Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 14, Episode 13 - Johnny Cross - full transcript

Johnny Cross, though innocent, is a wanted man. Bounty hunters are after the reward. Newly finds him and intends to bring him in. Johnny has a choice to make when Newly is injured on the way back to Dodge.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

You sure he's coming this way?

If he's going to risk his
neck coming back to Kansas,

he's gonna head back to that
farm of his outside of Dodge.



- Look.
- Where?

Right there.

Now, wait. Wait'll
he gets closer.

Come on, boy. Come
on. Move on up now.

- He's smelling something wrong.
- Yeah, I'd better take him now.

Yeah. Okay.

My six-year-old cousin
could have done better.

He ain't going far
carrying that lead in him.

Sorry, old fella.

Maybe you can lead
them away from me.


Well, I'll tell you. I've treated an
awful lot of carbuncles in my life,

but it's been a long time
since I've been called upon

to lance one right smack
on a man's backside.

- Oh, there you go making fun of me.
- No, I'm not.

- You are too. You're just...
- Oh...

I wouldn't think of making fun
of a fine, upstanding citizen like...

Upstanding I'll tell you.

There you go again. You just
can't keep from ragging me.

Well, it's funny.
"Upstanding," don't you see?

Upstanding's about all you're
gonna be doing for the next...

All right, just hush. Hush. Just
hush. Now, you know something?

It's against your 'cratical oath
that you keep a-spouting all the time

to make jokes about one
of your patient's miseries.

- Patient?
- Yeah, patient.

You're no patient.
You're a charity case.

Wait just a minute. What'd I...

I told you when Matthew got back from
Topeka and paid me for my deputying,

I'd pay you. Did I
say that or didn't I?

- That's what you said.
- All right.

But you'll figure some way
to get out of it, knowing you.

Oh, my... I ain't gonna
do no such a thing.

I'll tell you, you
old pinch penny,

if you're so blame worried
about that money of yours,

I'll go borrow 50 cents from
Miss Kitty right now and pay you.

Fifty cents?

Well, now as I
recall this incident,

you came up to my office and
you were in terrible pain, terrible.

So I dropped everything and I
performed a very, very delicate

bit of surgery on you and
now you tell me that you think

that 50 cents is a proper fee.

Oh, will you just hush and
get them checkers set up.

I'll say one thing, you sure
are a rip-snorting representative

- of law and order in Dodge City.
- There you go again.

You just can't quit.

Why don't you give them flappity
jaws of yours a little rest, and me too.

- I swear you just make me sick.
- Well, you have to admit

that you're not exactly a fit
candidate for a posse right now.

Doc, if you're gonna keep ragging
me, I ain't gonna play checkers with you.

- Go on and move. Move!
- You can just forget it.

What is it?

Well, I was coming by to
see how your carbuncle was.

Oh. Well, you had to tell
the whole town, didn't you?

- I never told anybody.
- Well, somebody told somebody.

- Well...
- I was coming by the telegraph office

- and Barney came out...
- You told Burke and that's just as good

- as telling the whole town.
- Well, what about it?

Well, it hurts,
that's what about it.

No, I'm talking about this
telegram here for the marshal.

- Yes.
- Give it here.

Seeing as how I'm the
onliest law in Dodge City,

I got to look
after these things.

Well, tell us what
it says, Festus.

Yeah, what does it say?

Oh, well, don't be a...

He's kind of touchy
about things today,

and it's not too hard to understand
when you kind of get to the seat of things.

The seat of things. I get it.

- Why don't you just get out of here.
- Hey, wait a minute!

- Get out!
- What is the matter with you?

- What in the world is going on in here?
- Oh... well, come on in, Newly.

- It's all right.
- Festus, how's your carbuncle?

Oh, you too. Just shut
your tater trap. You...

- Read the telegraph, Doc.
- Oh, say.

It's from the marshal
up in Hays City.

"Information has reached
this office that a man answering

the general description of Johnny Cross
has been seen heading in your direction.

Suggest you be on
the lookout for him."

Johnny Cross.

