Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 11, Episode 1 - Seven Hours to Dawn - full transcript

Mace Gore's gang has taken over Dodge. When Matt is believed killed, Festus and Doc have a plan to lure Gore into a trap, even though his usual plan is to leave by dawn.

(dramatic theme music playing)

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(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(lively chatter and laughter)

You better bring
in some more kegs.

(jaunty piano music playing)


Excuse me, Marshal.

- Matthew.
- How are you?

You got here right in
the nick of time, Matthew.

I got my new card
trick all figured out.

Go on, just snake one
out of there, any one at all.

Don't make no difference.

Might as well. He
won't leave you alone.


Well, no! Golly Bill!

You got to look at it first.

Well, I did. It's
the ace of spades.

Oh, fiddle.

How do you expect
me to do my card trick

when you tell me
beforehand what the card is?

Have a drink here, Matt.

There's an awful lot
of strangers in town.

Did you notice that?

Sure is. I was gonna
ask you about it, too.

Well, it just like a bunch
of cow punchers to me.

Now, where'd they come
from? There's no herds in.


(man whoops, men laughing)

(man whooping, men shouting)


(men shouting, man whooping)



- (whooping)
- Do that again.



- All right.
- Hey, hey... hey, uh, what?

Hey... uh... hey,
what? Hey, hey.

- Hey! Hey, I was...
- (onlookers chattering)

Hey, what... are you doing?

- Get up in there.
- I...

Come on.

Gonna go over there,
and then I comes back...

Buck, how many times have I...?

(slurring): and I go
over there, and I...

All right, take him
home, Matilda.

Ah, wouldn't be Saturday night

unless Buck Spencer
got a little drunk.

Something wrong?

Oh, I don't know, Kitty.

If it is, it's nothing I
can put my finger on.

I'll see you later.

(theme music playing)

You're up kind of late.


Is there any coffee left?

Yeah. Help yourself.

Yeah, I was just on my way home.

By golly, I'm tired.

You looking for
anything special?

Well, I thought I saw a
couple of familiar faces

over at the Long Branch tonight.


Well, you find anything?

No, not yet.

(wagon rattling, approaching)

Somebody told me you sent
Buck Spencer home a while ago.

Well, I did, yeah.

(wry chuckle) He's back.


DILLON: Buck, what
are you doing back here?

I didn't have no choice.
I couldn't get home.


Couldn't get home? What
are you talking about?

Just what I said, Marshal...
I couldn't get home.

Why not?

Y-You know that
cut-out by Devil's Draw?

- Yeah?
- Well, there's been a landslide.

A landslide?!

Yeah, it's blocking
the whole road.

Ain't no way to get
a wagon around it.

Ain't no way at all.

Marshal, you just got to let
me sleep in the jail tonight.

I can't do that, Buck.

I'm liable to need these cells.

Doc, uh...?


Well, uh, couldn't you...?

Oh, no. No, you see...

this a situation that
comes under the jurisdiction

of the office of the
United States Marshal.

Thanks for the coffee.

Buck, get a good night's sleep.

You, too.


All right, come on, Buck.

Evening, Marshal.


I won't send an answer, Barney;
it's just a routine advisement.

I wasn't waiting for
an answer, Marshal.

Just wanted to tell you
that the telegraph wire's out.

When did that happen?

Ten, 15 minutes.

Just after that wire come in.

Yeah, probably some buffalo

scratching his back on a
pole and pushing it over.

Barney, I want you to
do something for me.

Go up the Long
Branch and find Festus.

Tell him to get down
here as soon as he can.

You bet.

Don't touch those guns, Marshal.

If you do, I'm gonna have to
open up the other world for you.


That's more sensible.

Now, ain't anybody
going anywhere tonight.

Your fair city's
got some visitors,

and we don't want
to be disturbed.

Now, sir,

if you'd just take your
thumb and your forefinger

and gently reach down,
grab your gun out easy,

we can all relax.

MAN: All right, move.
We ain't got all day.

Come on, now, let's move it.

Let's move it here.

Well, what's going on up there?

MAN: I said, move.

(indistinct chatter)

Search me, but you
better let me go up first.

All right, move along.

Keep it moving.

What do we got here?

