Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 17, Episode 11 - Drago - full transcript

An aging mountain man reluctantly agrees to join the posse pursuing a murderous outlaw gang, but his real intent is exact a murderous vengeance on the men that murdered his female benefactor.

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I found one!

Yeah! That's a night crawler.

Fat as a Kansas hog.

Night crawler in the daytime?

Yeah, he was trying to slick
you, but you surprised him.

Bet he's never come across
anybody as crafty as you before.

Yes sir, that ought to bring
the fish a-bitin', guaranteed.

- Can we go now?
- Not just yet.

You go clean up the pond.

Then you can go fishing.


Go on, do your chores.

Hound and me will
go on down the crick

and tease the fish a
mite before you get there.

If you help me, I'll be
finished in half the time.

Oh no. Uh-uh.

I've been up before daybreak.

I milked that blamed
cow, I fed the stock.

Sweet-talking that stubborn hen

into laying enough eggs
for a decent breakfast.

Nothing but backache
and work around here.

You know, I been thinking
of cuttin' and driftin' again.

Yeah, you been
thinking of that two years.

Well, it's your fault. You made
me so blamed comfortable.

Drago, you ain't
ever leaving, are ya?

Well, I'm not gonna
stay around here forever.

Now, you go on and get
your rake and do your chores,

or we'll have that whole crick
fished out before you get there.

Come on, Hound.

Give me that.

Is there anyone
else around here?

- No.
- Where's your man?

He's gone.

Get them horses. Hurry it up.

Come on.

There ain't but
one worth taking.



This boy's hurt bad.



Easy, boy, easy.


This your place?

Owner's in yonder, dead.

Boy is hurt bad.

He's gonna die too if we
don't get him to a doctor.

I was afraid to move him.

- Larry.
- Yes, sir.

Give Will the fastest
horse, send him to Dodge.

Bring Doc Chapman out
here as fast as he can.

How long ago did it happen?

A few hours.

It was probably the Hannon Gang.

They looted a town up north.

Burned it to the ground.

Last I heard, they'd
crossed the Cimarron.

They were heading
for the Nations.

I figured.

Did they get any
fresh horses from ya?

Just one. Mine
was out to pasture.

What's your name? I'll
need it for my records.



Last I heard of
you, you were, uh,

riding for the army down by
Rio Grande country, weren't you?


They cut me loose a
couple of years ago.

Too old.

Drago, I'd like to
ask you a favor.


Well, I got to ride to
Hays, testify at a trial.

Man's life depends on it.

I'm gonna waste a lot of time until I
can get back and lead this posse again.

I'd like to deputize ya.

Have you ride with this posse.

You can get after that Hannon Gang
just as soon as the horses are rested.

What do you say?

I was kind of figuring on

running them wild hogs
down myself, Marshal.

I understand how
you feel, Drago.

But why not do it with this?

I better go sit with the boy.

Who is he, Marshal?

Name's Drago.

The Drago? The mountain man?

That's the man.

I was just a kid when
he and Jim Bridger

were cutting a trail
through Laramie Pass.

He's gonna be riding with you,
too, so you better look sharp.


How is he?

I'm afraid he's
not gonna make it.

What do you mean
he's not gonna make it?

He's lost the will to live.

His mother's dead. I
gather you'll be moving on.

You could save
him if he'd fight?

I think there's a
chance I could.

The doctor says you're ready
to turn up your toes to the daisies

without even a fight.

They killed her, Drago.

Killed her.

Oh, boy.

I know.

Life's got to go on.

I'm getting old, son.

My days are short and...

commencing to run together.

I wish I knew how
to slow 'em down,

get a good hold
on each day, son.

Touch it and taste it and...

squeeze every bit out of it...

before it moves on for good.

There's no bringing
back what's gone.

Now, right now your
days seem kind of empty.

But we're gonna fill them.

But you're leaving.

Oh, sure, someday.

But, uh, you could come
along, if you were a mind to.

You promise?

'Course I do.

Only by that time, you'll probably
want to strike out by yourself or...

get lassoed buy
something in calico.

No. I wanna go with you.

You sure?


Wouldn't know it, the
way you been acting.

You got about as much
life as a toad in a snowstorm.

You're feeling
sorry for yourself.

There's no use lying there,
drowning in your own tears.

There's catfish to be caught.

A horse to be broke
and partnered with.

Your first smoke.

Your first taste of whiskey.

And women.

Well, we'll, uh,

we'll have a talk
about that a mite later.

Now, if you want
to get all that in,

you better go along
with what the doctor says.

I will.

I know you will.


Hound, he don't like me.

Sure he does.

I ain't been able to pet him.

Not once.

He always growls at me.

Well, I warned you about
getting chummy with him.

