Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 13, Episode 5 - Vengeance: Part 2 - full transcript

Fast on the draw, Bob Johnson continues to give into the temptation to use his gun to extract revenge through self defense, until even he crosses the line into murder.

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Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

I'm Parker. That calf
dying when you shot it?

Well, we found it crippled.

We figured the wolves'd
get to it before nightfall.

Or one of my own riders maybe.

All right, help
them on their way.

Everything gets paid
for in this world, boy.

Maybe that's a lesson'll
stay with you now.

- What's your name?
- Bob Johnson.

All right. The injured man?

Zachariah Johnson.

Any relation?

I was about six days
old when Zack Johnson

picked me off a Deadwood trash
dump where sombody'd left me.

He gave me a name, home,
shared straight down the line with me.

He's in bed with crippled legs
because he saved my life this morning.

That sound like a
relationship, Marshal?

I'd say so, yeah.

Bob, I got an idea
what's on your mind.

You don't kill men like
Parker to even things.

He ain't no gunhand.
He's a power in this state.

Oh, no, Pappy.

You knocked into my
head a long time ago,

you never owe a
man, you pay him back.

Why'd you ride in here, boy?

Mr. Parker, you almost
sound like you're afraid of me.

My pa's afraid of nobody.

You sure are pretty.

I bet there be notches
on that gun, huh?

All right, you're just not getting
along as good as I hoped you would.

Now, it may be because
there's more damage

to that nervous system
than we can see.

Parker's gotta pay.

I don't know how
and I don't know when.

But what would
hurt him the most?

You're liable to wind
up getting hurt more.

People starting to come
in for the street party.

Angel, why don't you get that
frilly little dress of yours shook out

and... plan on meeting
me about eight o'clock?

Unless you got about six fellas fighting
for the opportunity of calling tonight.

You know I ain't.

Don't be looking so happy
because you ain't getting no prize.

Mr. Parker, you
sure got them all.

I generally do.

The wind ain't right, I guess.

Well, you target shooters
always got an edge.

Nobody in front of you.

You eyeing the wrong
end of the barrel.


It shouldn't have happened.

It shouldn't have
happened that way, Pappy.

It shouldn't have happened.


Got something besides
some talk, Johnson?


It was me, Mr. Parker.

The Medicine Show Kid. Abilene.
Trick shooter for the medicine show.


- Figure you're even with Parker?
- What do you mean?

We're burying
Zack in the morning.

After that I want you
out of Dodge for good.

Parker sent me in with a
message for you, young fella.

He'd like to see
you in Parker Town.

I've got my own message
for you. Stay out of that town.

Good morning.

I ain't too sure about
that yet, Mr. Parker.

What'd you have in mind?

I would have thought that
rope could have told you that.

Well, odds in your favor
don't leave it much of a gamble.

I have no intention of gambling.
You're going on trial for murder.

Now, get him off that horse.

Get out there and
get behind him.

Parker, I've seen that kid pick
off a handful of dimes at 50 feet.

Either you're working
for me or you're not.

I ain't dying for no
two hundred a month.

Middle of the month. It's about
half what you've got coming.

Not one of you have
the guts of a rabbit.


Hey, Parker, come on out
here and look at the job you did!

Well, all I gotta say
is, you sure ain't much.

No, sir, Mr. Parker.

From the minute we met,
you ain't done one thing right.

Like this town sitting here.

You know, I think
you like to bury things,

and bury people.

Like that boy of yours.

These people here.

You killed them, Mr. Parker.

Oh, don't you make no mistake
about it, 'cause you are the killer.

And you hire a man like Hiller who
you can't even trust behind your back.

I'm dyin'.

Oh, and I think it's a shame.

'Cause you lost
it all, Mr. Parker.

I wish there was some
way you could spend

the rest of your
days on that porch,

sitting in a rocking chair
thinking about it, feeling it.

Don't you go dying on me!

I'll show you what you should
have done to this town 50 years ago.

Are you watching?

Watch it, Parker!

Watch it burn, Parker! You
just keep your eyes on it!

This town is just
like you, Mr. Parker!

Ain't nothing
more it stands for!

Parker took a bullet
in the back, Matthew.

I rid you of this town, Marshal.

You just didn't know
how to go about it.

All through, Matt.

Well, he's looking some better.

Wish I felt that way, Marshal.

- When can we move him to jail?
- Well, I don't want you to do that.

See, that bullet's
still in there, Matt.

I don't wanna take it out till he
regenerates some of that lost blood.

I want him to stay
quiet for a few days.

Oh, well, in that case, I'll have
Festus and Burke come up here

and take turns guarding him.

There's gonna be an
inquest in the morning.

I had a right to defend
myself, Marshal.

