Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 23 - Sanctuary - full transcript

An outlaw gang shoots it out fleeing Dodge City. When one of them is injured real bad, he hides out in the church where the reverend is fearful but not for himself.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

"Ladies' Auxiliary Benefit."

What's that mean?

Well, I gather it has
something to do with the food.

Better take this in, huh?

Fellas need a hand
with the rest of that?

Aw, foot, this here ain't
no strain at all, Reverend.

Festus, why don't you lose
the habit of saying "ain't"?

Because my saying "ain't"
ain't no habit, Miss Howell.

It just happens to
be the way that I talk.

Did you ever hear
such ridiculous logic?

I've never heared
such a ridiculous word.

- What's that mean?
- Well, if you don't understand it,

I'm not about to
explain it nor discuss it.

You want to know something?
You're just like old Doc.

Always a-picking me apart,
but there ain't nobody...

There you go again.
You just said "ain't" again.

All right.

I think we've all earned
a little time out for some

- refreshments.
- I'll make up the plates.

(distant gunshot)

(gunshots continue)

That time of night for the
whiskey to be taking hold.


There just ain't any mixing
drinking with carrying guns.

Probably all it is,

just some high spirits.

(gunshots continuing)


(soft grunt)

My horse got one.
He can't make it.

You got to keep him going, Paul.

He couldn't carry me a mile,
and I'd bleed to death if he did.

I got it in the leg.

Now you take
him far as he'll go.

Throw a trail for me, now.


From the looks of you, I'd...

I'd say you need a doctor
more than that gun in your hand.

I need 'em both, ma'am.

And a lot of luck to boot.


use that chair
and bar that door.

(cocks gun)

Go on.

(theme music playing)

(crickets chirping)

Just take 'em on
in the hotel, there.

I got the ground floor
room all ready, Doc.

- Fine, Howie, I'll be in in just a minute.
- All right.

Just straight ahead, men.

What do you want
us to do with them?

Well, take 'em to the
undertaker, of course.

I'm afraid we're gonna
have trouble finding this gang.

It's split up in a lot
of different directions.

Now, as soon as you two are
through here, round up the boys

that have been helping Doc,
head out and cover the east washes.

- We'll do 'er, Matthew.
- Doc, anything I can help you with?

I think you've got
your hands full here.

I'll come and see you later.

Is it true what I heard, Doc?

Well, now your...
your boy is hurt,

but he's gonna be all right.

And Mae? What about Mae?

It's gonna be a
while before I know.

Can I see 'em, Doc?

Yes, come on, come on.

All right.

Now let's get an
understanding here.

My name is Paul Wiley,

and I'm wanted for a number
of things I could hang for.

That information hardly
comes as a surprise.

I didn't ask for your
comment, ma'am.

Speaking one's mind I've
always considered a virtue.

No one knows better
than me the odds against...

climbing out of this one.

But that posse would have
picked me up in an hour, so...

being alive here makes
me ahead of the game.

Meaning I'm playing
with house money.

What's your name, preacher?

John Porter.

Mr. Porter, anybody
liable to come around here

wondering where you three are?

Well, my husband
and six children

will be wondering
where I am right now.

Miss Howell, please,
you mustn't talk like that.

She lives alone and...

my fiancée

lives with her.

I'd as leave give him
something to worry about.

Well, I may just
return that favor

if you keep that tongue wagging.

So, I'll have no problems if
I stay here for a few hours?

None that I know of.

All right.

I need some attention
from the town doc.

Now, if I get it,

I'll take my chances riding
out of here alone, nobody hurt.

And that's the
understanding I want here.

You'd be hunted down.

Why don't you save
yourself the trouble?

You're not paying
attention, ma'am.

Giving myself up would be like

pointing this gun at my
head and pulling the trigger.

An excellent idea.

Miss Howell, please.

Come here, miss.

Come here.

Now, you fetch your doc.

You say the preacher
here hurt hisself working.

And what's your name?

Phyllis Bowman.