With all that reward money on his head,
you think he'd come back here to Kansas?

Not very likely, is it?

But then he was awful fond
of his grandpa, you know,

and the old gentleman's kind of sick
after that pneumonia he had last year.

And then maybe Vera
got word to him someway.

Yes, sir. That's possible.

Well, I'd jut better get out yonder
to that Cross place and see...

Oh! It hurts like thunder.

Festus, do you want me
to go saddle up your mule?

Newly, don't be a smart aleck.

- Newly?
- Yes, sir.

Have you got anything
important that you want to do,

that is that'll keep you
here in Dodge or anything?

No, sir. Why?

Well, Newly, it is my
considered clinical opinion

that our deputy is badly
in need of a deputy.


- His horse has pulled up lame.
- Yeah.

That means he's
on foot somewheres.

Yeah. Look, them reins.

This here horse been
leading us a false trail?


He's bleeding plenty from
the looks of that saddle.

Nearly dry.

That means he's been
on foot quite a spell.

He ain't gonna get
far oozing like that.

Uh-uh. He's got to be
heading for that farm.

- We got him. Let's go.
- Yeah. Come on.

What do you think?

Let's go on in.

What you men want?

You get out of this house!

Get out!


Who are you men?
What do you want?


You hold on!

You men don't tell me what
you're doing here, I'll get the law.

Are you Johnny Cross' sister?

What's that got to do
with you sneaking around?

- Well, you got your brother here.
- Take your hands off my granddaughter!

- Don't know what you're talking about.
- Oh, yes, you do.

He come in here this
morning and you got him hid.

Hold it! What's going on here?

- Get off our farm!
- Are you all right, miss?

The next time I see
either of you on this place,

you'll be looking down
the barrel of a shotgun!

- You the marshal in Dodge?
- No, I'm a deputy.

- Now, what's this all about?
- We tracked Johnny Cross here.

- We're claiming him as our property.
- Johnny wouldn't come back to Kansas.

Now, you can just drop
that innocent posing, missy.

He's here and he's
tucked away somewheres

because the blood trail
led us right to this farm.

- Blood?
- Now, Deputy, he's carrying our bullet.

- That makes him our property, right?
- You men bounty hunters, huh?

You say that like you don't
love bounty hunters very much.

And we ain't worried about nothing
except the money we got coming.

Well, you men get your
horses and ride out of here.

- Wait a minute.
- Now, you wait a minute.

These people have the legal
right to order you off their land.

And we got 800 acres, and
that means you get out of sight.

Wait a minute. You
talking about legal rights.

We got a few legal
rights ourselves.

We tracked Cross a long
ways and we wounded him,

and we'd have him treed right
now if it hadn't been for you, Deputy.

That bounty money's ours, boy.

You take that up with Marshal
Dillon when he gets back from Topeka.

Oh, we intend to do that,
don't you fear about that.

We intend to do that.

Ma'am, I got to
ask you a question.

Do you think your brother
might be around these parts?

- That's none of your business.
- That's just the point, ma'am, it is.

I ain't hiding him here.
He didn't never come here.

Well, I'll tell you something,
it's a lot better if the law

gets a hold of him
than bounty hunters.

They might not be too
fussy how they bring him in.

He ain't here.

All right, ma'am. I'll
take your word for it.

Good day.

Lot of blood on
that saddle, Vera.

- Maybe it ain't Johnny's horse.
- Maybe.

There'd be one
place he'd be hiding

where he'd know nobody
would be finding him.

I'll be right back, Grandpa.






That badge don't give you
the right to go creeping around.

This is still Cross land.

Ma'am, I don't
ordinarily wear a badge,

so maybe I'm not too sure
how a deputy should act.

- You're a ornery sneak.
- No, ma'am.

You get yourself off
this land right now!

He'll only come back
with a posse, Sis.


Drop that gunbelt, Deputy.

You look like you're hurt
bad. You could use some help.

I just need you
dropping that gunbelt.

All right.

- What now?
- Johnny, you need a doctor.

Dr. Adams is coming this
afternoon to see Grandpa.

