Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 3 - Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood - full transcript

Thad, son of and deputy to an Oklahoma sheriff, arrives in Dodge pursuing vandals on his father's warrant, not realizing the Oklahoma warrant isn't executable in Dodge.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(shouting, whooping)

(shouting, whooping continue)

(shouting, whooping continue)

(indistinct shouts)


- MAN: Water!
- (whooping)



Hey, Frank, is this the
town you was counting on

having such a
good time in tonight?

- Huh?
- (laughs)

Aw, a good sneeze would
blow this place right off the map.

- Who says it's on the map?
- (laughter)

Hey, you, where does a man
buy a drink in this graveyard, huh?

- Thanks.
- (laughing)

Sheriff's office?

Well, you can buy your liquor

and get arrested in the
same place... very convenient.

Mark down these
dresses much more,

might as well give 'em away.

- Hi.
- Howdy.

Uh, we were told we
could get a drink here.

Well, I... I hope you were
told no hard stuff, though.

Hate to disappoint you.

What does, uh, "no
hard stuff" mean?

Soda pop's all we carry.

Are you funnin' us, mister?

Folks hereabouts do most
of their hard drinking at home.

Lemon goes down
easier than root beer.

I'll bet you get a lot
of laughs with that one.

You got two choices here,
boys... You can have your soda pop

with a laugh or without a laugh.

Well, if I don't get to
wash down this dust,

I'll be fit only for choking.

- Give me a lemon.
- Two. -Three. -Root beer.

Hey, plowboy.

You look, uh, mighty
interested in that book there.

Has it got maybe some, um...

- pictures?
- (others laugh)

No, it's just a
little brain twister

I'm struggling with.

Well, now...

maybe we can give
you a hand with it.


No, it's... just a
mess of figures.

It's kind of complicated
even to say 'em.

That means "mind
your own business."

No, I... I didn't
mean it that way.

Yeah. Hey, that,
uh, that sign out front,

you're the badge
toter here, huh?

Oh, well, it's, uh... it's
kind of an honorary thing.

Uh, folks, well, they...
they vote me a little pay

if I'm taken away
from the store.

Saturday nights you
must have your hands full.


Well, uh, the crickets do
get a little noisy at times.

But we tend to overlook that.

Well, now, there's
our second laugh.

We got four bottles of pop,
we got two laughs to go, right?

Uh, how much do the
folks vote you a month

to count the crickets?

Three dollars. Maybe
five sometimes.

- Ooh.
- (whistles)

Now, you tell us that
you're the deputy,

and we've had our fourth laugh.

That's my son, Clayton.
As a matter of fact,

- he is my deputy when I need one.
- (laughter)

We got a sheriff and his
deputy handing us our soda pop!

Tell me, plowboy, how
much do you get paid

for your deputying?

Dollar a month.


Hey, we been wasting
our time bringing up herds!

The real money's right here,

handing out soda
pop and the law!

You boys want to take your
bottles and finish 'em riding,

you're, uh, welcome.

Somebody's asking
us to git, Sam.

Uh, uh, you got real
quick enforcement here

in case we should
decide to settle down?


Looks like you get
no answer, Sam.



(theme music playing)


Hold it, mister!

You owe five dollars for
that broken glass in there.

You figured out
a way to collect it?


- Clayton, now, leave it be!
- But, Pa...

He ain't worth the
trouble. Now, come on!

You better listen
to your pa, sonny.

(others laughing)

SAM: Wait a minute, plowboy.

I kind of go along
with your pa there.

Five dollars don't seem
worth having a fuss over.

(gunshot, glass breaking)

Brother Frank?

(cackling laughter)

(gunshots continue)

Is that enough for your fuss?

Come on, son. Come on.

Before you take him away, Pop...

I got a piece of advice for him.

When you're gonna
open your mouth, boy,

first thing you do is make a
count of the other man's muscle

and you count your own.

Now, if you see he's
bigger, you just smile.

You don't say a
word, you just smile.

Start smiling, boy.

That's right, you're gonna
eat the biggest dish of crow

in Oklahoma, and you
got three seconds to do it.

You don't learn very
quick, do you, kid?

Wait a minute.

He ain't asking too much, son.

After all, a... a
smile's pretty cheap.

(quietly): Pa, don't!

Why, he's just a boy;
he don't mean nothing.

