Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 27 - Ladies from St. Louis - full transcript

When a bank robber saves five nuns, the nuns look to a higher power to convince the man to turn himself in to the authorities.

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Come on, throw them
saddlebags up here.

Wasn't no cause to
ride him into the ground.

Segurra and Doyle got us
shed of that posse a ways back.

I want them bags.

On sign of that posse,
I'm for getting out of here.

So am I.

Come on, Sweeney.

Leave him be.

Well, he's finished.

You said so yourself.

Well, just lay off
hauling on him like that.

Get back out of the way.

$30,000 split only three ways
sounds a lot better, Worth.

You figure Segurra would let
us live long enough to spend it?

I'm willing to take the chance.

Well, I'm not.

I'd sooner go against
you two right here now.

And with two horses, I'm
likely to make it in style.

The law sure would like
that, wouldn't it, Worth?

Us out here going
against each other?

Come on, Worth, get up here.

You know I wouldn't
want to cross Segurra.

You double up with Gaines

so I won't have to watch in
so many directions at once.


Most likely be
supplies in that wagon.

Maybe fresh horses around, too.

(women laughing)

You hear what I hear?

(women's laughter continues)

You see what I see?


What if they ain't alone?

Too bad if they ain't.


(women screaming)


(women screaming)

WOMAN: Sister!

(theme music playing)

(birds chirping)

At least we stopped
the bleeding.

But he'll need more
help than I can give him.

I'll not deny prayer's
value, Sister.

That will keep the
bleeding stopped.

Reverend Mother,
he just can't die.

Not after what he did for us.

Afraid he can.

But we'll do whatever we're able

to see that he doesn't.


Oh, the poor man.

If you turned the other cheek
on this one, he'd slap it even now.

What possesses men?

I can tell you what
possessed these three.

Sister Ruth.


Well, at least one of them
showed a spark of decency.

The facts of life... our habits

are the only thing
that saved us.

If it weren't for
them, do you think

he would have been any
different than his friends?

I don't know that.

I wouldn't presume to speculate
on what he would have done;

only what he did.




With everything else,
I'm ashamed to say

that completely slipped my mind.

Well, for all I know,
they may not want them.

But they're going to get them.

Reverend Mother, I found
this down by the river.

What is it?

The man who killed the
other two was carrying it.

I saw it when they
first came toward us.

Maybe it will tell us who he is.

Oh, well... oh, it's so heavy.

When they started to
argue, I saw him drop it.

I forgot all about it, but...

Good heavens.


There are hundreds
here, maybe thousands.

Reverend Mother.

What in the world?

It belongs to the
man in the wagon.

The question is... Who
does it really belong to?


Which prompts
another question...

Was he really trying to save us,

or was he just trying to
keep all that for himself?

The way it all happened,
there's no doubt in my mind.

Those three were outlaws.

Very probably.

Then it's our duty
to turn him over

to the first lawman we meet.

I'd like to think on
that suggestion.

May I ask what there
is to think about?

Yes, Sister.

On what there was in him

that made him risk his
own life to save ours.



Please, there's a man
out here who's been shot.

Is there a doctor in town?

Yes, yes, there is, Sister.

Right down the
street... Dr. Adams.

If somebody could
bring him here quickly,

it might be best.


You better go get Doc.

Thank you, Miss, uh...

Russell. Kitty Russell.

I'm afraid I'm going to have
to apologize for my customers,

but, well, quite frankly,
they're in a state of shock.

(chuckles) I understand.

All right, boys,
get him upstairs.

I'll stay here to
assist the doctor

if you'd like to make the
necessary arrangements.

We'll tend to
that later, Sister.

If Miss Russell wouldn't object

to our being here,
helping our friend.

Of course not.

May I speak frankly?

I've never known you to speak
any other way, Sister Ruth.

This is scarcely an atmosphere

to expose our
younger Sisters to,

even under the circumstances.

Miss Russell has extended us
the courtesy of her hospitality.

We're very grateful.

Well, if you have no objections,

I'll look for
accommodations for us.

It might be well at that.

If you're planning
on staying in Dodge,

we have at least
one decent hotel.

Thank you, Miss Russell.

