, no, no, Matt,
you don't want me.

Just for a couple weeks,
Tom, till I get on my feet.

Now, wait a minute, now. It's
gonna be more than two weeks.

What do you say, Tom?

Oh, this... this kinda town,

this ain't my kinda town.

Them screechers
with the hide half off.

Raw and jumpin',
that's what fits me.

No, you... you don't
want me. Uh-uh.

This town can't be
without a marshal.

It takes too long
to get another one.

- Just two weeks, Tom.
- Or more.

All right.

Thanks, Tom.

Your wife is at the
hotel, Mr. Lynott.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I'm obliged to you, ma'am.

Old Ferguson'd
never believe this one.

Well, at least Pene'll
get some sleep.

What's the matter, Kitty?

I'm fine.

No, something's
wrong. What is it?

No, there isn't anything wrong.

I was just...

well, wondering if you'd
made the right choice.

Look, you try and
get some rest and...

I'll have Sam bring
you some broth.

There you go.

Well, here's to your good
health and good fortune.

Thank you.

You were wondering about Tom.

The wine and cheese
are in welcome.

I know that, Kitty.

But you are wondering about Tom.

What makes you think that?

A woman's intuition.

About a woman's
intuition about men.

He saved Matt's life.

Matt's wounded.

Can't defend himself.

And the man that defends
this town defends Matt.

Oh, I know.

Tom has led a wild, raw life.

He's a good man, Kitty.

A strong man.

And... a kind man,
at the root of things.

But, um...

well, just a
little... different.

I'm sure Tom's a good
man at the root of things.

If I did have a question to ask,

it would be about that
difference you talk about.

I just wonder if it would
help to enforce the law

or make it tougher.

So anyway, here these two
old boys come right along,

and they come on old Ferguson,

and the Apaches got him
buried in the sand, see? Like this.

For the ants. And
he's down there.

And this old boy looks
at him and he says,

"Hi, Bill." He says, "This pilgrim's
got himself wired for trouble."

And old Ferguson says,
"No, no, I ain't in no trouble."

And boy says, "Why ain't ya?"

And he said, "It's simple. I
got a fine horse under me."

That's true. That's true.

That there old Ferguson
must have been a pistol's pistol.

He sure sounds like it.

Get 'em Charles!

Fight! Fight!

Ooh! Ooh!

Here. I'll throw 'em
in jail for you, Tom.

- Newly.
- Oh, no, that ain't necessary, Festus.

Well, they's drunk and
fighting on the street.


Festus, they're all right.
They're good old boys.

When they surface, they're
gonna need a drink, Sam.

- Put it on my tab, will ya?
- All right.

Well, pilgrims, this day's
been a year if it's been an hour,

and my edges are
starting to show.

Try not to wake me with
the shooting and yelling, huh?

Going to bed?

You ain't going to bed, are you?

On a Saturday night?

It's just sure as big
steers in summer lightning,

things is different.

Kitty, you sure you've
used one of those before?

Sure, taking down
hems and things.

Look, I got a free
hand here. See? I...

- Would you just lie still?
- But... Look...

You could always
grow a beard, you know.

Kitty... Maybe half a beard.

How ya feeling?

Well, Doctor, I don't know.

Under the circumstances here...

That's not a circumstance,
Matt. That's a mortal threat.

Oh, you two relax.

Razors were invented by
women. Or should have been.

No question about that, but let
me take a look at my patient here.


Does that hurt?

It did, huh?

But you're coming along.

Doctor, how's Tom coming along?


his methods are a
little different from yours,

but that shouldn't concern you.

Town's been quiet, Matt.

Tom's a good man.

Here, you take two
of these every morning

before breakfast without fail,

and I'll have you back on your
feet before long and as good as new.

What's going on out there?

All right, drop your knife, or
I'll air out your bread basket.

Drop it!

What's going on in there?

This one. This one took his knife to
old man Weaver somethin' terrible.

All right, come on.
You're going to...

Now, hold on.

Festus, just... just
hold on there a minute.

What happened here, Shaw?

You mean you know
this tangle-footed yahoo?

They was going on
about my Mignon.

What's a Mignon?

That's a lady's name.

Well, if they was talking
about his woman, then maybe...

T'weren't his woman.
It's his jackass.

