Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 14, Episode 15 - The Twisted Heritage - full transcript

On her way back to Dodge after a short trip, Kitty shares a stagecoach ride with Blaine Copperton, a gentlemanly but uncertain man who seems to be far less mature than his age. Suddenly, ...

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


Morning, Mr. Copperton.
Hot day for walking, ain't it?

My fool horse broke his leg in a
chuckhole. Drop me at my place.

Like to, Mr. Copperton,
but I can't do it.

My passenger's got to be in Sioux
Creek in time to catch the Butterfield.

A four-hour trip will turn
into a three-day layover

if she misses her connection
to Dodge. Can't do it.

Just have to drop you
off at the junction then.

Yah! Hey!

If I miss my connection,

I'll have to miss spend three
nights in the Sioux Creek Hotel.

Here it comes.

Ten-year stretch,
put me away for life.

- Figuring on getting caught, are you?
- Not likely.

My share of what's in that
strongbox will carry me till I'm buried.

Ain't gonna be no witnesses
this time to put a finger on me.

- You didn't say nothing about killing.
- I just said it.

But Simpson, I don't
want to get mixed up in...

Every last one.

Whoa! Whoa!

Simpson! I didn't
figure on no woman.

Get them out.

Throw down that strongbox.

What is it? Cattle broker money.

Less than a hundred. You
killed him for less than a hundred!

- You a cattle buyer, fancy britches?
- No, I'm not a cattle buyer.

You empty your pockets.

Simpson, look at this!

Hyah! Yah!

Yah! Yah!

Yah! Yah!


Oh, my back's near busted.

You find anything, Ma?

Eh, a few chips now and
then, enough for some vittles.

Ma, could we maybe get a jug
this time? Could we, huh, Ma?

Bless you, if you
ain't just like your pa.

Water! Water! I hit water!
I sprayed it all over me!

- Poor thing.
- I'll catch my death!

- Oh, it'll dry in a minute or two.
- Oh.

Ma. Logan. Looky yonder.


Would you mind getting
that wagon out of the way?

I've got a wounded man inside.

Well, look at that. Ha! A
woman driving a stagecoach.

- Will you help me, please?
- We'll do what we can, miss.

- A wounded man, you say?
- There was a holdup.

- Elan, see what's to be did.
- Yeah, Ma.

Well, ain't that a looksome
sight. He's wounded for fair, Ma.

- It's Blaine Copperton.
- Blaine Copperton?

- Who'd you say it is?
- Come and look for yourself.

Two men, they killed the
driver. I got to get him to a doctor.

He's dying.

Ain't every day you
hear that kind of news.


We could have been off fishing
someplace and missed all this.

- What kind of people are you?
- Squatters according to the Coppertons.

Over yonder's a mine they
stopped working a long time back.

Ever since we come
in, they wanted it back.

Took a circuit judge to
make them leave us alone.

- Well, he looks near done for to me.
- Come on, boys. Let's get back to work.

Get that wagon out of the way!

Oh, we'd be hard pressed
to help a Copperton, miss.


Yah! Yah!


Yah! Yah!

Well, he'll be long dead
before she gets to that ranch.

Remind me to send Miss Copperton
and that young'un our sorries.

Oh, Mommy, isn't it the most
beautiful music box you ever saw?

Thank you. I love
it. I just love it.

And I'll remember what you
said. I won't wind it too much.

Honest, I won't, Daddy.

Oh, it's the best birthday
present I ever had.

We have good times, don't we?


Where's the Copperton Ranch?

Little girl, I've got a wounded
man inside. He needs help fast.

Is he dead?

He will be if I don't
get him some help.

That will make
Grandmother awful sad.

You know him?

He's my father.

I don't want any excuses
from them, Webb.

- Just the job done correctly.
- Yes, Miss Copperton.

Inside, Blaine
Copperton. He's hurt badly.

- There was a holdup.
- A holdup?

- He was shot.
- Let me through. Blaine? Shot?

Some of you men get
saddled. Where did it happen?

There's no need for
that. He killed them both.

Well, don't just stand there.
Get... Child, get out of the way.

