Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 13 - Outlaw's Woman - full transcript

After a risky train robbery and with two posses on their trail, four men hurriedly ride to some fresh horses. Dillon wounds one of the gang carrying the stolen money and it turns out to be a young woman.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(hoofbeats pounding)

(hoofbeats approaching)

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

MAN: Hyah! Hyah!

Hyah! Yah!

(men exclaiming, shouting)

MAN (in distance): Hyah!

It's another posse. Hyah, hyah!

They must have split up.

It's all right, let's go.

Hyah, hyah! Hyah! (whoops)

You you hit 'em, Matthew?

I don't know. It's
too far away to tell.

Well, ain't we going after 'em?

No. No, their horses are
fresh. We'd never catch 'em.

Look at the way they're
going over that hill.

We'll rest our horses,

wait till Sheriff Hart
catches up with us,

then we'll get on
their trail again.

Right now, it looks like the
railroad's out a lot of money.


I’d... I can't go on any more.


I'll... I'll put you
on my horse.

We can't make it
together, Eddie. You go on.

I can't leave you here.

You can't help me by
yourself. You bring back...

back the others
and take the money.

Go on.

Go on.


If they get that money,

they won't never come back.

Go get 'em and hurry.

Okay, sis.

Hyah, hyah, hyah!

Hyah! Hyah!


(theme music playing)

It must be 10:00. They should
have been here an hour ago.

- I know, I know.
- It was your idea to give them the money.

They'll be here, Coley.
They just must have had

a little trouble, is all.
Look, we've trusted them

- a lot of times before.
- Not with almost $20,000.

You both thought it was a good
idea, and it worked, didn't it?

It'll work when they
show up with the money.

If we stay here much longer,
we're gonna be sitting ducks.

That posse's had time
to get fresh horses.

They could be combing
these hills right now.

Ain't like you to
get jumpy, Coley.

Hey Dove, Coley.
There's somebody coming.

It must be them. I knew it.

All right, hold it... they was
supposed come through the pass,

not over the crest.


Right over there,
between the trees.

- Any signal?
- Nothing. Look, there he is.

If there was a posse, you
told 'em right where we are.

Now stay down.

COLEY: Look.

That's Eddie's horse.

Nice going, Wheeler.

Why didn't you come
through the draw, like we said?

Allie's... hurt.

C-Came quickest...


Where's the money?

It's with Allie.

Well, where is she?

She's hurt.

Real bad.

Where? Where?

Couple miles.

Above the fork.

Nest of rocks.

Sh... She's...

Eddie! Eddie!


Now how could I know? It
should have been all right.

It should have been.

Why, it was your idea,
now you go find her.

- What, now?
- Now.

Well... how am I gonna
find her in the dark?

If you start now, you'll be
where he left her by sunup.

Why don't we all go? We'll have
a better chance of finding her.

Because that country's gonna
be crawling with deputies.

If they're gonna find
anybody, it's gonna be you.

COLEY: Any objections?


We'll meet you
at the line shack.

COLEY: Kane?

If you don't find her,

you better keep going.

Bury him.

(lively piano music playing)

Matt, don't forget now,
12 hours sleep for you.

Doc, I'll tell you, after
three days out on the trail,

there's nothing gonna
keep me out of that bed.

You too, Thad... 12 hours.

Oh. Uh-huh.

And as for you, don't
come howling to me

in the middle of the night.

- Howling to you?
- Yes, howling.

That's what somebody
usually does when they

make a pig of themselves
drinking too much beer.

They get a bellyache
and they howl.

One little ol' pitcher after
being out there eating sand

and alkali for three days.

Matt and Thad were out
there as long as you were,

and let me tell you something...

If I'm any physician at all,

I'll see you later on tonight,
and you'll have a bellyache.

(scoffs) Horse doctor.


(woman groaning)

- (groaning continues)
- Oh, for heaven's sake.

How bad is it, Doc?

Well, could have
been a lot worse.

One good thing... that
bullet went clear through.

Very slight
indication of infection,

and I can't quite
understand that.

That wound's got to be...

oh, two or three days old, now.