Now, the simplest way
would be burying you.

Why'd you come back to Kansas?

That bounty they got
on me, it's a lie, Sis.

I've been bounty bait every since
those wanted posters showed.

Are you trying to say you
came back here to clear yourself?

That's one reason.

There's things a plenty I
done, but murder ain't one.

Oh, Grandpa never
figured you for killing.

Seems to me you should just drop the
gun and come back to Dodge with me.

If there's been some
sort of mistake...

And hang if I can't
prove myself? No.

I never killed those people
on that stage. No, sir.

There's plenty of people in
town who want to believe...

Just back up.

Ma'am, your brother
needs some help.

- Not from you, he don't.
- He's bleeding badly.

It ain't fair. You
followed me in here.

I don't think you're the type that
would shoot an unarmed man.

To keep my brother from
hanging, I'm fixed to do just that.

Mr. Deputy...

Doc told me about you.

Please help him.

I'm doing what I can,
ma'am. But he needs a doctor.

No, I don't mean
that kind of help.


Johnny and me
could have shot you,

so maybe you figure
you owe us a favor.

A favor?

Please, can't you help Johnny
till he gets back on his feet?

You won't be losing
nothing from it.

You'd never found you way
here if I hadn't have showed you.

No, ma'am, I just don't think
that would be the right thing to do.


Please, so you can
talk to Johnny more.


Breathe deep.


Again, deep.

You ought to be looking
after the boy, Doc.

'Stead of some old codger
likely drawing his last breath.

Well now, your grandson's
a pretty lucky boy.

He's got a bad wound, but
the bullet went right through.

He's lost a lot of blood, but
he's young and he's strong.

He'll build it back up
and he'll be all right.

Now, do what I tell you and keep
your mouth shut and just keep breathing.

Breathe again.

That was a terrible chance
you took coming back, Johnny.

Well, I got to prove old
man Franks was wrong.

Lying about me holding
up that stage last winter.

It's been near six years
since he set eyes on me.

Six years? He was
no more than a kid.

Since then I
gained about a foot,

and I got some heavier too.

Don't you see what happened?
When Mr. Franks said it was Johnny,

nobody figured he'd be making a
mistake seeing he knew our family so well.

It was probably some fellow that
looked like Johnny did six years ago.

Hm. If it was a mistake, maybe Frank
should realize it if he saw Johnny now.

If he don't, I'll make him.

Now, look, I'm giving you a chance,
and we're going to do it my way.

Now, look, Deputy. No
lawman ever gave me...

Stop, Johnny. He's going
out on a limb for you already.

Where does this Franks live?

He lives over in a shack
by Indian Creek now.

Indian Creek.

Well, I gave your grandpa something
to make him sleep for a while.

He doesn't seem to be any worse
for wear on account of the excitement.

Now, you, young fella, I know
you're not gonna be very comfortable,

but if you're as tough as you
look, you'll be all right in a few days.

Newly, I'd like to
talk to you outside.

Doc, how about the two of
you doing that talking in here.

Well, because when I hold a
private conversation with somebody,

I like to be where
it's kind of private.

Come on, Newly.

Johnny, Doc Adams is a nice man.

He's been a real
good friend to Grandpa.

Newly, you represent
Matt and the law here.

I know, sir. But he could
have killed me and he didn't.

All he's asking for is a
little time to face Franks.

So you feel obligated, huh?
Well, let me tell you something.

When you've got that badge on,
you don't have a right to the comforts

of an obligation, not
where murder's concerned.

- Well, maybe not, Doc.
- I don't know,

but I think that if Matt
was handling this,

Johnny Cross would be under
lock and key right now, Newly.

I believe he's innocent
of that murder charge.

I mean, why would he come
back here if he was guilty?

- That doesn't make any sense.
- Well...

I'm not going to interfere any,
anymore than I would if it was Matt.

But I want you to
remember something.

If you get a positive
identification from Franks,

that boy in there is fair game

for any bounty hunter that
would happen to spot him.

That's bad.

You be careful.

