Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 13, Episode 2 - Cattle Barons - full transcript

Two long time feuding cattle barons is set for a showdown in Dodge. This will place Marshal Dillon and the town right in the middle of the trouble.

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Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


They're making pretty good time.

Fifty miles, five days.

Should be us down
there instead of him.

Holtz, haven't you been on
enough drives in your life?

I swear, no offense, Mr. Charron,
but I'll be switched if I can read you.

Yeah, well, that's a fact.

You got something going.

I reckon I ought to ride down there
and give Cumberledge my regards.

I knew it. We'll run that
herd clear to Mexico.

- I'll get the boys.
- Now, wait a minute.

- I'm going alone.
- Alone?

Unless you wanna ride along.

Mr. Charron, you could
get killed riding in there.

Oh, I don't reckon
old Luke'd shoot me.

Besides, might be worth
the risk just to needle him.

Come on.

That's John Charron.

Let's move.

Easy, Holtz. Don't start
nothing we can't finish.


Cumberledge, it's John Charron.

John Charron's
riding in over yonder.

- He alone?
- Yeah, except for that foreman of his.

- Hiya, Luke.
- John.

No one asked you to light.

Colorado's a little low this
year. Spring runoff come early.

So they tell me.

The last man that pointed a loaded
gun at me, they buried him an hour later.

What do you want?

I just come round to say hello.

Well, you said it.

Tell me something, Luke,
who's gonna settle down first,

them skitterish hands of yours

or them scrubbed country
cattle that you took off my land?

Well, come to think of it,
they was pretty scrawny.

The way I figure it, you
didn't give 'em enough water.

It's a long way up to
Kansas. We won't hold you.

Hyah! Hyah! Hup!

He ain't beat yet,
Mr. Cumberledge,

or if he is, he sure
ain't gonna lay down.

You think you
gotta tell me that?

I've known him all my life.

Yah. Yah.

You got something going
and Cumberledge smells it.

Yeah, I want him to.

Give him something to think about
on those long, lonely nights on the trail.

I'm just sorry it has to
all end in Dodge City.


Matt Dillon and I
are old, old friends.

Yah! Yah!

Nothing like a big cattle
drive to get folks a-stirring.

Big drive means
big money, Blair.

Money? There's money
to be made in Dodge?

Lucky we stopped by. Maybe
we'll get ourselves some.

Well, Marshal Dillon.

What are you doing here?

Me and my friends have been riding
a spell, figured to rest a few days.

Just passing through, Marshal.

Glad to hear it.
Keep out of trouble.

Just passing through peaceful.

As a Kansas twister.


Hey, Festus, where
have you been?

You're a sight for
sore eyes, Festus.

- They're coming in, Marshal.
- They're on their way, Marshal.

Quiet. Quiet down
a minute here, now.

Just simmer down. I've
got important business.

What in thunder are you
trying to do, start a riot here,

coming here shooting guns?

Hold on, now.

Matthew, old Luke Cumberledge
is just what you said he was.

Half wolf, half
alligator, and all man.

How many cows has he got?

Why, more head than you've ever
saw, more than anybody's ever saw.

Matthew, them cattle's strung
out clear from the Cimarron

clean back to Wolf Creek.

From the Cimarron? They
won't be in here till next week.

I know that.

We're gonna have to wait another
week if they're back to the Cimarron.

It's a good thing that I
rode down yonder like I done

because the Comanches killed a
whole passel of Cumberledge's cowboys.

Now, he's offering
two dollars a day

for any man that'll go out yonder
and come back that last 80 miles.

Two dollars a day!

- We'll... We'll... We'll be there.
- Festus.

Get your stuff ready. We're
leaving first light in the morning.

How about John Charron's herd?

He ain't got no herd, Matt.
He ain't got a single cow.

- He doesn't?
- No.

- Cumberledge bought him plumb out.
- What?

Yeah, he says he finally
got the kibosh on him

for good and for all this time.

Well, there's something
wrong with that.

Those two have fought over
half of Texas for the last ten years.

I'll tell you something, when
two men want the same thing,

somebody's gonna lose, I'll...

It's John Charron.

Put 'em up!

Just hold on there,
now, a minute, pardner.

You don't give a man
much of a chance.

You willing to
square off, mister?

- You mean I got a choice?
- Yes, sir. Fight or turn tail.

