Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 15, Episode 25 - Hackett - full transcript

Will Hackett has just been released from prison after serving ten years for a foiled train robbery. Hackett just so happens visits the farm of Quentin Sargent, a former partner that ran out on him during the robbery.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Whoa, Bard. Whoa, Bard.

Come along, now.


Whoa, Bard. Ho.

Giddap, Bard.

Giddap, Bard.

Hold it right there.

I got no gun.

No money, nothin'.

You got no eyesight,
I'll swear to that.

What'd you think I was, standin' over
here puffin' smoke? A chimney pot?

Them potatoes got better
eyes than you got, Schuyler.

You got the wrong
man. My name's Sargent.

Is that so?

Is your first name still Quent?

Well, there's lots of
people named Quent.

Well, Quent, lots of people,
you're the man I come to see.

Come a long way to see.

- Where from?
- Jefferson City, Missouri.

- State prison?
- That's right.

Who are you, anyway?

You tell me who I am, Quent.

You tell me who's the last
man in this whole wide world

you'd ever wanna see again, huh?


If that don't beat all.

The only stripe you ever had is
that yellow one runs up your back.

All right. All right.

But when I went into that smoking
car, two lawmen cut down on me.

I broke and run. I
admit it, I broke and run.

But I thought you'd done
already uncoupled that engine

and that... that express car.

I thought you were in the...
in the front end of that train

and be clean across
the river by then.

- Otherwise I'd have...
- You'd have what?

I didn't have much time.

We did.

Ten years apiece they gave us.

Me and Bronk and Tully.

That's a whole lot
of time, ten years.

You've come to kill me?


Go on back in the house!


Well, I was just gonna say
you could come on in to eat now.

No, I... I ain't hungry.

- You run on back to the house, now.
- This is Mrs. Sargent.

Well, ma'am, I can't tell you
what a pleasure it is to meet you.

I'm a long-time friend
of your husband's here.

Geneva, I...

You didn't tell me she
was so pretty, Quentin.

Did you say somethin'
about eatin', ma'am?

My name's Hackett.
I'm the new hired hand.

The rain stopped.

Well, out there
maybe, but not in here.

I'll fix that roof for you
first thing tomorrow.

- Oh.
- The shingles is rotten.

Might as well try to
patch up a rain cloud.

Oh, no, I said fix, not patch.

If Miss Geneva wants a new
roof, that's what she's gonna get.

Did you hear that, Quentin?

You're a travelin' man, Hackett.
Shinglin' a roof takes time.

What do you want here? My skin?

Then take it. But leave her
alone. She don't know nothin'.

Nothing's what she married.
That's the first thing she knows.

I got my pride.

I bet you even got
the box it came in.

- More coffee, Mr. Hackett?
- Yes, ma'am, Miss Geneva.


I need somethin' stronger.

Well, you have family back
in Missouri, Mr. Hackett?

No, ma'am.

- You never got married?
- No, ma'am.

Hackett's always been
too busy for the ladies.

Oh, Quentin, I can
hardly believe that.

Why, Quentin, aren't you
gonna offer Mr. Hackett a drink?

Or don't you use whiskey either?

Oh, I use it, Miss Geneva.
I just ain't married to it.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that
the way it sounded.

No offense, Miss Geneva.

You want some of this?

Yeah, Quent, I don't
mind if I... if I do.

There you go.

- Well, here's to women.
- Oh!

Great janglin' jowls! What you
got in there, Schuyler? Dead owls?

It's just a mite green. I'll
get you some branch water.

Oh, did I hear you call my husband
Schuyler or something like that?

No. No, what he said was...

Yes, you heard
right, Miss Geneva.

The fact is, your husband here
puts me in mind of a man I know

used to go by the
name of Schuyler.



Reckless fella,
old Schuyler was.

Lived by the gun and
he'll probably die by it too.

If you keep feedin' me
like this, Miss Geneva,

I'm just liable never
to get down to Mexico.


Me and Tully and Bronk, we
decided we need a change of scenery.

Oh, are you here with friends?

Well, as a matter of fact, I
was just about to excuse myself.

They're waitin' for me in Dodge.

I'm gonna go and tell
'em about my new job.

Do you mean to tell me that
you got friends a-waitin' for you

while you be a-workin' out here?