I don't want old Doc to go
tell the whole town I'm out here.

You don't.

So I've just gotta sit here
and hope the two of you don't

- sell me down the river.
- Johnny, he helped you.

A body can get short on manners
when there's a murder charge

aimed at him what ain't true.

I'm gonna ride
over to see Franks.

If he was mistaken, it ought to
be easy enough to straighten out.

- That's more like it.
- Now, you just sit here.

I said we were
gonna do it my way.

I'll talk to Franks, get
him to come back here

and let him take a
long, hard look at you.

- Make sure you don't go anywhere.
- He won't.

Thank you, Mr. O'Brien.

You're gonna trust him?

Johnny, there's a time
you got to be trusting.

I learned different.

- Who is it?
- Mr. Franks?


Mind if I come in?

Who are you and
what do you want?

My name's O'Brien, Newly
O'Brien. I'm a deputy from Dodge.

- Well, I ain't done nothing.
- No, sir.

- I just want to ask you some questions.
- About what?

Well, last winter there was a
stage held up east of Dodge.

The driver and two women
passengers were killed.


You were coming up
the road in a freight wagon

and saw the hold-up
man ride away.

Yeah, I had me a job for a
miller, hauling meal for him.

- And you identified the man.
- Yeah, Cross kid.

Ran right by me not
more than a hundred feet.

Mr. Franks, are you sure it was
Johnny Cross that held up that stage?

I know what he looks like. I had me
a piece of land next to his grandpa's.

Watched him grow up.

But he's been away
from Dodge for six years.

Have you seen him
between now and then?

Saw him riding
away from the stage.

A little skinnier than
me, maybe a little taller?

No, that kid was always kind of
small like. You got a head over him.

Mr. Franks, would you come
out to the Cross farm with me?

- What?
- I want you to see what

Johnny Cross looks like today.

- Cross is back here?
- Yes, sir.

He heard about the bounty
on him and claims it wasn't him.

- He's trying to clear himself.
- No, no.

I ain't going nowhere near him.

Look, Mr. Franks, it could be the man
you saw the day of the hold-up was...

was somebody else that looked
like Johnny did six years back.

No, I ain't gonna
face up to that wild kid.

Believe me, Mr. Franks.
He's gonna feel mighty grateful

if it turns out you've
been mistaken.

Yeah, and what if he takes it in his
head to blame me for being wrong?

No, I ain't going out there.

Well, I can't force you to
go out to the Cross farm,

but I can tell you to go to
Dodge to make an identification.

Well, I was just doing what I figured
was right when I said it was him.

I understand that, sir, and I figured
you'd want to do what's right now.

You sure that you'll see to it
that he don't take after me?

- I give you my word.
- All right.

- When you want me to go?
- Tonight.

- Tonight?
- Yes, sir.

You wait for me in Dodge
and I'll meet you there.

All right.

I suppose you figure on tricking
me, getting me to come into Dodge?

There's no tricks. Franks is
gonna be there to identify you.

If I intended on taking you in,
I'd have you locked up by now.

- You gave your word.
- I know I did and I'm keeping it.

Look, I'm trying
to help you people.

If it's you wanting proof
of your innocence, well,

I got it waiting
for you in Dodge.

Johnny, this is your one
chance to clear yourself.

Well, Doc, if you don't
quit talking so much,

I'm just gonna have to
move to another table.

I'm sorry, Kitty. I'm...

What's the problem? I'm
here to listen. It's part of my job.

Newly, I'm worried about him.

- Newly?
- Yeah. He's out at the Cross farm.

He's kind of riding herd
on Johnny out there.

- Did Newly capture Johnny?
- Well, no.

But I wanted Newly to
bring Johnny into Dodge here

and lock him up for his own
safekeeping, if for nothing else.

But Newly wants Johnny to
have a chance to face this Franks

and clear up this whole
identification business

because Johnny, he says
he didn't hold up that stage.

And he's got Newly believing it.

Speaking of the devil.

- What you drinking?
- Whiskey. Whiskey.

Ah... whoo!

