Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 25 - The Favor - full transcript

With a man being released from prison that has made threats toward Marshal Dillon, Kitty is torn between a man that saved her life and her duty as a citizen of Dodge City.

(dramatic theme music playing)

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(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


I've always said
there's very little

in favor of stagecoach travel.

Aside from getting you
from one place to another,

there's nothing in its favor.

You've held up most
attractively through it all.

Well, I must say, you've made
the time pass most pleasantly.

Well, that's something.

My travels might just bring
me to Dodge City one day.

It's quite a town.

You'll enjoy it.

It'd be nice to know
there was someone there

to share that enjoyment.

I don't think you'll have
any problem on that score.

Well, now, that's most
encouraging to hear.

I know any number
of charming people

that I'd be very happy
to introduce you to.


(horses neighing)

Busted clean through.

Well, what'll we do?

There's a line shack a
couple miles that way.

You'll all be more
comfortable there.

Me, I'll head for
Cottonwood Falls

and see if I can
scrounge up another axle.

Bert, unhitch the horses.

Uh, you two mind staying
and giving Floyd a hand?

Well, it looks like we're
going to have a little more time

to get to know one another.

- Oh, really?
- Come on.



You sure the others
are going to be able

to find this place?

Sad to say I'm afraid they will.

(Kitty chuckles)


(man groans)


You all right?

How about you?



I only know one man who
could have done as well.

I wonder if he knows
how lucky he is.

Here, a souvenir.


(theme music playing)

FESTUS: Why, that
there's the prettiest thing

that I've ever saw.

When you talk
about Injun charms,

that there is a very

If I'd have been lucky
enough to glom on to that thing,

I'd have been buying
drinks for everybody.

Setting them up right and left.

And so I've heard you
say several times before.

Yes, in the last half hour.

Miss Kitty, I'll tell you,

now, as long as you hang
on to that Indian doodad,

you're gonna have the
best kind of luck there is.

You will.

Festus, you sound like
an expert on Indian affairs.

Well, I reckon
you could say that.

He's an expert on
mooching drinks.

That's what he is.

FESTUS: All right, smart aleck.

It saved Miss
Kitty's life, didn't it?

And it will, too, as long
as you keep a hold of it.

Didn't do much for that
Indian that was wearing it.

- (laughter)
- All right.

Well, it brung her
back safe and sound.

Thanks to that,
uh, looksome feller

that had brains
enough to pay her court.

That what he was... looksome?

Oh, very looksome.

I'll drink to that.

You would.

KITTY: Oh, um,

you don't have a
drink, do you, Festus?

No, ma'am.

DOC: Well...

Uh, Sam, give Festus a drink.

Make that whiskey, Sam.

By golly, you see,
he's done it again.

Must be something to that
good-luck-charm business.

Got him a free drink.

Speaking of luck,
we can use a little

with Adam Haley
coming into town.

- Adam Haley?
- Mm-hmm.

He's being released from
prison tomorrow morning.


Well, Kitty, maybe five
years have changed him.

Yeah, but what if it hasn't?

Well, that, we'll just
have to wait and find out.

I'm going to Delmonico's
and get something to eat.

You want to join me?

No. No, thanks. I can't leave.

I don't think so, Matt.

I got to go by Aldo Miller's
and see about his sciatica.

Well, I can join you,
'cause I'm starving.

No. Just sit down.

You're going to stay
here and help me and Sam

count the bottles
like you promised.

Well, I reckon that just
leaves the two of us, Matthew.

And you hooked
for the check, Matt.

All right, you...

Well, you didn't
have money enough

to buy a drink a while ago.

Who said I didn't?

You did.

Didn't do no such a thing.

Miss Kitty.

That'll pay for their
rounds of drinks.

Here, Matthew.

Just keep a hold of that.

What do you think of that?

Well, I think it's
probably counterfeit.


What are you going to
do the rest of the month?

Well, I'll do the same
thing I've always did.


Would you looky here, Matthew?

Well, hello, Marshal.

I wondered if you
would still be here.

I'm still here, Haley.

