Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 10, Episode 6 - Take Her, She's Cheap - full transcript

When a shiftless farmer offers his daughter to Matt, Matt demurs, but the smitten girl comes after Matt, bringing danger with her.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.


(animals chirping, chittering)


Oh, Rainey?

Somebody ought to fix the wheel.

Been a week or more.

Leave me alone!

You ought to fix the wheel, boy.

Can't you shut up?

Seen your pa?

No! Now, get away.

Can't just lay here
the rest of our lives.

I ain't gonna do nothin'.

Get away and let me sleep.

Somebody better come help us.


(stone splashes into water)

Oh, hello, boys.

Look! He's a giant!

(chuckles) You fellas
belong around here, do you?


He's after us, Ma! He's a giant!

- Yeah!
- That's right, Ma, he's a giant!

Now, simmer, simmer.

He run us here, Ma!

What'd he want with you?

I don't know, but he's a giant!

Here he comes, Ma!

- How do you do, ma'am?
- Howdy.

Are these all your boys?

Yes, sir, they's all mine.

Quite a family you got here.

Ain't he a giant, Ma?

He's big enough, sure...

but he won't bother you.

You run along now and
play, all of you. Go on.

Run along.

Well, looks like you got
some trouble here, ma'am.

- It's broke.
- You all alone?

I can't call when I been alone.

Well, I mean, uh, menfolks.

Well, there's Rainey.


- He's my grown boy.
- What, is he sick?

Says he can't fix the wheel.

And the mister...

I don't know where he's gone.

I see.

You mean that boy's
just sleeping there?

Rainey sleeps right along.

Can't you fix it?

Well, I'll sure need
some help if I do.

He's a bear, wakin' up.

Hey, you, get up.

Did you hear me? I said
wake up. Get up from there.

What's the idea, you big galoot?

We're gonna fix this
wagon, you and I.

Well, you, maybe.

All right, get up
onto your feet.

You don't just ride up
and take over Rainey Carp!

I ain't trash!

Don't go to spoil
things, Rainey.

Lend a hand once.

I seen them big badges
pinned on geeks before.

Don't make him no better.

He's doing a kindness, boy.

All right, now, get up...
We're gonna fix that wagon.

Let's see, now, the first
thing we're gonna need

is something to
put under that axle.

Guess that box'll do.

All right, bring the
box over here, boy.

I said bring the box over.

Put it right there.

All right, put the
wheel on there.

Go on.


(birds chirping)

You got any tools?

- What kind?
- A wrench.

Maybe in the wagon.

Well, get it for me, will you?

Wondered where you was, mister.

MAN: Off to myself.

MA: And gone most of the day.

I hear a lot more
bellyaching, I'll go for good.

I figure that to be mean work.

Yeah, that's right, it is.

Name is Duggan Carp, stranger.

Some kind of law! Just
rode up here and took over.

Well, things get
the best of you,

you take the help
that comes, boy.

Either one of you men could've
done this job by yourselves

if you'd have been a mind to.

No. The boy ain't strong.

I never was.

We been settin' here
more than a week.

Nary a soul turned
a hand to help us.

We was all born
under black skies.

Ain't a Carp livin' had
a penny's worth of luck.


after all this work, we'll
be needing a meal soon.

You stay and
have a bite with us?

No, thanks. I'll be riding on.

Be mighty proud if you'd
stay and eat with us.

You can wash up over there.

All right, ma'am. Thank you.



Oh, hello.

I'm Allie.

Oh. I'm Matt Dillon, Allie.

This your family?


Where you come from?

Well, I come from Dodge City.

No one never stops with us.

Well, I was just riding by,

and I saw that you needed
some help, so I stopped.

That was right nice of you.

DUGGAN: Allie?

Your ma is getting
ready to fix a meal.

Go help her.

(Allie laughs)


How come you live in Dodge City?

Well, I work there.
I'm a U.S. Marshal.

Do you like it?


(laughs) I never knew
menfolk to work much.

When you been
plagued all your life,

even breathing's work.

Well, ma'am, I'm gonna
have to be moving along now.

Thanks for the dinner.

Done the best I could.

Here, I'll take that.

Thank you.

Marshal, you a married man?

Nope, afraid not.

That's too bad.

Man ought to have a wife.

Now, you take
Allie, she's a nice girl.

What are you getting at?

Time she had a husband.

You look like a good
man with a fine job.

Now, to me, she's just another
mouth to scratch food for.