Get him out! Keep
his head up there.

Webb, get things ready.

Tracey, will you please
stay out of the way?

Get things ready! If
there's a bullet in him,

we may be able to get it
out. You, come with me.

I said come with
me. I may need you.

The knife and the probe in that
basin and pour some whiskey on them.

- What's your name?
- Kitty Russell.

Well, you didn't handle
that full hitch like any Kitty.

- Is that so?
- I'm Jessie Copperton.

- Where you from?
- Dodge City.

Pretty fancy clothes.
What do you do for a living?

I run a saloon.

Well, then blood won't make
you skittish. Hand me that knife.

Well, he was lucky.

Whoever it was, was a bad shot.

Is that a fact?

I've dug enough lead and Indian
arrows out of his father, and him.

He'll be all right.

- Miss Copperton?
- He'll be fine in a few days.

- Well, that's good news to hear.
- You tell Cookie to rustle up

some broth, and make it strong.

When Blaine comes
around, we'll start him on it.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Come with me, Kitty.

Well, I...


Rye whiskey, bourbon
whiskey or brandy?

Right now, I'd just as
soon have something to eat.

- Eat?
- What's wrong with that?

- It's been eight hours.
- The way you handled that four-up,

- I shouldn't be surprised.
- Surprised about what?

I notice you aren't
wearing a wedding ring.

I've thought more
about that than you have.

- You got a man?
- It's none of your business.

Well, I sure wish Blaine had
met you before he got married.


He's the first Copperton who
ever took to a hot house flower.

What are you talking about?

I'm gonna have Cookie make you
the biggest and best steak you ever ate.

And I bet you like
it burned to a crisp.

As a matter of fact, I do.

You know, I'm
beginning to like you.

It really is a lovely room.

Well, it's better than the
Sioux Creek Hotel, at any rate.

And I'll get word to your
friends in Dodge tomorrow.

I really would appreciate that.

Speaking of rooms, it certainly
fits you a lot better than it did her.

- Miss Copperton, I really...
- First time I ever laid eyes

on that girl I knew she
was wrong for Blaine.

She just wasn't
rigged for this life.

I'm just sorry I
mentioned her to Tracey.

There was no way for you to know.
Hard truth is she's better off dead.

Blaine'll come to that, but...

We have company
for dinner, child.

Miss Russell.

- You look very pretty tonight.
- Thank you. You look nice, too.

Thank you.

We've been looking all over for
you. We wanted to tell you that your...

Yes, I know. I heard
Grandmother tell Webb.

Cookie, we're ready!

Hope you still have
that appetite, Kitty.

I'm really quite hungry.

This been waiting
nearly half an hour.

Well, it took us
time to freshen up.

- Blaine's soup's ready any time now.
- Good.

He ought to be
coming around soon.

This is Kitty Russell. Eldon
Phepps, Kitty. Just call him Cookie.


You're about to wrap yourself around
some of the tastiest food in Kansas.

It does look good.

That man makes the best
bread that was ever eaten.

You know, he's been with us
Coppertons since the cattle days in Texas.

- Tracey?
- No, thank you.

Miss Copperton.

You know, Blaine's father would
have liked you. He would have liked you.

He used to say I was the only woman
that fit in the house as well as outdoors.

But he would have liked you.
And you would have liked him.

I've got to tell you, Kitty, it's nice
having another woman, having you here.

- Would you excuse me, please?
- What?

I don't care for any more
supper, Grandmother.

- Well, you know the rules.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Nothing more until breakfast.
- Yes, Grandmother. Miss Russell.

That child. She eats like a
bird. I never could understand it.

Us Coppertons have
always had huge appetites.

Well, after all that's happened
today, I think it's understandable.

No different today from any
other day. Just like her mother.

How's your steak?
Is it cooked enough?

- It's fine. Just fine.
- Hand me the pepper, please.

Oh, you're gonna
enjoy this wine.


I thought maybe
you'd like to have this.

No. Grandmother
wouldn't allow it.

You know what? I'll bet your
grandmother wouldn't mind.

Just this one time?

Thank you, Miss Russell.

It's about time you woke up.

