Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 7 - The Bounty Hunter - full transcript

Lured out of retirement with the promise of land, a bounty hunter is aimed by his boss at the man who killed his son. He just doesn't tell him the reward and charges had been dropped.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


(birds chirping)


You got yourself wrapped
up, didn't you, son? Come on.

Come on.

(cow moos)

- Bah!
- MAN (calls): Turner!

Boss wants you.


(birds chirping)

- ♪♪
- (horse neighs)



He's a-coming, Mr. Thornton.

Did you want to see
me, Mr. Thornton?

That's right, Frazer.

(chuckles) No, sir, uh...

my name is Turner, Mr. Thornton.

The name is Frazer, Mr. Frazer.

(sighs quietly)

All right, I'll be
out by sundown.

Frazer, nobody
said you're fired.

I just want you to take
a little ride with me.

Ride? Where?

Something I have
might interest you.


Look down there.

Ever see anything
prettier in your whole life?

FRAZER: Well, it's
pretty. What's the point?

My men tell me you've always
wanted a place of your own.

Well, you've been busy,
haven't you, Mr. Thornton?

- Well?
- Yeah, that's right.

Getting close to it?


No, not hardly.

There's faster ways
than herding cows.

Yeah, well, that's
past, Mr. Thornton.

I... I would have thought
you'd known about that, too.

One more time, you can have
everything you ever wanted.

1,000 acres, this valley
and everything that's in it.

To help you get started, I'll
match the reward on this poster.

Never knew a bounty hunter
to get as nice a price as that.

Who is he?

His name's Otto Fry.

Yeah, I can read that.

He murdered my son.

(sighs): Now I know who he is.


Boy, I never thought to own
as much as a thousand acres.

One more thing.

I want him to know who
sent you before he dies.

(theme music playing)

Billy Pierce ate a toad.

- A what?
- Billy Pierce ate a toad.

A live one?

I don't know.

Now, what would he do that for?

'Cause he wanted to get warts.

(chuckles): Oh...

Well, you can't get
warts from eating a toad.

I know. You have to
rub him on your pillow.

(chuckles) Seems
to me that's the way

I remember it, all right.

Did it work for you?

No. By golly, it never did.

Me, neither.

How do you get 'em?


I don't know, Amy.

If you find out, will
you let me know?

If I find out, Amy, you'll
be the first one I'll tell.

You're nice.

So are you, Amy. You know,
we'd better get you back.

Your mother and father
might be looking for you.

- Okay.
- Come on.

You shouldn't have done it.

- Done what?
- The material.

It'll make you a
real pretty dress.

There's other
things we need more.

We'll get them the next time.

Flour was the last of it.

Where's Amy?

She went to see the marshal.

- It's time we was going.
- Well, I told her not to, but...

Here she comes now.

- Hello, Marshal.
- Lon, Mrs. Jensen.

Hope she didn't pester you none.

No. We had a good
talk. Didn't we, Amy?

We sure did.

- Climb aboard, Amy.
- Here you go.

- Bye, Marshal.
- Bye, Amy.

I'll see you on your
next trip to town, now.

- Bye, folks.
- Good day, Marshal.

Well, Doc, what are you doing,

holding up the
building here, or...?

No, I'm just relax... Is there
a law against that, relaxing?

No, no, I guess not.
Everybody to his own taste.

Wouldn't hurt you
to do a little of it.

Relaxing and studying
people... It might help you.

- Uh-huh.
- You know something?

- People are very interesting.
- They are, huh?

Yes, sir, there are so
many different kinds of them.

Now, you take... you
take Lon Jensen there.

What about Lon?

Well, now, he's a quiet sort of
a fellow, introverted, you know.

Now, you're never gonna get
to know a fella like that too good.

But she's different,
his wife there.

Now, she's
outgoing and friendly.

- Makes a lot of friends.
- Mm-hmm.

Well, it's true, and
it wouldn't hurt you

if you were a little
more observant.

I'm just trying to educate
you a little, that's all.

Oh, well, listen, I
appreciate that, Doc.

- Well, I'm very glad you do.
- Mm-hmm.

You wouldn't, uh, want
to continue my education

over a little
breakfast, would you?

- No, I can't afford that.
- Can't afford it?

No, I can't afford to
pay for both of us...

- That's what usually happens.
- Oh.

Well, I guess I'd better
be going along, then.

