Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 15, Episode 1 - The Devil's Outpost - full transcript

While foiling a stage holdup Dillon takes one of the men prisoner. While bringing him back to Dodge he must deal with the prisoner's brother and his gang and their attempts to free him. Things become more complicated when Newly is taken prisoner.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Close to that time.

Get to the ridge.

Cody, I think we ought to do
some more thinking about this.

Yancy, if he knows
what you're up to...

Scared of hittin'
that stage, say so.

- It's not a matter of bein' scared.
- Well, then get to the ridge.

Farley, get your feet out of the water
before you poison that hole there.

Those boots are strong
enough to kill a horse.

Still don't know what
you're tryin' to prove, Cody.

Your brother, he ain't gonna be too
happy when he finds out about this,

no matter how much
is in that cash box.

- You 'bout said it all?
- Yeah.


Next town we stay on in, I'm
gonna get a pair of boots that fits.


Hide the horses.


Blasted heat.

- There's a water hole up ahead.
- Yeah.

- Where are you headed, miss?
- Dodge City.

- What's it like?
- Don't know. Never been there.

Looks like a cattleman.
They all go there.


Hey, mister, ever been to Dodge?

The lady was wondering
what Dodge City is like.

- Ever been there?
- Time or two.



Water stop?

Don't look like nothing
but a hole in the ground.


Whoa, whoa!

All right. Ten minutes, folks.

Stretch your legs
and wet your whistles.

You just dip and drink. Now...

you first, the
horses afterwards.

Allow me, miss.

Welcome to Sweet Water.

Toss down the cash box.

- Cody Tyce.
- You recognize me?

- Aye.
- We testin' your popularity?

Cash box, old man.

Hold it.

Marshal! There's
one on the ridge!

He'll be back, with
Yancy and the others,

and your grave is gonna be
somewhere between here and Dodge,

if that's where you
think you're taking me.

That's where
you're goin', mister.

Well, I think we should've been
made aware that we were traveling

- with a lawman.
- I'm sorry. Let's get inside now.

Let's go.

All right, on your feet.

Mac, you'll probably find
some horses right around there.

Let's go. Up here.

My brother's gonna turn
this stage into a coffin.

You just stood there
while he got taken.

Look, Yancy, Farley's laying
there with a bullet in his gut.

That marshal's ready for anything.
I took off like anybody would.

I ought to kill you
for not stoppin' Cody.

- Easy. It happened.
- I told you and him plain

you was to meet us here, you
was to keep hidden in the hills.

Cody spotted this stage,
he figured he could take it.

You know your brother
when he gets a notion.

He's a stupid, pig-headed fool.

That's what you should
have done to your brother.

That kid'll have me buried yet.

He'll have us all buried, Yancy.

All right. What marshal
was it took him?

Matt Dillon. Out of Dodge.

You can't miss him.

He's a big man.
Big as a mountain.

Where you figure
that stage is headed?

- Moundridge, more than likely.
- We're going after it.

Mexico is waiting, amigo.

What's that supposed to mean?

What he means is we
ride with you for profit.

We ain't got no kind of deal on
mercy errands for your brother.

- Yeah. Go on.
- And that makes it family.

Cody played it
stupid. His headache.

Yours too, maybe. Not ours.

If it was you in Cody's spot, we'd
get you out or die trying, Yancy,

because we know
you'd do the same for us.

But your brother, no.

He'd leave us like a
horse with a broken leg.

All right, let's
make it business.

I've got 20,000 waiting for
me in Mexico. It's yours to split.

I've never welched on a
bet or a deal yet, you know it.

You just put enough in the pot
for me to play the hand through.


Well, he might be one man, but he
certainly looks capable enough to me.

I'm not a bit worried.


- It's comin' along now.
- All right. I'll pick off Dillon first.

You get those horses.

- Dillon! You're forgetting chance!
- You won't.

Got him trussed up on top
like he's at a turkey shoot.

What's so funny?

Very clever. It was planned.


Pull up!


Go on, Tyce, shoot!

We're gonna keep comin', Dillon.

Yeah, you do that.

You follow us right into
Dodge, watch your brother hang!

Drive on.

Hey! Hey! Ha!

Now there's a man you
can write home about.

Yes, if we live that long.


- Bo.
- Yeah?

- Does Dillon know you?
- No, he don't.

All right. You ride on into
Moundridge, find out what you can.

- We'll meet you on the trail going out.
- All right.

Let's get going.

I've known you a good
number of years, Marshal.

Never heard you
let go like that.

A month ago Yancy and
his men robbed a train.

They weren't satisfied
lettin' it go at that.

Aye. What happened?

They herded the engineer,
the conductor, and the guards

into a box car like so many
cattle. Then they killed 'em.

