Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 6 - Gunfighter, R.I.P - full transcript

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(birds chirping)

- Wake up. He's here.
- (man mutters)

About time.

Now we can get going.

Rub him down.

Feed him up.

What's he doing?

Take it easy.

We'll wait for him inside.



That's the sixth
bucket of rinse water.

Towel, huh?

Huh? Yeah, towel.

Here, here.

That's the fourth.

- Give me a mirror.
- Fourth towel.

Here... here, here you are.

Let's see, that's, uh...

All right, where are
my clothes, huh?

Oh, I'll get 'em
for you in a minute.


Ching Lee, where
are them clothes?

Come on! Get 'em
over here in a hurry!

Ooh, that's, uh...

(stammers): Hey,
that's good stuff there.

Yeah, I know.

Comes all the
way from St. Louis.

Is that a fact?

At a mighty high price.

Let's see, that's, uh...

That was, uh, six...
six buckets of hot water.

It was five.

It was six buckets of hot water.

Four towels.

Come on in! Come on in!

Shut the door after you.

It's about time
you're getting here.

You used a half a
bottle of that stuff.

Go on, put 'em down over there.

Give me that towel, huh?

Here, here.

Well, pay her.

- What?
- Pay her.

I'll take care of you later.

Oh, all right.

Here you are, here you are.

Now, go on, get out of here.

(muttering): That
was 35 cents there...

What they call this?
The witch hazel, huh?

If you're going to pay
for it, you can use it.

(quiet chuckle)

What's keeping
him? It's over an hour.

It's worth waiting for.

Maybe he don't need that $1,000.

Take it easy.

There he is.

MAN: My laundry! My laundry!

MAN 2: You've spotted
me for the last time!

MAN: (shouts in
Chinese) my laundry!

The last time.

The laundry! Give it to me.

- (grunting, shouting)
- What you doing?

Listen, fella... I
gave you a warning.


Now, I gave you three shirts,
and you only sent me two!

WOMAN: No! Please!

(shouting over one another,
man shouts in Chinese)

Let me have some
of that laundry.




(woman shouting, screaming)


Hey, get out of the way, huh?

I said out of the way.


What's he doing?

Oh, Father.

Hold it!

I said hold it!


That was a bad move.

He's dead!

(woman sobbing)

(woman sobbing)

You wanted Bascome.

There he is.

Shut up.

Shut up, huh?

Just tell me how you're going
to go about getting Dillon now.

(theme music playing)


(raspy breathing)




(Bascome groaning)

(doorbell jangling)

Here are his saddlebags.

Your, uh...

your father has
been took care of.

Thank you.

He's dying.

The nearest doc's in Dodge.

That's three hours or better.

The looks of him,
he'd never make it.

I could go.

Will you stay with him?

I can't leave him here alone.

Look, I've got business
to take care of...

Oh, please, please.

I'll pay you for your time.

- Well...
- Please.


Well, all right, go ahead.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Doctor! Doctor!

- Are you the doctor?
- Well, yes.

Will you come with me?

A man has been shot.

I'll get my bag.


How is he?

Well, I don't know yet.

He's a very brave man.

And you have some grit yourself.

If you hadn't cauterized
that bullet wound,

you wouldn't have had to
come into Dodge after me,

tell you that.

But it wasn't enough, was it?

Well, I don't know about that.

We'll have to wait till
that swelling goes down.

I'm kind of concerned
about nerve damage there.

Nerve damage?

He might lose that arm.


I've tied that leg up like that

because those muscles
will heal better that way.

I don't want him to
move when he wakes up.

You won't let him, will you?

No, I won't.

And let him have some
food, when he comes to...

Something that will
give him nourishment,

like a good strong soup.

Will you do that?

Yes, of course I will.

All right, I'll get
back into Dodge now,

but I'll be back.

Doctor, thank
you for everything.

No, no, no, never
mind about that.

He'll take care of it.

Oh, please, I want to pay.

I owe him so much.

Seems to me he owes
you something, too.

Get some sleep.

Thank you.


(Bascome calls out,
mutters incoherently)


(Bascome yells)

Get this off of me!

