Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 16, Episode 9 - The Gun - full transcript

Randy, a teenaged bank clerk living in a shack, idolizes a notorious gunfighter and has wallpapered every room with newspaper articles and posters about the man. One night, the gunfighter, hunted by everyone, ducks into the shack. Randy's thrill over meeting his idol goes sour when the gunfighter, who's gone completely paranoid, berates him and then forces him at gunpoint to break into the bank to steal getaway money. Randy manages to distract the gunfighter and duck down, crawling between the bank desks as the gunfighter fires on him. Randy finds a revolver in a desk drawer, comes up and pulls trigger, dropping the gunfighter in his tracks. When news of the gunfighter's death, and who killed him, gets on the telegraph wires, a St. Louis reporter comes out to anoint Randy the new king of the gunfighters. This makes Randy a target for anyone wanting the title. The reporter even imports a hired gun to shoot it out with Randy in a sort of Ultimate Gunfighting Championship, much to Randy's dismay and that of Matt, who's disgusted by all the publicity.

Announcer: Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Good night, boys.

Well, it's about
that time, Randy.

I'm ready to close.

Oh, yeah. Sure, Sam.

"The Outlaw of Hangman's Gulch."

It's real exciting, Sam.

I'm sure it is.

You want the loan of
it when I'm finished?

I'll tell you, Randy,

running a saloon bar gives
me all the excitement I need.

Yeah, I guess.

Good night, Sam.


What are you staring at, boy?



"Vance Jessop.

Famous gunfighter known to
have killed at least 15 men."

Yeah. You know me, all right.

You hero-worshippers.

You're getting to be more
dangerous than the law.

You're like a bunch of
cockroaches. You're all over.

Well, what are we
gonna do about this?

These books and reading.

You know what I
gotta do about you.

I'm sorry, boy.

But I gotta make sure about you.


We can make a deal.

I can tie you up.

It'll give me a chance
to get out of town.

Van... Vance Jessop.
I recognized him.

Vance Jessop?

That's who it is, all right.

- Sam, what happened?
- What's the shooting for?

Randy Gogan just
killed Vance Jessop.

Randy Gogan just
killed Vance Jessop!

Vance Jessop's dead!

Tried... Tried to kill me.

That gun... killed 15 men.


Randy Gogan, we're waiting for you
to tell us about shooting Vance Jessop.

Hey, Randy! Come
on out here, gunfighter.

I wish... wish
they'd just go away.

They're proud of you, Randy.

Whole town's talking about how
brave you were to face that man.

And you were brave.

What's the matter?

Why don't they leave me alone?

I got a lot of work to do.

Oh, would you stop behaving like
you're gonna have a tooth pulled?

Now, why don't you, um, change
into a clean shirt and comb your hair?

- Why?
- Never mind.

Just do as you're told.

Go on.

Folks, I want you
all to hear this.

Shh. Quiet down. Shh.

Randy, open up. It's Mr. Burke.

- Randy...
- There. Looks much better.

Well, go on out. They're
all waiting for you.

What for?

They won't bite you.
They're proud of you.

Randy, I'm proud of you, too.

- Hi, Randy.
- Tell us how you shot him, Randy.

- Were you scared?
- He as fast as they say? Tell us, Randy.

All right, now you kids quiet
down, or I'll run you out of here.

Folks, I just got this telegram here
from the head office in St. Louis.

"Please extend my
personal gratitude

to our employee
Mr. Randall Grogan."

"On his bravery and loyalty

in protecting the valuable
shipment entrusted to us

by the Chicago Diamond Exchange.

His exemplary action
will not be forgotten

when he has served
his apprenticeship

and is ready to take his first
step up the promotion ladder."

Signed DeWitt T.
Graystock, President.

Well, Randy, don't you think
the folks deserve a little speech?

How about it, folks?

- Come on!
- Come on, Randy!

All right, Randy!

What's the matter with him?

He just isn't used to so much
attention. He doesn't mean to be rude.

All right, folks. Come on.
Let's break it up. Break it up.

Come on, kids, let's go home.


Matthew: Why,
that's Wade Pascoe.

That's him, all right.

What do you reckon be
bringing him into Dodge?

Well, I'll tell you, we're
gonna have a lot of visitors

for that turkey shoot Saturday.

But him we better
keep a special eye on.

Randy, it's Mr. Burke.

Open up. Randy?

Uh, Mr. Gogan?

