Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 16, Episode 1 - Chato - full transcript

Chato is a mixed-race Native American with a serious grudge against lawmen. He also has a remarkable athletic ability: he can run and jump over mountain ledges while keeping up a steady fire with his rifle. After an exciting duel, he kills a friend of Matt Dillon's who was tracking him. Matt comes to New Mexico and engages him in a duel of wits with Chato to catch him. Chato's one soft spot is his common-law wife. She is shot and severely injured by a group of renegade tribesmen who were also gunning for Chato. Chato calls a truce with Matt so the group can escape and get her to a doctor - but it's only a truce.

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Go home, Cooter.

You're alone now.

Go home.

Case, hang on.

May you burn in hell, Chato!

They'll be others, Chato...

coming for ya... coming...

coming to...

kill you.

There have been others.

Always there will be others.


Woman: Thankless job, Matthew.

As you know it is.

Beth, I expect it's not
much comfort to you,

but, for me, Don Cooter
was the best there was.

I'm proud you'd say it.

Mexico was never good to us.

But he loved it.

He made it a better place
than he found it, Beth.

You believe that,
do you, Matthew?

I do.

He dreamed about it.

He lived for it.

And he worked hard.

And that man...

that wild savage.

Evil man.

Seemed like a
supernatural thing.

He was Don's cross
since he began here.

He made his life
a hell on Earth.

And he could never run him down.

Nobody could.

He'd hit one post
with his band, alone...

wipe it out...

soldiers and stock
and buildings...

like the Lord razed Sodom.

Burned up the leavin's
till you couldn't find it,

if you hadn't known
it'd been there.

Beth, don't forget one thing...

Don kept him always
moving, running.

If it hadn't been for that,

Chato might've wiped out every military
post from here to the Mexican border.

Now he's had his way.

Don's gone.

And he's free.

No, he's not free.

He never will be free.


Waiting for you
at the fence line.

Good-bye, Beth.

Bye, Matthew.


- Juanito.
- Everything's ready, Marshal.

What can you tell
me about this Chato?

What is there to say?

He's a lion, a spirit.

He's a man like any other.

Do not think it, Marshal.

His hatred for the
whites is unending.

But he has no race, no people.

A black thing of
death and murder.

But he has nothing. He's alone.

Except for a woman.

- A woman?
- His woman.

Wild as he is. An outcast.

That he stole during
a raid on Coahuila.

- He has no other people?
- None.

And no one can find him.

His cabin is high. In the
Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

He's the only man to live
alone in those wild mountains.

Even the Jicarillas
give him his room.

They call him "muerte," death.

He's a shark in
that sea of desert.

That, you can never hope to be.


Thanks, Juanito.


When you're out
there in the desert,

there's a place, El
Pozo del Infierno...

There's water there.

And those people, they know him.

But they will tell you nothing.

With all my heart, good fortune.

Adiós, Juanito.



- Señor.
- Buenos días.

I have English.

What do you want here?

I'd like some water,
and rest for my horses.

Help yourself.

You did not cross the
desert to rest your horses.

Why are you here, señor?.

I'm looking for a man. I
think you know him. Chato.

He's not here.

- But he's been here.
- Many times.

He comes at night.

And he goes.

No man knows where.

Well, he's killed
many innocent people.

He's no danger to my people.

And there's nothing
that I can tell you.

- It doesn't matter. I'll find him.
- Oh, no, señor.

He will find you.

Thanks. For the water.


So, lawman, you open
the door pretty good, huh?

That the way you always greet
visitors, with a shotgun blast?

Luckily thing you
didn't get killed.

Good thing you move fast. I
got no friends in these mountains.

What do you want with me?

I don't want anything with you.

- Then what?
- You know who I'm after.

- You're a liar.
- You know a man named Chato.

Who has not heard of Chato?

You hadn't heard
of him a minute ago.

When was he here?

Never. He's gone.

Away. In the south.

In Mexico.

I think you're lying.

I think he's on his way up here right
now. That's why you used the shotgun.

I think that's why you're
trying to tell me he's down south

when he killed four men on
Bandolier Mountain four days ago.