I'm afraid it's not that simple. You
were the one that went out there.

You were the one
looking for trouble.

Well, I heard they had a
noose waiting for my neck.

Yeah. Well, that's what
Sheriff Sloan told me.

That's the reason I
went out there after you.

You know, it doesn't look good,
what with Parker being shot in the back.

I told you, Hiller
must have done it.

He must have had a
grudge against Parker

and decided to
even it, that's all.

Picking a time when you were
shooting people down in the street.

Didn't say it made sense.


You've lived a long time.

Do you get to a point where
the world begins to make sense

or does it just
stay kind of crazy?

I don't know if I can
answer that for you.

But if you're curious enough to
keep asking questions like that,

you'll get some answers.

- Matthew.
- Festus.

Well, Hiller, I was about
to go looking for you.

Figured you might be.

I wanna know a little more about what
happened out there at Parker Town.

Well, I've been hearing how the
kid was telling it different than it was.

Sure, sure, Parker
was gonna hang the kid.

He was waiting for him.

Now, I don't blame the
kid for opening up in town.

Don't blame him at all.

In fact, I told Parker he was
off trying to hang anybody.

Now, the way the boy tells it, he
said he heard a shot from the saloon,

you rode off and then Parker
came out with a bullet in the back.

You tell me first why
I'd kill my own boss,

and, second, if I did,
why I'd come back here?

All right, what is your story?

Well, me and Parker was left.

I told him I wasn't having nothing
to do with no trick gunhandler.

So he walked outside to talk to the
kid, said he was holding all the cards.

The kid kind of smiled,
like he always does.

Now, when Parker turned his
back to come into the saloon,

he gunned him, grinning
right through it all.

Me ride out?

Believe it, I rode out.

Ain't nobody a match
for that kid's gun.


Well, I don't know which one
of you's telling me the right story.

Judge Brooker's coming to town to hold
an inquest. I want you to stick around.

That's why I'm here, Marshal,
to keep the record straight.

In fact, I'm looking forward to
watching a rope round that kid's neck.

You need me, I'll be here.

Miss Angel, Matthew leave word for
you to bring up some vittles, did he?

Um, just something
I cooked myself.

Uh, well, wait
just a minute, now.

I'm gonna have to take a look
at these things you're bringing up.

Now, you understand, this
ain't because of not trusting you.

It's just, you know,
Matthew's orders and all.

Go ahead, now.

Hi, Angel. Got back here
sooner than I expected.

I, um, brought you
some home-cooked food.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

Miss Angel, I hope you
won't think I ain't polite,

but Matthew said that Bob here
wasn't to have no visiting at all.

Bringing vittles in
is a different thing.

I... I understand.
I'll be going now.

Now, as quick as
Matthew gets back,

he'll let me know how much visiting
that Bob gets to get, understand?

Then you can talk to him then.

- Thank you.
- Good night, Miss Angel.

Do you know that...

Looks like I got myself
suckered, don't it?

You got a choice of having a real
headache or laying hogtied on that bed.

I reckon being hogtied's
a headache a-plenty.

Loosen that gun belt.

Bob, you better stop
and study about this.

You know, once a fella
starts to running from the law,

he ain't got no future left
except to just keep on running.

All I need is an hour. I'll
worry about my own future.

Now, you gonna
drop that gun belt?

Bob, you're making a
mistake, a powerful mistake.



Think you can get
me a saddle horse?

I got a buckboard
hitched and fixed with food,

hid in the brush
behind the icehouse.

I ain't getting far
on a buckboard.

You ain't getting far on a
saddle horse with a bullet in you.

There's three hundred
dollars in this gold pouch.

You take it and buy
the best horse you...

I'll be meeting you
behind the icehouse.

You ain't gonna do nothing?

I'm just gonna talk to
someone for a few minutes.

That's enough. I ain't
paying for no more buckets.

Now, get out of here!

I bet the furthest thing from a
man's mind is dying in the bathtub.

Well, I'd... like
to talk about it.

You can start by telling
me why you killed Parker.

I didn't kill Parker.

Maybe from all the lead flying
around town a slug got into him.

You got five seconds. One...

- It could have been an accident.
- Two...

All right. All right.

He fired me and I robbed him.

How much money was he carrying?

Oh, a thousand.

- You got it on you?
- No, I buried it.

In case somebody came along
and found he'd been robbed.

I didn't wanna be caught
with all that money on me.

All right.

We'll go get the
marshal and dig it up.

Get dressed.

Well, I'll take you right to it
if you let me ride out of here.

Five thousand dollars
fix you up just fine.

Are you getting dressed or
are you going down like you are?

Now, I want you to be sure and
cover that road good south of town

in case he got hisself a horse.