Doc, you say she was,
uh, just here all by herself,

nobody with her?

She was lying right there
with that blanket over her.

Doc, you say she got that
wound a couple of days ago?

Mm, yeah, I'd say, at least.

Could it have been
made by a rifle bullet?

Well, yeah, why?

Well, I fired at those outlaws.

I thought I might
have hit one of them,

but I was too far
away to be sure.

Look at the clothes
she was wearing, there.

Now, a farm girl
doesn't dress like that.

But if she was
riding with outlaws...

I see what you mean.

I'm sorry to keep you
out of bed on this, Matt,

but I figured you
ought to know about it.

How long do you
think it might be

before I can talk to her, Doc?

Well, I don't know,
I'll just have to...

I'll have to call you when she
comes to. That's all we can do.

Well... Well, maybe I'll
get that 12 hours of sleep.

Well, you ought to be
able to do that, all right.

Either way, don't,
uh... don't worry,

because she's not going
anywhere in her condition.


WHEELER: Hey, Dove.

You got the money?

KANE: Not yet.

Now, wait a
minute. I found Allie.

I found her.


Well, she was out of
her head, crazy-like.

- She had a bullet in her shoulder.
- You trying to tell us

that she didn't have
the money with her?

No, she must have
hid it somewhere.

If she was hurt that bad, the
money couldn't be far away.

But how was I to know where?
Dove, you got to believe me.

She was wandering around,

probably trying to
find her way back here.

She didn't even know
what she was saying.

Her shoulder was bleeding.

Where is she?

She's in Dodge City.


Dove, it was the only
way I could handle it.

If I hadn't gotten her to
a doctor, she'd have died.

We'd never be able
to find the money.

If she gets better,

she can lead that lawman
right down our throats.

Aw, she wouldn't do that.
You know she wouldn't.

Why, she's as scared
of the law as we are.

Matt Dillon's the law in
Dodge. He's nobody's fool.

He'd never figure somebody
like Allie in on a holdup.

I mean, that's what's so great
about having somebody like her

with us.

If she's the only one
knows where the money is,

what makes you think
she won't run out on us?

Where would she go?

She don't know
any life but this.

She ain't got no
friends outside of us.

You can make an awful
lot of friends with $20,000.

The way I see it, she ain't
gonna go after that money alone.

Y-You know how she
feels about her brother.

She figures he's up
here waiting for her.

She's got no way of knowing
that Eddie's dead, no way at all.

Maybe he's right, Dove.

KANE: Ten days, couple of weeks,

she'll be as good as new.

We were figuring to hang around
here for a spell anyway, Dove.

It's good a place as any.

All right, we'll wait.

But if there's any hitch...

Boy, you sure took
a chance, Harve.

If it'd been me, I'd
have kept on going.

I thought about it, but I
risked my neck for that money.

I want my share of it.

I want that money.

$20,000 makes a
pretty good split...

two ways.

Maybe we could tend to that
right now and ride into Dodge.

Sure save a lot of time.

No, we're staying
clear of Dodge.

Sit down. Relax.

We just might need them two.

Anyway, there'll be plenty of
time to take care of them later.

Something about
Dodge bother you?

We ain't going in,
you understand?

Whatever you say.

All right.

For half of $20,000,

I'd do a lot more than wait.

There might be a
little something extra

in it for you, too.

When the time comes, uh,

we take care of Harve
and Wheeler, and...

(Dove laughs)

uh, you'll have that
girl all to yourself.

Where are you gonna be?

Once I get my
hands on that money,

I'm heading for the
border, alone and fast.

(Dove spits)

Your bet.


(sighs softly)



(footsteps approaching)

(cabinet rattles)

(door closes)



- (groans)
- Ouch!

Don't worry about that.

That's a scratch, but you...

You've probably torn those
stitches all out of there.

Well, here, nobody's
gonna hurt you.

Come here, let
me take a look at it.

Well... must have done a
better job than I thought.

It's all right.

- Matt.
- Hello, Doc.

How about a cup of coffee?


What happened to your hand?

Well, my patient regained
consciousness last night.