- How long?
- About 12 hours. It's past midnight.

- It seems there was a woman.
- Uh-huh.

A redheaded woman. She
brought you in on the stage.

She drove it?

You found yourself quite a
woman, or she found you.

Last thing I remember

is looking at
Dagget's ugly face.

- Dagget?
- Blocked the road

and wouldn't let us pass.

You near bleeding to death?

Oh, I don't figure they
care very much about that.

Get out of here!

The last time I've been
crossed by the Daggets.

You got no right! No right!

My son could have
died on account of you.

By your own words, he's all right!
Just a sight of bleeding, that's all!

You'd better give those whelps of
yours a hand before that shack goes up.

You'll pay. I swear, you'll pay!

You clear out of this valley.

One of you come back here,
I'll see you're buried here.

You high and mighty Coppertons!

Elan! Elan!

That's the last warning
you're gonna get. Let's go.

My leg, Ma!

She'll pay.

I'll take a oath she'll pay.

If I get buried
for it, she'll pay.

- Well, good morning.
- Good morning, Miss Russell.

- How'd you sleep?
- Fine, thank you.

Something sure smells good.

- It's bacon.
- I'm starving. How about you?

- Well, good morning.
- Good morning, Grandmother.

Tracey, where did you get...

That bed comfortable
enough for you, Kitty?

Everything was just fine.

I'm glad to see that you're
an early riser like we are.

Cookie has breakfast
ready at 7:30 sharp.

Morning's the best
time of the day.

By the way, did, um... did I hear
riders beneath my window last night?

My dear, when my head hit that
pillow, I was dead to the world.

You two go on in to breakfast. I'll join
you just as soon as I look in on Blaine.

- Good morning, Cookie.
- Good morning.

It's on, it's hot.

Looks good.

I'll tell you what.

You serve the bacon, and
I'll serve the eggs, all right?

- I'm not too hungry.
- Good. All the more for me.

- I heard the horses last night too.
- You did?

Well, I guess running
a place this big,

there must be something
going on all the time.

Yes, all the time. Father
often goes riding at night.

He does? Do you
ever go with him?

He always goes alone.
Anyway, I don't know how.

- Well, I bet you could learn.
- I'd like to, but...

Will you be staying long?

Well, I have to catch the stage
out of Sioux Creek on Friday.

- Oh.
- Well, that still gives us

- two whole days.
- Yes?

Tell you what. After
we're through eating,

why don't you and I
go for a nice long walk?

- Could we?
- Well, I don't see why not.

Maybe Cookie'd even
pack a lunch for us.

- Oh, I would like that.
- We'll do it.

Maybe Grandmother will want
you to do something with her.

Maybe she will, but you and I
are still gonna go for that walk.

He's a long way from
where he was last night.

Mm, that looks like
something to eat.

He wants to see you.

When I told him how you handled
that stage, he could hardly believe it.

Would you excuse me, please?

That child. I
swear, like a bird.

I don't know what
keeps that child going.

Neither do I.

I just never have saw nothing
like it. There just ain't nothing to do.

I can't get no game out
of Matthew, he's too busy.

Doc, he's still in
Spivey, you, you're...

I'll tell you what I'll do, Louie.
I'll learn you how to play.

- No thank you, Festus.
- No?

Well, I haven't never heard of
nobody that hangs around stables

and the back of the barber shop
that didn't already know how to play.

I didn't say I didn't
know how to play, Festus.

I said I didn't like to play.

Don't like to...

Well, that just ain't natural.

Now, I'll tell you,
checkers is... is...

- I just ain't never knowed...
- I'll play you some chess.

- Chess?
- I'll teach you if you don't know.

Well, you... you think
that I don't know chess?

Well, that's one of them
high-toney games, chess.

- High-toney?
- Why, if old Doc was to ever

catch me a-playing
something like that,

why, he'd rag me clean from
here to Colorado and back.

- I ain't gonna play.
- High-toney.

I never figured
myself for a high-toney.

But maybe... maybe
you've got a point.

Yes. Maybe I am.

Here's the stage
from Sioux Creek.

How do you know that?

