Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 13, Episode 22 - The Jackals - full transcript

Matt goes to Texas to attend the retirement party of his old friend, Sheriff Mark Handlin. After witnessing his friend's assassination by five desperadoes whom Mark had previously sent to prison, Matt chases them into Mexico.

Gunsmoke. Starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

That was the year that Mark ran
out in the street in his long johns

waving two six-shooters
at Sam Walker.

I don't know whether Sam was
more impressed with the six-shooters

or the long johns, but
he sure gave up quick.

Well, folks, you know,

Mark's been your
sheriff here for 35 years.

Took a town a rattler wouldn't live
in, he made a community out of it.

He sure did.

Back East they write books
about him, call him a legend.

Well, I guess any more talk
would be embarrassing to Mark.

He... he never was one for talk,

unless it was his tongue
doing the wagging anyway.

Well, I guess it's about time he
had his chance. Don't you think so?

Mark, come on up here.

Well, old age brings
certain rewards.

I was trying to
think of just one.

My, my, all this talk,
love and respect.

You'd think this was my
wake and not my retirement.

Fine specimen of manhood,
ain't he, Matt Dillon?

My deputy once,
15, 16 years ago.

Whatever brought you
down to Texas, Matt?

Kansas not treating you so good?

Well, Mark, I, uh, I tell you, the
fishing wasn't too good up that way.

I thought I'd come down
and see how you were doing.

Not much to say, for once.

I'm a happy man.

And I'm thanking you all.

I don't know what's kept you
from your drinking so long.

Wait a minute, Mark.
Not quite so fast here.

You know, the folks in town kind of
figured you might not look just right

unless you were wearing a badge
even after you retired, so they...

Well, they wanted
to give you this.

Gold badge.

I want you to know that I've
been a sheriff, it's solid gold.

As a matter of fact,
the assayer asked me

to pass on a very important
piece of information.

He said to tell you that
when you pin it to your vest,

you shouldn't wear it
too long at any one time

because the weight of it is liable
to make you stoop-shouldered.

Somebody go out and waylay a
couple of prospectors, or something?

Uh! Mark, don't look like
you can get out of this one.

There's things that a
man marks down in life.

This sure is one of them.

Not too sure you folks are treating
me so fair, giving me another badge,

puts me on good
behavior kind of.

I been looking forward to joining
that Saturday night mayhem

I been trying to put a
stop to all these years.

I know enough tricks to
stay out of the law's way.

Mark. Do you know who they were?


I recognized one.

He's called Deevers.

I arrested him five years ago.

I heard he just got out.

All right. Now, you just rest
easy. We'll get a doctor for you.

Matt, it's no use.

Real proud.

Got no next of kin, Matt.

Never thought about it much,

but maybe you'll
be the closest thing.

Sure, Mark. Be proud.

Hey, señor.

- Buenos dias.
- Buenos dias.

Corporal Antonio Fuentes,
at your service, señor.

My name's Matt Dillon. I'm United
States marshal over in Dodge City.

Oh, marshal. Then you
are here on business?

Yes. I've got fugitive
warrants for four men.

- This is one of them here.
- Oh.

Americanos, they
would not be here.

San Acuña, yes, or
perhaps Villa Carlosa.

Nothing for them here.

Well, these men aren't looking
for border fun. They're riding hard.

One of them was
carrying a bullet.

I figure they may have gone
by here sometime before dawn.

During the night?

I am in the world of the
dead when I sleep. Sorry.

If a leaf drops, my wife,
she hears it hit the ground.

She never sleeps. Never.

She thinks she does hear
riders going to the hills.

In the night, it was.

Uh-huh. Well, thank
you. Much obliged.

I will write a paper
to tell the Rurales.

I've already done
that. I sent a telegram.

Oh, well, would you like
some tortillas and beans?

- Thanks, but I'd better be going.
- Oh.

Well, I will write
the paper anyway

to tell them you came by here
and so they will know I'm alive.

- Vaya con Dios, Marshal.
- Thank you.

- How's it look, Emilio?
- Oh...

It's going to get better.


He really retired that
sheriff. We retired him good.

We took care of
him nice and easy.

Did you see his face?

