Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 26 - Mistaken Identity - full transcript

Mal Gates, a traveler, stops by a river to get a drink -- and a rattler chomps onto his face. His screams and his gunshots at the escaping snake are heard by Ed Carstairs, coming to the same watering hole from a different direction. But Carstairs is in no charitable mood. He's wanted in another town for killing a sheriff during a poker game, and justice in that town is notoriously corrupt (Matt later asks two sheriff's deputies snidely: "Was the town boss shot in the hip? Well, isn't that where he keeps the sheriff, isn't it ... in his hip pocket?"). So Carstairs tries to finish what the snake started by kicking Gates unconscious and switching identity papers with him. The ruse seems to work, but shortly after Carstairs arrives in Dodge he spots Gates being dragged unconscious on a litter behind Matt's horse -- Matt, making his rounds, also heard the commotion and found Gates still alive. Carstairs sneaks into Doc Adams' office and tries to smother Gates in his sleep, but jerks the pillow back when he hears Matt and Doc coming. Shortly thereafter, Gates wakes up. He's on the road to recovery, but he has completely lost his memory. This gives Carstairs (posing as Gates) a new opportunity. He befriends Gates on the one hand, and the two corrupt sheriff's deputies (who weren't on the scene and don't know Carstairs by sight) on the other. Carstairs tells Gates that he (as Carstairs) is wanted for a shooting he can't even remember, and offers to hide him and help him get out of Dodge, while he tells the deputies when and how "Carstairs" will make a break for it. And that's just to start with!

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(birds twittering)



(rattling continues)


(horse neighing)




Help me.

(voice shaking): Please.






(theme music playing)


Hank, got a delivery.


Get out of there.


Got an empty stall?

Well, yeah, there's
one there, but I'm...

Old Baldy needs some oats.

We've come a long way.

Well, I'm not the stableman.

I... I run the freight office.

I just came by for a delivery.

My name's Burke.

Nathan Burke.

Mr. Burke, Mel
Gates from Tascosa.

Oh, Tascosa, you say.

Hey, that's a fine town.

My barber's from Tascosa.

Came here about, oh...

five years ago.

Sinus trouble.

Is that a fact?

Well, I wouldn't know him.

I only worked there three year.

(chuckles) Well, we got a
right healthy climate here,

except for the
dust in the summer

and the cold in the winter.

Nice place to settle in, huh?

Couldn't recommend any higher.

Right now, I can't think of
anything but a long hot bath

and a few beers to
wash down the dust.

Well, Dodge House for the first,

and the Long
Branch for the second.

Well, if you're free
in an hour or so,

it would be my pleasure
to buy you a beer.

Well, that's a right friendly
offer, if ever I heard one.

I'll tell you... tell
you what you do.

You tell Howie at
the Dodge House

that I said to give you room 22.

That's nearest the bathtub.

Much obliged.



(quiet, indistinct chatter)

- What happened here?
- It's a snakebite.

Get him upstairs.

All right, some of you
men, give him a hand there.

(quiet, indistinct chatter)

DILLON: All right, folks, the
rest of you, move along now.


DOC: Get out of
here, all of you.

Just get on out.

DILLON: All right, boys, thanks.


Longer I live, the more
I believe in miracles.

It's a good thing Matt
spotted his horse.

We might have
ridden right by him.

A snakebite this
close to his brain...

He ought to be dead.

We opened those fang
marks best we could, Doc.

Well, you did just fine.

Probably saved his life.

Now, over here...

this side of his face,

unless somebody tells
me different, I'd say...

I'd say he'd been kicked there.

You know, that's exactly
what I was thinking.

I have a couple of questions to
ask him when he comes around.

Well, I sure can't promise
you when that will be.

Who is he? Do you know?

I don't know. All
we've got to go on

is this bill of sale I
found on him here.

Doesn't say much.

Ed Carstairs.

Well, Mr. Carstairs...

pretty lucky man
up to this point.

With the looks of that swelling,

his best friend couldn't
even recognize him.


Friend, I'm sure glad it
was you in that there stable.

(chuckles) Well, thank you.

Touch nicer having a friendly
conversation over a beer

rather than drinking alone.

Well, Dodge is a
friendly place, Mel.

There's no need for
a man to drink alone.

Well, I...

- Oh, hi, Miss Kitty.
- Burke.

This is Mel Gates, Miss Kitty.