Carp, did you ever
think of getting a job,

doing a little work
for a change?

Your whole family
might be better off.

Did you ever think of that?

Was you gonna give
her to him for nothing, Pa?


Was you gonna trade
her for that horse?


I was hoping to get more.


Oh, I wish you wouldn't go.

Well, I really got to be
heading back to Dodge.

(sighs) Oh, I
liked you right off.

You smile so nice
and you speak so kind.

It was a pleasure
meeting you, too, Allie.

So long.


What are you
doing that for, Mel?

'Cause I feel like it.

Yeah, I guess everybody
knows that now.

Well, I hate Matt Dillon's guts!

I believe you do, at that.

And I hate jails.

And I ain't forgetting the man
who put us into the first one.

(glass breaking)

I don't know that it
matters to you none,

but Matthew ain't in there.

I sure would hate to
see you run shy of bullets.

Well, now, where is he?

Took a man to a hanging.

Took a man to a hanging.

Now, you've gotta
love a man like that.

Come on, let's go
get a drink; I'm dry.

(spurs jingling)

(spurs jingling)


(horse sputters)

(horse sputters)


Oh, Matthew.

It's a mighty quiet
town you got here.

Well, looks like I
missed something.

Better than that,
something missed you.

You'd been setting
here a couple hours ago,

you'd have been a head
shorter and dead by now.

Who did this?

Wasn't nobody I know.

But he knowed you, and he
don't like you none, neither.

Doesn't narrow the
field down very much.

They was a couple
of 'em that done it,

but only one of 'em
done the shooting.

Then they went down to
the Long Branch afterwards.

Hey, how was the hanging?

Oh-ho-ho, it was fine.

Real nice hanging.

Then I met a real nice
family out on the prairie

on the way back from Hays.

Now I'm really looking forward

to meeting the
two that did this.

Oh, they're real
quality folk, Matthew.

Yes. Yes, I can imagine.

(glass clinking on ground)

- Hi, Marshal.
- Sam.

Kitty, looks like you had a
revival meeting here last night.

Yeah, a lot of
soul-saving went on.

We could've sure
used you, Marshal.

Well, anybody get hurt?

Mel Billings was shooting
from his hip and his mouth.

It was noisy, that's all.

Oh, it was Mel Billings, eh?

Yeah. He said he was
sorry he missed you.

Was his brother Loren with him?

KITTY: Yeah, but he
never does anything,

except to grab Mel's
arm at the right time.

That's why we've got bullets
in both the ceiling and the floor.

Mel Billings, eh?

Wish I'd have been here.

I understand he shot
up your place first.

Yeah, pretty good.

I wish you'd been here, too.

Ah, so do I.

Well, I guess I
can't be everywhere.

Taking a man to
Hays City to hang,

and here letting some drunk take
potshots at me at the same time.

It's like that this
morning, huh?

Yeah, I guess so.

Tell me something.

Have you had breakfast,

or did you get
your fill of raw meat

before you came over here?


Kitty, I went to bed mean last
night, and I woke up meaner.

I don't know if breakfast
would do it any good.

I'm willing to risk it.

Come on.

All right.

Kitty, excuse me a minute.

Mel, I understand you
were looking for me.

Last night I was.

This morning, my head hurts.

Well, maybe I can fix it
so you're not feeling so...



You, uh, charge nowadays for
laying a man out cold, do you?

This is for breaking up
the Long Branch last night.

You want to fight about it?

Oh, it takes an awful
lot to offend me, Marshal.

It's not I'm so easygoing.

It's more I'm a coward.

Yeah, well, you get him out
of Dodge and out of my sight.

Why don't I do that?

And see that you keep him out.

Uh, yeah, I think
maybe we'll both arrange

to stay out of your
town, Marshal.

Kitty, there you are.

Thank you.

I'll buy you breakfast.

All right, it's a deal.

(bottle shatters)

We got any more whiskey?

Might be another bottle.

Well, get it.

You don't never get
tired of telling me, do you?

Everybody tells you, and you do.

Marshal Dillon didn't
run me out of his town.

Could've rolled you out.

(Mel sighs)

You get the whiskey?

I'd have stood my
ground with him.

You was laying on it

with a mighty slack jaw.

I had me a belly
full of Marshal Dillon

for a awful long time now.

Yeah. Five miles out of town,
you get real brave about it.

You know, Mel, sometimes I
think you're part coward, too.

Oh, you got that
all cornered, Loren.

