Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 8 - The Reward - full transcript

A man who persuaded the good folk of Dodge to invest their money in a mine is out of prison and back to prove that there really is gold in the mine.

(dramatic theme music playing)

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(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.



(no voice)

(low, indistinct chatter)

Who is that feller, Doc?

Jim Forbes.

Somebody special, is he?

You might say that.

He cleaned out half this
town about three years ago.



Where's he been at?

In jail.

- BOY: Pa!
- (quietly): Boy...


Ooh, you growed.

MAN: Hey, Forbes.

What do you want here?

Come to see my boy.

You ready to pay
up what you owe?

Not quite yet.

Well, you better see
your boy someplace else.

You ain't welcome here.

Didn't you hear me?

I heard.

No gun, huh?

No, I... I got out of the habit.

(excited chatter, murmuring)


Pa! Get up!

MAN: He ain't
gonna get up, sonny.

He's gonna stay right in
the dirt where he belongs.

- JIM: Boy! No!
- You stay out of this, boy.

- Let me go!
- Let him go.

We ain't gonna hurt
him; our fight's with you.

Get your hands off of me!

DILLON: All right,
what's going on here?

- What's this all about?
- We got a visitor, Marshal.

Went away a thief, looks like
he came back a yellow belly.

- You shut up!
- Boy, now, cut that out!


Hello, Jim.

(theme music playing)


I kept it up well as I could.

Looks fine.


course, things don't
look like they did before...

well, before Ma died.

Curtains and things.

Your ma and her curtains.

House is yours, boy.

I put it in your name
before I went away.

Well, as far as I'm
concerned, it... it's our house.

It doesn't matter
whose name it's in.

Thank you, son.

Three years is a long time.

Sure makes a difference.


what are you gonna
do about Clint Fisher?

Do about him?

Well... I figure you
had to stand and take it

back there in town.

You couldn't fight 'em all.

No, couldn't.

And you didn't have your gun.

No, I...

It's over here,
cleaned and oiled.


Pa, you can't fight
'em with your fists.

No, boy.

Don't you understand?

They hate you.

The whole town hates you.

You got to wear a gun.


Are you afraid?

Afraid of Jase Holt and
Clint Fisher, the town...?

Maybe I am.

What did they do
to you in that place?!

Gave me some time to think.

Maybe it did me some good.

I come back here
to prove something.

I don't figure I can prove
it by shooting people.

Now, does that...
does that help you?

- Jim.
- Matt.

What's the matter with him?

(sighing): Oh, he's just...

trying to decide whether his
old man is a coward or not.

Jim, tell me something.

What brings you back to Dodge?

I'm gonna prove to
the people in this town

that there's gold in that mine.

Well, Jim, you don't
even own the mine.

I own it.

Taxes wasn't paid
while I was in jail.

Went back to the state.

Paid the taxes last week
and filed a new claim.

Here are the names of
everybody in this town that I owe.

You think I'm back here for
another swindle, don't you?

I didn't say that, Jim.

The evidence was
pretty strong against you.

Besides, that's gonna take a
lot of work and a lot of money.

I got a sister in Wichita;
I'm gonna use her money.

I just hope it holds out
till I can prove I'm right.

Well, you know, as long
as you got that money,

there are some people
in town are gonna figure

you owe it to them right now.

Well, they're
gonna have to wait.

Well, Jim, I wanted you to know

I didn't come here
just as a lawman,

I came here as a friend, too.

Your wife's buried
up there on the hill.

She was a fine woman.

Brian's turned out
to be a good boy.

He's been a great help
down at the freight office.

If there's anything I
can ever do for you,

just let me know.

Thank you, Matt.

I... I-I found the
prettiest rock I could.


I even...

It's real nice, boy.

Real nice.


I'm sorry I lost my
temper that way.

Ma wouldn't
have liked it at all.

No, I...

I reckon she wouldn't.

Reckon we better get
that wagon unloaded.