Yeah, brother Adam
gets out tomorrow.

That's what I understand.

Figure to meet him here.

All right, you meet him
here and then move on.


Always stuck in your craw
that you couldn't tie me in

with that Spearville
holdup, didn't it?

If I'd have had my way, Haley,

you'd spent the last five
years right with your brother.

Ain't much of a friendly
welcome, Morgan.

Who are you?

Name's Bates.

Kelly Bates.

We ain't never met.

Well, mister, I'll
tell you something.

You're keeping bad company.

Nice to see you again, Marshal.

Marshal looks like a handy man.

You'd know just how handy
if you hadn't hightailed it

the night of the
Spearville holdup.

Fast, is he?

Well, he's still alive.

Never knew a man yet

that had a permanent
hold on breathing.

(both chuckling)

FESTUS: I don't care
what in the Sam Hill

he said, now, Matthew.

I know that Morg Haley's
here in town for just one reason.

I'll tell you what it is.

He's here to back up his brother

when he gets off
of that stagecoach

and draws on you.

And that other
yahoo that's with him

is here for the very same thing.

I'll guarantee you.

Well, you may be right, Festus,

but unfortunately,
we can't lock up men

for what we think
they're going to do.

Well, maybe you can't, but,

now, you take the
face on that Bates.

Why, if I've ever saw a face

that ought to be stuck up
on a wanted poster, it's his'n.

(chuckles) I hope so.

And that Morgan Haley, too.

That would get
rid of two of them.

You mean you think
there's more of them?

Well, there was five
altogether in the Haley gang.

Golly Bill, Matthew,

I wished I'd have
been there with you

that day in Spearville.

I'll guarantee you there'd have
been more than one of them

went to the calaboose.

If that bank teller had
lived, they'd all gone.

Not a thing.

Matthew, you think
them other fellers

is going to show up?

I'll tell you one thing, Festus.

It won't be long
before we find out.

(lively piano music playing)

Leave it.

I'm telling you, I don't
like it one little bit.

What, Miss Kitty?

Well, they're not
about to try anything

until Adam Haley gets here.

I don't know why Matt just
doesn't throw 'em out of town.

I'd just leave,
have 'em out here

while I keep a eye
peeled on 'em myself.

I'll say this for that marshal,
he sure keeps a quiet town.

More to the fact that
folks is holding their breath.

What for?

Waiting for brother
Adam to get into town.

(chuckles) Sort of like birds
waiting to pick a carcass.

(laughs) Something like that.

Still, there's gotta be
some life in the place.

Well, I reckon there is
if a man wants to find it.

Well, I'm that man.

Well, now, you go
right ahead and find it.

You're old enough.

See you back at the hotel.

At least by the time
Adam gets here.

(crickets chirping)

(lively piano music
continues inside)

(piano music fades in distance)

- Bates?
- Yeah?

Kelly Bates?


Who are you? What do you want?

The names Dell
Carthage and Jim Taber

mean anything to you?

They might.

How about Spearville?

Who are you?

My name is John Crowley.



Down here.

THAD: Is he dead?

DILLON: He's dead all right.

Did you see any of this happen?

No, Marshal, I was in bed.

Who is it, Matt...?

Why, that there's that
Bates feller, ain't it?


THAD: Matt, come
take look at this.

"Reward for information

"leading to recovery of money
stolen from the Spearville Bank.

Only known participant:
Adam Haley."

Where'd you get that?

It was on the body.

You fellas better scout
around, see what you can find.

Thad, you take South Street.

And you go out to
Front Street, Festus.

Right, Matthew.

Some of you men get
him out to Percy Crump's.


FESTUS: All right, you fellers,

break it up and get
on back to your drinks.

- Festus?
- It's all over, Miss Kitty.

Little excitement for
the visitors in town?

Yeah, you might could say that.

Who was it?

Feller named Bates.

He's dead.

Do you mean the fellow that was
in here just a few minutes ago?

Yeah, same one.

Friend of Mr. Haley's here.

Whoever it was done the killing

left a wanted
poster on his chest

from that Spearville
bank robbery.