Why, I reckon a
man has to age a little

to see the ways of
the world. (chuckles)

Why... why, I-I got
these gray hairs

proving it pays to smile
every now and again

to get along, son.

I, uh... I want to
apologize again, mister,

for not having
nothing in my place

to-to stake a true thirst.


You, uh...

You come back this
way, mister, and I...

I just might have something
on hand I'd be proud to offer,

and... uh...


you must have been a
real terror in your time.


- Let's go!
- (whooping)

The day's kind of...
kind of warming up.

I could stand a little
soda pop myself.

How could you do it, Pa?

It's better than you laying
dead out there in the dust.

Never before in my whole life

have I seen you do
something like that.

Can you tell me a better
way to have handled 'em?

Well, I'd have died
before I grinned at him.

(wry laugh) You mighty near did.

- Where are you going?
- Going after 'em.

You're crazy!

I'm set on having those
men before a judge, Pa.

Why, there's four of
'em... You ain't but a boy!

Oh, I growed up quite a
bit in the last few minutes.

And if you'll be making
out a legal warrant,

I'll be serving it on 'em.

I won't do anything of the kind!

Well, then I'll go after
them without a warrant.


All right.

I'll... I'll make out a warrant.

I'll saddle up.

John... Doe.

Four Does.







Sheriff of Greenwood...





Looks like another
kill over there.

Sure does.



I'm guessing I'm on
a line for Dodge City?

Well, that's about right...
Four miles due east.

- You're Marshal Dillon of Dodge.
- That's right.

Heard a lot about you.

My name's Clayton. Clayton
Thaddeus Greenwood.

How do? This is
Festus Haggen here.


Nice to know you. You
haven't come across

four drovers riding
Mexican saddles, have you?

(chuckles) Well, I'll tell
you, you're liable to find

a lot of men out here in
this country these days

that fit that description.

Son, there's trail camps
strung out up and down here

for 40 or 50 miles
waiting for them

eastern cattle
buyers to come in.

You've tucked yourself
on quite a chore

trying to cull out four drovers.

Guessing I'll be...
doubling these saddle sores.

If you really want to
find 'em, I'll tell you,

why don't you let
them come to you?

I reckon I don't
follow that, Marshal.

Well, most of the drovers
in this part of the country

head into Dodge
on Saturday nights.

You'll probably find the
men you're looking for

at the Long Branch.

I'd sure say that sounds
like common sense.

I'll follow your
advice, Marshal.

Nice to have met you both.

So long.

Right nice-looking
boy, ain't he?

Kind of reminds me of
myself when I was a young'un.

DILLON (chuckles): Mm-hmm.


Well, looks like
we're up against

a real bad pack of
wolves... They killed this one

just for the pleasure of it.

They sure couldn't
have been hungry

after gorging theirselves
on that other'n back yonder.


(calf bellows)

(calf bellows)

(horses approaching)

I'll do the talking.

- Howdy.
- Howdy.

Yeah, we're trying to
get a line on these wolves

that have been causing
all the trouble around here.

You didn't, by any chance,

see 'em bring down
that steer, did you?

No. They're too
smart for that, Marshal.

They've sure been
doing a lot of trouble.

Do you suppose they could
be coming in from the west hills?

Well, fair guess, they are.

We're trying to get brands on
our calves as quick as possible

before we lose any
more in the canyons.

Well, a lot of the outfits
have been losing steers.

Dodge is offering $25 apiece

for all the wolf
skins you bring in.

No, I think we'll be
kept busy enough

keeping an eye on our own stock.

- DILLON: So long.
- Much obliged.

Ride over and let Sam
know we had a visitor.


(dog barking)


Yeah. That'd take the run
out of anybody, all right.

They're getting around
to offering bounties now.

How many we bring in?

- About 20 so far.
- (growling)



Back! Back!

Get back!

- SAM: Come on!
- (growling)


Why don't you teach them
dogs to stay off the rest of us.

(chuckles): Aw, shut up.

You don't train a killer
dog by making him friendly.

- ♪♪
- (indistinct chatter)

Have a drink, cowboy.

- How much is a beer?
- Nickel.

But this drink's on the house.

I'll draw you a beer
if you'd rather have it.

For free?


Sure would be kind of you.


How much are they?

Well, they're free
if you buy a drink.

In that case, I reckon
I'll pay for the beer.

Help yourself.

am beholden to you.

Do you mind if I sit down?