- Mr. Franks.
- Hello, Doc.

- Miss Kitty.
- What are you doing in Dodge?

Oh, some high-handed
deputy, I don't recollect his name,

ordered me to come
in and wait for him.

- Newly O'Brien.
- Yeah, that's the one.

Said I got to make another
identification on Johnny Cross.

I told him. I said,
"There's no mistaking it.

It was Cross I seen the
day the stage was robbed."

Well, he thinks maybe I
might have made a mistake

and wants me to take
another look at him.

- Where's Newly now?
- Bringing Cross in, I expect.

I must have been loco
listening to that deputy.

Riding into town at night like this.
And I haven't even had my supper.

Well, you go over to
the marshal's office.

We got even another deputy
over there name of Haggen.

- Festus?
- Mm.

- I know him.
- Well, you go over and tell Festus

that you're hungry and he'll
fix you up with some beans

and show you where to
bunk until Newly gets in.

Well, that ride made
me a mite parched.

Oh, is that so?

Sam, give Mr. Franks
one more drink.

- We got to do something about him.
- And fast.


You go on over to the
marshal's office like I told you.

Mr. Franks.

- Who is it?
- I'm a friend of yours.

Hey, can I... can I talk
to you for a minute?

I don't know. I'm supposed
to go over and see Festus.

It's about Johnny Cross.

I don't want everybody around
here knowing our business, see?

Now, the thing is...

Who paid you to let
Cross off the hook, boy?

What's going on?

I'm asking you who paid you
to let him off, Johnny Cross?


I mean, I just got told
that maybe he ain't the one,

if I get a good look
at him and he ain't...

Then you just lift
$2,5000 out of our pockets.

And that won't make us feel
too friendly towards you, mister.

Well, it's nothing I could help.

Wait a minute.

What do you do for a
living, old man? Hm?

Well, I got a little shack
over on Indian Creek.

I don't do much of
anything, just sit around.

Well, like us, you could use a
couple of extra dollars, I guess,

- couldn't you?
- Why, sure. Who can't?

I mean, I ain't looking
for no trouble with the law.

Yeah, well, what
makes you so sure

that you weren't right the first
time in identifying Johnny Cross?


I think I know what you're
asking, fellas, but I ain't...

That bounty money is ours, see?
And I see you double dealing us.

I ain't double dealing nobody.

That Indian Creek, that's a pretty
lonesome place out there, ain't it?

Well, sure.

Well, Mr. Franks,
before we leave this town,

we might just be
paying you a visit,

depending on how you get us
to feeling about you crossing us.


- Newly.
- Festus.

This is Johnny Cross
and his sister Vera.

- I mean, Miss Cross.
- Johnny. Ma'am.

- Did Franks get here?
- He's inside.

- He's been waiting for a couple hours.
- Good.

Miss Cross, why don't
you sit over yonder.

Johnny, just sit right there.

Mr. Franks.

There he is. The
rest is up to you.

What are you two
muttonheads doing here?

He's our property. We're here to
make sure we get what's coming to us.

Right, Deputy?

These are the men
that put the bullet in him.

The only trouble is we didn't
put it in the proper place.

Otherwise, we'd have brought
him in across the saddle

and we'd be spending
that bounty money by now.

Johnny! Johnny!

- Johnny.
- Get them out of here!

We got every right here. We
wanna see if we got the right man.

You calm down. We're
gonna find out about that.

I don't wanna hear no slackjaw
out of you two, do you hear me?

Anything you say, Deputy.

Mr. Franks.

Take a good look at
him and take your time.


- What's that mean?
- It's Johnny Cross all right.

Yes, sir. We know that. The question
is, is this the man that held up the stage?

That... that's what
I'm saying. It's him.

- It's who?
- Johnny Cross.

We know that, Mr. Franks.

Held up the stage and
shooting everybody.

It's him all right.

Well, I guess you got
what you want out of me.

Whoa. Now, you just
back up here, Franks.

The way I heard it, you figured
you could have been mistook

about whether it was
Johnny Cross who done it.