Well, now, that's a hard
doing for a Texas man.

Let's see how good you
are, then, Texas man.

I'm gonna count three.



- and...
- Hold on a minute here, now.

- What's going on here?
- Just a fair fight, Marshal.

I'm calling him out.

How many times have I told you there's
no gunfighting in Dodge City limits?

It was a thing needed
doing, Marshal.

I see.

All right, hand over your gun.

You can pick it up just before
you leave town, pardner.

Whatever you say.

I was just defending
my life, Marshal.

Kind of good thing
you come along.

- Matt, how are you? Good to see you.
- My golly, good to see you.

Ought to be more than every
couple of years, though, I do declare.

- Yes. You remember Doc and Festus?
- Hey, Doc, yes. Festus, how are you?

Tell me, is the whisky as
good in here as it ever was?

The best there is.

Why don't you all just come on
and sample a splash or two with me?

- Sounds good. Second round's on me.
- Well, third one's mine.

Well, let's get started.

He don't never change, does he?

Hey, Sam, set 'em up over here.

Pretty girl, see that none of my
men have an empty glass, will you?

That's right, let's all
sit down here, now.

- Easy, John.
- Thanks, Matt.

Well, that's it.

That's the way, Sam.

There we go.

Say, is Miss Kitty here?

She took some sewing
out to Maggie Collier.

- But she'll be back right away.
- Good. She still pretty as ever?

- Oh, prettier.
- Couldn't be.

There you are, gents.

Hey, Sam, you
have one on me, now.

- Thank you, Mr. Charron.
- All right.

- Here's to you, Matt.
- Looking at you, John.

Would you believe that big galoot turned
down going into partnership with me?

Yep, to provide target practice for a
bunch of saddlebums and bank robbers,

and he's been at it
all these years too.

I wanna tell you
something about him.

This is not generally known, but he's
not quite right in the head, you know.

Well, I'll tell you, I figured
this job was safer than that one.

I can't say I agreed with your
decision, but I sure did always admire it.

John, I wanna ask you something.

This fella here lies a
little once in a while.

And he says that herd coming in
is the biggest thing he ever saw.

- Is that right?
- For once he told you the truth.

At least it's the biggest herd I
ever saw, I can tell you that, Doc.

All right, what'd I
tell you, smart alec?


John, I understand you
don't have a drive this year.

Oh, yeah, that's right. Well, Luke
dealt himself all the aces this time.

Ain't been a herd up that trail
in over a year. He's seen to that.

Price of beef's sky high.

He's been buying up every
head he could lay his hands on.

Course, he had to go into hock
from here to breakfast to do it.

Well, it sounds like you let
him get the upper hand on you.

- But I know you better than that.
- Yeah, reckon you do.

- Well, what's going on, John?
- What do you mean?

Well, everybody knows about the feud
between you and Luke Cumberledge.

And I know you.

You didn't come to Dodge City just
to watch him gloat over his success.

I wouldn't try to tell
you anything like that.

But, now, look, what are we sitting
here spoiling a perfect nice day for

jawing about Luke Cumberledge?

I come up here to drink and
visit with some old friends.

How about that? Anybody
got any objections?

Not on your old tintype.

Just pour the whiskey.
That's just the way to do it.

That's the way.

- Mr. Laskin.
- Marshal.

Fine-looking animal, isn't he?

Yeah, he sure is.
You gonna buy him?

When I heard Hank's asking
price, I couldn't pass him up.

- You getting a good buy?
- Yeah.

Anyway, what I'm paying
for Cumberledge's herd,

a couple of hundred more
won't make any difference.

- I guess not.
- Well, the big day is drawing closer.

Bet you'll be just as glad
when it's all over, huh?

Yeah, you're pretty
close to the mark there.

Commercial progress, Marshal.

You have to admit it's
well worth a little trouble,

an economic boost like this.

Well, I tell you, maybe you wouldn't
mind putting on a deputy's badge

and help me out when they
bring this economic boost in.

- All right, Marshal. No more speeches.
- Well, that's the funny thing.

A few years back Hutchinson
was a nice quiet little town.

Then they brought in a
big herd like this, drovers.

I think there were three
dead, half the town burned.

I don't envy you your job, Marshal.
However, I think everything'll be fine.