You two ain't gonna
be dyin' that easy.

When you build his
gallows in Dodge, Marshal,

I'd be much obliged if you'd allow
me to hammer in the long nails.


Cut me down from here.

Keep this at him and don't be
afraid to use it if you have to.

The greatest of
pleasure, Marshal.

All right, folks. Everybody out.

Gonna have to ask you
to leave the stage here.

Expecting trouble
beyond here, Marshal?

That's right. Now, there'll be
another stage along tomorrow morning

headed for Dodge and
I suggest you take that.

Well, you don't have to
encourage me none, Marshal.

I think it'd be rather
exciting coming along.

Well, I'm afraid it might
be a little too exciting, miss.

Well, isn't the decision mine if I
wish to continue with this stage?

- Well, normally it would be, but...
- If I insisted. Politely, of course.

Well, then I'm afraid
I'd have to say no.

Uh, politely, of course.

Perhaps we'll meet in Dodge.

- The undertaker here?
- Yeah. Mr. Brody here.

Wonder if you could take
care of that body for me

and send the bill to Dodge City.

I'd appreciate it if you'd
take care of the horses too.

Well, now you folks all
know who this is up here.

I'm gonna take him into Dodge
City and I'm gonna need some help.

I'd like to deputize
about ten men if I could.

The sheriff's out
of town, Marshal.

I know. That's why
I need the men.

Sounds like you're expecting
a lot of trouble out of Yancy.

Trouble's one word for it.

If Yancy finds out
this town helped you,

what about our women
and kids left behind?

Well, that's good
thinkin', mister.

You keep on with that, you'll
be talkin' through busted teeth.

Well, I can't force any of you,
but I could sure use some help.

- Anybody gonna offer?
- No.

I heard what Yancy and
his boys done to them people

down at the railroad depot.


- Telegraph office around here?
- Aye, Marshal.

Back over there.

Cut me loose, old man. No
sense you dyin' on Dillon's count.

You cannot throw
a fright into me, lad.

I was drivin' this stage
through these parts

when the Kiowa and the Cheyenne

were doin' their
burnin' and their killin'.

I've been arrowed,
shot and stabbed

by men that would walk over
here and not look back to see

what they'd stepped on.

Nobody wants to die, and that's
just what you're gonna be doin', dyin'.

I've seen many a moon
rise and many a sun set,

and I've had the
glorious days of my livin'.

And whether your brother kills me
or I die in my bed is no matter to me.

You'd best hush your noise,

save it for a time when it
might be of some use to you.

- Marshal?
- Like to send a telegram.

It's goin' to a
Mr. Festus Haggen,

Deputy Marshal, Dodge City.

Meet me Buffalo Crossing...

with posse at earliest.

Sounds like trouble, Marshal.

Sign it "Marshal Dillon."

Yes, sir.

Well, you didn't give me
no choice, comin' or stayin'.

Well, which is it? Are
you comin' or stayin'?

Comin'. I just like to be asked.


You send a wire for the marshal?

Read it to me.

"To Festus Haggen,
Deputy Marshal, Dodge City.

"Meet me at Buffalo Crossing with
posse at earliest. Marshal Dillon."

- How much you send?
- Just who it's to.

Festus Haggen, Deputy
Marshal, Dodge City.

All right. Make
the last part read:

"Meet me at Buffalo Crossing."

- Sign it "Marshal Dillon."
- Yes, sir.


Stakin' him out like that.

- Smart hombre.
- It's gonna cost him.

There about.

Perhaps the next layover.

We'll pass it by, go
direct to Buffalo Crossing.

I don't know if the
horses can do it.

Mac, there's a good chance
that if they don't, we don't.

All right. We'll go
the back river road.


Playing checkers
all by yourself, hm?

- Kind of silly, isn't it?
- It may be, but it's sure peaceful.

Ah, you're just
practicing up for Festus.

I can beat Festus blindfolded.

Besides, he's up in Hays for two
whole days and that's pure solitude.

And I'll thank you to have the
decency not to bring up his name

while I'm concentratin'
on this game.


- Buy you a beer.
- No, thanks.

Sure is dull without
Matt around, ain't it?

Well, he said he'd be gone
a week. It's been nearly two.

Um, I think I'll take
you up on that beer.

Well, fine.

- Hi there, Newly.
- Miss Kitty, Doc.

- Newly, how are you?
- Fine.

Well, Doc was just about to buy
me a beer. You better get in on it.

- Well, I didn't say the whole town.
- No thank you, ma'am.

I'm goin' calling.

You see, Barney gave me this telegram.
It's for Festus from Marshal Dillon.

From Matt? Well,
you better open it.

"To Festus Haggen: Meet
me at Buffalo Crossing.

Marshal Dillon."