Sometimes he's kind of snippy.

I wanna be friends.

Well, he's a maverick.

He's got a mean,
mulish disposition.

Like you.

I reckon.

I'll have a talk with him.

He changed his mind.

Where are you going?


Alone? Posse doesn't
leave till morning.

Posses are slow and noisy.

Hound and me does
a lot better on our own.

Come on, Hound.


Gillis, go up there
and take a look around.

How much further is the line?

I don't know.

We've been riding for days.

I said, I don't know.


It's that old farmer,
the one that shot at us.

That ain't no farmer.

He sure don't track like one.

I've seen his breed before.

Figures he's got a score to
settle, and he ain't gonna let up

till he's got every one
of us under the dirt.

What are we going to do?

We ain't gonna do nothing.

Could be there's a posse
hanging around close.

And a shot would
bring them down on us.

Wearing down.

I bet they're
watching us right now.

Makes it kind of
interesting, don't it?

I never figured that one to
know we was in the same territory.

Where's your posse, boy?

It's coming. I was wondering
why you took off alone.

I work better that way.

Well, right now you're
riding vigilante style,

and you've been deputized.

You're supposed to
be riding with the posse.

Well, if I don't
wear this badge,

I can keep riding
when you got to stop.

That's what I'm afraid of.

I'm an old man.
Might slow you down.

All I'm worried about
is keeping up with you,

and we can use your experience.

Well, Deputy,

it appears like you see something
more than gray hair and old bones.

Could be.


It's my horse.

What's the matter with him?

Well, he's had it.

I'll have to ride
double with one of you.

You're on your own.

Now, listen, Hannon, I
ain't gonna hold you down.

You know'd how it was
before you come with us.

Goodbye, Flagg.

They pass by this way?

About an hour back.

Well, shouldn't we
be heading after them?

Whoa, steady now.

One thing you got
to learn about trailing.

You don't go after a man
like a blind dog in a meat shop.

Trapped, he'll turn
on you like an animal.

Mountain cat makes his kill
clean because he waits for it.

Why don't you fellows
ride on ahead? I'll catch up.

Are you feeling all right?

Yeah, just that time is a mite
unkind to these old bones.

I'll rest them a
bit and catch up.

All right, sir.

They're headed straight south.

Ride easy and dogged
and you'll wear them down.

Yes, sir.

Drago: Maybe the
army was right, after all.

May just be I can't keep up
with these young bucks no more.

I reckon I should
have stayed in bed.

I'm beginning to feel older
than some of these trees.

Cold bite in the air, too.

I remember one winter,

a couple of winters back,
one of them Dakota winters,

where the cold don't get
out of your bones until July.

A mountain cat killed my
mule and spooked off my horse.

Got down to him
and me and the cold.

It was three days just sizing
and stalking each other.


Finally that cat got anxious
and made a bad move.

And I...

Move that gun one
inch and you're dead.

Which one of you
killed the woman?


You men stay put.


I had the drop on him,
and he still tried to beat me.


Hurry it up. We
ain't got all day, kid.

Riding hard, I
ain't gonna make it.

This cinch is about to bust.

Well, now that's your hard luck.

They're up there in those rocks.

You sure?

That dog of mine is,
and he's usually right.

They're coming!

It's that mountain
man and his dog.

Pull up. Pull up.

There goes two of them.

Let's get 'em.


Get up.

I had nothing to do with it.

With what?

That woman getting killed.

Always runs true when
one of your breed gets treed.

You have to face up
to what you been doing,

you fold like a bad poker hand.

Which one of you
killed the woman?

It was Hannon that shot her.

Which one of them lizards is he?

The old guy.

The boy?

That was an accident.

That boy.

I tried to help him.

Hound flushed us another coyote.

Deputy, he meant to kill me.

If you hadn't come riding
in just now, I'd be dead.

Fact is, I was tempted.

Come on. Get on your horse
and ride between us. Hurry up.

I said it.

Push them anxious
and they'll turn on you.

Come on.


Didn't figure this.

We had them on the run.
Now they're bushwhacking us.

Go on back, Deputy, and
take your greeners with you.

You're all just
getting in the way.

When it comes to tracking and trailing,
Hound and me don't need no company.


Larry, take Don and the
prisoner back to Dodge.

- You going after him?
- That's right.



He had his eye on
your Adam's apple, boy.

You're getting to be
quite a tracker, Deputy.

Right now it's my job.

I could have took you for them.

No, sir, you got too
much experience for that.

You figure on riding with me?

No, you're riding with me.

It was me who
was left in charge.

I know how you felt about
the woman and the little boy.

But Marshal Dillon don't like people
to take the law into their own hands.

Sure, Deputy.

We'll just run them to death.

Anybody else around here?