- Please, don't move.
- Get it off me!

- Please don't move your muscle.
- Who did this to me?

The doctor. Your leg is in a...

Get it off.

- Don't move.
- Don't just stand there.

Untie it! Untie it!

I will not, and you mustn't try.

You're wounded, and
you're going to start bleeding.

Now, please!

I don't care what no
doctor said, now, untie me.

I said untie me!


Who are you?

My name is Ching Lee.

Welcome to my home.


The doctor said you should
eat when you're awake.

I've kept the soup...

hot for you.

It will be very good.

Here you go.

Why did you do that?

Nobody's going to spoon-feed me.

Where's my gun?


Might as well
be sitting in jail.

Ain't no difference.

Are you going to shut up?

As soon as doc comes
out, we'll talk to him.


He's the one I'd like
to get my hands on.

That's your trouble.

You've got muscles for brains.

Yeah? Well, I ain't done so bad.

No, you ain't done so bad.

Spent six years in prison
on account of your...

Don't start that again.

Oh, you're clever. (chuckles)

You'd shoot Dillon in the
back in some alley, huh? Hmm?

Yeah, that's right.

No, that's not right.

Look, it's much better my way.

We let Bascome
do the job for us.

A fair fight.

Then the law can't
come down on us, right?

Aw, come on, sawbones.

Get on out of there.

Now squeeze.

Was that the best you
can do? Squeeze it.

All right, all right.
That's enough.



"Well" what?

I won't have to amputate.

You know you don't
have to amputate.

What about my leg?

It's going to be all right.

Well, then, get me out of
this contraption then, will you?

Well, not if you ever
want to use it again.

Well, how long do you
figure that's going to take?

If you're lucky,
two or three weeks.

Three weeks?

Why, you going
someplace, are you?

No, no, I got nowhere to go.

I heard what you
did for her father.


Well, it's kind of
unusual nowadays,

for anybody to stand
up to three guns

for an old man.

Oh, yeah, well, uh...

it just, uh, happened.

I suppose so.

Well, that's all I
can do for you,

but I'm leaving
you in good hands.

You pay attention to
what Ching Lee tells you,

and you'll be all right.

Thank you, Doctor.

I'll get some money.

I got money.

Get my pants.

That be enough?

It will ride.

Good luck to you.

Thank you, Doctor,

for everything you have done.

Young lady, if you're
ever out of a job,

I can use a good nurse.


(doorbell jangling)

Can I help you?

We'd like to see Joe Bascome.

Are you friends of his?

Business acquaintances.

Oh, all right.

Go in.


That's what we're
paying $1,000 for.

You looked real good, Bascome,

against them three.

- (scoffs)
- How much you make for it?

Of all the fool crazy stunts...

Our deal is still on.

Why, you can't even
reach your own pistol

hanging on the bedpost.

How you gonna face Dillon?

I'll face him.

Yeah. When?

A week, a month, two months?

How do we know you'll still
be able to take him after this?

Maybe you'd like to face Dillon.

Or what about you?

Or maybe you found
somebody else to do the job?

If we had, we wouldn't be here.

Now get out of here.

I'm sick of your small talk.

We'll be seeing you.

One minute,
dinner will be ready.


(groans quietly)

(yells harshly)

What are you doing?

You just stick to your cooking.

You know you must
not move around much.

You're going to
start bleeding again.

I don't have to take
orders from you.

Can I help?


(utensils clicking,
plate rattling)


Oh, be careful!

Oh, God!

Don't sneak up on me like that.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to.

I'm just a little
jumpy, that's all.

I understand.

You do, huh?

The doctor said not to walk
on your leg for a week yet.

You got any
whiskey in the house?


Would you like me
to get you some?

Yeah, yeah, you do that.

Here-Here's some money.

Oh, no! I have
enough, thank you.

I have got some wine.


It was my father's.

It's very old and very good.

He drank very little at a time.

He was afraid to run out.

It's very good.

Well, aren't-aren't you
going to have some?

Oh, yes.

Chung ming fu kwai.


Chung ming fu kwai.

Health and happiness.

Oh, yeah.

Chung ming fu kwai.