Cumberledge won't let
things get out of hand.

Wish I could be sure of that.

Say, I gotta get going. Would you
mind telling Hank he's got a loose shoe?

- Glad to, Marshal.
- Thank you.

Hush, hush, hush up! Hush up!

Now, listen. Now, you fellas
straighten up over yonder.

We're fixing to
go on a cattle drive

and don't you forget
who's in charge here, now.

You're getting two
dollars a day for this drive.

Now, straighten up.

Fred, throw away
that whiskey, now.

We ain't gonna have you showing
up out yonder stewed to the gills

and falling out of your saddle.


Archie, you ain't a-fixing to ride
this here old pig on no cattle drive.

Now, go get yourself some
decent horse flesh or you ain't going.

Now, get. Go on.

Now, ladies, you're gonna have to
move back, please, if you please, ma'am.

Where in tarnation's
Arnie Moran, now?

We're fixing to ride
out of here directly

and anybody gets left behind
just plain old ain't a-going,

that's all there are to it.

Fred, I told you to get rid of
that hooch, now, and I mean it.

You ain't gonna go out
there with your... your booze...

Now, I'm in charge here. I
don't want you to forget it.

When I tell you the hog's back,
he's brought across the back,

and don't you forget it neither.

Now, here. Straighten up
there. Straighten up there.

Looks like something...
You're going out on a job here.

All right, get on your horses.

Splash, you ain't going. I
mean it. Go on, get, get.

Ladies, you're just gonna have to
move back, if you please, ma'am.

Oh, you see the boys around, tell
'em just to relax and enjoy themselves.

They're itching to get
this thing over with.

Well, they're just gonna have
to sit and scratch for a spell,

and I don't want 'em
getting in no trouble.

Hush, hush up, hush up. Hush,
hush. Everybody hush, now.

We're fixing to ride
out of here directly

and we're gonna ride out of
here like we had brains enough

to know which way we're going.

Now, Mr. Cumberledge,
he put me in charge

to fetch him back some good men,

and that's what I aim to do is
fetch him back some good men.

I don't want no
polly-foxing around,

no hoo-hawing and
hoo-rawing and troublemaking.

Why don't you shut your
mouth, Festus, and get going?

Who said that? Which
one of you said that?

Somebody wants to
get his ears pinched off.


- Matthew.
- Festus.

We were just fixing to ride
over by your office there

and let you know
we're... we're heading out.

Do you know what to
tell Luke Cumberledge?

Oh, yeah, yeah. To hold the main
herd just south of Abe Johnson's place.

That's right, and
when he gets here,

he's to see me and we'll make
arrangements for loading the cattle

and bringing his boys into town.

It's like it's writ across
my eyeballs, Matthew.

You ain't got
nothing to fret about.

All right, Festus,
take care of yourself.

Just like a shoat in
a coal bin, Matthew.

This here kind of thing just sharpens
up my teeth, I'll guarantee you.

All right, now, is everybody...
Bring my mule over here.

Everybody set now
that's fixing to go?

Come on, Rosie,
get up here. Come on.

All right, now, I want you all
to try to keep up with me, now.

I don't want no lollygagging
and a-hanging behind or nothing.

Everybody ready? Follow me.


See you at the Long
Branch when you get back.

- Morning, Matt.
- John.

- I was coming by to see you later.
- Oh?

Well, we didn't have
much of a chance to talk.

Well, I thought we
had a pretty good talk.

You know what I mean, John.

The only time you ever come
to Dodge is at the head of a herd.

Well, that's true.

What's going on
between you and Luke?

- Well, same as always.
- It's about what I figured.

I don't reckon it's ever
gonna be any different, Matt.

- There's one thing different, John.
- What's that?


Blair Smith?

John, I never knew either you or
Luke to use professional gunfighters.

Whoa up there, Matt. I ain't got
no dealing with the likes of them.

That straight?

Has it ever been anything
else between you and me?

Well, all I know is they're
not in town for the scenery.

Well, maybe he's
waiting for Luke.

Oh, I know how
you feel about Luke,

just like I know what's
between you and me.

Well, if he drove those
cattle over to Wichita,

you wouldn't be caught in the
middle of this thing, but he didn't.

John, I just don't want any part of
your feud spilling over into this town.

If there's any trouble, Matt, it's gonna
be Luke's doing, and that's my word.