(Dillon chuckles)

What did she do,
bite you or something?

Well, that's not very funny.

That's exactly what she did.

- You must be fooling.
- Oh, I am?

Not only that.

She tried to eviscerate
me with a pair of scissors.

Look at there. She got
me right across there.

Well, she didn't look to me

like she was strong
enough to sit up in bed.

She didn't look that way to
me, either, but I was mistaken.

Well, did she do
any talking at all?

Well, yeah. She mentioned
a couple of names.

Harve and Eddie.

Anything else?

Yeah, she sort of
began to mumble then.

It didn't make any sense.

She just kept
saying over and over

and over again the word "Dove."


Yeah. Makes no sense, does it?

Oh, it might make
a lot of sense, Doc.

DOC: What?

Well, don't you remember
about six years ago,

a man by the name of Dove
Bailey killed one of my deputies,

shot him in the back?

By golly, I sure do, but I
thought he got killed later.

Ah, that was never proven.

I'll tell you one thing.

If Dove Bailey's still alive,

and she's got any
connection with him,

I'm going to find a
way to get to him.

Well, I don't think you can
count on any help from her.

She's not going to lead you
by the hand to where he is,

- you know.
- Doc, she's got no reason

to think that we suspect her.

I'm just gonna keep it that way.

You think she's
strong enough to talk?

Strong enough?


I don't think

a little conversation's
gonna hurt her any.



Does it hurt?

Well, you must be
a pretty unusual girl.

Whenever I've been hit
with a bullet, it hurts plenty.

Gonna put me in jail?

You mean because of that?

I was scared.

Well, I guess I can
understand that.

Doc's scared a
few people before.

Of course, they usually
don't wind up trying to kill him.

Why was it you were
trying to run away?


Well, here you're hurt,
in need of attention,

and yet, you stabbed the
man who was trying to help you.

What's your name?

Allie. Allie Sommers.

Uh-huh. Where
are you from, Allie?

What you asking me for?
You found me, didn't you?

No, Doc found
you out in his office.

You mean, you
didn't bring me here?

DILLON: No, somebody brought
you here wrapped in a blanket

with a bullet hole
in your shoulder.

You mean, you don't
even know who that was?

Who was it shot you?

Now, don't tell me you
don't know that, either.

I know.


I was, uh, with a wagon
train up north of here,

and it got attacked by Indians.

And, um...

(groans softly)

when the shooting
started, I got scared,

and I started to run, and, uh...

and then I got hit, and...

but I kept on running, and I
ran till I couldn't run no more,

and, uh, I fell down,

and-and my shoulder hurt,

and, uh, and I-I don't
remember any more.


You know where this
wagon train is now?

Silver Creek.

They was gonna lay
over there a few days.

Hmm. Well, all right, Allie.

You get some rest.

We'll try to get you
back to that wagon train

as soon as you're
well enough to travel.

You mean, you ain't
gonna put me in jail?

DILLON: No, I guess
I won't put you in jail.

But you try to take
it easy on Doc now.

Don't forget he's
the only one we got.

(door closes)


Doc, how's your patient?

Well, a lot better.

As a matter of
fact, I'm thinking

I'm gonna let her up today.

Oh, that's good.

Well, it, uh... it
is, and then, uh...

- then it's not in a way. Uh...
- What do you mean?

Well, I don't know
what to do with her

because I've got another
patient coming in up there,

and she needs three or four
more days to kind of get better,

you know, convalesce
and everything, and I...

What she needs is somebody

that'll take an interest
in her, you know.

Somebody she'll talk to

and-and somebody
sort of like, uh...

Somebody like good ol' Kitty.

Well, yeah, somebody like that.


All right, bring her on over.

Well. Well, thank you.

Anything else?

Y-Yes. Uh, I, um... I
need something, uh...

Something like a beer?

Yeah, something like a beer.

Uh-huh. Uh, Sam?

You're amazing.

- Just amazing.
- (Doc and Kitty laugh)

(wind whistling)

- Anything?
- Yeah.

Three coyotes and
two sidewinders.