There's four of
us here, Phyllis.

And it's gonna be a question

of all of us leaving
here or none.

Now, you think that you can
get that doc and bring him back

without him thinking
anything's wrong?

I think so.

Fiancée, you said?


You're gonna have a
cool-headed woman.

Now, I want you
back here, Phyllis.

'Cause if you don't get
back here along with that doc,

I'm gonna start worrying
about who else you're talking to.

Just a little higher, Kitty.

- (bullet rattles in pan)
- (hoofbeats approaching)

What do you think?


just have to wait
and see, Kitty.

Good evening, Mr. Ayers.

Hello, Phyllis.

I just heard about
your wife and son.

I'm sorry.

Shot 'em down like
they were animals.

They going to be all right?

Doc's in there with 'em now.

If anything happens,

that posse won't
bring back a single man

that I don't gun down.

How are they, Doc?

Well, Bob, it's a
little early to tell.

Now I think you ought to
go over to the Long Branch

and just have a
couple of drinks.

There's no need
for you to sit here.

Are they gonna live, Doc?

I'm doing what I can, Bob.

How'd it happen?

Shooting a woman and her boy.

What kind of people do this?

DOC: Well, no
way to figure that.

All I know is when they
came out of the bank,

they just shot anything
that got in their way.

Now, you do what I say,
and if there's any change

I'll let you know, Bob.


- (door opens)
- Good evening, Doc.

- There's been an accident at the church.
- (door closes)

And John's been hurt.

Well, is he hurt bad?

Well, he took a fall.

He'd like you to look at him.

Oh, of course. I'll get my bag.

I'll be right with you.



I guess Marshal Dillon
rode out with the posse?

That's right. Size of the posse,

that gang don't
figure to fare very well.

Coming along, Phyllis?

Yes, Doc.

(door opens)

Is there something I can
do for you, Miss Phyllis?

No, I guess not.

(door closes)

Phyllis, you know, I've been
so busy, I just haven't had time

to congratulate you and the
reverend on your wedding plans.

Doc, I'm not sure I'm
doing the right thing.

Well, that's what
engagements are for.

You're a nice young
lady, and the reverend's

a mighty fine fella in
my book, I'll tell you that.

That's not what
I'm talking about.


I should have told
you at the hotel.

Get in here.

I'm sorry, Doc.


Have you got everything
you need in that bag

to take a bullet
out of this leg?

You were right, Phyllis.

You should have told
me this at the hotel.

It wouldn't have hurt a thing

if somebody in town knew
there was a murderer here.

I was afraid, Doc.

- Well, I can understand that.
- You hard of hearing?

No, I can hear you.

I just am a little too
old to be intimidated.

You gonna take that
bullet out of this leg or not?

Oh, yes, I'm gonna do that.

But do you figure to
hold that gun on me

while I'm cutting on your leg?

Doc, with what I got at stake,

I'll do it with the
devil sitting on my lap.

Get on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Hold 'er up.

Will you looky here.


Whoever it was riding this
horse is bleeding like a stuck hog.

You can see that.

Must have sent the horse on,

which means he's probably
back somewhere between here

and Dodge.

Well, Thad, I'd
say we got us one,

'less'n he crawled in a
hole someplace and died.

Tell you what, now,
you fellers go ahead,

see if you can
pick up the other,

and me and Thad'll
track back to town

and see if we can find out where
this scamp got off of his horse.

See you directly.


Other way, Ruth.


Now, you're gonna have
to do better than that.

Well, you're the one that wanted
it done without an anesthetic.

I hope you're making sure

that a good case of
blood poisoning sets in.

It's no mystery why you
never got married, ma'am.

So you're the great Paul Wiley.


Well, you didn't seem very
flattered when I recognized you.

Well, only a fool takes pride

in his picture being
on a wanted poster.

Only a fool gets his picture
there in the first place.

That's all I can do right now.

Well, the bullet's
still in there.

- Oh, I know that.
- Well, take it out.

