Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 13, Episode 9 - The Pillagers - full transcript

Buck Taylor joins the cast as Newly O'Brian when Newly and Kitty are kidnapped by a gang who mistakenly believe he is a doctor. His skills as a gunsmith are central to their escape.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Oh, yeah. Uh...

I got it here someplace.

He is the one?

Young for a doctor.

Travelling with a pretty lady
always makes the trip seem shorter.

Newly, ma'am. Newly O'Brian.

If the "pretty lady"
sounded wrong, I'm sorry.

I was just trying to be neighborly,
like you folks put it out this way.

Mind if I ride on top
with you, old timer?

Well, if you don't mind
gettin' your ear talked off,

come right along.

Hah! Hyah!

The ticket I bought said
I'm entitled to a full seat.

What the lady means is
she'd feel more comfortable

if you sat a little closer
to your own window.

You'd probably feel
more comfortable yourself.

I will decide
where I sit, señor.

I'll say this, I don't think I could
sit here all the way to Dodge

and watch the
lady being annoyed.

That leaves me the a
choice of getting off this stage

and catching the next
one, or throwing you off.

I don't know whether
you're a gambling man or not,

but don't take odds it
won't be me staying aboard.

You said what, señor?

I said you're about three
seconds from landing on your head

if you don't sit on your
own side of the seat.

Sure is nice country out here.

A man could sure spread himself.

I'm new to the West.
I'm from Pennsylvania.

I never would have guessed.

But not back in '54. No, siree.

It meant a man's scalp if he didn't
have one of them shotguns up front.

And one in back, too.

Very interesting.

Oh, I could tell
you some stories.

Way the Indians used
to come up with pretties

so they could waylay the freight
run comin' from Beaver Creek.

Fork ahead. We'll
turn right, to the north.

Oh, no, no. We turn left.

Be just inside 40 miles to
Dodge when we make the fork...

Let's do it my way for now.

Maybe you didn't notice, mister,
but we ain't carryin' no cash box.

I noticed.

I'll take those
reins now, old timer.

- Nobody takes these reins.
- I'll take 'em I said.


Hup! Hyah! Yo!

Hyah! Hyah!

We've turned off the main road.

Now, the question of
where and how I sit, señor...

and also, something about...

somebody falling on the
head in the middle of the road?

Where's this stage headed?

Sometimes, surprise
is more better.

Carrying nothing but passengers,
no mail, no gold I know of.

I don't think the resale
value of stages is that high.

Leaves abduction.


For what purpose?

That's a... delicate question.

What are you doing?

Well, I think it's a
good idea for someone

not to see where one goes.

Because, you know, you
may want to come back.

And that's no good. No.

I imagine, ma'am, there's
some sort of a hideaway

we're not supposed to see.

Excuse me, but are
you by some chance

rich enough to warrant
a ransom being paid?

Well, I sure don't have enough

to warrant them
going to all this trouble.

Meal money and
stage fare to Dodge

is about all I came
to Beaver Creek with.

That lets me out, too.

Eh, I don't mind if
you be quiet now.

In one hour more,

you are going to be
the guests of Manez.


You know, he like a good joke.

Maybe you're gonna be
funny for him, too, huh?

No? Mm?

Who's Manez?

A border cutthroat who's been
making trouble up this way.

Those shots we heard must've
been the signal that we're coming in.

Wherever that is.

Stage crossing the mesa now.

Manez? The stage is coming.


Hey, Manez!

See what we got
for you, now, eh?

Andale, come on!

Come on.

Look! Huh?

You know what? This doctor here?

He's a very funny fellow.

Esto gringo, he insulted me!

I will kill you.

Hold it, Doctor. You save
your muscle for your patient.

What is she doing here?

She was on the stage.

Well, so was the driver!

I couldn't see how a woman
would cause us any problem.

Maybe it's about time somebody
told us what's going on?

You will follow me. You
will assist the doctor.

Assist who?

There will be no delay!

We will make this understanding.

My brother lives, you and the woman
can continue on your destination.

My brother dies...

I will not be too sure you
saw him as worth living.

Do you understand?

Well, as long as
you're bringing it up,

there's a few things I
don't understand. One...

When Manez is
grateful, a man profits.

When Manez is not grateful...

Your point is well taken.

You will do your best.

What will you need?

- Need?
- Need!

Hot water? More assistants?

Uh, hot water.
Plenty of hot water.

You will have it.

Couple of things that are
becoming mighty clear to me.

