Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 13, Episode 11 - Stranger in Town - full transcript

Harvey Cagle, a resident of Dodge, owes money to someone in another town. He tries to convince the man he owes to give him time to pay him back, but the man gives him only a few weeks. While there he sees a gunfighter, named Dave Reeves, kills someone and decides to hire him to kill his partner Carl Anderson so that he could get control of the business they share. When Reeves arrives he finds out that the woman Anderson is seeing is his wife, who left him a few years ago, and this makes him want to kill Anderson more.

Gunsmoke, starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

End of the month?

But that's only three
weeks off, Shamrock.

You got to give me
more time than that.

You've had two months already.

I figure if you can't find that
much by then you never will.

And that would be too bad.

You'll get it, I swear.

But three weeks.

You got a partner over in Dodge.

Oh, no, no, he don't
know anything about this.

You're part of the
business, aren't you?

Yeah, but we don't do
much cash business.

And I've already
borrowed as much as I can.

Your problem, Cagle.

You should've thought about that
before you got in a no-limit game.

Yeah, but...

- Shamrock.
- End of the month.


Can't have anything happen
to you until I get my money.



- You had your breakfast?
- Just finished. You?


No hurry.

Figure I'll get something
before I leave town.

End of the month.

- Who was that?
- Name's Dave Reeves.

Come all the way from
Cheyenne to kill that fella.

- He's a professional...
- Gunfighter?

- That's what he is, mister.
- Listen...

What do you figure it'd
cost to hire a man like that?

He'd kill a man for
a hundred dollars.

The only thing I said was,
I just plain old ain't hungry.

I can't believe that.
You must be sick.

I ain't sick.

Well, I know you were gambling
all night at Chalk Beeson's.

You're probably out of
money, that's what it is.

Why don't you just
read me a sermon?

No, I think an empty belly is
better for you than a sermon.

And I'm not going to invest
another nickel in feeding you.

I don't recollect
asking you to feed me.

No, of course, you
just been spending...

- Doc giving you a bad time?
- No, he ain't bothering me.

- Well, I was just making conversation.
- Well, don't try and give me...

I am plum stuffed up to here
with conversation with this old goat.

I never saw that fella before.

I saw him before.

Well, that fella has kicked up
ruckuses all over this part of the country.


Name's Dave Reeves.

- Gunfighter?
- You betcha.

Wonder what he's doing here.

Well, Mathew will
want to know that, too.

- Say, Carl?
- Uh-huh?

Mind if I step out
for a quick bite?

Well, no. Go ahead. I'll
stay here till you get back.

Oh, was you
figuring on going out?

Well, uh...

Thought I'd keep an
eye on the Long Branch.

Anne is over there fitting
a dress for Miss Kitty.


I just thought I'd get
a chance to say hello.

- Well, in that case, you...
- No. No. Go ahead. I'll manage.

Well, I'll be back in a jiffy.

Oh, by the way, Carl,
that put me in mind,

Otis over at the bank

asked again about that
mortgage on the yard.

You still ain't
interested, are you?

No, Harve.

I don't see any need
for it. We're doing fine.

Well, he just thought you
could use a little ready cash.

Seeing there might be a wedding.

Does it show that much?

Only enough so the whole town's
betting what day she'll say yes.

Thought you might be thinking
about a new house or something.


Well, with a fancy
new wife and the boy...

Ah, Anne's not fancy.
She's pretty hardheaded.

No, we'll get along
without any mortgage.

That's what I figured.
Well, I'll tell Otis.

You been gambling again, Harve?

What makes you
ask a thing like that?

My bringing up
that mortgage, Carl?

You seem pretty anxious
about money lately.

Well, to tell you the truth, I
thought you might jump at it.

Might be thinking to buy me
out, my share of the business.

Harve, now why would
I do a thing like that?

- Well...
- Look, we're partners.

And more than
that, we're friends.

Well, sure, Carl.

Been friends a long time.

And will be for a long time yet.

Anne and the boy
won't change that.

There is one thing ought
to change though, Carl.

