Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 29 - Nitro: Part 2 - full transcript

To get the young man back to extracting nitroglycerin for them, the bank robbers offer him a straight-up deal of $5,000 per batch, with the understanding that they will soon leave the area and he can go in peace. The young man agrees, but soon finds that his nerves are shot. He recruits town drunk Louie Pheeters (James Nusser, who gets "And Featuring" billing) to do the job for him, but then stops it before it starts and tries to make the batch himself. But the trigger-happy thug murders a man, which finally leads Matt to capture the robbers. Meanwhile, unaware of what's going on, the young man is mixing the last batch ...

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(whistling softly)

We ought to be further back.

This is good enough.

(horse neighing)


This puts us out of
business, I suppose.

Doesn't have to.

Where you going to find
anyone as crazy as he was?

There's always somebody.

Haven't you learned that yet?

Thought I had more than that.

Excuse me.

Wait a minute.

Couldn't we just sit and talk?

I'm sorry, George.

It's my job.

(woman screams)

All I wanted was to talk to you.

But no, you got to have money!

A chance!

That's all a man needs.

But how does he get it?

You interested in a job, George?

I'll pay you $200 to start.


If you're paying me
that kind of money,

it's got to either be
dirty or dishonest.

Probably both.

Neither one.

It's fast, and it's easy.

What's the catch?

It's dangerous.

Nitro's like an oil.

When it starts to get hot,
it comes floating to the top.

You take this cloth...

very slowly.

You pick it up and let
the liquid strain through.

Then you skim it off the top,

and you put it in this bottle.

You move it real
slow and real easy.

Real slow and real easy.

Don't jostle it. Don't slosh it.

Don't even breathe on it.

You pour it into the bottle so.

Nothing to worry
about, if you're careful.


We've seen one or
two things hereabouts,

but it's the first time
Spearville has been

nigh blown off of the
map by nitroglycerin.

This is the closest they've
ever come to Dodge, too.

How much did they steal, anyhow?

- $8,267 in cash.
- FESTUS: Phew.

Then they've started up again.

Second one in two weeks.

Where are they
getting that stuff now?

GEORGE: Can I buy you a drink?

Part of the service, mister.


I can only say that the
change is wonderful.


It really is.

And I don't just mean the money.

But that is important, isn't it?

The money.

Kansas Petroleum
Development Company.

Land lease agreement.

At least these will be my
holdings come next Monday.

Mr. Farnum, I, uh...

I put together a little
less than $500 here.

Six months from now, George,
and you'll be worth thousands.

I'm all done with it.

I don't want to see
you fellas anymore.

We'll miss you.


Kind of makes a fella
feel good to be missed.

But, uh, there will be
somebody else along

to take my place,
won't there, Ben?

There's always
somebody else along.



We need more nitro.

Now, you make it,

or else that little lady's
going to have an accident.

Joe is very good at accidents.


(theme music playing)










What's he doing?

Who knows?


What's the problem?

$500, George.

Sure am glad you went
through with it, George.

I'll bet you are.

That little lady of yours

is a real sweet-smelling
bit of fluff.

Be a real sorry thing
if she was to get hurt.

That's enough, Joe.

No hard feelings, George.

Isn't there?

You can't walk
away from this now.

Not the way you
spend money, George.

What we gave you
last week, plus this...

It won't last forever.

You tell him to keep away
from Anne, or I'll kill him.

All right, you've
got my word on that.

Just as long as things stay
the way they are right now.

Let's go.

We've got business
to tend to in Bellefont.


(Bailey whistling softly)

(crickets chirping)

(whistling continues)

(whistling continues)

(whistling stops)

(sighs deeply)

(resumes whistling)

(whistling continues)

(stops whistling,
takes deep breath)

(crickets chirping)

(flame crackling)

(muffled explosion)




That's all. Let's go.

Come on!

Hold up there.



He gonna make it, Doc?

He hasn't got a chance.

Might have if I'd
have got here sooner.

Imagine a town this
size with no doctor in it?

Can I talk to him?

Better hurry.

Mister. Mister.

Did you get any kind of a look
at the man who did this to you?

Got a good look at
the one... shot me.

Real good.

He was riding a
white-faced chestnut,

about 25 hands.

Nice, solid animal.

Four white stockings.

Well, what about the
man? What did he look like?

There was three o... of 'em.


Well, you... you found out all
you're going to from him, Matt.

Our entire capital
assets were in that bank.

Isn't there anything we can do?

Aside from raising $20,000...


This can't have happened.

It just can't.

"When I awake from
this nightmare," says I,

"Byron Feiffer
Farnum is whipped."

There's got to be
something we can do.

(chuckles) That's amazing.


It stopped.

- (sighs)
- What time is it?

I don't know. Noon.

Land lease options pass
to Midwest Oil Company.

Kansas Petroleum
Development Company...