Oh, I'll-I'll get it.

Well, now, it looks
like some people

just don't get the message.

Maybe we should send
him an engraved invite.

Oh, no, no, no, you don't invite
people out, you kick 'em out.


- Morning. I'm Jim Forbes. I...
- I know.

I've heard about you.

What do you want?

Here's a list.

You got nearly $200
worth of stuff here.

Yes, that's right.

You got cash?

Yes, I've got cash.

You'll get it on
delivery at the mine.


You'll pay cash before
delivery, right here.

I've got the money in the
bank! You can ask him!

I want the cash now.

And you'll get the cash.

- (horse neighing)
- (wagon clattering)


- (horse neighing)
- Whoa! Whoa!

Whoa. Whoa.

What's happened here?

Something... or somebody...
Spooked my horse.

Now, I don't suppose any of you
boys saw that happen, did you?

It's like he said, Marshal,
something spooked the horse.

Course, maybe the
horse just got tired

of the company it was keeping.

Being a proud,
noble animal that it is,

it just probably had
too much, that's all.

Fisher, one of these days,

you're gonna push
your luck a little too far.

Now, break it up and
move out of here, all of you.

Get moving.


(hoofbeats approaching)

Hello, boy.

Any luck?


What sort of a
fool thing is that?

- Fool thing?
- I had these all sorted out.

I'll tell you what kind
of fool thing that is.

That man at the
assayer's office... (scoffs)

I took those in there and
he just laughed at me.

He wouldn't even look at 'em.

Well, that's no reason

to act like a powder
keg with a short fuse.

It isn't?

Every time I go into that
place, I get told about you.

Used to be that nobody
around here would talk about it.

Now they all look at me
like I was dirt, like I was you.

I-I didn't mean
it like it sounded.

What happened to your head?

Oh, well...

the Benner twins.

They use to be
my friends, but...

I'm sorry, boy.

Don't call me boy.

No, you're right... Brian.

Reckon you've been a
man now for some time.



Did you salt the mine?

Ma never talked about it.


I tried not to think about it.

Now all the time, I...

I get told.

Brian, it takes
money to dig a mine.

People say that faith
moves mountains.

Well, it doesn't.

It takes money and machinery.

Did you salt it?

I ran out of money
before I ran out of faith.

That's not what I asked...
Did you salt the mine?

Yes, I salted the mine.

You want to judge
me, too? All right.

You go ahead.

I needed time and money
to prove my faith out.

I got some first rate ore,
put it in with the regular stuff

and I borrowed money on it.

It was easy.

You were 13 years old.

You know, you were
lucky those days

to have potatoes to
eat three times a day.

I came in this house one
night and I found your mother

boiling the bark from
a tree to make soup.

And right then and there I went
out and traded in that equipment

for the ore and salted the mine.

I went to jail for it.

I paid for it.

Your ma paid for it.

And now, dear God,
you're paying for it, too.

But I hope you know...

that you don't have
to stay with this.

You know...

this is pretty good coffee.

Never did learn how
to make it like you do.

I think I better stay
around here and learn.

- Hey, Purvis.
- Morning, Clint, Jase.

We hear you sold Jim Forbes
another load of supplies.

Yes, I did.

Did you get your money?

I wouldn't sell Forbes anything

without cash on
top of the counter.

You need something?

Yeah, a box of shotgun shells.

How much?

Four bits.

Tell you something else...

He bought a bunch of tools.

Gave Carter $372 for them.


Where's he getting the money?

It's real.

I almost broke a tooth
biting into some of it.

You know, I think maybe we
ought to ask around a little bit.

Yeah, yeah, ask around.

It's a good idea.

We'll see you.

372 dollars.

And he sent to Wichita
for a hand winch and cable.

And he paid old man
Tremble in cold, hard cash

that he got from
this bank right here.

Well, uh, just what is it

you gentlemen are trying to say?