Now, Randy, I want you to
cooperate with this gentleman.

Uh, thank you, Mr. Burke.

I trust you'll forgive the
intrusion, Mr. Gogan.

Now, Randy, this is your chance to
get wrote up in a big city newspaper.

If you don't mind, sir, I'll speak
to the young gentleman alone.

Uh, please.

All right, well, I'll be in
the office if you need me.


I, uh, was passing
through town this morning

when I heard of your
encounter with Vance Jessop.

That must have been
quite an ordeal for you.


I'm a man of few words, so I'll
come directly to the point, Mr. Gogan.

I am prepared to add another
$100 to that reward money

for the exclusive
rights to your story.

No, I don't... I don't wanna be
made a hero in no newspaper.

No, no.

I promise I will not use
that, uh, clichéd word "hero."

I, uh, think I know your
trouble, young man.

You can't remember
what happened.

No, I mean no offense.

Well, that sometimes
happens when a man,

particularly a very young
and inexperienced man,

is suddenly put
under extreme stress.

I just... I just
wanna be left alone.

Well, now, wanted or not, you're
public property now, Randall.

Now, you'll frustrate
the public's curiosity.

They're gonna make
your life intolerable.

A moment ago...
Just a moment ago,

I heard the first words
of doubt cast about you.

I don't... I don't
care about that.

The jealous ones,
the envious ones,

they're gonna make up their own
story unless you preempt them.

- Randall, um...
- Randy.

Every detail we
need's in your mind.

We just have to search a little.

Now, from the beginning.

Let's see now.

From the beginning.

Let's see now. You
were in your room here.

Yes. You were in your room here.

Then you... you heard a noise.

You turned.

There he was. Vance Jessop.

The infamous killer.

You recognized
him instantly, right?


What do you mean, no?

No, it was in the... in the alley.
That's where I first saw him.

But you did recognize him.

Yeah, I figure I... I did.

And I ran.

You ran?


Out back here to
check the magazines.

- Check his picture.
- No, no, no.

You mean you rushed to your room to
make certain of your identification, right?

- I guess.
- Right. Now, he followed you.

But you were ready for him.

Well, he busted in on me.

You were prepared
to face Vance Jessop.

Your gun was ready.


Uh, the gun was in the desk.

It's Mr. Burke's gun.

That's an unimportant
detail, Randall.

He busted in on
me, and I got scared.

And he shot at me
through the pillow.

And then I ran through
that door to get away.

He shot at you and you ran?


- Randall.
- Uh, Randy.


your memory's
playing tricks on you.

Well, now, if Vance Jessop
shot at you from point-blank range,

you'd be dead.

You'd be dead.

So now, that can't be the
way it happened, now, can it?


Yeah. Yeah, that's exac...

We'll take your first answer
as being correct, Randall.

Now, let's... let's go back.

Let's go back and see
if we can reconstruct

what actually did happen.


we've already established
that you had a gun out there.

Handy to protect that, uh,

that shipment of diamonds
that was in the safe.

Mr. Burke, he doesn't
tell me what's in the safe.

Whether Mr. Burke actually mentioned
the diamonds or not is unimportant.

The pertinent fact is that you
were fully aware of that safe.

Now, isn't that right?

- Oh, sure.
- Oh, exactly. Exactly.

Now, what was
your first thought?

- Uh, well, I, uh...
- To protect those diamonds.


So there you were.

Facing a notorious killer.

Him watching you
like a rattlesnake,

ready to strike.

But you had to
divert his attention

for one split second.

Just long enough

to get through that door...

and out there to your
weapon in the desk drawer.

Am I correct?

Of course I am.

It's all coming back to
you now, isn't it, Randall?

It's all coming back.

I'm still saying
that freight boy

ain't telling all he knows
'cause he don't dare.

You saying Jessop shot himself?

I'm just saying there's something
funny about it. That's all I'm saying.

Did you say Jessop?

Vance Jessop?

Freight boy shot him last night.

- Shootout.
- Sam: I was right there.

I saw Randy standing over
the body with a gun in his hand,

and it wasn't a back-shoot,
it was straight-on.

There ain't nobody ever met Vance
Jessop straight-on and lived to tell it.

Randy Gogan did.

You're the barkeep
here, ain't ya?

That's right.

Then do what you get paid
to do and put a bottle up here.

Newly, you was there.
How'd it look to you?

I don't know what all
the argument's about.

Randy shot Vance Jessop.
Ain't no question about it.