I, uh, I can see you're
gonna be busy anyway...

holding up that building.



(Frazer exhales)

- Evening.
- Good evening. Whiskey, please.

Yes, sir.

(Frazer exhales)

You, uh, must be with that
cattle herd outside of town.

No, I'm not.

Oh, I figured maybe you was.

There's always new faces when
the cattle herd comes through.

Well, no.



Boy, it's, uh...

it's really kind
of quiet, isn't it?

It's your first time
in Dodge, I can tell.

We've got a marshal
keeps things quiet.

'Course, there's
occasions when a wild hare

gets kind of festered up a bit.

Yeah? Well, that's what I
heard. I used to have a friend

who lived here,
leastwise he did last time

- I heard from him.
- Oh, is that so?

Yeah. Old Otto, he might have
been one of those wild hares

you was talking
about... Unless marriage

settled him down some.

Yeah, Otto.

Yeah, Otto Fry.

Otto Fry, huh? 'Fraid
I don't know him.

Well, it could be
he's just moved on.

It's been some time
since I heard from him.

Uh, I ain't about to
send a customer away,

but it could be they know
him over at the Long Branch.

Well, there's no hurry.

If, uh... if he's around,
I'm gonna find him.

Uh, care to join me?


Well, thank you, mister.

FESTUS: And then the
old buffalo hunter said,

"Well, when did this happen,

when the mountain
lion jumped on you?"

And the Injun said, "No, just
now when I went... (roars)!"

Ain't that funny?

Festus, I tried to tell
you when you started,

I heard it about a month ago.

Well, Ol' Charlie
Cruter just told me.

Yeah, he told me,
too, about a month ago,

- over at Moss Grimmick's.
- Festus. Doc.

- Sit down, Matt.
- Matthew, I got a story for you. There...

It's the one about the
Indian and the buffalo hunter.

Will... will you quit
and let me tell it?

There was this old
buffalo hunter, see...

Eh, I think I've
heard that, Festus.

- Oh, you have?
- Mm-hmm.

I believe it was
about a month ago.

He just heard it yesterday.

Well, I can't help
it if I just heared it.

It's got a beard on it,
about as old and as long

- and as ugly as yours.
- Aw...

- Sit down, Kitty.
- Thanks, Doc.

Looks like it's gonna
be a long night,

so I guess I might as well
take it easy while I can.

Well, you came
to the right table,

- that is, if you can stand...
- Miss Kitty,

did you hear the one
about this old buffalo hunter

and this Injun?

And the mountain lion?

Yeah, that's the one.

Now are you gonna
believe me when I tell you

- it's an old story?
- Oh, will you quit!

You make me about half sick.

(whistling a tune)

Well, I'll be slammed
down and tromped on.

(continues whistling)

Luke Frazer?



Festus Haggen.

Well, Festus,
you old... (laughs)

Where in tarnation you
been a-keeping yourself?

I just rode into town.

Why, I haven't saw
you in I don't know when.

No, well, that's
been since Missouri.

You're right as rain,
that's just where it was at.

Say, I'd have
knowed you anyplace.

- Well, it's been a few years, huh?
- It's sure been a spell.

Why don't you come
over here and sit down.

I want you to meet
some friends of mine.

Thank you, I'd like to.

This here is Luke Frazer.

- This here's Miss Kitty Russell.
- How do you do? -Hello.

- Matthew Dillon.
- Marshal, how are you?

- Doc Adams. -How are you?
- How are you, Doctor?

Why don't you pull
up a chair, Mr. Frazer.

- Yeah, come on and sit down.
- Uh, thank you very much.

Well, if this ain't a special
evening, I'll throw in with you.

I'm fixing to buy beers around.

You're gonna what?

Dab some sugar on his tongue.

He'd make a good flytrap.

Boy, he hasn't changed.

I take it you two go
back a few years.

Yes, ma'am, we do.

By golly, I didn't believe it.

He is buying. Lookie there.

- I take it back... He has changed.
- (chuckles)

Luke Frazer. Seems to
me I've heard that name.

(grunts) Yeah, well, I guess...
I guess that is, Marshal.

Been quite a while though.

(sighs) Well, I guess I haven't
been very busy for a while.

Well, wait a minute
here, what is...

- (sighs)
- what is your business?

Well, some people call
it bounty hunting, Doc.

Well, I never heard
anybody call it anything else.

Here we are.