I don't have the
instruments to do that.

You got a knife in that
bag. Now start carving.

Never mind any
fancy instruments.

The instruments I need
to take that bullet out

are in the office,
and I'll just go get 'em.

I'd be a fool to
let you leave here.

You'd be a bigger fool not to.

You're not going
anywhere on that leg,

and I happen to be
the only man in town

who can do anything about it.

Doc, one step and I'll
put one in your spine.


that's just fine with me.

We'll just all sit
here, Mr. Wiley,

and wait for gangrene to set in.

You'd bring half the town
back with you when you came.

Well, now, I'll admit I sure
would if I could manage that.

- Doctor...
- Don't worry, Reverend.

I'm not gonna do
that. That'd be foolish.

But let me tell you, Mr. Wiley,

if it weren't for these
two ladies here,

you wouldn't be sitting in
that catbird seat very long.

Well, as long as your
concern runs in that direction,

you just keep 'em in mind.

Well, now does
that mean I can go?

Well, like you said,
you're the only one here

who can fix my leg.

But you be back here fast.

Well, tell you about that,

you left a woman and a
little boy lying in the street,

and I think I'll just take time
enough to look in on them.

I think you'll be back
here in ten minutes,

or Dodge just may be in
the market for a new parson.

Well, I believe that, Reverend.

I can't hang any higher.

Let him out, parson.

- Do you have any coffee, ma'am?
- Yes.

I sure would like a cup,
and I'd like some food, too,

- if you have it, please.
- Well,

as long as I have
to be here anyway,

I might just as well
continue with my sewing.

That was a brave thing
to do, to come back.

But you didn't have to.

Of course I had to.

I didn't know what would
happen to you and Miss Howell

if I didn't.

You weren't afraid?

Very much.


Now, what's the matter
with you, preacher?

I'm... not used to violence.

Well, if everybody here
behaves themselves,

there isn't gonna be any.

Oh, we-we intend to.

I mean, you'll-you'll
have no cause to...



What is it?

Are you all right?

That should be my
question to you, shouldn't it?

You're learning something
about your husband-to-be.

And you're talking foolish.

Am I?

(sighs) A minute ago, you
said you came back because...

you didn't know what
would happen to Miss Howell.

To you and Miss Howell.

If I had...

been the one sent
after the doctor, I...

You would have come back, too.

I don't know.

I honestly don't know.

I guess I know you better
than you know yourself.

I don't think I'll ever
get used to guns.

There's no reason
why you should have to.

There's every reason.

A part of life out here.

Not part of our life.

F-From the time I was a boy,

violence and anger were never...

John, I love you.

Enough that...

being so frightened,
it lays me open like...

Enough that nothing
can destroy it.

Enough to believe
the things I believe

that you seem to doubt.

(sighs) And...

enough to know that you'll
always do the right thing.

- Woody.
- (gasps)

Oh. Hello, Miss Kitty.

- Has Doc been by?
- No.

N-No, not since I came to work.

That's been about an hour ago.

Mmm. Well, I think
I'll just check in

and see how Mrs. Ayers is.

You go on back to work.

Uh, all right, Miss Kitty.

Mrs. Ayers?

Who is it?

It's Kitty Russell.

My boy. Is my boy all right?

Your boy's gonna be just fine.

You're the one we've
been worried about.

(indistinct chatter)

I agree, Mr. Ayers.

Hanging's too good
for the likes of them.

That right, Sam? Hanging's
too good for the likes of them.

Your boy and missus are
gonna be all right, Mr. Ayers.

- Don't you worry.
- Of course they will.

Bad situation though.

Trash like that got to get
what's coming to them.

Clear out of here, Baker.

Well, I was just agreein'.

Out, you leaching sot!

- Just...
- Now get out of here!

Go on!

HALLIGAN: Nobody could blame you

if you lynched every
last one of them.

I don't know that
kind of talk's good.

The law's the best
way of handling things.

Law didn't handle that
gang shooting up the town.