His jackass?

Well, that rips it. Come on.

Now hold on, Festus.

When you been roamin' with
a critter, you get attached to it.

This here's old Shaw.

This the best old tracker ever
helped the Army out of cactus.

We worked together some.

Them was the days, Tom.

Yeah, right to the
edge they was, Shaw.

Well, the old man's
all right, I guess.

He's pretty well cut up, though.

Maybe I better get Doc Chapman.

Yeah, maybe you better do that.

I am drunk, Tom.

Hard to notice, Shaw.

If I was you, I'd get
my gatherings together

and get out of town.

Now, this old boy might have had
some friends you didn't know about.

- Thanks, Tom.
- All right.

- I'm... I'm real sorry.
- All right.

Give my love to Mignon.

Old Shaw.

You're turning him loose?

Why, he carved on a man.

Yeah, he's an alligator
when he gets liquored up.

But why not? He served
his time in the Devil's pocket.

He ain't never killed
anybody... that I know of.

Well, don't you think he
ought to be throwed in jail?

That don't change a
man under the skin, pard.

Top of that, the
taxpayer stands a loss.

Come on. Buy you a drink.

Did Tom take care of that?

Yeah. Tom's taking care of it.

Now, where are we?

I'm gonna take care of you.

Now, Kitty, uh, look...

take... take it easy.

Slow. Ah. Ooh.


What do you got there, Anderson?

Pig feet.

That's rotten.

Yeah. All that's left.

Therefore, most enjoyable.


paper claims Tom
Lynott's up to Dodge.

- Tom what?
- Lynott.

That's before your time.

Tom always did know
where the cushion was.

Nicols, how long we been here?

I don't know. Rolfing,
how long we been here?

Where's that gin
wrangler? He'd know.

Barkeep? Where you at?

Hey, pass that whiskey.

There's a rat in here.

How long we been here?

There ain't no rat in there.

Fella says there's
a rat in there.

Drink everything.
Eat everything.


Nothing left but four-year-old
pig's feet that'd make a duck jump

and a keg of trade whiskey
even a mule'd stay wide of.

There's no rat in there.

What day is it?

Come in, raise the
dead, break things.

How do I know what day it is?

Can't you put that
thing up, Wallace?



We been here three days?

Could have been three years.

There's a rat in there.

That ain't a rat.
That's a mouse.

A mouse?


You reckon Talley got jail?

Not Talley.

They ain't built his jail yet.

Seems this Dodge Marshal
got himself bushwhacked.

And old Tom was riding through

and was prevailed
upon to take the job

till the marshal is all
unleaded and back on his feet.

Hey, this Lynott,
he a friend of yours?

Like another rib.

Well, that give me an idea.

Wallace, you ain't
never empty, are ya?

Dodge. Now, we gots to
wait somewhere for Talley.

Now, this place ain't nowhere.

So the right kind of thinking is

we ride on to some
genuine somewhere.

Now, Dodge ain't
that far out of the way.

Talley come riding in, the
barkeep can tell 'em where we's at.

Sure be some funnin'.

They got them a
real town up there.

Doins. We could see old Tom.

And we can loosen the wolf some.

Come on, let's get to riding.

I know what I'm gonna
do... Hey, boy. Here.

Better eat up for the trail.

Pays to pray sometimes.

- Miss Lynott?
- Yes.

I'm Mrs. Weaver.

I'm afraid you have me at a
disadvantage, Mrs. Weaver.

My husband's the one
got knifed yesterday.

Oh, I'm terribly sorry.

I didn't know.

Your man don't talk to
you none, Miss Lynott?

Please, come in, Mrs. Weaver.


I ain't forward
usually, Mrs. Lynott.

Please, please, sit
down, Mrs. Weaver.

Mrs. Lynott, maybe
if I talk to you...

Mrs. Lynott...

my Bill drinks.

I'd say he'd have to drink.

Having the furies he's had.

Tryin' and failin'.

But... mostly he's godly.

And I know, 'cause for 28 years

I done lived every day with him.

And I ain't sayin'
when Bill drinks

his sense of humor
ain't low on sense.


he's not a mean man.

He got knifed, Mrs. Lynott.

And it ain't he'll be
laid up for a month.