You was born cringing.

I know I'm sick of trouble.

That's all I
remember all my life.

You and... trouble.

Well, leastwise, I do some.

I make trouble.


For old men and
small men and women,

you make some trouble,
providing they ain't armed.

You know...

every now and then, I
think about killing you.

You know that?

I'm awful sick of
this kind of living.

I couldn't care much.

But I'd... just have to
find me somebody like you

to fetch and do for me.

(rustling in brush)

(breathlessly): Oh... (panting)

Uh, I don't know
if I'm lost or not.

Oh... You ain't lost.

Oh. Well, then, uh,

that is the way to Dodge City?

You all alone?

Yeah. I've come a long way.

Been running some of the time.

Well, don't you run no more.


Well, the little lady
ought to rest a spell.

She's just plumb wore out.

No, I just want to know
how much more I got to go.

About five miles, ma'am,
right down thataway.

- Thank you.
- Listen...

there ain't nothing
in Dodge City.

Well, I know someone
there, and I'm gonna go to him.

- Well...
- That kind of hurts, mister!

Who are you going to in Dodge?

Well, the marshal.

You ain't.

Well, if you would
let go of me, I would.

Do you hear that?

She's going to
the marshal there.

Well, let her!

I figure the marshal
owes me something.

Couldn't you make
him let go of me?

(Allie groans)



Something bothering you, ma'am?

You sure look
like you need help.

No, I'm fine.

You got someplace to go?

Oh, of course.

All right, ma'am.



Oh... Marshal.

What's happened to you?

Oh, I... I was
following you into town

and there were
these two men, and...

one of them had...
Oh... It was terrible.

All right, now,
just take it easy.

We'll get you up
to Doc's right away.

You're not going to leave me?

No, of course not. Come on.

Well, I gave her a sedative.

She can go to sleep
a little while, now.

Oh. She gonna be all right?

Oh, yeah. She's
gonna be all right.

She's young and healthy.

But I'll tell you something...

she had a rough time.

Yeah, I figured that, Doc.

You know her at all?

No, just met her. I met her
and her folks out on the prairie

on the way back from Hays City.

Well, you sure must have
made an impression on her.

She thinks you're
just wonderful.

(quiet laugh)

Did she give you any idea
who might have done this, Doc?

No, like I said... all she
wants to talk about is you.

Well, long as she's asleep,

I guess I'll head
back to the office.

If there's anything
you need, let me know.

DOC: All right.

ALLIE: Marshal.

Looks to me like whatever you
gave her doesn't work too well.

That little dickens
ought to be asleep.

Well, long as she's awake,
maybe I'll talk to her now.

I think she'll like
that fine. Come on.


You said you wouldn't leave me.

Doc says you're
supposed to be sleeping.

Oh, I'm sure I'm
supposed to, but I can't.

I'd much rather look at you.

Well, you get some sleep

and everything'll look
better to you in the morning.

Oh, I came all this
way to find you.

I've no mind to sleep now.

You shouldn't have
come to Dodge, Allie.

I'm not sorry.

I just look, and there you are.

And that's better
than I ever had things.

Did you tell your folks
you were leaving?

No, I just left.

They were fixing to move on
and I knew I didn't want to go.

I see.

Oh... I'm getting
kind of floaty.

Well, you just rest
and get some sleep

and things'll be all right.

You'll be here tomorrow?

Yeah. In the meantime,
Doc'll take good care of you.


do you have any idea
who these men were?


One of them said he knew you.

He did?

He said he was paying
back a debt he owed you.

Mel Billings.

You don't know that.

I got a pretty good idea.

Now, I want to
be sure, this time,

that that powder works for you.

Sleep's the best friend
you got, young lady.

Is he put out with me?

Matt? Course not.

(clicks tongue)

I never knew anyone to smile

and talk nice like he does.

Yeah, he's pretty
fine, ain't he?

You just forget about
everything and get some sleep.


(knocking on door)

Hey, Quint.

Yeah, hold on a minute.


I'm sorry, I hate to
wake you up so early,

but I got to have my horse.

Well, your horse,
he ain't done yet.

He ain't shod yet.

Isn't done? I brought
him in yesterday.

I know that. I gotta
make new shoes.

I'll have him ready
for you about noon.

Quint, I can't wait till noon.

Well, that's the best I can do.

All right, well, forget
the new shoes.

Just trim his feet and
reset the old ones, will you?

- All right.
- What time can I have him?

Well, half hour.
Is that all right?

