Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 4 - Ten Little Indians - full transcript

Marshal Dillon meets an Hispanic badman who forces Dillon into a gunfight. Almost immediately, Matt encounters an old friend, retired lawman Jack Pinto, who accompanies the Marshal to Dodge. Upon his return to town, Matt is told by Festus that four hired guns are waiting to kill the marshal. One by one, the gunmen die while trying to collect a $25,000 bounty on Dillon--yet incidents prove that the bounty is still in force. Who has offered the bounty, and who still plans to collect?

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


MAN: Señor Dillon!


I have been told that
behind that badge...

(chuckles) there is
the heart of a coward.

Is true?

Who are you? What do you want?

Ah, my name, my name.

Miguel. Miguel Samando.



But tomorrow...

tomorrow I shall be the
pistolero who shot the famous...

Marshal Dillon. (chuckling)

I-I cannot let you go, señor.

You see,

there are some
people in some cities

who do not like some of
the things that I have done.

And they pay other people
to hunt me and kill me.

I do not like that.

I do not want people
hunting me and killing me.

Well, let me tell you something,
young fella, I'm not after you.

So why don't you
ride out of here.

Oh, regardless.

I... (chuckles)
have got to kill you.



the path that
this bullet will take

shall lead me south to my home.


I'm afraid I'm not
much for riddles.

(chuckles) I agree.

The time for riddles
has-has passed.


(hoofbeats approaching)

Hold it right there.

Matt Dillon.

You're not aiming to
bushwhack an old friend, are you?


Jack Pinto.

- Well, I'll be darned.
- (chuckles)

I see you still ain't
wasting any bullets.

Well, I can't understand it.
This fella just stepped out

into the road here and
forced me to draw on him.

I heard a shot. I figured
somebody needed help.

Oh, were you after him?

No, I'm not a lawman anymore,

not for the last
three, four years.

Well, that's hard
to believe, Jack.

I got just a hair
slower than I once was.

I figured I better stop facing
up to these young punks

before one of them outdrew me.

(chuckles) That's not likely.

What brings you down this way?

Matt, I'm reaching
for the promised land.

I'm taking the biggest
gamble of my life.


For nearly 30 years, I worked
for the law for $12 a month.

Now I decided I'm going
to get something back.

What do you mean?

I'm going to California.

Land is cheap there, and
they tell us country boys

that the streets
are paved with gold.

(chuckles) You're not going
by way of Dodge, are you?

Well, I was just planning on it.

Well, good. Ride along with me.

Give me a hand here,
and we'll get started.

- Who is he?
- I don't know, Jack.

- I never saw him before.
- Hmm.

(theme music playing)


What in thunder... Of
all the imbecilic, silly...

Never mind that.
Where's Matthew at?

- Didn't hurt you none, did it?
- Oh, no, didn't hurt me at all.

I'm scalded, I got
third-degree burns here to my...

- Doc, well...
- I spend 45 minutes

making myself a cup of coffee,
and just as I get it all just...

What in thunder's the
matter with you anyway?

There's another one in town.

There's another one what?

One of them gunfightin' fellas.

Oh, you got
gunfighters on the brain!

Doc, it's a Haggen truth.

I seen him right out
yonder in the street,

just big as you please.

Will you tell me how in
thunder you can tell a gunfighter

from any other cowboy
that's wearing a gun?

Well, it's easy. They
got... The way that...

- I can tell 'em a
mile off, - Yeah.

Just like you can tell when
the weather's a-fixin' to change.

Well, I've got a
little secret for you

about that weather business.

That is no psychic
phenomenon with me.

It's rheumatism!

Well, wait a minute.

You gonna tell me
where Matthew's at or...

No, I'm not going to
tell you where he is,

'cause I don't know where he is.

Well, he was supposed to
have came back from Hays

- two hours ago.
- Well, I know that. I know that.

But he told me before
he left that if he had time

he was gonna stop
by Ben Wilmer's place

and find out why Wilmer's dog

has been chasing Old
Man Ferris's chickens.

- Chickens?
- That's what he said.

Well, now, that ain't
no fittin' kind of a job

for a United States
Marshal to be a-doin'.

Yeah, well, when Matt gets
back, why don't you sit him down,

have a talk with him,
explain his duties to him.

- He'll appreciate it.
- All right.

Just keep on hoorahing.

Now, Doc, you don't
understand the seriousness

of what I'm trying to tell you.

I'm trying to tell you that
there's three gunfighters

right down yonder
at the Long Branch

and they would have been
four if that Mexican hadn't a-rode

out of town before daylight.