He just rode into town.

How do you do, Mel?

Mel, this is Miss Kitty Russell.

It's a pleasure, Miss Russell.

Luckiest thing ever, my
riding into that there stable.

I don't quite get
the connection,

but I sure thank you anyhow.

Sam here is the best bartender

- and fiddle player there ever was.
- Aw...

Yeah, you sure pour a
fine head of beer, Sam.

- Thanks.
- BURKE: You ain't tasted better

between here and
Tascosa, I'll guarantee.

Did you come all the
way from Tascosa?

Oh, sizable number
of stops in between.

None so pleasuresome
as this one.

I guess it gets
into a man's head

to settle down
once in and while,

and me, I've been
drifting a long time.

Well, a man could
do worse than Dodge.

Couldn't he, Miss Kitty?

Well, that depends on
what he's looking for.

Well, Mel here was talking
about putting down some roots.

Yeah, that I did,
Nathan. That I did.

- SAM and BURKE: Hi, Thad.
- KITTY: Well, Thad.

Miss Kitty.

Hi, Mr. Burke.

And, Mel, this is
Thad Greenwood,

one of our official
unofficial deputies.

Mel Gates.

- Hello, Mr. Gates.
- Howdy.

Thad came to Dodge a ways back.

Put down some roots.

- Isn't that right, Thad?
- That's right, Mr. Burke.

Came here looking
for the one responsible

for killing his father.


Uh, Sam, you got a
cold sarsaparilla, please?

Sure, Thad.

Uh, when'd you get in, Thad?

About a half an hour ago.

Say, is, uh... is Matt
over at his office?

No, I left him up
at Doc's office.

Something wrong?

We found this fellow
by the name of Carstairs.


Yeah. We found him
over at Benson's Wash.

He'd been snakebit.

KITTY: Do you know him?

Oh, uh... well, if
it's the same fella,

a month ago, I worked
with a fella named Carstairs

up at Hallenburg.

How is he?

BURKE: Don't you worry.

Doc Adams is a fine doctor.

Oh. Well, that's good to know.

Always was a likable sort.

I'd hate to think
of him cashing in.

Well, somebody did their
best to see that he did.

How do you mean?

Thank you, Sam.

He was kicked in the face.

Ed Carstairs' face kicked in.

Didn't have an
enemy in the world.

Dollar one, for that matter.

Who would kick in
Ed Carstairs' face?

Well, we don't know,

but we hope to find out
as soon as he comes to.


(crickets chirping)

(lively piano music
playing in distance)

(crickets continue chirping)


Hey, Gates.

(quiet, indistinct
chatter in distance)

Howdy. Evening, Miss Russell.

- Well, Mel...
- What's going on here?

- Who's he?
- I come to see my friend.

You wasn't here, Doc,
so I was waiting to see if...

(moaning and groaning)

Here, here, now.

Here. We can't have this.

- Wait a minute. Just a minute.
- (groaning, panting)

Where am I?

You're in Dodge City,
young fella, and I'm a doctor.

- A doctor?
- That's right.

My head.

Yes, I know all about that.

Now, you just quiet down.

Everything's going to be fine.

Now, I want to
tell you something.

A friend of yours
here wants to see you.

Here he is.


Ed, how are you?

How are you, friend?

I don't know you.

I don't know any of you.

What's happening?

- How did I get in here?
- I'm Mel Gates.

DOC: Here, that's enough, now.

Just a minute.

Now, you just... you
just be quiet, son.

going to be all right.

What did you say your name was?

Mel Gates.

We worked together
in Hallenburg.

He ought to know who I am.

Well, not necessarily.

He's been
unconscious up till now.

Slight loss of memory, maybe.


Amnesia... he just
doesn't remember anything.

He don't remember nothing?

Doesn't look like it, does it?

How long is this going to go on?

Well, afraid I can't tell
you about that right now.

Kitty, very thoughtful of
you to bring my supper.

- Thank you.
- Oh.

I just want you to make
sure that you eat all of it.

Thank you.

What are you drinking, gents?

- Whiskey.
- Make that two.

Lace your java for you, missy?

No, thanks.

Get your, uh, company
some other way, can we?

Now, just what would
you do with my company?

Well, now, we could talk
about that for quite a spell.

That'll be 20 cents.

- (coins clink on counter)
- Now...


You smell good.