Agreement we had if anything
happened to either of us,

the other would
get the business.

Now, with a wife and son...

you'll want to leave them fixed.

It's no more than right.


We'll worry about that
when the time comes.

If it comes.

She hasn't said yes yet.

Why, she will, Carl.

I'm betting real soon.

Be right back.


Mr. Reeves?


You got here.

I said I would.

I can't pay anything
down like you wanted,

but I promise the
whole thing as soon as...


It'll cost you more that way.

More than a hundred dollars?


I won't pay it.

Well, suit yourself.

You'd throw away a hundred
dollars? Come all this way for nothing?

I do a lot of traveling.

Besides, I figure you'll
pay at three hundred.

How do you know?

Because you haven't got
the guts to do it yourself.

I can have this
by this afternoon.

Oh, that'll be fine.

Well, you come
take me to dinner?

Yeah, I thought maybe we'd join
Festus and Doc over at Delmonico's.

- I want to talk to Anne for a minute.
- All right, fine.

I'll see you later, Anne.

What is it, Matt? Did
Billy get in trouble?

No, no. No trouble. He's
over at the office there,

he's going to help me
catch some outlaws.

Where does he get his
interest in those things?

Well, I don't know.

He's a real boy, I
guess it's natural.

And I'm just being a mother.

What was it you wanted
to talk to me about?

Well, Anne, Festus just saw
Dave Reeves ride into town.

It was bound to happen
someday, I guess.


I guess...

after eight years...

I was just pretending
to myself it wouldn't.

Now, look, he may just be
passing through, I don't know.

I... I just thought
I'd better tell you.

Do you suppose he's
found out about Billy?

Well, that's possible.

I guess it'd be only
natural for a man

to want to see the son
he never knew he had.


- Thank you, Matt.
- Sure, we...

we wouldn't want to see
anything happen, especially now.

I wish people wouldn't
go on about Carl and me.

Well, Anne, people like
you. They like both of you.

I wish I'd told Carl about Dave.

By the time things
got serious, you know...

it was hard to do.

I hope I haven't
waited too late.

Anne! Good morning.

How lucky can a man be?
I just happened to step out

- at the right time.
- Carl, I'm awfully sorry.

I'm in a terrible hurry.
Would you excuse me?

I thought we could get
together for dinner and...

Oh, I... I'd like to
really, but I can't. I...

What about tonight? I
can come over and...

Oh, no not... not tonight.

Maybe tomorrow night.

That's him over there
talking to the woman.

Who is she?


Name's Anne Madison.

She and Carl are
sweet on each other.

That a fact.

This job's getting more
interesting by the minute.

Maybe you can tell me, ma'am.

That dressmaker over there, is
that the one they call Madison?

What do you want her for?

Well, maybe I
want to buy a dress.

Well in that case, you'd
better send the lady around.

Look a little strange on you.

Let's go, horse.

Whoa. Hi, Miss Kitty.

Well, hey there, Billy, Spud.

What are you two up to today?

I'm playing Mr. Dillon.
Spud's my deputy.

Me and him are
after some outlaws.

Well, I sure hope
you catch them.

Oh, we always do, Miss Kitty.

Ma says to go right in.
Your dress is all ready.

Thank you.

I'll go check on Carpenter's
Crossing, Marshal.

I'll see if they're heading
towards the border, deputy.

Let's go, horse.

- Hey.
- Howdy, Mister.

- You live in that house?
- Yep.

- What's your name, boy?
- Billy.

- Billy, what?
- Billy Madison. What's yours?


Dave Reeves.

- You ever hear that name?
- Huh-uh. You live around here?

- How old are you, Billy?
- Eight.

Look, I got to go. There's some
outlaws I got to catch up with.

Oh, now wait a minute. You
said you're eight years old?

Well, almost.

I'll be eight my next
birthday. I'm really only seven.

Look, I got to go.

If, um, that doesn't
fit, well, then I'll...

come down and fix it.

Well, I'm... I'm sure
it's gonna be fine.

