Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 17 - Hidalgo - full transcript

Mando is an outlaw in Mexico who seriously wounds Matt and leaves him to die in the desert. Hidalgo controls nearly all of the small town where Matt finds refuge, and nobody will stand up to him. Matt is determined to kill or capture Hidalgo for his crimes, but is so weak from his injuries he has to prop himself upright with the saddle horn of his horse.

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Man: Welcome, Marshal.

Welcome to Chihuahua.

To serve you, me
and a few friends.

You've got no
business here in Mexico.

It is possible you will go home.

They died, Mando.

You're coming back.

Then... it is permitted to try.

He was a good man, Gorio.

I'm gonna miss him.


Hey, come back here.





What is it, boy?

A man, wounded.

The greatest man
you ever dreamed!

Now, slowly, Lucho,
take your time.

I... I came upon him
in the arroyo seco.

There by the quail
nest, in the bank.

What man?

A gringo.

He is all bloody on
his stomach, his chest.

He was shot?

I think so.

He is no criminal, you think?

He wore a star of metal.

Like the child of Our Lady.

Get the cart.

We will go together.

You were right, Lucho.

He is badly hurt.

Come, we'll take him home.

He is sleeping now?

He's unconscious,
and with a fever.

I'm afraid the man
will die, Lucho.

Oh, no!

He can't die, Grandfather.

He was gravely shot.

But the bullets are out.

What shall we do?

We can do nothing.

We have no medicine,

no alcohol, no bandages.

But we can get
them... in Merced.

The barber, he has such
things for the criminals.

For money.

We have no money, Lucho.

But we can get money.

She will help us.

Let me go to her.

No, do not speak to me of her.

I forbid it.

Oh, please, Grandfather,

she is our own blood.

She will help us.

She has betrayed us.

You cannot understand.

She is dead to us now.

If God wills it,
Lucho, he will live.

Come, go to bed now.





Sí. Adios.

I come to see my sister, Lucero.

What is it you want with her?

To talk only. Please.

Go up these stairs.

Through the door and left.

Her room is there.

I will send her to you.


What are you doing here?
This place is not for you.



Why did you come here?

What's the matter?
Is something wrong?

There is a man, Cero.

I found him in the
arroyo badly hurt.

And he wears a star.

A law man from the north.

He was shot, Lucho?

Grandfather worked on
him, but he has a fever.

And Grandfather said he
would die without medicine.

And he sends you to me?

- N-No, Cero.
- Ah, Lucho...

Come now, you
tell me again, huh?

The old man tried to help him?

And he will live...
if we get medicine.

I asked to come to you.

And because he's as
proud as he is foolish...

He forbid me.

He has not changed,
our grandfather.

He will take an unknown,
dying man under his roof

and sweat to save his life.

And then because he's too
proud to come to me for money,

he will let him die.

But you, Cero, you are kind.

And you have money.

You can save
this man, I know it.

Lucho, little brother,

what is this man to you?

Lucho, listen to me,

this man, we don't
know who he is.

He may be a bad man, a gunman.

He has enemies, we know that,

and this place is
full of killers, Lucho.

Men who kill...

with no thought of what they do.

Please, Cero.


You take this money
to Antonio Cuesta,

in the street of potters.

It's a big house,
painted blue, with pillars.

Ask him for laudanum
and quinine and alcohol.

And give him no more than 10
pesos, no matter what he says.

He will be angry,
but never mind.

He'll give you the medicine.


No word to the old
man about the money.

When he has the
medicine, he will use it.

Say nothing to him of me, huh?

Go on, now.


Run, niño.

You have far to
go still tonight.

I will come to see
you when I can.


May God bless him.

Man: Bless him for me, too.

Whoever he is.



Lucho, you disobeyed me, boy.

It is the first time.

I'm sorry.

You brought the medicine?



And alcohol.

A think called laudanum.

It is for the pain.

Some bandages.

I... I was afraid he would die.

He will be better now?

It may be so.

If the medicine is in time.

I knew you didn't
want him to die.

I was sure.

It was an act of conscience.

You pleased yourself, boy.

When will we know about him?

In the morning.

He will be better
or he will be dead.

He will live, Grandfather.

I'm sure now.

You can make him well again.

I feel that he is good.

It was for that that
I... disobeyed you.

You did wrong, Lucho.

But what you did,

you did for a good reason.

Only, be careful
of yourself, boy.

After the first lie,
the next one is easy.

How is he now? Can he talk?

He's doing very well,
Lucho. I think he will recover.

- Is he awake?
- Yes.

You can give him these
tortillas with the milk.

Good morning, señor.

Morning, son.


Thank you.

You will be better.


Who is it that shot you, señor.

Do not talk, Lucho, he is weak.

But he is better,
so much better.

Yes, and he needs
all the rest he can get.

I am Agustin Bareilles,

and this is my grandson, Lucho.

I, uh, I'm much
obliged to you folks.

It is nothing, señor.

And the miracle is
that you will recover.

You were very grave
yesterday when Lucho found you.

Eat now, and sleep.

If there is any
need that you have,

just call us.