I'm afraid I can't
return the compliment.

Well, that's not
the friendliest.

You be nice, and I'll put in

a good word for
you with your boss.

I am the boss.

Well, I always did say it
was best to start at the top.

Well, you've started
and stopped... all at once.

Well, now, seeing as you're
the boss lady around here,

perhaps you know all
the goings-on in this town.

KITTY: That depends.

You hear of a man
named Ed Carstairs?

Would have drifted
in the last few days.

We don't have much
of a description on him.

Could fit anybody.

We heard he was headed
this way, so we rode on down.

Hope you enjoyed the trip.

You may not recognize it,
missy, but this here is a badge.


I'll tell you just what you
can do with that badge.

You can take it down the
street to the marshal's office.

Maybe he can
answer your questions.

Your glass is empty, mister.

Did you say up the
street or down the street?

To your left... as you go out.

Howdy. Miss Russell.

Morning, Mel.

Sam, I'm going
to be in the office.

Yes, Miss Kitty.

Going up to Doc's.

Thought I'd take
up a bucket of suds

in case he was thirsty.

What's wrong, Sam?

Them two that just went out.

What about them?

How well do you
know Ed Carstairs?

Well, we rode together.

Not all that personal.


DILLON: Well, it's a
good-looking gun, Thad.

THAD: Yeah, took me about a year

to save up enough to buy it.

What's wrong with
the one I loaned you?

Oh, nothing.

I just figure it's about
time I had one of my own.

And the gunsmith threw
this holster in for nothing.

- Oh. Marshal?
- Yeah.

I'm Jeff Timmons.

Uh, this is Cal Dunster.

We're deputy
sheriffs from Crawville.

That's up near Hallenburg.

Yeah, I know where Crawville is.

I know all about it.

I got a warrant here.

Want you to help us serve it.

Understand our man's in town.

His name's Ed Carstairs.

He's wanted for murder.

There's a fair reward on him.

I see. And you two plan to
take him back for trial? Is that it?

That's right.

Cord Bevins still run
things up there, does he?

- He does.
- DILLON: Uh-huh.

All right, then
you ought to know

that this warrant is no good.

Now, you wait a minute.

Murder is murder.

You men file a
report in Hallenburg?

We're talking about Crawville.

Well, if you're deputies,
you ought to know

that the first thing
you do is file a report

with the nearest
marshal's office.

Well, we don't know
much about reports.

We know that Carstairs
killed our sheriff.

Cord Bevins must have
been shot in the hip, huh?

What do you mean by that?

That's where the sheriff
usually rides, isn't it...

In Bevins' hip pocket?

Now, the man's about 30,

over six feet, fair complexion.

He got caught cheating
in a hijacked poker game.

Then he killed our sheriff.


In a card game in Crawville
run by Cord Bevins?

(chuckles) That's a good one.

Now, somebody
must have seen him.

If he's in town, we'll find him.

Let me tell you something.

You better get yourself
some extradition papers

before you do, or
you'll wind up in jail.


Got a match?

You want to find that
fella Carstairs bad enough?

I heard at the Long Branch
that you were looking for him.

What about him?

Worth a couple dollars
to you to find him?

You know him?

Yeah, I know him.

I wonder who that is.

That's that fella Gates,
who says he knows Carstairs.

Where'd you hear that?

I met him yesterday
over at the Long Branch.

Said he used to work with
Carstairs up near Hallenburg.

I worked with him.

He's here in town.


Well, now, it's going
to be a long, cold winter.

TIMMONS: 20 dollars.


You're on.

Got to be sure no
one knows I told you.

Yeah. Now, where is he?

now, the rest later.

That's fair enough.

All right, where is he?

- Let's get him.
- Hold on.

What do you want to do,
parade him down Main Street

pretty as you please
in broad daylight

without them extradition papers?

Now, just take it
easy. We'll get him.


When the time is right.


All right, Thad, get this off

to the marshal in
Hallenburg right away.

Yes, sir.

- Marshal Dillon?
- That's right.

Got a minute? I'd
like to talk to you.

What about?

Well, my name's Mel Gates.

I'm just in from Tascosa.

Now, I just had a few words

with the deputies
from Crawville.

They said they're
looking for Ed Carstairs.

Now, I want you to
know, I know the man.

I worked with him
up in Hallenburg.