Take care of yourself, Anne.

- Anne?
- It's all right, Kitty.


It's Spud's, Ma.

I'm just holding it.

I'll give it back to him.

Me and your Ma got
some talking to do, Billy.

Why don't you go play, huh?

Do I have to give it
back right away, Ma?


Spud's gun. Do I have
to give it back right away?

No. You go get
them outlaws, boy.

Let's go, horse. Let's
ride over that way.

Well, you seem to be doing
all right without a husband.

I've managed.

You didn't tell Billy anything.

Obviously you haven't.


Eight years old.

Is that why you ran out on me?

I couldn't let him grow up
with a man like you for a father.

I was man enough for you.

You were a lot of
things for me, Dave.

I wanted him to have a
father he could respect.

He couldn't look up to a killer.

I'm not a killer.
I'm a gunfighter.

- Is there a difference?
- A big difference.

Every man I killed
had a gun in his hand.

He was trying to kill me.

But the odds were
always on your side.

And as big as I can make them.

Living gets to be a habit.

You didn't even
give him my name.


Just wiped me clean
out of your lives, huh?

Well, living with you
was never easy, Dave.

With a child coming,
it was impossible.

So you're back to calling
yourself Anne Madison, huh?

It seemed sensible.

What lie did you
tell him about me?


I've let him think
you were a marshal.

A marshal?

He's very fond of the
marshal here in our town. I...

I just... let him think that
you were killed doing a job.

I'm hoping he can
go on believing that.

He's my kid.

What do you expect me to do,

just ride out of here as
though he didn't exist?

Like he didn't matter?

If he does matter, you will go.

What do you want?

I just want to get
to know my kid.

Just... don't...

say anything to him for a while.

- Please.
- He's my boy.

Yes, he's your
boy. That's just it.

I begged you to
give up that gun!

You wouldn't do
it! You still haven't!

And be what? A farmer?

- A soft-bellied storekeeper?
- And be my husband.

I'm still your husband.

Aren't I?

You hoped I'd find you.

Part of me did, for a while.

But I gave up that
hope a long time ago.

Mom, Mom!

Mom! It's Uncle Carl. And
he brought you some flowers.

I came by to see how you were.

Thought you might like these.

Thank you.

Carl, this is Dave Reeves.

Carl Anderson.

- Hello.
- Anderson.

Uncle Carl?

Can me and Spud
come over to your office

and guard it from outlaws?

You know I was figuring
on asking you just that.

Right now?

Well, I thought
maybe... tomorrow,

and then we could all go
down to Delmonico's for dinner.

Hey, swell.

By the way, you know we were
talking about Napoleon yesterday?

The Emperor of France
we put on that island?

Uh-huh, and what was
the name of that island?


- What's this?
- Read it.

Able was I

'ere I saw Elba.

Now read it and
spell it backwards.





Able was I

'ere I saw Elba.

That's a boy.

It's called a palindrome.

Reads the same forwards
as it does backwards.

I'm gonna show this to Spud.

You do that.

Well, I guess I'd
better be getting back.

No, there's no need.

Dave's just leaving.

Oh? Well, Reeves,
it's been a pleasure.


I'll be back tomorrow. What
do you say we go fishing?

- Really?
- Why not?

Well, Anne...?

What about guarding
the freight office?

Oh, yeah.

Well, I figure your
Uncle Carl will let you off.

Please, Ma? Uncle Carl?

- All right.
- Boy, swell!

I'll drop by about ten. And
do me something, will you?

Call me, Dave, okay, Bill?

You bet, Dave. Ten
o'clock. I'll be ready.

Good boy.


Golly, Ma, fishing.

Why don't you go on out and play
with Spud a while before supper?


That Reeves,
he's a forceful fella.


He is that.

Billy seemed to take to him.

Yes. He's...

He's someone I
knew a long time ago.

I gathered.

He won't be here very long.


At least I hope not.

Oh, well...

Would you like some coffee?

That'd be fine.

That'd be just fine.



Of course you're
gonna get your money.