Manez and his Comancheros.

The Beaver Creek paper had it
they tried to hold up a bank in Heming.

Three were killed
and one was wounded.

Looks to me like
you've been elected

to take care of the wounded one.

Ma'am, we're in
for a bit of trouble.

I have no doubt that we are.

The things I've heard about
that man you wouldn't believe.

Oh, I'd believe 'em,
just by looking at him.

That's why I figured I'd
keep my mouth closed.

I don't follow you, Doc.


Back in Beaver Creek, that hotel
clerk kept calling me Doc, too,

but I thought that was
just his way of talking.

Are you saying
you're not a doctor?

Ma'am, that's exactly
what I'm saying.

But the medical bag.

My uncle Newton left
it to me when he died.

Hadn't much else when
the bills were paid off.

I carry my tools in it.


Gunsmith tools.

That's what I'm
taking up for a living.

All I carry is a scalpel, medical
clamps, a pair of forceps,

things I figured on selling
when I got to needing cash.

For gun wadding, I
use gauze bandages.

I, uh... guess it looks like
a real doctor's bag at that.

Did you say we were
in for "a bit" of trouble?

Well, I didn't say "a lot"
because I started medical school.

Spent enough time to get by.

Then you have had
medical training?


My uncle Newton...
he raised me...

figured I should follow
along in his footsteps.

So I stuck it out for six
months, then tried engineering.

I got a year of that under
my belt before I figured I'd...

try my luck further west,

paying my way fooling
with guns needing fixing.

Did you say six months
of medical school?

I read a whole lot, too, ma'am.

Don't you concern
yourself too much.

Like my uncle
Newton used to say,

there's a time for worrying
and a time for doing.

Right now, the way this
man's been bleeding,

might be a time for worrying.

There's over a half a
hundred men looking for us.

That doctor... he is very young.

We should be headed out.

My brother cannot ride.

It's only a question of time before
they start looking up this canyon.


You said we'd move out of
here after the raid on Heming.

Move back to Mexico.

You are saying we leave him?

I'm saying your brother should
take his chances on traveling.

He would die in the saddle.

So here we will stay.

It is as always...
we ride as one man.

Seems to look some better.

Man generally picks up when
he feels he's being cared for.

Think he's gonna make it?

I sincerely hope so, ma'am.


He's lost a lot of blood.

This I know.

He's carrying that
slug pretty deep, too.

When will you remove the bullet?

Isn't a doctor in the world
who'd go probing for that bullet

until he makes some blood back.

Meaning nobody's doing
anything for him today, tonight...

maybe not even tomorrow.

I will decide when
it is to be done.

Then you can also decide to
do the operating yourself, mister.

He's a boy. Nothing more.

If you care for him so much,
what's he doing riding with you?

I do not need advice.

I wasn't thinking of giving
you any. It'd be a waste.

All I want from
you is your skill,

to save my brother's life.

I've done what I
can for the moment.

Right now he needs rest.

By morning you'll be able
to tell how fast... or slow...

he's getting his strength back.

You sure don't mind speaking
your thoughts, do you?

When you meet a man eye to
eye, you get him to blinking first.

So they say.

Know something, Newly?

I think I'm getting to like you.

Ma'am, that kinda makes my day.

You'd better hustle here.

Mr. Manez don't take to you
people lazin' it at mealtime.

If he dies, and he sure has a
50-50 chance of doing just that,

I'd say Manez won't be
feeling too kindly toward us.

Especially when he finds
out you're not a doctor.

All right, we gotta get
something working for us.

Any suggestions?

Ms. Russell, you got any
idea where we might be?

Except that we're
in canyon country,

I haven't the slightest.

What are you doing?

Well, I'm not too
sure yet, except that...

this here's about the same
diameter as a gun barrel.

Man'd have a hard time
walking out of this place.

Which leaves us needing
help from the outside.

That's pretty good figuring.

Yeah, my uncle Newton
always said I was one for figuring.

Quite a man, your uncle Newton.

Takin' that figurin'
a step further...

first thing is to get word
to that marshal in Dodge.

Might could be he'd help.

Might could be.

Manez says you come...

What you got there, eh?

If you don't mind, I'd prefer my
instruments not being handled.

Manez say...

He say you coming to eat.


Where we go, we live well.

If it is not there, we provide.

Let's get back to that
stuff you claim you need.

Ether, and it's not a
question of my claiming.

They've been finding out
it's shock killing patients.