Sure didn't.

You just don't point a
gun at a woman and a kid,

- let alone pull the trigger.
- You sure don't.

Well, the main thing
is that your missus

and the boy's all right.

(crickets chirping)

(hoofbeats approaching)

Oh, Festus.

You catch any of 'em?

We couldn't even flush
a hair of one of 'em.

THAD: Matt and the others
are still out in the south hills.

FESTUS: Fixing to
go see Mrs. Ayers,

are you?

Paul Wiley's over in the church.

Paul Wiley?

Why, he's on a half a
dozen wanted posters.

What about Reverend Porter?

Wiley's holding him
over at the church

along with Phyllis
and Miss Howell.

He's got all three of 'em.

You think you could
find Matt, Thad?

- I could try.
- Well, you do that.


I got to get on over
to the church, Festus.

Wait a minute, Doc, and
I'll walk along with you.

Well, come on.

Golly Bill, Doc, we
got to figure something.

Well, I'm concerned about
the safety of Miss Howell

and Phyllis and the reverend.

What if I was to sneak
up to one of them windows

and just shoot him
right betwixt the eyes?

Suppose you missed.

Well, at least it
would rattle him.

Well, he's waving
his gun around as it is.

We just don't
want him to use it.

What do you think
we'd ought to do?

All right. Right here.

Let me... let me have
that gun. Right here.

- Doc, you ain't no gun handler.
- Oh, just give me the gun.

All right. You-you be
careful now, you hear me?

Oh, I'll-I'll be careful,
for heaven's sake.

Now, where in the
thunder... (mutters)

Well, Doc, I ain't gonna be
able to help you out none...

I-I know. I know
that, I know that.

Do you think you're gonna
get the chance to use it in there?

- Well, I just might.
- (angry crowd chatter)

Who in tarnation
you reckon told them?

(angry crowd chatter nearby)

All right, all of you over here.

Over here, preacher.

overlapping chatter)

Oh, bup, bup, bup.
Just hold on now.

Where you going?

You look mighty small,
just the two of you.

DOC: Well, what are you
trying to do, get people killed?

- AYERS: We want that man, Doc.
- DOC: Well, he's holding

the reverend and-and
two women in there.

He'll kill 'em if he sees
you storming the place.

- He'd probably kill 'em anyway.
- Yeah. -Yeah.

Wait a minute. Do you
know who's in there?

Paul Wiley.

He won't only just kill them,

but he'll kill one or
two of you to boot.

(loud, overlapping chatter)

All right, preacher,

now you think of something
to stop them, or you're first,

and your woman's next.

Porter and the others will
have to take their chances,

just like my wife and son.

- That's right. -Yeah.
- How about them? Yeah.

- Yeah, that's right.
- Wait a minute.

Bob, you're not helping
them any this way.

Get out of the
way. We'll hang 'em.

(loud, overlapping chatter)

AYERS: You got
no more time, Wiley!

Come on out, or
we'll come in after you!

All right, open it up slow.

AYERS: Come on out!

WILEY: Slow.

(crickets chirping)

All right, y'all better
get out of here

or somebody's gonna get hurt.

At the most, you'll
only get six of us!


Now it'll only be five.

All right, Reverend.

Go away.

I've... given this
man sanctuary.

Sanctuary? To a killer?

Whatever he is, yes.

But you're doing it
with a gun in your back.

I said I've given him sanctuary.

Reverend, are the
women all right?


There's no such thing
as sanctuary to a killer.

Hey, I can't see
you too well, mister.

Why don't you
step out a little bit?

You'll join your friend there.

All right, now, all of
you clear out of here

before somebody else gets shot.

Doc, get in here.

Festus, take Halligan
up to my office

and do what you can for him.

Now, get out of here.

- WILEY: Doc!
- I'm coming!

All right, get him on up there.
Now the rest of you scatter.

Go on! Go on!


You be careful now.

You hear me?

I don't know just how
to figure you, Doc.

