Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 13, Episode 20 - Hill Girl - full transcript

Newly rescues an ignorant hill girl, Merry Florene from her uncivilized half-brothers, Roland and Elbert. He brings her to Dodge City and arranges for a job at Jonas' general store. The two ruffians find her and try to force her to help them rob the store.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

I may have some use
for that horse myself.

Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

Horse stealing's always kind
of hard to explain, isn't it, miss?

I weren't stealing.
Just needed a ride.

You got a real strong
horse here, mister.

Wouldn't hurt him none
me sitting up along with you.

Number one, we might not
be going in the same direction.

Number two, you don't look like
you're dressed to travel anywhere.

Number three,

you hardly appear old enough
to be wandering around like this.

Hey, wait a minute!

- Ah!
- Hold on!

How long you been
foolin' with our little sister?

Hurry up with that.

Spiney ain't left
much of this, Elbert.

There ought to be a few drops.

Oh, leave us have what you got.


Come on.

I ain't going back.

You ain't got no
call to take me back.

And you ain't running off to
get mistreated by no town feller.

Look, I wasn't treating,
mistreating or anything else.

All I was doing was
going duck hunting.

When I turned around,
the first thing I knew...

- Ah!
- What's the matter with you, boy?

Ain't you heard
silence is golden?

Silence is golden.

I lied to you.

He ain't my fella.

You hear me?

He ain't my fella.

You've been told
to shut your mouth.

I ain't going back.

I ain't a-marrying and
raising a parcel of kids

and setting house for men and
kids and mending all my days.

I ain't doing it, you hear?

Roland Danial, Elbert Moses!

Now, you listen here to me.

I'm old enough to be
a-thinking for myself.

A woman needs a man's thinking.

You're sister and kin. You're
staying home and be taken care of.

Took care of?

Feeding you? Scrubbing for you?

You ain't nothing but a pair
of pigs, like that Biney... Oh!

Listen here, woman.

Now, that storm's going to
pass, then we're heading home.

Till then, you mind your mouth.


Ah! Ah!

Look, you best not make no fuss.

Less they sleep that whiskey
off, they'll bash your head right in,

not even thinking about it.

Well, just what am I
being tied up for, anyway?

They know you lied
about meeting me.

Mister, it's your
horse and your gun,

and maybe even your
boots is on their minds.


What are you talking about?

Trying to work up enough nerve
to kill you, is the way I see them.

They ain't my true
brothers, only half-brothers.

I be thankful for that.
They don't come no meaner.

Knowing what they might
do, you still won't untie me?

I told you.

They wake up and you're gone,

they'll be breaking a piece
of firewood over my head.

Could be gone with you,
you take me to Dodge?

No, miss. I'm not
taking you no place. No.

They could never catch up
to that good horse you got.

All right.

If we slip out of
here real quiet,

they might not sleep off that
whiskey till in the morning.

If they weren't so drunk, I'd
like to give them something else

to sleep off before
we get out of here.

You listen here.

I ain't untying you where maybe
you get whipped first, then it'd be me.

You hear?

All right. We'll just slip
out of here, real quiet like.

- Howdy, Newly.
- Morning, Festus. Doc. Marshal.

Well, I thought you'd be
gone a couple of days, Newly.

Well, sir, I kind of had
to cut the trip short.

I, uh...

Excuse me. This
is Merry Florene.

Merry Florene, this is Marshal
Dillon, Dr. Adams and Festus Haggen.

- How do, Merry?
- Merry Florene.

Didn't know you was going up in
the hills to do your hunting, Newly.

You the kind of book-learning
kind of doc, ain't you?

Well, yeah. I guess
I'm that kind of a doc.

Merry Florene is
just visiting in town.

I mean, well, she was on her way
down here and I just kind of picked her up.

I mean, I met her.

And, uh, it's... it's
kind of a long story,

and we should be getting
along. Uh, I'll talk to you later.

I didn't know Newly
was that good of a hunter.

How'd you like to be gathering
eggs and find her in the nest?

I'm going to hand you
over to Ma Smalley's here.

She runs a boarding house
and she'll put you up for a while.

Anything you say, Mr. Newly.

Well, Newly, it sounds to
me like that's a family matter.

Now, if she was willing to
say that she'd been mistreated

or something like that, well,
maybe I could do something.

I'll bet she wouldn't
be willing to do that.