Listen, Festus, I've
been riding all day.

- I don't think...
- Well, sit down, Luke.

I'm a-fixin' to spiel
you off a toast.

Here's to Luke, a man
I'm proud to call friend.

Do you know what he done?

He picked me up out
on the prairie one time

when my mule broke his leg

and towed me pert
near 18 miles to a doctor.

You, uh, figuring on taking up
ranching around Dodge, Frazer?

No, Marshal, I'm
here on business.

Golly Bill, sure would be good

if you could get you a
place close to here, Luke.

Well, to tell
you the truth, I...

there's a little valley
down near Bucklin

I kind of had my eye on.

I hope you get her soon.

I have every intention I will.

I'll drink to that.


- Hello, Marshal.
- Frazer.

Oh, I hope you don't mind. I
saw your fixings over there.

- Help yourself.
- I just can't have breakfast

until I've had a couple of cups
of strong coffee in the morning.

Just get up, did you?

Yeah, I... turned
in late last night.

Frazer, I got a feeling you
got something on your mind,

coming here to Dodge.

His name's Otto Fry, Marshal.

Fry? I don't think I know him.

That's pretty quick.

Well, probably his name
doesn't mean anything anyway.

More than likely he's changed
it a couple of times. Here.

Take your time.

What makes you
think he's in Dodge?

Oh, it sifts down
to around here.

I've been looking for
him close to two months.

Afraid I can't help you.

Uh, you want to know
what he did, Marshal?

He beat a-an
18-year-old boy to death.

Wasn't clean, mind
you, like with a gun.

It took that boy
almost a week to die.

You're looking for justice then.

I think his father's
got a right to see it.

Justice and a father's
revenge, is that it?

Well, not for me.

I-I want the $600, Marshal.

How much land do you
figure that'll buy you?

Do you recognize him?

Marshal, this reward is
offered by legal authority.

Now, I'm just trying to do
what the law wants done.

Glad to see you're so
concerned with the law, Frazer.

Tell me something, Marshal.

Is there some special glory
in the way you serve the law?

I mean, are you gonna get
shot any deader than I can

just because you
get less money for it?

If you don't know the
difference there, Frazer,

I'm afraid I can't help you.

Oh, I've heard the
difference, Marshal.

I've heard it in a
hundred different towns.

You know, it's funny.

When there's nobody else,
they're kind of glad to see you.

Then when the gun smoke
clears, if you're still standing,

they're sort of anxious for
you to collect your money

and get out 'cause they
don't like you much anymore.

Frazer, I'll tell you something.

This town doesn't
need you either,

you or your gun.

It doesn't make any difference
what you think of me, Marshal.

But you're not gonna protect
a man who did what he did.

I know that.

Thanks for the coffee.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(horse sputters)

I don't care what you've
seen or heard, Marshal.

It's not Lon
they're looking for.

How many times have we
moved, looking for a place to hide?

Lon, don't.

I'm tired, honey.

I don't want to have
to hide no more.

I don't want you to
have to run no more.

Marshal, what you gonna do?

Right now, I want to
hear what Lon's got to say.

I killed him.

Well, you must have
had a reason, Lon.

My wife, Marshal.

Can you picture the likes of
me winning someone like her?

There was lots of
men that wanted her.

Wanted to try to take her.

One did.

I killed him.

I beat him until his blood and
mine was all mixed together

so you couldn't tell
one from the other.

Then I left him where he died.


Then me and Mal
and Amy went away.

I see.

Lon, you see, uh,

the boy didn't die just then.

He didn't?

No, he lived for about
a week after that.

And the law and his daddy
have been looking to hang me

ever since.

Lon, you should have
left this up to the law

in the first place. You
shouldn't have run.


the man that I...

No, no. It wasn't a man.

It was a boy. There's
no denying that.

He was a Thornton.

Chris Thornton's only son.

The name Thornton
don't mean much here.

But it does in Bucklin.

Lon, I'm gonna
have to take you in.

Yeah. I guess you are.

Marshal, please.

Mrs. Jensen, there's a bounty
hunter in Dodge right now

looking for your husband.

Now, if I lock Lon up in jail,

at least this fella
can't get at him.

- Now, now.
- (crying)

Everything's gonna be all right.

Everything's gonna
be all right, Mal.

Festus, I don't know about you,

but if I stay in
here any longer,

I'm gonna get waterlogged.