If there's any trouble, I'm
gonna sit heavy on both of you,

and that's my word.

Yah, yah, yah!

Get over there!

- Get over there!
- Cronky little critters.

Tell Brisbin to hold that
second section back.

Whoa! Ha! Ha!

Grayson, take the
bunch on for another hour.


Festus, pull some
up and sit down.

Tell you the truth, Mr. Cumberledge,
I don't feel too much like setting.

I thought this here day
was never gonna quit.

Well, you're not kicking about
being worked too hard, are you?

Kicking don't get you no
place less'n you're a mule.

Well, the roundup's about over and
the ropes are getting short, ain't it?


Just about 30 more
miles to Dodge.

Course, it ain't but about a day
and a half to Abe Johnson's place.

Festus, I told you
we had all that out.

No, we ain't neither,
Mr. Cumberledge.

Now, all you said was that you wasn't
a-fixing to stop at Abe Johnson's place,

and all I said was that Matthew
said that you supposed to, that's all.

Well, it doesn't make sense.

Now, why does Matt want
me to stop short of town?

I done told you that.

He wants to set down
and palaver with you some

about turning your cowpunchers
loose in Dodge all at the same once.

You see, these here waddies of
yours, once they get into Dodge, now,

they're gonna take
a heap of watching.

And if you just let 'em
come in a little dab at a time,

why, it'd be easier to
keep eyeball on 'em.

Now, I guarantee you,
that's all there is to it.

All right, I'll set the herd down where
you say and have that talk with Matt.

But if you're lying to me...

Mr. Cumberledge, if
you knowed us Haggens,

you wouldn't never
say such a thing as that.

It's like my Great Uncle
Herkle used to say,

you catch a Haggen in a lie

and a thunderbolt will strike
him from the clear blue sky.

Whatever happened
to Great Uncle Herkle?

Well, some that says
that this here thunderstorm

come up all of a sudden, like.

- Well, howdy, missy.
- Cowboy.

Can I offer you a drink?

I wouldn't wanna run you short.

I'd be willing to sacrifice
for the likes of you.

Would you, now?

Come on, just a little
one to be sociable.

- No, thank you.
- Well, you sell it.

You mean it ain't
fitting enough for you?

It is.

You just been put down, Blair.

- Hi, Kitty.
- John.

Hey, Sam, bring us a
couple of beers, will you?

Hey, ho. Ah.

Ah, looks good,
Sam. Hope it's cold.

- It is.
- Here.

- Mr. Charron.
- Ah.

What you doing up
here in Dodge, Smith?

Me and the boys thought
we might offer you a hand.

Oh, no, I reckon not.

From what we heard
down in the strip

about what Luke Cumberledge
done to you back in Texas,

figured you'd come
in to even the score.

Nobody asked you to sit.

Hey, by golly, he's right.

Well, we, the boys and me,
were coming up here anyhow.

Oh, well, that's good. Won't be
a waste of your time, then, will it?

- You mean you don't want us?
- That's right.

Could maybe have a little
talk with Luke Cumberledge.

Yeah. Now, you go do that.

What I hear, Cumberledge
got nearly 30 drovers.

Maybe more too, yeah.

Seems as though you
could use a little help.

Hey, hello there, Matt.

Say, I thought you had a law
against peddling in this saloon.

Peddling what?

Smith here is trying to peddle
the only thing he's ever had to sell.

All right, Smith, I
want you out of town.

- What do you mean?
- You got ten minutes to saddle up.

- You got no call to...
- You got ten minutes.

Now, you hold on, Dillon.

You just give me a
reason. I'd like one, mister.

Matt, what you all shook up
about? I told you I wasn't buying.

John, it's what's
between you and Luke

that's brought him
and his kind to Dodge.

- Well, Blair?
- He ain't buying.

You mean we took us
a long ride for nothing?

One of these days I'm
gonna kill me a marshal.

Why don't you look where
you're going, knothead?

You aren't in
your cornfield now.

It wasn't me that wasn't watching
where I was going, cowboy.

Kick some of that manure out of
your boots and you'll get around better.

- Now, hold on!
- Get out of my way, farmer.

- You...
- Hold it right there.

All right, now, the rest of
you get out of here right now.

Get him over to Percy's.



I can't tell you nothing.