Yeah. You see, hill
folks has got a way

of kind of settling things
betwixt themselves.

And Merry Florene not having no
kin folks, except for them half-brothers,

why, they rule the
roost, like they say.

Newly, now that she's
got a place to stay,

maybe if you found her a
job, then she'd be in a position

to make some
decisions of her own.

Hey, Newly.

I just heard Jonas
say, over at the store,

that he just might be
putting on some new help.

Now, I'd get over there and see
him, see if he couldn't use her.

Well, that's a good idea, Doc.
I'll go on over there right now.

- Thank you.
- Newly.

Well, sure wish I could stick
around and see how all this works out.

It might be interesting.

When will you be back?

Oh, this trial shouldn't
take more than a day or two.

I'll probably be back
by the end of the week.

Now, Festus, you'll look
out for things around town?

Just don't you fret
about a thing, Matthew.

- So long, Kitty.
- Bye, Matt.

- Doc.
- See you, Matt.

You know, I think I just
might leave town myself.

- Why?
- For safety's sake.

- Whose?
- My own.

You may not have
considered this, Kitty,

but any time Matt leaves town
and pins that badge on him,

he's liable to go up and down
the street, his head will swell up,

and he'll be strutting
around like a batty rooster

a-twirling that gun and the
gun will go off and kill people.

There'll be woman and children,
and I'm not going to stick around

and see the terrible
carnage that might ensue.

And if you were smart, you'd just close
the doors and take everybody with you

and just get out of
town till Matt gets back.

That's what I'd
do if I were you.

All right. Now put
your weight on them.

I think that larger pair.

No, sir, Mr. Jonas, these
here is the ones I like.

These is the prettiest
ones in the whole store.

Oh, but while you're getting
accustomed to wearing shoes...

I mean, well, those come in larger
sizes. I could order them for you.

Uh-uh. These is the ones I want.

All right, you want
them, they're yours.

Well, I'm obliged,
Mr. Jonas. I truly am.

I just know Mr. Newly's
going to like them, don't you?

Oh, I'm sure he will.

Well, 'night, Mr. Jonas.
I'll see you in the morning.


They feel good.

Get over here.

Now, missy, what you got
coming, I wouldn't wish on a dog.

Ain't been in town but a few
days and we got us a fancy dress.

And she's got on shoes.

It ain't what you're thinking!

- Hey, that feller. Where he be?
- I don't know.

I mean, I ain't seen him.

If he ain't with you, then who
bought you this pretty little dress?

Mr. Jonas, the storekeeper,
and I'm paying for it out of wages.


I'm trying to say I'm
working in a store.

Caring for myself's
what I'm doing.

Well, that saves that feller's
skin for not fooling with you,

but you ain't in any luck.

Now, get! Come
on, get over there.

Get up there. Turn around.

I got a job!

I ain't going back to
no hill shack no more.

I'm getting four dollars
a week for cleaning

and helping
Mr. Jonas out a little bit.

Wait a minute.

We sell skins a month's trapping
and we get a measly ten dollars,

and you telling me you're
making four dollars a week?

You mean to tell me that
Mr. Jonas, he trusts you in that store?

There ain't no reason
why he shouldn't.

What you got on your mind?

All right, now missy, you've
been talking too much all your life.

Now, you just shut up
and you answer yes or no.

There's guns in that
store, and money, right?

- There's lots of things, but...
- No buts!

- How much does he keep?
- I don't know.

Well, this ain't nothing to
rush now, Elbert Moses.

I ain't rushing, Roland Danials.

All right, now you learn
about that money and such.

And you figure us in town
again, and another talk.

- I ain't going back, no matter what!
- Now, you listen here.

We don't get us a fair share of that
store money, you ain't only going back,

you going to get a good taste of
mule harness across your back.

Now, you git.

If you talk to the law...

Now, go on. Git.

- Here we are.
- Thank you.

And I thank you.

- Miss Kitty.
- Mm-hm.

I sure hate to ask you.

It's maybe personal, but you
got sure pretty hair, way it's done.

Certainly. I'll tell you what.

Sometime when
Mr. Jonas can spare you,

then you just come on over and
we'll see what we can do about yours.

- She sure is pretty.
- Eh? Oh.

Miss Kitty is that, all right.

As soon as you finish
them ribbons, you can go.