Anyplace at all.

Thank you.

Send over a couple
cups of coffee, Sam.

Yes, ma'am.

I was gonna have some coffee,
but you took my favorite table.

Oh, I... never
intended to, ma'am.

I'm awful sorry.

How tall are you?

Too tall for comfort.


Still growing, huh?

Yes, ma'am.

Well, you won't be

if you keep eating pretzels
and beer for breakfast.

(quietly): No, ma'am.

I've ordered some coffee,
if you care to join me.

Oh, no, I-I couldn't, really.

I'm Kitty Russell.
I own this place.


I reckon I'm more of a
country boy than I thought.

My name's Clayton
Thaddeus Greenwood.

Happy to meet you.

They call my brother
Clayton Lowell Greenwood,

so I always have to give my
full handle so that, you know,

- people won't get confused.
- KITTY (chuckles): Thanks, Sam.

Oh, wait a minute.

How about some eggs
to go with this coffee?

Oh, no, that-that'd
be too much, really.

Now, wait a minute,
I know two things...

One, you're short on change,

and two, that
you'll pay me back.

So why don't you show me some
country boy common sense, huh?

I might just learn
to live at this table

the way things are going.

(lively music playing,
people clapping, whooping)


- ♪♪
- (whooping)

(music, whooping continue)

Well, the job's yours,
Festus, if you want it.

Being it's a worry
to you, Matthew,

I'll be glad to do all I can.

Well, it's a worry
because these ranchers

are gonna be in real
trouble this winter

with all these wolves around.

I'll get my traps together
and start setting 'em

- first thing in the morning.
- Well, see you later.

So long.

- ♪♪
- (clapping, whooping)


And there she was!
(cackling laughter)

CLAYTON: You fellas, uh...

finish that story
down at the jail.

I said you'll be finishing
the story over in jail.

- (coughing)
- (chuckles)

I'm saying you're under arrest.

- (song ends)
- (others clapping, cheering)

Hey, it's the, uh,
the-the-the plowboy.

I got a warrant right here.

I didn't get your
names at the store,

so my pa just wrote
in "John Does."

Well, this is for them,
uh, the-the-the windows

in Oklahoma there.

The damages cost $40 to repair.

The warrant is for the
damages and disorderly conduct.

- Disorderly conduct?!
- (laughter)

(lively music playing)

(laughter continues)

- (lively music continues) -Hey!
Hey, everybody! Stop it! Hey!

(Sam shouting over music)

SAM: Hey, hey, quiet! Quiet!

Quiet, everybody!

Hey, lookie here. Lookie.

You got a big treat
in store for you.

This here's a plowboy,

and there's only
one of the kind.

Plowboy, tell these nice
people how much you earn

with that badge of yours.

Whole dollar a
month, this boy gets.

(cackling laughter)

Well, he's a lawman...
You didn't tell me that.

Well, I didn't know it myself.

Sam, I think you
better go get Matt.

(cackling laughter continues)

FRANK: You know, plowboy, uh...

you ought to keep that old
badge of yours rubbed bright.

(grunting): Ow! Aah!

I was hoping there
wouldn't be any trouble.

I'm real sorry, ma'am.

So you people can all see
that there's a gun over there

pointed at us.

Now, I want witnesses
to remember...

that we didn't start no trouble.

Well, you got a witness
that he's a lawman

and he's trying to take
you to jail peaceably.

You keep out of this.

He hasn't got the
right to arrest anybody.

Well, sonny, which, uh, which
one of us you gonna shoot, huh?

Made up your mind?

All right, hold it here.

I think you can
put that away now.

I was just putting these
men under arrest, Marshal.

Well, since when do you pay
attention to an Oklahoma badge?


I got a proper warrant, Marshal.

Tell him what
it's for, plowboy...

Disorderly conduct.

In Oklahoma.


I'm, uh, sorry to have to
tell you this, young fella,

but this isn't any
good here in Kansas.

Look, uh, why don't you come
along with me to the office.

We can talk this over.

- What about them?
- They're not going anywhere.

The last thing my pa did
was make out that warrant,

and I just couldn't go home
with them fellas still on the loose.

Well, son, I can sure
understand how you feel,

your father dying
like that and all...

but I'm afraid there's not
much you can do to those men

while they're here in Kansas.

You couldn't arrest them for me?

Not on an Oklahoma warrant.

I was counting on having
them fellas before a judge.