I will hear you.

Well, thank you.

Ay! Grandfather, I knew it.

Do you see how brave he is?

I'm sure my father was like him.

Your father was
a fine man, Lucho,

and a brave man also.

Big and strong like this one?

Not so big, not so
strong, perhaps,

but alike in his heart.

Who is that? See who it is.

Stay inside, Lucho.

I have told you many times
you are not welcome here.

You have a man
here, badly wounded.

That is no concern of yours.

Lucho came to me last
night and made it my concern.

He came to you
without my consent.

I'm sure of that.

But it doesn't matter now.

Will he die?

By the grace of
God, he will live.

That is no business of yours.

You are wrong. It is my affair.

There was a time I
would have believed that.

There was never
a day that I did not.

You have disgraced us, woman.

The child and me and
the name of your family.

And you are an old
man who does not admit

that the rain will make
him wet if it falls on him.

You have never accepted life,

what these times
have done to us.

I do not accept degradation.

Ours is a heritage that
knew no degradation until you.

Ah! Leave off with me!

For the love of heaven or
man, can't you see what you do?

That man that you have in there
is putting Lucho's life in danger.

And your own, if you care.

I know of no danger.

Then listen.

He's a gringo, a lawman.

Mando wanted him to die.

Agustin: All the more
reason for us to help him.

Cero: And if he finds
out that he's alive

and that you are
sheltering him...

could it be that you don't
understand such men?

You have the right to
jeopardize your own life,

but not his.

Not the boy's.

Lucho: Grandfather!


He heard.

He was standing in the
doorway when I heard him.

Lucho, go outside.

Do you see what you bring?

No, she's right.

I don't belong here.
I'm gonna move on.

I meant nothing against you.

I hope you understand.

He needs rest, not apologies.

You see his condition.

You will leave us.


I am Lucero.

I want you to understand.

I'm gonna move
on as soon as I can.

Don't worry. He's a strong man.

He will live.

Take this.

It's for you.

When he's well
enough to travel...

you come to see me.

I'll do what I can, huh?


Divina... you have been riding.

Just to the boy.

Is he well?


And you?

Eh... some bad, some good.

Mando, come look!

The horse of the gringo,
we found him wandering

near the pool in the canyon.

Mando: He was a good
horse. Keep him for me.

Yes, but there is another thing.

We went there to the
place where he fell,

to get his belt and bullets.

And then?

This we found,

but he was gone,
he was not there.

Eh, nothing. The
wolves, the coyotes.

No, Mando.

No bones, no nothing.

But he was gone.

There were tracks?

Cart tracks only.

Somebody stole the body?

Or is it that he lives?

Someone has helped him to live.

He was shot to pieces!

So on his own legs he could
not move. He must be near.

Now... if he is hidden...
we will find him.


What is it?

Mando. They found your horse.

And he knows I'm alive.

He is gathering
his men to find you.

He'll be coming here?

It is certain.

Mando will kill the old man

and even the boy, if he
finds out that they help you.

Then you're gonna have
to get me out of here.

I'll need a horse... Mine,
if you can find him...

And a gun.

A gun, easily, but a horse...

I can't get far enough
away from here on foot

to keep them from
being suspected.

Why did you come
to this country?

Because that man's a killer.

He needs to be stopped.

In your country, perhaps.

But you were a fool
to follow him here.

You have no rights at all here.

I had the permission
of your government.

Now, I made a mistake,
but I won't make another one.

That man's coming in dead
or alive, you can bank on it.

What can you tell me about him?

It is his country.

He's a leader of
many men in the hills.

What about the Federales?

The don't have time
for the small villages.

Mando is the king.

- And the army?
- The same.

Well, the people love him?

They hate him.

And they are afraid.

And what about you?

I will tell you.

Because I think you are a man.

I am his woman.

Do you care for him?

That is not your business, man.

Yours is to get out.

And to save the lives of
an old man and a child.

As well as your own.

What about the
horse and the gun?

Listen, there's a
place near here,

a ravine with a blind overhang.

They won't find you
there. Can you walk?

Then tonight, when it's dark,

I will bring you a
horse and a pistol.

It's all I can do.

If I don't come, don't wait.

If Mando discovers...

he can force me to
tell him where you are.

Where is this ravine?

You take the path behind
the cabin a hundred steps,

and then the... The
cutoff by the dry stream.

You will find it.

All right, I'll be there.

Listen, Law,

if you are caught,
Mando will crucify you.

If that happens...

no matter what the old one says,

I am no Judas.

Know that.

It's all up to you now.


And then when he is well again,

he will come again
from the north to see us.

Do you think he
will remember, boy?

I'm sure he will.

Ah, perhaps, perhaps.

He's not a small man
in his heart, either.

Señor! Señor!

What do you want here?

We are looking for
someone maybe you know.

The boy was calling.

A gringo man, a big one, dying.

Call, boy.

He was calling a friend.

A friend?

The sons of the old Hidalgos,
they call their friends señor.

Call again, boy.

We're not obliged
to do your bidding.

You're very proud, old man.

But your life is nothing to me.