Cease to be.

It isn't fair.

I'm not one to argue on that.


You know, George,

we should've gone into
nitroglycerin business.


According to the marshal,

nitroglycerin was used
to blow the bank's vault.


ANNE: That's a shame.

George, I didn't
say so before, but...

I didn't have too much
faith in that scheme.

Maybe it's the best thing.

There was nothing wrong with it.

I know that.

But you can't just stand around

and wait for money to
pop out of the ground.

You have to get a
job and-and work for it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And it's not the
end of the world.

Oh, I'm not finished
yet... Not by a long shot.

I know that.

Louie Pheeters and the others...

They don't have to
know about this yet.

Of course not.

There's plenty of
time to hang crepe.

George, it's going
to be just fine.

You'll find a good job
without any trouble.

Oh, yeah.

And I'll make $26, $28 a
month for the rest of my life.

Well, most of us do.

Honey, I want a lot of things.

But I want even
more things for you.

And the things I want for you,
you don't buy for $28 a month.

My father's money
will carry me for a while.

I promise I'll find something.

I believe you.

I got to go.

George, are you
going to be all right?

I'll see you tonight after work?

If you like.

(both chuckle)

I thought maybe you
could finish the back rub.

ANNE: Mmm.

Good night.

I'll see you later.


May I help you, Mr. McClaney?

Uh, yeah, I'm looking
for Mr. Stearman.

Well, it happens he's
in room number nine.

- Thanks.
- But he isn't in now.

He and a couple of friends
are over at Delmonico's.

Thank you.

(door opens and closes)

You know what would
taste awful good right now?

Yeah, more.

(Ben chuckles)

- Sole almondine.
- BEN: Mmm.

Sole what?

Fish, New Orleans style.

That's Mr. Grits and Gravy.


When's the next job?

Just coffee.

Figured you'd be needing
some more, um... soup.

What are you up to, George?


We have a business deal.

After Bellefont, I...

You shut up about that.

All right, Joe.

How'd you know about Bellefont?

I know you did a little
better than $20,000.

Never mind. That's
your business.

But now I'm part
of that business.

So when's the next job?

I'm glad to say it'll
be some time yet.

We've, uh... we've retired.

We just want to
live a little, huh?

You were all full
of stubborn talk.

"I don't want to see
you men no more."

"I'm all through with it."

What happened, George?

You find out that little gal's
more expensive than you figured?

Is that it?

Couple of things
didn't work out.

As you said,
Mr. Stearman, I like money.

BAILEY: George.

How'd you spend it so fast?

That little fluff likes
a lot of fancy things.


What about it?

Well, like Bailey said,

we were going to
take a little vacation.

But if you're all
that anxious...


I was thinking about
that Coldwater job.

I guess.


You heard the man.


(lively piano music
playing, indistinct chatter)

I'm learning a lot
from watching Kitty.

And I think we
can make a go of it

with a place of our own.


Someplace up north,
maybe in the Dakotas.



The money's just
pouring in there.

It's booming.

And maybe in a year,

it's just as likely
to go broke again.


We have to pick a
good, substantial town

like Sioux Falls.

Or maybe Grand Forks.

Anything you say, honey.

One thing I want to
get settled right now...

I handle the business end of it.

(chuckles) Agreed.

And you can be out
front and meet the people.

Oh, I don't know. That's hard.

I'm not very good at that.

You're warm, and you're sincere.

People take to that.

Do they?



All we need is that four
or five thousand dollars.

You don't have that much.


But I...

My father had friends.

I know they'll help.

You really think so?

You leave everything to me.

Don't you worry about a thing.

It may take time,

but I promise you
I'll get that money.

All right.


ANNE: All we need is that
four or five thousand dollars.

You don't have that much.


But I...

You leave everything to me.

Don't you worry about a thing.

It may take time,

but I promise you
I'll get that money.

ANNE: All right.

GEORGE: I promise
you I'll get that money.

BEN: George!


So what?

So you haven't got it.

That's right. I haven't got it.

Why not, George?

I just don't. That's all.

You lost your nerve.



I don't know.

Well, I think I do.

You're in love.

When a man's in love, he...

he's got a lot to lose.

He's a bad risk when
his life is involved.

I can do it.

Can you, George?

You know, the law of
averages are against you.

And you're afraid
for the first time.

Look, I can get you the stuff.

I know I can get you the stuff.

I want an advance.


I want $5,000.


After Bellefont,
you can afford it.

All right, you got
a deal. $5,000.

If you can do it.

I can do it.

Do it for that pretty
little girl of yours.


Tell me.

I love you.

Don't you know that by now?

Anne, I haven't been
telling you the truth.

My father died two years ago.

I went through
everything he left me.

I don't have much money,
not the kind we need.

I see.

Does that make a difference?

Go on. You haven't finished.

I can get it.

Well, then?