You see all of it?

Nobody saw it, but that
don't change the fact.

If you didn't see it,

I say it didn't happen.

Not head-on.

Ain't you Wade Pascoe?

That's right.

I remember reading about you
having a run-in with Vance Jessop

about two years ago in El Paso.

Didn't come to much. Standoff.

You better stay away
from Randy, Mr. Pascoe.

He don't settle
for no standoffs.

What's the point in
stirring up trouble, Jacobi?

I was only spoofin'.

You know, it might
not be so strange

that, uh, Randy did
out-gun Vance Jessop.

I remember Dodge
Day this time last year,

and they had the
quick-drawing shoot contest.

He came in second, didn't he?

Piece of luck.

I'm not so sure.

Now, Randy liked
to practice drawing.

Well, Burke says he walked in
on him in his room plenty of times

and seen the kid
wearing a gun belt,

makin' believe he
was facing somebody.

I mean, if you got
nothing better to do at night

than to practice a draw,

you got to get pretty sharp.

You figure that's
all it takes...

- How fast a man is?
- Well, it's sure part of it.

What about facing a man
when your hands get sweaty?

That's part of it too, I guess.

Say you got a quick-draw
in that turkey shoot?

- That's right.
- Got time, can win yourself

a turkey, Mr. Pascoe.

Yeah, I figured on being
here a couple of days.


I think the less said about Randy
being good with a gun, the better.

Well, I didn't mean to get
into it that deep, Newly, but...

I just can't see taking
anything away from Randy.

I mean, what he did.

Wade Pascoe sticking
around for that turkey shoot.

Won't that be something?

Watching Pascoe
quick-draw on Randy.



all this agreement says is that
you've given me your true story

and you will not talk to
any other newspapermen.

I agree to pay you the sum of
$100 when my publisher prints it.

Now, just sign it
right there, Randall.

You won't regret this. No, sir.

Big things can come
from a story like this.

- What big things?
- Well, we'll talk about that later.

Now, what happened
to Jessop's gun?

I don't know.

Well, you ought to have it.

Why would I want his gun?

Because it's yours
by right of conquest.

And it's almost a legend.

A very special weapon.


who has a better right
to Vance Jessop's gun?


- Hello, Randy.
- Marshal.

Well, I understand you, uh, gave your
story to that St. Louis newspaperman.

I'm get... getting money for it.

Well, good.

Uh, what can I do for ya?

Vance Jessop's gun.

I was wondering
what happened to it?

Well, the town clerk took over his
possessions to pay for his burial.

Do you know who bought his gun?

Well, Newly O'Brien bought it.

- Why?
- No reason.

I just wanted to see it.

Well, there it is, Randy.

Just an ordinary,
single-action army-model colt.

Doesn't even have fancy grips.

Action's been honed
down a little bit,

but otherwise some condition
came from the factory in New Jersey.

Doesn't even have
any... Have any notches.

They almost never do.

You've been reading too
many of them books lately.

You suppose it's true what
everybody says about this gun?

What do they say?

- That it's unbeatable.
- Unbeatable?

Didn't do too well for
Vance Jessop the other night.

Suppose the balance
is better maybe?

The winning edge can be in a man's
weapon or the confidence he has in it.

I wanna buy the gun, Newly.

Randy, I thought about
adding it to my own collection.

No, I want it.

How much?

Well, I paid $30 for it, but
first tell me why you want it.

I... I just want it.

Who has a better right to
own this gun than me, Newly?

I guess no one.

Well, sir, that is
quite a contraption.

Yes, sir. That's for
the quick-draw contest.

Hey, you that
newspaper fella, ain't ya?

- Uh, Pendleton?
- Same.

I understand the quick-draw
is your most popular event.

Oh, brings gun hands
like flies to the honey pot.

Saw Wade Pascoe in
the Long Branch just today.

Wade Pascoe.

From Texas, uh, you know,

cutting himself a big
reputation down that way.


I suppose you'll shoot from
about the end of the table there.

It looks, uh, awfully
close to the targets.

Takes a good hand to
fast-draw and get hits at 30 feet.

Only got three
seconds to do it in.

That's odd.

My eye judges the
distance to be about, uh...

It's 30 feet, Mr. Pendleton.
Right to the inch.

30 feet, Randall.

Now, I want you to imagine a string
stretching from the end of your gun

to those targets.

A 30-foot string. Not 29,
not 31, but exactly 30 feet.

