Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 5 - New Doctor in Town - full transcript

Kitty finds and reads a letter from Doc Adams, who has disappeared from Dodge. Doc writes that he was so distraught over the death of a young girl under his care, who was suffering from an illness he didn't know how to treat, that he has gone East to re-enter medical school and catch up on something other than surgery for bullet wounds. (This was actually a ploy to give Milburn Stone, who had suffered a heart attack in the off season, time to fully recover.) Soon a new doctor, Dr. John Chapman, arrives. Chapman is a highly cultured, very standoffish New Orleans dandy. The townspeople treat him with disdain and refuse to see him. Chapman pretends not to care, but his feelings are deeply hurt. It takes an explosion at Newly's gun shop -- and a bone fragment pressing on Newly's brain, causing him to have hallucinations and become a dangerous maniac -- to get people to turn to Chapman for help.

Announcer: Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

- Hi, Newly.
- Hello, Festus.

How's a come you ain't
out yonder at the wedding?

Well, I promised these to Abe
Franker, and I'm way behind.

What time is it anyway?

Must be nigh on to nine o'clock.

You're fixin' to miss the whole kit
and caboodle if you don't get a move on.

Town quiet, is it?

Quiet as a mouse
tiptoein' on cotton.

Of course, everybody in town's out
yonder at the party 'ceptin' you and me.

It's March 26th, Festus.

Say, would you hand me a dipper
full of that black powder over there?


I'm just wonderin' how
long it is till payday.

He left on the fifth.

Now, did I say
anything about old Doc?

I didn't say nary
a word about him.

No, you didn't.
Come to think of it.

Ain't none of my lookout
if that ornery old custard

wants to go off by hisself
a fishin' in this cold an' all.

'Course, he said he's
gonna be gone a week or so,

- and here it's been...
- Three weeks.

Well, that's just it right
there. Don't you see?

He could be out yonder hurt
some place, froze to death.

Newly, you reckon
me and old Ruth

oughta go out
yonder lookin' for him?

He'll be back when he's
ready, Festus. Give him time.

Well, that's it for tonight.

Sure wish you were
goin' over there with me.

Well, I wished I
could too, Newly,

but I got my deputyin'
to do, you know.

I'll tell you what, appreciate
it if you'd lock up for me.

Oh, of course I will.

Go ahead on.

Have yourself a good time.

Well, thank you.

I'll bring you back
a piece of the cake.

Oh, forget that cake.

Bring me some o'
that crabapple punch!

Don't bother me none if everybody's
out there dancin' and singin'.

Hey, Doc!

Doc, you bristly
old scudder you.

It's about time you...

Who're you?

I'm Dr. Chapman.

- Who're you?
- Name's Festus Haggen.

I'm the deputy here.

That there's old Doc
Adams's buggy down yonder.

Yes, it is.

Well, then where's Doc at?

He's in Baltimore.


Where's that?

That's in Maryland.

Where's that?

That's a long ways from here.

I laid that there
fire for old Doc.

Well, that was very
thoughtful of you, Deputy.

And old Doc, he just went
fishin' up at Triple Creek.

How in the tarnation
did he get clean back to

wherever that is?

I have a letter here.

I rather imagine this is
gonna explain everything.

Does it say when old
Doc's gonna get back?

I don't know. I don't
read other people's mail.

Well, you oughta have some
idea when he's gonna get back.

He won't be.

At least not for a time, anyway.

What do you mean
he ain't comin' back?

Just what I said.

Dr. Adams is gone to Baltimore,

and he has no plans to return
any time in the near future.

I'm taking over
his practice for him.

Well, that there's the biggest
bunch o' hogwaller I've ever heard.

Old Doc, he wouldn't go no
place just out of the clear blue.

I'm afraid he did.

He was very upset over
the death of a little girl.


He felt that he needed to
return to medical school.

And he did.

Well, I don't give a
hoot what you say,

old Doc just wouldn't do that.


I have no idea what you or
anyone else in Dodge City

thinks Dr. Adams
would do or would not do.

I simply know he has gone, and
he will not be back any time soon.

Now, I've ridden a
long, long way today.

I'm very tired, and
I'm going to bed now.

So good night.

What now?

Just what do you
think you're doin'?

I'm tryin' to go to bed.

Not in old Doc's bed, you ain't.

It's the only one I see, and it
doesn't happen to be his anymore.