Where did you come from?

Just never mind that.

Who's been a-shootin' that gun?

I'll ask the questions.

Boys, lighten his load.

Wait just a dang minute here.

You just shut up, or
I'll blow that ugly face

out from under those whiskers.

Get your hands off of him!

Gun on the table.

Well, well, well.

Look what I found.

What is this, a holdup?

Don't you fret none
about it, honey.

Nobody's gonna lose
anything they can't replace.

'Less somebody gets
hisself killed by acting stupid.

Somebody like you, ugly.

On the table.

Oh, no.

I ain't a-fixin' to
get myself shot up

to protect my three dollars.

I'd say you fellers
bit yourselves off

a good, big wad.

Fact is, I'd say you're
liable to choke on it.

Well, we'll just wait
and see, all right?


Boys, clean out the cellar.

Wait a minute!

You best commence to
be a might more friendly.

We're gonna be
lots better friends

afore this night is over.

- (woman shouts)
- Come on.

(indistinct, overlapping
chatter and shouting)

(overlapping chatter)

- I swear.
- What's going on here?

- What's going on?
- (overlapping chatter)

What's going on here?

Keep your hands off me!

Who do you think you are?

Hurry those folks along now.

Frank, I want you to tell Boland

to take all them weapons
over to the Long Branch.

Mason Gore, huh?

You heard of me?

Well, then, I guess you
know why we're here.

That man the ones
that cut the wires!

You're going against the
government, you know,

cutting them wires like that.

I'll try to keep that in mind.

(townsfolk clamoring)

First thing I want
you all to understand,

there's nobody
here in any danger.

They'll be no
violence of any kind

if you all do exactly
what you're told.

We're here for just
one reason... money.

All you merchants are obliged

to open up your doors
and keep 'em open.

All private citizens will gather
together all your valuables

and put 'em in a parcel
on your front stoop.

That's anything of value.

Silver, money,
jewelry, wedding rings.

My boys'll be by to pick 'em up.

If they think the
parcel's a little too small,

they might be tempted to come
in and take a look at your house.

I don't think you'd like
that. Any questions?

How long you gonna be here?

Till dawn tomorrow.

Until then, nobody
leaves this town.

Anyone who comes in stays.

Any other questions?

All right, you can all go home.

Try to remember what I said now.

Well, wait a minute.

Where are y'all going?!

Are you gonna let 'em push
you around like a bunch of sheep?


Hey, mister, you
better be quiet.

Don't tell me what to do,
you cheap saddle tramp, you.

- Out of my way!
- (gunshot)

(woman screams)

Now there's a lesson.

I don't have time
for foolishness.

If there are any more
heroes, let 'em step out now.

(townsfolk murmuring)

Hey, Marshal, we
got a job for you, too.

We're gonna let you keep
your badge and your authority.

All you got to do
in return is to see

that this new
government isn't disturbed.

And that's us until
tomorrow morning.

You're not gonna
get away with it, Gore.

Lot of people still
left in their homes.

They're onto you by now.
They know what you're up to.

They'll be waiting for you.

Well, I'll send two or
three of my fellows with you

to insure their
peaceful surrender.

They're men with
families. They'll fight you.


Families and friends.

You know, it seems to me that
if any trouble were to start here,

your people'd
get the worst of it.

I sure would hate

to see this place turn
into another Indian Falls.

Indian Falls?

I heard about that.

Just over a year ago,
somebody took over a town

and killed six or seven men.

A dozen.

Just some poor fools
who placed more value

on their gold than
they did on their lives.

It's up to you, Marshal,

to see that Dodge doesn't
have any fools like that.

Or like this.

$809 paper from
the general store.

$64 from some old
liar down at the stable.

I think he's got
more hid somewhere.

Don't tell me about
it, boy. Show it to me.

What have you got here, Simpson?

From the assay
office. Gold and silver.

- Uh-huh. What's the weight?
- Uh... I don't know.

Well, take it back,
separate it and weigh it.

Sir, uh, uh, I've
been on duty an hour.

Uh, when do we
get our turn in here?

There's enough
liquor for everybody.

You'll be relieved at 1:00.

You know the rules, Simpson.

Very pretty...
and all of it real.