By golly, it's a shame
you can't read and write.

- Why?
- You could start your own newspaper!

Well, I'll tell you this, I
got better things to do

than standing around
here jawing with an old man

that's so feeble he can't
even pick up a coffee pot.

- You get out of here!
- I'm goin'.

And while I'm gone, I'm gonna
find out what's going on in town

while the United
States Marshal's

out a-chasin' chickens.
(exhales sharply)


- Let me have a whiskey.
- Sure.


Looks like Old
Home Week, don't it?



Now, Tresh, I'm
surprised at you.

Lookie here,

putting a jack where
a king belongs.


You already got one
of my bullets in you.

You looking to get another one?


One of these days, I'm
gonna kill you, Phleger.

You're gonna have to
take lessons from our friend

Billy Coe over there,
then, aren't you?

I heard that he likes to
shoot people in the back.

What are you doing here
in Dodge anyway, Billy Coe?

Same as you.


You drinking real whiskey?

I ain't looking for no trouble.

That sounds like a good idea.

(door opens)


Is there something
you want, mister?

Reckon I do, if you're buyin'.


You're real funny, ain't you?


I can see right off I'm
making your whole day for you.

Well, you keep on grinnin',
you're liable to die grinnin'.

Sit down, mister.
I'll buy you a drink.

Get me another glass, Sam.

Much obliged to you. (chuckles)

That's right thoughty of you.

Name's Festus Haggen.

(Phleger chuckles)

Goes down right smooth,
don't it? (chuckles)

Can I have another swallow?

Help yourself.

Did you ever notice, Billy
Coe, how some people...

just got to spend their money

and buy themselves a friend?

(hoofbeats approaching)

I'm gonna get me a room
at Ma Smalley's, Matt.

- Maybe I'll see you for supper.
- Sure thing, Jack.

That's Miguel Samando.

I forgot to tell you, Phleger,

this morning there
was four of us.

Who is he?

Well, he called himself Miguel
Samando, that's all I know.

Mexican, huh?

Well, I thought maybe
Festus was just trying

to get everybody
worked up over nothing,

but this could be one of the
fellas he was talking about.

DILLON: What do you mean?

Well, he claims the
town's full of gunfighters.

He says that they've been
drifting in ever since you left.

Said one of them was a Mexican,

and he rode out of
town this morning.

Where's Festus now?

Two or three of these
fellas are supposed

to be over at the Long Branch.

I suppose he's over
there snooping around

- or something.
- I better go over

and have a look,
Doc. I'll see you later.

Oh, can you take care of him?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

Give me a hand here.


- (knocking)
- Miss Kitty?


(door opens, closes)

- Matt.
- Kitty.

Looks like quite a party
you're throwing here.

You know 'em?

One by name, two by breed.
Has there been any trouble?

Not yet. Which
one's your friend?

Oh, this first one
down the bar here.

Who's that sitting with Festus?

He introduced me.
His name's Al Tresh.


Then I know two of them by name.

- Thanks.
- I'll be in the back.

- Hello, Phleger.
- Oh, hi, Marshal.

I wasn't sure whether you
was gonna remember me or not.

I always remember a man
that kills one of my friends.

(chuckles) You remember
how it was, Marshal.

It was a fair fight.

What are you doing
here in Dodge?


How about these others,
they here on business, too?

Well, what "others" is that?

This one here and Al Tresh.

PHLEGER (chuckles):
Oh, you know Al Tresh?

Yeah, I know Al Tresh.

Who's that one?

His name's Billy Coe.

I'll tell you
something, Phleger.

If there's any trouble here,

I'm gonna throw you in jail.

All three of you.


Draw, Marshal!

I mean it, Marshal.


I don't miss often, Marshal.

I suppose I ought
to thank you for that.

No, you don't need to do that.

Any man that was
giving himself an edge

like this man was
doing on the draw

deserves to end up
with a mouthful of dirt.

At least, uh...

this one wasn't
no friend of yours...

was he?

You boys get him off the street.

(Nancy gasps, laughs)

- (lively piano music playing)
- (indistinct chatter)

TRESH: Hey, Sam...
(speaks indistinctly)

(Festus cackling)

Give us another bottle of
this watered-down rotgut

and put it on old Festus' bill!

(Festus cackling)


- Eh...
- (Festus coughs)

is you sure that your ma
and pa give you that name...

uh, Festus?

Well, of course I'm sure.

What's wrong with that?