- Is that all?
- That's all it says.

You know, with Festus up
in Hays, maybe I'd better go.

I guess maybe you had.
Wait a minute, though.

You're all dressed up there.

What are you gonna do about the
date with Kate Ryan? What about that?

How do you know about Kate Ryan?

Newly, don't you know that I know
everything that's goin' on in this town?

But don't worry. I'll fix it
all up with Kate for you.

I'll just tell her... well,
I'll tell her the truth,

that you rode up
to Buffalo Crossing.

Isn't that where that cute little
Tilman girl lives, what's her name?

Abby? That's what I'll tell her.

- Now, Doc, you wouldn't do that.
- Well, maybe I ought to.

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

Good heavens, deceiving two pretty
little girls like that, that's terrible.

I never did anything
like that in my whole life.

That's not what I heard.

But I trust you.

Oh, to be 20 years
younger again.

What's the matter now?

Well, I was...

I was just wonderin' why
Matt would need help.

- Well?
- Headed for Buffalo Crossing.

Almost got word to that
deputy of his back in Dodge

- to meet us there with a posse.
- Almost?

Yeah. I caught it just in
time. It'll just be the deputy.

Figured having a real live deputy'd
give you something to bargain

with that Dillon.

All right. Let's go.

Miss Abby?

Prettiest gal in the
state of Kansas.

Actually, prettiest gal
this side of the Missouri.

- Mind if I put my horse in the barn?
- If you want to, Mr. O'Brien.

Wait right there.

Newly O'Brien, you quit that.


Are you tryin' to avoid
me or something?

- Now, you well enough know.
- Well, let me see.

I forgot your birthday?

You just think any old time
you want to come out here

I'm supposed to be glad
to see you. Well, I'm not.

Abby, I've been so busy lately I haven't
had a free night in over a whole month.

- Oh, I believe you, Mr. Newly O'Brien.
- Well, sure.

- Mm-hm.
- Why would I lie?

Don't see how you
could have a night free,

time you've been spending with
Katie Ryan and Mary Florene.

- Now, just a minute.
- And I bet the reason you're here

right now isn't to see me.

Now, that is a pure
case of misjudgment.

Marshal Dillon sent Festus Haggen a
telegram and told him to meet him here,

but I came in Festus's place.
Now, you gonna ask me why?



Marshal get here yet?
I don't see his horse.

I don't know. Been away from the
house all morning picking berries.

Well, if he didn't get here yet,
maybe you and I can go out

and do some more berry pickin'.

I remember the last time
we went collectin' apples.

So, no thank you, kind sir.


Well, you're just the fella
we've been waiting for.

Hah! Hah!

So that's the way it usually
is when the stage comes in.

Just you by yourself?

Just me, changing
and watering the horses.

What about your
daughter? Where'd she be?

She's busy, cooking.

All right, good. That's
the way it's gonna be.

I want you outside, just like usual,
and you meet that stage like any other.

Now, Mr. Tilman, your little
girl's gonna be in here with me.

So I want you to just talk nice
and calm to that stage driver.

Won't do it that way.

My girl's not staying
in here to get hurt!

You let her go and
I'll do as you say.

But you gotta let her go.

We ain't exactly
that stupid, old man.

A natural thing. A father
worries for his daughter.

You just cooperate and
nobody's gonna get hurt.

Nobody gets hurt. I
know all about you men,

know what you did
to them railroad folks!

You mean these are the...

They're a fine bunch of animals.

- Animals...
- Sit down!

Now, Mr. Tilman...

I'm gonna say this just once.

You're gonna do
exactly like I say.

I mean, you're gonna
do exactly like I say.

Now you, Mr. Deputy,
you're gonna walk out there

just business-like, nice smile.

You do anything to
spook that marshal,

and you personally are
gonna be shovelin' dirt

in this pretty girl's face.

Both of you hear me good...

'cause that's my solemn promise.

Would be very sad thing, señor.

Come on. Finish up,
you go replace Kelly.


I hope there's some life left in
me when they get these ropes off.

Keepin' me tied up, people
gawkin' at me like I was nothing!

When Yancy gets done with you,

your chin's gonna be on
the ground lickin' his boots!

He's a windy one,
isn't he, Marshal?

I don't like hangin',
but I'm goin' to his.

When the rope tickles
your Adam's apple,

that wind of yours
won't blow so hard.

You're a good cook, miss.
I'd like some more beans.

Stage can't be more than
two hours away by now.

You'll never pull it off.

You'll end up with that yard
out there full of dead men.

Well, now your only worry is
to just stay one of the live ones,

isn't it, son?

Since we got a little time, would
you mind if I had something to eat?

No, go ahead. Feed him.


Thank you, Abby.

I'm kind of nervous, Newly.