I'm telling you, if anything
happens to Anderson,

the business is mine,
to do what I want with.

I can mortgage it
or sell it or whatever.

What's to keep you from
selling your half now?

Well, I just can't do that.

Sale'd prove you
dipped into the till, huh?

That's no concern of...

When are you gonna do it?

- I have time.
- I've got less than three weeks.

Is that a fact.

Something you
ought to know, mister.

Carl don't wear a gun.

He will when the time comes.

Why don't you just
shoot him from cover?

Well... get it over
with, will you?

You figure this Anne
Madison's gonna marry him?

Why shouldn't she?
She's just a seamstress.

Carl's a good catch for her.

Why do you ask that question?

Just so it don't make
no difference in our deal.

No difference.

- Matt.
- Kitty.

I was... by your office earlier.

Oh, anything wrong?

- I'm not sure.
- What is it?

Well, I kind of thought
you ought to know that

that gunfighter named Reeves was by
Anne Madison's house this afternoon.


She said it was all
right and let him in, but...

Just thought you ought to know.

Well, Kitty, Dave Reeves
is Anne's husband.

- What?
- Yeah.

- Well, I thought her husband was dead.
- I did too.

Well, that's what
most people think.

She left him seven or eight years
ago when she was gonna have the child.

Well, maybe that explains her
attitude toward guns and the like.


- Carl Anderson know that?
- She hasn't told him yet.

I don't know whether this
means anything or not, Matt...

Coming in from Murphy's a
while ago, I saw that Dave Reeves,

and it looked like he was
heading out Carl's way.

Better head out
there. I'll see you later.

Ah, Reeves.

Good evening.

- Nice night.
- Yeah.

- You interested in buying?
- What?

Well, it might be I'll be looking for
a bigger place one of these days,

and you seem
interested in my property.

I could say the same thing.

Well, I'm afraid I don't
know what you mean by that.

Is that a fact.

What did Anne tell you about me?

Well, that you were
someone she once knew, why?

Yeah, I suppose you
could put it that way.

- I'd guess it was more than that.
- You would, huh?

I guess we're rivals of a sort.

- Rivals?
- Aren't we, Mr. Reeves?

What makes you
think I'd want her?

You'd be a fool if you didn't.

If I did, I'd take her.

- Maybe you would.
- I guarantee it.

But you wouldn't take her
without a fight, Mr. Reeves.

Well, I wouldn't mind that.

I don't mean your kind.

- Think she's worth fighting for?
- She is.

And just how do you know that?

That could mean a lot of things.

Have you got any
doubts to what I mean?

Not anymore.

Hold it.

That's enough.

You want to try?

You all right, Carl?

- Yeah.
- All right.

Yeah, I'm all right.

All right, you're
coming with me.

I didn't start this.

- Let's go.
- No. Wait, Matt.

He's right.

He didn't start it.

I did.

And I'm making no complaints.

All right.

All right, why don't
you go in the house.

All right.

I'll do that.

What did you prove
by that, Reeves?

- You know me?
- Yes, I know you.

I want to tell you something.
I want you to stay away

- from Carl Anderson.
- Now, hold on.

And I want you to stay
away from Anne Madison.

- There's something you don't know.
- I know you're her husband.

I'm also the father of her kid.

And the law can't come
between a man and his family.

It can if the family
doesn't want him.

And how do you know
Anne doesn't want me?

Kind of man she has to
run from, hide her child from?

You and the whole town got a
new husband picked out for her.

A new father for her kid.

Well, it hasn't happened yet.

And just maybe it never will.

How come they don't
bite, Mr. Reeves?

I told you to call me Dave.

Dave, how come
the fish don't bite?

Takes time.

Been a long time already.

Well, it takes patience, too.

I thought fishing was fun.

It is fun.

All kids like to fish.

How come your Ma never took you?

She's a girl.

Anyway, she's busy working.

How about this fella
you call Uncle Carl?

He's kind of busy, too,
but we play sometimes.

Sometimes he
rides me on his back.

On his back?

Yeah, you know, like a horse.