All right, good.

Would you bring him by
the office when he's done?

Sure. You've got kind of a burr

under your blanket
this morning, don't you?

Yeah, I guess I have.

- Sorry, Quint.
- Where you off to?

I'm gonna skin a
couple of polecats.



You're powerful
early up, Matthew.

Morning, Festus.

Seems like you're
up pretty early.

Oh, fiddle, I ain't
even been to bed.

Well, you couldn't have
gotten in too much trouble,

or I'd have heard about it.

Oh, it's just it took
a heap of time, is all.

First, there was all
that whiskey to be drunk

and then, uh, I got to jawin'
with Rosie over at the Lady Gay.

That poor little old thing's
had a hard life, Matthew.


Then this feller come in
with a couple of walnut shells,

and you'd ought to have saw him.

Why, he could waltz them
things around somethin' fierce.

Bet you lost all your
money, didn't you?

Oh, you know him.

I don't know him, but
I know the shell game.

You can't beat it.

Well, you're a few
hours late with the news.

(sighs) Seems like
I'm a few hours late

with everything today.

Where you headin' for?

I'm going out to find
the Billings brothers.

Well, golly Bill, you just got
done running them out of town.

Now you're fixing
to bring 'em back in?


Well, that don't make
no sense, Matthew.

You tell me something that
does make sense around here,

I'll throw in with you.

You... You want
me to go with you?


ALLIE: Marshal!


You aren't going off without
me, are you, Marshal?

Well, you're... you're looking
some better this morning.

How do you feel?

Oh, I'm okay.

I come just to be with you.

Oh, um... well, fine, uh...

Doc, could I speak to
you for just a minute?

Do you, uh... you
think she's fit to travel?

Travel? Travel where?

Well, I was just heading out
to pick up the Billings brothers,

and I'm gonna need her
to identify 'em anyway,

so I can bring her
along, then drop her off

at her folks' afterwards.
Think she can make it?

(wry chuckle)

Yeah, she can
make it, all right,

but she's not gonna
like it, I'll tell you that.

I wouldn't be in your shoes
for anything in the world.

I don't know what else to do.

Allie... now, we'll go
down and get you a horse,

and you and I will
take a little ride.


Gonna be gone for
quite a spell, Matthew?


when you see me,
you'll know I'm back.


What in tarnation's
ailing him, Doc?

Well, he's just
madder than a hornet.

I know that.

I don't know why, do you?


Grumpy old scudder.

Can't be I got up wrong;
I never went to bed.

This is the place.

We don't got to
stay here, do we?

Well, I just want to
look around for a minute.

Mind they don't come out at you.

Well, they're not
waiting around for us.

Place don't look too
bad, now you're here.

They were drunk, huh?

The one was.

But the other one,
called Loren, wasn't.

He kept saying how he
was sick of everything.

Seemed like he
wasn't the only one.

I don't see how you managed
to get away from them at all.

It was Loren.

All of a sudden, there he was,

and he hit the other one
on the head with a bottle,

and I just run the best I could.

I thought the heart'd bust clean
out of me, but I kept running.

Please, let's go.

Now, Allie, you did just fine.

And it's all over now.

Why don't you try
and forget about it?

(scoffs) Why do men
keep saying that?

Doc... now you.

Well, I... guess we just
don't know what else to say.

Oh... He was the
best of the two.

Won't do him much good now.

At least he won't
have any more trouble.

Oh, please, we can go now, huh?

I want to find Mel.

I don't!

I never want to see him again!

I do.

Just one more time.


Do you think he's in there?

We'll find out.

Stay here.

Wake up.

Get up off of there.

You... run me out of your town.

You gonna run me
out of the world, too?

That's a good idea.

Get going.

Well, now... you ain't after
me on account of her...?

This the man, Allie?

I told you I never
wanted to see him again.

If it wasn't me, it'd
have been somebody.

She was all alone on the trail.

I didn't take after her.

She just come walking,
brazen, into our camp.

All right, now get up from
there, you're going to jail.

Oh, I ain't going to no jail
on account of her, Marshal.


You killed your
brother, didn't you?

Ah, Loren was sick of living,

and I was sick of him living.


Get up!

Allie, I... I'm sorry
about all this.

Are you all right?


It's all over now.


Mmm, thanks.


Do I do the coffee good?

Oh, fine.

(sighs) Weren't much of a supper

but once we get to
where the food's better,

I kind of cook good. (chuckles)

Tastes mighty good to me.