What if I had to do
something risky to get it?

Would that make
any difference to you?

I don't understand.

Is it something outside the law?

No, there's no law
against it that I know of.

Tell me what it is.


Not now.

I don't understand
what you're talking about.

I've been poor all
my life, George.

Well, I guess...

if it isn't something
you can go to jail for...


I'll get the money for you.

It's not for me.

It's for us.

(door opens)

- Well, look at you.
- (door closes)

My, ain't that a sight.

Who are you?

Name's Pheeters.

Where you going?

I'm already there.

Where's that?

Hell, boy. Hell.

Time to put out the fire, Louie.

Or build one.

That our bottle, Georgie boy?

I want to talk to you.

Oh, come on, this ain't
no time for funnin'. I need it.

Do you have a family, Louie?


I don't know. I guess.

I've lost track.

How about friends?

I've got you.

And the marshal when
I mind my manners.


Yeah, here.

Mmm... (laughs)

Oh, you're my Georgie boy.




No, no, no, no.


The crystal ball, huh?


What do you see, Louie?

I see me 30 years ago.

I see the future.

I see money for you.


Easy money.

And right away.

I don't want no more.

Just a few more sips, Louie.

I'm fighting what
I got in me now.




No drink, Louie.

$200, it just... it
just ain't worth it.

You tell me that again tonight.

Come on, Louie.

Come on.

Try. Come on.



You want to tell me what it is?

How's that?

Steady enough.

Been a long time.


In the morning.

What is it?

Get some sleep.

I'll tell you in the morning.

(flame crackling quietly)

(birds chirping)

(flame crackling quietly)

(birds chirping)

(liquid bubbling quietly)

(birds chirping)


Louie, get out of the way.

What are you doing?

- Get out of here.
- It's ready.

Get out of here!

George, I was
just about to get it.

Do what I say.

Go back into town.

Forget what happened.

- Forget all about it.
- BEN: George?

Louie... look, stay here.

Don't let them see you.

BEN: George!

What do you want?

BEN: How's it coming?

GEORGE: Just started cooking.

You all right?

Don't worry about me.

When will it be ready?

GEORGE: Tonight.

JOE: Why so long?

GEORGE: If you're
in such a hurry,

you want to come
and cook it yourself?

Settle down, George.

Take it easy.

Whatever you say.

We'll see you tonight.

What's going on here?


Forget it.

Who are they?

Forget it, Louie.

Forget everything that
happened here today, okay?


I don't want that, Georgie.

Take it.

It's yours.

I didn't earn it.

I don't want no
handouts from you.


Louie, that's not a handout.

Now, come on. Take it.

Go, uh... go back into town
and buy yourself a crystal ball.

Come on, go.

When will I see you?

I don't know.

I'll be in touch.


Go on.



Hey, honey.

Your hands are just like ice.

Is something wrong?

No. I just wanted to see you.

George, what's the matter?

I just... I just wanted
to see you. That's all.

- Tell me what's wrong.
- Nothing.

Nothing, nothing.

That's ridiculous.

I can tell something's
going on with you.

We're going to be
all right, aren't we?

- You and me?
- Of course we are.

Promise me you'll
always be there.

- George, what's the matter?
- Tell me!

Tell me you'll be there.

I'll always be there.

I love you.

What is it?

Baby, I love you, I love you.

You can have
everything you want.

You can have everything a
woman could possibly want.

- I know.
- I swear it.

I have that right now.

You get packed.

- We're leaving tonight.
- What?

I'll be back in a few hours.

You be ready.

George, where are you going?

Not far.

Just a few miles north of town.

Be ready.

(horse neighs softly)

Any idea who he belongs to?

Oh, well, Hank said
Carl Morell's little boy

brung him in for some cowboy.

Well, we'll just
have to wait and see

who comes to pick
him up. That's all.

Matt, if you want, I can
wait around here for a while.

All right, that's a good
idea. I'll be at the office.

Marshal, I got to talk to you.

What about, Louie?

It's about my friend,
George McClaney.

Where is this shack, Louie?

About five miles
north of town, Marshal.


Ben, look.

They's the ones I
saw out at that shack.

Are you sure?

Real sure, Marshal.

All right, thanks, Louie.

You get out of the way.

Just relax.


Is he coming this way?

Yeah, he's coming.

Anybody with him?


A lawman?



BEN: Joe, relax.

Still coming?



Hold it.

What's this all about?

It's about George McClaney.

BEN: Who's George McClaney?

DILLON: He's the man that's
been boiling the nitro for you.

Where is he?

BEN: I don't know.

Festus, take 'em
over and lock 'em up.

Go on.

(liquid bubbling)

(steam hissing)



(Bailey whistling)







(explosion rumbling)

(explosion booms in distance)


ANNOUNCER: Stay tuned for
scenes from next week's Gunsmoke.

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