That's enough, now. I
want you all to move on.

Move on, now. Come on.

Matthew, they'll be at Abe
Johnson's place in a couple of hours.

Cumberledge, he'll be waiting out
yonder to jaw with you, like you said.


Matthew, there's a pot a-brewing
betwixt Cumberledge and Charron.

- Did you know that?
- Well, I figured something like it.

I figured you ought to know
that I've done give him my word.

Well, welcome home,
Festus. I reckon the herd's in.

Yeah, that's right, John.

Well, I got a little something here
that's gonna have a bearing on that.

I figured you would.

I'm afraid you're gonna have to deal
with me when it comes to that head.


I already straightened it
out with the cattle buyers.

- They... They verified those papers.
- Matthew, he said that...

It looks like Luke
overextended himself.

It's gonna take him years
to pay off those notes.

His creditors knew that.
They jumped at my deal.

- You bought up all his notes?
- That's right.

Thirty cents on the dollar. I'm
gonna take that herd as payment.

Well, now, wait a minute. It says
here a price of twenty thousand dollars.

Now, if he's got as many
cows as they say he does,

why, there'd be five
times that much money.

That other paper, the one just
underneath there, that's a court order.

It's binding, from Kansas.

Says the cattle are mine and
Luke can't sell 'em at any price.

- Whoa, just hold on, now.
- Wait a minute, Festus.

Wait my Phoebe's tea cozy.

- I done give Luke my word.
- I know it, but just hold on, now.

- John, this is a pretty raw deal.
- A raw deal?

What do you call his blocking
the only trail out of my valley,

cutting off my water supply

and forcing me to sell
my cattle at his price, huh?

- He did that to you?
- That's right.

I'm sorry that you're in
the middle of this thing,

but, Matt, you got no choice.

You gotta serve those papers.

John, you know as well as I do

he's not gonna hold still
for this without a fight.

Fighting ain't gonna
do him no good, Matt.

Well, he'll catch fire quicker
than last year's haystack,

I'll guarantee you that.

Well, then, somebody's just gonna
have to put his fire out, Festus.

Yeah, and you're gonna
use this town and me to do it.

Well, I'm sorry, but he was
the one drove that herd here,

and you and I both know he
ain't gonna change his plans.

I suppose this country needed
men like you and Luke to settle it,

but I'll tell you something, right
now I'd sell you both for a bag of salt.

Festus is riding in. He's
got somebody with him.

That'll be Matt Dillon.
Get your night watch set.

Like as not we'll be
moving on in the morning.


Hello, Luke.

Matt, you old mossback.

Well, you sure timed
it right. Chow's on.

- Cookie, bring a couple of plates.
- Oh, no, thanks, Luke.

- Oh, you gotta eat.
- Well, I... I'm not too hungry.

Festus, you sure made good time.

Yes, sir, I did make
pretty good time all right.

Listen, I want you to know it ain't
the easiest for me and my boys

just to be a-sitting out here after
spending three months on the trail.

Well, I know, Luke. Sorry
to have to do that to you.

- It's good to see you again, Matt.
- Good to see you too, Luke.

I hate to tell you this, but I'm afraid
I've got some bad news for you.

What kind of bad news?

I take my oath, if I'd have knowed
this, I'd have had you turn your herd east.

- Turn 'em east?
- Yeah, it's... it's John Charron, Luke.

John Charron? What's
he got to do with it?

You two'll never quit, will you?

Looks to me like it's
a checkmate this time.

I borrowed this money from
half a dozen men, not from him.

I'll pay it back to them
that loaned it to me.

Luke, he bought up all your
notes. The whole thing is legal.

He can demand
payment on 'em any time,

just like you agreed
in the original loan.

I agreed to that with a bunch
of men I knew wouldn't push me.

I'll pay off as soon
as I sell my cattle.

They're not your cattle
anymore. They're Charron's.


You'll see me dead first,
or Charron, one or the other.

I don't like to be in
a spot like this, Luke,

but it was my job to deliver that paper
and it'll be my job to keep the peace.

Matt, I hate to put
you in the middle,

but I got a legal right to
bring these cattle into Dodge

and I'm gonna bring 'em in.

I'll get my money
from the cattle buyer.

- You don't have a contract with him.
- Why that thieving, conniving...