Take 'em and get out of here.

Seems a shame
to take all this away

from a girl as pretty as you.

I can see how you're suffering.

What I mean is...

apart from the money involved,

there's got to be a
lot of memories, no?

What do you want, my life story?

Stories don't interest me.

I could tell Mace that...

there was nothing up here.

All I need is a
little persuasion.

(Kitty laughs softly)


SAM: Miss Kitty!

(Kitty grunting)


(Kitty groans, struggles)

(Kitty groaning)

I like you, Barens,
but I'd kill you.

I didn't do nothing.


You're supposed to be
out there doing your work.

I haven't got time for fellas
that don't do their work.

Go back and do your work.

MAN: Don't come any closer!

I got a shotgun here,
both barrels loaded.

Now hold it, Mr. Johnson!

It's me, Matt Dillon!

What's going on, Marshal?

Sounds like a big
ruckus all over town.

I want you to put your gun
down, and come out here.

Who's them fellas
in back of you there?

We got trouble, Mr. Johnson.

The Mason Gore Gang
has taken over Dodge.

They got us
surrounded and cut off.

Get 'em off my
property, Marshal.

Nobody's taking what I
worked all my life to save.

Wait a minute.

Use your head, Mr. Johnson.

He's got close to
100 men with him.

You put up a fight,
you'll get yourself killed.

I'll kill the first man
tries to come in.

All right, maybe you will;
maybe you'll kill a couple of 'em.

But you got a wife
and children in there.

Now, what's gonna happen
to them when we turn this town

into a battlefield?

I don't know, Marshal.

I do, Mr. Johnson.

All right.

Well, you don't look
any the worse for wear.

Am I supposed to
be grateful for that?

You could be.

I mean, I've known
some women who were.

You expect everybody
you bankrupt to be grateful

just because you left 'em alive?

Oh, now, I left
you more than that.

That is, unless you like to
wrestle with people like Barens.

Let's not play games.

You don't care
what happens to me.

You're just upset
because your boy

wasn't attending
to his business.

Hey, you're a smart
woman, woman.

Smart, pretty, tough.

That's a good combination.

Save the charm.

I never did have
a taste for killers.

You know, you said before

that I didn't care
what happened to you.

Well, you're right; I don't.

So don't press your luck.

That marshal fella over there,

he kind of keeps
a good eye on you.

1:00 and all's well.

You must've been doing a
good job with your neighbors.

I haven't heard a shot yet.

I promised 'em
nobody'd get hurt.

Well, now, if you excuse
me, I have a schedule to meet.

All right, it's 1:00.

Time to change the guard.

Anybody gets too drunk,
they forfeit their share,

same as always.

Marshal, Marshal,
you better come quick.

There's trouble at the stable.

(shouting, laughter)

Keep him spinning
around up there!

Break it up here!
Hey! Break it up.

What's going on here?

Oh, we're just having
a little fun, Barens.

The old man's upset
about his horses.

Mason's upset, real
upset with all of you.

You know we got to get
our work done by dawn.

Now, all of you, down
to the Long Branch... fast!

Hey! Come back
here and cut me down.

You can't leave me
strung up this way.

Want to bet?

Marshal, get me
down out of here.

Untie the rope.

All right now, just
take it easy, Hank.

We'll get you down.


What happened, Hank?

Well, they come in here
and run off all the horses,

including yours.

And when I tried to stop 'em,

they come at me
with their rifle butts.

- Ah.
- (Hank grunts)

I think they busted
one of my ribs.

Pete, go get Doc, will you?

Oh, I can walk. (moans)

No, I guess I can't.

All right, you just rest
easy now there, Hank.

Hank, you're a tough man.

Well, I'm too old to worry about
what these fellas can do to me.

But it's a lick tougher for you.

Only a few hours left, Hank.

Yeah, but a lot can
happen in a few hours.

Especially if they take a
notion to shoot up this place.

They're not gonna do that.

Not if I can help it.

Well, if they do,
you keep out of it.

You know, it wouldn't
do this town no good

for you to get yourself killed.

(woman screaming)

(crying, screaming)

Not just yet, honey.

(man laughing)

WOMAN: No! (crying)

(woman screaming)

Run, Dora!