All right! Now you know.

And then what?
What does it get you?

Do you wanna hear?



'Cause you have me
here is one thing, lawman.

To catch Chato...

it is a thing that
cannot be done.

You did well, viejo.

As you say.

Woman: You think
you will wait here,

quiet, hidden,

until he just rides
up to you, huh?

So stupid!

Do you know who he is, Chato?

Do you know that he has made a
life finishing men better than you?

I will tell you what will
happen if you stay here.

You will wait and wait,

and he will not come in.

And then, sometime,
you will have to sleep.

And when you sleep,
he will come in, Chato,

and he will put a knife in your
heart and you will never wake again.

Because you cannot
hear him, lawman.

You cannot see him.

And if you see him,
it is already too late.

So, you will go?


Wake up once and
talk before you die!

You know, I think
you may be right.

I am right. I tell you
for your own good.

Uh-huh. You're right.

He's not gonna worry about
you as long as you're here, is he?

Worry? He does
not worry about me,

about you, about nobody.

If you start now...

Yeah, I might have a good
jump on him for tomorrow.

It is true, and he
won't follow you.

No, no. I don't think he would.

But I think he might follow you.


Get your things
together. We're leaving.


You're not taking me with you.

You got two ways
to go... Tied or loose.

That's up to you.

But you're going.




Over there.

You better get some sleep.

We move on before dark.

You, jefe, what will you do?



You better not sleep.

You're not going anywhere.

It's not me, jefe.


Give me some water first.

You know where it is.



Your water... a mistake.

It fall on the ground.


That was your water.
Mine's right here.

Woman: Hey.

You asleep?

Not with you talking.

Chato, he does not sleep.

He's closer now.


He's going to kill you.

Do you know why?

Do you know something?

You're just like him.

Two of a kind.

- That a fact.
- That's... that's right.

You got a hard head, jefe.

Just like him.

But he's gonna kill you.

Do you know why?

Because he hates you.

I mean, now, really.

Think about that.

You see, you come to get him.

All right.

You come to fight him.

Take him to prison.

But you do not hate him.

Not the same like he hates you.

You took me away from him.

Think about that.

You don't know him. You
force him to kill you now.


Time to go.

Kinda careless
of him, wasn't it?

Letting himself
be seen like that.

We've got to stop.

We'll stop when I tell you.

I tell you something, lawman.

You're crazier than you know.

This country here,
it is of the Jicarillas.


You're pretty
touchy about killers

for a woman that's been
living with one, aren't you?

Chato, you don't know him.

- I know what he's done.
- But you don't know why.

And it does not matter.

That's right. It doesn't matter.

A man that's a killer like
he is and keeps on killing,

the only thing that
matters is that he's stopped.

Listen to me, lawman.

I will tell you once
so you will know.

Chato's mother was Cheyenne.

At Cave Wells,

the horse soldiers
murdered all his people.

His mother was one of them.

Chato saw.

A boy.

And he's alive because she
hid him with her own body.

Chato does not forgive.

It is for this he has
killed the white soldiers.

Women, children,
he has never touched.


soldiers, like the ones
that killed his mother.

- Does it mean anything to you?
- Chato: Lawman!

Let the woman go!

It's you I'm after, Chato.

You come in, the
woman goes free.

That can never be!

If you let the woman
go, I will leave you.

If you keep her, I
will hunt you down.

Do what you can.

Unless you come in,
the woman stays with me.


Chato! Jicarillas!


Hold it!

Chato: The woman!

She's hurt bad.

Give her to me!

No. We gotta get
her to a doctor now.

Without my help,

you cannot leave this place.

And if she dies...

You come up, give me your
weapons, we'll get her to a doctor.

You hear, lawman?

That is the Jicarilla.

They will be back. Many.

It's your choice.

Lawman, give me your word.

I will give you my weapons.

I will help you take
her to the medicine.

When she is safe, you
give me my gun again.

It will be as before, you and I.

If we live.

Come up.

- How far to the river?
- We will be there by dawn.