It just sounds to
me like if I had, uh...

it on my little finger that I'd
have to cut off my whole arm.


(both laughing)

Cut off your whole arm!

If that don't take
the checkered rabbit!

(both laughing)

(laughter continues)

You want to know something,
Mr. Tresh? You're a real corn.

How come I ain't never saw
you around Dodge before?

Well, maybe that's because I
ain't never been here before!

(cackling, laughing)

And that means that
something real special's

got to have brung you
to town this time, right?

Well, I want to tell you
something, Festus, my friend.

There's only three things
that makes a man move.

A woman or a bankroll

or a .45 a-tickling
the back of your neck.


Well, here you go, Sam.

(chuckles) Keep the change.

Well, I'd say this, it's
either a woman or a .45,

'cause you sure got
yourself a bankroll, ain'tcha?

Ah, well, th-that ain't much.

Sure looks much to a man

that ain't got nothing but
jingling money in his pocket.

Well, maybe so.

But it ain't rich.

If that ain't rich, what is?


That's rich, all right.

And that's just what I'm
gonna earn me tomorrow.

Golly Bill, what are
you fixing on doing,

robbing the bank or something?

What business is that of yours?

Well, it ain't none.

I mean, if you're figuring
on robbing the bank...

I was just a-funnin' with you.

I didn't know you
was actual gonna do it.

What's wrong with you?

I ain't gonna rob no bank.

I'm just gonna do
a nice neat little job

that I was a-hired to do.

(Nancy laughing)

Unless somebody
tries to stop me.

(Nancy laughing)

You mean like
that Phleger fella?

Yeah, maybe.

But I ain't gonna
let him stop me.

You ain't no friend of that
marshal's, now, are you?

Aw, foot!

I look like the kind of a man

that'd get thick with some
yay-hoo a-wearin' a tin badge?

(laughing): You surely don't.

Fact is, I got me
a-plenty of good reason

to want to know if anything's
gonna happen to that marshal.

Well, you just keep your
eyes open, Festus, my friend.

Maybe you'll see somebody
put a bullet in that tin badge.

DOC: And you think they
really are gunslingers, huh?

Well, Tresh and Phleger are,
and they're the only ones left.

What are you gonna do about it?

You wouldn't mind some
help from an old friend, Matt.

I mean, I've had years
dealing with gunslingers.

Well, I appreciate
that, Jack, but, uh,

I thought that's something
you were gonna try and forget.

Forget? It's like
riding a horse, Matt...

Sometimes you want to
get off and rest a while,

sometimes you even
make up your mind

you're never gonna ride again...

but you never forget how.

Well, thanks, Jack, but...

I want to try and find out
what they're really here for.

I think I'll just give
them a little rope.

Maybe they'll hang
themselves with it.

Another one ain't
gonna hurt you.

FESTUS: Of course it ain't.

Won't hurt if you
don't swaller it.

- Let's get it on.
- (chuckles)

You know... the thing
I can't understand

is why you got to get him
fair and square like that.

'Cause that's what the man said.

What man?

I think I've told you
too much already.

Well, well, just hold on, now.

The reason why I'm asking you,

if you got to get
him fair and square,

you're gonna earn every
nickel of that $25,000.

'Cause Matthew
Dillon is the fastest man

that I have ever
saw with a pistol.

And I mean it.


Faster than a
diamondback rattler

with a tarantula
running up his backside.

That's a bunch of talk.

Now, it ain't my insides
that's a-gonna get a airing out,

but you have been neighborly
with your hooch here,

and I just want to let you
know what kind of a thorny patch

you're getting yourself into.

- (piano playing)
- (people chattering)

That's all I'm trying to do.

- Where are you going?
- I'll be right back.

I'm just going to attend to
a little unfinished business.

You know something, Tresh?

You drink way too much.

All that whiskey there

takes the edge off a man's draw.

Get away from me, Phleger.


now, that ain't no way to
talk to an old friend, now, is it?


Especially seeing you and I are
playing in the same card game.

Both kind of looking to
draw the same card, right?

What do you mean by that?

Well, you know what I mean.

I mean it figures that, uh,
you've probably been in touch...

with a man named Pringle, right?

Beat it, Festus.

- What for?
- I said beat it!

All right!

(Festus grumbling)

You know something?

You know, you keep
talking to people like that,

and there ain't gonna
be nobody left to love you.

You said something about
Pringle... get on with it.

Well, it figures, don't it?

I mean, this morning
there was four of us, right?

And now there's just you and me.