The snakes froze as stiff
as a board, just like I am.

No sign of a rider.

If you want my opinion,
she ain't coming.

We don't know she ain't coming.

Yeah, Wheeler's right. Ain't
even been two weeks yet.

It'll be two weeks tomorrow.

I think we're crazy.

We don't even
know if the girl's alive.


- (cup clatters)
- All right!

Let's find out.

Kane, you say nobody
knows you in Dodge.

Well, ride in there,
see what's what.

If the girl's dead,
that settles it.

But if she's not,

well, it's a two-days' ride
into Dodge, two days back.

If you're not back in five days,

we'll be coming in after you.

Now get.

You look lovely, Allie.

It sure was nice of you.

Well, I couldn't let
you run around town

in those rags
you've been wearing.

I never had no dress like this.

I never known I
could look like this.

I... I wish there was some
way I could pay you back.

You feel like going out?


Well, there are some
things I need at the store.

Maybe you'd like
to get 'em for me.


Here you are.

Here's a list.

And, uh...

here's some money.

Oh, morning, miss.

Why, that dress fits, I see.

You know, one of Miss
Kitty's girls come over

to get it this morning.

She said she figured
you'd take a small size.

Well, it's just fine. Just fine.

(woman giggles)

Hi. Nice, ain't it?

Howdy, Miss Allie.

How do you know my name?

Oh, Doc said you was
fixin' to get out today.

You're the onliest
purty gal in town

with her arm in a sling.

(guitar plays)

MAN: ♪ Oh, get
along home, Cindy ♪

♪ Get along home, I say ♪

♪ Get along home, Cindy ♪

♪ I'll see you another day ♪

♪ I wish I were an apple ♪

♪ Hanging on a tree ♪

♪ And Cindy was a honeybee ♪

♪ Making love to me ♪

♪ Oh, get along home, Cindy ♪

♪ Get along home, I say ♪

- ♪ Get along home, Cindy ♪
- (laughing)

♪ I'll see you another day ♪

- (women laughing) -♪ She
hugged me and she kissed me ♪

♪ She called me sugar lump ♪

♪ She threw her
arms around me... ♪

Morning, miss.

I got a list from Miss Kitty
over at the Long Branch.


(women continue laughing)

- (chuckles) -♪ She hugged
me and she kissed me... ♪

Mm-hmm. All right.

It'll take just a minute to
get these things together.

(women continue laughing)

♪ Get along home, I say ♪

♪ Get along home, Cindy ♪

♪ I'll see you another day ♪

(women continue laughing)

♪ Get along home, Cindy ♪

♪ I'll see you another day... ♪

Here you are, and
here's your change.

Oh, uh, you sure you
can manage, now?

I can send
somebody over with it.

- I can manage.
- (chuckling): All right.


Thank you.

I'm sorry.

That's all right. It's my fault.

You're Allie Sommers.

Why, here, let me help...

Oh, it's all right. I'm
Thad Greenwood.

I live here. Friend
of the doc's.

It's all right.

Come on.

You're at Miss
Kitty's, aren't you?

(man gently strumming guitar)

(men chuckle)

Might give him a little grain.

- Oh, hello, Allie, Thad.
- Morning.

I see you're in
good hands there.

He wanted to carry that parcel.

Well, fine. I-I think
you can trust him

as far as the Long Branch.

What's the matter, Allie?

Oh, nothing. I just thought
I saw somebody I knew.


Doc, you're improving.

(piece clatters)


Come in.

Hello, Allie.

Come in. What are you
doing this time of night?

I couldn't sleep.

Well, you ought to be in bed.

Well, what-what happened
to the sling I put on your arm?

It didn't hurt no
more. I took it off.

Well, what in
thunder do you want?

I-I want to tell
y'all something.

Come on. Sit down.

What is it? What's on your mind?

I don't want to go home.


I made up my mind.

Well, what about your family?

Well, they ain't
my family, really.

I mean, th-they took care
of me, sort of, but, uh...

(sighs) it weren't like here.

They'd just go right on.

I mean, uh, they probably
think I'm dead anyway by now.