We'll only be staying until
our patient is out of danger.

He looked in pretty bad shape.

If it's God's will, he'll live.

All we can do is
everything in our power

to see that God does will it so.

- Sister.
- Doctor.

Upstairs, Doc.

Golly Bill, old Sam wasn't
a-joshin' us, was he?

Well, I think he's
going to be fine now,

but I'd like to have those
bandages changed in the morning

if I don't get back in time.

We can manage that, Doctor.

Oh, we'll need some
more bandages, Doctor.

Oh, yes, you sure will.

I'll have some sent over
from the office to you.

We have supplies
in our wagon, Doctor.

Yes, I imagine you would have.

Sister Margaret.

Your instruments
are clean, Doctor.

Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Well, I must say, I've never
seen more efficient nurses.

Well, teaching is our main work,

but we've all been
trained as nurses.

I can see that.

Reverend Mother
chose us for that reason.

You know, I-I don't know

what you're doing in
Dodge City. What...?

We're on our way
to the Black Hills.

The Black Hills in the Dakotas?

To a mission school.

As Sister Louise
said, we're teachers.

Five women alone on
their way to the Black Hills?

That's incredible.

Sister Louise, you
might ask Miss Russell

for a bit of brandy.


Yes, Sister, brandy.

It's for the doctor.

You're a very
remarkable woman, Sister.

And you're a fine
doctor, Doctor.

Thank you.

You're amazing.

All of you.

You're just amazing.

Beg your pardon, ma'am,

but I just don't understand
what it is that you want.

I'll know it when I see it.

Well, the hotel's got
a heap of good rooms.

Miss Molly, she
takes in boarders.

We can provide for
ourselves, thank you.

There must be a vacant
lot near here someplace

where we can park our wagon.

- What I'm trying to tell you...
- There.

Is that available?


Why, there's been hogs
living there for three years.

It wasn't even good
enough for them.

Reverend Mother
will approve, I'm sure.

Well, ma'am, you
womenfolk couldn't stay there.

Why, come Saturday
night, this street's

just full of drunks
and cowboys...

A little elbow
grease will set it right.

Wait a minute, ma'am.

You don't understand
how bad that is in there.

Now, I know. I've been there.

This should be just fine.

Well, ma'am... uh, Sister...

You... you could use
up all the grease you got

and get your elbows plumb sore,

and this place will
never be fit for anything...

RUTH: I wonder how
many rooms there are.

(wood clattering)

Well, I can understand
your not wanting

to put the ladies up in
the Long Branch, Sister,

but we can fix
that easily enough.

We accept the
charity of that place

that Sister Ruth
found with Mr. Haggen,

but, uh, we won't
impose further.

Well, I guess I can't force you.

I appreciate your concern,
but we'll be fine, I assure you.

What about the, uh... the
man that you brought in?

I explained to Dr. Adams.

He saved our lives.

Some men were going to take

your mules and
wagon, I understand.

And worse, I'm afraid.

And then this man came along.

The others were outlaws,
Marshal, very likely murderers.

They certainly weren't
hesitant in trying to kill him

when he tried to help us.

Was either of them


Yes, there's a man
named Ross Segurra

who's robbed a bank in Oklahoma.

We have reason to believe
he may be in the territory.

Neither of them was Spanish.

Well, you were lucky, Sister.

This man kills
for the love of it

as much as any other reason.

MAN: I swear it, Ross. I swear.

I ain't seen hide
nor hair of them.

I've been waiting
just like you said.

So help me, Doyle.

Your brother was
with Sweeney, hombre.

And now you are
telling me you don't know

where your brother
is and the money?

- I swear it, Ross.
- Huh?

I swear.

All right.

I will believe you,
Gaines, this time, huh?

This time.


Well, do you believe him?

Sure, Ross.

Anything you say.

We'll find them now.

And maybe we'll
listen to their lies, too.

No, I was talking about you.

You need some rest.

Well, I'm afraid it
won't do me any good.

How is your patient?

Well, he's about
as close to being

in the arms of Providence
as any man could be.

You mean he's not
going to make it?

Oh, no, he's fine. It's
those Sisters, Kitty.