Well, it ain't too often I
do a silly thing like this.

Yeah, well...

seems to me that's
something else

that hasn't changed
since Missouri.

- Smart aleck.
- (chuckles)

I've been settin' here studying.

About what?

Wouldn't be too hard for
me to ride down to Bucklin

every once in a while, to
give you a hand on your ranch.

Well, that's ni... mighty
nice of you, Festus,

but it might be a spell
before I get that ranch.

Last night you figured
it might be pretty quick.

Yeah, well, that business
I was talking about is...

Well, the man I'm
looking for, he isn't here.

Was he fixin' to lend you
some money, was he?

No, nothing like that.

You're gonna take
on a partner, huh?

No, this-this man is
a murderer, Festus.

- Murderer?
- Yeah.

What would you be
doing looking for a m...

If you got a grudge to
settle, you can count on me...

I... never laid eyes on him.

Are you trying to tell me

this fella's got a
bounty on his head?

Yeah, that's what he has.

That's what you've been a-doin'
since I seen you in Missouri?

Some of the time I have, yeah.

You? A bounty hunter?

You're gonna be just like
the rest of 'em, aren't you?

What do you mean
"like the rest of 'em"?

Ah... nothing. It was
a job needed doing.

Aw, foot.

The law needed some help.

They were willing to
pay for it, so I helped 'em.

Now, wait a minute, Luke.

This here's Festus
you're talking to.

You don't have to
put on none for me.

I'm not puttin' on, and
I'm not apologizing either.

Now, you just said you was
a-bountying part of the time,

and you must have
been doing something else

the rest of the time.

You quit for a spell.
Why'd you quit?

I'll tell you why you quit.

No matter what you
been a-tellin' yourself,

your innards have been
a-tellin' you it ain't right.

Boy, you people get
so high-toney with me.

You never give any thought
to the scum I'm lookin' for,

do you? All right.

You take a look at this, Festus.

This man beat a boy to death.

Now, you tell me, is it
better that I bring him in

and I get my ranch
or that he goes free?

You've seen him.

No, I ain't.

Well, I don't suppose you'd
tell me if you had, would you?

Nope, don't reckon I would.

Festus, this man is
a wanted murderer.

If I bring him in,
I get my ranch.

Chris Thornton has
promised me 1,000 acres.

I can't help you, Luke.

All right.

All right, I guess
you already have.

FRAZER: $300, friend.

That's half the reward.

I don't know.

If you don't want to help me, I
can find somebody else who will.

You probably can.

Go on. Tell me it's
against your principles.

It ain't that.
It's just that I...

$300 for helping me
take a killer to justice.

Now, you want it or you don't?

Mister, it's all so fast.

Uh, you don't give a man time.

Well, I ain't got time to give.


His name's... Lon Jensen.

Where can I find him?

You'll see to Mal and Amy?

I'll see to 'em.

I ain't never been away
from 'em very long before.

Just that once.

I'm gonna send a telegram off
to the sheriff of Bucklin right now

and find out everything
I can about this case.

They're gonna hang me.

Now, don't you
worry about that, Lon.

You're a long ways from hangin'.

Maybe closer than you think.

Matthew, I got to talk to you.

Well, not right now,
Festus. I'm headin' out.

Well, wait a minute.
This is important.

I got me a sorry
lump right here,

and it won't go up
and it won't go down.

What's the matter?

- You know Luke Frazer?
- Yeah.

You know he's a bounty hunter?

I knew that, Festus.

He's got hisself a
wanted poster. I've saw it.

Well, I know that, too.

Well, then you know
why he's here in Dodge.

He's here to get Lon Jensen,
but he's not gonna get him.

What makes you think he won't?

'Cause I got Lon locked
up in a cell right now.

Where are you fixin' to go now?

I'm going to the telegraph
office. I'll be right back.


When's Daddy coming home?

Soon, dear.

How long is soon?

I don't know.

Oh, a few days.

A week.

I don't know.

Did he do something wrong?

Is that why Mr. Dillon
took him away?

It's just a
misunderstanding, dear.

He'll be home soon.

Well, I want you
to know something.

The marshal isn't
my friend any more.

How would you like some dinner?

All right.

- Hello.
- Hello.

My name's Amy.

It is?

Is that, uh, Amy Fry?

No. Amy Jensen.


Come inside.

- But, Mommy...
- Do as I tell. Come in.