ALLIE: And I never
stayed in no town before,

and everything's so different
from what I thought it'd be.

And I-I never had no clothes
and no regular room of my own

and-and people treating me like
I was somebody instead of an...

I just don't want
to go back there.

Well, Allie, I'll tell
you something,

if you don't want to go back,
nobody's gonna make you

do something you
don't want to do.

You mean I can stay?

I don't see why not.

I sure do want to thank you.

(chuckles) Come on. You'd
better get home. It's late.


Oh, go on to bed.

Well, there's a funny
thing, Doc, isn't it?

Not long ago she
was trying to kill herself

getting out of this town.

Not long ago you were
figuring every way you could

to use her to help you
find Dove Bailey, too.

Well, sure, but she's not
the same girl that came here.

No, if she likes
it around Dodge,

I'm sure not gonna be the one
to send her out in the prairie.

Well, how do you figure
you're gonna find Dove Bailey?

I don't know.

But if he's out
there, I'll get to him.

(crickets chirping)

What are you doing
in that marshal's office?


(grunting, panting)

Will you answer me?

I didn't tell him nothing.

You'd better be
telling the truth.

And since when did you
start cozying up with the law?

He ain't like you think.

None of 'em are.
They been good to me.

Yeah, I'll just bet they
have, and you know why?

'Cause they want you
to lead 'em to that money.

How could they know
about that money?

They don't know
anything about me.

They think I got lost
on a wagon train.

They don't know
nothing about me,

and I ain't gonna
tell 'em nothing.

You got some more
tellin' to do. Come on.

I ain't comin' with you.
I'm gonna stay here.

Why, you dumb little...

You hit me again, I'm gonna
scream this place down.

Now, look, Allie, these people
don't care anything about you.

They're just using you.

And I suppose you didn't,

you and Dove and
Wheeler and Coley

and anybody else who
happened to drop in.

Well, we might have
been a little rough on you

now and then, but
we love you, honey,

- you know that.
- Yeah, sure.

Didn't I save your life?

Didn't I take a
risk coming in here

- so that doc could fix you up?
- I don't care.

I still don't want
to go back there.

Now, Eddie can show
you all where the money is.

Your brother's dead, Allie.

- (shuddering breath)
- It's true.

That's why you
have to come with us.

Dove wants that money,

and you're the only one
who knows where it is.

You're lyin'.

Eddie can't be dead.

He left me there so
as he could go get help.

And he did.

That's how we found you,
Eddie and me together.

Only, coming back, we ran into
a posse that Dillon was leading.

Eddie's horse drew up lame,

and he was trying to
surrender when Dillon shot him.

(crying): I don't believe you.

It's more than a
day's ride from Dodge.

How could the marshal
even know about that robbery?

Listen, honey, I
wasn't even sure

it was Dillon myself
that killed Eddie.

But I seen him before, and
I asked around town today.

He was leading
one of those posses.

And if you don't believe me,

you can just ask some
of your new friends.

- No, I don't want...
- Get ahold of yourself.

All Dillon wants out
of you is that money.

He's killed your brother,

and now he's making
a fool out of you.

If what you say is true,
he won't let me leave here.

Well, of course he won't.
So you take him along.

All you got to do is
lead him into that pass

and leave the rest to us.

Then we'll go and get
that money and start livin'.

Like Eddie wanted it.

You say he was trying
to surre-surrender?

Honey, he had his hands in
the air when Dillon cut him down.

I seen it all from the hilltop.

If you hadn't been unconscious,
you'd have seen it yourself.

(shuddering breaths)

You tell Dove it'll
take us about...

three days

to get to that
canyon. (sniffles)

That's my honey.

Well, I don't quite
understand, Allie.

Yesterday you said
you wanted to stay.

I just couldn't go
through with it, Marshal.

I got to thinking about
how my folks would feel

thinking I was dead.

I see.

I reckon I knowed all along
I couldn't go through with it.

At least I got to go back
and let 'em know I'm all right.

Uh-huh. You sure
you feel up to the trip?

Doc said I'd be fine
if we just take it easy.

When do you want to start?