Well, if he's got money in
the bank here, then the folks

that lost money on the
mine got it coming to 'em.


Well, what's more,
some of us figure

that he's back
here to start dealing

from the same dirty deck again.


Well, if you've got his
money here in the bank,

then you ought to be able
to do something about it.

Well, let me tell
you something about

the banking laws of this state.

Now, somebody puts money
in this bank, they draw it out.

Somebody wants to
borrow money from this bank,

they pay it back,
or I foreclose.

Now if you gentlemen
have any further business...

You don't?

Well, if you'll excuse
me, I'm a very busy man.

Just like he done before.
Just like he done before.

Before he was passing out
ore, now he's passing out money

and pretty soon everybody
begins to trust him.

I bet you anything you want

he's sitting up there
on that hill right now,

pretending to be mining.


No, go ahead... go ahead.

You sure can drive steel.

Oh, it's all in the wrists,
boy, and the shoulders.

You build up your shoulders,

you'll beat your
old man all hollow.

Here, let me have some of that.

Pedro, you got the charges?

Si, señor.

Let me see 'em.


(laughing): That's all right.

Gracias, señor.

Pedro was, uh,

best powder monkey in Chihuahua.

Well, I hope you'll be
with us for a long time.

- Ah, yes...
- Go set 'em.

Oh, Pedro... Ravelly
shale in there.

Now, you shake that too much,

the whole wall's
gonna come down.

Oh, si. Boom.

- Si, boom.
- Boom.

He sure works fast.

Yeah. Well, we got
him cheap enough

for keep and a
share in the mine.

Can't get a miner
much cheaper than that.

Unless maybe he's born
into the Forbes family.


Come on.

- Hey, let me do that a while.
- Huh?

(Jim chuckles)


Ah! Come on.

On the button. Come on.

That's a boy.

Kitty. Festus.

- Matt.
- Matthew.

You remember that
piece of rock I picked up

by the Forbes's
wagon the other day?

Yeah, what about it?

Amethystine quartz.

Is that good?

Well, it's what
they call a indicator.

How do you know?

Well, I've did some mining.

Us Haggenses
did a lot of things.

My uncle... Hard
Rock Hogan Haggen...

Learnt me everything I
know up in Virginia City.

Hard Rock Hogan Haggen?

Hogan Haggen?

Festus, who thinks up
the names in your family?

If I'm lying, I'm
dying, Miss Kitty.

Fact is, Uncle Hogan Haggen

was the onliest man
that ever beat John Henry

a-swingin' a jackhammer.

And that's wrote
up in the records.

Festus, I hate to
disappoint you...

but there never was
a real John Henry.

He was just a man that
someone made up for a song.


John Henry might
not have been real,

but Uncle Hogan Haggen was real

and so is this here.

You really think that
mine's any good?

What about you, Matt?

Who knows, Kitty.

Well, I ought to be able
to get at least one opinion

between the two of you.

Well, everybody in town's
got an opinion, but that doesn't

necessarily have anything
to do with the facts.

I'll tell you
something, though...

A lot of people have
been looking at this, uh...

Amethystine quartz.

Yeah, well, uh...

and there's been a lot of talk.

Yeah, I bet there's
been some talk.

You know, people who lose money

have a longer
memory than anybody.

Miss Kitty, now that there's

the ring-tailed truth,
if I've ever heared it.

Well, I'll tell you something...

For Jim and Brian's sake,

I wish it wasn't true.

Now, I think...

the law won't do nothin'.

The marshal won't do nothin'.

The bank won't do nothin'.

And there he is, up there,

workin' his mine,
spendin' our money.

The money he should
be using to pay us back.

- That's right.
- That's right, absolutely.

Well, why won't the
bank do anything?

HOLT: You can't take a...

another man's
money out of the bank.

They can't just
give you the money.

He put the money in the bank.

He's the only one
that could get it out.

FISHER: And he
deposited it so we...

There ain't nothing
we can do about it.