We'll have to cross it to
get her to the Osona station.

An outpost. Soldiers.

And the only doctor
in the territory.

To cross the river
is not easy there.

The Jicarilla will be fast.

They know we
cannot cross by day.

There is a place.

If we come there, unseen...

it will be safe.

And she can rest.

The horses, hide them.

I was afraid for you.

Your warning saved me.

And him... he's clever,

and strong in his will.

Do not worry.


Tonight we must go where
there is medicine for you.

It was me.

My fault you're his prisoner.

No prisoner.

Without me, he was
meat for the Jicarillas.

And me also.

But now...

A truce.

Until you are safe.

I have his word.

And then?

And then we will know.

- Eat.
- No.

The pain... it is very bad.

Chato, if I should die...

You will not. You will not.

- The lawman...
- I will kill him.

In the end, I will kill him.

He is my enemy.

He came for me like the others.

He took you from me.

I will kill him.




What do you see?

- Nothing.
- But they are there.

They are there.

Downstream, there's
a canyon, a small river.

We can swim down with
the horses and cross there.

If we are unlucky,
we will be seen.

There is no help for it.

We must cross.

If we can cross before them,

we will be safe.

I will watch now.

How is it?

Lawman... listen to me.

You will not break
your word to Chato.

He has trusted you.

For me?

For my sake, he
has given you his life.

And saved your own.

You must not betray him.

He has my word.

But when you're safe,

I'm still gonna
have to take him in.

He will not go.

That'll be up to him.

I don't know you, man.

I don't understand your ways.

But you are straight.

I see that.

I know I'm very bad hurt.

I feel it.

If I die, or if I live...

you must give Chato his chance.

I will.

It is all I can ask.

I will not ask for anymore.

And I thank you for it.

The horses, it is time.

- I will wake her now.
- Chato.

Before we go...

You'll need that.

Time to go.

I am afraid.

God, why has this happened?

To be afraid will hurt you.

Be strong now.


Whatever happens
tonight, remember this...

we are together.


Mora, go!

Go on!

We are safe.

Chato, you've gone
about as far as you can go.

- You know that, don't you?
- I know.

I will wait for your word

back at the Castillo rocks.

She is my life, that woman.

All the rest...

I will have you know this...

She is the good in me.

If there is good.

You know my life.

I have killed many.

You don't know why.

You are not a man
to accept my reasons,

but, uh... I have reasons.

Think of the buffalo when
the white man came with rifle.

Powder. Lead.

Of the young bull who
sees his herd at bay.

Who sees his cows shot down.

Gut shot.

To wander dying.

Stunned and dying.

That was the story of my people.

In his pain and wounding grief,

the young one
turns on his hunter.

He hooks with his mad horn
the bellies of his enemies,

whenever he can touch them.

This has been my life.

I did not choose it.

A man does what
he has to, Chato.

What is between you and I...

when it is time, we
will settle between us.

Until then...

for what you do for her...

my heart goes out to you.

You are my friend.


what will happen to me now?

You will be cared for now.

You will be well.

We will go home again?


No child...

I wish I had a child for you.

If we had more time...

If we had been
together longer...

I would have made
a child for you.

You have been everything to me.

And... it will be...

If I...

if I cannot come back to you...

You will come back.

You are my life.

I will be here for you.

Adiós, mi amor.

I wait for you.

- Matt: When will you know?
- Doctor: Later on tonight.

After that bullet comes out.

If we can beat the fever,

she has a good chance.

If not...


She's dead, Chato?

Chato: And it is done.

And now a little more remains...

for us.

I gotta take you in,
Chato. You know that.

Chato: I understand.

It is your way, and good.

But I will not go in.

It is as it should be.

As it must always be between us.

We are men who do not change.

For me, it is best we
make our peace forever.


A favor, lawman.


If it is you who
leaves this place...

take her for me to
the mountains again.

Was the country that she loved.

Was our home.

Chato, this is not
the way I want it.

It is now as before!

Move out on the open
or I'll kill you there!

I'll be here, in
these rocks, waiting!





Go home.



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