Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 15, Episode 16 - The Pack Rat - full transcript

As Matt escorts a wounded prisoner to Ft. Union, his camp is invaded by a thieving young boy, whom Matt takes into custody. In Dodge City the journey to Ft. Union is joined by two women, one pregnant traveling to see her husband, the other secretly the wife of the prisoner. A trio of outlaws waits on the trail to kill Matt and rescue the prisoner.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

♪ The old dog, honey

♪ His name was Blue

♪ Bet you five dollars
he's a good one too

♪ Here, come here,
Blue ♪ You good dog, you

♪ Come here, Blue

♪ You good dog, you

♪ Had a possum
swinging from a limb

♪ I shook him out
♪ Blue took him in ♪

I swear if you don't take care of
them horses better than you do me.

You put a hole in my leg, put
irons on me like I was skunk.

And them horses get lovin' care.

Yeah. Well, you broke out of jail twice.
I'm not taking any chances with you.

Was no need for you
to shoot me like you did.

You pull a gun on a man,
Danton, you can expect to get shot.

You're a hard man, Marshal.

Harder than a landlord's heart.

Get some sleep.

♪ Baked a possum
right good and brown

♪ I laid them sweet
taters all round and round

♪ Now, come here, Blue

♪ You can have some too

♪ Yeah, come here, Blue

♪ You can have some too

♪ Come here...

Ouch. Ow.

Quit! Stop! Ouch! Quit!

Look at him.

After he finishes them beans, I
figure he's going for your throat.

What's your name, son?

I'm called Sancho.


Where's your family?
Your mother and father?

I do not remember them.

Who takes care of you, then?


They are dead, killed.

Kid's so broken up,
he can barely eat.

- Well, who killed 'em?
- One day men come and shoot them.

Then they killed the cattle,
skinned them and left.

Hide cutters. Them
poor soddies never learn.

- Go on.
- They took me with them.

They made me
work, build fires...

clean the hides.

- Then I ran away.
- Uh-huh.

- Well, how have you lived?
- I take things.

Steal, huh?

What are you gonna do with me?

I think I'm gonna take
you back to Dodge City.

Festus, get the
doc! Doc! Doc! Doc!

Get the doc!


Well, do like he says,
Johnny. Go get the doc.

- What's the matter? Did you get robbed?
- Nope. A lady fainted. She's real sick.

Now, ma'am, best
to just take it easy.

- Not me. Her!
- Oh.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

- What's the trouble here, Festus?
- Well, this here lady fainted, Doc.

All right. Don't worry, now.

Uh, give me a hand
here, will you, Jim?

Now, just pick her up real
gently and... bring her right here.

- Real easy.
- Be gentle now, Jimmy.

Just easy. Don't...
All right. That's it.

That's right.

Well, you'll feel a lot
better in a day or two.

I feel all right now.

It was just the heat.

Yes, that and the fact that you're
about eight months pregnant.

Where were you
headed for anyway?

My husband's stationed at Fort
Union. I'm going to be with him.

- Is he aware of this?
- I wrote him I was coming.

- What did he say to that?
- I didn't wait for his answer.

Well, I admire your spunk.

But I have to tell you
that it'd be very dangerous

for you to travel in your condition
and I advise against it very strongly.

- You do what the doc says, honey.
- Belle, you won't leave without me?

Course not.

I'll just be in the next room.

This boy's gonna
get born in Fort Union,

and his father's gonna be the
proudest shavetail in the US army.

Well, what you need more
than anything right now is rest.

I've come over 700 miles
to be with my husband.

And I'm almost there.
I'm not about to stop now.

Matthew, I was
expecting you in yesterday.


Appears like you picked
yourself up a passenger there.

- Yeah. There we go.
- Come on here, young fella.

Sit right up there.

Where'd you find him at?

Back in that stretch of
nothing thieving our goods.

- What do you want me to do with him?
- Well, put him on a cot for now.

And lock Danton up, will you? I'm
gonna get Doc to look at that leg of his.

- And tell Newly I wanna see him.
- You betcha.

- What's he called, Matthew?
- His name's Sancho.

And you... you better
sit on your wallet too.

We'll get you spruced
up a little, Sancho,

and then we can go over to Delmonico's
and set you down to some real victuals.

All right, Danton, get
off of your horse there.

How's she doing, Doc?

Well, she's a little
excited, as you can see.

I'm gonna give her something
here, kind of calm her down a little.

I'd like to know how you
two plan to reach Fort Union.

- There's no stage running out there.
- Any way we can, Doc.

- Hello, Doc.
- Matt.

- Were expecting you yesterday.
- Had a little trouble out on the trail.

I wonder if you can go
take a look at Danton's leg,

see if he'll be all right
to travel tomorrow.

Well, yeah, as soon as I
finish with Mrs. Mason in here.