Mrs. Fry?

Our name's Jensen.

It doesn't do any good to
change your name, Mrs. Fry.

Somebody's bound to find out.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Our name is Jensen.

Where's your husband, Mrs. Fry?

He's not here.

Yes, ma'am. Where is he?

I told you, he's not here.

Leave us alone.

Don't you touch me.

I don't mean you any harm, lady.

You want to sell my
husband's life for a few dollars.

You don't mean me any harm.

Lady, your husband
murdered a boy.

- It's not true.
- He killed him in cold blood.


He beat him to death
with his bare hands, lady.

All right, he killed him.

You know why?

No, I don't care why.

It's because he raped me.

All right, where is he?

Where you'll never get him.

What does that mean?

The marshal was
here this morning.

My husband's in jail.

You lost your bounty.

You're gonna have to go
hunt for it someplace else.

You lost it.

You lost your vile,

stinking blood money.

Hello, Barney.

Afternoon, Marshal.

Mind if I sit a minute?

No, help yourself.

That my telegram you got there?

Man my age hadn't ought to
have to run about on a hot day.

Barney, exercise is good
for you. You know that.

It's from the
sheriff in Bucklin.

Says the murder charge
against Otto Fry was dropped.

Uh, who's Otto Fry?

Well, whoever he is,

before somebody by the name
of Thornton died from a beating

this here fellow Fry give him,

he told how he, uh...

What he done to Fry's wife.

"Defense of self and property.

Justifiable homicide."

Well, it certainly
sounds justifiable

after what that
Thornton fella done.

I wonder how come this Frazer

didn't know the
reward was called off?

I got no time to sit here
and answer your questions.

I got work to do.

Where's Otto Fry, Marshal?

You can forget about
Fry, he's in my custody.

- No, he was my prisoner.
- How do you figure that?

You didn't even know
he was a wanted man

till I showed you that poster.

That's right, and when
I saw it, I locked him up.

That's part of my job.

That $600 reward didn't have
anything to do with it, hmm?

I hate to tell you
this, Frazer, but there

isn't any reward money.

I don't believe you, Marshal.

That's from the
sheriff in Bucklin.

You mean he really
was defending his wife?

That's right.

No, no... Chris Thornton
gave me that poster himself.

Makes sense to me after
reading that telegram.

The sheriff of Bucklin had
those posters printed up,

but when Fry was exonerated,
he just never sent 'em out.

Then Thornton knew
Fry wasn't a wanted man.

He had to.

It was his son's
confession that cleared Fry.

Howdy, Luke.

Golly Bill, he looks like a mule

kicked him twixt the eyes.

- What happened?
- Well, he just found out

he made the trip from
Bucklin for nothing.

- For nothing?
- Lon Jensen's innocent.

There isn't even any
reward out for him.

Well, you know, that
ain't but part of it, Matthew.

He wasn't just after
that $600 reward.

What do you mean?

Well, I heared him say that
Chris Thornton offered him

a thousand acres
if he'd kill Otto Fry.

Matthew, he's been after
them acres all of his life.

Come on.

(hammer pounding)


Oh, what are you
doing back here?

We thought you
were gone for good.

- Where's Thornton?
- He's inside.


(door opens nearby)

(door closes)



You come for your money?

Thornton, just put your hands
on top of that desk right now.

What's this about?

You'll match the
reward on this poster.

Only there isn't any reward,

and you knew about it
from the start, didn't you?

Still a thousand acres.

Oh, yeah, a thousand acres.

How am I supposed to collect

that thousand acres, Thornton?

At the end of a rope?

You set me up for murder.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You're a liar.

Fry isn't wanted for anything.

If I'd have killed him,
they would have hung me.

You find out where he is?

Yeah, I know where he is.

He's on a little farm
with his wife and his kid,

minding his own business.

What'd you come back
here for, if you didn't kill him?

Oh, I came back here

to beat you within an
inch of your life, Thornton.

You're a fool, Turner.

No, Frazer is the name,
Mr. Thornton, remember?

(short laugh)
My men'll kill you.


But when I'm finished with you,

they're not liable to forget me.



I believe he's dead.

He tried to kill me.

We'd better get you to a doctor.

I-I don't need a doctor.

Saddle the horses.

Where are we going?

To Dodge City,

to find the man
who killed my son.

Oh, I can't believe it.

After all this time running

and hiding and being afraid.