HOLT: Yeah, deposited it.

FISHER: The banker told us
that, uh, "Our hands are tied.

We can't touch it."

Well, we figured that
some of us who got taken

should go up there
and put it to him straight.

I mean, either you
put up, or you get out.

I give him $179.

And my wife, she
socked me in the choppers

with a piece of stove
wood for taking the savings

out of the cookie jar.

- (laughing) -Did you hear that?
- Wait a minute.

Now, wait a minute.
Wait a minute, listen.

What I want to know is:

is the money up there with him,

or is it down here in the bank?

What do you think
we've been talking about?

He's got the money in the bank.

MAN: Well, now, I... I'm
not gonna rob no bank.

- All right...
- Who said anything about robbing a bank?

- What's the matter...
- Shh, shh! -Shut up.

Now, will you listen
to me for a minute.

Now, we all know that Forbes

raised money all over this
town in that mine three years ago.

Now here he is, back again

with the same "get
poor quick" scheme.

We all know he's a flimflammer.

Now, he owes you money
and he owes me money

and I aim to get my money back.

Now, there ain't no better
time to do it than right now.

Well, let's go.

- You said it, Clint.
- Yup.

(low, indistinct talking)

(low, indistinct talking)

Watch where you're
going, you knucklehead.


I want to tell you something.

This here town is
like a boiling teakettle

with the spout stopped up.

What does that mean?

Well, it means the
lid's a-fixin' to blow off.

You mean Holt and Fisher?


They just a-worryin' and
a-proddin' all the time.

Yeah, so, I suppose
now you come over here

to worry and prod
me about it, huh?

Well, now that you bring it up,

where else do you think
I'd go to prod anybody?

Well, Festus, that's
fine, except for one thing.

What's that?

Holt and Fisher haven't
broken any laws yet.

Not one.


Yeah, go... go...

Hey, Pedro, what's for chow?

Oh, yesterday,
tortillas and beans... eh.

Today... (laughs)

Beans and tortillas.

(Jim grunts, then pants)



There ought to be a market
someplace for blisters.

Are they high-grade
or low-grade blisters?

I guess mine are low-grade.

You know, I get
to hurting so much,

I just want to sit
down and quit.

For a while, that is.

You get up and dump,
and then we'll quit.

Pa, you know, for a grownup,
you get some right smart ideas?

(grunting with effort)



That feels better
than new spring rain.

PEDRO: Señor, run!

- (Pedro shouts in Spanish)
- Get down!

- What do you want?
- We've been talking.

I ain't interested.
Now, get off my claim!

Now, wait, wait, wait,
wait just a minute.

You owe us, all of us.

Now, we just kind of
think it's right and proper

that you sign over the
money you got in the bank

to pay us back again.

Now, we can do it
easy-like or hard-like.

All you got to do is sign this,

and we make tracks
right off your claim.

I got a list of the
people I owe money to.

When this mine makes
it, they get their money.


You don't expect
us to believe that?

I don't care what you
believe. Get off my claim!

Well, boys, I guess
he favors the hard way.

- You heard him! Get off!
- Run! Run!

Ed, put a gun on them.

You know, unlike some
folks I know, I try to play it fair.

Now, I'll give you another
chance to sign this.


HOLT: Clint, I told you.

Swindlers only take your
money, they don't give it.

We got to reason with him.

All right, I tried talking.

Now we'll play it your way.

(Jim panting)

Bring him over here.

(Jim grunts)

All right, go ahead.

Well, what's the matter?

Well, this ain't
exactly my cup of tea.

The man owes you close to $200.

The least you can do
is take it out of his hide.

Well, that may be so,

but I ain't gonna to
do any more whipping.

HOLT: I got a better idea.

One that will give that no-good
skunk something to think about.

Bring him over here.

(Jim grunts)

Give him a drink of
water... A long one!


Now are you ready to sign?


Pa, sign it!

Drop the gun, señor.