- Oh, Matt, this is Mrs...
- Miss Clark.

Yes, well, Miss Clark and Mrs. Mason
were on their way to Fort Union, Matt,

and... kind of a little
problem we got here.

But Miss Clark can fill you
in on it. Will you do that?

You know something,
Marshal? I'm drier than old bones.

Why can't we talk over a drink?
Good whiskey kind of tones me.

Well, I just got in
off the trail myself.

Sounds like a good
idea, Miss Clark.

- Name's Belle.
- Fine.

Mrs. Mason and I were thrown
together back in Mesa Verde.

Found we were both
heading for Fort Union.

She's about eight months along.

Stage ride was too much.

I tried to tell her not to try.

She's gonna get there
if she's gotta walk.

Oh, that girl, she's got more
guts than you can hang on a fence.

- Hello, Kitty.
- Matt.

You've been away quite a while.

Well, I had a little
trouble bringing Danton in.

Like your choice of
water holes, Marshal.

Make it whiskey,
barkeep. I got a long thirst.

Kitty, this is Belle
Clark here. Kitty Russell.

Lady has to be a mite careful
walking around in a strange town.

Couldn't ask for a better
escort than the marshal himself.

I'll have to remember that.

I... I met Miss Clark
up at Doc's office.

She was traveling
with that Mrs. Mason.

Trying to join up with her man at
Fort Union before that baby gets born.

Do you have someone
waiting for you at Fort Union?

No. Never get me tied
down to no one man.

Where there's
men, there's money.

I deal a neat game of faro.

Straight, but neat.

I'll tell you one thing.

Two women traveling alone to
Fort Union's pretty dangerous.

Marshal, wondered if I
could maybe join up with you.

No other way for me to
get there unless it's alone.

Well, I'm gonna be leaving tomorrow
morning, but what about Mrs. Mason?

Not likely. She'll be
mighty disappointed.

But you'll still
have company. Me.

Well, I think maybe I'd better get
over and check up on my prisoner there.

I'll see you later.

I knew he wasn't all badge.

You know, Miss Russell,

there's four days of dust chewing
ahead of me and the marshal.

There's bound to be a
time when we get thirsty

for something a little more
spirited than warm barrel water.

- You know what I mean?
- I know what you mean.

Sam, let me have a
bottle of my special, please.

Yes, ma'am.

- Sipping whiskey.
- On the Long Branch.

You're a mighty
understanding woman.

Don't count on it.


Marshal. Festus said
you wanted to see me.

Yeah, would you mind putting
on a badge for about a week?

- To go to Fort Union?
- Yeah. There's gonna be a woman along.

- I'll need somebody to drive the wagon.
- Fine.

See Hank about supplies and a
wagon. We'll be leaving in the morning.

Yes, sir.

- What do you think, Doc?
- He's all set. He can travel.

- What about Mrs. Mason?
- Travel? Certainly not.

She's too close to
having that baby, Matt.

Maybe you better come along with us,
Doc. The marshal might be needing you.

- What's the matter, Doc?
- My stethoscope, I've lost it.

Where is it?

Sancho, come here.


- Can I get you something?
- You can get me out of here.

Now, honey, Doc knows best.

I've come too far.

George and I made a
promise to each other,

when my time came, we
were gonna be together.

Maybe in a few
days you can travel.

Will you wait?

I can't, honey. I got
business at Fort Union.

Important business.

I see.

- How are you gonna get there?
- I'm going with the marshal.

We got a wagon arranged.

Like I said, honey,
it's important.

When I get there, I'll tell George
you're here and he'll come.

- Maybe they won't let him come.
- Oh, don't worry.

You just leave everything to me.

He'll come. You sleep now.

You hear?

If you want me, I'll
be in the next room.

Thanks, Belle.

I just can't figure that little snip
a-sneakin' off like that, Matthew.

- The onliest thing I done was...
- Marshal! Marshal Dillon!

A boy came in my store and
stole some potatoes and a blanket

and, well, I don't
know what else.

The minute I went in,
he shot out the back.

Little Mexican boy?

- Yes.
- Hmm.

Where do you reckon he
could have went, Matthew?

I got an idea.

- Here! Here!
- Wait!

No. No, you don't.

Lookee there, Matthew.

Take 'em on back to
Mr. Lathrop, Festus.

You can beat me if you
want to. It will do no good.

Sancho... I wasn't
gonna beat you.

Go ahead, beat me. I
will not cry. I never cry.

Let me ask you something.

Those... Those men that you
ran away from, did they beat you?

Yes, but I did not cry.

Uh-huh. Well, what about the farmers
that they killed? Did they beat you?

- No.
- Were they kind to you?

Were they?

Matthew, they...

Well, you must have
tanned his hide good.

