Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 12, Episode 21 - Fandango - full transcript

Marshall Dillon is trying to bring a suspected murderer back for trial (on foot)for killing a lawman friend of the Marshall's. He finds the man near a large sheep ranch run by an independent Auatrailian immigrant named Tyson. Tyson wants to handle the prisoner in his own way for allegedly killing a few of Tyson's ranch hands. The Marshall enlists the help of a local doctor and Tyson's own daughter while acquiring horses. Ultimately Tyson and the Marshall meet face to face before returning to Dodge City.

(dramatic theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.




Hold it right there.

You may not be
the man I'm after,

so don't make me kill you.

Now, stand up.


Hold it right there.


Cost me 300 pesos in Sonora.

Put those on.

These are for animals.

That's right. Put 'em on.

All right, now, get up.

It's a long road back.

I promise you that, my friend.

Turn around.

You haven't asked
if I really killed 'em.

Didn't you?

Oh, yes.

Belly shots.

Took them a long time to die.

Mister, there hasn't been
many men I've wanted to kill,

but I could make
an exception of you.

Yeah, were they friends
of yours? Is that it?

Yeah, that marshal
was a friend of mine.

I didn't kill the marshal.

The other three, yes.

Let's go.

(theme music playing)

Quit that.

I should know better
than to ask you this,

but what in thunder
are you trying to do?

All right, since you're
going to be so nosy,

I'm cooling the
blood in my head.

I suppose that's an old
Haggen custom or something.

It's a old Haggen trick.

You cool off the
blood in your head,

and the rest of you
takes care of itself,

and if you was any
kind of a doctor at all,

you'd already know that.

Well, I can certainly
understand where there might be

certain therapeutic benefits
in you soaking your head.

If you'll recall, I
recommended you do that

on a number of occasions.

Oh, now you did
it. Now you did it.

You've went and
hurt my feelings.

Well, now, just a minute there.

They so permanently injured
that you wouldn't be willing

to accept my prescription
for cooling the blood?

What's that?

Cold beer.

A cold beer?

Well, now, any man
that does his apologizing

by buying a cold beer can't...

I'm not apologizing to you.

I don't see why
you have to be...

Well, I'll drink a bottle.

Festus, you look like
you've been swimming.

He has been. His head
has been... It floats better.

You can understand
why, I'm sure.

By the way, wasn't
Matt due back yesterday?

Two days ago.

It hadn't ought
to take that long

to pick up a prisoner
for Kansas City.

Are you going down to
the Long Branch, Kitty?

I'm getting out of this
heat, I'll tell you that.

I'm going with you.

You just hope old Matthew's
found a good, cool place

and has got his
head stuck in it.

That's all.

It'll be like the others... dry.

But I got to admire you
for knowing where to dig.

Lorca, you know this country
like it was your own backyard.

Now, there's water
here somewhere.

Where is it?

I'm part Indian... hard to kill.

I'll just wait, I think.

There will be no
chains and no company.

Just my own pleasant
solitude to die in.

(grunting and groaning)

Now, mister, you're
going back pig or pork.

Make up your mind.

All right, now,
where's that water?

Over those hills.

If we're lucky.

What do you mean?

The men I killed rode for
a sheepman, John Tyson.


He and his men are
searching those hills.

Looking to hang me,
without benefit of law.

Could be a costly
drink of water.

For both of us.

Move out.



Straight ahead.




Now I can die with grace.

Where we headed, Marshal?

Kansas City.

That's a long way off.

We sure ain't
going to walk there.

We'll find some horses
out here somewhere.

Not around here.

We're heading smack
into Tyson's country.

My guess is we go
back into the mountains.

Let me worry about how
we get there, will you?

(hoofbeats approaching)


You can start worrying
right now, Marshal.

They're sheepmen.

Coming to the water hole.

You gonna give me a gun
to defend myself, Marshal?

Huh? (chuckles)

Let's go.


(sighs) That was good.

All right, we better get moving.

Rest up a while yet.

Move out when the moon comes up.

John Tyson won't be resting.

He'll catch us.

We'll see about that.

(chuckles) Don't fool
yourself, my friend.

He'll find us.

I'm right about Señor Tyson.

And when the time
comes, you'll see I'm right.

Get some sleep, will you?

John Tyson killed that
marshal friend of yours.





Get 'em.