See you directly, Miss Kitty.

(lively piano music playing)

Hey, what are you...?

(chuckling): Well... hello.

Wow, you have a
good memory for faces.

Well, I certainly
wouldn't forget yours.

That smile means
more than you know.

You haven't changed any.

Not so you'd no...

What's wrong?

Can we talk somewhere private?

Sit down over there.




You've been shot.

So that's what it is.

I'm gonna go get the doc.

No, no, don't.

You're the one
who killed that man.

He was faster than I was,
but I was a better shot.

You need a doctor.

And I should tell the marshal.

It was a fair fight.

I'm asking you to
take my word for that.

Kitty, I need 24 hours.

Then, with luck, I'll
be out of your life.

Do you think you can
make it up to my room?

I'll make it.

(lively piano music
playing, festive chatter)

That's it... Right at
the end of the hall.

Thanks... lady.


Wait a minute.

What's the matter with you?
I said "good morning" to you.

Doc, don't start to
jawing at me now.

I've... I've been
up since first light.

Well, that's only
a couple hours.

What's the matter...
You worn out already?

Yeah, but me and old
Thad was up half the night

looking for that feller
done the shooting.

Oh, no trace of him, hmm?

Nah, no trace.

Tell you, Doc, I got a feeling

this here's going to
be a long day for me.

Why don't you try
going back to bed?

It might help. It
does sometimes.

Oh, I ain't going to do
that till that stagecoach

comes a-pullin' in
with Adam Haley on it.

Excuse me.

Could you direct me
to the marshal's office?

Yes'm. The marshal's office

is right down the
street yonder, Miss...

Haley. Mrs. Adam Haley.

Thank you.

Five years waiting for a man

that I'd only been
married to for three weeks.

Adam and me, we could have had

a good life together
all them years,

and we're going to...
We're going to have it.

Well, I hope it works
out that way, Mrs. Haley.

You know what, Marshal?

You know, I guess all that hate

that I felt for you at
the time of the trial,

I guess it just
burned itself out,

'cause it's been
a long time gone.

Well, I'm glad to hear it.

I guess it comes down
to a matter of time.

It's how much of it
each one of us has

to try and live and
to try and be happy in.

Adam and me, we
lost a lot of that time.

And I ain't going
to lose no more.

And I ain't going to lose him.

Not to no... no bullet,

and I ain't going to lose
him to no hanging rope.

What about Adam?
How does he feel about it?


Well, sir...

I'll tell you, Marshal, I
ain't going to fool you none.

Every letter he's written me
has been full of getting even.

Well, sounds like you're
gonna have a tough time

talking him into your
way of thinking, then.

Well, I intend to keep him
from risking those years ahead.

You know, living alone
ain't easy for a woman.

I done stood by him,
and I done waited for him,

and I figure he owes me
something for all that waiting.

Well, I hope he
figures that way, too.

(door opens)

Oh, excuse me, Matt.

That's all right, Thad.

This is Mrs. Haley.

- Thad Greenwood.
- Oh.

- Howdy.
- Mrs. Haley.

You'll be needing a
place to stay, won't you?

Oh, but, Marshal, is there
a place that's not so public?

I'd just as leave not have

know people that I'm
here, you understand?

Sure. Why don't you
take her by to Kitty's.

- Maybe she can fix her up.
- Sure.

Uh, come on. I'll
show you the way.

Thank you.


Thank you.

Good luck.


It's beginning to swell up.

Looks bad.

Doesn't feel very good, either.

If you don't let Doc
Adams look at it pretty soon,

he may not be able
to help you at all.

The help I need, I already got.

Don't be stubborn.

You might lose your arm,

or you might even
die of the infection.


I'll take care of your
horse a little later.

Come on.

- Morning, Thad.
- Sam.

Miss Kitty around?

She was down for
coffee a little while ago.

She didn't go out, did she?

She's upstairs in her room.

Oh, good. Come on, Mrs. Haley.

I'll be gone before long.

Nobody will ever
know the difference.



Who is it?