DEEKS: Get out of the way!

- Get out of the way.
- Mace said no shooting, Deeks.

He said 'less'n
there was trouble.

This is trouble.

Get out of the way.
I'm gonna kill him.

Use your head.
Mace will kill us.

Marshal, I'm gonna
fix you once and for all.

Get out of the way!


You fellas know better
than to play with the law.

Haven't you got some
business to do, Marshal?

Is this the way you clean up
your end of the town, Deeks?

Well, we was doing all
right until he butted in.

He's a liar! They was
after the Frasier girl.

GORE: Seems to me
I've told you before, Deeks,

if you can't stick to the
plan, you better clear out.

If he gets to Fort
Dodge, we're done for!

Well, then we better make sure
he doesn't get there, hadn't we?

(hoofbeats approaching)


Doc, you got to do something.

Nothing I can do.

Doc, he ain't...

(quiet, choked sob)

Well, what do you know.

He's caused all the
trouble he's gonna cause.

All right, everybody
off the street.

Just go back to your homes
and behave yourselves.

Won't be any more trouble.

We'll be gone sunup.

Things ain't gonna be like
they was around here, mister.

For you neither,

after what you did.

I can promise you that.


Come on, Kitty.

Come on, now, I want
you to drink this'n up.

I'll come back
later with something

make you sleep a little bit.

Come on.

So that's how it was, huh?

Her and the marshal.

She ain't gonna have no
trouble finding a better man.

I already volunteered.

Someday, somewhere...

the string's gonna run
out for you and your...

Oh, how I want to be there.

Nobody sent for you, ugly.

You better get on
back down there.

You got your gun.

Go on, shoot me down
like you done Matthew.

If you're a mind to.

You just better make sure

that first shot
kills me, though.

I'm gonna get 'em, Miss Kitty.

I'm gonna get
every last one of 'em,

if it takes me
plumb till doomsday.

Oh, I don't mean
I'm fixin' to start now.

Ain't no chance for that.

But I'm gonna track 'em down.

I'm gonna get me Matthew's badge

and I'll run 'em down

if it takes as long as I live.

We're gonna leave you
alone now for a while, Kitty.

And, uh...

I'll be back later.

(door shuts)

That's pitiful.

That's all we could find.

That banker wasn't much help.

Why don't you go
back and talk to him.

He might think it over twice

without the chief
protector walking the street.

They all seem pretty
quiet since it happened.

Ain't nobody said a word.

Makes your back
itch, that's for sure.

Just standing, looking.

Uh-huh. Well, let 'em look.

He was a big man around here.

They don't know what to
make out of him being gone.

So walk easy, do your job.

We'll be out of here
before they know it.

Hey, Doctor.

You got any influence
over these people,

you better tell
'em to stay in line.

If Dillon had, you'd have a
marshal in your town now.

All we want is the
money and we're gone.

Looks like you're
getting it, all right.

Now, if it's all right with you,

I'll just go on
about my business.

Come on, Festus.

Everybody's gonna
stay in line, mister.

Why don't you just get your
money and get on out of town.

But remember this...

Dodge has still got a marshal.

- One of these days...
- Hey...

you're not trying to tell
me you're the new lawman,

are you, friend?

I reckon I just might be.

You better grow another
two and a half feet

on them legs of yours if
you figure to fill his boots.

Come... come here.

Just forget it.

- The last thing I ever do...
- That's what it'll be,

the last thing you
ever do. Now come on.

Miss Kitty, we hadn't ought to
be leaving her by herself, Doc,

at a time like this.
I'm going back over...

No... no, now, there's
nothing you can do for Kitty,

and I want her to get some rest.

Just to be around.

Matthew would want me to.

The way that
Barens looks at her.

Now, she can handle
Barens just fine.

And besides, there's
something else

Matt would like to have you do.


I'm trying to show you.


They been here?

No, not yet.

They will be.

What are you doing, Doc?

You mean he ain't dead?

Anybody else sure would've been.

Out yonder, you just left
him layin' there on the street.

Well, what do you think would've
happened if they'd have known

he was still alive?

Well, I listened.

I couldn't hear no
heart beatin' or nothing.

I can hardly feel
a pulse myself.