It's mine now, so...

I don't want to be rude, Deputy, but
will you just please remove yourself...

Hold it right there.

What do you think... young man,
now you be careful with that thing.

- That's liable to go off.
- It's liable to go off, all right.

Aimed right square
at your belly-snapper

if you so much
as bat one eyeball.

Now come on.
You're goin' with me.

To where?

To jail. That's where.

Now get them
galluses up, and let's go.

I don't believe this. I
don't believe any of it.

You come a sashayin' in here
with all your slick talkin' ginger,

claimin' a whole
mess of foolishness.

And I know you got some kind
of a slippity gee-gaw figured out,

but it ain't gonna work,

'cause I'm fixin' to take you in and
find out just who and what you are.

Now come on with me.

You're crazy as a
bedbug. Do you know that?

You can't lock me
up. I'm a doctor.

Will you read the letter I
gave you, or my credentials?

I ain't got time now.
I'll read 'em directly.

But... Don't go
buttin' me, neither.

Just tell me where old Doc's at
and what it is that you're up to.

Howdy, Festus.

What's goin' on?

I'll tell ya later, Cody.

Well, are ya gonna
own up to it or ain't ya?

No. I'm goin' to bed.

Is he a bad'un, Festus?

Festus: You can stay right here
till these here bars turn green

if you ain't got no better
story to tell me than that one.

- Come on, Cody. I'll get ya some coffee.
- No.

Festus: Old Doc wouldn't
never go away without tellin' me.

You did what?

I locked him up.

What's that say?

It says that Dr. Chapman is a
licensed physician and surgeon.

That he sits on the board of the governors
of the New Orleans Medical Association.

What's that mean?

That means that
you made a mistake.

- Doctor?
- Hmm?

- Dr. Chapman?
- What is it?

Doctor, I'm Marshal Dillon. I...
I'm afraid we've made a mistake.

You woke me up in the middle
of the night to tell me that?

I know that.

I'm sorry, Doctor.

Oh, Doctor, I...

I'd like to ask you a
few questions if I could.


I've been awake
now for two days.

I've been rousted. I've
had guns pointed at me.

And I've suffered
all, if I may say so,

with an amazing aplomb.

But now, if I'm
not under arrest,

I'm goin' back to my bed...

To my bed.

And I intend to stay there

until I'm good and
ready to get up.


whatever questions you're
gonna have will just have to wait.

Good night, Doctor.

Now, it just might
help matters a little bit

if you could convince your
deputy to read my letter.

Oh, I clean forgot
about this here, Matthew.

It's from Doc, is it?


He's all right, ain't he?

Festus, Kitty's probably not
asleep yet, but if she is, wake her up.

Then get Newly, and I'll meet
you over at the Long Branch.

- Well, what's it say?
- We'll read it together.

"There was a moment
at the graveside

when I considered giving
up medicine altogether.

And I think I very nearly did.

That's why I felt it necessary
to be alone for a while.

But there was no running away,

because the child's
death and my failure

followed me everywhere."

Well, I know Doc felt bad
about losin' her, but then, shoot,

he's lost patients before.

He took this one worse than
the others, though, Festus.

He kept talkin' how little he
knew about blood diseases.

Well, he took
it badly all right,

but I didn't know it
would affect him like this.

Go on, Kitty.


"What didn't I do
that I could have?

I telegraphed the St.
Louis Medical University

and outlined Susie's
symptoms and my treatment.

And the answer they
sent changed my life.

Her case and her symptoms
that I had never seen before

were not all that rare.

And, in fact, they've been
treating similar cases in St. Louis

for over a year
with marked results.

In many cases, with a
complete arrest of the disease.

That little girl needn't
have died at all."

Oh, how he must have felt.


"Living in Dodge has been the
most rewarding experience of my life,

but I've been so out of
touch with modern medicine

that when I arrived in
Baltimore, I felt like a schoolboy.

I suddenly realized how
little I know about medicine

and how much has passed
me by in the last 20 years.

How little I know.

And that's why I've decided to
stay on here at the university.

Please understand
and forgive me,

but I couldn't bear to face
you all to say good-bye.

We've been through
so many years together,

the pain would be too great."

"This letter is the only way I
know of to tell you my decision.

I'll be gone from
Dodge for a while.

I don't know for how long,
but it will not be forever.

I will be back as soon
as I can get away.

And I'll think of
you very often.