You know, they're
just... well, I...

They work miracles.

Looks like they're
responsible for another miracle.

He's working.

And he's not getting paid.

And I don't see anybody
holding a gun on him.

(chuckles) Well...

I better get out
to the Colliers',

or that little rascal will
get there before I do.

(Worth groans weakly)

Doctor said to
keep his lips moist.

I'll stay with him tonight,
Reverend Mother.

I'm not tired.

If you want to see
about the others.

Sister Ruth can take
care of everything.

You join the others for
evening prayers and supper.

But I'm not hungry.

We have such a
long trip ahead of us.

You should rest.

You'd better be
joining the others.

But I can stay here.

I'm a perfectly good nurse,

and there's no reason
in the world why...


I'm sorry.

(door opens)

(door closes)


Now it's starting
to look like a home.

FESTUS: Here, here.

What in the name of Jesse?

I told you and I told you to
let me tote the heavy things.

Well, now, we can't
let you do all the work.

There's plenty of scrubbing
in there for you womenfolks.

That's heavy
enough work for you,

so go on and get started...



Just pay attention to
what I'm trying to tell you.

I'm used to doing heavy work.

It don't bother me none.

Where do you want this here put?

Oh. Right over here.

(Festus grunting)

(Festus panting)

Now, once that sun goes down,

it gets a little
chilly around here.

I better fetch y'all
an armload of wood.

Oh, Sister John will help you.

Uh, I don't need no help, ma'am.

Why don't you ladies just...

You're just gonna
scrub all the hide

clean off your hands.

Don't you figure that you
all did enough for one day?

We're almost finished.

If you all don't slow
down to a pace,

you're all going to be finished.

I never saw the likes of
the whole batch of you.

Just work...


(Worth groaning)

Now, you're all right.

going to be all right.

What am I doing here?

We're in Dodge.

We brought you to a doctor.

In Dodge?

How long have I been here?


Now, you mustn't move.

How long have I been here?

Just a few days.

Did you tell the law
about the shooting?

We did.

We said you risked
your own life to save ours.


Evening, Sister.

Evening, Marshal.

I heard you'd moved over here.

How's the patient?

Dr. Adams is a fine surgeon.

With the Lord's help, he'll be
himself again before we know it.

Well, he's looking
some better already.

I wish I felt better.

Would you mind
telling me your name?


Worth Sweeney.

Mr. Sweeney, that was a
pretty brave thing you did...

Helping the Sisters that way.

Yeah, well...

Did you know those two you shot?

No, I'm afraid not.

Sister, from the
description you gave me,

I think I recognized one of
them on a wanted poster.

His name's Ike Gaines.

He's part of the Segurra bunch.


You know him?

No. I've heard of
him. Who hasn't?

Did you notice which direction
they were coming from?

No, afraid not.

But they were alone?

If there were any others,
they didn't show themselves.

They were alone.

Well, I'm convinced they
were part of the Segurra gang.

They took $30,000 from a bank
over in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Those two men, Marshal,

why, they wouldn't have
stopped at anything, I'm afraid.

If it hadn't have
been for Mr. Sweeney.

Lucky thing for you
that he came along.

One might say it
was providential,

our paths crossing.

Well, Mr. Sweeney, thank you.

I'll, uh... I'll let
you get some rest.


I'm kind of tired.

Good-bye, Sister.


Supper is ready.

The Sisters are
waiting their prayers.

I'll be right there.

Can you manage?


Why didn't you tell them?

Tell them what?

Where's my saddlebags?

If you want anything,
we'll be in the next room.

Where are they at?

Your belongings are safe.

I guess you figure we're even.


That's why I'm here and not
in the marshal's jail, ain't it?

To even things up between us?


Well, I'm leaving, and
you ain't going to stop me.

You're in no condition to leave.

I will be in a week or so.

A week or so is a long time.

Things can change
in that much time.

You've got something in mind.

I'll not deny that.

Good night, Mr. Sweeney.


Doc, I don't understand
why you don't want them

to know who's
sending these supplies.

Why should you hide your
candle under a bushel?

Why don't you do
what you're told?

Just don't ask so
many questions.