Well, you know, that
doesn't bother me very much.

You know I'm going
to get loose here.

Well... I sort of thought

you might have in mind
trying something like that, yeah.

And when I go, I sure
ain't gonna go alone.

Oh, that so?

And telling them people I
was in here is gonna make it

kind of touchy for the
one who goes with me.

I didn't tell those people.

Well, that'll be your
worry, not mine.

Well, you got quite a long
ways to get out of here, Mr. Wiley.

Could I have one of
those coffee cups, please?

What's that?

I want you to take some of
it, Wiley. It's an anesthetic.


Well, it'll be a lot easier

when I start
cutting on that leg.

Doc, there ain't
nothing you can do

to make this leg feel any
worse than it does right now.

Looks like you're in for a
bit of a surprise, Mr. Wiley.

Well, let's get to
this leg of mine.

All right, we're gonna do that.

But I want to tell you
something before we start.

I'm not too bright,

but the day I start
cutting on somebody's leg

and them holding a gun
on me at the same time

is the day I get
fitted for a new head.

It's true. The gun could go off.

That's right.

I'll need a basin
of water, Reverend.

The well is in the
rear of the church.

You get it, miss.

It's nothing personal, preacher,

but if she came back the first
time, she'll come back again.

- (door opens) -Let's just
say, I'm in a better position

- with three hostages.
- (door closes)

I... would have come back.

Like I said, it's
nothing personal.

Now let's get to
this leg of mine.

All right, but I still say

it'd be a lot easier on
you with an anesthetic.



(gunfire continues)

(gun chamber clicks)

Where's Matt?

He's over there in the rocks.

- (gunfire)
- Get down!

That was close.

- What are you doing here?
- Doc sent me after you.

You ever hear of a man
by the name of Paul Wiley?

Paul Wiley? You bet I have! Why?

He's got the
parson, his girlfriend

and Miss Howell holed up
in the church as hostages.

- (gunshot)
- It's Wiley's bunch!

Right. He got hit,

and he's forced the
doc to take care of him.

- (gunshot)
- That's bad.

Knowing Doc, if
he's pushed too far,

he'll try to take Wiley himself.

That's what I think.

The sooner we get
back there, the better.


Golly Bill, you sure didn't
waste no time, Matthew.

Well, we had some luck, Festus.

- Thad?
- Yes, sir?

Get the prisoners locked up,

and then go to the undertaker's
with the rest of them.


Yeah, he told me
about this Paul Wiley.

How badly is he wounded?

Doc says he's pretty
bad, but it ain't so bad

he can't travel once
he gets him patched up.

I'd like to know
what you're gonna do

about that killer in
the church, Marshal.

Mr. Ayers, I want to make
one thing clear to you.

I don't care what
happens to this Paul Wiley,

whether he lives or dies,

but the people that are
with him are important.

Now, we can't afford to let
our feelings get the better

of our judgment
at a time like this.

I'm telling you, Marshal,

if either my wife or my boy die,

I'm gunning down every
one of them I can find.

Do that, Mr. Ayers,

you're lowering yourself
to the level of those men.

I can't help feeling this way.

I don't blame you
for how you feel.

I just want to make sure
you don't do anything foolish.

Where's Doc? Over at the church?

Yeah, he's over
yonder fixing him up.

All right, this fellow Wiley's
holding all the trump cards.

I suppose he'll want to bargain,
leave town with a hostage.

Reckon that's what'll
be in his head, all right.

Yeah, and I can't see myself

trying to run a
bluff on him, either.

Not when we're using
people as poker chips.

Oh, we'll just have
to wait and see

what Doc says
about his condition.

Reckon that's
all there is to do.

(breathing loudly)

DOC: Well, this turned out

an awful lot better
than I expected.

There's nothing broken?


You're an amazing man, Wiley,

and... considerably luckier
than you deserve to be.

(Wiley sighs)

I think I'll double
up on that bandage.

You'll have to stay off
of that leg for a few days.