I'm... I'm still not sure about entering
this turkey shoot, Mr. Pendleton.

People'll be saying that
I'm trying to show off.

Oh, but you must enter.

And you must win.

If you don't, your friends in
Dodge will always say that story

you told me about
Vance Jessop was a lie.

And you're going to win
it against Wade Pascoe.

Oh, nobody could
beat him at shooting.

You are going to.

Now, I want you
to toe that mark,

draw your gun, and
fire all six bullets.

All six of 'em.

Wa... Wade Pascoe'd hit all six.


Put that elbow down. Reload.

I'm gonna share a little
secret with you, Randall.

Now, practice is a
gunfighter's secret.

But another is to practice
from a measured distance.

And when they face a man,

they either move in or back,

looking for that extra edge

of always firing from
the same exact distance.

Now, Mr. Pascoe never
faces a man from 30 feet.

His favorite distance
would probably be,

oh, 80, 90 feet.

And you'd be a little surprised

to find he's not all
that accurate at 30 feet.

Now, you are going to try again.

But this time with
the confidence

that all week long

you are going to be firing
at this exact distance.

30 feet.

All right, now, draw your
gun, fire twice this time.

Look at that gun.

Look at the gun.

That gun, Randall,
is a magic weapon.

It's Vance Jessop's gun.

Never beaten.

And from a distance of 30 feet,

it is never going to miss.

Now, you're gonna practice.

Oh, you're gonna
practice till your hand is raw

and your eyes are bloodshot.

And you're gonna
keep saying to yourself

you are firing a gun
that can't be beat.

You are firing a gun...

that can't be beat.

- You are firing a gun...
- A gun...

- that can't be beat.
- That can't be beat.


Sorry, gentlemen. Three
out of six is still the top score.

Mr. Henderson's high man.

All right, who's next?

All right, step on
up. Same rules.

Have you fired yet, Mr. Pascoe?

Nope. I'm waitin' for
that freight boy of yours.

Pendleton: Well, it
should be very interesting.

Tell me, what are you getting
from pushing that kid along?

Oh, let's just say I'm a man
with a finger in many pies.

Many pies.


That's it. Come on, Joseph.

Hustle it, Aaron.
You're falling behind.

Come on, keep moving.
Keep moving. Go on.

That Wade Pascoe over yonder.

Matthew, look, a gun hand ain't
got no business busting in here.

Well, it's an open
contest, Festus.

He's welcome as long
as he behaves himself.

Talking 'bout contests,
Matthew. Excuse me.

All right, kids, come on. Here
come the pies. Get ready now.

Now, remember.
Remember the rules.

You're gonna have five
minutes to eat everything you can.

Now, get all... Wait a minute.

Hold on. Hold on here.

Festus, what in thunder
you doing here anyway?

Well, I just entered
this here contest, Doc.

You ought to be ashamed of
yourself. Competing against little kids.

Oh, I ain't competing
against the young'uns.

I ain't fixin' to walk off with
no turkey or nothin' like that.

Well, what in thunder are you
doing here in the first place?

Well, I'm just wondering
how I'd do, that's all.

See, I ain't never been in no
pie-eating contest in my whole life.

Don't you see?

Yeah, I see. You bet I see.

All right, you obey the rules.

Now, that goes for all of ya.

Remember the rules.

Gonna have five minutes. Get
your hands behind your back.

Get ready. Get set.


Wait a minute. Hold on here.

Back up the train here, Festus.

You're cheatin'. Get your
hands behind your back.

Go on, Tommy.

Hurry up! They're ahead, Tommy.

That's it.

Come on, Mary!

Get right in the middle of it!

Randy, are you in there?

Randy: Come on in.

Listen, I just heard that
newspaperman talking down the street.

I don't understand what he...

Somethin'... somethin'
wrong with the way I'm lookin'?


How much did you spend? Is
there any of the reward money left?

Mr. Pendleton
paid for this outfit.


You don't... you don't
tell nobody yet, but, uh...

it's the way I'm gonna dress
when I go up on the stage,

- shoot for money.
- The stage?

Well, that's what I
been doing every day.

Mr. Pendleton.

Practicing shooting.

He's gonna put me
in a wild west show.

He and some other man back east.

- Yeah, but the stage...
- I can do it.

I can.

I'm gonna make 50 a week.

I'll be known as Randy
Gogan, the Dodge Giant Killer.

Oh, Randy.