He's taken three or four slugs.

This one, here.

What about his head?

That's just a crease.

My gosh, this is bad.

It's simple, now, if I...

if I can get that
out of there without

doing him any more damage,

he's got a chance.

Well, I'll tell Miss Kitty.

You're gonna do
nothing of the kind.

Why not, Doc?

Well, it'd be just plain cruel

to tell her that
he's alive when...

When I don't know.

Don't you think you can
pull him through, Doc?

Well, we're sure gonna
try, but we can't do it here.

Got to get him out
someplace where...

where he's safe.

Where they won't
come busting in, now.

Well, I know just the place.

And they ain't likely to look
there no more tonight, neither.

Where is it?

The cellar of the Long Branch.

We can stay in the
dark, all the way.

You crazy? The Long
Branch is their headquarters.

I know that, Doc, but they
been through that cellar twice.

They done took all the whiskey
and they ain't nothin' else

down there that'd interest 'em.

Besides, we can get
in to it from the alley.

By golly, Festus,
you may be right.

Right under their noses.

Might be the last
place they'd look.

(footsteps approaching)

MAN: Let's move it, men!

(muffled, indistinct chatter)

MAN: All right, move.

I reckon we're as safe as we
can be and still be in Dodge.

Sure hope so.

Well, I'm gonna need some water.

Quite a bit of it.

Don't let anybody see you.

- I'll get her, Doc.
- All right.

- Here you are.
- Thanks. Now, Vane...

You better just go on
back over at your place,

and I want you to nail
up a coffin like it's...

- Well, you know, make it look good.
- Yeah.

And then, uh, one for Buck
Spencer, in case they come

pokin' around and just
keep your mouth shut.

- Okay, Doc.
- (men laughing upstairs)

That's it.

That's it, right there.

(bullet clatters into pan)

Now, hold that
lamp still... Hold it.


(Dillon grunting)

Hold him.

Be still, Matthew.

Don't let him move.

But he's...

DILLON: Oh... (groaning)

- (men laugh upstairs)
- (Dillon grunting)

I gotta get 'em...

I gotta get Gore.

Just be easy,
Matthew, we'll get him.

(laughter continues upstairs)

Doc? Doc, look at...

Stay in the buggy, Matthew.

You stay in the buggy.

(groans quietly)

Right here... easy, now.


(Dillon groans)

DOC: Hmm.

Wished I coulda
brang some hot soup,

but I wouldn't knowed
how to tote her, nohow.

Think you got enough.
We're not gonna be here

for a whole week, you know.

Once't I started grabbing,
why, I just cabbaged on

to everything that
wasn't nailed down.

Hey, look... looky
here, what I found.

Well, where in thunder
did you find that thing?

Us Haggens can find things

where they ain't to be found.

That thing work?

You lay back down
there and quit jabbering.

It works good,
Matthew, but, uh...

it's just got three
bullets. It's all I...

Will you give me that thing?

Now you've done all the shootin'
you're gonna do for a while.

Done a fine piece of surgery
here and I don't propose

to have you mess it
up by thrashing around.

How's it coming, Doc?

Well, he's doing
just fine for a man

that's been hit four times,
and he might just make it,

if he'll pay some
attention to me.

Now, Doc, listen to me...
We've got to get Gore.

Yeah, you tried that.

We need men and guns.

Well, you know they've
got every gun in Dodge,

except this thing.

Well, I know where we
can get men and guns, both.

Plenty of 'em.

Where at, Matthew?

7:00 train in the morning.

- Golly Bill, that's right.
- What?

Well, it's loaded with troops
headed for Fort Dodge.

140 men or more.

Well, all right.

They're coming
in on the 7:00 train.

They're leaving by dawn.

By the time the train comes in,

they'll be scattered all over
the countryside, you know that.

Not unless we make it
worth their while to stay.

(men laughing upstairs)

(clattering, glass shattering)

Is that everything from
the south end, Clark?

That's it. Picked clean.

Sure they ain't holding out?

My boys went through hard.

I'd say we got the most of it.

All right, load it up.

Take some of your
men over and help Suggs

finish out the west side.

Don't you think
you've had enough?

We got to leave
here in two hours.