WILEY: I sure am sorry
to disappoint you, Doc.

Well, the odds against
you are pretty long.

The way it is, I don't think
I'd be stretching 'em any

if I were you.


I'm almost as stupid as you are.

Well, I'm not feeling

brilliant right now.

I'm... terribly sorry, Doctor.

I had a chance to
end this, Reverend.

And I'm ending you,
Doc, if you even look like

you're gonna breathe the
wrong way from here on in.

Don't worry. That's
about the limit of my ideas.

WILEY: Does this leg
need another bandage?

It'll be all right.

But I'll tell you something.

If you move around
on there too much,

that leg'll hemorrhage,

and you'll be in an
awful lot of trouble.

I'm leaving come morning.

You won't walk to the
edge of town on that leg.

I don't plan on walking.

Well, Matt Dillon'll
have something to say

about any plans you make,
and he'll be here in the morning

if he's not here already.

You go get your
coat and hat on now.



Now, you tell Matt
Dillon I want two horses

out in front of the
church in the morning,

and I don't want
anybody in the streets,

and you tell him,
if I get 20 miles

between me and
the law, I'll go it alone,

but I get that 20-mile edge.

Let him out, parson.


I did offer him sanctuary.

I'm not doubting your
motives, Reverend.

It wouldn't have been fair
for me to go back on my word.

I said I didn't
doubt your motives.

(crickets chirping)

Pretty glad you're back.

Wiley got the upper
hand in there still, Doc?

There's not a doubt in
the world about it, Matt.

Well, how bad's he hurt? Is
he gonna be able to travel?

Oh, yes, he can travel.

He wants two horses
at the rear of the church

tomorrow morning and some water.

Wants everybody off the street.

And he says that whoever
he takes as hostage,

he'll turn loose if you give
him a 20-mile head start.

Well, I guess we'll
have to settle for that.

I'd better check
in on Mrs. Ayers.

All right. Thanks, Doc.

Well, there's not much we
can do for a while, Festus.

I tell you, why don't
you stay around here,

keep an eye on the church

in case anybody
tries to sneak up on it.

You mean like Mr. Ayers?

That's exactly what I mean.

I'll have Thad spell you off.

All right, Matthew.

Maybe you better
sit down, preacher.

I don't think you'd
chance jumping this gun,

but I'd feel better
with you off your feet.

It's the last thing
I would think of,

attempting to take your gun.

Yeah, I kind of figured

you didn't have too
much use for guns.

(sighs) It's more than that.

Well, I wouldn't
let it bother me.

Everybody's afraid of
one thing or another.

But they all don't show it.

Ah, women you can't figure.

The doctor?

He's a crusty one, all right.


I'm hanging by a hair.

I'm afraid, all right.


What made you become a preacher?


very easy to say you
want to follow the church.

Very easy to believe
that spiritual guidance

is your motive.

Now I'm not sure.

Well, you must have had some
belief in what you were doing.

Violence has always sickened me.

The ministry can be a shelter.

You mean, wearing a collar

and nobody's punching
you in the nose?

Something like that.

Well, the world's
passing you by easy.

There ain't too many
to take a swing at you.

Which would make
me a fraud, wouldn't it?

Well, I wouldn't beat myself
to death thinking about it.

A preacher's paid to preach.

What more you want?

I never gave much
thought to it before.

To preach well
doesn't mean you can...

practice equally well.

(sighs) When I told
them at the door

that you had sanctuary,

it was the gun at my back.

I kept feeling that gun,
always aware it was there.

Well, that's the good
ol' instinct for survival.

There ain't nothing
wrong with that.

I was afraid.

I kept thinking, what can I say?

What word can I use so
that gun wouldn't be fired?

"Sanctuary" was a good word.

Isn't it strange, Mr. Wiley?

You might be the more
honest between us.

Mr. Ayers.

Look, I just been over
at the Long Branch,

checking with the boys.

Now, everybody's promised
to stay off the streets

tomorrow morning
when Wiley leaves.