How bad is it?

It's bad.

(Lorca groans)


It's Tyson's brother.

Now, listen to me.

I'm a United States Marshal,

and I want to take this
prisoner out of here alive.

If you're a marshal,

just step out where
we can see that badge.

That badge means
nothing to them, Marshal.

They got Ben.

Marshal, I think you and I
are going to die together.

(rock thuds on ground)


You ain't thinking about
going down there, are you?

We need horses,
and you need a doctor.

It's Tyson's town.

If you don't get that
bullet out of there,

infection will set in.

Be a shame if I die,
wouldn't it, Marshal?

Be like cheating the
hangman out of a hanging.

Move out.


Doctor, I'm a United
States Marshal.

I've got a prisoner
here. He's wounded.

Oh, well, uh, come in, Marshal.

Come right in.

Thank you.

Sit down over there.

There's, uh, not many
folks in town this morning.

I noticed that.

What, uh... what about those?

I'd like to leave
those on, if I could.

Here, take a shot of that.

Most everybody in town
is out helping John Tyson

look for the killers.

They, uh, killed his
brother Ben last night.

How bad is it?

You're fortunate.

Am I?


It doesn't look too deep.

You, uh, know John
Tyson, Marshal?

He's an Australian.

Ever since he
brought sheep in here

and fought with the
cattlemen for this range,

he's been kind of
a law unto himself.

Short of killing him,

be a hard man to stop.

This might sting a little.

Easy, now.





Model 36.

One of the finest handguns
ever built, Marshal.

Ben Tyson carried
a gun just like it.

We're gonna need
two horses, Doctor.

They'll be hard to come
by in this town, Marshal.

You, uh... you could
leave him for Tyson.

Might buy you enough time.

You're not gonna feel
so good for a while.

Doctor, I'd like to chain
him to that bed there,

if it's all right with you.

Suit yourself.

All right, let's go.

Doctor, what about those horses?

Public corral at the
other end of the street.

Don't blame him
too much, Marshal...

The man at the stable.

Don't get too close
to him, Doctor.

He may be weak, but
he's still dangerous.

(door opens and closes)

I, uh, knew one of
those men you murdered.

If I knew where they live, I
would have sacked their homes.

I would have salted the
earth where they died.

Seems a shame a
man like the marshal

could maybe be killed
because of the likes of you.

(birds chirping)

(dog barks in distance)

DILLON: Hello.

I'm looking for some horses.

I ain't got none.

What about those?

Uh, well, they ain't mine.

They're boarders.

I'll pay you anything you want.


Now, mister, I need two
horses, and I need 'em now.

I ain't got none for sale.

Put that gun down.

You get out of here, now.

I don't want no trouble.

You're threatening a
United States Marshal.


The only law in this
territory is John Tyson.

And if I give you them horses,

I'll be a dead man.



Come here, boy.

The likes of him...

Scat, boy, scat... to Mr. Tyson.

Tell him that killer's right
here in town right now.

Hurry, boy.



You did right not forcing
that old man's hand.

I told you this
was Tyson's town.

I've got an old nag out bag.

She ain't all that much,
but you're welcome to her.

You just might make it to
get me hung after all, Marshal.

Like I said, she ain't
much... Hay barn and all...

But walking her easy,

you could make it
the long way around.

No hill climbing.

Much obliged to you.

Well, uh, I'll fry
us up some eggs.

Well, thanks, but I
think we better get going.

That boy at the stable won't
find anybody home at Tyson's.

They're all out looking for you.

You got time to eat proper.

All right.

I'm sure hungry.

LORCA: So am I.

Hey, you got some bacon
to go with those eggs?

You know, without
too much effort,

I could dress up your
grub with a little arsenic.

(Lorca chuckles)

He cries like a wolf,

but I think to hide
the soul of a lamb.

You will take these off
so I can eat like a man?

A Walker-Colt has a way of
slowing a man down, Marshal.

It is my turn to be obliged.

Sit down.

The doctor's right.

It does slow a man down.

Just make sure
you remember that.

Why, Doctor?

All this?

I, uh... I don't rightly know.

Just... just call it a gesture.

I haven't had many
opportunities to make one.

How you gonna stand with
Tyson now after helping us?

You know, I never could cook
eggs any way but scrambled.

Maybe you better
come along with us.