Okay, get him out of there!



All right, now, get out of here!

All of you!

Señores, you better go,

or I cut his throat.

I am very good, señores.

He won't even feel it.

ED: Well...

go on!

Well, do as he says!

Move out!

I-I came here to
get my money back,

not to get my head cut off.

Come on, let's go.

(Jim pants and gasps)

Let him go.

(Jim gasping)

These rats...

scum, skunks!

(hoofbeats approaching)

What in the tarna...?
Who done this?

Oh, it's Fisher and Holt.

Must have went
down the back trail.

I didn't meet up with 'em.

They tried to get pa

to sign over the money
we got in the bank.

I didn't sign.

We got to get you
two into Doc right now.

Pedro, hitch up the
team for me, will you?

- Si, Señor.
- Take it easy, Jim. Come on.

They give you a
workin' over, didn't they?

Well, you can't blame
me for asking, Doc.

(chuckling): Well, no.

One of my girls says

that she's got double
lobular pneumonia...

I thought it might be catching.

(Doc chuckles)

Well, I tell you, it
sounds more to me

like it's double
lobular laziness.

And I think, uh,

there's nothing I
can do about that.

Well, I guess I'll have
to make a house call.

Well, now, watch it, though.

Just don't go to
treating gunshot wounds,

or anything like that.

- (Doc and Kitty laugh)
- I'll see you, Kitty.

- Kitty? Doc?
- Yes!

- I got the Forbeses here.
- (Jim mutters)

- They're hurt bad.
- What happened here? -Oh?

- He's bleeding bad. Look at his back here.
- Brian?

- I can make it.
- Brian, what happened?

Well, he really
got us, Miss Kitty.

- Help him up here, Festus.
- (Jim sighs)

Here, Jim, get up there.

(Jim gasps rapidly)

They just whipped the
whey out of him with a whip.

Festus, get me that, uh...

that tallest bottle
there off a...

Oh, what did they
do to you, boy?

Oh, they just twisted
my arm a little.

Oh, let's have it... a little...


It's up here, in my shoulder.

Oh, it is, huh?

Well, you just...

just leave it like that
till I finish with your pa.

Yes, sir.

This here the one, Doc?

Yeah, that's it. Thanks, Festus.

Now, Jim, this is sure
not going to feel very good.

(Jim shouts)

I'm sorry.

Well, Festus, what happened?

(Jim groans)

The way I gather, Jase
Holt and Clint Fisher

and a bunch of them
fellers went up yonder

and tried to make
Jim sign a paper.

That's right, ma'am.

Make him sign a paper?

Yes, ma'am; to get the mine
money we got in the bank.

Like I was a-tellin' you,

you could throw them
fellers in jail for trespassing,

or beating up on you,
and you wouldn't do it.

Well, somebody ought to
do something about this,

I'll tell you that.

I sure agree with that.

Festus, come on.
Let's go get Matt.

- Yes.
- To a place.

No! No! PI... Please.

Look, I appreciate it.


I know you mean well.

I know you want to help,
but I don't need no help...

The marshal's, nor nobody's.


Well, why not, Jim?

I... I just... I just don't.

Now, please.


Well, it's your skin.

What little there is of it left.

(Jim grunts, groans)

(overlapping, indistinct
crowd chatter, laughter)

Hey, Sam!

This is a dead soldier.

Bring over a live one.

- MAN: Hey!
- MAN 2: Hey! Whoa!

(laughter and chatter)

WOMAN: No! No.

(Holt guffawing)

Here you are.

Go get her, Ed!

Go get her!

chatter and shouting)

(woman screams)

Oh! Oh! There they are.

- Down! Put me down!
- (overlapping chatter)

(loud, overlapping
chatter and shouting)

(men clamoring)

Put me down...

Put me down!


(clamor continues)

Put me down!

(woman screaming, men cheering)

No! No, no, no!


- Did you see that?
- (Holt cackles)

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!