You told me the man you saw
was a head shorter than I am.

Yeah, but seeing him face up,

I knowed he'd be the same
kid that did the stage robbing.

And the way you
told it he'd be taller.

I mean, when I seen him, he was all
crunched over like that and running.

Yeah. Ain't no doubt about it.

I'm a-looking
at that killing kid.

- Same one, I mean.
- You're lying.

Got no cause to lie. I ain't
getting no reward money.

Take another look, Mr. Franks. Make
sure you know what you're saying.

I said it, didn't I?

Well, anybody else around
here got any more use for me?

I got use for you, if I
ever catch up with you.

Ain't fair.

Um, the question we got left,

that kid was brought
into the law by us,

we'd just like to get
the bounty money now.

He was where they said he was, on
Cross land and carrying their bullet.

Nobody ain't getting nothing till
the marshal gets back in town.

He's the one that'll pay you if
you got anything coming to you.

- And just when is that going to be?
- Well, I don't know.

Tomorrow or the
next day, I reckon.

Well, just as long as we have us an
understanding that we brought him in,

- making it official.
- Just go on, get out of here.

Both of you. Go on.

Johnny, I'm gonna have
to be locking you up.

But it ain't true!
Franks is lying!

Miss Cross, it ain't like
we're locking Johnny up

and that there's the end of it.

There's going to be
a trial, don't you see?

Now, Sis.

You run on home and try and
get Grandpa not to worry too much.

No, I'm gonna stay in town.

And I'm gonna talk to the
marshal the minute he gets in.

Johnny, I'm sorry.

Just remember, Sis,
what I said about trusting.

I'll see if I can get you
a room at Ma Smalley's.

It just ain't fair.

It ain't fair.

Now, the thing that
could help you, Johnny,

is that there's just one feller
a-saying that you done it.

Now, I've heard Matthew
say a many and a many a time

that it's wrong to put out a
dead-or-alive poster on a fella

just because some feller says that
he's seen somebody a-killing somebody.

Don't bother locking it.

Miss Cross, you ain't
a-fixing to use no pistol.

Now, maybe she wouldn't have,
but don't take no money I won't.

That would be a
pretty poor wager.


- Newly!
- You can arrest me if you want,

but Johnny ain't hanging
for something he never done.

Newly, get me out of here!

Ain't a day goes by
that I don't tell myself

not to never trust
no she-male over six,

and there ain't a day goes
by that I don't keep forgetting it.

And I hope you've learned
your lesson. Where you going?

After Johnny.

I'll tell you something, if
it wasn't for my operation,

I'd go out there
and get him myself.

Hold it right there, Deputy.

First time we met, I said the
easiest way would be to bury you.

I'm getting around to
taking my own advice.

Lift that gun.

Toss it.

Now, how far
behind's that posse?

There isn't any posse. I figured I
could catch up with you faster by myself.

Boy, you got more
stubborn than a mule.

I tried losing you, but
you just wouldn't shake.

I tell you something, I've
been doing a few things wrong

the last couple of days,
but I'm changing that.


Meaning you're under arrest
for murder until proven otherwise.

Is there something wrong
with your eyesight, Deputy?

- You haven't got the nerve, Johnny.
- I got more than nerve.

I got a powerful desire to
keep my neck out of a noose.

That posse you talking about...

You sure do give a good
account of yourself, Deputy.



All right, when the bank
opens, take this up and cash it.

Well, we sure do
appreciate this, Marshal.

Matthew, couldn't we hold off
paying these knuckleheads...

Festus, that's enough.

Marshal, we sure do thank you and
I'm awful sorry about all your trouble,

- Cross escaping and all.
- Don't worry about it.

Best of luck to you.
So long, Deputy.

Matthew, if it had been me, I wouldn't
have given them two yahoos a nickel.

Why, if you could have saw them perched
up here like a couple of vultures...

- Festus, is Franks out at his place?
- Well, I reckon he is.

- Good.
- But, Matthew, it just don't seem right

a-giving them bounty
hunters that money.

Festus, they
haven't spent it yet.