I didn't lay a hand
on him, Festus.

Well, a young 'un like him don't
start to blubberin' and bawlin'

if he ain't got no reason.

He had a reason.

Hey, Festus, why don't you go on over
and help Miss Clark with her luggage?

Maybe Sancho could
give you a hand too.

Well, with all the extra
fixings and do-dads

that women carries
around with 'em,

I could probably use some help.

Come on, Sancho.

- Kitty.
- Good morning, Matt.

I'm gonna be leaving
in a few minutes.

I wondered if you might put
Sancho up while I'm gone.

Is that the boy you
were telling me about?


How do I get him to bed
at night? With a whip?

Well, any way you have to.


Sam, you better nail down
anything and everything of value.

Yes, ma'am.

Come in.

About ready to leave, ma'am?

Me and Sancho's came up to
help you with your belongings.

Thank you, Deputy.
You too, sonny.

- Is this all there is?
- Yeah, just the two bags.

All right, I got one. You
tote the other, Sancho.

Mighty fetchin'. Didn't have to go to
all that trouble on my account, Marshal.

Now, Sancho, all
I'm asking you to do

is stay here with Miss Kitty for
a couple of days while I'm gone,

keep an eye on her for me.

Have a good trip, Matthew.

See you later, Matt.

Well... it's time
you were asleep.

Look, Sancho,
I'm not your jailer.

I'm just looking out for you
until the marshal gets back.

- Why?
- Because he asked me to.

Did he tell you I take things?

He told me you steal.

You have many nice things here.
What would you do if I stole them?

I'd whack you good.
Now, go to sleep.

Marshal Dillon,
are you his woman?

That's none of your
business. Good night.

♪ Died, honey, died so hard

♪ Shook the ground
in my backyard

♪ Go on, Blue, I'm coming too

♪ Go on, Blue, I'm coming too ♪


Hold up, Deputy! Hold up!

Martha, you're loco. I should have
known you'd try something like this.

He's gone! He's gone!
He's just plain vanquished!

- What?
- Who?

I looked every place for him.

- I ain't found hide nor hair of him.
- Who?

I seen him when he
was eating his victuals.

What in thunder are
you talking about?

Ruth, my mule, he's gone.

Oh, Festus, he probably
just wandered off someplace.

Miss Kitty, he wouldn't
do nothin' like that.

Besides, he was stabled, don't you
see? Somebody had to have took him.

- Easy, now.
- George.

Yeah, you'll be seeing
George real soon.

You just rest now.

Go to sleep.

A woman ought to have her
man with her when it's her time.

She ain't gonna have
the kid out here, is she?

We ain't got no
say. She ain't either.

In the middle of
nowhere with strangers.


Gotta ride off and
do what they gotta do.

Like her man,
off playing soldier.

Ooh, you know somethin'?

I'd sure like to get drunk now.

Exceptin' she'll be needing me.

So... So you deal a neat
game of faro, huh, Belle?

New Orleans to San Anton to Santa
Fe and just about everywhere between.


Been alone since I was 15.

Ain't bad. Know how
to take care of myself.

But, you know, for all that
little lady's misery and pain,

I'd trade places with her.

Thought you were the kind
didn't like to be tied down.

Just 'cause I say one thing
don't mean the other isn't there.

Every woman thinks
about settling down.

It's a need, you know.

It's a need.

Belle, you're not gonna be much good
to her unless you get yourself some sleep.

Why don't you go on
ahead? I'll look after her.

Won't be long now, honey.

Jake and the boys'll make crow bait
of them two. We'll be riding to Mexico.

- What's wrong, honey?
- Everything.

- What?
- Everything's wrong.

What can we do?

Newly, right at this point
there's not much we can do...

except wait.

Hold on, honey. Hold
on, honey. Hold on.



Don't fret, Marshal. Kids get
born every day. Nothing to it.

I remember my ma saying, God
bless her soul, wherever she is...

I was born in the middle of the
worst blizzard in Missouri history.

My pa... long gone,

not a merciful soul for miles
around, delivered me herself.

Yes, sir, hard times.

To my birthing, this
here's finger-snappin' easy.

It's a boy.

How's Mrs. Mason?

She's fine, real fine.

You might go take a took at her.

Here, Deputy, get some practice.

- Take it easy.
- Yeah.

Hold him snug. Makes
him feel warm and safe.

He's so little,
coming early like that.

I held him in my hand...

just one hand.

That tiny, squirming
miracle of birth.

Never been so close
to something like that.

Never figured...

Sounds to me like
the lady's going soft.

You know something, runny-mouth,

if you'd have had
sense to settle... go soft,

you might not be handcuffed
and on your way to prison now.

No sense in getting
frothy about it.

Mind if I take a look?

Well, Belle, looks like maybe you
been missing out on a few things.