- What's the matter with a real horse?
- I never sat a real horse.

You mean, nobody's
ever taught you to ride?

I don't have a horse.

Besides Mom says I might fall.

Well, you probably would.

Could get hurt.

No hurt that would
stay with you.

You hungry?

Sort of.


What is it?

Jerky. Beef jerky.

Smells like smoke.

Here, cut yourself a piece.

You know, it was fun being with
you even if we don't catch any fish.

Well, be careful how
you handle that knife.

There you go.

It's good.

'Course it's good.

Spud wanted to come
with us this morning.

Well, he's your friend,
why didn't you ask him?

Yeah, but I wanted it to
be just you and me, Dave.

Gonna stay in Dodge long?

- I don't know.
- Hope you are.

Sure am thirsty.


The beef jerky. It
made me thirsty.

Well, there's a whole
pond right in front of you.

Can I drink that?

Well, you can if you can lie on your
belly and stick your face in the water.

Here, give me the pole.

Careful you don't
swallow a tadpole.

Boy, that sure is good.


Sure am glad you
asked me to go fishing.

Though we haven't
caught any fish?

Even... Yeah, even that.


- Dave?
- Hmm?

You ever kill anybody
with your gun?


Marshal Dillon says
he has once or twice.

- He did, huh?
- Yeah.

Bet you did, too. More
than once or twice, I'll bet.

Yeah, it's been more
than once or twice.

I knew it.

Spud's uncle got
killed with a gun.

He was a drover and he
got in a fight and he got killed.


Are you a marshal
like Mr. Dillon?

No. I'm not a marshal.

All the men he killed
were bad men and outlaws.

Were the ones you
killed bad men, too?

There were those who
said they needed killing.

Someday I'm going to have a gun.

What'll you do with it?

Kill bad men and outlaws.

You know, Billy, most times when
you shoot at people, they shoot back.

Yeah. I know.

But I'll be like
Mr. Dillon and you.

I'll kill them
before they kill me.

You ever shoot a gun?

Never even held a real one.

Leave the hammer down.

- It's heavier then I thought.
- It's got a good heft to it.

Can I shoot it?

Now, it's a single action.

Now, pull the hammer back.

But remember, it takes
just a touch to fire it.

And that trigger's
been set to a hair.

Fishing couldn't be worse.

Now, aim at that piece of wood.

I hit it!

Aim at that cat tail.

Try again.

I hit it!

It sure is.

Now we'll... take
these spent shells out.

Two out of four, that's
pretty good, isn't it, Dave?

You bet it is.

Bet with some practice I could be
just as good as you and the marshal.

Yeah, well, like you
said, it takes practice.

Here, put these shells in.

- You know something?
- What?

Being with you is just about
the most fun I've ever had.

Sure hope we can
go fishing again.

Well, I don't see
any reason why not.

Just you and me.

Hey, think we got something!

Ma, Ma!

Look, I caught it myself.

That's a big fish.

Can we have it for supper?

Huh, please, Ma?

Yes, just put it in some cold
water and I'll clean it later.

I want to show it to Spud.

You'd better get it on ice.

I will. Ma, we had a swell time.

I ate beef jerky, and I
cut it with Dave's knife,

and I drank out of the pond...

and I shot Dave's gun.

You... better get over to your
friend Spud's with that thing

and get it on
ice like I told you.

Okay, Dave.

You just had to show
him the glory of it all, huh?

That wasn't the reason.

What was it?

He's a boy.

He'll be a man. A
man needs to know.

You know he could
have shot himself.

I held it with him.

What is it you want, for him to
become the image of his father?

The image of what
his father could be, yes!

You couldn't do it!

It's too late.

I could try.

Now you tell me that
don't mean anything.

It only means...

that all you know is force.

I know you.

I know how it was.

And I know you'll never
be happy being married

to some soft-bellied town punk.

I wasn't really sure
myself till you came back.

You don't love him.

What is love, Dave?

It's tenderness,

compassion, thoughtfulness.