He's had his flat times. It's...

that we come to Dodge
'cause Dodge had law.

And it's agin' the
law to go knifin'.

But... that man...

your man...

Your man, Mrs.
Lynott, he just...

he just let that man ride off.

And him so drunk he didn't
know north from sagebrush.

Mrs. Lynott, I ain't
had no schoolin'.

Only livin'.

But the law is like the Bible.

It ain't how you look at it.

The word's there.

It's just... there.


I ain't usually
forward, Mrs. Lynott.

You're welcome any time...

Mrs. Weaver.

Pleasure for your
company, Mrs. Lynott.

Well, she done had her say.

Her man was knifed.

I know.

By a drunk.

And you let him go?

Pene, it takes all
kinds to make a world.

Bible says that too.

Only Mrs. Weaver, she
seems to have forgot that.

Sure, old Shaw was drunk.

Always will be.

Past his time, old Shaw.

Those old boys pushin' west,

if all they had was
strawberry sundaes,

you'd be wearin' feathers in your hair and
moccasins on your pretty feet right now.

But Mrs. Weaver...

I mean, this isn't Push Out.

Or Two Tops. Or
any of those places.

This is Dodge City.

People trying to
make something last.

And only laws will do it.

And you can't just see them any
way that makes things comfortable.

Well... listen to you.

I'm sorry.

Tom: Why'd you
become a deputy, Matt?

Dillon: The law.

The land needs laws
and the men to work 'em.

Why'd you?

Tom: Got paid.

Man: Hey, Lynott!

You old witch doctor. Which
rock you squeezed under?

Come on, Marshal!

Let's soak these
skins from the inside.

Mrs. Lynott! Can
Tommy come out to play?

It's Talley's bunch.

Tom, where you at?


Cut the noise and
get off the street!

Take a sharp left to
the best trough in town.

First drink's on me.

- I ain't seen them since...
- The lazy little hamlet of Glory Hole.

Blood you couldn't step
over every Monday morning.

That's right.

That front sight aimed
at hope, you called it.

That's the one.


But you sure
could hear its heart.

You sure could.

Hey, hey, hey, you remember the
time you was chasing old Ned Smith?

What was that for?

He rode my horse upstairs
after Bob Lemon's girl.

That's it.

Now that's what I call a highly
comforting past for a town marshal.

Matt says he's a good
man, he's a good man.

I'll bet Matt didn't know
this bunch of good friends.

He knew you patched
up Bill Weaver, didn't he?

He did.

I didn't wanna tell him too
much. He still needs his rest.

Let's have another, Mister.

His name's Sam.

Mr. Smilin' Sam.

And help yourself. Courtesy
of the Denver and the Western.

I'm telling you, he'll
push in later, Willie.

Sooner than later when
he finds out you're here.

Who is this one?

Oh, now that there's Wallace.

Talley picked him
up in Bone Wells.

That's the new kind you get now.

Got himself a bad
temper and a worse gun.

Got it coming out so
fast, a hawk couldn't see it.

Yeah, oh, he's
handy right enough,

but just a cub
kid for living life.

Ain't that right, Billy boy?

Comes to cub kids,
you take first money.

You say that again,
I'll put a hole in you

you can drive the
northbound through.

Oh, I ain't saying
you couldn't, Billy boy.

But if you was to do that,
you'd have to bury me.

And you might bend your mind figuring
out which end of the shovel was which.

This is good whiskey.

You know, ain't no
rat in there either.

Oh, that wasn't no
rat. That was a mouse.

Yeah, it was a mouse.

Ma'am, that's dangerous stuff.

Matt sure wouldn't side to it.

But we haven't had
any real trouble. Yet.

No, ma'am. Not yet.

But I believe that's a bunch could
take a town's 15 years of hard effort

and leave nothing but nails.

And he blamed sure ain't
marshalin' the way the folks in Dodge

is used to marshalin' being did.

Well, I agree with you, Festus,
but what are we gonna do about it?

Well, somebody ought
to tell old Matthew.

I don't wanna be no blabberty...

Festus. Festus.
Would you look at that?

Lynott, gentlemen?

He's about four doors down
in the Long Branch Saloon.

Much obliged. Deeply.


That there Lynott draws trouble

like summer melons
draws blue flies.