Now, the rest of you, you just kind
of spread out north of town there.

And if you should
see this Bob Johnson,

the best thing you can
do is fire a couple of shots

and get yourself some help.

Don't go trying to glom on
and just follow by yourself.

Now, the rest of us here, we'll just
kind of spread out around town here.

Same thing goes for you.

If you should see him, fire a
couple of shots and get some help.

Don't take no chances on his
trigger finger being out of whack.

Probably just as
good as it ever was.

All right, go ahead.

Miss Angel, I hate to keep
a-bellering and a-jawing at you like this,

but I just don't think that
Bob had hisself no gun

unless it's one that you just
hauled off and give him yourself.

Now, the smartest thing you
can do is to tell us where he's at

so we can get Doc out yonder
and start to doctoring him.

There ain't gonna
be no shooting,

not as long as he gives
hisself up proper like.

I'll guarantee you that.

You gotta promise me he'll
have a chance for his own say.

I promise. If I'm
lying, I'm dying.

Now, he had that and more coming

before he took off
looking for this Hiller.

I can just see him
dying out there.

Where are you
fixing to meet him at?

He said he'd meet me
at the old ferry landing.

Now, you see,
that's more like it.

You haven't never did nothing
smarter in your whole born days

than you did right there,
telling me what the facts is.


I didn't mean to kill him, Angel. The
bucket hit me and the gun went off.

Listen, we gotta leave town
before they find out I was lying.

Why does everything
happen the way it does?

- We gotta leave.
- Everything I touch, it... it dies.

We gotta leave while
they're all down at the river.

- You'll die, Angel.
- No, no. Don't talk like that.

We gotta leave and
you gotta help me.

Angel, we need a saddle horse.

I didn't have time to buy
one and you can't ride.

Get yourself in here.

You're getting
in trouble, Angel.

I'm not in trouble. You are.

Get some... Get some sleep.

I'll tell you, Matthew, that
girl put the big britches on me

from the minute you left town
to go fetch Judge Brooker.

We'd have to cover every one
of them washes north of town

to just pick up her
wagon tracks now.

You sure they were
her wagon tracks?

Oh, that's one thing
she didn't get by me.

They was fresh buckboard tracks.

But you know the way them
orchards criss-cross there,

why, it'd take a hundred men a week
to just pick up her particular tracks.

Yeah. Doc, how far do you figure
this Johnson fellow could travel?

I don't know, Matt,
in his condition,

I don't think they could be over
a couple of hours out of Dodge.

Couple of hours. Well, that's
not more than about ten miles.

Boys, why don't you get some
fresh horses and head out,

try to cover as many of
those washes as you can?

By the way, Judge
Brooker's in town.

He's offering a
two-thousand-dollar reward.

That's what you'll be splitting
up among you if you find Johnson.


This might help. Angel's
a pretty bright little girl.

She's been helping me
quite a bit up in the office,

enough to pick up
some knowledge,

and I just can't see her camping
by any of those sink holes.

She knows that everyone of 'em

has got a dead cow or a
varmint of some kind in it.

Now, here's what I'm getting at.

You see, there's any one
of a dozen places in there

where she could cross over to either
Stone Creek or Grover's Pond there.

Now, they're spring-fed.
Now, she knows that.

And I'll just bet you that
that little girl'll be thinking

about all of that clear,
fresh spring water.

I think you got something
there, Doc. Don't you, Matthew?

Sure do. Festus, why
don't you get the horses?

You and I can cover that
creek and that pond before dark.


What do you think of
this Johnson boy, Doc?

I don't know.

Him running out and shooting
Hiller instead of going with Angel

sure don't make much sense.

Well, in a way you can't blame
him for feeling the way he does.

I just wonder if maybe we don't
have a real killer in the making here,

somebody that figures that gun's
the answer to every problem they got.

Kind of easy to take to
that smile of his, ain't it?

Could be too easy.

What you thinking about, Bob?

Crazy things.

Like what?

- That marshal, I guess.
- Matt Dillon?

Him hunting me.

The difference
between him and me.

The difference him
being a marshal?

Could be me hunting him.

Me wearing that badge.

It's like cutting
a deck of cards.

Me the lawman instead of him.

It takes a lot to be a...
a marshal like Mr. Dillon.

Seen him once in a gunfight with
two men who come to town to kill him.

Both were buried on
Boot Hill the same day.

What I was meaning, a gun in a
man's hand, always the difference.

Why I made it my business to
see the difference was on my side.

We gotta be finding a
better place than this to stay.

Yeah, they'll be riding in here.

Need a place for maybe a week.

You all healed up,
we could ride on.

Why you doing it, Angel?