Well, now, what about your buying up
the right of way out of Charron's valley

and refusing to
water his cattle?

- Well, that was absolutely legal.
- Well, so's this.

Just give the word, Mr. Cumberledge,
and we'll stop all this nonsense.

Matt, when you
get back to Dodge,

you tell that cattle buyer I'll be in
midday tomorrow to finish my deal.

Now, Luke, there's a judge
and there's lawyers in Wichita.

I don't need no judges,
lawyers or Wichita.

These are my cattle and
I'm gonna make my sale.

Now, you heard me, Matt.
We're coming in tomorrow.

I hope you're gonna do what's right,
not what John Charron wants you to.

We're all ready
for 'em, Marshal.

This is gonna be the biggest
day Dodge City ever had.

We'll surely get on the map,
shipping all them cattle back east.

Well, it's gonna be a big
day all right, Mr. Halligan.

Festus, get Doc and
some others to help you.

- Make sure everybody gets the word.
- I'll do it, Matthew.

Now, listen here, you
fellas, tonight I want all of you

to stay off the street,
you hear me, now?

- Well?
- Well what?

- Well, how'd he take it?
- How did you figure he'd take it?

Yeah, I knew it. The
hardhead. I just knew it.

You sound like you're pleased.

You can put that in the bank.

You know, John, I get the feeling
the only thing you're living for

is to destroy Luke Cumberledge.

That's right.

Even if you have to destroy
this town along with it.

Not if he won't fight.

John, I'm gonna ask you one
more time. Give this thing up.

Ride out of here before
Luke gets to town.

Matt, the law's on my side
and I'm gonna stand behind it.

Now, he just intends to ride
roughshod right on over me.

- John...
- I've told you before.

I've got a dozen good men with
me, used to be my ranch hands.

Now, you deputize 'em

and they'll take care of Luke
Cumberledge and his bunch.

They're not gonna
back off, you know that.

Well, I'll buy 'em off, pay 'em
their wages, give 'em a good bonus.

He's got men that have been
with him from the old days.

They can't be bought off
any more than your men could.

Matt, I want my cattle back.

You know, I can
just read the epitaph.

"John Charron, the man
that opened the Charron Trail."

"The man who broke
Luke Cumberledge."

Sure is quiet.

It's been like this ever
since the marshal got back

from talking to
Luke Cumberledge.

Oh, draw one, will you, Sam?

Sure, Mr. Charron.

Well, Mr. Laskin, won't be long before
you're gonna have hooves and horns

as high as a June hay mound.

- Thanks.
- Biggest buy I've ever been in on.

Best price you ever
got too, I'll wager.

Tell me, what Luke Cumberledge
is gonna do doesn't worry you?

No. Why, worry you?

From all I've heard about him,
he's not one to underestimate.

Well, you're right about
that. I tell you what you do.

You go over to your hotel
and lock yourself in your room,

you stay right there
till this is all over.

Then you come look me up
and we'll do a little cattle selling.

I'll tell you this, I ain't gonna
be in that street when he rides in.

Matt... deep down
there was a touch of guilt.

- I won't deny that.
- There was, huh?

But not enough to make
me turn my back on this.

But just enough...

Well, I mean, this
being your town and all.

I went out there on the
street, midday, it was deserted.

It's still deserted.

Is that the way your townspeople
treat you when there's a threat of trouble?

They're just
following my orders.

- You're gonna handle this alone, huh?
- Festus'll be with me.

And you talk to me
about being stubborn.

Can't very well turn
my back on it, John.

Matt, this is between
Luke and me.

I wish that was true.

Matthew! Matthew,
they're coming in.

Cumberledge has got his herd
pulled up just outside of town

and he's riding in
with a passel of men.


Mr. Charron, anything
happens to Matthew out yonder,

you better make sure that I'm
stretched out right beside him,

because if I ain't, I'm gonna get
after you like thunder after lighting.

I'll take a oath on that.

Matt, my herd's
just outside of town.

I'm ready to do business
with that Chicago cattle buyer.

Luke, I want you to take your men,
turn around and ride out of here.

You better get that bunch out of
our way cos we're coming through.

Luke, I beat you fair. Now,
be man enough to admit it.

Getting your men all shot
up ain't gonna help nothing.

These boys made their
decision before we left Texas.

My hands got a stake in this too
if it's a fight that you're looking for.