Yeah, maybe.

Maybe I just have.

Well, Mrs. Mason, you think
you're strong enough to travel?

Oh, yes. I'm anxious
to join my husband.

I guess I should
say my son and I are.


Newly, you can handle
the horses, right?

You bet.

Won't be long now. You
know what you gotta do?

Woman, what's wrong with you?

If Dillon gets me to Fort
Union, I'll get five years.

Sam, you know how long
we been married? Two years.

Bet we ain't spent a
month of that together.

You're always off
trying to outrun the law.

I should have known it'd
take more than a preacher

and a piece of paper
to change a man.

Belle, you can't back
out on me now, all right?

Don't worry.

That's my girl.

When the time comes,
just get the gun...

so I can get the drop
on them two badges.


Hawkins and the boys'll
take care of the rest.

I seen 'em.

I want this straight.

We don't make our move
till Sam's got the drop on 'em.


I had a few years in the cage
and a brother dead 'cause of him.

Let's go.

Andale, burro. Vamos. Estúpido,
vamos. Echale. Vamos, burro.

Hold up there.

Hold up.

You know what they do to
horse thieves where I come from?

- He's not a horse, señor.
- He!

- He's a burro.
- He ain't no burro.

He's a mule and you stol'd him.

I did not steal him. I just
borrowed him to warn the marshal.

Warn the marshal about what?

Come on.

Rein up, Deputy.

Rein up!

All right, Marshal,
you make one move

and I'll blow your deputy
from behind them reins.

Keys are in his pocket, honey.

Get these irons off.

Hawkins is waiting for the
say-so to come down, that's all.

Hawkins? Danton, I figured
you to be smarter than that.

Right now you're
in for five years.

You throw in with
Hawkins, you're in for 25.

You're not very smart, Belle.

Been giving it a lot
of thinking, Marshal.

Good or bad, Sam's my man. This
is the only way we can be together.

You go your way, we'll go ours.

Well, Hawkins's not
gonna let it go at that.

- Get these off, come on!
- What does he mean, Sam?

We made a deal. Hawkins
gets Dillon, I get free.


Setting you free's one
thing, killing's another.

- I swear, Belle, I'll kill him.
- Don't worry, Deputy, it ain't loaded.

Jake, take 'em!

Get 'em off! We're getting away.

Can't you ever talk
to me without yelling?

I ain't going to
prison. Come on.

Better than you ending up
with your toes to the daisies.

- Get the key.
- Least in prison I know where you are.

This one's loaded.

Sancho, you stay right
here. Don't you budge.

Newly, go on down,
keep an eye on Danton.

Yes, sir.

I helped save the
marshal's life, see?

You bet you did, Sancho.

Is everything all right?

Just fine, Deputy.

- Miss Clark...
- Missus, Deputy. Mrs. Sam Danton.

I'm gonna need that gun.

- Is everything all right up here?
- Yes.

How's the little one?

Belle, you're stubborner
than a two-headed mule.

- I had a chance to be something.
- Be something.

You'd end up shot by a two-cent
bullet or hung by a cheap rope.

Maybe prison'll settle ya.

Then we can start doin' what men
and women were intended to be doin'.

You little scutter. Ow!
Quit your chawin' on me.

You little scamp.

- It's taking all my hide off!
- It ain't doin' no such thing.

You're sloppin' all the water
out of the tub. Now, quit that!


Matthew, this little horse
thief just took a bite out of me

like it was his supper.

- Well, he's trying to kill me.
- How's he trying to kill you?

With that brush.

This here brush, this here's the
samest brush I use on old Ruth.

- That ain't gonna hurt you.
- That's why it's killing me.

Festus, maybe you better
get him dressed, huh?

All right.

Hello, Matt. Is he ready?
The Hendersons are here.

Yeah, he's just about ready.

I sure hope they like him.

Well, I hope he gives
'em a chance to like him.

All right, get it on,
now. Button it up.

You gotta stay looking neat, you know,
if you're gonna stay with these folks.

'Cause they don't like no sloppy...
All right, go on, go on, go on.

All right, Sancho. Now, hurry up.
They're waitin' for you. Go... See?

They wanna adopt me?

That's right, Sancho.

Will they give me a horse?

Well, they'll give you a home.

Will they like me?

They will if you
give 'em a chance.

- Will you come and visit me?
- Well, sure.

You know, as a matter of fact, I was
kind of hoping you might be my deputy.

Thank you, Marshal Dillon.

Good luck, Sancho.

Come on, I'll introduce you.

- Adios, Sancho.
- Bye, Festus.

I just hope that he don't chomp
down on them like he done on me.

- Still hurts you?
- Oh, you just don't know, Matthew.

You think a beer might help it?

Well, beer could help.

Two just might cure it.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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