Be ready to move fast.

Ain't never been left
behind yet, have I?

Always a first time.

(slurring): Sam...

gimme a bottle of whiskey.

Take over here, will you?

Well, now... if it isn't the
self-appointed marshal.

I thought you were supposed
to be out helping my boys

keep this town respectable.

Kept your boys...


I wouldn't lift a finger to...

And if you don't
like it, you can...

(no snapping)

(fingers snap)

You know what you could do.

I just didn't think you'd
disappear like that

and let all your good
citizens fend for themselves.

Where you been?

Where'd you get all
that good whiskey?

This is my last time

before I'm fixin'
to take on my due.

When that train pulls in,

I'm a be the marshal.

My first job.

That's a good time to
start wearing your badge...

After we're gone.

You're smarter than you look.

You got to be smart
to guard the gold.


And I'm gonna guard the gold

like nobody never guarded...

I'll guard...

I'll be...

my first job.

You know, I'm sure
you do a fine job.

I'm sure you'll
make a fine marshal.

From then on,
I'm... be the marshal.

Don't you forget that.

It ain't my fault 'cause
you men come...

Oh, of course not. You
couldn't have been expected

to do anything about that.

Gold on that train, huh?

That must be a
pretty big shipment.

Take a man like you
to handle a job like that.

You don't...

There's a whole carload.

Every speck of it

gonna get to Wichita.

You can count on that.

I want to protect the train.

I'm a marshal.

(whispering): Matthew, he
swallowed the whole thing

just like a big ol' mud cat.


Course, I needed a
few drinks anyhow,

things being what they are.

You must have done
fine; you smell like it.

Move back a little, will you?


don't you think you better get
on outside before they miss you?

Been thinking the
same thing, Matt.


I want to...

I want to go get Kitty and
take her over to Ma Smalley's.

How is she, Doc?

She's just fine.

And I'm not gonna
leave her for a minute.

Now you get... get
rest, like I told you,

and quick as they
clear out... Back for you.


Matthew, ol' Mace
wants me to go with him

and the boys when
the train comes in.

I heared him
telling 'em about it.

How they fixin' to climb
on and the whole thing.

Now, Festus, you better
get ready to clear out,

as soon as they find out
what we've done to 'em.

You just don't
you fret none, I will.

Oh, uh, Festus...

where's that pistol?

It's right here. Why?

(grunting with effort):
I just want it handy,

case they find me down here.

Oh, Festus...

good luck.

If this here works, they
ain't gonna be no luck to it.

It's just gonna be pure
oldie stubbornness.

(whistle blowing)

All right, boys, you
all know what to do...

now do it.

Mace, the train!

We're all ready for the train.

Who told you to leave your post?

But there ain't any gold on
that train, it's full of troopers.


I seen 'em... Must
be a full company!

They even got horses!

Why, that dirty...


Let's ride! Let's
get out of here!

- We don't stand a chance!
- Hey! We don't stand a chance!

Wait, if you scatter now,
they'll get you one at a time!

- Stop! I'm saying to you, stop!
- We ain't fightin' no train.

You led us into a trap.

That half-wit lied to me.


I didn't think he had
a brain in his head.

We could have had
the truth if you let us be.

That Miss Kitty...
She knowed about it.

I think it's time we
had us a new leader.

(grunts, pants)


DILLON: Mace...


Did he get you again?

No, no, Festus, I'm
just a little weak, I guess.

Well, no wonder. Here,
let me help you sit down.


Take it easy.



Oh, Matt, you're here.

It's all right. Gonna
be all right, Kitty.

KITTY (crying): I...

I thought...


Why'd you... why'd you
let me think he was dead?

You see, he had to, Miss Kitty.

Don't you see? If
he... if he hadn't have,

they'd have finished
Matthew off, for sure.

Festus, why don't you go
out and see that everybody

gets their stuff back.

You bet, Matthew.

All right, everybody!

You can come out
now! It's all over!

Matthew said to pick out
your belongs, come on!

Well, is he really
gonna be all right?

Well, he said so and,
uh, I think he will be.

That is, of course, if he
gets an awful lot of attention

for the next couple
or three weeks.

Well, I'll just see what
I can do about that.