- How do it look to you?
- Well, it...

It's hard to say. I don't think
it'll be any problem, though.

- Well, that there's good news.
- A new spring ought to do it.

I figure... 50 cents.

I thought you said it
oughtn't to be a problem.

Well, it could have been a worn hammer.
It would have cost you twice as much.

Well, that ain't no reason
to just hold a feller up.

- Well, maybe...
- I think you're taking gouging lessons

from old Doc, that's
what you're doing.

- No, sir.
- Mr. Newly.

Well, howdy, Merry Florene.

Is there something
I can help you with?

Just kind of looking around.

Well, if you ain't
looking pretty.

Fact is, you're just pure old
blossoming, that's what you're doing.

Obliged for the words.

Newly, you reckon you could give
me the borrow of a deputying pistol

- till you get done with mine?
- Sure, Festus.


This one here
will be satisfactory.

Much obliged to you.

Merry Florene.

You weren't very
polite to Festus.

Can't abide no lawman,

'special a hill man
what come to be one.

When she gets time,
Miss Kitty's fixing my hair.

Sure make a difference
having a fancy do.

Mm-hm. I guess it will.

I been in town a spell, ain't
seen you around sparking none.

- Sparking?
- Way I heard it from Ma Smalley,

you kind of take to
sparking the females,

kind of flitting, like they say.

Well, I ain't got
no feller in town.

Wouldn't mind us getting
a little more friendly.

Look, Merry Florene,
it's up to the feller...

fellow to call on the girl.

And I'd appreciate it if you'd tell
Ma Smalley she talks too much.

Always figured I
was passable to boys.

Well, sure. I agree.

Pretty, ain't it?

Sure is. Looks expensive, too.

- Cost you five dollars.
- Five dollars?

You don't make that kind of money
you can be spending five dollars

- on something like this.
- Didn't spend nothing.

Mr. Jonas ain't missing
one of them bracelets.

You mean you just took it?

Told you he ain't missing
one out of all them he got.

- That's stealing.
- Man's got a whole store.

He ain't hurting none me
having a little bitty bracelet.

In fact, it's worse than stealing.
Mr. Jonas is... is trusting you

and you're violating that trust.

- What's violating a trust?
- Violat...

Never mind.

What you just did makes me sorry
I ever brought you here to Dodge.

I take it back, you say so.

It's not what I say, it's
what's right and what's wrong.

I said I'd take it back!

You don't aim to
spark me none, do you?

Look, let's get
one thing straight.

Just because I brought you
here to Dodge, doesn't mean that...

There's your bothers.

Listen, Mr. Newly,
don't make no fuss.

Fuss? I'm going to make a fuss.
They kicked me in the face, tied me up...

It would just make trouble for me if
Deputy Festus went and put them in jail.

They probably intend
making trouble, anyway.

- That's why they're here in town.
- Uh-uh. I talked to them already.

- You talked to them already?
- Yeah.

And they didn't... didn't
try to take you away?

They kind of seen I was
being good taken care of.

Kind of sorry they
roughed you up.

It would be best for me,
you don't get them boys riled.

If they harm you in any
way, you come straight to me.

I'm obliged.

Hear they got a thing on every
Saturday night down at the town hall.

Yeah. It's a social. You
know, dancing, things like that.

- You taking a gal?
- I might.

"Might" means you
ain't asked anybody yet.

Take me, you like?

I haven't made up
my mind if I'm going.

What you mean is I
ain't good enough to take.

Now, I didn't say that.

I ain't pretty, but ain't
nobody never said I was ugly.

Well, it's not a question of
not being pretty or being pretty.

You mean, if I was real
pretty you'd still be saying no?

Well, certainly, I'd...

Look, Merry Florene, if I'm not
doing anything Saturday night

and if nothing important comes up,
and if I get all my work done, we'll go.

- Sure was a lot of "if'in."
- Well, I said we'd go, didn't I?

- Mr. Newly, I'm truly obliged.
- Okay.

And take the bracelet
back to Mr. Jonas.

I'm giving it back, first thing.

- Mr. Jonas?
- Yes.

I took it to myself
a bracelet from you.

I know.

You know'd I stole it?

You didn't steal
it, Merry Florene.

I knew you'd tell me about
it when you had a mind to.

But I weren't going to
tell you about it, Mr. Jonas.