And I pray that all of you
will remember with affection...

your old friend, Doc."

There's another page tacked
on here. It's about Dr. Chapman.

I just don't believe we
wanna hear no more, Newly.

It ain't gonna be the same, Doc.

Just ain't gonna be the same.


You know, uh, part
of a deputy's duties

are to welcome new people to
Dodge, make them feel at home.

Now, I got an idea.

Why don't you take Dr. Chapman over
at the Long Branch and buy him a drink?

No siree, Matthew.

I ain't a fixin' to do no
such a thing. No, sir.

You know, Fetus, I think Doc
Adams would appreciate it.

Whoa. Whoa.

May I help you?

Seen Doc around?

Dr. Adams has moved.
I'm Dr. Chapman.

I've taken over
his practice for him.

Well, what do you mean, "moved"?

Well, I'm the new doctor
in town. What's wrong?

Well, I just stopped by to get
some of Doc's tonic for my wife.

- Arthritis is actin' up again.
- Well, excuse me.

- I'll get my bag, go right with you.
- No, no. Wait.

Don't you have any of that
tonic that Doc used to use?


even if I know what Dr. Adams
had prescribed for your wife,

why, I still couldn't give it to
you without examining her first.


Well, thanks, anyway, Doc.

But-But my wife is
kinda fussy about doctors.


And Doc Adams is the
only one that she trusted.

- Oh, but, sir, I'm a doctor.
- I'll ask her. Hyah!

Howdy... Doctor.

Good afternoon.

Nippy day, ain't it?


Frigid what?

Frigid. Nippy.

Well, that's just what I
got done sayin', ain't it?


do you want me to buy you
a drink at the Long Branch?

No, thank you,
Mr. Haggen. Not today.

Good afternoon.

"No, thank you."

No, thank you, not
today, Mr. Haggen.

Whoever heard of a doctor
who turned down a free drink?

Last time I'm ever,
ever gonna offer

to spend my hard earned
money on somebody

that ain't no more
gratefuller than he is.

Frigid. Nippy.

We had talked before
about hospital medicine

as opposed to small
town doctoring, and I...

I must tell you, Marshal,

I had a great urge to
come to a place where,

as Doc Adams put it, your
patients are your friends.

- Can I get you some more coffee?
- No. No, thanks.

You see, Marshal,

I've spent most of
my life in a hospital.

And to tell you the truth,
I never had one patient

that I could call
by his first name.

Well, I imagine you
want to take a look at this.

This is the lease agreement.

Now I know this is difficult
for you, for everyone else, too.

Dr. Adams and I
discussed that at length,

but he's gone, and I'm here.

And the people in this town are
just gonna have to accept that fact.

Well, it might be easier
said than done, Doctor.

You see, Doc Adams
has a lot of friends here.

And some of them are
bound to resent anybody

that comes in and
tries to take his place.

I'm not trying to
take his place.

I'm trying to make my own.

Well... be that as it may,

it's gonna take a while
and maybe some tough skin.

Doc was a... Well, he
was a fixture around here.

- And...
- I'm a stranger.

Of course I am.

All these people are
strange to me, too.

But I'll learn to live with them,
and in time they'll come around.

- Well, I hope it's sooner than later.
- Thank you.

- Thanks for the coffee.
- You bet.

I'll, uh... I'll be
lookin' in on you.


I'd just like for you
to know this one thing.

I am a good doctor.

I'll tell you one thing.

That blamed new doctor is
gonna be awful shy of patients

lessen he's got a better way
with horses than he's got with folks.

Why's that, Festus?

Because I offered
to buy him a drink,

just polite as you please.

That's what I done.

And he practical told
me to jump in the creek.

It come from Newly's.

- It's Festus.
- Somebody get the Doc.

Is he all right?

- What happened?
- I don't know.

Festus... Festus...
I'm a doctor.

I'm all right, Miss Kitty.

Newly. He's inside.



Is he conscious?

I thought I told you to go
home and get some rest.

I'm all right.

I couldn't leave without
knowin' about Newly.

Doctor, can you
tell how bad he is?

I won't know until he
regains consciousness.

Concussion, that's for sure,
but to what extent I have no idea.

Can I go in and see him?

No, you may not.

I want him to get
some rest. He needs it.

Festus, you look
a little ragged.

Why don't you and Matt take
Dr. Chapman over to Delmonico's

and get yourself some dinner?