I don't blame you. It doesn't seem
I've been acting too much like a lawman.

It sure wasn't your fault. You didn't
know they took over the station here.

- The lamp next to the stove.
- What?

Abby, if word isn't given to Marshal
Dillon about what's going on here,

he'll never stand a chance.

That's why I'm gonna
make a break for it.


What are you two
talking about over here?

We're just talking
about the weather.

What's the matter, boy?
Gettin' too hot in here for you?

Mm-hm. Something like that.

Abby, would you give me
a cup of coffee, please?

Gal like you's got
a lot goin' for you.

I figure you got an
eye on that filly there.

That right?

That's none of your business.

Maybe you'll be having a
lot less lip later on, huh, boy?

Shut up, Kelly.

You too, Deputy.

Beans are real good, Abby.
Maybe I'll have some more later.

There's plenty.
I'll keep it hot.

Watch him!

- Keep your hands off her!
- Kelly, we need her!

There he goes.


I think one deputy is dead.

Yeah, we can do it without him.

Should be less
than half an hour.

Newly O'Brien sure
named you right. Animals.

He's dead because
he didn't use his brains.

You got any doubts now
about my meaning what I say?

Well, I don't care
about me, but...

I didn't ask you that!

Do as you say.

You got no stake in playing the
hero, you just stand to lose it all.

Including that girl.


Hold it.

Ho! Whoa!

- Newly!
- They're waiting for you.

- Yancy Tyce?
- Yancy Tyce and four others.

- I was able to get away from 'em.
- What about the posse?

Posse? There wasn't anything
in the wire about a posse.

They must have got to
that telegraph operator.

Maybe we can still have
a hanging, Marshal...

you, kicking your feet
under a cottonwood.

Marshal, they got Abby
Tilman and her father inside.

Are they all right?

As long as they'll
be needin' 'em.

What's your play now, Marshal?

Get inside, Newly.
We'll be movin' on.

Yes, sir.


Hang on.

- What's he doin'?
- He must smell something.

- You know that driver?
- Mac McGruder.

You get on out there and
you tell him to come in here.

McGruder! What you
doin' sittin' out there?

There's coffee and beans inside!

- You ready, Mac?
- I was born ready.

- Mac!
- Let's go.

- Yah!
- Hey, Mac!

You'll hit Cody! Get the horses!

Watch the old man.

Hold it.

Whoa, easy now.



All right, get on
your feet. You too.

Hey! Put that gun down!

Well, he always
said Cody'd bury him.

- Well done, lad.
- What?


You catch the big ones
by danglin' the little ones.

That's what you were. Bait.


Hm, hm, hm!

What... You old scudder,
you been a-practicing on me.

You's just a-laying there like an
old snake a-waiting for a field mouse.

Got your king now. Put it on in
and just hush your complaining.

All right, I'll crown...
I'll crown the king.

- It's your move.
- Telegram for you, Festus.

Don't bother me. I ain't
interested in nothing

- but this here checkerboard.
- Well, this could be important.

Well, I don't
give a hoot if it is.

When I'm a-playing checkers,

I ain't got no room to
constontrate on nothing else,

don't you see?

Oh, I can see that. Can't
you see that, Newly?

Yes, sir. I can see that.

See what?

Well, it's blatantly evident that
your cranial cavity has not reached

that certain stage of development
where it can encompass the...

All right, just hush with all your
high-toney leaky-mouthiness, will you?

- You make me sick.
- All right, let me have this.

Let's see what the
thunder is in here.



- What'd it say?
- Oh, go on, move.

What'd it say, Newly?

- I didn't think you were interested.
- No.

Well, I ain't, but that
there's wrote out to me.

The least thing you can
do is tell me who it's from.

No, I wouldn't do that, Newly,
if I was you, because you see,

if you tell him who it's
from, and the next thing,

he'll want to know what it says,

and then that would destroy
his concentration and we...

And we wouldn't want to
destroy his "constontration."

All right, you smart alecks.

I'll go over to Barney's
telegraph office and let him...

You probably couldn't
read one sentence!

- Wait a minute. Hold on.
- Nobody can even read...

Just pipe down. Hold
on a minute. Hold on!

Why in thunder don't
you just learn to read,

and then you won't have
any problems like this?

I think that's a fine idea, Doc.

Well, that ain't
gonna do no good.

- Why not?
- Well, because...

Supposing I was to go to work
and learn how to read writin'.

Well, yeah.

Well, how do I know that
the fella that wrote the writin'

was a-writin' the writin' right?

It could be that he
wrote the writin' all wrong,

and here I'd be just a-readin'
wrong writin', don't you see?

You probably been
a-doing it your whole life,

just a-readin' wrong writin'
and not even knowin' it.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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