Well, when they hear
about this home cookin'

and this pretty
lady of the house,

they're just liable to be climbin'
your ridge pole come sunup,

just beggin' to help
work on that new roof.

You stop it.

You can't bring them
out here, Lord of mercy.

Just askin' the boss here for a
couple of dollars advance on my wages.

Guess I'm worth a little
advance, huh, boss?

That's right generous of you.

If I was you, I'd raise all
that I could lay my hands on.

- Raise what did you say?
- A new roof, Miss Geneva.

Crack of dawn.

Uh, Mr. Hackett, you'd better
watch yourself in Dodge City

and stay out of them saloons

or you're not even gonna
hear the crack of dawn.

Night, now, Miss Geneva.

Night, boss.

Quentin, what's the matter?

Oh, now, did you wanna go
into town with him? I don't mind.

No, no.

We'll, I think it's
gonna be real nice

havin' somebody
around for you to talk to.

He just wants money.

Oh, Quentin, don't begrudge
a friend a few dollars.

Why, one good friend is
worth his weight in gold.

When you got a
friend like Hackett...

one's all you need.

Schuyler's got a new name.

Other than that and a piece of ground
looks like 50 acres of snake belly,

he ain't got nothin'.

And he's a sure
enough croppin' farmer?

- What's he raisin'?
- Dust.

And when he saw
me, a fearsome sweat.

It's been ten years, Hackett.

We ought to let him go if
he comes up with the money.

There's gotta be
enough for horses.

We can't be hittin' no train
without train-hittin' horses.

That's the Lord's own truth.

Well, if he buys us the
horses and the dynamite,

that ought to square it, right?

I mean, we can't be leavin'
some dead farmer out there.

Just another problem,
right, Hackett?

You boys think you can get all that
whiskey and funnin' out of your blood

in time to hit that 9:12 out of
Hutchinson City tomorrow night?

That quick?

Oh, I hear you talkin'.
The quicker the better.

Before that marshal
come back into this town.

And I'm gonna blow them
tracks right off the ties.

There's no short-fusin'
this time, Tully.

Well, the shorter I light it,
the quicker you light out, right?

Lightin' out
quick's fine, Tully.

We just like to do it under our
own power, don't we, Bronk?

You boys stay out of trouble,
keep your mouths shut...

we're liable to go
down to Mexico in style.

Don't bother to stack
the chairs tonight, Sam.

It's too late.
We'll just lock up.

Not just yet, pretty woman.

You got a payin' customer.

We're closing. It's
been a long day.

Yeah, but a short evenin'.

Why don't you go on
down to the Bull's Head?

No, I'd rather give
you the business.

Whiskey, barkeep.

- Miss Kitty?
- Barkeep, I said whiskey.

A bottle. I mean now.

Mister, don't threaten...



Sam, the best.

Much obliged, pretty woman.

Now, Sam, why don't you
just put that gun up on the bar

so as we can all relax?

If you decide to go for it, Sam,

be sure and wait till I've
just swallowed a shot.

They tell me the shock to the
system's enough to slow a man's draw

by as much as a
whole tenth of a second.

Did you ever notice, Miss Kitty,

how it's always hand-to-mouth
with these gun-bums?


No, it's all right. Let
him talk. Go ahead, Sam.

I mean, Miss Kitty, if they draw
their gun and don't get to shoot it off,

they immediately start to
shoot their big mouths off.

Sam, why don't you
just go on home?

- I'll be all right.
- No, no. Sam's an interestin' fella.

Ugly, but interestin'.

Tell me, Sam, I mean, suppose
I draw again and shoot my gun?

Would that cure
my mouth trouble?

Mister, you know,
you surprise me.

You don't look like the
kind of person who'd...

Yeah, I know, I'm a bigger man
than to shoot up a barkeep, right?

Well, I would have put it a...

You know somethin', pretty lady?
I've had it put to me every way there is.

And it's always by some
painted pretty like you

who thinks she knows all about
men just 'cause she's known so many.

Now, Sam.

You're dead, Sam.

Or you would be.

Except the pretty woman
here was right in the first place.

I am a bigger man than that.

Except she didn't really
think so. I mean, not really.

She was just...

She was just tryin' to use a little
of that calico queen cajolery on me,

which is what they teach her to do
when they teach her about face paint

and waterin' drinks and
separatin' men from their money.