If it's all right with you,
I'd like to start this mornin'.

All right.

I'll get Festus, and
we'll meet you here.


Well, I usually bring him
along on a trip like this.

He sometimes comes in handy.

I just hadn't figured on that.

You say it's about
two days north of here?

About two or three.

I'm sure I can find the way.

All right.

Why don't you get your duds.

Well, if she's Dove Bailey's
girl, you think she's just

gonna point him out to you?

I don't need him
pointed out, Doc.

Oh, you know what I mean.

She's liable to just
lead you right into a trap.

That's a chance
we'll just have to take.

Well, I still think
that you ought to take

some more men with you.
Festus and you can't do it alone...

- You know that.
- Doc, that's not gonna work.

That would look a
little suspicious to her,

- wouldn't you say?
- Eh, I could say an awful lot of things,

but you wouldn't pay
any attention to 'em.

What about her shoulder?

Do you think it's well
enough to make the trip?

Her shoulder's fine. It's fine.

Good. Well, in that case,
Doc, I'll see you later.

DILLON: Looks good.

I'll give you a hand.

I can do for myself.

Well, now, look, Allie,

Festus and I will take
care of this end of things.

I can take care of myself.

Well, I know you can.

Tell you what, there's some
side meat and beans over there.

Why don't you be head cook.

Mmm, mmm!

Miss Allie, these here
vittles is just plumb larruping,

and I mean it.

Well, I ain't much, but
I did the best I could.

Well, it's every bit as good as
Grandma Haggen used to make.


If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.


You better eat something.

Oh, thanks, Allie.


By the way Festus looks
like he's going at it there,

it doesn't look like there's
gonna be any seconds.

I'd have been fine. You didn't
have to go to all this bother,

- I told you.
- Oh, it's no bother.

Keep a little wind
off you, anyway.

I just hope it doesn't rain.

Say, that's good.

You're a good cook, Allie.

Your mother must have
been a good teacher.

I never known my
mother or my pa.

But you learn what you have to.

Like yourself.

I expect learning to kill is the
biggest part of being a marshal.

Oh, I wouldn't say that, Allie.

Staying alive's
the biggest part.

Whatever killing a lawman
does, that's the reason for it.

That ain't what I
knowed about lawmen.

What I hear.

Then maybe you've been
listening to the wrong people.

I heared...

The-These folks I live with,

they... they had a-a boy,

a son, and he...

he was kind of wild. He...

He weren't bad, he's just...

just young and-and wild and, uh,

he-he left the wagon train

and he got in with a bad bunch.

He never did
nothing to hurt nobody

in his whole life, Marshal.

But he was killed.

He was shot down by a lawman
when he was trying to surrender.

You know that
for a fact, do you?

I know.

I heared.

Uh, back in Dodge.

Um, fellow from the Long Branch

said that a...

a young fellow named Eddie

was... was, uh, killed

after a train robbery
over Cimarron way.

And these-these folks
on the wagon train,

they-they had a son named Eddie.

Allie, I'm gonna
tell you something.

I was up Cimarron way
when that robbery took place.

I led a posse that
went after the outlaws.

And that was a
pretty mean robbery.

They shot three railroad men.

One of them almost died.

This fellow back in
Dodge, he said it...

it was somebody from
your posse killed that boy.

Well, he was wrong, Allie.

There was only one man in our
posse fired a shot. That was me.

And it didn't kill anybody.

Now, the sheriff's
posse from Cimarron

couldn't even catch
up with these outlaws.

Somebody had stashed away
some fresh horses for 'em.

Well, this stranger said...

Look, Allie, you know what
your stranger said to you

and you know what I told you.

Guess you'll just have to
make up your own mind.

Anything else
you want to tell me

before we leave in the morning?

What else I want to tell you?

What difference it make to
me what some stranger said?

Good supper.

Dove, Coley.

- Where is she?
- She's on her way.

Everything's going just
like I figured it would.

What do you mean she's on
her way? Why ain't she with you?

Well, a girl showing
up the way she did...

They just wouldn't turn her
loose, and in country like this.