What happens if he
goes to the marshal?


(quietly): Forbes.

Well, if he wants to go
to the marshal and talk,

I say he's welcome.

Who's gonna believe
a liar and a swindler,

even if he has got a sore back?


Besides, then he'll
have to tell everybody

what he's doing back
in a spent-out mine.

Yeah, yeah, but it's the
same as the last time.

What we need is good,
solid, in-the-hand proof.

Well, don't you worry about it,
'cause I got a couple of ideas.

HOLT: Yeah, you got ideas, huh?

(Holt laughs)

I think you've had
enough good ideas

to last until the Long Branch
starts growing some leaves.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means I saw the Forbeses

when they were
brought into Doc's office.

LOUIE: Are they giving
you trouble, Miss Kitty?

Not as much as they
gave Jim and Brian Forbes.

If you don't have
any shame in you,

then you certainly ought to.

What happened, Miss Kitty?

Festus hauled the
Forbeses into Doc's office,

and Jim's back looks
like a bloody washboard.

And young Brian almost
had his arm twisted right off.

Well, he was up
there, wasn't he?

Working at the mine with
his pa, learning all the tricks.

Who says that we
know anything about it?

Jim Forbes.

- (Holt snorts)
- You must sure be worked up

to believe the
world's biggest liar.

- Well, I believe her.
- So do I.

- You're not alone, Louie!
- (overlapping chatter)

We wouldn't listen to a
bunch of drunks like you.

You think Jim Forbes
wouldn't dream up a story

like that so's we'd
feel sorry for him?

You don't think he'd beat
up on his own kid to do that?

Now wait a minute.
Now wait a minute!

That man took my last
cent three years ago.

We were saving up
to go to "Californie."

He's got a forked
tongue if I ever heard one.

And that's the truth, Kitty.

Are you calling
Miss Kitty a liar?

Oh, I ain't calling
anybody a liar.

(loud, overlapping chatter)

(Sam bangs mallet)

I'm sorry, Miss Kitty.

We didn't mean to
crowd you. It's just that...

All right, all right.

I brought this on myself.

I don't usually start
things that I can't stop.

And I'm going to stop this.

Now, why doesn't everybody
just step right up to the bar

and have a drink on me?

(loud, overlapping chatter)

Wait a minute!

(chatter stops)

Except any of you that think

that Brian ought to suffer
for the sins of his father.

Now anybody who thinks that,

you can just start walking.

Oh, come on,
let's get out of here.

We can get a drink
someplace else.

(indistinct chatter, murmuring)


I still don't like this, Clint.

One way in means
only one way out.

Oh, stop spooking, will you?

It was right about
here that he...

brought the judge to
show him during the trial.

They sure pushed it in
further since they come back.

Yeah. Lot of blasting.

Well, that sure is
the same stuff that's...

coming off the
tunnel wall, all right.

Hey. Hey, lookie here.

- Lookie here.
- What?

What? Just like before.

- Now, just like before.
- What's like before?

Quartz. This is quartz,

the stuff that he
salted the mine with.

It's the same thing that
he brought into Dodge

in those sacks.

Why, that double-dealing,
card-stacking, no-good polecat.

He's trying it all over again.

- Just the way we...
- (clattering in distance)

What's that?

Somebody's coming in.

Put out the light.

Who's in here?!

(no voice)

What are you doing here?

Well, I-I, uh, w-we...

How is he?

I don't know; maybe I hit
him harder than I thought I did.

Is he dead?

Come on, let's get out of here.

Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

What do you think?

Why not?

It'll all be an accident, huh?

Yeah, well, like
the banker says,

if you don't get
paid, you foreclose.

Come on.

(fuse hissing, crackling)


(explosion thunders)

Pa? Pa!

(Jim grunts)

Are-are you all right?

- PEDRO: Ay, yi-yi...
- Yeah, I'm...

- That was too close for comfort.
- I'm all right.

(Jim grunting)

The mine's gone.