Gonna be doing a
lot of traveling around.

Mr. Pendleton says maybe
even foreign countries.

If you're gonna be
leavin', uh, what about me?

Well, I... I have to be
makin' some money first.

Then we can talk about that.

All right, it's about over.
Go as fast as you can.

Eat as much as
you can right now.

Gotta hurry up. It's about over.

Time! There ya
are. That's all. Stop.


now we're gonna find
out who the winner is.

Hey, I never saw such
a bunch of pie-eaters.

You're all... Oh,
that's marvelous.

Oh, well, there's
no doubt about it.

Right here's the
champion. Look at that.

Tommy, you're the champ.

Doc, I ate more pie than he did.

No, you didn't.
It's all on your face.

Come on, Tommy.

We're gonna pick you
out a great big nice turkey.

First prize.

You ain't fixin' to eat no
more of your pie, are ya?

Much obliged.

Well, now, who's that
big, bad man in black?

Hey, maybe it's
Wild Bill Hickok.

You look fine,
Randall. Just fine.

There's three contestants left,
Randy. You, Burke, and Pascoe.

Well, I don't think I
stand a chance, Randy.

- Good luck, Mr. Burke.
- Thank you.

- All right, you all set?
- Yeah.

- Newly: Same rules. Three seconds.
- I'm ready.

All right.


Five hits for Randy. A
new top score for the day.

My chance coming up?

You're supposed to be
the last shooter, Pascoe.

Why don't we, uh, fire
together, freight boy?

Oh, I just... I just
did, Mr. Pascoe.

Well, go ahead and reload.

In case we tie, we
can keep on going.

Well, that's it. It's Mr. Pascoe
against Randy Gogan.

All right, y'all set?


Yeah, I... I'm ready.

- Pascoe?
- Let 'er go.


Six to five! Randy Gogan's
the top score of the day.

Excellent, Randall.

I think we can move
forward with our plans now.

You were very... you were
very good, too, Mr. Pascoe.

"Good, too"?


Those bottles weren't
shootin' back at you, boy.

Oh, yeah, I... I
know they weren't.

I'm buying Mr. Gogan
the first round.

Everyone have the
first round on me.

Take it to the Long
Branch there, folks.


Some sour tongues figure
you lucked out with Jessop.

But you could take
anybody. You proved it.

The best, gentlemen. There's
no doubt about that now.

Where'd you learn
to shoot, Randy?

Jessop's gun, there's something
kinda spooky about it, right, kid?

Randy, could I take
a close look at it?

That's a gun.

Pascoe: I'll give
you $50 for it, kid.

What's the matter?
That not enough?

The gun, Mr. Pascoe,
is not for sale.

I don't rightly believe
anybody asked you.

Well, kid?

I don't wa... I don't
wanna sell it, Mr. Pascoe.

Don't like the way I look?

- That it?
- No.

That's what I thought.

N-No, I meant I
didn't wanna sell it.

What's wrong
with the way I look?

This is a friendly
celebration, Mr. Pascoe.

You know, I surely
admire you, freight boy.

Fancy new duds and all.

Question is, are
you what you claim?

Or were you invented by
that newspaper fella there?

He can't talk to
you like that, Randy.

You just stand
right there, Randall.

Look at your friends, kid.

Second ago you were a big hero.

Now they're
wondering if I'm right.

There's only one
way to convince 'em.

- I'm betting on you, Randy.
- Don't be stupid, Randy.

Pascoe: No, he ain't stupid.

He's real smart.

Except he's gonna say
he's a liar and a coward.

Now your friends are
waiting for you, boy.

Step out.

Or say you're a liar
and you're scared of me.

Loud. So everybody can hear you.

Randall is, uh, neither a
liar nor a coward, Mr. Pascoe.

But this is hardly the,
uh, time or the place.


Get out of Dodge. Tonight.

Freight boy, I'll let you
know when and where.

Well, you cow town
folks do manage

a little excitement
now and then, don't ya?

Pendleton, let me
tell ya something.

Whatever excitement
we have around this town,

we like to make it ourselves.

We don't want it
manufactured by some outsider

who thinks that
gun-fighting is a party game.

Is that clear?


- Good evening, Mr. Pascoe.
- What do you want?

I've invested a great deal
of time in Randall Gogan.

You've complicated things.

Now, what's that
supposed to mean?

I should like this element of doubt
between the two of you resolved.