Keep talking, mister. You're
getting bigger all the time.

How about you performin'
the honors again?

Take the bottle and
get out. It's on the house.

Sam here'll be a lot
happier if you pour it.

You see, the only way to deal with
a pretty woman's big tough mouth,

'cause you can't shoot
her and she knows it...

is just shoot her
barkeep instead.

Wait till I drink it, Sam.

He's a slow learner, ain't he?

I told you I wouldn't
shoot you, Sam.

But I might just pink you up here
and there, but nothin' real discomfortin'.

So, next time, why don't
you just go for it, Sam?

I mean, don't spoil
a nice game. Just...

I mean, you might
even shoot me dead.

I swear I'd chance
it, except I just...

- Except you ain't got the guts.
- I just cleaned it. It ain't loaded.

I just remembered.

I hate lyin', Sam.
And I hate liars worse.

Now, you're just tryin'
to save your big ugly face

in front of the
pretty woman here.

- I ain't lyin'.
- Ain't you?

And just how sure are
you that you ain't lyin'?

Mister, are you crazy?

Both barrels sure?

You got 'em.

You load it, Sam, first
thing in the morning.

Miss Kitty, I wanna
thank you for the drinks.

I certainly do hope my little spate of
play actin' didn't cause you or Sam here

any real genuine uneasiness.

Good night.

Don't say a word, Sam.
Just lock up and go on home.

If there's a full moon
out tonight, don't look at it.

Hey, howdy there,
Quent, Miss Geneva.

Listen, don't mind me.
I'm just tearin' your roof off.

Oh, good Lord, Quentin!

I'm gonna chop it off,
Quentin, every last sliver of it.

Miss Geneva wants herself a new
roof, that's what she's gonna get.

Quentin. Look, Quentin, do
somethin'. He's your friend.

You know somethin'? Even
your cross boards is rotten.

I never see anything like this.

I'd best make a test cut in that
ridge pole. That might be rotten too.

Hey, I might have to take the
whole danged top off of her.

Do you think he
knows what he's doin'?

Hey, beautiful lady girl!

How about ladlin' up some of
your best chilled stump water?

Your workin' man's
gone fierce thirsty!

Hackett, I gotta talk to you.

I need three horses. Three fast-movin',
long-winded, new-shod horses.

You're gonna buy 'em for me.

Horses like that cost money.
I ain't got that much money.

- Borrow it.
- Well, what if I can't borrow it?

Then steal it, like
I did the shingles.

You stole these shingles?

What'd you think, I opened
up an account at the store?

Well, what if the marshal traces 'em
out here and finds 'em nailed to my roof?

What then?

They're gonna find you nailed up
here along with 'em, you don't shut up.

I need six sticks of dynamite.
Just leave the horses at the livery.

Bronk and Tully'll pick 'em up.

You're gonna blow
a train, ain't you?

That's right.

Tonight. The 9:12
out of Hutchinson.

I'm spellin' it out to you, Quentin,
so I'll know you know all the details,

I mean, just in case
anything goes wrong.

And also as a reminder, you still owe
ten years to the Missouri State Prison.

That is if I don't
finish you first.

I'll do it.

Me and the missus'll
drive into town.

Be back in about two hours.

She stays.

Quentin, when you get back,
you'll find her sound of wind and limb.

Hackett, if you so much as...

Quentin, I'm developin' this fierce
urge to shoot you in the left ear.

Hey, beautiful lady! What's
happenin' with that water?

We can rough this
out, Quent, to $62.

Well, just put that on my
account, if you will, please.

Mr. Lathrop. Quent, how be you?

Fine, Festus.

You mentioned something
else you wanted, Quent.

Well, I'll... I'll just take a
look around, see what I need.

Uh, Mr. Lathrop,
you ain't by no chance

got in no more of them
fancy Texas boots, did you?

The drummer promised 'em to
me the first of the month, Festus.

Oh, well, I reckon
I can wait till then,

seein' as I ain't gonna have
the money till the first of the year.

See you directly, Quent.

Mr. Lathrop, what I
was meanin' to ask you,

could you set aside a pair of
them high-top stitched ones

that I'm so partial to?

Glad to, Festus.

Fixin' to blow some
stumps, are you, Quent?

Yeah, there's a couple of 'em
gettin' in my way of plowing out there.