It's like I's saying, Newly.

There's just another sample
somebody'd ought to tell Matthew.

Well, you're the head deputy. Why
don't you tell him? I'll go with you.

I don't wanna be no...

Well, it's old Talley
standing there,

drunk as a rum goose, but holding
himself stiff as a preacher, you know,

which he looks like.

Except he's all tore up
and got himself a top hat.

So anyway, I took
him out of there,

and I took him in the bar
and watered him a little,

and I says to him, "Well,
what happened to you?

Besides running
into a burnt bear."

And he looks at me and
he says, "Got married."

I says, "Where's the bride?"

Oh, he says, "Last time I
seen her, she was comin' for me

with a knife big
enough to hay with."

One of the other boys says,
"What's her name, Will?"

He says, "Boys, I done left
so quick I can't remember."

I tell you... Oh... Oh...

but they, uh... they got...

got to breaking things
up in there, and...

I shooed 'em on out
of there and over...

Over to the Bull's Head.

Taking Talley along with him.

"What's her name, Will?"

"Can't remember."

You all right, Pene?


What's the matter, sweetheart?

Why didn't you jail them, Tom?

Jail 'em? Why?

The law.

Oh, Pen. Pen.

Honey, I know your feelings.
You've told me about 'em before.

Mrs. Weaver.

Comes a time every woman got to
think to change what don't need changin'.

Now, honey, the law is
something you gotta work with.

You gotta ease things.

You gotta play a little bit on one
side and play a little on the other,

and then just sorta
ease into things.

The shortest trail the Lord
ever made was to a tombstone.

Now, don't you
worry, sweetheart.

I know what I'm doing.


No, you don't.

And I never knew it before.


You're wrong.

I love you, Tom.

But you're wrong.

Oh, sorry to bother
you, Mr. Lynott,

but they're tearing up the Bull's
Head, and Marshal Dillon said...

All right, all right. Tell
Festus to go on down there

and ask them to
hold it low as a favor.

Well, maybe you're
forgetting, Mr. Lynott.

You sent Festus and Newly down to
me to check on Ben Kelty being there.

I what?

Sent Festus and
Newly down to me.

I never sent anybody anywhere.

I'll be right down.

Once again, old timer.

Get another pair of 'em.


Well, you're doing fine.

Did Sam deliver my
message, Doctor?


Well, why isn't
Lynott down there?

I couldn't say, Matt.

That ruckus is coming
from friends of his.

- Friends?
- That's right.

Where's Festus?

Lynott sent Festus
and Newly over to me.

Ben Kelty's been
reported over there.

Both of 'em?

Well, then that
only leaves Lynott.

That's right.

Give me my pants.

- You sit back there.
- Ow.

You said I'm doing fine.

You're doing fine in
bed. Now, not out of it.

Come on. I'm gonna
sit on ya if I have to.

Matt, you been telling us
how good your buddy Lynott is.

Now's his chance to
prove it. Let him handle it.

Now, that's a good boy.

All right.

That's enough!


If shamrocks was luck,
you'd be in a valley of 'em.

Hey, how's that for shootin',
Tom, you old town tramp?

What would Ferguson
say about that now?

He'd say you're liable to inherit
that old sodbuster's 13 kids,

and that's an unlucky number.

Oh, you reckon 13?

Long winter nights.

Get goin'.

Give me a couple of shots
of high-grade there, will ya?

Pull up a chair,
Tom, and sit down.

You know Wallace
over there, don't ya?

Yeah, I've seen him.
How are ya, son?

I ain't got no truck
with law dogs.

Well, um, you're gonna
have to hold it down some.

Yeah, yeah, I know. We
was just callin' you over.

I figured.

Now, what's all this
about Ben Kelty?

I figured that'd
fetch you over here.

It was all Wallace's idea.

Wallace, always thinkin'.

Well, I heard Ben Kelty was
gunned down up at Fort Stick.

You know, you heard just right.

Some old boy lay enough
lead in him to bottom a boat.

And then we rode into town
and saw the poster still hanging.

We just figured that the
word hadn't got out yet.

T'weren't nothing at all
to think up a note from you

telling them two deputies to
ride down to Meade to brace him.

Old Billy boy got the whole
idea in his little tin head.