THAD: Me, Miss Kitty. Thad.

Uh, just a minute, Thad.

Sorry to bother
you, but Matt thought

maybe you might be
able to put this lady up.

Oh, excuse me.

Uh, Miss Kitty
Russell, Mrs. Haley.

How do?

Mrs. Haley?

Mrs. Adam Haley.

I don't want to
cause you no trouble,

but the marshal, he thought...

Well, it's no
trouble, Mrs. Haley.

It's just that... well,
I've hired two more girls,

and I don't have
anything available.

MRS. HALEY: I understand.

KITTY: Well, no, I-I am sorry.

It's just that
I'm all filled up.

MRS. HALEY: It's all right.

Thank you. I understand.

Thad, why don't you see if
Ma Smalley can put her up.

Right. Come along, Mrs. Haley.


Oh, Thad, did you get,
uh, Mrs. Haley fixed up?

Yeah, over at Ma Smalley's.

Oh, didn't Kitty have a room?

No, she, uh...

A couple of the new girls
over at the Long Branch

- got the last rooms.
- Oh.

Help yourself to some coffee.

Oh, no, thanks.

Matt, I've been thinking
about that shooting last night.

What about it?

Well, this Kelly Bates fella...

He, uh...

maybe he's the
kind of man that...

Well, what I mean is that...

maybe whoever shot him
had a justifiable reason.

Justifiable or not,

that'd be up to a judge
and jury to decide.

I guess you're right.

- I was just thinking out loud.
- FESTUS: Matthew?

I've been poking around
town like you told me to,

and I think I found something.

Blood, and it's fresh enough
to make a feller wonder, too.

Where is it?

Right at the back door
of the Long Branch.

Let's go.

Thad, check up on
those telegrams, will you?

I followed the trail here.

See how far it gets.

See there?

Look at this here.

Reckon he could be inside?

Let's take a look.


he was in here all right.

FESTUS: Sure ain't here now.

Can't tell whether he
was coming in or going out.

Either way, he's got a
heap less blood than he had.

Let's check with Sam.

DILLON: Morning, Sam.

- SAM: Oh, morning.
- FESTUS: Sam.

Hey, you fellas figure
on surprising somebody?

Sam, we found some
bloodstains out back.

Have you, uh, noticed
anybody around

that might have left them?

SAM: No, sir, I haven't.

And I was keeping
a sharp lookout

after that shooting and all.

A man might have gone
through here, though,

while we were all outside.

Festus, check out in front

and see what you
can find, will you?

Right, Matthew.

What's wrong?

Matt found bloodstains in
the storeroom downstairs.


The marshal.

Kitty, that time you
mentioned one other man,

was the marshal that man?

You, uh, better get
your rest while you can.

Will you give me
what's left of 24 hours?

I hope I can, John.

I honestly hope I can.

SAM: Miss Kitty?

Marshal wants a word with you.

I'll be right down.


DILLON: Got a minute?


Can I buy you a drink?

No. No, thanks.

Kitty, I found some
bloodstains out in back

and in the storeroom, too.


You mean that whoever
it is you're looking for

might have been
in here last night?

Could have been.

Have you seen anything or
anybody that looks suspicious?


What about Morgan Haley?

Has he been around?

I haven't seen
him since last night.

He's been making
himself pretty scarce.

Well, Matt, it couldn't
have been him.

He was in here
during the shooting.

I'd still like to have
a talk with him.

Well, looks like the only way

we're going to get
any answers to this

is when his brother Adam
rides in on that stage.

I'll see you later.



Oh, Kitty, come in, come in.


What brings you over
here this time of day?

Don't tell me you
need medical attention.

You don't, do you?

Oh, no, no. I, uh...

Louise said that you had
some pills for her, and I...

thought I'd pick them
up and save her the trip.

Louise? Well, that's funny.

I told her I'd bring them over
by the Long Branch this evening.

She didn't tell me.

She must have forgotten.

Oh, makes no difference.

I can make them up for
you if you want to wait.

Won't take a second.