Well, between you and old Jonas,

they're sure eating
good this week.

Well, between you and Festus,
they're living pretty good, too.

Well, we didn't do much.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, we just did a...

Yeah, I know.

DOC: But just do what I...

Oh. How are you, Kitty?

- Hi, Kitty.
- Afternoon.

Where are you off to?

Oh, I was just gonna drop
these things off at, uh...

Business bad, huh?
You're taking in laundry?

Well, no, I just
happened to have

some extra linen, and I...


Where did you say
you're taking them?

Well, according to what
Nathan Burke has to say,

I'm taking these things
to exactly the same place

where you're taking all
those supplies you bought.

- You don't mind, do you, Thad?
- Not a bit.

Why don't Nathan
Burke start a newspaper?

I don't think he has to.

I think a lot of bushels

are getting burned by
a lot of candles today.

- What'd he say?
- Oh, I don't know.

He mumbles all the time.

I'll slice them
up for fish bait.

Maybe they had to
hole up somewhere.

It has been more than a week.

They wouldn't cross you, Ross.

They know better.


We took the
posse off their trail.

If we could make
it to the hideout,

they should have been there.

Well, maybe they were.

Maybe Gaines found out

what you done to
his brother and they...

I was just...

Just what?

Nothing, Ross.

(quietly): "Nothing, Ross."

I'll make the day
they crossed me

the sorriest day of
their lives, Doyle.

Where do we start looking?

In Marlinville, Ford,

Kingstown, Mineola, Dodge City.

Every sinkhole north of here

because that's where
they were headed.


I told you, if you'd
hold your taters now,

I'd do that for you, and I will.

Oh, if you wouldn't
mind, Mr. Haggen,

then Sister John
and I could start

cleaning out the well in back.

Cleaning out the well?

(Festus yelps in pain)

(Festus whimpers)

(Festus muttering indistinctly)

(Festus sighs)

Howdy, Festus.

How's it going?

Here. Hold that.

(pained grunting)

Good thing for me
you ain't the boss.

Turn over.


You know, I'll be out
of here before long.

I know.

You think you're gonna
get to me, don't you?

All that praying
and carrying on.

You think I'm gonna
change. Well, I ain't.

And you knew it
all along, didn't you?

You know, if it wasn't for me,

you and the rest of them Sisters
would be feeding the coyotes.

You know that, don't you?

I am in here to
change the dressing,

as the doctor ordered.

Well, then just do it
and get out of here.

You know, I'll tell
you one thing...

I can... I can only
cause you trouble.

If Segurra ever finds me
here with the rest of you...

We're very grateful for
your concern, Mr. Sweeney.

You don't believe me, do you?

Does it matter?

No, it don't matter.

(grunts softly)


You're not strong
enough yet, Mr. Sweeney.

Will you get away from me.

And keep away from me.

You ain't praying
over me no more.

I'm gonna take that money,
and I'm gonna get out of here.

Where is Reverend Mother?

- She was taking some of the...
- Go find her quickly.

- Tell her it's very important.
- What's the matter?

Well, I was right about him.

I'm sorry to say it, but
I was right about him.

Now, go. Hurry.


"No sign of Segurra in Dodge.

Still waiting information
on Worth Sweeney."

You're dead wrong
about him, you know.

Yeah, well, uh, just get that
telegram sent off, will you?

By this time, Segurra
is probably in Mexico.

You listen to me, Marshal.

I could have saved you
all that trouble checking.

Yeah, well, thanks,
but just get it sent off.

All right.

(door opens)

SISTER: Reverend Mother.

It means we have
another decision to make.

I can't make it for us
all as I normally would.

But our decision
must be unanimous

and dictated by our
individual consciences.

Reverend Mother, we've
already made our decision.

That was before we were
aware of all the circumstances.

But it was those
very circumstances

we hoped to change.

Sister John.

Now, when Mr. Sweeney fought
those men and saved our lives

and was lying on the
ground near death,

we took a certain
course of action.

There was nothing else to do.


Now the situation has changed.

Mr. Sweeney tried to
leave here with the money

and would have succeeded
had he not been so weak.

Now we have to consider
again what must be done.