Like I told ya, for a crooked, he
just plain beats a mesquite fence.

Tom, old boy, how'd you
like to dust out of this country?

- What?
- You heard right.

You know, things is getting
tighter than a swarm of locusts.

There ain't no place
to move anymore.

You can't flap your arms.

There's a badge behind,
around, and underneath every tree.

And you, you old rolling bush,

you weren't cut out to
be no lawman no how.

How'd you like to just cut out?



That's it. Canada.

All you have to do is hunt for the shade
and lay in it and worry about nothin'.

How'd you like that?

Well, I'd like that most purely,

but it, uh, it gets down
to the how of it, don't it?



Well, sure. Just laying
there like a babe on a blanket.

Yeah, I reckon it's
pretty near fool-proof.

Oh, it's 800% fool-proof.


What do you say, Tom boy?

What do you say?

Ain't nothin' in the way.

Let me just get this straight.

You, uh...

you're suggesting that I...
That I throw in with you to, um...

to clean out this town?


That's what I thought you meant.

Never did meet a law dog had
brains enough to put in a thimble.

Law dog, this whole
town just layin' out there

bigger than a skinned mule.

Just prime ripe for the takin'.

You're quite a little
planner, ain't ya?

Give you an hour, Will.

Be out of town.

Or I'll come killin'.

Wallace always did
have a big mouth.

We should have warned him.

Lynott throws a long loop,

but he don't never
let go of the tail.

All the same, he's one of us.

Tom said he was
gonna come a killin'

in one hour.

We ain't gonna
cut and run, Will.

Never have.

Get him up.

Well, you're right, Matt.

You always was.

I could have stopped
it all at the start.

What do they aim to do?

Go through your town like
a bull through a cobweb.

It's your town now, Tom.

I know what you're thinking.

It's me drawed 'em here
sure as ants to garbage.

The law... these days with...

changing times, it's...

it's just hard to understand
something that's...

that's simple.

That's incredible. I mean, that is
just incredible to just up and leave.

Just like that.

No, he's not leaving, Doctor.

He's not?

No, he's gonna stand up to 'em.


Pene. Get up, Pene.

Get your things packed.
The war bag. Wait here for me.

What is it, Tom?

Oh, nothin'.

Nothin' except the law.

That law you keep
talking about all the time.

Tom, you be careful now.

I should have
been a freight driver.

Talking to the hind end of
mules makes more sense.

Tell me, Tom.

Don't ask no questions,
Pene. Just do as I say.

Don't ask no questions.


Ho there, Lynott!

It's been a whole hour.

Let's talk!

You can see how it is.

So let's talk.

We got plenty of time.

- I'm gonna gun him.
- Hey, shut up, boy.

I'm doing this.

Ho, Tom.

You hear me?

Man just made a point here.

Ain't nothin' to do but to talk.

And seeing as how we
stand you five to one...


That little old rifle
ain't gonna cut it.

We're gonna kill you, Tom.



Look around.

Why, we could kill
you before you killed us.

If you had two
guns in each hand.

You're a dead man.


I ain't waitin' on no old man.


Get out of town.

I ain't waitin' on nobody.

Get out of town, Will.

You'd follow
through, wouldn't ya?

I would.

That's what I figure.

You're crazy, Lynott.

We'll be down across the border
when that halo of yours don't fit no more.


Well, it was a good idea.

Most of the way, boy.

The deceased's family
is entitled to some...

We was doing you right, Tom.

You ain't never
gonna understand that.

Are ya?

Come on, let's go.

Tom, that was close.

That shotgun, that's mine.

Yeah, I know, Doctor, I just
didn't have time to check with ya.

Oh, no, Marshal,
you don't understand.

See, this thing is brand new.

I haven't had time to
buy any shells for it yet.

Old Ferguson'd never
believe that one either.

Matt, we thank you.

We really thank you.

We're gonna be happy in Wichita.

I'm glad I was able to help.

Tom, I'm much obliged.

Goes double, Matt, for true.

You know, it puts me in mind
to when you and me was green.

Come a long way, ain't we?

Yeah, I guess so.

Well, keep 'er dry, Matt.

And loaded.


And, uh, Tom, be sure and
say hello to old Ferguson for me.

I'll do that.

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scenes from our next Gunsmoke.

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