I want the same
promise from you.

Put me on a roof, Marshal.

I can hit a squirrel
at 200 yards.

"Rat" would be the word here.

Well, I figure I'm a
pretty good shot, too.

But I'm not gonna
take a chance like that,

not when human
lives are at stake.

Besides, Wiley's not
gonna live long enough

to hurt this hostage anyway.

If it was your woman and boy
in there, you wouldn't be feeling

the same way. Maybe you
wouldn't be thinking it through.

If it was my woman and
boy in there, I'd leave it

up to somebody else.

Somebody that wasn't
as involved in it as I was.

- How are they?
- They're both asleep now, Bob.

What's asleep mean, Doc?

It means they're asleep.

Well, can I maybe sit with them?

I don't see why not.

Don't consider myself
smarter than you, Marshal.

I'll just sit with Mae
and my boy at sunup.

Well, it's getting close, Doc.

Anything I can do to help?

No, I don't think so.

Thad's bringing
the horses around.

We're gonna keep out
of sight from that point on.

I'm not gonna give
Wiley any excuses

for any gunplay in Dodge.

I could use a cup of
coffee. How about you?


Matt, the older I
get, the less I know.

How's that, Doc?

Thought I understood
Porter, but I don't, not at all.


Well, that's about as good
as can be expected, I guess.

You, preacher,
you're going with me.

- What?
- No woman's keeping up with the pace

I intend setting,
so that leaves you.

Now, you'll ride ahead of me,

and we'll keep our horses
at a walk till we're out of town.

Now, you two, you just
get outside and walk away.

'Cause I want that marshal
knowing you're both all right.

All right, let's go.

Let's skip the good-byes.

Come on, move out.

I figured he'd be taking
the reverend with him.

Mount up, Porter.

Mount up.

No one else.

It wasn't me.


It was never me.

It wasn't my life.

What are you babbling about?

It wasn't myself I cared about.

Fine, if that makes you happy.

Now get on that horse.

But you don't understand.

Now it's only my life at stake.

And you're about to lose it.

But I don't care.

I never cared for myself.

You did have sanctuary
in the church, Mr. Wiley.

As long as you
could harm someone,

you did have that sanctuary.

But now you're on your own.

Are you gonna get on that horse?

I know it's useless to ask
you to put that gun down.

Are you ready for
both of us to die here?

Still don't understand.

Do you?


I wish I could help
you, Mr. Wiley.

I sincerely wish
it were possible.

One more step, Porter.

DILLON: Drop it, Wiley. Drop it.



About time you fellas

called it a day,
don't you think?

Aw, fiddle, we
ain't a bit tired.

Well, we figured on
working right on through,

get it done by evening.

We'll have to think
up some payment

in return for all this labor.

Maybe reserve the first pew
in your names each Sunday.

Make sure you
have front-row seats.

How's he expect
anybody to get any sleep

a-settin' in the front pew?

Oh, howdy, Doc.


- Hi, Doc.
- Thad.

From the way
you're stalling around,

you must be getting
paid by the hour.

This lemonade here, is it?

- Yeah, help yourself.
- Thanks.

Had a busy night
last night, huh?

Well, I don't think anybody
got much sleep last night.

I knowed you's awful
worried about Mrs. Ayers.

Well, all's well that
ends well, Festus.

Like it?

Well, it's bitter.

Is it bitter?

DOC: It's bitter. Taste it.

- Isn't that bitter?
- Ew! It's terrible!

- Yes. -I'll make some more.
- Well, well...

Well, we kind of
liked it that a-way.

Ornery old scudder,
you done that on purpose.

DOC: Did what?

Well, you knowed
there's whiskey in that.

You mean you put
whiskey in the lemonade?

Well, just a...

You did that?!

Well, you ought to be ashamed
of yourselves, both of you.

(Doc clicks his tongue)

Drinking in church!

We ain't in church!

Now why would he go
do something like that?

Uh, because he's
just ornery, that's all.

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