If we turn the money
over to the marshal...

Mr. Sweeney will go to prison.

I will present the facts,
Sister John, and the problem.

You will listen to them calmly.

But Mr. Sweeney
didn't consider the facts

and the problems calmly
out there on the prairie.

If he had, we
wouldn't be here today.

We owe him a...

I'm sorry.

Mr. Sweeney is an outlaw.

By the laws of the land,
what we have done is wrong.

We answer to a higher authority

than the law of
the land, Sister.

The question is whether
we're right or wrong in His eyes.

Our Lord forgave
a thief on the cross.

Mr. Sweeney lives by the gun.

He may have taken lives

other than those
we are aware of.

If we gave him a chance
to turn the money in himself,

to give himself up
to the marshal...

Wouldn't it be
easier on him, Sister?

That's what we hoped
he'd do all along.

Isn't it?

If we could just
wait a little while.

You're looking
for a miracle, child.



Maybe tomorrow, huh, Ross?

Sí, maybe tomorrow.

Don't seem right they'd
be anywheres near Dodge.

Well, I was thinking
of the marshal.

Yeah, he knows Gaines.

Don't seem likely
they'd hold up there.

Well, that's our next stop.

You have other ideas?

No, Ross, I...

Anything you say. I was just...

thinking out loud.

With what are you
thinking, amigo?


They's the stubbornest batch
of women that I've ever saw,

but they sure got their ways

of getting things did
that they want did.

Yeah, they're
stubborn all right.

Well, they're just
stubborn about wanting

to get you back on your feet.

You've been puny as a little
old sickly milking calf, you know.

Well, I'm beholden
to them, no denying.

Well, there's lots
of folks that is.


Well, they've been doing a mess

of neighborly doings
around town, you know.

Yeah, so I heard.

Fact is, there's
a heap of fellers

that would go a long ways
toward setting things right

if anything was
did wrong to them.

And you're eyeballing
one of them right now.

Who would do wrong to them?

Well, I'm just saying,
if anybody was to.

That's all.

Well, the truth is, I'd...

I'd probably go out
of my way to settle...



Here, here. You've been
jumping around too quick.

Doc told you to simmer
down and be easy.

No, I'm... I'm all right.

I-I'm just a little fuzzy
in the head. That's all.

I think I'll go lay
down for a while.

I'm sorry I couldn't
give you a hand.

Oh, fiddle, don't
worry about it.

I'll get these
chores did for you

as a rat run over
the roof of the house

with a piece of raw
liver in his mouth.

The main thing is for you
to get to feeling fit again.

Yeah, I figure to.

Real soon.

The sun and the fresh
air have been good for you.

You don't move like...

I got reason for moving fast.

Where's the money?

Mr. Sweeney.

Where's the money?

Look, we ain't playing
games no more, Sister.

There ain't time.

You listen to me.

If you don't give me that money,
you and the rest of them Sisters

are liable to end
up awful dead fast.

You wouldn't kill
us, Mr. Sweeney.

Look, just because I...

Now, I ain't paying no
mind to that kind of talk.

You've been wasting
your time, all of you.

All right, you hid it,

and I ain't got time to
tear this place apart.

Now, where is it?

Look, Sister, Ross
Segurra just rode into town.

If you'd just told
the marshal...

It's what Reverend
Mother's been praying for.

It's what we've all
been praying for.

I can't be what you want me to.

I keep telling you that.

We think you already
are, Mr. Sweeney.

Sister, even if I could
tell the marshal...

Which I can't...
There ain't time.

When Ross Segurra finds
out about a bunch of nuns

coming into town with
a wounded man, he...

He's probably on his
way over here right now.

And he'd kill you all for
a lot less than $30,000.

But the marshal...

Oh, forget the marshal.

I keep trying to tell you,

this ain't like no man
you ever heard about.

With a gun, he'd...

he won't stop at nothing.

You got to believe me, Sister.

(door opens)

You seem to be much
stronger today, Mr. Sweeney.

We're very happy,
of course, but...

Now, just never mind that.

You made a mistake.

You wasted your
time on the wrong man.

Now, hand over that money now.

We won't give you the
money, Mr. Sweeney.