Ether does the trick. It keeps
them asleep through everything.

Juan will stand the pain.

My brother is a brave man.

Mr. Manez, I just got
through telling you,

there's not a doctor in the
world who'd going probing

for a bullet as deep as that
one without using an anesthetic.

- And that includes me.
- A bottle of whiskey in him.

A bottle of whiskey in him and you can
bury him without me even touching him.

Let's assume this doctor in
Dodge has some on hand.

How are you gonna get
it without tipping him off

you're treating a wounded man?

I'll just tell him I'm... operating
on some farmer who broke his leg.

Dr. Adams would never question
another doctor needing emergency drugs.

You talk like you know
that Dodge doctor real well.

I should. Dodge is my home.

What you do in Dodge?

I own the Long Branch. Saloon.

Oh. I spent some time
in Dodge a while back.

Seems to me I heard a couple of
things about you and the marshal there.

You are a lawman's woman?

You're a lawman's woman?

Take your hands off the lady.

A loose tongue can easily
be removed, my friend.

I'd rather you didn't call me friend.
Now, take your hands off the lady.

Answer me.

I will enjoy hearing
you beg for your death!

You'd better start behaving
yourself, Mr. Manez,

or you're gonna be
short one brother.

- Leave him to me!
- Hold it.

We either ride out of here
with your brother tonight,

take our chances he'll
live through that ride,

or we let him
take that slug out.

This thing you need.

You will go to Dodge. One
of my men will take you there.

You will get from
the doctor this thing.

And you will return.

We'll send Turner in with him.

Turner's face isn't
known in these parts.

Now I make you a promise.

You do not return...

you attempt to speak
to one person there...

and this woman's
screams will fill this canyon.

This I promise on
my mother's grave.

Bets are off unless your mother's
grave can stand some more swearing.

Ms. Russell leaves here
the minute I get back,

before I do any operating.

She leaves after my
brother is taken care of.

Uh-uh. We're at
a standoff, then.

You sure push it, boy.

Only my brother is important.

It is agreed.

Let's get it started.

Sit down.

You know...

It's not a bad thing to have
the friendship of Manez.

I have a woman like
you... at San Miguel.

My sympathy is with her.

I have a woman like you, yes.

And you will be like her.

A little tear,
perhaps, at first.

Then a smile.

Always it ends with a smile.

Take only a minute,
Mr. Turner. I'll be right back.

Stayin' right along
with you, Doc.

Orders to keep you
in sight, like you heard.

Trust, Mr. Turner, is the
cornerstone of lasting friendship.

Following Mr. Manez's orders is
the cornerstone of keepin' alive.


Well, I guess you look enough
like the worried kin of my patient.

Worried's a good
way to put it, Doc.

I'm real worried... about what
might happen to that red-headed lady

if you was to cause trouble.

You don't have to
remind me about that.

Oh, howdy there.

Hi, how are you?

Is there something I
can help you fellas with?

Uh, no... no
thanks, we're just...

You lookin' for
ol' Doc, are you?

If you are, he ain't there.

See, they had 'em a big ruckus
out at the Caldwell place this mornin'.

He rode out early
with Marshal Dillon.

Won't be back 'til late
in the day, more'n likely.

We've got time to wait.

I'll tell you what you could do.

You could ride out there. It
ain't but about a mile east of town.

We'll wait here.


Suit yourself.

Break in up there easy enough.

That's a good way to
also break into the jail.

Why don't we just wait here.

Some place where
it's cool, like the saloon.

A drink would sure help
pass some of the time.

Oh, no. What Mr. Manez
says, he means.

I aim to keep my skin.

Who'd know if we get
rid of some of this thirst?

Ride like we had sure
does it to a man, all right.

We'd better find us
somewhere to talk the time away.

Like the saloon.
They got sarsaparilla.

Figure me buying
whatever we'll be drinking.

Be cool sittin' in there.

Sure will.

Guess one'd do no harm.

Get some service over here!

Hate to see you
spendin' your good money

and not bein'
treated like a man.

Why, thank you, Mr. Turner,

I sure like the way
you... you handle things.

What you gotta do to
get a bottle around here?

I didn't hear you call for one.

Well, maybe those ears of
yours need a little cleaning!

Oh, he's lookin' for trouble.


Saying a thing like that
under his breath about you.


I just ain't takin' a barkeep
slightin' no friend of mine, by God.

I'll tell you that right now.