But whatever he's mixed up with,

I want you to know,
I had no part in it.

I've never in my life
thrown a wide loop.

I see.

You got to understand,
he never done me no harm,

but, well, I don't want to go
around having folks thinking.

- I understand.
- I like Dodge.

Met a couple of
nice friends here.


If you're going to
come looking for me,

you don't have to look far.

I'll be around.

Ed Carstairs being
on the prod, huh?

Well, like I say,

if you're looking for me,
I won't be hard to find.

Thank you very much.



I want to send another telegram.

"The Limited ran
through a switch,

"leaped from the track and
demolished the signal tower

at the entrance in
the Altoona Station."


"And then Pearl
took John by the hand

and said, 'You are
my man forevermore. ""


Now, there's some kind of lady.

What are you talking about?

Pearl of Alder Gulch.

Ah, you and your women.

Yep. Yeah.

Anytime, anywhere.


Hey, you take that redheaded
missy down at the Long Branch.

Now, uh...

I figure it'd take me...

oh, about two days
to bring her round.

So, when we're
through here, go to it.

Yeah, sad to say...

yeah, very sad to say, Dunster,
when we're through here,

Dodge ain't going to see nothing
but the seat of my breeches.

Before I leave, I'd like to have
me a set-to with that marshal.

Well, now, there's a difference

between a young
pup and an old hound.


(laughs) Pups is scrapping,

and hounds is...
(sniffs) sniffing.

Hey. There he goes.

- Where?
- Down there.

- I don't see him.
- Down those stairs.

Well, that's that
doctor, all right.

Come on.

Well, come on!

All right. Easy, pup.

Now, I'm coming.

ED: Evening, Doc.

Well, Gates, how are you?

Sam, beer for Doc.

- SAM: Sure.
- DOC: Thank you.

Sam was telling me about
them two deputies looking for Ed.

Me and the marshal were
talking about it this afternoon.

Oh, is that so?

Now, I never figured old
Ed was one to fight the law.

How is he?

Oh, he's fine, just fine.

There ain't anything
wrong, is there?

Well, no, no.

He had a good supper,
as a matter of fact.

Well, that's always
a good sign, isn't it?

DOC: One of the best.

I suppose they'll be taking him.

The deputies, I mean.

Well, I... I wouldn't
know about that.

Yeah. That would
be an awful thing.

It was an awful thing he
did... Killing a man, you know.

No, I... I mean it'd
be an awful thing

if he never got his memory back.

It'd be like paying for a
crime he never did commit.

I guess it would.

(crickets chirping)



Maybe Cord will pay us a
bounty on that fella Carstairs.

Wasn't there.

- Huh?
- You heard me.

- He's gotta be.
- Gotta be dead.

Otherwise, Cord
will have our necks.

That yahoo said he was there.

I heard him.

All right, let's find him.

I'm obliged.

Don't you want any more?

My jaw's so sore, I
can't chew no more.

I think Doc wants
you to finish all of it.

Where is Doc?

Oh, he'll be back
here a little bit later on.

Could I have my clothes?

I'm sorry, I can't let you
go anywhere, Mr. Carstairs.

I just figured to go
through the pockets,

maybe find out something.

We've already looked.

The only thing we
found was a bill of sale

for a horse... With
your name on it.

- Nothing else?
- That's all.

Why don't you try
and get a little sleep?

Who are you?

Well, I sort of help the
marshal out once in a while.

Name's Thad Greenwood.


No, not exactly.

Well, what'd I do? I...

I don't remember. What'd I do?

Can't you tell me that?

You ever hear of a
place called Crawville?


How about a man by
the name of Cord Bevins?


What do they mean? What
do they got to do with it?

Well, the talk is
that you killed a man.

(indistinct chatter)

All red. I bet you
ain't never seen a man

with as much luck as this
cowboy has, have you?

Deal the cards
before they get cold.

The jail in Crawville
is no fit place

for any man, sick or well.

Agree with that.

Well, change of venue
will get him a fair trial.

If there's any
reason for a trial.

I heard you sent a wire to
the marshal in Hallenburg.

Yeah, but I don't
have any answer yet.

Do you think those deputies

were lying about
killing that sheriff?

Well, Doc, let's just say

I don't trust anybody
from Crawville

who says they got
anything to do with the law.

Matt, no judge is going to sign

those extradition
papers they're looking for.