Well... see, the most
any judge would do

would be maybe to
fine 'em for the damages,

give 'em a day or two
in jail, but that's about it.

They can't be held responsible
for your father's death.

That might have happened anyway.

But it wouldn't have
happened, Marshal.

I know it wouldn't
have happened.

Well, that's one of the things
you have to learn about the law:

Justice is sometimes
pretty hard to come by.

Yes, sir.

Your father was John
Greenwood, wasn't he?

How'd you know that?

Oh, I ran into him a time or two

when he was
sheriff down in Tulsa.

He got shot up pretty bad.

Yeah, I heard about that.

Your father was quite a man.

Yes, sir, he was.

It's taken me quite a while
to puzzle that out, though.

What'll you do now,
get back home?

No, sir. I'm gonna stay
on the trail of those fellas,

even if I have to wait till
they get back to Oklahoma.

You know... if you do that,

you might be betting a little
more than you bargained for.

If you take my advice,
son, you'll forget about it,

go back home.

Maybe so, Marshal,
but I've made up my mind

that I'm gonna
get them, and I am.

I want to thank you,
though, for your advice.

Well, good luck.

Thank you.

(rowdy shouting)

- Toro! Toro!
- Toro!

- Ha-ha!
- (indistinct shouts)


(imitating bull grunting)

Hey. Hey. Hey, fellas.

Look who's here.

- Hey, plowboy.
- Sonny?

How's old smiley doing
down your way, plowboy?

Real friendly fella, your pa...
You should take after him more.

Yeah, them
store-bought teeth of his,

they sure smile there, fella!

- (laughter) -Tell you one
thing about your old man,

he sure knows a gunfighter
when he sees one!

(cackling laugh)

(others continue
talking indistinctly)

Howdy again, Thad.


If I was you, I wouldn't pay
no mind to them fellers at all.

I reckon I better
get used to it.

I may be here for some time.

You ain't fixin' to leave?

Not for a while.

Guess maybe I ought to
put my horse up someplace?

Old Moss ain't here, but
there's plenty of room in yonder.

- Bring him on in. Come on.
- Thank you.


- ♪♪
- (mooing)

- (mooing)
- (crickets chirping)

- (mooing continues)
- (dogs panting)

Now, when they start moving,

cut 30 or so head
up in the canyon.

And watch yourselves...
There's too many drovers around

to get careless.

(mooing continues)


(barking, mooing)


All right, time to move. Go on!



(barks, growls)

(vicious growling)

(growling continues)


Hyah! (whistles)

(low snarling)

(stampeding cattle's
rumbling fading)


(whistle blows)






Have a look at his
right front foot, will you?

He's been favoring it a little.


See what I told you?

Every time we turn
around, there he is.

Yeah, looks like we
better have a little talk.

Hello, plowboy.

The boys tell me you been making

quite a nuisance of
yourself the last few days.

I'm just kind of keeping
an eye on you fellas.

Well, look, uh...

we might not have had time
to mention it back in Oklahoma,

but... we don't like people
keeping an eye on us.

We don't like it at all.

A fella who's got
nothing to hide

has got no cause to worry
about somebody watching him.

I got a piece of
advice for you, kid:

You stay off our heels, or
you're gonna get yourself hurt.

That's right.

We don't like you nor no
one else following us around.

Any time you fellas try
to use force to stop me,

that'd be against
the law, wouldn't it?

I could have you
jailed for assault.


Any time you fellas
looking for trouble...

I'll be around.



(crickets chirping)

I don't know what
you're looking around for.

It'd be crazy, him out
there watching at night.

Don't make much sense,

him watching when
we're at the barbershop

or... drinking at the
Oasis, but there he is.

We got to do something
about him, Sam.

He keeps popping up like this,
we're gonna find him on our tail

some night when
we're running the dogs.

We'll water and feed the dogs,
but they stay where they are

till the plowboy gets
tired of watching us.

But we're losing money
every day that passes, Sam,

and it's already been a week.

He's right, Sam. We rounded
up all the calves that we could.

Now, if we don't start
working the dogs pretty soon,

we ain't gonna
make no money at all.

If you just let us put
a bullet in that kid...

I told you before, we
can't afford to kill him.

We do that, we'll have
the marshal on our neck,

and then we'll
be in real trouble.

We've got to do something.

We can't just let that
kid spoil everything.