You got a smart mouth, huh?

Care to repeat it
lookin' square at a man?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

He don't know what
we're talkin' about.

I'm talkin' about
your smart mouth!

Yeah, your big mouth!

Now, you two boys better go
somewhere and sleep this off.

Hey, wait a minute.

You go off somewhere
and sleep it off!



The man is paying good money!


Couple of boys in the Long Branch
are feeling their drinks, Festus.

All right now, stop it!

Get out of the way,
get out of the way!

All right, enough!

That'll be just about
enough of that.

Lawmen all have the same smell.

And it ain't
exactly like a daisy.

Doc, me and you's got one mind.

Lawman, you don't
look so tough to me!

Straighten up here, you...

My friend got insulted,
Marshal! It weren't our fault!

We'll be talkin' about that,
an' the damages you done

soon as you sleep it off

- here in the jailhouse.
- Sleep it off? We don't need no...

Young feller, listen to me.

Are you gonna amble
down yonder by yourself

or will you need
a little persuadin'?

No, sir, Marshal.

You too, mustache. Go on.

Here, here, you get
in there, mushmouth!

Marshal, this town
sure is hospitable.

Now, you just make yourself
at home there on that bunk

like you'd ought to be, will ya?

Yes sir.

Never saw anybody go
to sleep so fast in my day.


Will you hush up and
lay down on that bunk

and go to sleep
like I told you to?

I'm gettin' tired
of listening to you.

Marshal, I'm not drunk,
and I gotta talk to you.

First thing is I ain't no
marshal, I'm a deputy marshal.

And the next thing is you'll
make a heap more sense

after you snooze a
while on that bunk.

So get to snoozin'.

I'm with Kitty Russell
and we're in trouble!

This is where I had
the blindfold taken off,

right back here
on the stage road.

It was, uh... it was high
country we went into,

mining country,
someplace north of the road.

Festus, you've done a
lot of trapping out around

the Beaver Creek
area, haven't you?

Well, pretty near every
spring, Matthew, why?

Well, what about those old,
abandoned mines out there?

Any of 'em big enough to
hold Manez and his bunch?

Well, let's see here.

There's the ol' Floradora,

Black Mesa, Silver Leg...

I didn't see any names, Festus.

There wasn't anything to
see except the mine itself,

the outlaws and the Indians.


Yes, sir, they seemed
like they had some sort

of an agreement with Manez...

hunting for him, cooking.

That sounds like
Black Mesa, Matthew.

Them mangy scamps, they wouldn't
be particular about workin' for Manez

long as he give 'em
plenty of drinkin' whiskey.

Probably even using 'em
for lookouts on that south trail.


Black Mesa would make
a lot of sense, all right.

They could see anybody
coming up that south trail for miles

and they'd have a lot of
escape routes to the north.

Festus, go out to the
Caldwell place, and get Doc.

Bring him into town and
explain things to him on the way.

Back before you
can bat your eyeballs.

Newly, I know
this is asking a lot,

but would you be game
to go back up there?

You could be a
lot of help to us.

You couldn't keep me away,
Marshal, not with Ms. Russell up there.

As long as Manez figures I can
be of some help to his brother,

- I'd say we're one up on him.
- Good.

Here's what I'd like to do.

Festus and I will go in
there from the east by foot,

That's pretty rough
terrain, so it should take us

till about noon tomorrow.

Now, I'll try to work
it so that the posse

will come up that south
trail about an hour later.

Forcing Manez to move out?

That's the idea, yeah.

I'd like to let you
go tonight, Newly,

and be able to follow
you right up there,

but I'm just afraid with
those Indian lookouts that...

Ms. Russell up there. No,
sir I'd better go up by myself.


You think there's any chance
you could smuggle a gun in there?

Might be a lot of help
when we come in tomorrow.


I can't see myself
getting a gun past Manez.

But maybe a couple
of bullets would help.

Couple of bullets?

Yes, sir, I'm pretty good at
putting odds and ends together.

Right now I've got
kind of a contraption...

Well, maybe a gun.

Anyway, a couple of
bullets inside my sock

would give me a feeling
of comfort up there.

You got 'em.

Festus was telling me something
about you being a gunsmith.

I've been fooling around with
guns ever since I was a kid.

Seemed a good way to pay my way

- travelling out here.
- Good.

Well, right now you'd
better join your friend in there

- and get a little sleep.
- Yes, sir.

Well, let's hope we get
a little luck riding with us.