Because it's the one that's
due in, ninny. Come on.


Well, now.

Watch your step now.

- Driver?
- Yeah?

- No other passengers?
- That's all there was.

We was expecting to
meet a friend of ours.

Well, I can't help you.

Well, she must have missed that
connection in Sioux Creek, Matthew.

- Your friend coming from Hays?
- That's right.

Uh-oh. Hays stage was held up.

Driver was killed, so
was the two that tried it.

- What about the other passengers?
- According to the manifest, just one.

Your friend, huh?

Well, anyway, the passenger
and the stage are both missing.

- Miss Kitty!
- Oh, my goodness.

Where do you suppose she's at?

Well, from what I've seen
around here, I'm not surprised.

- Surprised?
- Did it ever occur to you

to ask for Tracey?

Well, what's my daughter
got to do with this?

- Everything.
- Now, hold on. I...

I asked you here to
thank you for what you did.

Well, now that
you've thanked me,

if that's all, I think
I'll go for a walk.

As a... as a matter
of fact, that's not all.

Now, as grateful as I
am for what you did,

I'd be just as grateful if you'd
just stay out of my personal affairs.

Mister, I'm right in the
middle of your personal affairs.

Circumstances and your
mother have put me there.

- My mother?
- I've heard the whole story,

from the day you brought your
bride here from Baton Rouge

to the day you buried
her two years ago.

- You've got no right to say that.
- Well, it's true, isn't it?

- She is dead.
- Oh, how dare you.

I dare because of Tracey.

She's just trying to live up to
what life is dishing out to her.

And aside from that, she's being
treated like an unwanted guest

right here in her own home!

Jessie doesn't have
time to be a grandmother,

she's too busy running this
house. And everything else!

You were taking a walk.

Reach farther!

I ate too much of Cookie's fried
chicken. I don't think I can make it.

You've got to. This is
a special place where...

- We're almost...
- Oh!

Hey, look at that.

- It makes it a sight easier, don't it?
- It do. It surely do.

You go over yonder, but
make sure they's alone.

When I holler, you
come a-running, hear?

Those high and
mighty Coppertons.

Burn us out, cripple
baby Elan's leg.

The score'll get
settled, I took a oath.

It'll get settled.

That you, Ma?

- It's me, honey pot.
- You get Copperton?

No, but I will. I vowed
you, and I'll keep my vow.

We got something nearly
as good though, Elan.

Saints be.

This'll put Mr. Blaine
Copperton right in our hands.

I'm heading for the ranch.
You take care of these.

Take your time coming back, Ma.

Give me and Red a
chance to make our howdies.

- Get away from me!
- Get along! Get on inside there!

Yes, Ma. Go on.

I'm heading for the Copperton
ranch. I'll be back directly.

But if'n I ain't, you set about
doing what we talked on.

Yeah, Ma.

In there.

Now, go on in there and
make yourself at home.

Sit down over there on the bed.


- Yeah, what is it, Webb?
- Your ma said you were up.

What you got there?

Oh, the transfer papers on that
land sale Miss Copperton set up.

I just need your
signature here under there.

Webb, I want you to get the
wranglers to cut out 20 head

of those new colts and fillies.

Hank Devin finally come
up with the price I was asking.

By golly, you're the one. I
never thought he'd go that much.

Blaine, I was thinking...

Were any of the
princesses get in that sale?

Yes, four of them.

I thought we were gonna keep
that blood line just for ourselves.

Well, for heaven's sake, Blaine.

I've been handling things
around here for the last two years

without any concern.
What's come over you?

You hold on. I got some business
and I'm driving through here.

- What in the world...?
- Don't you touch me

or lay a hand on me. Or
you'll get a bullet in your leg.

That's as good as
you done to him.

Now look, you got that
rig off of Copperton land...

Stand away from me,
you lop-jawed yahoo or I'll...

What in the name of sanity?
What are you doing here?

I've come to have
some talk with your son.

- Now, you hold on here!
- No, you hold on, Mrs. High-Toney.

I've got the bit and I'm
driving free rein. Where is he?

Webb, you throw her out of here.