This... this is the only
place I've ever known.

Buried a wife and
two youngsters here.

I, uh, think I'll just stay on.


It's Tyson.


All right, open it.

Hello, Dr. Lacey.


Marshal, this is Laurel Tyson.

You're looking for horses.

How did you know that, miss?

The stable boy
rode out to the ranch.

You're helping us?



Marshal, they're yours
if you take me with you.

Marshal, she's a Tyson.

What about it, Marshal?

I'm afraid I can't
do that, miss.

My reasons are my own,

but you've got to
let me go with me.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

All right, take the horses.

They're out front.

One of the ranch hands
went after my father.

You better hurry.

Thank you, miss.
Appreciate that.

We'll get 'em back to you.


I guess you know how
your father's going to feel

about what you've done.

Yes, I know.

What are you going to tell him?

I won't be here to
tell him anything.



Have you killed many men?


Because they needed killing.

That's right.

Did you ever regret any of them?


I've killed three men.

None of them do I regret.

That'll impress the jury.

I would gladly kill them again.

Remember each
one of their faces.

I'll always remember them.


Marshal, you have
only one chance...

North into the mountain country.

Don't trust her, Marshal.

If it hadn't been for me,

my father would have
caught you by now.

I ran into him when I
followed you out of town.

I told him I saw two
riders heading south.

When he finds out that I lied...

Marshal, you've got to
take me with you now.

She'll lead us
right to her father.

If that were true, why
would I bring you two horses?

Why are you helping us?

I told you.

My reasons are my own.

Marshal, we haven't much time.

All right, let's go.


He needs rest.

I know a place... not far.

There's only a sheepherder.

We'll follow you.


(sheep bleating)


(sheep bleating)

Hello, Chengra.

We need help.

This man's hurt.

DILLON: I got him.

You need hot water. Chengra fix.

DILLON: All right.

He's bleeding again.

(Lorca groaning)

Chengra came with
us from Australia.

He's one of the family.

Chengra, this is Marshal Dillon.

You are welcome.

I'll give him a
hand with the water.

JOHN: You knew, didn't you?

Tyson, they came to me for help.

You knew I was after them.

I'm a doctor, and the
man was wounded.

They killed my brother.

- In self-defense.
- (objects clattering)

Stop them, John.

Stop them.

Where's my daughter?

- I don't know.
- You're lying.

I tell you, I don't know.

The whole town saw
her ride up to this house.

Then the whole
town saw her ride out.

You're through in this place.

Lacey, you can consider
yourself lucky I don't kill you.

Burn him out.

No, no, stop...

Burn him out, I say.

Good, Scrubber, good.

Good, good.



Marshal, you like cup of coffee?

Oh, thank you, Chengra.

Thank you.

Chengra, I am
grateful for your help.

Missy ask for it.

You know Mr. John long time?

No, I've never met him.

I was there when he married.

She, uh, beautiful.

But she die.

He still has a
very fine daughter.

Yes, like her mother.

But there's new
sadness in her now.

I was there with Mr. John
when Missy was born.

You've been with
them a long time.

Many, many years.

Chengra is good friend.

Do you, uh... you know
this other man, Lorca?

Oh, yes.

I'm not so far from Mr. John
that I do not know who he is.

Now, Chengra, you understand
that he is my prisoner?


Mr. John give me this book.

It say we must not kill.

I think Mr. John
be glad I did not kill.

The bones... They
tell everything.

The bones? What's that?


Talking bones.

They tell everything.

They tell of Missy's
mother's death.

They tell of
Mr. John's great anger.

You will see.


What do they say?

They say...

death will walk
close to you soon.

Three will die.


JOHN: Well?

They come this way, all right.

- How many?
- Three.

Then she is with them.

How long ago?

Three, maybe four hours.

It's my guess that
they can't go on

much longer without a rest.

Mount up, Johnson.

Drink it. It's good for you.

It's goat's milk.

Why are you helping me?

Does the reason matter?

Yes, the reason
matters very much.

Doesn't matter what a man does.

He can do a terrible thing.

Matters why he did it.

The reason is everything.


You're running away
from your father.


Why does anyone run away?

You don't love him?


he's changed since
my mother died.

Man's woman is
his reason for living.

There can be other reasons.


Are you afraid?

Of what?

What he'll do if he
catches you helping us.

