Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 10, Episode 34 - Honey Pot - full transcript

A man comes to town and tells Sam he's going to shoot Matt. It's soon understood he is an old friend. Involved in shooting and killing a man, their friendship is stretched as he claims self defense even though he was the only one armed.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(crickets trilling)

(Doc sighs)

What are you setting down for?

Because I'm tired.

I always do this.

We going to the Long
Branch or ain't we?

My gosh, you gonna
buy me a beer?

Well, uh... Yes. "Well."

Just about the
way I had it figured.

Well, golly Bill, Doc.

Now, you know I'd buy you a
beer if I had there a bit of money...

You haven't bought me
a beer since last July.

Well, that's a pretty
cutting thing for you to say

at a time like this.

What's time got to do with it?

Well, it's just that I ain't
been to working much lately.

Well, that's a chronic
condition with you.

As a matter of
fact, it's a disease.

Bet I could cure it.

At least I could give you
a good prescription for it

if I thought it'd do any good.

What is the cure?

Ask somebody for a job.

Well, now you went and did it.


You hurt my
feelings, that's what.

Because us Haggens
is meaner and tougher

and a little ornerier than
most folks are liable to run into,

uh, people get the idea
we ain't got no feelings.

And that just ain't true, Doc.

Oh, it ain't?

No, sirree, it ain't.

I've saw times when the
Haggens will be a-brooding

and a-worrying and fretting
about some little old thing

that maybe somebody said
that they didn't even mean,

but to us Haggens it just cuts

like a sharp skinning knife.

Oh, for heaven's
sakes, I'm sorry.

I apologize. I...
I didn't mean it.

I don't want you
to get to brooding

and fretting about it now.

It's a little late for
you to be apologizing

after what you've said.

Well, now, let me
ask you something.

When you get to feeling blue

and down in the
mouth and everything,

isn't there some
little something

that'll kind of lift you up

and make you feel better?

Well, there is times when maybe

a big, cold glass of
beer could help a little bit.

- (slaps knee)
- For heaven's sakes.

Why didn't I think
of that? A beer!

Of course, I'll buy you a beer.

- Really?
- Certainly.

Well, where you going?

Well, I'm going
up to the office.

I got, I got work to do.

Ain't you gonna buy me a beer?


Next July.

Stingy old scudder.

And ornerier every dang day.

Ah, you go on in there alone.

I don't want to hang
around in there.

Embarrasses you?

Nah, it's bad for business.

From now on, you can
walk to work alone, too.

You don't need me.

I'll come and pick you up
at night when they close.

Along with the money I earn.

How would you like for me
to lay the back of my hand

right across your mouth?

And mar my beauty?

You're much too
smart for that, Hal.

Go back to your gambling
tables and win for a change.

I'll fix you later.


I need another drink over here.

Hey, you're right
on time, Honey.

I like that.

Told you when you hired
me I was conscientious.

You also told me
you hate this work.

I was just being honest.

It's different with you.

Men respect you, Kitty.

Well, I have to fight
for it sometimes.

Did you get your room all
right over at the Dodge House?

- Yes, thank you.
- Good.

You know you're a
real pretty little thing?

And I'm gonna buy you a drink.

Come on!


Bring a drink for
this little lady here.

Well, now, my name
is Evers, Hy Evers.

What's yours?

Honey Dare.


I said my name is Honey Dare.

"Honey Dare"?

(laughing): Well...
ain't that something?

You know, that's a
mighty fancy name

for a saloon gal.

Well, why don't we
just change it then,

and you call me Rachel?

You got an awful lot
of mouth, ain't you?

And I don't like a lot
of mouth on a woman.

Take it back, Sam.

The gentleman's
changed his mind.

Leave it!

Now, you're gonna drink this.

And you're gonna
drink it down all the way.

Come on.

I said drink!

That'll be enough
of that, feller!

You shut up! I'm
running this show!

You'd better leave... (grunts)

You'd better watch him, Marshal.

A man like that don't
forgive being made a fool of.

Throw some water on him, Sam.

He's going to jail
under his own power.

All right.

Get up and get out of there.

I'm turning you loose.


Here's your gun.

You'd better keep it, Marshal.


You give it back to me,

and someday I'm
gonna kill you with it.

Let me tell you
something, mister.

I'm gonna ride out in the
country for a couple hours,

and when I get back,
you'd better be out of Dodge

or you're gonna wind
up back in that cell.