I'd also like to shake up a certain
U.S. Marshal who seems to have it in

for both you and me.

I'm leavin' town.
I've been told.

Oh, by all means, do so, but
the boy will face you, Mr. Pascoe.

This I promise.

Now, he may need
a little pushing.

He has many peace-loving
influences to overcome.

His girl. Certain citizens in Dodge.
His own natural fear of death.

Get to the point.

I propose to do the pushing.
Wait in Four Corners.

In due course, I'll wire
you the time and the place.

Why are you doing this?

I have a certain very
lucrative plan for Randall.

Can't be realized as long as
there's a shadow of a doubt

he is the best gun alive.

Yeah? Suppose I kill him?

In that case, you and I will
have a very profitable discussion.

Such as your becoming
quite rich, quite famous,

staying in the best hotels,

your head on a soft
pillow instead of a saddle.

Yeah? Go on.

I thought you might say that.

"Gogan, I'm waiting. P."

Yeah, that's Pascoe, all right.

Randy don't even
work here anymore.

Said he's giving up his
room at the end of the week.

Quit me cold.

Said he's gonna spend the rest
of his time practicing shooting.

And now this.

Oh, fiddle, Burke.

This coulda been
just some kids' prank.

Yeah, well, how am I
gonna scrub that off?

Oh, well.

Randy Gogan can't ignore that.

He sure can't.

Good evening, Randall.

Mr. Pendleton.

I'm afraid I'm going to have
to wire my booking agent friend

that the... tour is off.

You mean... mean we're not
going back east like we planned?

A thing like this
can't be kept quiet.

Word's already spreading you've
backed away from a challenge.

But I... but I quit my job.

I... I quit Mr. Burke.

Now, if I took you on tour
now, you'd just be hooted down

as the coward who ran
out on Wade Pascoe.

But I didn't run.

That depends on
the interpretation.

Now, I'm sorry, Randall.

I've done you a
grave disservice.


You gave me a chance.

I can't advise you, Randall.

I can only give you the facts.
What you make of 'em is up to you.

Good day.



I'm waitin' for you, Pascoe!

Come out!

Come on out, Pascoe!

I'm waitin'!

I'm waitin'! I'm...


I'm waitin'!


Festus: Boy's just
plain ol' drunk, Matthew.

Matthew: Yeah, get him over
to the jail, let him sleep it off.

All right, come on.
Get ahold of him.

- Help me out here.
- Pascoe!

Just go, all three of ya.

Pendleton. I'll take the gun.

A very wise precaution, Marshal.

You know, that's the first time in
that boy's life he's ever been drunk?

And, of course, you're
going to blame me for that.

Where's Wade Pascoe?

I've not seen the
gentleman since he left town.

That's not what I asked you.

Marshal, I'm a man who
minds his own business.

I find that alone occupies
all my waking hours.

Good evening, sir.

Mr. Pendleton.

Mr. Pendleton, uh,
me and Jacobi here,

we figure we wouldn't
mind seeing it.

Pascoe and Randy
meeting, I mean.

Who said they were meeting?

Been talk.

Well, we might come to
some sort of an agreement.

I'll need someone to arrange
transportation at Garden City

for a few friends
I'll have coming in.

- Friends?
- Now, what they got to do with it?

Why don't we go up to my room
and discuss this over a drink?

Randy, you're gonna
have to face Judge Brooker

next time he sets
up court in town.

I'm sorry about what I did
to the freight office, Marshal.

I'll pay for the damages.

You know, everybody's talking about
you accepting Wade Pascoe's challenge.

Is that what you were doing
when you shot up the freight office?


I was drunk.

I didn't mean nothin' by it.

Can I have my gun back?

Randy, you ain't got no calls to
be wearin' no pistol around town.

- I should have my gun.
- What for?

You can't tell if somebody wants
to get me for killin' Vance Jessop.

I should have my
gun for protection.

No, man, Randall,
could be more ready.

The time is tomorrow.

- What?
- 9:00 sharp.

You know where the old
abandoned weigh station is

between here and Garden City?

Yeah, sure.

- Tomorrow, huh?
- 9:00.

Mr. Wade Pascoe will be there.

By nightfall, you and I should
be on the stage headed east.

A new life for you.

From being nothing, and I don't
mean that in a derogatory sense,

you'll become one of the
most acclaimed figures

ever to tread the
eastern boards.

- What?
- The theater, Randall.

The theater.

Even now, I'm negotiating contracts
for appearances at $1,000 each

in Paris and London.