I'm afraid Judge
Tolkins would, Kitty.

Judge Tolkins... is he in town?

No, he's up in Cimarron.

But if those two
waddies get up there,

they could get extradition
papers in no time.

Judge Tolkins would sign

a death warrant
for his own brother

if Cord Bevins told him to.

Well, that's why I didn't
want Carstairs in jail.

They can't legally
extradite somebody

if he's not in custody.

Talk about things
going against a man.

Well, I'll tell you one
thing, if Carstairs is guilty,

he'll pay the state of
Kansas and not Cord Bevins.


- Nothing.
- Nothing?

I checked the pool hall,
Lady Gay's, Bull's Head.


- What about in here?
- Huh?

- I thought you checked it.
- Come on.

(lively chatter, piano playing)

How do you like
three little ladies?

How about that?

I can't do no wrong! No, sir!

Sam, how about another
round for my friends?

- Hey.
- Oh!

You can have a
beer with me, lady.

You're about the
prettiest thing in the place.

You stick by and take
a look at these cards.

All right, take a look
at these cards, now.

You see the way my
luck has been going.

The ante's all you get from me.

Here you go, Mel.

Oh, no, I forgot.

You get the beers also.

Thank you, Sam.

It's a pleasure to do
business with you.

Oh, later. Later, honey, later.

- Howdy.
- I'll give you "howdy."

Just give me my money.

It's the easiest I ever made.

- You ain't earned it yet.
- What do you mean?

Carstairs isn't in
that doc's office.

He's in there. I saw
him. I was talking to him.

Well, they moved him.


Shh. He's been moved.

Nobody told me
anything about it.

Let me see what I can find out.

Yeah, you do that.

You do that, and you'll
get the rest of your $25.

Listen, mister, I rode
fence for two months

in the dead of winter
for less than that.

Don't you fret, I'll find him.


Well, night, Burke.

Night, Marshal.

Evening, Nathan.

Oh, evening, Mel.

I was just about
ready to turn in,

and I thought I'd take one
last look at Ed before I did.

Oh, they... they moved him.

They what?

Well, the marshal's moved him.

Moved him to jail?

I thought he was too sick.

The deputies...

the murder charge in Crawville.

Well, the way I
heard, it wasn't to jail.

Yeah, you're right, Mel,

them two deputies
was the reason.

Thad keeps an eye on him,
and Doc looks in on him regular.

Well, I suppose it wouldn't do
no harm if I looked in on him.

Well, I don't suppose it would.

Of course, you'll have to
ask the marshal about that.

Oh, of course.

Well, seeing as it's so late,

I don't think I'll
bother him tonight.

Maybe tomorrow.

Yeah, I guess tomorrow
would be better.

Well, good night.

Good night, Mel.

Good night, Nathan.

(quiet chatter)

I'm just going to look
in on him right now.

Good. I'll see you tomorrow.

- Evening, Doc.
- Evening.

Sure is one fine town.

Know how to treat a newcomer.

That so? How's that?

Well, I won $22 in a poker game.

More than I make in a month.

(chuckling): You ought
to take up gambling.

Good night, Doc.

(excited chatter)

(crickets chirping)

Go to the livery
stable and wait.

I'll bring Carstairs to you.

(slurring): This sure
is one fine town, Sam.

You think so, huh?

Yeah, you know, I won me $22.

That's what you said.

(laughter, indistinct chatter)

SAM: Hey, Mel, why don't
you go up to your room

and get a little sleep?
Do you hear me?


- Go get some sleep.
- Oh, no, I'm all right.

You know... you know, Sam,

I never did hear
you play the git box.

- The what?
- The git box.

Oh, no, I play a fiddle.

Oh, oh, that's right. That...

Well, can you
play the fiddle now?

Well, when things
slow down in a little bit,

- I'll be glad to.
- All right.

How is he?

He's doing pretty good.


Excuse me, Mel.

You sure you don't
want a nightcap?

Oh, no, Kitty,
thanks. Not tonight.

I-I think I'm going to turn in.

Would you bring
Thad a pot of coffee?

Sure. Going to be a long night?

- Afraid so, Sam.
- DOC: Thad.

Remember what I told you, now.

- Yes, sir, every word.
- Good night.

- Good night, Doc.
- Good night, Doc.



ED: You in the saddle, fella?

- Who is it?
- Shh.