Well, it's yours. That's a
gift for starting to work for me.

I can't wear it now, Mr. Jonas.

All right.

Merry Florene, if there's ever
anything in this store you want,

why, help yourself.

We'll take it out of your
pay a little each week.

- Want to clean up them cabbages for me?
- Yes, sir.

What you boys doing here?

- How long he leave you alone?
- Till he get his supper.

You make like you're selling us
some shells, case somebody comes in.

You boys ain't
getting me in trouble.

You listen here.

You'll find out what
trouble is, this don't go right.

- Now, where's he hiding the money?
- He ain't got much.

A big store like this
don't carry no money?

I'll squash you
like a bug, girl.

Folks don't bring here much
money in here till Saturday.

- Elbert Moses, there's money in there.
- I'm a-knowing it, I'm a-knowing it!

What you thinking?

Tomorrow's Saturday night.

You be talking to Roland
Danial, case somebody comes in.

I ain't talking to him.

Talking to me?


Come Saturday night, you
leave that door bolt back.

- I ain't doing it.
- You what?

- Ah! I ain't doing it!
- Now, you go open that door.

You ain't going to
hurt Mr. Jonas none?

Getting company.

It'll be 25 cents, mister.

Well, you just put it in
your collection book, missy.

We'll be here Saturday
night to straighten it all out.


Hey, you two ridge-runners!

- Look who's calling who what?
- Never mind that.

I want to talk to you.

- You Merry Florene's brothers?
- That be us, Deputy.

What are you doing
here in Dodge City?

Just calling on Merry Florene.

Well, what I heard about
you two, I don't particular like.

You get it in your heads
to start polly-foxing around

and giving her any
kind of miseries,

I'm going to get on
you like ugly on the ape.

Now, put that in your hats.

We ain't done nothing but seeing
Merry Florene be treated right!

Long with a bit of seeing we
get treated right our ownselves.

Well, I guess it is a
pretty hard life up there.

Hat tipping and such
ain't much know, ma'am.

That part wouldn't worry me.

Hat tipping or a word with a smile
isn't always what it seems to be.

It's kind of nice to be
treated like a fancy lady.

You know something?

If you can look past the
smile and the tipped hat,

you'd be on much safer ground.

I'd much rather hear a good
old cuss word, it's more honest.

Okay. There.

It looks like there's been
a slight improvement, huh?

Well, I didn't mean to
make you speechless.

It was all right
there to begin with.

Ma'am, I ain't never going back.

I ain't never going
back no matter what.

I left home hardly knowing
how to read or write.

I didn't have the slightest idea
what the outside world was like.

Like a fish out of water.

That's sort of the way I feel.

Like a fish out
of water, sort of.

You sure say
things like they is.

Well, you know, it takes
an awful lot of learning

to find out where
you really belong.

You saying I ain't got no sense?

Maybe I am.

Just like I was.

Too many beatings.
Too many betrayals.

You live in a small, little
world with no chance to learn.

And you're not trusting
yourself, so you don't trust others.

But sooner or later, you
got to learn to trust people.

Like, uh, Festus, for instance.

The deputy?

Now, he's paid to maintain
the law just like the marshal.

He knows you're unhappy because
your brothers have been in town.

But officially he can't do
anything to interfere with your life.

And he's waiting for
you to come to him.

I don't like no law.

Well, if there weren't law,
there's be an awful lot of us

doing an awful lot of things,
and feeling mighty smug about it.

I didn't mean for this
to turn into a lecture.

It's all right, ma'am.

If somebody...

If somebody wanted
to do something...

but say, they got catched
before they done it,

well, I guess they'd be in for a
pretty hard time, wouldn't they?

That depends on what
they were planning on doing.

But I think you'd get a better
answer from Matt Dillon and Festus.

I ain't talking to them.

I don't think you've
listened to a word I've said.

My hair looks pretty as yours?


I'm a-thanking you.

I figure to close a little
early, Merry Florene.

Why don't you run on, get
ready for that shindig tonight.

Thank you, Mr. Jonas.

Uh, I have to go get
my shawl in the back.

- Night, Mr. Jonas.
- Oh, Merry Florene.

I can't wear that bracelet
no more, Mr. Jonas.

Well, it's been in
the store over a year.

The fact that you like it is probably
the only profit I'll ever get out of it.

And I got no money due me.