- I wouldn't be surprised if he was...
- (horse huffs)

(horse huffs)


You're right... We
got to do something.


(birds chirping)

Well, lookie here, Matthew,
them's coyote tracks.

Them ain't wolf tracks.

I'll tell you, I haven't saw
a blessed sign of a wolf

in four or five days.


There's no vultures, either.

Now, you know, Matthew,
it ain't like a pack of wolves

to just run off like that,
and there ain't been

enough hunting to scare 'em off.

Well, that's for sure; according
to the number of kills we had

out here last week, it must
have been a large wolf pack, too.

And yet, nobody's
brought in a single skin.

Now, doesn't that
strike you kind of funny?

Sure does.

Something else,
too, that bothers me.

The deer are running
free out here on the prairie,

not even trying to
stay next to the timber.

Now, that's not natural when
there's a wolf pack around.

You mean you think
it's not a wolf pack,

could be something
else doing it?

That's exactly what I'm
beginning to think, Festus.

Come on.



Still at it, ain't you, boy?

He'll just never learn, Sam.

You know, it sure is a shame.

I think you'd pick up
something from his old man.

(laughs) You know, I've seen
some people crawl in my time,

but I ain't never
seen nobody crawl

the way he did.

Ain't that right, Sam?


Real bootlicker with a star.

Remember how it was, plowboy?

Remember how
your pa come belly up

first time he seen a gun?

Uh, what'd you say
to him after we left?

Did you thank him
for saving your skin?

I don't think so, Sam.

I think the old
man just gave him

- some smiling lessons.
- (laughing)

Come on, take it
easy! Look out, now!

Cut it out!

(indistinct shouting)

Hold him!

DILLON: Hold it.

That's enough of that.

Hold it up.

(all panting)

All right, now,
get out of there.

Who started this?

He did.

Is that right, Wally?

Well, they come to
his table, Marshal,

but... the boy threw
the first punch.

We come over to his table.

He been doggin' our trail
night and day, Marshal.

Where we come from,
you call a man to accounts

if he's following you around.

We got a right to
protect ourselves,

even if it's a... a badge
doing the meddling.

Young fella, I told
you this once before,

but I guess I'll have
to tell you again.

You got no right
to bother these men

as long as they're in Kansas.

Well, they come
to my table first.

That doesn't make
any difference.

Now, if you got a
personal dispute with them,

you better take off that
badge before you settle it.

The two of 'em
don't go together.

Yeah, that's telling
him, Marshal.

Shut up.

Wally, you total up the damages.

They'll pay for their
end, and he'll pay for his.

But I ain't got any
money, Marshal.

In that case, I
think I'm gonna just

throw you in jail
for a couple of days.

In jail?

That's right... Maybe
a couple of days in jail

will teach you a little
respect for the rights of others.

Now, let's go.

Well, what do you think of that?

I think the cattle business
is gonna pick up tonight.



Thad, come on out.

You mean you're...
you're letting me go?

Well, I'm afraid I played
a little trick on you.

I didn't really mean to
lock you up in the first place.

I just wanted those drovers
to think you were locked up.

What for?

Well... you see,
we got to thinking

about these wolf
packs and so forth,

and we figured maybe it
wasn't really wolves after all.

But whatever it was, was
just made to look like wolves,

and that could only be dogs.

Now, if they was wild
dogs a-chasing them cattle,

why, they wouldn't have gave up

like they done here
about a week ago,

about the time you started
trailing them drovers.

I still don't understand.

Well, we didn't,
either, at first,

but we got it figured out now.

Them fellers have
been a-rustlin' calves

by siccing dogs on them herds.

And they was doing just
fine till you come along,

started to botherin' them and
a-stickin' on their trail, see?

What's that got to do
with putting me in jail?

Golly Bill, Matthew, he's
thicker than I thought he was.

Thad, don't you understand?

As long as they
figure you're in jail

and not out a-botherin'
and a-proddin' around

someplace on their trail,
well, they're gonna start

to siccing their dogs
on the herds again.

We'll get right out there

and cabbage on to 'em
red-handed, understand?

(laughs softly)

I reckon I got a lot to
learn about being a lawman.

Well, now, you're just
liable to pick up a point or two

if you just keep a
eagle eye on me tonight.

All right, let's go.




Mister, them dogs are mean!

- (cattle mooing) -Yeah.
- They know what's coming.