It's me, Mel Gates.


Mel Gates.

We ain't got much time.

Time for what?

The marshal's
going to turn you over

to the Crawville
deputies come morning.

- How do you know about them?
- Shh.

It's all over town.

I got a horse all saddled
at the stable, ready to go.

Here, catch hold.

Why are you doing this?

Well, you'd do the same
for me, wouldn't you?

How can I get out of here?

You take care of the kid.

Go upstairs.

Keep an eye on me.

I'll take care of the people.

Upstairs? I can't go...

Just keep an eye on me.

How you feeling?

Oh, pretty good.

How about a cup of hot coffee?

Oh, yeah.

Gotta be careful,
because it's really very hot.

Oh, well... I'm sorry.

That's all right.


- (door opens)
- BURKE: Marshal.

Here's your telegram from
the Hallenburg marshal.

Oh, thanks, Burke.

Look, you gotta come right away.

Barney says something
real important is coming in.

It's burning up the wire.

He told me to get
you right away.

Oh. All right, let's go.

- (excited chatter)
- MAN: It's my lucky night!

- Come on!
- Three red!

- It's my lucky night!
- Come on, three red!

Hey, come on!

(indistinct, excited chatter)

Pay me. Pay me.

$35 that man won.

- 22 black... you believe that?
- Where you been?

Where've I been?
I've been watching

the luckiest man in the
world, second only to me.

Sam... Sam, why don't...

why don't you play us
the fiddle there a bit?

You might as well.

Attaboy. Play us the fiddle.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Sam is going to play
us a little fiddling now.

(cheering and applause)

Go on, Sam.

(Ed hollering)

Let's have a party!

(plucking fiddle)

(stops plucking fiddle)

(indistinct, excited chatter)

You know better than that.

You know how much
that fiddle cost me?

Oh, Sam, now, don't
you be mad at me.

Look, just go on,
get out of here

and sleep off that buzz you got.

I... I-I was just funning a
little bit. That's all, Sam.

All right, just go on.

But don't be mad at me.

All right.



You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

This way.

Hi, Marshal.

Sam, have you seen
Mel Gates tonight?

Yeah, he was in here.
You just missed him. Why?

MAN: There we go.
We're gonna get it now.

There it... paying
off on number nine!


You feeling all right?

I can make it.

Won't hang for no killing I
don't know nothing about.

Knowing you the way
I did in Hallenburg,

I-I'd say you'd
never kill no man.

I appreciate that.

Much as for you
helping me get away.

Only thing a friend can do.

Luckiest day ever,
your being here

when all this fell in on me.

You'll never know how
it was when I found out

the marshal brought
you in all stove up

and finding that
murder charge over you.

I gotta set things straight
between me and you.

Oh, forget it.

Just mount up here.

I'm owing you.

For that kick, I'm owing you.

For leaving me
snakebit by that creek...

I'm owing you for that.

You knew about it?

I knew... first time
I opened my eyes

in that doc's office and
seen you standing there.

Yeah, but you didn't
say anything about it.

'Cause I got me a murder charge

hanging around my
neck up in Tascosa.

I'd let you live with that.

But it works out
real fine for me

if Mel Gates dies

right here in Dodge.


Get your shotgun.


Stop where you are, Carstairs.


(gunfire continues,
bullets ricocheting)

(door rattling)

Sam, cover here.

Hold it right there.

Carstairs is making
a break for it.

Drop the gun.



The other one's over
there in that doorway.

See if you can get
around behind him.


All right, come out of there.

Don't shoot, Marshal.

I was only shooting
in self-defense.

They killed my friend Gates.

They tried to shoot me.

They're both dead
now. They can't hurt you.

Throw your gun
down and come out.


I know I didn't kill that
Crawville sheriff, Marshal.

I just know I didn't.

I believe you.

You do?

I sent off a couple
of telegrams.

The descriptions I
got back didn't fit you.

That's right. I'll go up there.

I'll see them people.

One look at me,
and they'll tell you

I didn't kill their sheriff.

All I'm asking is a
chance, Marshal.



You figured it out?


He never lost his memory.

He knows everything
that happened.


What was he talking about?

He was talking about you, Gates.

What do you mean?

I don't know what you're saying.

You know what I mean.

I got a telegram earlier
saying a man named Mel Gates

is wanted in Tascosa
for the murder of his wife.


Let's go.

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