Well, just keep a eyeball
peeled on your business

and don't go blowin'
off a couple of fingers.

Oh, sorry. I didn't mean
to spook you, honey.

Mr. Hackett. Don't
you be comin' in here.

And don't call me honey.

Now, you go on. Go on.

I didn't mean no
offense, Miss Geneva.

I just got worried about you
bein' gone all afternoon and all.

I ain't been gone. You have.

Well, just to look
for you, I swear.

Well, I been here
the whole time,

exceptin' for a few minutes that
I walked to the creek and back.

I had to do a little washin'.

A little washin', huh?


Look at that sun.

Quent'll be here any minute now.

Oh. See? The stew's almost done.

Sure smells good.

Did you finish
that roof already?

You know, when I came back
from the creek, I took a walk up there,

and, um, well, you
still had a ways to go,

so I thought to myself you'd probably
determined to go into town after all

to get some more supplies.

And then I had occasion to get to
the barn and, uh, and I saw your...

I'm glad you missed me, honey.

Don't come any closer to me.

And I ask you
not to call me that.

No, you told me not
to call you that, honey.

Now, you looky
here, Mr. Hackett.

I'm a married woman
who loves her husband.

Sure you are.

And I admire that kind of
perseverance against impossible odds.

- Quentin's a good man.
- Well, I ain't.

But you knew that the first time
you ever laid eyes on me, didn't you?

I never, I never ever
gave you any cause...

I didn't need none, but if I had
have, it would have been enough

just seein' your hair still
wet after that little washin'.

Well, it weren't
for you I washed it.

I wash my hair every
week about this time.

Then there's the way
you come lookin' for me.

The roof, the barn.

Comin' back, puttin' on
that little clean pinafore frock.

You know somethin', Miss Geneva?

I'm so pleased, I'm just
gonna have to steal me a kiss.

I'm gonna tell Quentin.


How'd it go? Did you get
the dynamite and the horses?

Yeah, I got it all right.

What happened to your face?

Where's Geneva?


Quentin. Oh!

Oh, I was so worried.

Everything all right?

You gonna tell him, Miss Geneva?

Tell him?

All right.

I kissed her, Quent.

I kissed your wife.

I said I kissed her, Quent.

Ain't you gonna do
anything about that?

I'll just wait here while
you go get your gun.

- You agreed you...
- I agreed to nothin'.

All right. Reckon I'll just have to
come back out here later on, then.

Take up where I left off.

I got some business
to take care of first.

Why don't you try to find some of
that there pride you was talkin' about?

Or the box it came in.

I guess I know what
kind of man he is now.

Did he tell you
anything about hisself?

- About me?
- No.

He's a killer.

A train robber.

And you?

I ain't never killed nobody.

But ten years ago I helped
him plan three train robberies.

Oh, Quentin.

He's gonna rob
the 9:12... tonight.

And I... I borrowed
the money to...

to buy him three getaway
horses and the dynamite.

Like he says,

I owe ten years' jail time
to the Missouri State Prison.


Well, there was just nothin'
you... you could do about it, then.

Ain't never much a man
can do about bein' a coward.

Quentin, you're not a coward.

Somebody wrote you a letter,
Deputy Marshal Festus Haggen.

- Some optimist.
- Where'd you get that?

Well, it was right
outside your door.

If you'd pay attention to
business, you could collect it.

- What's it say, Doc?
- Good heavens.

It says the 9:12 will
be stopped and robbed

between Cimarron and
Dodge City by three men.

- Who wrote that?
- Well, it's not signed at all.

Look there.

You reckon that
could be a joke, Doc?

Not very funny. Wait a minute.

- Ain't Matt in Garden City?
- Supposed to be.

By thunder, look here.
We still got time enough.

We could wire
Matt in Garden City

and tell him to catch the 9:12
when it's passin' through there.

That's a good idea, Doc.

Will you get a
telegraph off to Matthew?

And I'll get ahold to Newly and
we'll saddle us up some horses

and we'll be a-headin'
out that way on horseback.

It's coming.

Go ahead, go! Go ahead, go!

Messenger, you got
five seconds to open it up.

Open it up, nobody gets hurt.

The money, hand it over.

- Come on.
- US marshal! Drop the guns!

He should have took
care of Schuyler first.