He knew he was going to get it.

Nice and easy?

I'm thinking we were
crazy to go riding in there.

Well, the bank in Acension,
that was crazy too, no?

But there was profit.

Sometimes you win,
sometimes you lose.

We owed Deevers. He wanted
Handlin and we owed him.

The scenery ain't
that interesting.

Oh, sometimes it's good
to be careful, you know.

Three days and three
nights he's had us on a leash.

But he's gone now.
We lost him last night.

He done his duty
and he's gone home.

You know, I had a dog
once, he wouldn't give up.

He tracked a cougar
for a whole week.

Finally, he caught him.

And you know something?
That cougar ate him.

What is it, Deevers?

- I've been saying it's him.
- Deevers?

That man looks
just like a ghost.

Prospector. Could
be a prospector.

Let's watch him for a minute.

If he stays east,
heads toward Soladero,

then we'll call
him a prospector.

But if he cuts off...

- So, now we know.
- Let's ride.

Why don't we stay
here and wait for him?

You know, we'd be a day
ahead of him instead of an hour

if you could climb into
that saddle and just hold on.

It isn't my fault I took a slug.

Pick up supplies at Los
Entende and head south.

There's nothing
south of Los Entende.

Well, I thought maybe José
Santillo or maybe one of his men

might like to own that horse
that the lawman is riding.

We got four guns to his one.

So why don't we stay here and
catch him when he comes up.

I'm gonna tell you
one more time.

A dead badge in these parts,

and you got Rurales talking to
every American comes down this way.

- Am I right?
- That's right.

All right, so we ride, huh?

Keep up.

Climb into that saddle.

I need five minutes.

Why don't you go on ahead.

Where they going?

We'll catch up with them later.


Deevers, I'll ride.

I'll keep up.

I can ride, Deevers.

Deevers, please! Ah!

You know, I must say this again.

I have never been
tracked like this before.

It's fantastic.

He hung on all right.

My respect goes to him.

We go here, he follows.

We go there, he still follows. It's
impossible to lose him, you know.

News travels fast down here.

They already know
about Sheriff Handlin.

Yeah, it's too bad we're
going into the waste,

without one night's
rest, you know?

Well, we'll rest when
we get to the coast.

Supposing he sticks with us.



He'd be taking on supplies
here, too, watering his horse.

Emilio, come here.

Listen, what would
happen in a town like this

if you got a couple of
rumors started like...

the man following us
was Handlin's killer?

- Ah! Sí.
- Ah!

- Many would think of a reward.
- Uh-huh.

Yeah. Come on.

There's a man in this town...

Well, get going.

Looks real restful.

Wanted, dead or
alive, one badge.

You're never really
funny, Bates. Shut up.

Now, in a short time,

a big bandito is
coming to this town.

He not only killed
Sheriff Handlin,

but he murdered a
Mexican family at the border.

He's very bad, this man.

Many rewards are
going to be offered.

Let's go.

But don't you think
one of us should stay,

just to be sure to
watch, you know?

I tell you what.

You got an hour, and we'll
be waiting outside of town.

If you're not there,
then you make it alone.

Just one hour?


- Buenas tarde.
- Buenas tarde, señor.

I'm looking for three men.

Might have passed by
here a few hours ago.

This is one of them here.

Well, all right. Could you feed
and water my horse for me?


You see? He's a
very bad man, huh?

Why do you harm this man?

We have learned, Padre, this
many has killed, many perhaps.

And so you kill?

Is it not enough
he is unconscious?

- Can be tied?
- Sorry.

He is alive.

Be thankful.

I'm glad you're well, señor.


Well, I'm not sure "well"
is exactly the right word.

I sure felt better in my time.

I mean, I am glad you are alive.

Another minute or
two in the street and...

Was it you that stopped them?

A woman ran to tell me that an
American had been attacked by our people.

I came as quickly as I could.

I'm sure grateful to you, Padre.

Why were they after me?

Someone told them
you were very evil man,

that you killed a sheriff
in the United States.

And that you also murdered a
whole family of Mexican farmers.

I see. Well, now it's
making a little sense to me.

But who could say
such a thing about you?