I ain't nothing but
trouble for you.

Guess I plain love you.

Oh, come on, that's crazy talk.

Ain't nothing but a
grave waiting for me.

Doesn't make any
difference in the way I feel.

I guess I shouldn't
have said it.

I ain't exactly
got pretty looks.

Well, you ain't
exactly ugly either.

You know, we're not getting out of
here with no buckboard. We need horses.

Ride by night and
hide out by day.

Angel, I bet we could
make it all the way to Mexico.


- You mean me going too?
- I could take care of you.

I'm real willing.

Luken boys who run the
mill trade and sell horses.

Ain't more than
two miles from here.

Sure you can trust 'em?

Three hundred dollars, those
Luken boys would do more than

sell a horse to a
man getting away.

Talk to you boys for a minute?

Got almost three
hundred dollars here, Rory.

Need two horses and
maybe saddles real old

so you boys make
out with a good profit.

For you and the Johnson fella?

Doesn't even have to be a good horse,
just so you boys make out real good.

I guess you ain't heard
the latest in Dodge, Angel.

It come in this morning,
reward the state's offering.

It's two thousand dollars.

That Johnson fella
close by, missy?

Never said nobody was with me.

There isn't much I wouldn't
do for two thousand dollars.

Now, we got the law with us.

Now, let her go. Ain't
no way to handle this.

You just keep watch outside.


Settle down, missy. Settle down.

Easy, girl. Easy. Easy.

There, now. There.

Now, you can scream all you
want 'cause nobody's gonna hear ya.

And when you start screaming
where that Johnson fellow is at,

that's when I'm going to stop.

Like she had no tongue.

Well, you just didn't
lay it on enough.

She'd have been a horse, she'd
have been eating out of your hand.

Well, I'm not gonna see two
thousand dollars just float away.

Little missy.

Little missy.

We're acting for the law.

Now, a gal gets
over leather markings.

Meaning up to now you
got real gentle handling.

Now, there's a little Indian trick
I once seen done on a squaw,

just buck brought around
her thinking real quick.

Now, little missy, you're gonna be on
your knees, slobbering over my boots,

you don't start talking
where you got that boy hid.

Little girl, you tell
us where he is.

I said tell us where he is.

Oh, I can't!

You tell us where he is.

You ride into town and
get Doc Adams out here.

Doc ain't gonna do her no good.

Do you want them
saying it was our fault?

You go get the doc.

Ain't moved but a little.

- Is she gonna live?
- Don't look good.

I told him it was
accidental, like.

You keep saying it.

There she be, Matthew.

Reckon he heard
us coming, do you?

Festus, you better head
back and round up the men.

Circle south and cover the
roads. I'll try to pick up their trail.

What happened here?

- She ran under the sling, Doc.
- She's been whipped.

She wouldn't tell us where
that fella Johnson was hiding.

Helping the law is
all we was doing, Doc.

Get out of here.

Let's get us a drink, figure
out how to tell it to the marshal.


I'm right here, Angel.


I never told them nothing.
I never told them nothing.

Almo... Almost had me a man.

Said he'd... Said
he'd take care of me.

Take care of me.

Take care of me.

Take care of me.

I'm dying for that.


Why her, Doc?

It ain't like we beat her.

She was kind of
trying to get away.

When that marshal talks to us.

Just helping the law
is all we was doing.

Now, you gotta hear how it was.

We ain't got any guns, friend.
I mean, we don't carry any.

We're just mill people. That's
all we are, just mill people.

We... We don't
mean to hurt nobody.

We don't...

Please, please.

You gotta listen to me.
It was Rory beat her.

Angel's dead, Matt. Luken
boys beat her unmercifully.

I guess you won't have
to worry about them.

I'm gonna have to take you in,
Johnson. Take off your gun belt.


I'm riding out, Marshal. I'm
going to steal one of those horses.

It's gonna be the first real thing
the law can say I'm wanted for.

Still coming up with
easy answers, huh?

You can't beat me
to the draw, Marshal,

and that's what it's gonna
take to keep me here.

Don't be a fool, Johnson.

She never hurt anybody, Marshal.

I did right killing 'em.

- You would have had to hang 'em.
- I don't hang anybody. The law does.

Now, something you gotta learn is
that no man lives by his own rules.

Now, take my advice, take off
the gun belt and come in with me.

That way you got a chance, you
got something to look forward to.

Otherwise you got
nothing to look forward to.

You're a man of some
persuasion, Marshal.

Doc, he wasn't much
more than a boy.

He tried to kill you.

I just keep wondering if there wasn't
something else I could have said to him.

Something that would have
made him stop and think.

Nobody makes their own
rules, you told him that.

He just couldn't hear you.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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