Chung... ming...






You don't like it?

Yeah, it's-it's, uh...

it's-it's-it's not, uh,
it's-it's very interesting.

I get some whiskey.

No, really, you don't have to.

It's very, uh...

(doorbell jangles)

You've been splashing that
stuff down for two weeks now.

Well, ain't nothin' better
to do, that I've seen.

CHING LEE: May I have
a bottle of whiskey, please?

Hey, having a party?

- Hmm?
- Excuse me.

I said are you and
Bascome having a party?


Now what's going on back there?

Is he sick or ain't he?

Tell me the truth now.

Nah, come on, easy.

Now, see... we're just a little
worried about him, miss, huh?

What's he doing,
burrowing in for the winter?

Feeling better?

Yeah, I am. I... I am.

I'm glad.

Yeah, so am I, that's a fact.

You-you-you are the
workingest woman.


You want me to stop?

You want to talk?

Nothing to talk about.


No, no, no, I'll-I'll
take care of that.

It's too heavy for you.

Ah, it's not too
heavy for my arm.

I'll take care of it.


Well, is there...

Well, is there anything
else I can do for you?


(both laughing)


You have a nice laugh.

It's the sound of
laughter that's nice.

Are-are you gonna
wash all this over again?

No, just rinse it.

Well, uh...

Let's-let's have a drink.

I'll get the whiskey.

No, no, get the rice wine.

But you don't like it.

Well, it grows on you.

All right.

Just enough.

Chung ming... fu kwai.

Chung ming fu kwai.

No, don't.

You're... pretty.


Don't look like that arm's
giving you too much trouble.

You setting up in the
laundry business, Bascome?


All right, what do you want?

What do you think?

I think we've
waited long enough.

And I think we're
going to Dodge.

All right, I'll, uh, I'll see you
there in a couple of days.

You'll see us there tomorrow.

Or what?

Or the deal's off

and you can do all
the laundry you want.

$1,000 is a lot of money.

I want $500 now and
$500 when the job's done.



(sighs deeply)

You want something?


Bye, Joe.


Joe... Joe...

Joe, please don't go.

I love you, Joe.

Love you.

You what?

I love you.

(laughing quietly)

Is it funny I should love you?

Joe, why are you laughing?

I've wanted to laugh
like this for a long time.

You know how funny
you look there standing...

Look like, standing there-there,

telling-telling me
that you love me?

(laughing): You take everything.

Do you think I put myself
in front of those three guns

to save your father?
That old man?

He didn't mean anything to...

You don't mean anything to me.

I don't understand.

All right, then, I'll tell you.

In little simple words.

I was on my way to Dodge,
on business... my business!

When this stupid thing happened.

I had no choice of being here.

I didn't want to be here.

And then it got convenient.

That's right, convenient.

Well... (stammers)

I don't need your
convenience anymore.

I don't need you anymore.


It's simple.

Well, don't just stand there.

How much money do I owe you?

Give me, give
me, give me a bill.

I'll pay you off. How much,
how much do I owe you?


here, $20 ought to cover it.

Thanks for your services.

(doorbell jangling)


(sobbing continues, muffled)

Have a drink.


I was just by the
marshal's office.

He's not there.

He'll be in on the Abilene
stage, about 8:00 tonight.

You bring that, uh, little
laundry lady with you?

You tell him to hold his tongue,

or I'll tear it out of his head.

- Listen, uh...
- Shut up.

I'll be at the hotel,
if you want me.

(doorbell jangling)

Like I was a mailman.

Ching Lee!

Excuse me.

Never mind. Here.

What's that?

I don't know!

I hope it's important.

Why couldn't he
give it to you himself

instead of waking a man
up at the crack of dawn?

- Who?
- Oh, that friend of yours.

The one that got shot up.

(doorbell jangles)

(sighs quietly)

(jaunty piano music playing)

Well, hey, look who's here.

I'm looking for Joe.

Why you telling us?

You said you were
business acquaintances.

Now I understand what you meant.

Is that a fact?

Look, little lady, you just
leave Bascome alone.

Don't mess in this.

You hired Joe to kill someone!