Don't you touch me
or lay a hand on me,

or your granddaughter won't ever get
beyond the seedling she is right now.

What's going on?

Right now nothing, excepting
a little talk between you and me.

- You mentioned my daughter?
- Indeed I did.

- You old harridan, if you...
- I'll handle this.


You all done a pretty fair
job on ussun last night...

Where's Tracey?

Right now, that ain't
something I'm about...

Turn me loose, or by Tophet, you'll
get more than a bullet in your leg!

- What?
- That's what you done to Elan.

That's what's gonna
get done to him.

A bullet smack
center of his leg.

Now, you... you come alone,
without any ranch hands to back you.

You go to meet
us at flats and wait.

If there's anybody with
you or a-following you,

you'd better not come at all.

And you'd better not start looking
for that little redheaded missy

or your moon-eyed

Miss Tracey Lee Copperton.

Webb, I want you
to get a couple of...

Webb, you're gonna cut out
20 head of the new horses...

Blaine, you listen to me...

And then you can do what
you want, except follow me

or have any of
the boys follow me.

If you do, and something
happens to Tracey...

Just keep out of it. Get
the horse and rig ready.

Yes, sir.

- You burned them out.
- What did you expect?

Them holding the stage back, a
chance on your dying for want of attention,

what did you expect?

And then you handled it...

just like you've been
doing for the past two years.

Like you should have been doing.

That's right, Jessie.

Like I should have been.

You, uh, want me to have some of
the boys saddle up, Miss Copperton?

Mr. Copperton
told you what to do.

Matthew, that stagecoach
couldn't just have just fell in a hole

and got swallowed up, could it?

You wouldn't think so,
but it looks like this one did.

It just don't make no sense.

Both them holdup fellows got killed,
lessen they's another someplace.

We won't know the answer to
that one until we find Kitty, Festus.

You reckon it could
have went up this way?

Well, if the Sioux Creek
sheriff's done his job,

why, he's probably checked
on it, but I'll tell you what.

You go this way and
I'll go this way over here

- and I'll meet you at Sioux Creek.
- Right you are.

You done it right
wise, Mr. Copperton.

- Which way?
- Out yonder.

Hungry? I got some vittles.

Hey, Red, got a few
drops left in this jug, eh?

- Miss Russell?
- It's all right, Tracey.

It will be, if your daddy
does like he's told.

- Does what?
- Comes here with, Ma, young'un.

Comes here? What for?

Hey, Elan, lady wants to know
what for Blaine Copperton's

- coming over here to visit us.
- She'll see soon enough.

They in the old mine?

With my boys, making things
as sociable as they know how.

Mrs. Dagget, what
you're about to do,

you haven't given this
thing much thought.

- Oh, you figure?
- Well, I know that you

- and you boys ain't killers.
- Not unless we're driven hard to it.

- Anything that'll stop you?
- Don't know as it will.

But we'll head out
for new country.

Figure we'll make it before
anyone takes out after us.

If we get caught, well, like us
Daggets, you Coppertons ain't murderers.

But no matter what, you're gonna
get stove up same as baby Elan.

When you hate, it's
all the way, isn't it?

Like my husband, God rest him,
used to say, "Do a thing, do it proper."

Hey, Red, come on. Sure
you won't have just a little tap?

Awful good squeezings.

Depending, of course,
on what a body's used to.

We've come a long
way. How much further?

Turn yonder into
that sideways tunnel.

- Hey, company's coming.
- Daddy.

Last chance, Red.
Just a few more drops.

Nearly dry, huh?

Ma! They're getting away!

Come out of there!

We was only looking to
put a bullet in your leg!

Be a sight more than that now!

Elan! Logan!

Ma, Copperton's after Logan.

Let's go.

You gotta come out
of there sometime!

I'm gonna turn out his light.

Kill him.

This is a U.S. Marshal. Now,
hold it right there, all of you.

No! Don't shoot my boy!

- Logan!
- Matt!

- Mama!
- Logan!

- Oh!
- Oh, sugar plum.

Sugar plum.


- Kitty, you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Now.

What's this all about?

It's gonna take
a lot of telling.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.