If you should face
and defeat Mr. Pascoe.


We'll discuss your
share of that later.

Right now, there's a certain
detail we should go over.

The legalities involved when
two gun hands face each other.

You mean... you mean
about the Marshal.


I'll have a couple of
witnesses present.

They will swear the winner
was the man provoked.

Be an act of self-defense, and
technically that'll be the truth.

Now, you be sure to
wear your new outfit.

London and Paris,
Randall. Paris and London.

Now, that's a far cry from
sweeping a freight office floor.

Now, isn't it?



- Stella.
- Randy.

I been sorta scared all day,
wondering what was happening.


Tomorrow morning,

at the old number-seven weigh
station that they don't use no more.

Wade Pascoe.

He'll be waitin'.

You actually gonna kill another
man or get killed yourself?

Now, there's no...
There's no way out, Stella.

Wade Pascoe challenged me.

You can just say no.

And I can go back
to bein' nothin'?


Called it right, you
know, Mr. Pendleton.

I'm nothin'.

All I ever have to look forward
to is sweepin' for a few pennies.

No schoolin'. I'm nothin'.

That's not true,
and you know it.

You were promised a
promotion when the time comes.

Yeah, well, that's
only a promise, Stella.

And, anyway, it's not
that simple. Not anymore.

People are gonna forget about this
thing with Vance Jessop and Wade Pascoe.

And I'll... and I'll always
wonder how it might have been.


Stella, th... this
is the only chance

I'm ever liable to
get at a decent life.

Now, I can't run from that.

I'm goin'.

Randy, whatever
happens... if you love me,

let's... let's do it together.

Matthew, I's just
fixin' to go fetch you.

I found this here under the
door when I got up this morning.

It's from Stella.

There something I can
help you with, Matthew?

No, it's nothing I
can't handle, Festus.


You wait here.


Morning, Randall.

You... you brought
them here to watch?

The witnesses I spoke of.

Few newspaper friends,
interested sportsmen.

It's to your advantage to have the results
of this confrontation authenticated.

That is, if you
win, freight boy.

Now, we'll, uh,
toss a coin to, uh...

I-I don't want no people around.

Oh, now, sonny, you gonna drop just
as bug-eyed dead no matter who sees.

Some of these people come all
the way from St. Louis, Randall.

One is a famous publisher.

Another runs the biggest
western carnival in the country.

Get on with it, Pendleton.

We're not paying to
see a prayer meeting.


These... these people are
paying money to see this?

Well, they, uh, made a token payment
to defray certain expenses I've incurred.

- We got most $15 bet on you, Randy.
- Be a bottle on us tonight.

What are you waitin' for, Randy?

Get on with it, Pendleton.

Please, ladies and gentlemen,
this is a duel of honor.

Things like this
cannot be rushed.

Now, as I was saying, we'll toss a
coin to determine who takes what place.

Mr. Gogan is the man challenged.

It is therefore traditional
he call heads or tails.

It's... it's all over.

The kid's hightailing it.

You're throwing away
the opportunity of a lifetime.

Turn around, kid.

That gun you're
wearing, I want it.

You got it.

I want it same way
you took it off Jessop.

Now, that's the last
lead I'll put in the dirt, kid.

I'm gonna count to three.

If'n you ain't turn and set...


Drop your gun belt,
Pascoe. You're under arrest.

You're under arrest,
too, Pendleton.

On what charge, Marshal?

Arranging for a gunfight, and
I'll think of a few other charges.

Well, these two men have
simply called each other out.

It is my understanding, as
long as there are witnesses...

Shut up. You've said
too much already.

All right, drop the gun
belt. You, too, Randy.

Pascoe: I was told the
kid wanted to meet me.

Now, a man don't break no
law when he's callin', Marshal.

What'd he do? Promise you a
lot of money in his wild west show?

He promised that to both of us?

I'm not gonna tell you
again. Drop the gun belt.

Marshal, you've made a
personal thing out of this.

Mr. Pascoe, you have witnesses.

If you'd like to stand
up for your rights...

to defend yourself.

You want my gun, Marshal,
you gonna have to take it.

Don't be a fool.

Now, Marshal, you and I
could have a very profitable...

All right, now you folks
saw what you came to see.

Go on home and think about it.

Randy, you shoulda come to me.

I used... used to read
about Wade Pascoe, too.

Some... sometimes
wishin' I could be him.


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