- Shh!
- Shut up.


- Here, take this.
- What?

It's the money you gave Joe.


Take it back!

I'm giving it back to you

so he doesn't
have to do the job.

Will you shut up! Quiet!

Listen, I don't know
what you have in mind...

- No, I will not!
- Shh!

I want Joe to
live! Please don't...

- Shh!
- Take this money and get out of here!

- (crowd murmurs, shouts)
- Please! Leave me alone!

SAM: They're roughing up a girl.

Are you all right?

All right, you big brave men,

get out of here right now.

And don't come back.

(crowd murmuring)

Are you sure there's
nothing I can do for you?

MAN: How do you like her?

Always in trouble
with things like that.


Who is it?


It's me, Joe.

Open the door, please?

What are you doing
here? What do you want?


I want you, Joe.

Don't you listen
to me when I talk?

I listen to you. I
listen to your words.

That was my mistake.

Go home. I don't want you.

Go home!

What happened?

- Nothing.
- Tell me. What happened?

- No...
- I want to know what happened.

- No.
- Now tell me. Tell me!

I tried to make them
take back the money.

We don't need the money, Joe.

- You stay here.
- We don't need it.

Joe, no!

Don't be stupid.

Do it. Go ahead.


Do it!

Now, ease off, Joe.

Which one of you did it?

No, the girl was
shooting her mouth off.

It would've been all over town.

Which one?

It was me, but she was
shooting her mouth off.

Stand up.

You read.

Stand up.

Take off your gun belts.

Take them off!

Well, come on, Top Gun.

Let's see what you
can do with your hands.

If you even as much
as look at that girl,

I'll kill you both.

Now, as for Dillon, you
buy yourself another gun.

I'm going to kill him.

Sure you are.

It's your fault.

You had to get
Dillon by having him...

Shut up!

Well, come here.

This is as wrong
as anything can be.


It will never last.

It will last forever.


No, only until a better
gun comes along.

You will drop your gun.

And do what?

That's how I make my living.

You don't make
a living with a gun.

You make death.

Well, what can I do?

Maybe I should open a laundry?

That's a way to make a living.

(Bascome laughs)

Are all your people like you?


They are not as happy.

Sorry to bust in
like this, Bascome.

Don't move.

Take off the belt.


It's getting late.

What does that
got to do with it?

I told you to find
yourself another gun.

You're our gun, Bascome.

We talked it over.

You're going to meet
that stage at 8:00.

And if I don't?

We're gonna be
up here with a gun

pointed at your
little girlfriend's head.

If you don't kill him,

we kill her.

All right, sit down.

It's only 5:00.

We don't want you all tired out.

Dillon's pretty good.

Maybe better than me.

What happens if it don't
go the way you want it to?

She'll, uh... be alone
then, won't she, huh?

You'll be dead.

Shouldn't make no difference
to you what happens to her.

Oh, you're going to be
a big man, Bascome.

Even bigger than you are now.

Yeah, the man who
killed Matt Dillon.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For giving you hope.

For thinking that I
could just walk away

from everything that I was.

What are you doing?

Don't want to give him a
loaded gun here and now.

(wry chuckle)
He'd really like that.

It's about that time, Bascome.


take him downstairs.

He can load up down there.

Come on.


if anything goes wrong

I'll put a bullet in her head

before you can flick an eye.



I love you, Joe.

That's a very sweet picture.

Come on.

We'll be watching,
so play it right.

(dog barking in distance)

(sighs deeply)

I bet he'll want a drink.

I'll bring him right in.

Hello, Doc.

Matt, how are you?

Well, how have things been?

Nothing changed much.

BASCOME: Dillon!

My name is Bascome, Joe Bascome.

And I'm calling you.

Doc, better get out of the way.


Matt, bring her
into Dodge House.

(moans quietly)

(whispers): Well?

It's a little too soon to tell.

You mean she could die?

She's very badly hurt.

But there-there
must be something,

something you can do.

Well, Mr. Bascome, I'm
going to do everything I can.

Just could be the
rest is up to you.


I'm here.


I'm here.

ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for
scenes from next week's Gunsmoke.