I'll sit with Newly.

I... I don't expect him to be
comin' to for the next hour or so,

but if he does,

you come and get
me, please, ma'am.

I'd rather stay here with Newly.

Come on, Festus.
Let's-Let's go eat.



Are you awake, Newly?

Newly, it's all
right. It's me, Kitty.

Don't touch me.


Newly. Easy now.

Here, lay him down.

- Get him back in there.
- Easy, Newly. Easy.

Easy, Newly. Just take it easy.

I doubt that he hears you.

What is it, Doctor?

Oh, could be...

a result of concussion,
brain injury.

Hemorrhage. I don't know yet.

What happened?
Did he attack you?

I'm all right.

Now, Marshal, if you could hold
his head steady for me, please.

Just hold his head.

Now, as steady
as you can hold it.

That's right. All right, Newly.

- It's all right, Newly.
- Easy.

Well, he says it's a bone
spur. It's pressing on the brain.

Well, how in tarnation
can he tell that?

I don't know, Festus.

But he seems pretty sure.

And that there's what
causes him not to know you?

It's more serious than that.

Newly's afraid of us.

Well, I never heard of such a
thing. Doesn't seem possible.

Well, Dr. Chapman seems to
know what he's talking about.

Well, I wouldn't trust
anything he had to say about it.

He doesn't know
Newly like we do.

Oh, I don't know.

I heard how Newly fought
Matt and Miss Kitty there.

Well, maybe he's just got
hisself a fever, Matthew.

Maybe he's just
a-thrashin' around.

Well, that makes sense to me.

Certainly it does. Why,
fevers can cause anything.

I wouldn't trust no
doctor except Doc.

What if Doc said that it was a
bone spur pressing on his brain?

Would you believe it then?

Well, old Doc wouldn't say
nothin' like that, Miss Kitty.

He's too blamed smart.

As for this here high-falootin'
dude over yonder,

why, I wouldn't believe
a thing that that man...

Did you leave him
over yonder by hisself?

He's with Mrs. Smalley.

Her name's Ma.

Beer for the Doctor, Sam.

No, no. Thank you
very much, but, no.

Um, Doctor, we were just talking
about your diagnosis of Newly,

and, well, there are some of
us here who don't understand.

Including me, I'm afraid.

Well, ma'am, it's simple,
and it's not so simple.

During the explosion, your
friend suffered a fractured skull,

and a piece of bone,
oh, very small, I imagine,

splintered, and was
driven into his brain.

Now, that'll have to be removed.

Well, how big is that, Doctor?

I won't know till I go in, but from
my examination of the wound,

I'd judge, oh, it's like... like half
the size of your little fingernail.

It doesn't have to be large to
cause pressure on the brain.

You said "removed"?

You ain't fixin' to go
diggin' into Newly's brain?

Of course he's not.

Are you?

Not dig. Operate.

How dangerous is it?

Ma'am, any operation that involves
the human brain is dangerous.

And I... I think I'd better tell you all
now that even if the spur is removed,

your friend may still exhibit these signs
of confusion he's presently expressing.

You mean that
you can't cure him?

I mean I simply don't know.

Well, he can't just go operating
without knowing nothin'.

Isn't there any other way?

Not unless you'd rather
have him stay the way he is

for the rest of his life.

How is he, Ma?

He's resting.

Hasn't stirred
since I been here.

Do you reckon I can
get in and see him?

No. No, the Doctor said that
nobody could bother him, Festus.

Well, foot, I ain't gonna
bother him none, Ma.

I just wanna set a spell.
I'll be real quiet, honest.

Well, Dr. Chapman will
be back in a few minutes,

and I don't think he'd
mind if you're with him.

And besides, I do have a lot of
things to do over at the boardin' house.

I'll sure be glad to
stay here for you.


- Thank you, Festus.
- You betcha, Ma.


You awake, are you?

How you feelin', partner?

Do you know who I am?

'Course I do... Festus.

Well, 'course.

Fiddle, there ain't
nothin' wrong with you

'except a few little
old scratchetty bruises.

Could I have...

You can have anything you want.

Just tell Haggen.


Water? You want water,
you got water, buddy.

Here you are.

Well, I'll be blamed.
Hold on a minute.

They gotcha all tied up here
like a blamed scrapin' hog.

Wait just a minute.

Take care of that.