Now, either Pringle
planned it that way,

or else he's aimin' to
have some fun with us.

And either way, there's
one of us too many.

Well, that all depends on
who gets there first, don't it?

(chair clatters across floor)

There ain't gonna
be no problem...

if there's just one of
us left, now, is there?

It ain't gonna work, Phleger.

Now, get on up out of the chair.

Come on.

Push your chair
back and get on up.

I said get up from the table.

Get up.

You ain't gonna make
me draw on you, Phleger.

All right, then, maybe I'll
just kill you for the fun of it.



You won't do that, Phleger.

If I don't draw on
you, they'll hang you.

And that ain't gonna put
no money in your pocket,

now, is it?

You keep your voice down, boy.

You're a big man.

I got plans for
you, Mr. Phleger.

I'm gonna kill you
just like I said I would,

and I'm gonna tell you
how I'm gonna do it.

I'm gonna wait till you
draw on the marshal,

and then I'm going to kill you
the way you killed Billy Coe.

And they ain't gonna hang me.

They gonna give me a medal.
How do you like that, huh?

- (cocks gun)
- How do I like it, huh?

Go ahead.

Kiss your $25,000 good-bye.

It's all right, folks,

the, uh, excitement's over.

Go on back to your
drinking or your seats. Uh,

as a matter of fact, ol' Al
Tresh is gonna do the buying.

(indistinct chatter)

Admit it, Mr. Phleger.

I got you right where it hurts.

You ain't gonna fight me

and the marshal
at the same time.

All right.

And I got you, too,
because you know

you can't take him by yourself.

That's right.

Ain't either one of us
can take him alone.

So what we ought to do is, uh,

stop fighting each other.

Ah, now I know that I ain't
exactly the kind of partner

you had in mind.

My, uh, clothes, they
ain't suited for the job,

but I don't see
you got no choice.

All right.


You see, uh...

it's not hard to love me.

All you got to do
is, uh, give a little.


You can sit around and
wait to get shot if you want to,

but you're not very
considerate of other folks.

- Who's that?
- Well, me for one.

I don't like the idea
of getting waked up

in the middle of the night to
pick bullets out of your back.

Well, I tell you, maybe
I'll arrange to get shot

- after breakfast, then.
- (Pinto chuckles)

Doc, don't you
know you're talking

to the most stubborn man in
the world, pound for pound?

And about the orneriest, too.

Well, Matt, since you
don't seem to need me,

I think I'll turn in, I want
to got an early start.

- All right, Jack, good night.
- Take care, Matt. Doc.

- Good night, Jack.
- All right.

You known him a long time, huh?

Yeah, he's a good lawman, Doc.

Kind of smart, too. At
least he knew when to quit.

FESTUS: Matthew.

Matthew, come on, you
got some marshalling to do.

What's your problem?

Well, it ain't
mine, it's your'n.

Somebody put $25,000

on your head, and there's

a couple of yay-hoos in
town that's fixin' to collect it.

I just spent the last four hours
a-drinking with one of them

trying to find out
what's going on.

I found out this:

it's got to be a fair fight.

And you better come on,
'cause they're just a-faunchin'

and a-bellerin' down there.

They just pert near
had her out, just now.

(Nancy laughs)

(Nancy talks quietly)

Come on.

I know a place...

(running footsteps)

(dog barking in distance)


(soft thud)


(screaming continues)

(screaming continues)

- (Nancy sobs)
- Shh, shh.

It's Phleger.

Appears like ol' Tresh
got to him, don't it?

Nancy, what happened here?

I don't know, it happened...

One minute he was
laughing, and the...

and the next he
was just lying there.

And my hands were...

my-my hands were...


A man can't hardly get any rest

at all in this town
of yours, Matt.

Matthew, we'd ought to
get to looking for Tresh.

What does this Tresh look like?

Well, he looks like a feller
that wouldn't be against

sticking a knife in
another feller's back.

Matt, lookie there.


(bullet ricochets)

I'm coming with you, Matt.


What's the matter?


(horse neighs in distance)

Over here, let's go.




Get up.

I didn't kill him, Marshal.

Get your hands up.

I-I swear, I didn't kill him.

Then why'd you run?

I figured nobody'd believe
me after seeing me and Phleger

fight in that saloon.
Uh, but I didn't kill him.

I suppose you're gonna try and
tell me you didn't come to Dodge

to kill me either, huh?

Oh, I decided I wouldn't
go through with it.

Why not?

I didn't like my chances.