There's a man I'm after,Padre,
he'd say anything to save his skin.

He's the one that killed this
sheriff. This is his picture here.

Hm. I know his face.

You've seen him before?

A few years ago.

He used to come
through here often.

Maybe, uh, about five years ago?

How you know that?

Well, he's been in prison.
You see, Sheriff Handlin

is the man that
sent him to prison.

And he killed the
sheriff for revenge.

Mm-hm. I see.

Do you have any idea where
they might be headed, Padre?

There is a girl at the
Mission San Pablo.

A few days south from here.

Maybe she is still there.

Thank you, Padre.
Thank you for everything.

You are not going
after this man now?

I've got to, Padre.

The longer I stay here, the more
of a head start he's got on me.

But you're in no condition...

Padre, Sheriff Handlin taught
me everything I know about the law.

More than that, he
was my good friend.

I'm going to get the
man that killed him.

Thank you again.


Vaya con Dios, amigo.




Hold it.

Come here, Sheriff.

Hey, how many lives
you got, eh, amigo?

Where were you
headed for, San Pablo?

He used us.

He knew you were coming, huh?

Where were you
headed? Can you tell me?

anywhere to lose you.

You kill him.

You find him and you kill him.


José. José Santillo.

My old amigo.

Mel Deevers.


I was hoping I'd run into you.

Of course. Of course.

- What did he say?
- He wants to kill you.

He is a new man.

Do you have money?

Yeah, I got a few dollars.
Eating money, you know.

What did they say?

Everybody wants to kill you.

Come here.

I'm sure we can think of a
good reason to tell them no.

- That's all I've got.
- It is not very much.

You spend much in San Pablo.

I keep my money in San Pablo.

Never have I seen you
when you were taking it there.


Yeah, well, I... you know, I don't
get around this way too often.

Well, sometimes I think maybe...

maybe you don't trust me.

Oh, José, no. That's not true.

In fact, you know,
I was thinking,

maybe you and me could
do a little business together.

The man following you?

I figured you'd know
about him by now.

Who is he? Who is he, this man?

He's a marshal.

He's a US marshal
from up above the border.

Sí. Now, that
will be interesting.

How much money do you pay?

Well, a man like that,
he'd be worth at least $50.

Kill him.

No, it's worth $100.

$100 is a lot of money,
that is true. That is true.

- That's a lot of money.
- For your life, señor,

$100 doesn't seem
like very much.

Two... two hundred?

We are good friends,amigo.
Very good friends.

It's bad manners for good
friends to haggle over the money.

- $300.
- 300?

Yeah, 300.

We will take this
man off your back.

And I'll meet you in San
Pablo with a bottle of mezcal.

I will buy the mezcal.

With pleasure.

Hey, Deevers.

You will not fool Santillo.

You have this much money?


Well, wouldn't do
to lie to you, amigo.

I like doing business
with a man of wisdom.


Patience is the
companion of wisdom.


My friend wonders, maybe you
make a mistake this is your horse.

You have papers, or something?

Maybe a paper saying
he is your horse?

The horse has a name.

Call him by his name.

Well, maybe it is
your horse. It could be.

We just want to be sure
he's not somebody else's.

We want to be fair,
do the right thing.

All right, we will
say it is your horse.

It is done.

There is a better way.

He has already killed
three of our men.

You take another man
and go around the bend.

I will pretend to let him go.

Amigo! Don't shoot!

We mean no harm!

It's a big mistake!

All right, throw your gun down.

I am thankful we did not
hurt you. Do not shoot.

We make a mistake, señor.
We thought you someone else.

We made a mistake, but
this place is full with banditos.

That a fact?

Sí, señor, full with banditos.

You can go now.

We did not know
you wore the badge.

We say adiós.

You go now, yes?

Not quite so fast. You
come over here first.

As you wish, señor.

Now, you tell your friends to
come out from behind those rocks.

My friends?

I see no friends.

We're wasting time,amigo.

They have all gone home, believe me.
You chase them back with their wives.

They are all family men.

I want you to tell them to mount
up and ride out of here right now.

Bueno. We fool no more, huh?

All right. Now, you're
going to ride along with me

a few miles just to make
sure they don't dry gulch me.