I still owe you for this dress
and shawl and these shoes.

Well, let's just say
that I'm pleased

to get the good honest
services of a girl like yourself.

So let's also say that the dress
and the shoes and the shawl

kind of go with the job,
get you started in town.

Now, here. You take that.

You run along and
have a good time tonight.

I sure had me a nice pick.

That place in front of the
dance is just full of them.

- Come on. Tie him off.
- All right. Come on.

Bolt the door, you idiot.

The money!

What's the matter?

Uh, I just remembered, I forgot.

What did you forget?

I... I forgot them pretty
earrings Miss Kitty give me

to wear to the dance tonight.

Well, you look fine.

We were supposed to meet Nathan
Burke and Sue five minutes ago. Come on.

No, I got to get them.

Well, I'll wait here for you.

No, you go on ahead
and I'll meet you.

Well, hurry up.

Hey, how much
money you figure it?

More money than there
is in the whole wide world.


Shh, shh!


- I wish we could load up a pack mule.
- Shh!

Fat chance us getting in
the hills pushing a pack mule.

Shh, shh!


Silence is golden.

- Let's get on out of here.
- Shh! Shh!

You boys!

- Ain't nobody with me.
- What you doing here, girl?

I seen Mr. Jonas
come back to the store.

- He almost caught us.
- What'd you do to him?

Just cracked him over
the ear. Now, hold on there.

He might be hurt.

Well, he ain't, he's
got a head like hickory.

- I got to go...
- Now, you listen here, girl.

Now, you stay clear of him.
We don't want you tying us to this.

Now, come on, you
take care of those horses.

We's going home and you
is coming with us. Now, git!

I don't want no back
talk from you, girl. None!

The horses!

Mr. Jonas!

The horses!

What are we going to do?

Get back inside, quick!

Get in there!

Close the door!

Hold on!

Mr. Jonas!

Get in here!

Coming from the general store.

It's locked. Let's
get around front.


Help me with this.

I'm sorry, Mr. Jonas.

Stay back! Stay back. Stay back.

All you people outside,
you get away from here!

You throw them guns down and get your
hands up and get out here, you hear me?

Not likely we ain't!

We're getting away from
here, back to them hills!

Why, it's them
blame ridge-runners.

Well, you ain't getting out of
this town, I'll guarantee you that.

We got your store man in here!
You're gonna do like we say!

You ain't a-hoo-rahing me. Jonas
locked up more than a couple of hours ago.

Tell him.

I said tell him!


They've got me!

And he's shot, Mr. Festus.

Merry Florene?

Now, you clear out of
them streets right now!

That is, if you want
this store man to live!

Mr. Jonas, you all right?

Tell him.

I'm bleeding
quite a bit, Festus.

Boy, I sure set things
in motion, didn't I?

Oh, it ain't your
fault now, Newly.

All right, everybody, get
on back to the dance. Go on.

Get on. Hurry up.
Get out of the way now

because there's going to
be a lot of shooting around.

Go on. Get going.

All of you, get on back.

Don, Jim, Hank, come with me.

Go on, get back to the dance.

Stay out of here, now.
Let's get them all out of here.

Doc, we're in a pickle. We'd better
get in here and keep a lookout.

Merry Florene, we need a wagon
to get Roland Danial out of here.

- A wagon?
- That's right. A wagon.

There's one down
at the freight depot.

Now, you get it and
you get back here quick.

Elbert Moses, Mr. Jonas need a
doctor and so do Roland Danial.

You don't tell me nothing,
girl! Now, do like I say.

Anybody tries to stop you, you
make them see they hadn't ought to.

Now, you get!


Come on, girl! Move!

She sure made a fool
out of me. Give me that.

- What are you doing?
- I'll find out something.

- Newly.
- There's nothing we can do

for Mr. Jonas until we
find out what they're up to.

I ain't never thought
anybody could be so stupid.

I didn't want no part in
that robbing, Mr. Newly.

Then how did your
brothers get in there?

If you had the likes of them
two breathing down your neck,

you'd be doing the same thing.

Mr. Jonas could die if we
don't get him to a doctor.

Now, you listen to me.

Mr. Jonas has
been a friend to you,

and I guarantee if your brothers
try to drive this wagon out of Dodge

with him as hostage, a
posse's going to follow

with some more people
who've been friends to you.