- Oh.
- (coyote howling in distance)


Isn't it quiet, though?

Like the world's way off
and doesn't even need us.

And we don't need it.

Well, uh...

Allie, you know, it's
getting pretty late.

Why don't you stretch out back
there and try to get some sleep?

Oh, I haven't got a particle
of sleep in me, I'm sure.

Well, I'm plenty
tired, I know that.

Oh... Oh, w-well,
you go to sleep

and I'll just watch over
you. I wouldn't mind that.

Well, Allie, we're liable to
have a long ride tomorrow.

Don't matter to me.

As long as I can be with you.

Allie, I'm gonna take you
back to your folks tomorrow.

I don't see why.

They're off and gone.

Yeah, and we're gonna find 'em.

You mean you don't
want me with you?

Allie, you can't be with me...

That's what I want
you to understand.

You belong with your family.

But they don't want me.

I don't want them.

You-you-you did like the
coffee and... the food...

You talk nice and you smile.

I don't understand.


I just can't have
anybody with me.

But I think I could please you.

When I run to you,
I run to you forever.

So you see? I have care.

You even fought
that-that man for me.

You must feel something.


when a man... takes a
woman to be with him forever,

it's because they
love each other,

because, uh, life wouldn't
be any good for 'em

if they were apart.


Yes, I feel that.


You mean you
don't feel that for me?

No, Allie, I don't.


someday a... a young
man will come along

and he'll be nice to you and...

he'll smile and...
No... Never will.

Allie, you got a lot
of years ahead of you.

(cries quietly)



- Bang!
- Bang!

- Bang!
- Bang! -Bang!


Someone's a-comin', mister.


Well, you didn't get very far.

No rush.

Nowheres to hurry to.

Why'd you bring her back?

This is where she belongs.

Pa, he don't want me.

I want him, but he's got his
ways and he don't want me.

Ain't no better here
than it was, Allie.

Nothin' we can
do... Just bad luck.

Never knew nothin' but bad luck.

No need you comin'
back here, girl.

Allie's had a bad time
since she left here, Carp.

Things ain't easy here.

Can't you ever forget about
whining and complaining

for a minute and try
to help somebody else?

She run off,

you brung her back...
That's all I know.

I'll tell you something,

Allie happens to
be a fine, decent girl.

I don't know how she got that
way around you, but she did.

You thought all that,
you could've kept her.

She's your job.

I don't need no more jobs.

You look at 'em...
Little or big, I got 'em.

And they all got to eat and all
got to have rags to cover 'em.

He brought that horse back, Pa.

He's got everything good.

Is he gonna marry Allie or not?

He don't want her.

I'm sick of things
going his way,

him having and me
not, him working me.

I say things are gonna
go my way for a while.

All right, boy, you
put that gun on,

let's see you do
something with it.


All right. Up, you.

What kind of people
are you, anyway?

You couldn't be born this
way, you must work at it.

You lie around, you whimper
and you whine all the time,

never do a day's work.

Nobody hands you this
kind of luck, you know.

You make it.

You love it. You wallow in it.

Mrs. Carp, you were
born something else,

you were something else
before you married him.

You must've been.

That's why I brought
Allie back to you.

Allie's a good girl.

She needs you.

And you need her
and those five little boys

need the both of you.

Now, why don't you two learn
to work together a little better,

help each other.

You might find it'd make life
a little more pleasant for you.

Come on, let's get
the horses ready.

You think all that you said?

I think it all.

About me being... fine?

I meant every
word I said, Allie.

(exhales) Makes me
feel better, you meaning it.

Makes me prideful.

Well, you just be sure
you remember it now.

Might be some man, somewhere,

who will keep me right
along, instead of just for a bit.

You'll find him someday, Allie.

When you do, he'll
be a mighty lucky man.


Bye, Allie.


Ever tell you about my pa?

Not that I recollect.

Talked soft, Pa did.

His voice, kinda gentle.

And then, this one brother,

why, he smiled right often.

I mind that.

You never told me.

They was nice.

I kinda forgot all these years.

But they was nice.

He was... nice.

Seemed like he was.

What I want to say is, Allie,

they's three men,
right there, I know of

was nice.

Can't be they's the
only ones ever made.

Why, Ma... you're 'most smilin'!

I 'most feel a smile, gal.

Maybe you and me...

maybe we could
start with each other,

finding pleasing
things to say and...


Might make the
days go easier, Ma.


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