By golly, we've had some
excitement around here,

haven't we, with everybody
expecting that Adam Haley back

and that Bates fellow
getting shot last night.

Yeah, the, um... the excitement
got kind of close to home.

What do you mean?

Matt and Festus
found bloodstains

in the storeroom
at the Long Branch.

Then that fellow must
have been hiding in there

while they were looking
all over town for him, huh?

Something like that.

It is kind of strange

how he disappeared
into thin air, ain't it?

Doc, uh...

how long can a man last...

I mean without
proper attention...

With a bullet in him?

Well, that depends on
where the bullet hit him

and how much blood he lost.

Depends on a lot
of things like that.

It could be fatal?

Yes, could be.

Of course, I always advise
my gunshot patients...

The ones that can't
visit me regularly...

They better keep the wound
clean and control the bleeding.

And then...

it doesn't hurt anything if
they have some laudanum

to kind of kill the pain.

You don't happen
to have anything

to soothe a bad
conscience, do you?

You know somebody
that's got one?

I might.

Well, be kind of hard
for me to prescribe

till I knew the
extent of the illness.

Well, I've always heard
that the best remedy

was the truth, but...

Truth's kind of hard to
come by sometimes, huh?

Doc, have you ever
been in a situation

where you had to make a choice

and no matter which way
you turn it seems to be wrong?

Once or twice.

What did you do?

I suppose what
everybody else does.

I just sort of did nothing

and kind of hoped that the
whole thing would go away.

Doesn't, does it?

No, Kitty, hardly ever.

In my experience, I find that...

you eventually reach a point
where you have to make a choice.

Haven't helped you
very much, have I?


Yes, you have.

Maybe more than you know.





What are you doing
here, Bonnie Mae?

I felt my place was beside you.

I reckon it is.

(sighs) Oh...

Hello, Marshal.

Hello, Haley.


Five years.

That's what you
cost me, Marshal.

That's what you
cost yourself, Haley.

I was hoping the five years
would have changed you.

You don't change none.

But it don't make no difference.

Marshal, I ain't
wearing a gun now.

Sorry to disappoint
all these fine,

upstanding folks of your town.

I made a lot of threats
last time I seen you.

I figured face-to-face was
the only way to square 'em.

But that's all past now.

And somehow it just don't
seem important no more.

I'm glad to hear that, Haley.

Bonnie Mae, you
got us a place to stay?

I sure have, Adam.

My job isn't going to be as
tough as you thought it was.

Suppose that's
all there is to it?

Well, Kitty, I sure hope so.

Adam, I was so
proud of you out there.

Was you, Bonnie Mae?

Yes. All those people out
there, they were just waiting...


- Morgan!
- (laughing)

You old son of a...

Well, look at you.

Oh, you haven't
changed all that much.

You think so?

What you done for
me and the boys...

- Five years.
- Well, that's all past now.

- Yeah.
- Adam?

Well, I take an oath I ain't
never going to forget that.

Morg, like we
said, it's in the past.

Kelly was killed here
last night in Dodge.

Just like Jim, just like Dell,

with the Spearville
poster and all.

That don't mean nothing
to us, Adam. Nothing.

Morgan, you listen to me.

You leave us be.

Adam and me, we're
going to live our lives

like the past never
happened, because...

No, that'll never be.


Don't you understand?

Five years... that's a
long time out of my life.


Did you think I was
going to come out of prison

after not touching
a gun for five years

and go up against Matt Dillon?

But you said...

I said what was smart to say.

The thing he'd believe.


I'll take care of
him right enough.

But my own way.


I had forgotten the bite of it.

Well, he got Dell in Salina.

Uh, Jim was in
Coffeyville with his woman.

She didn't see who done it.

And the poster was
right on the chest.

Adam, please.

They say Kelly wounded him?

Well, that's the
talk the way I got it.

Dell and Jim, they
got a shot at him, too.

That just leaves me and you.

That's right.

Don't take much
figuring who it would be.

Some kin of the bank
teller who got shot.

Kelly and me figured that
out, for all the good it done.

According to the newspapers,

the, uh, teller's
name was Crowley.