Now, anybody, and I mean anybody
gets hurt, it's going to be on your head.

Well, what you want me to do?

You do exactly what I tell you.

- Put out your foot.
- Ah!

That's about all I can do
for now, Roland Danial.

Elbert Moses, you...

you don't figure Merry Florene's
going to run out on us, do you?

No. No. She's coming
back. She'll be fine. Just fine.

- Good.
- Just fine.

I hope she hurries up.
I'm hurting powerful bad.

Listen to me.

Now, both your brother
and me need doctoring.

If you'll give up this thing
and come to your senses,

everything's going to be
all right. But if you don't...

Shut up!

You just hang in the
buggy, Roland Danial.

You're going to be fine as
soon as we shed of this place.

You keep a look on him.

Matthew leave me in charge of the
town and I let something like this happen.

- Oh, it isn't your fault.
- Oh, it is too, Doc.

Now, I knowed the
hill folks all my life.

I've known good ones and I've known
bad ones, and them there is bad ones.

And I ought to have did just what
Matthew would have did when he...

when he seen that they
is set to do something bad,

he'd have ran them
right out of town.

- You about ready?
- Yeah, just about.

What if it don't work?

It'll work.

Now, take the wagon around
in front of the general store.

You do just exactly
what I told you.

- And be careful.
- I will.

Mr. Newly, about
those things you...

Yah! Yah! Yah!

She's coming.

She's coming. She's coming.
You're going to be all right.

- Huh? She's coming.
- I am. I'm gonna be all right.

When that wagon gets here,

you better do like I told you or I'll
put another bullet in that other leg.

All right?

So that's it, huh?

There ain't a
whole lot we can do

except follow along out of
sight and wait for a chance.

Dang it! Come on!

Come on!

Go on!

Come on!

- Let's go, store man!
- Elbert, don't do this!

I told you to shut
up! Now, come on!

Get in there!

Fellers, come on.

Deputy, you
follow us, I kill him!

- Get in the wagon!
- Oh!

- Come on!
- I ain't going!

I said get in that wagon!

Elbert Moses, we'd better haul.


Roland Danial,
put that gun down!

You ain't never done nothing but beat
me until I didn't know which side was down.

Now, you put that gun
done before it goes off

and you find yourself
facing a hanging.

Beating on me is one thing,
stealing from Mr. Jonas is worse,

but ain't nobody
going to hang you for it.

You going to shoot me?

You do...

and by all the haints that
wander Seeners Ridge,

you'll never see the sun come
up over Spiney's Cave again.

Roland Danial!

Mr. Jonas.

It's all right.

- Go get that other one, Doc.
- Mr. Jonas, how are you? Can you walk?

Well, not good, Doc.

Hank, you and Jim
help him upstairs.

- There here one is hurt too, Doc.
- Well, bring him up, too.

Come on now.

Hey, somebody!

Somebody give me a hand!

Mr. Newly.

Merry Florene.

I'm still hungry! We wanted some
collard greens and roast possum!

I ain't gonna feed
you nothing no more!

Possum roast, collard greens.

Where in the tarnation
do you think you're at?

- Matthew, am I glad to see you.
- Hello, Festus.

You sure knowed
what you were doing

when you went off to
Hays, I'll tell you that.

Yeah. Well, I saw Mr. Jonas. He told
me what's been happening around here.

Did he tell you that they've
had me a-hopping around

like a flea on a hot skillet?

Did he tell you that I ain't
had me one wink of sleep

since we had them knuckleheads
in the calaboose here?

Did he tell you that?
They've been a-squallering...

Okay. I'm done with them
now, Matthew, and I'm long gone.

Festus, can you wait a minute?

- I... I wanted to talk to you.
- Oh. Well, all right.

I made my peace with Mr. Jonas
and I explained myself to Deputy Festus

and I gots to face
up to you now.

Well, fine, I'll tell you, I was just
about to go over to Delmonico's

and have a bite to eat.
Why don't you two join me?

- That'd be fine.
- Good. Festus, keep an eye on things

- for a while here, will you?
- Well...

Look, I tell you
what I figure to do.

I figure after I get something to eat
I'll probably stop by and get a bath

and a haircut and maybe
get a few hours sleep.

But I'll probably be back tonight.
If not, I'll see you in the morning.

But, you see...

If you two don't cut that out!

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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