Just my wife up at the wagon.

Go tell her good morning, Trask.

Come on.

Run aground.

Looks like there might be some
people down there. Let's be careful.

Let's flush 'em, Hound.

I got a gun on this
woman. I'll kill her.

Drop the gun and let
her go, or I'll kill you.

Which one are you?

Name's Trask.

Where's Hannon?

I got Hannon right here.

I want him.

What for?

He's the one that killed her.

Well, he's going to
Dodge alive, Drago.


What are you gonna do?

I swore I'd kill you on sight.

But I ain't one for cold blood,

so you're gonna get a chance.

What about Flagg?
You killed him.

He called it.

I ain't never been one for lies.

And there ain't no
reason to lie now.

What's gonna happen to me?

I don't care what
happens to you.

They can hang you.

It's Hannon I want.

I'm gonna run you.

I'm gonna run you till you're
nothing but running meat.

And then I'm gonna
run you to ground.

Now, get those irons off.

Get them off!

Deputy'll tell what happened.

Now run.

Easy, old dog.

Ain't no hurry.

We'll let him thrash
around all night.

He ain't gonna get nowhere.

We'll hogtie that
one over there,

and at dawn... we'll
commence tracking.

He couldn't be too far
even if he left in the dark.

Did you hear anything?

Me and my wife
woke before light,

both reckoned we heard a horse.

Yeah, he let Hannon...
Hannon run for it last night.

So he could track him
down in the morning.

He took his irons
off and cut him loose.

I seen him ride
out just before light,

like the farmer said.

Sir, I'm gonna have
to ask you to help me.

I'll do what I can.

Ride into the nearest
town, get a law man,

bring him out here, make
sure he gets into custody.

- Glad to.
- Obliged.

You ain't got a cold, do ya?

Might as well have left
you with them coyotes

for all the help you
been this morning.

That's more like it.

I reckon this is
the end of the trail.

You're in there somewhere,
ain't ya, Hannon?

Gonna turn Hound on you, soon.

Let him chew you
out in the open.

Once Hound's got you
treed, I'm gonna gut-shoot you.

Let you wrassle
yourself to death.

Don't fret. We're
gonna get him, boy.

Just let him sweat a while.

No use running no more!

It won't do no good.

I got savvy.

And Hound.

Know how I come on that name?

Apaches named him.

I was riding scout at the
time out of Fort Logan.

Tracking a renegade.

Kind of old, but...

Hound made up for
what the years took away.

He flushed out them poor
Indians like prairie chickens.

The whole Apache Nation
was having nightmares about us.

They gave him a name in Apache
that I couldn't repeat in polite society.

So I just took to
calling him "Hound."

'Cause he sure did hound them.

He'd hold back,
quiet and still...

like a summer
thunderhead building up.

Dark and dangerous.

And when you least expect it...

he'd come down on you
like hellfire and brimstone.

Get 'em.

Okay, boy.

I'll get you out of there.

Quiet down.

Hannon, it's me. Open up.

This is the deputy. Get it open!

That old man, he's blood crazy.

We got once chance... my horse.

Just swing on the back
of me. Now, come on.

Go get 'em, Hound.


Take a mite more
luck than you've got

to get away from Hound and me.

I was tempted to kill you slow.

A bit at a time.

But I'm gonna make it clean.

Drago, he ain't worth killing.

He is to me!

Ever since they rode off that farm,
I haven't thought of anything else.

I'll feel better when it's done.

Newly: Well, what
about the little boy?

The doctor said the only
thing that kept him alive

was knowing he'd be with you.

Well, you kill Hannon,

and he'll be all alone.

Because you'll hang.

Keep your words
to yourself, boy.

What you're trying to say is

killing Hannon's more
important than that little boy.

But you can't have it both ways.

Well, go on, shoot him!

That little kid can
make out on his own.

Not what I started
out for, but...

it's something.

You're good with words, Deputy.

We'll take him in.


Boy looks fine, don't he?

Me and him has had
a little talk about you.

He thinks you don't like him.

He'd like to be friends.

Now you listen.

From now on, it's
gonna be the three of us.

So you might as well
get used to the idea.

Don't give me no sass back.

Both of us are gonna
have to do some changin'.

Now, I want you
to make it up to him.

You hear, Hound?

I mean it.



Drago, I missed you.

I missed you too a mite, son.

Well, maybe...

you hadn't ought to leave your
fish pole lying there like that.

You might get a bite.

Go on, we got a lot
of years for talking.

You better start minding me.

Or you and me is
gonna tangle in the brush.

He looks fine.

He is.

He started getting well
right after you talked to him.

You know, Drago, as a doctor,

it might help me if I
knew what you said to him.

I just told him there
wasn't no catfish in heaven.


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