Well, we'll take care
of him after the marshal.

You face him,
I'll be behind him.

Say 2:00.

After Bonnie Mae
leaves on the stage.

I'll sure be glad when
the Haleys leave town.

Well, Kitty, I'll tell you, the
way things are right now,

I'd just as soon they
stayed around a while.

Why, for heaven's sake?

Well, I just can't help feeling

they had something
to do with that killing.

- You do?
- Yeah.

I'll know more about it
when I get an answer

to some telegrams I've sent.

Hey, Dillon, I
want to talk to you.

What are you doing
about Kelly Bates?

You found the one
who killed him yet?

Well, now, I was hoping maybe

you could give me
the answer to that.

How would I know that?

Well, there was a wanted poster

from that Spearville
holdup on his body.


That place going to eat at
you as long as you live, ain't it?

Well, give up, Marshal.

You ain't going
to tie me into that.

You ain't got a chance.

Matt, here are the
answers to the telegrams.

Oh, thanks, Thad. Sit down.

KITTY: Have some coffee, Thad.

Uh, no, thanks.

See you later, Matt.

- What's the matter with him?
- Hmm?


He sure has been
acting peculiar.



A man named Taber and
another named Dell Carthage.

Both shot; never found the
one who killed either of them.

Well, I don't understand

what that's got to
do with the Haleys.

It could just be that
Morgan Haley will be next.

Or his brother.



KITTY: It's me.

What's the matter?

The mirror.

He saw you.



When he was up
here with Mrs. Haley.

Did he say anything to you?


No, he didn't say anything.

Kitty, I'm... I'm sorry.

So am I.

Would he say anything
to your marshal friend?

He hasn't.

Question is... will he?

I don't know.

I only know what
I've done to him.

I'm grateful to you, Kitty,

for not asking questions.

I've already learned
some of the answers.

Two men... Taber and Carthage.

And Kelly Bates.

They killed my brother.

And now there are
only the two Haleys left.

That's right.

Good-bye, Kitty.

And thanks.

(door opens and closes)

I'm checking this in.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about what
counts and what doesn't count.

You just stay right
where you are.

Well, Matt wanted me...

I don't care what Matt wants.

You've been a good friend, Thad.

I thank you for it.

Will somebody please tell
me what this is all about?

It's about the killing
last night, Matt.


Adam, don't make me go, please.

You wait for me at home.

Home? What home?

Living alone?

I'll be there.

Soon as I do what's
got to be done.

Adam, it don't make no
sense... No sense at all.

I'll be the judge of that.

You're throwing away the
rest of your life for nothing.

Nothing? That's all I've
been thinking of for five years.

It's going to be
over in five seconds.

Either you're going
to be dead or he will.

It's too late to
change that now.

It's not too late.

Get on that stage with me.

Please. It's as simple as that.

And we'll... we'll-we'll
ride away from it.

I'll join you as soon as I can.

It's going to be too late then.

MAN: Better get aboard, missus.

Good-bye, Bonnie Mae.

MAN: All right,
take it away, Burns.

(man whistling, hollering)

Adam Haley.


That was my brother you killed.

No, it wasn't me killed him.

It was Kelly Bates.

Get going.

He won't be at the Long Branch.

Thad, get Festus, and you
two check the other end of town.



I, um...

I owed him my life.

Kitty, that's something
we're both grateful for.

Why me? I already done my time.

Not for murder.

I ain't got no gun.

Way I heard, it was a flat
shootout with them others.

No time for that now.

This is the only way I can
get you and your brother.

They'll hang you for murder.

They'll be hanging a dead man.

Over there.



All right, come on out of there.

Hurry it up.

You Crowley?

That's right.

Well, you'll have
to come with me.

FESTUS: All right, Thad,
let's get him out of here.

(quiet, indistinct chatter)




Now, you keep
out of this, Dillon.

I'm calling him out
'cause he killed Adam.

Don't be a fool.
He's not even armed.



I want to tell you
about that woman.

It's all right, Crowley.

I know about that woman.



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scenes from next week's Gunsmoke.

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