You must know that.

Whatever choice you make...


Or what happens is on your head.

She doesn't know
where the money is.

Maybe not, but you two do.

So it's up to you.


Don't be frightened, Sister.

He won't hurt you.

He will, Sister.

He'll kill me.

We've come to know Mr. Sweeney.

He won't harm you.

You want to take that chance?

Reverend Mother, please.


I'm sorry for you, Mr. Sweeney.

Put that gun down, Mr. Sweeney.

If it were my own life...

You can have the money.



(crying): Oh, Reverend Mother...

It's all right, child.

Oh, Reverend Mother.

I'm sorry, but I had to.

I just had to.

Had to what?

He wouldn't have hurt me.

I knew he wouldn't have hurt me.

He was trying to save us all.

Well, you better
tell me about it.

REVEREND MOTHER: Marshal Dillon.

Marshal... Marshal,
I must talk to you.

I'm sorry. I can't now, Sister.

- It's important.
- Well, it'll have to wait.

It's about Worth Sweeney.

I know all about Worth Sweeney.

Marshal, please.

Where are they going?


Well, Sweeney.

You did come after all.

You see, Doyle?

You were wrong.

Be interesting
to hear his story.

Well, you'll get a
good laugh out of it.

Can you picture
me with five nuns?

Tell me.

Where is the money?

And Gaines? And Williams?

Tell me.

And then I will laugh.


The money's right here.

Gaines and Williams
were going to cut you out.

I almost got myself killed
going up against them.

And what if I did not find you?

I had two bullets in me.

How could I join up with you?

You know, Sweeney,
maybe I will sleep better

if I kill you right now.

Ross, ain't nobody dumb
enough to go up against you.

If you want to kill me, I
guess maybe you'll just do it.

But I wasn't going to cross you.

I can kill you anytime, Sweeney.

Maybe I will let
you talk some more

when we head south.

The money.

DILLON: Hold it right there.

I'm a United States Marshal.

Well, looks like your
plan worked, Sweeney.

Quite a chance you took.

Now, don't tell me you're
going to throw it all away.

I might make it.

You might.

$30,000, a fresh horse.

You got to admit it would
be worth trying, Marshal.

If that's what you really want.

It's a temptation.

(wagon approaching)


Oh, it had to figure.

It just had to figure.

You can't beat 'em, Marshal.

It's impossible.


Sister, it-it's just
plumb foolishness

for you to take off
across this kind of country.

Why, it's just full of Injuns.

We'll be all right, Festus.


Thank you, Festus.

- Good-bye, Festus.
- Good-bye, Festus.


I'll never forget you, Festus.

Well, Sister, Mr. Jonas
has put a few supplies

and things in your
wagon for you.

Thank you, Marshal.

You do forgive our
deceiving you, Marshal?

Mr. Sweeney deserved a chance.

Our faith was justified.

You didn't deceive
anybody, Sister.

The marshal had me
pegged right from the start.

Well, let's just
say that you, uh...

you had a few
character witnesses here

I didn't feel like
going up against.

He's a good man, Marshal Dillon.

Whatever his wrongs
were in the past.

Now, I thought we had
that all settled, Sister.

You was to cut that out.

You know, ladies, I, uh...

I've been doing a little
checking on Mr. Sweeney here.

He's not wanted by
the state of Kansas.

So, as long as I've got the
stolen money back, why...

far as I'm concerned,
he's a free man.

Our thoughts will be
with you, Mr. Sweeney.

And our prayers.

Good-bye, Marshal.

Bye, Sister.

THAD: Sister.

Up we go.

Thank you.

(wagon retreating)

Crazy women, heading
off into Indian country.

God knows what they...

what they may run into.

Matthew, I'm going to ride
along with them for a spell.

Just to make sure they
get off to a fair start.

Oh, I don't think that'll
be necessary, Festus.


What in the tarnation
do you mean?

- I could go...
- I, uh...

I got an idea that, uh,
they'll be well looked after.


Sister! Sister!

I, uh...

I'm going with you.



They won't forget us, they say.

Ain't likely Dodge will be
forgetting them, neither.

I guarantee you that.


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