As your word
means nothing to me.

You will not enter my house.

Grandfather! Grandfather!

You're lucky to
be living, old man.

I will be back.

You play games with me...

I'll shoot the boy.



I want to use a horse.

This big one here.

This one, Senorita?

You are sure?


With much pleasure.





Bad mistake.



Was it Mando?

It is nothing, señor.

They came while you were away.

How long ago?

Perhaps three hours.

They have gone to Merced,

but they will be back.

We were afraid
they would find you.

We did not know
that you had gone.

Well, your... Your
granddaughter came.

She said she was gonna
bring me a horse and a gun.

I was to meet her in the ravine.

Augustin: She did not come?

Matt: No.

Augustin: Something
must have gone wrong.

We will send Lucho.


No, viejo, it would be too
dangerous. He could be killed.

But without a horse,

you don't have a chance.

None whatever.

You will be trapped here.

I'll get as far from
the house as I can.

Agustin... many thanks.




Ay! Lucero!

Lucho... I am sorry.


They found me taking the horse.

They know that you and
Grandfather helped the man,

kept him alive.

Mando will kill you both.

You must hide tonight.

But the man is waiting, Lucero.

I can take the horse and a gun

and we will hide.

But what will happen to you?

You must not worry about that.

For me, the trouble is over now.

It's you and Grandfather...

Tell me where the
horse is. Give me the gun.


Listen now.

In the stable across the square.

The horse is there.

There's an old man...

but he will be drunk now.

The revolver is
in the saddle bag.

Cero, I can do it. I can!

Whatever happens...

tell the old man...

that I love him.

You must do it all now, Lucho.

You're a man tonight.

The window. Quick now.

Adios, Cero.



You know,

that was a brave
thing the boy did.

May have been
foolish, but it was brave.

I know.

I just hope Lucero doesn't
get in trouble over this.

You know, Agustin,
she's trying to help me

for the sake of you and the boy.

She's a girl with a
strong heart, señor.

It was my pride,

only that which has
kept us as enemies.

And it was all for nothing.

For a word: honor.

Well, there's a lot to honor.

Maybe... Maybe courage
is the biggest part of it.

If we live, señor,

if we survive this thing,

I will make a new
beginning with her.

On my faith.


Señor, I rode
as fast as I could.

They might have seen me.

Do you think they followed you?

I don't think so.

The gun is in the saddle bag.

Lucho, I'm proud of ya.

Grandfather, I did it!

I got the horse and the gun.

You did well, boy.

Wonderfully well.

You must go now.

If you start fast, ride fast,

they will never catch you.

I am sure of it.

How do I get to Merced?


That's where I have to go.

It cannot be!

You must not go there.

There are so many.

I thought you would
be safe from Mando.


Now, listen to me.

I can't go.

If I tried to go now, you see,

Mando and his men
might come back here.

They might kill your
grandfather and your sister.

Now, we can't let
that happen, can we?

Well, no.

- But you...
- Lucho.

You take care of
your grandfather.

Why, woman?


Ask yourself, Mando.

I have given you everything.

Money, clothes... rich
clothes... everything.


Is it so?


When I took you,
you had nothing.

It was not so long ago.

I had no money.

You gave me that.

Listen, woman.

I came from nothing.

I am a mestizo, an indio.

My people poor as dry dirt.

I know that life, and
I killed to leave it.

And what I had, I
gave it freely to you.

Is that all there is, Mando?

The money that
you killed to get?

You say that now.

You never said it then.

And your people,
the old Hidalgo,

they could have
hung him on a tree

and peeled him like
a chorizo if I let them.

For his arrogance.

You did that only
to have me, man.

And if I did? What
difference, why?

I did what you wanted.

And you have betrayed me.

For a lawman, a stranger.

For a dying fool of a gringo

who would not have spit on you

if you were on fire
and burning to death.

You're wrong. He's a good man.



What is good?

What is that to you...

who can betray a
man who loved you?

You don't know how to love!

I pity you!


Swallow your pity, woman!

Keep it for yourself or for
those who will die today.

Man: Look!

There one comes, a gringo.


He came in.

This mad gringo came in.

He will die now.

The one you threw
away your life for.


You are talking, dead man.

I came for ya.

You came here to die.

You who cannot stand
without your horse to help you,

you come to look for me?

What's the matter, Mando?

You need your boys
to help you, do you?

Against a wounded man?

I gave you your chance
at the arroyo, man.

You rode into your sorrow
like a fool, as you came here.

There's a difference.

Out there nobody could see how
many men you needed to help you.

Here you got the
whole town watching ya.

You think it matters, Gringo?

You think I care?

Can't make it alone,
Mando, is that it?

You need to get your guts
from your side-gunners, do ya?

Mando, listen to me!

You fear to face him alone.

Even wounded, he's
a better man than you.

I know. We all know!

He is more man than you, Mando.

I know!

You are afraid.

You are a brave man, Mando...

Fighting women.


To be alone?

Afraid of this one?




Until the next time.

Well, Lucho, take
care of yourself.

Sí, Mateo, and you.




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