That's what Carl
has for Billy and me.

What have you got?

You'll never marry him.

I will now, if he asks me.

I said you'll never marry him
because he is as good as dead.

Unless you come away
with me. You and the boy.

I'll give up gunfighting, the
thing you always wanted.

We'll start over,
the three of us.

It wouldn't work, Dave.
You know it wouldn't work.

Are you afraid to try?

I can't, for Billy's sake.

He already admires you
for all the wrong reasons.

I couldn't do it, Dave, please!

Not even to save
Anderson's life?


You think about that.


Hey, Dave.

- Dave.
- Billy, what...

What are you doing out on
the streets this time of night?

I just came from Spud's.
You're a gunfighter.

Were'd you hear that?

Spud's pa heard some
people talking in the saloon

and he told Spud's ma.

A real gunfighter!

It's true, ain't it?

Yeah, it's true.

Boy, when I told
Spud I shot your gun...

is that the same one you use
when you shoot it out with them?

Now hold on, Billy.


That means something
special to you, does it?

Come on, Dave.

Hey, you know
Doc Holliday and...

- That's enough.
- You know what?

I wish you were gonna be
my pa instead of Uncle Carl.


When I grow up, I'm
gonna be just like you.

All the wrong reasons.


Get on home.

- But, Dave...
- You heard me.

Go on home. Keep off my back.


Now, I'm not
gonna tell you again.

Get away from me and stay
away. I got no more time for you.

Dave, what did I do?

I didn't mean nothing. Honest.

You don't go on home,

I'm gonna tan your
feathers good. Now, get!

- Dave?
- Go on!

Carl, please listen to me.
You have got to go somewhere.

Hide. Do... do something.

Just get out until
he gets out of town.

- I can't do that, Anne.
- He will kill you!

- Maybe.
- He's a professional gunfighter.

- You wouldn't have a chance.
- Anne, listen to me.

No, I won't listen! I'm
gonna go get the marshal.


Yeah, what is it, Louie?

Why last night,

I seen that Dave Reeves fella

meeting Carl Andersen's
partner, Harvey Cagle,

out behind the freight yard.

Harvey Cagle?

Thick as two thieves they was.

What do you make of that?

Oh, but I'm gonna
go find Matthew.

Much obliged, Miss Kitty.

I heard you want me.

You threatened to kill me.

Don't push it,
Anderson, or I might.

I'm just telling you.

Get out of town and
leave Anne alone.

Nobody tells me what to do.

I just did.

Anderson, don't press it.

Reeves, just
hold it right there.

There's no trouble, Matt.

Reeves was just leaving town.

That right?

I'm leaving.

Well, Matt, I'm sure glad
I didn't have to use this.


Saves me looking.

I thought you was a gunman.

You sure made a mess of this.

Well, I'm not gonna kill
Anderson, if that's what you mean.

- What?
- I can't make it much clearer.

You're goin' soft on account
of that woman and the kid?

You can't back down
on our deal now.

I can.

But if I do just that,
and leave town,

then you'll just hire another
gun to kill him for you.

It'll be easier too, because
whoever does it, I get the blame.

I don't know what you're
talking about, Reeves.

If I were to tell Anderson,
he wouldn't believe me.

And if I were to turn
you in to the marshal,

you'd just deny everything.

So that only leaves
me one thing, Cagle.

If Anderson lives, then Anne
and the kid have a chance.


And if I'm gonna get
blamed for a murder,

it might as well be one
of my own choosing.




Why? Why did you kill Cagle?

That's enough. That's enough.

He was unarmed. You know that?

I knew it.

Ma! Ma! What happened?

Never mind.


And what happened to Mr. Cagle?

What happened?

Never mind, Billy. Never mind.

Must've had a reason for that.

Cagle bring you to Dodge?

You think anybody would
believe that, Marshal?

You'd better tell me, Reeves,
it could get you the rope.

Well, I met a lot
of Cagles in my life.

I just never like any
of them all that much.

Reason enough?

Stay tuned for scenes
from next week's Gunsmoke.