Thank you, sir, I'll
keep my fingers crossed.

Yes, sir, Mr. Turner,
back in that saloon

you were just as
strong as a bull.

- I don't know what they...
- We turn back here.

Yeah, figure the blindfold's
gonna be necessary again?

I don't guess your seeing the
way in will make much matter now.

I don't get you, friend.

You an' me got out
of that Dodge jail

just too easy to
be friends, Doc.

I still don't get you.

Nary a mention of the damages that
deputy said we were gonna have to pay.

Now, I've been drinkin' for
40 years, gettin' tossed into jail,

and I never once got out
without what I had to pay

the damages to the saloon.

Maybe the deputy just forgot
to mention it to the marshal.

Oh, he sure forgot, all right.

And I figure that you
just maybe had a chance

to put something
else in his mind.

Look, Mr. Turner, maybe
we just looked trusting.

Just ain't buyin' it, Doc.

Mr. Manez won't be, neither.

Now, you just keep ridin'
up there ahead of me.

And if you get a funny
feelin' in the back of your neck,

that's where I'm
fixin' to put a bullet

the minute I get the
feelin' you got on your mind

more than just ridin' on ahead.

Stop. Stop!

My friend...

Do you not think it is
wiser to use your tongue...

We should be
moving out with them!

While you still have one?

The Indian's will get his
tongue flapping fast enough!

Wait... he will talk.

Do you tell the truth?

Hopin' to make up
for it, Mr. Manez.

Well, I'd sure have
you make up for it!

A minute of silence from
you would perhaps help.

My men are leaving.

We, too, shall soon leave.

And your marshal's
plans will come to nothing.

Tell us what was
said between you.

It will make no difference.

We did have a talk.

Yes? And?

Guessing about your
collar size for a rope.

When he speaks without a
smile, you will have six horses!

Take him to the fire!

What about your brother?
Or doesn't he count anymore?

We take your
brother out as he is.

Head out with them
and stop guessing

when a posse'll be
coming down that trail!

There will be two-hour warning
from the time men appear on the trail.

It is enough to follow.
Stop! Bring him to me!

You will look after my brother.

In one hour he will
be ready to travel.

If he is not...

we will give the woman to them.

We will meet you
at the river bend!

You have one hour,
my friend. No more.

Wish you wouldn't
keep calling me friend.

Got some thinking to do
about this, Ms. Russell.

Gonna doing anything about him?

He's no worry to us.

I don't mean that.

I mean, doesn't he stand a
pretty good chance of dying

unless you get that
bullet out of him?

Doesn't worry me either, Ms.
Russell. We didn't put him where he is.

Well, now, look just a minute.

I know this probably doesn't
make any sense to you,

but you're the only one
here who can save him.

And if he dies now, I'll have
the feeling we killed him.

I wish you hadn't
put it like that.

I've helped Doc Adams
give ether before.

I'll get started.

Matthew, I'm just thinkin'.

I've been doin' me too
much... city-dude livin'.

There was a time I coulda
ran up a little ol' slope like this

without ever takin' an
extra guzzler full of wind.

We don't get out of here soon,
we're not gonna get out of here at all.

Get something to shade Juan from
the sun when he rides on that wagon.

More ether.


You're pretty good,
you know that?

Few of 'em down there, Matthew.

Rest of 'em must be in the cave.

No. I only count...

five, six horses.

Manez has moved
the rest of the men out.

Yeah, he must have.

Kitty and Newly must
be inside the cave.

Also, Matthew, them yahoos
catch sight of us 'fore we get close,

Ms. Kitty's gonna
be in a terrible pickle.

Any way to get inside there
besides the main entrance?

Well, If it ain't caved in,

there used to be an air
hole right over yonder.

All right.

Well you've got a good line of
fire on 'em here, you stay here.

I'll circle around, see
if I can get in there.

Right you are.

Fixin' on movin' out pretty
quick now you reckon?

You need courage,
there is always the bottle.

- Oh, I was just meanin'...
- See to the doctor.

We don't have
very much time left.

I don't need any
more time for this.

That thing gonna work?

I know it doesn't look
like too much, Ms. Russell.

Like my uncle
Newton used to say,

"You never can tell
the depth of the well

by the length of the
handle on the pump."

You don't mind me saying so,
that doesn't sound too reassuring.

It'll work, Ms.
Russell, I guarantee it.

Hey, Manez!

Don't gamble, it won't work.

Manez, let's get your
brother and move out now.