Silliest thing I ever seen.

- Here you are.
- Thanks.

Well, they even got
your feet tied down.

Hold on a minute. I'll
take care o' that, too.

What happened?

Do you know that
there sign of your'n?

A gust of wind blowed that
clean through your window,

knocked over that coal oil
lamp right into that keg of powder.

Just like to blowed us clean
to Garden City's what it done.

We were lucky.

I hope to tell you
we was lucky...

Put your hands up there.

Close your eyes,
and go back to sleep.

That's the best
thing there is for you.

Thanks, Festus.

You betcha. I'll just set
here with you for a spell.

Just go to sleep.


What are you doing in here?

I just come in
for a little visit.

- Well...
- Must've dozed off.

Evenin' already, is it?

Yes. It's just coming on dark.

Has he been
sleeping all the time?

Just practical ever
since I come in.

Good. That's good.

His eyes is just as bright.

Why, it just... just
appeared to be plumb cured.

That's fine, Festus.

Festus: Well, you ain't
fixin' to use them, are you?

Doc: In the morning

as soon as the sun's high enough
to come through this window.

Festus: But he ain't sick.

At least wise not
like you say he is.

Well, when I come
in, he knowed me.

Called me by name.

Just like anybody else does.

Doc: It's natural that there
be times when he's rational,

times when he's not.

It's all due to the buildup
of pressure on his brain.

He's woke up.

Get away from me!


Newly, it's me, Festus!



Hey! Stop! Newly!

- I'll go get the Marshal.
- All right.

Who's in here?

Whoever you are,
you better speak up.




- What's the matter, Dump?
- It's Newly O'Brien.

I never would've believed it.

What'd he do?

Well, he was hidin' in
my barn for some reason.

I didn't know it was him. I went in
with my gun, and he jumped me.

Believe me, Marshal, I was
just tryin' to defend myself.

What'd you do to him?

I shot him, but
I didn't mean it.

You killed him?

No, but I hit him.

I'm sure by now he's
in a mighty bad way.

How long ago this happen?

Well, as long ago as it
took me to ride into town.

All right, tell you what you do.

Go get Dr. Chapman, take
him back out to your place.

We'll see if we can find Newly,
if we do, we'll bring him there.

Let's go, boys.

Hard to see, Matthew, but I believe I
found some blood around out there.

Make yourself at home, Doctor.

I think I'll saddle up and
help the rest look for Newly.

See right there, Matthew?

- It's blood, all right.
- Looks like he's bleedin' pretty bad, too.

Yeah. He must've gone this way.

Let's mount up.

Hold up, Matthew.

Believe I heard
somethin' back yonder.

'Course it could've
just been the wind.

Reckon he could've
doubled back on us?

He could have, Festus.
Why don't you check it out?

- Believe I will.
- We'll go on up to Frenchman's Pond.


You don't wanna do that, Newly.

Newly O'Brien.

That's your name, isn't it?

Newly O'Brien.

And you live in Dodge City.

In the state of Kansas.

Now, that's right, isn't it?

You don't really wanna
kill me, do you, Newly?

That's twice you fired at me.

You could have
hit me either time.

You don't really
wanna do that, do you?

Festus: Doctor?
Doctor, I heard a shot.

- Newly.
- Be calm, Festus.

Newly, you don't
wanna shoot nobody.

What are you doin'
with that there gun?

Be careful.

I'll be careful.

Newly and me, we been
good friends for a long spell.

Ain't we, Newly?

This here feller,
he's your friend, too.

Fact is, he's a doctor.

The only thing he wants to do

is to help you

and get that bullet out of you.

Don't you see, Newly?

Now what would old Doc Adams say

if he was to see you
standing there like that?

See, it was old Doc Adams

that sent this here doctor

to do the doctorin' for
him whilst he's away.

Recollect what he
said in that letter?

He wanted us to treat him
just like one of the family.

Remember that?

All right, then.

If you wanna just
stand there flatfooted

and bleedin' all over
old Dump Hart's floor,

it's all right with me.

That there's the smartest
thing you ever done, Newly.

Let's get him up on the table.

How is he, Doctor?

Festus, when I
remove the dressing...

I want you to take this razor...

and shave the hair
around his head wound.

His head?

You ain't fixin' to do
that now, are you?

Festus, please don't
question me anymore.

But ain't just gettin' the
bullet out enough for one time?

There may not be another time.