The years...

the work.


you saddle my horse.

But Señor, you c...

Saddle my horse!

Oh, you kept it loaded, too.

Yeah, but-but why?

I didn't set that charge.

Holt and Fisher did.

What are you doing?

You're not going down there
all alone; I'm going with you.

No, you're not.
You're staying here.

I'm the one who
did the crawling.

There ain't gonna
be no more crawling.


you know, you ma could
have married Hank Shodahl.

He's a farmer.

Instead, she picked me.

A mole, gopher,

looking for rainbows...

Well, the only gold I ever
found aside from your ma was...


Get 'em, Pa! Get even!

And come back.

Just can't figure that
old scudder Doc out.

Why not?

All I said to him

was that maybe Jim had
ought to give up the mine.

And I said, "So far, he
could've found that much gold

"in a bowl of soup
down at Delmonico's,

"instead of being
out there a-sweatin'

and a-breakin'
his back like that."

What did Doc say?

He said something

I ain't been able
to figure out yet.

What's that?

"Little people
has got little faith."

Whatever that means.

Kitty, I don't...

Fisher and Holt, where are they?

Well, they were
here but they left.

Said they was going
down to the harness shop.

He's wearing a gun, Festus.

You better go get Matt.

I'm gone.

JIM: Fisher!

If he got blew to pieces,

somebody sure put him
back together again fast.

And gave him a gun, too.

I'll take you one at a
time or both together.

Don't make no difference.

I'll take him.

Now fill your hand,
Forbes; I'll take you.

DILLON: Hold it.

What's going on here, Jim?

I'm gonna kill 'em, Matt.

I've taken all I can take...
They blowed up my mine.

He's a liar.

We went up there, but it
was to check up on him.

Yeah, we saw where
he salted the mine.

He-he was gonna swindle
the whole town all over again.

Well, now if he blowed that up,

he did it to cover the evidence.

Yeah, he's mad
because we scalped him

before he scalped us.

Send him back to jail, Marshal!

(townsfolk clamoring)

A rattlesnake don't
change his rattle.

Oh, he's a robber and a
thief, Matt, and you know it.

What about my money?

ED: He's a no-good
twistin' rock rat.

We're gonna run
him right out of town.

Dodge would be a better
place with the likes of him gone!

- (others agreeing)
- Yeah, he's got a lot of money.

Why doesn't he pay it
all? He's got it in the bank.

MAN: That's right. That's right.

You see, Marshal, it ain't just
Holt and me... it's everybody.

(others agreeing, clamoring)


Pa, wait! Look!

It's a strike, señor!

Look at this one.


The whole mountain.

Pedro found it... The
blast opened it up.

It's a strike! Oro supremo.

FESTUS: Pedro, let me see that.

(others murmuring)

Lookie here, Matthew.

A sack of that would
buy Dodge City.

It's gold.

It's gold.


Smell it.

That's gold.

Now you'll all get
your money back.

Only I think I owe you two
a little something extra...

for being my powder monkeys.

- I got it, I got it.
- Now, wait a minute, that's mine.

- It was closer to me.
- No, I set off the charge.

I got it...



mighty happy for you.

Thank you, Matt.

Boy, let's get that ore
down to the assay office.

I don't think he's gonna
laugh at you today.


(indistinct chatter)

Festus, you know, you keep
looking at that any harder,

it's gonna break in two.

All right, Matthew, just
keep on a-hoorahin' me,

but even Hard Rock Hogan
Haggen never seen anything like this.

Well, I'll tell you, as
long as you feel that way,

maybe we ought to go
over and you can, uh,

buy me a beer in
honor of his memory.

Well, I reckon I
could do that, but...

'member I told you Uncle Hogan
Haggen learnt me everything

I know about mining?


'Cause he learnt me
something else, too.

What's that?

How to talk a lady saloon keeper
out of a couple of cold beers.

Want to give it a whirl?

Let's go.

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