$25,000 ain't no
good to a dead man.

Cover me.

(body thuds)

He went for his gun,
just like I knew he would.

I've had my fill of these punks

who think that a gun is
the answer to everything.


Well, I guess I might as
well get him loaded up,

and get him back to town.

If you don't mind, Matt,

I think I'll just go on.

You mean you're not
coming back to Dodge?

Well, I was planning
to go about sunup,

and that ain't but
two hours from now,

so I might as well push on.

Well, Jack, I'll be
sorry to see you go.

Don't you have any stuff
back in Dodge, though?

Everything I own
is on this horse.

Gives you an idea what a
lawman's got to look forward to.


Well, it's been good
seeing you again.

Pleasure running into you.

You're Marshal Dillon?

That's right.

My name's Pringle, Ben Pringle.

I'm in the cattle business.

I had a deal with
a man named Pinto

to pick up some of my cattle.

I understand he rode
out of town with you

and didn't come back.
Could you tell me why?

He went on to California.


Yeah. Now, if you're
through with your questions,

I got a couple for you.

What's your connection
with a couple of gunfighters

named Tresh and Phleger?


I don't know what
you're talking about.

Oh, just a minute, now.

If you'll just step
into the office,

we'll talk about
this a little further.

(wagon rattling)

Matt! Matt!

It's Lafe, he's been shot.

He was still alive when I left,

but I think he's hurt bad, Matt.

What happened?

I don't know.

I was out back and
I heard the shot,

came running around
the side of the house

and there was a man just
disappearing over the hill.

Then I went in the house and...

and Lafe was...

All right, Neddie.

Now you just take it easy.

You go on down, meet
me in front of Doc's office.

I'll be there in just a minute.

Mr. Pringle, I'll ask you
to stay around Dodge

till I get back.

See that he does,
would you, Festus?

Mr. Pringle, I'll just walk back

over to the hotel with you.

Well, you needn't bother.

Wait a minute.

There's a bunch of ornery
yay-hoos around town.

I sure don't want
anything to happen to you.

(hoofbeats approaching)


Now, hey.

Ain't you the feller
that rode out of town

with Matthew last night,
the one that killed Al Tresh?

That's right. Name's Jack Pinto.

Festus Haggen. Uh...
I thought Matthew said

you was a-fixin' to
head out for California?

Well, that's what I was
planning to do, all right, but, uh...

uh, then I remembered
this frisky little gal

lives about a mile
or two out of town.

Well, she kind of convinced
me to stay around a while.

A mile or two out
of town, you say?

Aw, you don't want me to
give you no road map, do you?

Well, I was just thinking
I might know her.

Then you'd sure know
why I stayed around, huh?



I ought to put a bullet
through that miserable,

conniving heart of yours.

He said you'd gone.

I guess he was wrong.

Well, what do you want?

You acting dumb.

You acting real dumb.

Now, you put that gun away.

Guns scare you, Pringle?

You hired a whole
passel of them.

I-I... I don't know
what you're talking ab...

I'm tired of listening
to your lies, Pringle.

In my book, there's only
one thing that's worse

than a man who kills for
money, and that's a man

who hires somebody else
to do the killing for him.

I didn't think you
were so particular.

We're not talking about
me; we're talking about you.

You hired me
to kill Matt Dillon,

$1,500 going in, and
$25,000 when it's over.

- That's right.
- But now when I come here to do the job,

I find four other
fellas here before me.

Just wanted to make sure.

They're all gone now...
You're the only one that's left.

Why, they're scum like
you... They're not fit to live.

Oh, and you are? A man
who'd kill a friend for money!

He was more than a friend...
He was a good lawman!

And now it's either him or me.

All my life I've killed to
protect people like you

for a lousy $12 a month,
and now for the first time

I'm offered what
the risks are worth.

And I'm gonna make
sure that you'll be around

to pay off when it's over.

I'll be here.

With the money... the $25,000!

I got it!

Where? Where?!

You don't think
I'd keep it here!


Got it at the bank.

And you'll get it
when you earn it.

You make sure
you'll be at the bank

when it opens in the morning.

I'll be there, all right.

You just keep your
end of the bargain.

My job will be over
when the bank opens.

PRINGLE: Sure you can take him?

I hear he's pretty good.

Tomorrow he won't be so good.

You can just set the
light down there now.

(sighs) Is he gonna
be all right, Doc?

He's gonna be just fine, Neddie.

He'll... probably be up
dancing the two-step with you

in a couple of weeks.