Go help Turner.

Savrin, get the horses.

You figuring on turning that
doctor and the woman free?

What do you think?

Your marshal friend
the punctual type?


He said he'd get here by midday.

The safest place for you
is gonna be right here.

I'd just as soon take
my chances on running.

Into one of those blind
canyons out there?

No, look, I'll hold them off
till the marshal gets here.

With that?

I figure it to shoot a touch high,
but it'll stop whatever I aim at.

You take this gun.

No, you keep it in
case things go wrong.

If anything goes wrong,

I'd only have a chance to
get off one shot, anyhow.

Please, take it.

I sure hope he's punctual.

Hold it right there,
Manez. Drop the gun.

You, too, mister.

Making the same
request as the marshal.

Don't shoot. I got
no gun. No gun.

Sure have been a heap of new folks
came in to Dodge these last couple years.

More coming in all the time.

And it's just about
time I put some doin'

into all the thinkin'
that I've did.

And what thinking
is that, Festus?

About me goin' into
business for myself.

Business! You?

Yes, business, smart-aleck...

Well, us Haggenses have
been in the business...

business for many
and a many a year.

Oh, they've been in
the business business?

Well, how do you figure your
profit and loss? How do you...

I ain't goin' in business
for no loss, you ninny!

And I can tell you this, if a feller
buys something for one penny

and then he go to work and sell it
for two pennies, that there's a profit!

Now, what figurin'
does that there take?

Well, just stop waving that
in my face, will ya, that thing?

It ain't nothin' but
a piece o' pipe.

- Well, I don't care, just...
- Ain't that right now, Ms. Kitty?

A feller buys
something for one penny

then he'll go to work
and sell it for two pennies.

That's all there
are to it, ain't it?

- It's something like that, Festus.
- Well, I know it is. Tell him!

Well, I'm sorry, I don't know
what in thunder I started this for.

Festus, what kind of
business you figure to go in?

- Yeah.
- Well, I was studyin'

about goin' into the
gunsmithin' business,

but Newly, he's came to
town and took up that business.

And I tell you, it's
a pity he done it.

About Newly? Why is that a pity?

Well... oh, well it ain't not that he
ain't a nice young feller, and all that,

but he ain't much of a gunsmith
if he made this here thing.

Now, why is that?

Well, because any fool can see
that that there ain't gonna work.

Why, Matthew, every
theory of firearms weaponry

has been went
against, right there.

Every theory of
firearms weaponry?

I'll just make it
simple for you.

Ignition, explosion,

expansion and expulsion.

Now this here thing, it...

You and Newly have
a little talk, did you?

Well... yeah, some.

But I never did bring
this here thing up at all.

There wasn't no reason
to hurt his feelings.

But I'll tell ya, I'm just
mighty glad you never did

- have to use it, Ms. Kitty.
- Ignition, explosion,

expansion and expulsion?

They's just words that us folks in
firearms and weaponry uses, that's all.

Now, you see this here little
doo-dad right here, Ms. Kitty?

Right there is the very reason

why this here thing
won't ever work.

Give me that thing!

Newly, keep that and
don't let him have it.

He'll kill somebody.

Hi, there, Newly.

Hello, Festus.

Just thought I'd bring over my
new sign and show you folks.

- Well, that's really something.
- Yeah, did you carve that yourself?

Yes, sir, I sure did.

Hey, where you figuring
on going into business?

Have you got it
picked out yet, do you?

Well, I've been lookin'
at a couple of places,

but I haven't made
up my mind yet.

Well, Newly, I'll tell you,
you won't have any trouble

doing plenty of
business around here.

I hope so. Seems
like a pretty nice place.

- Kitty, I'll see you later.
- Good.

Newly, it is a nice
place. This is a fine town.

And there's an awful
lot of fine folks, too.

You'll find that out.
But there are some

that you kinda have to keep
an eye on once in a while.

But you won't have very
much trouble spottin' him.

- I'll tell you that.
- No, you sure won't have no trouble

- spotting them, they's...
- I think you ought to keep you eye...

Little, old short one with a
black hat and a white mustache...

with a scraggly beard,
you can't miss him.

Carries a dull knife and
a bunch of poison pills...

Going up and down
every day on a mule...

- Steer clear of him.
- The only problem with him,

is you can't tell him
apart from the mule.

- You need any help, come to me.
- Why don't you hush.

- Hush! Will ya hush?
- I can set you straight...

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.