- Who's that man just rode off?
- Should have buried Schuyler first.

That made more sense.

Who was he?

- Did you ever hear of Will Hackett?
- I have.

Marshal, seen a man
headed east ridin' fast.

Matthew, when I heard that dynamite
blow up, it brung to my mind quick

about Mr. Lathrop sellin'
dynamite the very same day.

- Who'd he sell it to?
- Quent Sargent.

He said he was fixin'
to blow some stumps.

Newly, I gotta have your horse.


- Geneva.
- I know, Quentin.

He's coming back for us.

No, no.

I done it.

The deputy got the note.

Quentin, he's
coming back for us.

You ain't listenin' to me.
They'll be waitin' for him.

Probably already
over there by now.

I know Hackett.

He'll have a gun in his hand
when he opens up that baggage car,

and they'll be waitin' for him.

A little while back...

maybe I was asleep for a little
while, but it wasn't exactly a dream...

but I saw him coming back.

He told me he'd never
be taken alive again.

Be us dying, Quentin.

Oh, he'll be calling me
honey and looking at you.

But it'll be us dying.

I'll saddle that plow mare.
We'll go over to Johnsons'.

Come on.

We'll stay over at the
Johnsons' till it's light.

Then maybe in the morning we'll
hear they're tracking him down.

Quentin? Miss Geneva?

Oh, good Lord.

I come back for my wages.

You in the house,
Quent? Miss Geneva?

Now, here's a peculiar thing.

I can smell that sweet white
soap Miss Geneva used on her hair.

Like she just passed this
way, just came out of the house.

I gotta figure out which
way she was headin'.

Sweet white soap's
gettin' stronger.


You wouldn't be hidin' from
me, would you, Quentin?

I mean, there'd be no
reason for you to do that.

A man comes for his
wages, ain't no need to hide.

Unless, of course...


Unless you got
confidential with the marshal.

Did you do that, Quent?


I just heard me somethin'.


You runnin' and
hidin' from old Hackett?

I mean, there'd be no
cause for you to do that.

Most I'd be doin' to
you is kiss you again.

Most I'd be doin'
to old Quent is...

Well, now, I guess old Quent would have
to die kind of slow if he ratted on us.

I don't exactly know what I'd do with
honey lady-girl, her knowin' about it.

I mean, I like to do a
job right when I do it.


I guess they're not in the barn.

Sure see that. I wonder...

They're probably
asleep in the house.

I just swear the honey lady-girl

passed through here not
more than a minute ago.

It's mighty strange, 'cause anybody
can see that this barn is empty.

I'd swear he
knows we're in here.

Oh, Quentin, I'm
scared. I'm stone scared.

I gotta face him.


I gotta face him now
before I lose my nerve.

Quentin, he'll do
things to you. No.

I don't care. I don't
care. I gotta go.

Put that bar back in the door.

That smell of Miss
Geneva's powerful strong.

Real powerful strong. She's just
gotta be nearby here somewhere.

Miss Geneva, you playin' it coy?

You in here, Miss Geneva?

Oh, yes, indeed,
you're in here all right.

Honey, I just wanna teach
you a few things about kissin'.

I mean, there's times when a...
when a girl's entitled to bite and scratch,

there's times when she's not.

Yeah, you in here all right.

I can smell that sweet soap Miss
Geneva used down by the crick.

Why you little dickens, you.

You're hidin' that
toolshed, ain't you?

I bet old Quent's right in there
with you, just a-sweatin' blood, right?


This is from me to you.

I didn't bother tyin'
a ribbon round it.

Leave her be! It's me you want!

I'll get around to you.

I just want you to
watch somethin' first.

Never seen a girl so
partial to me before.

- I'm comin', honey.
- Leave her alone!

I'm comin', Miss Geneva. I'll
be in in a minute, sweetheart girl.

Sweet little girl there.

Hold it right there!


It's all right.

It's all right. Open up.

Open up. It's all
right. Open up.

All right, let's
get out of here.

It's all right now.
Everything's all right.

Quent... I'm afraid you and I
are gonna have to have a little talk

about that dynamite you bought.

There'll be more to talk
about than that, Marshal.

I'll be comin' in to see you.

Let's go.

Be another time, I guess, Quent.


But the next time, I'll be waitin'
for you, not hidin' from you.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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