You know, I never
knew either of you boys

to let somebody else
do your dirty work for you.

What are saying, Matt?

I'm saying that both of you are standing
behind other men's guns right now.

Maybe you better
straighten that out for me.

- Yeah, me too.
- All right.

I'm saying there was a time
when Charron and Cumberledge

could settle their
own differences

without having to kill off the
men that are working for 'em.

Now, you're not gonna stop this thing,
Matt, so you might as well quit jawing.

All right, but I'll
tell you one thing.

If a shootout starts here, you two
are gonna be the first ones to go down.

At least he won't
be getting my herd.

I'll buy two tickets to Hades
for the chance to beat him.

All right, two tickets, fine. But
what about the rest of these men?

You gonna take 'em with you?

I don't need these men
to help me beat him.

Well, I sure don't need
nobody to help me whop you!

Only thing that's gonna
be needed around here

is somebody to
bury your carcass.

Now, you men clear away.

Holtz, get 'em over
there out of the way.

All right, hold on here. I don't
want anybody else mixed up in this.

I want all you boys to
take your guns off right now.

- Just pile 'em right over here.
- You heard him.

Give the deputy a
hand. McKenny, get to it.

Get 'em out of here,
come on. Hurry it up.

Pile 'em right here, boys.

Get those horses off the street.

All right, come on,
get them gun belts off.

Get 'em in here. Hurry it up. Hurry
it up, everybody. Get 'em up here.

Do like Matthew says. Now, get
'em in here. Hurry it up, hurry it up.

Anytime, Matt.

You boys have come
a long way to this.

Yeah, a long way.

You know, I'll tell
you something.

I never knew a gun to
be the measure of a man.

I don't need no gun to
take care of the likes of him.

Well, I sure don't need one.

Get him.

Piece of cake, Mr. Charron. Easy
as licking your mama's frosting.

Get him. Come on.

You was right as churchgoing,

you didn't need no help
from us, Mr. Charron.

Get him.

- They're sure gonna need you, Doc.
- Looks like it.

Soon as I get my wind,
I'm gonna finish you.

If you need a rest,
you take it. I'll wait.

You don't know
it, but you're beat.

Not nearly, I ain't.

Break it up. I guess you two still
haven't learned anything, have you?

All right, you're coming with
me right now, both of you.

Going in here.

Sit down right here.

Bring us a bottle,
will you, Sam?

Now, I wanna ask
you boys something.

Did you learn anything from
what happened out there?

Well, he learned that on his
best day he couldn't whip me.

Well, all you did was kick
up a lot of dust yourself.

All right, let me
tell you something.

That's all you boys have
been doing for the last ten years

is kicking up a lot of dust.

Neither one of you held the other
one down for any length of time.

Well, that may be true,
but I'll tell you one thing.

Well, now, let me
tell you something.

Did you ever stop to think

instead of wasting all that
time fighting each other,

you'd be a whole lot better
off forming a partnership?

- A partnership?
- Him and me?

- That's right. Why not?
- Ah!

Well, because
he'd... well, he'd...

He'd what?


Matt, sometimes you... I
swear, you talk like you're addled.

You just give me one
good reason, either of you.

You give me a little
time, I'll think of one.

- That's right, he'll think of one.
- All right.

In the meantime, we'll just
have a little drink and talk it over.

- That's a good idea, I'll tell you.
- All right. There you are.

Well, Luke, I'm fried if I
can think of one reason,

excepting, of course,
you can't fight worth a lick.

Yeah, maybe a good idea just to have
you around once in a while to pound on.

I might make a mark for myself
didn't have to spend all my time

making sure he didn't
swindle me out of something.

Tell me something, Charron, can
you drink any better than you can fight?

Oh, now, now, you
come to the right place.

You just pour them
drinks, boy, yeah.

I'll still be right here on my feet
when they lug you out through there.

- Watch that spillage there, boy.
- Yes, sir.

Go on, drink up
there. That's good.

Want me to look 'em over, Matt?

No, no. We'd better leave
'em alone for a while, Doc.

It looks like maybe they're
settling things after all these years.

- There's only one problem.
- What's that?

I may run out of whiskey.

Miss Kitty, bring us another
bottle. This ain't gonna last long.

- Bring us two bottles.
- Yeah.

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.

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