Sound of things, so do they.

- (barking, growling)
- (mooing)

Go get 'em!


(dogs barking)

All right.

Good luck.

DILLON: There they are!


- Who's that?
- I don't know.

- And I ain't waitin' to find out! Hyah!
- Hyah!



Go on! I'm all right!

Don't let 'em get away!



(gunshots in distance)





DILLON: Hold it, or
I'll put a bullet in you!

Don't shoot me, Marshal.

All right, drop that gun easy.

Now, let's get
out of here. Go on.

- Is he dead?
- Yeah.

That leaves the one you
call Sam. Where is he?

Back in the draw with them dogs.

Keep an eye on him, Festus.

(quietly): Come on.

(barking in distance)

(barking continues)


- Someone's coming, is that it?
- (barking continues)

All right, let's give
him a little surprise.

(barking continues)

Go get him!




(barking in distance)

(snarls, growls)


(barking continues in distance)


(barking nearby)



(growling, snarling)

(low snarling)

(growls, barks)

(barking in distance)

(barking continues in distance)

(barking continues in distance)


(dog snarling)

(barking, growling)


(snarling, growling in distance)

(snarling, growling nearby)


(growling continues)

(growling continues)


(gunshot booms)


You all right?

Yes, sir.

S-Sure glad to see you.

I'll see if I can
find your horse.

We'll get you back to town,
have Doc take a look at you.

I'll tell you something else.

The first big mistake you made

was a-havin' a old
hill boy like me around.

Well, the very reason
Matthew hired me

is 'cause I know more
about four-legged critters

than anybody you've ever saw.

And that goes
special for wolves.

Oh, why don't you
stop bragging, Festus.

You didn't find any wolves.

Probably a pretty good thing,
too, because if you had've,

you'd have been chasing
'em all over western Kansas,

then those fellas
would have made off

with every calf in the country.

Doc, you're a-talkin'
a unkindness there.

Uh, only you... Leave
it to Matthew right here.

We knowed more
about them yay-hoos

than you've ever heard
of before we left town.

- Right, Matthew?
- Oh, absolutely.

Well, Thad, you're
looking some better.

I owe that all to the
doctor having a real touch.

There, you see?

See how out-of-town
folks appreciate me

more than the locals do?

I'll tell you why that
is. 'Cause they ain't had

as many sorry dealing's
with you as we have.

You know, I don't know whether
you've got anything else to do,

but if you have, I wish you'd
go do it someplace else.

Uh, hold...

See what I mean, Thad?

Right there's the
orneriest old scudder

I've ever saw.

CLAYTON: I'm sorry I
caused you all so much trouble.

You have nothing to
apologize for, Thad.

You know, if it hadn't been
for you dogging those fellas,

we might not have caught
up with them till it was too late.

Well, that was just
blind luck, Marshal.

I'd have been cooked real bad

if it hadn't been for
you and Mr. Haggen.

I'll tell you something,
I think your pa

would've been real proud of you.

Thank you kindly for saying so.

Festus tells me you're
thinking of staying in Dodge.

Yes, sir. I left my
brother down at the store,

and he's got a wife and a
couple of young'uns, and the store

might be bringing in just
enough to keep 'em going.

Well, I'll tell you, I could
use some help around here,

as long as these
drovers are in town.

All I can pay is
eight dollars a month,

but maybe that's enough to
keep you in grubstake anyway.

Well, that's eight times more
than I was making back home.

Good. Let's talk about it on
the way down to the office.

CLAYTON: I feel very honored.

Oh, Doc, do you mind if I
owe you for all the doctoring?

Now that you're a lawman, you
don't have to pay me anything.

Matt never does.

Thank you.

I guess I kind of owe
you, too, Mr. Haggen,

for all your kindness
and everything.

Oh, fiddle! It's easy to be
kind to a feller like you, Thad.

Don't let him
soft-soap you, son.

You'll be lost before you start.

- (Clayton chuckles)
- Why do you always have to go

blabbin' your mouth?

FESTUS: Now, you
know as well as I do...

(Festus and Doc arguing)

Thad, if you're gonna be
around Dodge very long,

I guess you'll have
to get used to that.

You ever listen to a
mockingbird, Mr. Dillon?

- A mockingbird?
- Even when he's scolding,

he's got a little
chuckle in him.

- (Doc speaking indistinctly)
- Hmm. I see what you mean.


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