You do not shoot Santillo?

Well, you're a family
man, aren't you?

Oh, sí, señor, I am. I
am. I have 11 children.

They would miss their papa.

Yeah, I bet they would.

Sí, 11 children, señor.


Hey, Juanita!

What you got there?

Sunshine. Sunshine
for my Deevers.

Well, I got moonshine.

Let's go.

Tonight I cook a meal for
you like you haven't eaten

since you were
last in San Pablo.

This time you stay longer?

Juanita, you know that every time I
come down here it's to stay forever.

But every time too soon
you have to go back north.

Well, maybe this time
it might be different.

Guillermo wanted me to
go to Soladero with him.

- I'm glad I said no.
- What you gonna do in Soladero?

Guillermo said he would
marry me, buy me a big house.

- You know.
- Buy you a big house?

Is that what you want,
a big house, little girl?

- Yeah.
- Come with me, you...

What's wrong?

- Hold it right there, Deevers.
- No violence, please.

- You can't touch me here.
- This man's a murderer,Padre.

- Give me your gun.
- No, the gun stays where it is.

There will be no violence here.

No one man against another.

- No guns.
- You'd better tell him that.

The church provides sanctuary to
keep the place of the sacraments holy.

If you seek that sanctuary,
you will give me the gun.

Padre, I'm a United
States marshal.

I've been tracking this man for
days. I want you to give him to me.

This man has sanctuary.
You cannot take him.

How long do you think you
can keep this up, Deevers?

Just long enough
so I don't hang.

Don't count on
it. I'll be waiting.

Sorry about this, Padre.

Hey, amigo.

I forgot to tell you that we were
coming here to San Pablo, too.

By golly, I guess
you did, didn't you?

We come on a little
business with a friend.


Hello, Deevers.

You forgot to kill him.

He does not kill so easy.
We do our best, believe me.

You can ask no more
than a man's best.

- Well, kill him now.
- Here in San Paolo?

In front of the church? Oh,
that would be a bad thing.

Never again would I
have the good luck.

The money.

Kill him.

I think if you keep your money
you will no longer be my friend.

Hm... You had it on
you all the time, huh?

You are clever like
a fox, eh, amigo?

Yeah, well, that's gonna buy me a
ticket out of here. I'm leaving with you.

- What do you say to that, amigo?
- I'll be after him and you, too.

Oh, I am happy not to
have to fight with you again.

What are you saying?


Three of my men have
been killed fighting for you.

This will help dry the tears
of those who mourn them.

All right, now. Santillo,
I've got more money.

I'll get you more money.
Just take me with you.

I'll tell you something,
amigo. Come.

This man will
follow you forever.

I am glad I am not you.

Get on your feet, Deevers.

It's a long way back, but
you're going all the way.

I just wished I could have been
down yonder with you, Matthew,

'cause I could have saved
you... Much obliged, Sam.

'Cause I could have saved you a
whole heap of miserables and suffering.

- Miserables and suffering?
- That's what I said.

- Well, how could you have done that?
- Well, because I talk Mexican.

Why, I'd have had me understanding
what them folks said right

on over the roof of his house with
a piece of raw liver in his mouth.

I could have probably even had
them bring Deevers right in to you.

Well, now, I didn't know
that you talked Mexican.

- I didn't know.
- Neither did I, Festus.

Let me hear you say something
in Mexican. Go on, say something.

Well, say anything.
Just say something.

Well, uh...

Mi sombrero is rojo.

And what does that mean?

Means my hat is red.

Well, I think that... Oh, that
would have been helpful.

There you are standing there
with your red hat in your hand,

and Matt's getting
himself beat to a pulp.

And I suppose that you
probably can very fluently

count up to maybe
as far as two or three.

Well... I could...


- Uno, dos...
- What's that mean, Miss Kitty?

It means that if you don't
keep quiet and drink your beer,

I'm going to throw you out
of here before I count to three.

Well, now, that's the
best idea I've heard yet.

And if you can silencio, I'll buy
the next round. Is that a fair deal?

Sounds fair enough.
Don't you think so, Festus?

Mucho gracias.

Ornery old skutter, you.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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