I told you, Marshal, I told you.

They said they'd kill me
unless I identified Cross

as the one that
done the killing.

That's right, and
they will kill you too.

Now, that bank opened over an hour
ago. They ought to be here any minute.

Yeah, but why do
they want to kill me?

Because you're the only person
that knows they collected bounty

on an innocent man.

It's them. What'll I do?

You're gonna talk to them,
that's what you're gonna do.

- What?
- That's right.

I need proof and you're
gonna help me get that proof.

- Oh, no. Not me.
- Franks...

You're gonna have
to go through with this.

Now, when they come in here, I want
you to stay calm and try and act natural.

Be calm.

Hi there, Franks.

Well, what's the matter?

Well, nothing. Nothing.

Well, ain't you even gonna
ask us if we got the money?

Well, I've been thinking.

Maybe I don't want
my cut after all.

Well, the fact is, we didn't come
out here to give you no cut anyway.

- Why then?
- 'Cause squatters with whiskey-loose

tongues talk too much.

- It's cold in here.
- Why, it's darn near freezing.

What you doing?

That marshal finds a bullet in
you, he might think it was us.

This way folks'll think you just got
drunk and knocked over a lantern.



Hold it right there.

Hold it!

You was right, Marshal.
Them two meant to kill me.

Come on, Franks,
we'll go to Dodge.

- Doc, I tell you, I feel pretty good.
- You just lay back down there.

I'll tell you how you feel.

Doc, is Newly
gonna be all right?

He'll be fine.

- How do you feel?
- Oh, I'm all right.

Good thing you brought him in.

Sure done the
right thing, Johnny.

Then how about letting
me ride out of here?

You couldn't ride far enough,
Johnny. Matthew'd catch up with you.

Well, at least that
way, I'd have a chance.

- How's he doing, Doc?
- He's all right, Matt.

He's gonna need a
lot of rest and quiet.

Hello, Johnny. Franks is down
at my office. He wants to see you.

- It won't make much difference.
- Well now, don't be too sure of that.

Seems like those bounty
hunters coached him into lying.

I knowed it, Matthew, I could
smell them mangy critters.

They're probably
halfway to Mexico by now.

No, they're dead, Festus.

Now look, think you can get
this money over to the bank?

- You bet you.
- All of it?

Well, of course.

All right, all of you clear out of here. I
want Newly to get some sleep. Come on.

Doc, can I stay with him?
I'll take good care of him.

I think you will.

- Well?
- Well?

- How do you feel?
- Oh, I feel pretty...

A few days rest, I'll feel fine.

I'm sorry, Newly.

It all worked out.

Johnny and me are
really beholden to you.

Like I said, it all worked out.

I wish there was a way I
could thank you, besides words.

That's... that's not
necessary, Vera.

I mean, if there's anything
I can do for you sometime.

- Well, maybe, as a matter of fact...
- What?

How about saying yes to going to
the dance with me Saturday night?

Oh, Matt, I want to ask you something.
Did you happen to pay your deputy

for the work he did
while you were in Spivey?

- Doc...
- Yeah, matter of fact I did, Doc.

- He said he needed the money so I...
- Paid him in advance?

- Yeah.
- You did? Look at me.

Look at me in the eye!

You are without a doubt the
most unconscionable human being

- I've ever seen in my life.
- Well, Doc, I just figured...

Yeah, you just figured. I
know what you just figured.

Besides that, you got more
than 50 cents worth of pleasure

out of jabbing me
with that lancing knife.

What do you think of that? Can
you imagine now he's going to try

to beat me out of his surgical
fee and it's only 50 cents.

Well, can you imagine a old
quack-quack that'd go around

making jokes about a
carbuncle on a feller's backside?

I think it's time
to get out of here.

Well, I tell you, the truth
is it was kind of funny.

It was funny to everybody.

Well, and you go around
and got everybody in town...

Well, I'll tell you. The next time
I perform an operation on you...

The next time you operate
on me, sharpen your knife.

- I wouldn't dare open one...
- had to pry it out...

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.