(relieved sigh) Thank the Lord!

LAFE: Except, Doc...

I never could dance
the... two-step.

DOC: You ought
to be asleep, Lafe.

- I'm sorry.
- What are you sorry about?

Eh, getting you all the
way out here in the...

middle of the night.

Well, you might've
been a lot sorrier

if Neddie hadn't
come to town after me.

Lafe... did you see
who did this to you?

Yeah, I sure did.

Do you know him?

I never saw him before,
but I'll never forget him.

What'd he look like?

He was a dark man, not too big.

Had a... checked shirt,

sheepskin jacket.

Tan hat, I think.

I better be heading
back to Dodge.

- You know who done it, Marshal?
- Yes, I'm afraid I do.

Oh, but you can't go
back to Dodge tonight.

You've been riding all day.

I can fix up a place
here for you, easy.

Well, thanks, Neddie, but
I've got to be getting back.

- Doc, make him listen to reason.
- Well, I gave up on that

quite a while ago.

Neddie, give Lafe a
couple of those, will you?

You think it's Jack Pinto, huh?

Got to be, Doc.

I don't know why I
didn't guess it before.

Well, what makes you think
he's gonna be in Dodge?

He'll be there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute.

Where are you
going, Mr. Pringle?

Isn't the marshal back
yet? I got to talk to him.

Well, you better have a
hollerin' kind of a voice,

'cause he's 45
miles out of Dodge.

Be back sometime tomorrow.

Yeah, well, I've to
to get word to him.

Listen, Pinto's out to kill him.

- Pinto?
- Yeah, he's up to some trick or something.

(groans): Aw! Now, just don't
you worry none about Matthew.

That gun he totes
come with a little book

a-tellin' him how to use
it. Now, just go on upstairs.

Now, look, we've
got to warn him.

I'll tell him, I'll tell
him! You quit frettin'.

Just get upstairs
and stay there, now.





- Festus.
- Golly Bill, you look awful.

(groans): Well, I'm a
little tired, but I'm all right.

I-Is Lafe gonna
be all right, is he?

- Yeah, he's gonna be all right.
- Did you find out who done it?

Yeah. Where's Jack Pinto?


- That's who Pringle's been...
- Well, forget about Pringle.

- Where's Pinto?
- Oh, Pringle says he's gunnin' for you.

- You ain't going after him now, are you?
- Where is he?

He's over at the Dodge
House, I reckon, but, Matthew,

you ain't in no shape to
be going after him now.

Just wait a little bit
and git... Matthew?

PINTO: Welcome back, Matt.

I said welcome back, Matt.

Don't try him now, Matthew...
You can't even hardly see him.

DILLON: Why'd you shoot Lafe?

PINTO: I thought
I'd sleep better

dreaming about
you out on the trail.

You look a little tired.

My gun hand's not tired, Jack.

Anyway, it's a beautiful
morning for dying.

Sun bother your eye, does it?

Jack, I'll take
you, sun or no sun.

Maybe you will...

but I knocked down
the odds a little.

I'm coming at you, Matt.

(both guns fire)

Why'd you do it, Jack?

(panting): $25,000...

buys an awful lot
of land in California.

A man could live like a king.

But the truth is, Matt...

I'm kind of glad it
turned out this way.

Well, is five of them enough,

or you got some more
hidden away somewhere?

Five's all I could
find, Marshal.

Too bad things didn't work
out the way you planned.

Well, that's where
you're wrong, Marshal.

It worked out just
the way I planned it.

You see, I had a big spread
just outside of Wichita.

Took me 40 years to build it.

And last year I got caught
in the middle of a range war

and lost everything.

My cattle, crops...

They killed my grandson...

a fine young fella.

I think you knew him, Marshal.

- Thad Ewen.
- Go on!

Well, they gunned him down.

They hired eight,
ten gunfighters,

and he was no match for them.

And these men were
five of those gunfighters?

They were all I
could find, Marshal.

See, I wanted them
to get it just like he did,

knowing it was coming,

and I figured you
could take them all,

or they could take each other.

That's just what happened.

DILLON: Where'd
you get the money?

PRINGLE: I sold out
my land for $8,000.

$1,500 apiece
and a little extra.

What about the $25,000?

Well, I figured I
wouldn't need it, Marshal.

Guess I was right.


Get him up to Doc's, Festus.

I can't stand the sight of him.

(panting): What's
the matter with him?

Those men were trash!

Hired guns, that's all.

Maybe so, Pringle...

that there goes
one man that ain't.