Take a bit of getting used to.

Oh. What about that man

that was after you?

- He's gone.
- You sure?

Festus followed him
for a day and a half.

He's gone back to
wherever he come from.

Oh. Oh.

I feel like...

Just like I've been
born all over again.

I feel ten years younger.

You look ten years younger.

There's just one thing...

Am I Mrs. Jensen or Mrs. Fry?

Well, now, which one
do you like the best?

Well, I kind of got
used to Jensen

and Amy never
knew anything else.

Then Mrs. Jensen it's gonna be.

By the way, where is Amy?

She's taking a nap.

Well, you go in and wake her up.

And tell her her
Daddy's home to stay.


(panting softly)

(groans softly)

(groans softly)



Pick it up.

(panting continues)

(speaking Spanish)



Where's Thornton?

(Frazer pants loudly)





Look at that.

You know that man?

Never seen him before.

You wouldn't be fooling
me, would you, mister?

Sure wouldn't be very
smart of me, would it?

Let's go.


Hello, boy.

What are you doing
out here all by yourself?


No, I... I never
seen him before.

I'm going to give you
just one more chance.

Who is he and
where can I find him?

I don't know.

(gun chamber clicks)

All right.

All right, I... I'll tell you.

Oh, Matt, will you...
will you bring him up

to the office as
soon as you can?

Where did you find him?

Well, about a mile off
the Hathaway Road there.

I saw his horse first. Took
me about an hour to find him.

I want to see him as
quick as I can up here.

- Frazer.
- (Frazer groans)

- Luke, it's me, Festus.
- Marshal, you...

(loud, rapid panting)


Marshal, you got to stop him.

Stop who?


Him and his men...
They went after Fry.

You got to hurry.
There isn't much time.

All right, some of you boys,
get him up the stairs, will you?

Come on, Festus.

- Let's get him up.
- Easy, easy now.

- (Frazer groans)
- Easy now. Here we go.

Come on.


(gunshot, glass breaking)

(two gunshots)


(gunshot ricocheting,
glass breaking)

(gunshot, gunfire)

(gunshot, ricocheting,
glass breaking)

(gunshot, glass breaking)


(gunshot, ricocheting)

(gunshot, glass breaking)

If there's as many as you
say, why don't they just rush us?


Because if they do,

somebody's going to be
killed, and they know it.

They also know
we can't last forever.

(gunshot, ricocheting,
glass breaking)

All they have to do is keep
us pinned here and wait.

How could we ever have
believed it was all over?


I hate to bother
you, Kitty, but, uh,

it's one of those things
that needs some help.

Oh, I don't mind.
I'll do anything I can.

It probably won't do any good.

I don't think I can even
save him, but I better try.

Where is he?

Well, he won't get far.

(gunfire continues,
glass breaking)

(gunfire continues)

- Hold your fire!
- (gunshot)


As the United States Marshal
talking, I said, hold your fire.

We can't, Marshal.

We got a killer
penned up in that cabin.

That man's under the
protection of the law.

He's not guilty of any crimes.

Not only that. He's got a
woman and child in there.

Don't you know that?

Now, throw down your
guns and come out.

What do we do, Mr. Thornton?

We didn't figure
on nothing like this.

Shut up!

I'm telling you
for the last time,

throw down your guns,
come out with your hands up.

Which one of you
men is Thornton?

Well, he ain't here, Marshal.



You all right, Lon?

- (galloping hoofbeats)
- Yeah, I'm all right, Marshal.

This man's not wanted
by the law for anything.

Anybody harms him's
going to jail, is that clear?

We were following
Mr. Thornton's orders, Marshal.

We won't give you
any more trouble.

All right. Come on, Festus.


Frazer... listen to me.

I'll give you all
the land you want,

a thousand acres.

You don't even have to kill Fry.

Just let me by.

I'll give you a thousand acres.

A thousand!

(hoofbeats approaching)


Oh, Festus, howdy.

- (Frazer groans)
- Yeah.

Just be easy now, Luke.

We're gonna get the doc for you.

(loud groaning)

(labored breathing)


Did they get Fry?

No, they didn't get him.


That's good.

That's very good.

Matthew, there ain't
nothing in the world said

he had to kill hisself
a-riding back here to warn us.

No, that's right, Festus.

Old Luke.

All he ever wanted in this world

was a little bit of
land of his own.

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