I don't know.

I only know that I want to get

as far away from
my father as I can.

I-I don't understand.

I killed three of
your father's men,

and yet you're helping me.


Because there's
been enough killing.


Have you seen two
men and a woman?

CHENGRA: He very good sheepdog.

Name Scrubber.

You have a good friend.

I bring his father
from across big water.

His father and me roamed outback

same as Scrubber
and me roam this land.

We share many camps.

Good dog.

Laurel, now that
you've run away,

you got any idea
where you're headed?

I don't know.

Back to Australia?

We were a happy family there.

Mother was so proud and...

What about your father?

Believe me, there's
nothing to go back to.

Uncle Ben, dead.

I don't even...

My father isn't the only
one who's changed.

Must have been
something pretty terrible

happened back there to
make you feel that way.

Well, only about an
hour of daylight left.

We better get started.

Isn't it unsafe to
travel at night?

Be a lot less safe to stay here.

Your father's going to
pick up our trail before long.

Can Lorca ride?

He'll have to ride.

Lorca, time to go.

Chengra, thank
you for everything.

Let's go.

Good-bye, Chengra.

Good-bye, Missy.

I'll be back... one day.


The bones have told Chengra.

Take care of yourself.

Marshal, look after my Missy.



Hello, Mr. John.

You want Chengra fix coffee

or something to eat?

How long have you
eaten my bread and salt?

More than the age
of your child, Mr. John.

You gave them food
and water, didn't you?

In book you give me,

it say, if enemy
hunger, feed him.

It say, if he thirst,

give him drink.

(body thuds)


(birds chirping)

- Morning.
- Morning.

Somebody around
here run the depot?

(chuckling): You're
looking at him.

When's the next train?

Due at 8:00, uh...
about two hours.

Heading east.

Yeah, that's the one we want.

Stops here regular for water.

Two hours.

Well, you're welcome to
get out of the heat, if you like.

Oh, much obliged.

You can, uh, take the
horses around back.

Ain't no extra charge.

All right.

I hope Tyson gets here
before the train does.

It would be quicker
than a rope, all right.

Oh, no, I figure you'll get
him before he gets me.

You're carrying a lot of hate.

Well, that's all they left me.

Those men I killed.

I'll burn in hell
for what I did.

But I'll be there to
watch them burn, too.

I was late coming
home from the fields.

Some men staking a sheep

stopped at my house
to water their horses.

They found my wife alone.

Took my wife two days to die.

Two days and two nights,

she stares at nothing.

Then she died.

So I tracked them down.

What he says is true.

At the ranch, I...

overheard the men talking.

I'll see to it the
jury believes you.

That's why I had to come.



Howdy, Mr. Tyson.

Ain't seen you over
this way in quite a spell.

Marshal, his prisoner
and a woman...

You seen them?

I ain't going to ask you again.

DILLON: Right here, Tyson.

My daughter there?

LAUREL: I'm here.

Her skirts won't
save you, Marshal.

Nor will the Mexican.

You're my blood, girl.

Come out of there.

I could come in
after you, Marshal.

You could try.

(train whistle
blows in distance)

The train.

Is that it?

We'll be waiting
for you, Marshal.


LORCA: We're as good
as dead right now, Marshal.

Well, at least this way
you'll have a chance.

This is the same way the
other marshal died, my friend.

That's why I'm
alive and he's dead.

He tried to talk to them.

Let's go.

(train whistle
blowing in distance)

I brought these, Marshal.

I figured they'd kind of
even up the odds some.

Oh, thank you.

I figured on walking
out there with you,

but then I got
to thinking that...

I-I got a couple of
young'uns, and...

well, maybe there won't
be no trouble if, uh...

I'm sorry, Marshal.

JOHN: I want your
prisoner, Marshal.

Tyson, I'm warning you.

You're interfering
with federal law.

I'm the only law here.

Don't make me kill you, Marshal.

All I want is that Mexican.

You don't get him.

Now, take my advice
and ride out of here.

That Mexican killed
three of my men.

What did your
men do to his wife?

Shut up!

You know what they did, Father,

because you were one of them.

DILLON: Laurel, get back.

DILLON: Get back.

(gunfire continues)

(gunfire continues)

All right, throw the gun down.



When I was small,

I was a choirboy.

I stood...

that close to God.

(groans quietly)


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