I want you to look at these.

You're gonna have to help me.

- Oh, I can't...
- You can, and you will.

Now, when I call for these, I
want you to hand them to me fast.

You understand
that? Fast and steady.


is a burr.

I'm gonna use this to drill.

This is called a probe.

- Do you understand that?
- Yes, sir.

He's in here, Matthew.

The Doctor's been
operatin' most of the night.

How is he, Doctor?

I won't know till he wakes up.

He's had a great
deal done to his body,

but he's an
amazingly strong boy.

We just have to
hope for the best.

Hope for the best.

Festus, is he
gonna be all right?

Marshal, will you get
these men outta here?

Now, what he needs
right now is rest

instead of a lot of people
hangin' around him.


Doctor, you know, you're
right about the men and all,

but you've got to
understand one thing.

They-They think a lot of Newly.

They've been out there all night,
searchin' around, wadin' in the mud,

tryin' to help.


Does anybody here
have a cigarette?

Anybody have a match?

Thank you.

You know...

every man has to feel that
what he does is important.

Maybe more important
than what anybody else does.

Sometimes we feel that
what we do is so very important

we forget about other people,

and how they might feel.

Now we doctors are a
special lot, you know that?

Life and death surrounds
us, and we tend to feel

that we are the most
important people in this world,

and it's only what we do and
how we feel that really matters.

But that's a long way
from being true, isn't it?

What Newly needs right
now more than anything else

is to have his
friends around him.


why don't you all
come on back in there

and sit with him,
have a little coffee?

And that's the closest thing
you'll ever get to an apology.


His color's better.

Pulse is steady.

I'd say it's a
little bit stronger.



Gentlemen, I'd say we've
all done a good night's work.

Mornin', Miss Kitty. Matthew.

- Well, good morning, Festus.
- Festus.

Coffee's hot if you want some.

Yes'm, I believe I will.

And the hotter the better,
too. I'll tell you somethin'.

My sciatica's been a twingin'
up somethin' fierce on me.

Well, you ought to have
Dr. Chapman take a look at it.

He might have
just the thing for it.

I have a feeling that just the
thing is right behind the bar.

Oh, much obliged,
Miss Kitty. I believe I will.

- Did I offer?
- Well, I didn't hear you,

but then my ears
aren't as good as his.

Well, if it ain't
Dr. Chapman and a stranger.

- Here, lemme help you there.
- Watch his side.

Newly, come on and sit down.

Just take her slow, Newly.

Well, I tell my feet what to do,

but it seems like they've
got a mind of their own.

It's no time at all since
we operated on you, son.

You're lucky to
have your eyes open.

I'll tell you somethin', Doc.

These here Dodge
folks is tough breed.

- I can believe it.
- How you feelin', Newly?

I hurt more places than I knew I
had, Miss Kitty, but otherwise fine.

How about some coffee?
How about you, Dr. Chapman?

Thank you, ma'am.

I sure hope this is on the house because
I hear I don't have a gun shop anymore.

Oh, it is, and you do.

Newly, a whole bunch of
the folks in town got together,

oh, Festus, Sam, Burke,

Mr. Lathrop, lot of people,
they rebuilt your shop.

Even Matt and Dr. Chapman.

They hammered a bit.

I appreciate it.

- You folks are mighty good friends.
- Festus: Fiddle, Newly.

Like us Haggens always say,

a feller can't choose his
relations nor his neighbors,

but he can blamed
sure pick his friends,

and you better
do a good job of it.

Well, I did, didn't I?

We did.

Festus, now I believe I'm gonna
have that drink you offered me.


Well, you see, Doctor,

when I was offerin'
to buy you that drink,

see, that was
right after payday,

but... but now, uh...

Doc: You mean you're broke?

Just flatter'n a snake
through a wringer.

Why then, why don't
you allow me the honor

of buying a fellow
a drink to celebrate?

Festus: Oh.

We sure wouldn't want
to hurt your feelings

by refusin' you, would we?

Well, thank you, Festus.
Don't mind, Miss Kitty.

No, I'll get it.

I'll tell you one thing, he sure learned
a heap since he's been here in Dodge.

Think he's had a pretty
good teacher, don't you?

Now, in New Orleans, this
is what we call cafe royale.

In Dodge, we call
it Haggen charm.

Announcer: Stay tuned for exciting
scenes from our next Gunsmoke.

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