Harve, you better start coming
up with some straight talk.

I tell you, she's coming.

Only, the marshal's with her.

The marshal?

She told him.

No, no.

He thinks that he's taking
her back to her folks.

How many is with him?

Only the marshal and some
scraggly-looking saddle tramp.

Dove, you got to believe me.

Allie's leading them
straight into that pass.

Why, we can pick 'em off like

shooting chickens in a coop.

When do you figure they'll show?

Before sundown.

I been trailing
'em for two days.

She's leading them
straight for that pass.

Now, once we get 'em in there,

with four rifles on
'em, they're dead men.

Three rifles.

Where's Wheeler?

What happened?

He got out of line.

Same thing's gonna
happen to you, Kane,

if that marshal ain't in
my gun sights by sundown.

Well, I guess we might
as well make camp here.

Looks like as good
a place as any.

Build a fire and
cook up a hot meal.

No need to stop on
my account, Marshal.

I just thought maybe
you'd like to rest.

Been a long ride today.

No, I... I want to push on.

That valley might be
further than I reckoned.

Well, all right, I guess we
can make it as far as the pass.

You'll let me know if you get
tired, now, won't you, Allie?

See? I told you.

As soon as the
girl's in the clear,

they'll be like sitting ducks.

Just the two of
them, right enough,

once she leads
'em into that pass...

She'll take us to
the money, too.

Especially after she finds
out we got the man who killed

- her brother.
- Killed her...

(chuckles) Hey,
you're a lot smarter

than I figured you, Harve.

All right,

I don't know that other
one, but I know Dillon.

And when I give the
word, we take him.

After he's down,
there'll be plenty of time

to get the other one.

Come on. Come on.

(whispers): Get ready.

Just a little bit more, lawman.

They stopped.

Why, they ain't coming through.

What's the matter?

Uh, i-it's the wrong way.

I'm sure.

Wrong way? What
are you talking about?

No, I-I made a
mistake. It's further west.

It's got to be further west.


Don't be a fool. You'll
tell 'em where we are.

Allie, it's a trap, isn't it?

Harve, Dove Bailey,
the one you call Eddie...

They're all up there
waiting, aren't they?

I don't know.

- Let's take cover.
- (gunshot)

(Festus grunts)

- (grunts)
- (gunshots continues)

I got one of 'em. See if you
can work your way around

- behind 'em, huh?
- Right.

How is it, Festus?

I ain't gonna be dancing
for a spell, but it's all right.

- All right.
- All right, just stay down.

I'm sorry.

Eddie was my brother,
and they said you killed him.

Well, I didn't kill
him. They lied to you.

Well, I know that now.

- They-they picked Eddie...
- (gunshot)

They picked Eddie and me up
when we was just kids and they...

they used us to-to
hide their money

- and-and hold their horses.
- (gunshot)

Stay down.

Sure did raise Cain on
my new britches, didn't it?

It ain't bad. Here, I'm
gonna put this thing on it

and I can help
stop the bleeding.

Do any good, Matthew?

- Yeah, I got one of them.
- (gunshot)

I don't understand it, though.

We're getting help
from somewhere.

It's right up yonder.

I seen the muzzle flash.

Whoever he's
firing at's over here.

Hold it, Bailey!

KANE: Congratulations, Marshal.

Ah, hold it.

Now drop that gun. Drop it.

He snuck up on us, Matthew.

We never even seen him coming.

I's glad to been of
help to you, marshal.

- Put the gun down, mister.
- Not a chance.

Not as long as me and Allie
got a clear path out of here.

I figure you owe us that much.

Whatever is owed's gonna
be paid. Now put the gun down.

You better talk to
your friend, Allie.


You all right, Allie?


I'm all... I'm all right.

(crying): He would've...
he would've killed me, too,

if-if he could've.

If I could've given
him the money.

Allie, I... I'm sorry
about all this.

I didn't mean to use you.

It's all right.

It weren't the same as-as
Harve and all the others.

I-I know where the money is.

I know where the
money is, Marshal.

Eddie hid it.

Come on, let's
get you out of here.

(Allie crying)