Now, pick up that gun,
and get out of here.

(door opens)

(door closes)

Well, what'll it be, stranger?

Matt Dillon.


I went over to his
office, and he ain't there.

Well, what do you want with him?

To shoot him.

What else?

Well, you'll have
to wait till evening.

He'll be back then.

Well, I waited ten years.

Couple of more
hours won't matter.

I'll have whiskey and wait here.

Uh, bartender,
make that a bottle

and a couple of glasses.

There you are.

No point in waiting
alone, is there?

Ben Stack's the name.

I'd, uh, like to share
this bottle with you.

Thank you.

My name is Honey Dare.

"Honey Dare."

Pretty as a quail.

Oh, I, uh, I drink to
you with gratitude.

Thank you.

Well, I've seen a lot
of women in my time,

but nothing your equal.

Well, I'm grateful,

but I find that a
little hard to believe.

(chuckles) Well, I'll be honest.

I have to wait around
here until this evening.

Then I'm not so grateful.

You know, it's not just
that you're so pretty.

There's something
about you that's different.

Makes me feel strong.


makes me feel like I
want to give you shelter.

That make any sense at all?

Yes, it does.

Who are you?

A drifter.

Then you won't be here long?

Well, I don't know, Honey.

I don't know.

What's it depend on?

Well, luck like everything else.

Is that all you
believe in... Luck?

Well, so far.

Unless you think
you'd like to, uh,

try changing my mind.


I'd be a fool to
try to change you.

Well, here's to the
prettiest little fool I ever met.

(dog barking in distance)

Hello, Hank.

Hello there, Marshal.

I've just been sitting
here waiting for you.

Well, that's mighty nice of you.

Somebody else been
waiting for you, too,

over at the Long Branch.

Who's that?

I don't know the fella's name.

But Kitty sent
Sam over to tell me

because he knowed
I'd be the first

to see you when you got back.

Sounds important.

Well, that all depends on
the way you look at it, Matt.

They say this fella's
been over there bragging

and blowing around
about how he come to town

to shoot you.

That so?

Well, I didn't say it was so.

I just said I heard it.

And they say this fella's
a pretty cool customer.

Spending a lot of money,

been squiring one of the
saloon gals around town all day.

Even took her to
supper at Delmonico's.

Is that so?

Don't that sound like
a gunfighter to you?

Well, I don't know, Hank.

You know, these
gunfighters are like stablemen.

There's all kinds.


I'll see you later, Hank.

I've heard the same thing

from a hundred men.

Now, why is it I believe
it when you say it?

Maybe it's because
you know I mean it.


It's been a wonderful day, Ben.

Don't worry, Honey.

There's gonna be
a lot more of them.

You staying in Dodge?

Well, I hadn't planned on it.

That is, until I met you.


It's really something, isn't it?

I just met you this morning.

We haven't even known
each other ten hours.

Sweetheart, if it's right,

it doesn't matter.

If you say so.

I say so.

I thought he'd be drunk by now.

I think he's too smart for that.

Are you sure Hank got
the message straight?

Yes, ma'am, he understood.

He said he'd tell the marshal
as soon as he came in.

New Orleans, Kansas
City, San Francisco,

a hundred towns I can't
even remember the names of.

Is that what you really want?

Wandering from place to place?

No, Honey, nobody wants that.

'Cause when a man wanders,
he doesn't have any roots.

Either that or he's
looking for something.

And sometimes if
he's lucky, he finds it.

Well, let's not talk about me.

Let's talk about you.

How come a pretty girl
like you isn't married?

What's the matter?

The man I've been waiting for.

Kitty, say, uh,
what's this I hear

about somebody looking for me?

Right over there.

I heard you were
wearing a badge.

I just had to come and see it.

Ben Stack. (chuckles)

Well, Ben, now that
I'm wearing a badge,

maybe you'll behave
yourself for a while.

Oh, I'm reformed.

I'm a real good boy now.

Yeah, you're a real
good liar probably.

Ben, come on over and
meet somebody here.

Ben, this is Kitty Russell.

Ben Stack, Kitty.

- Ben.
- Kitty, how do you do?

This is Sam, Ben.

- Sam.
- Ben.

Well, Matt, I rode
a long ways for this.

Well, you sure took
your time getting here.

How long's it been?

Well, I'd, uh, rather
not count the years.

Let's just say that, uh, we
were younger then, huh?

That's fine.

Would you mind explaining to me

why you've had
everybody around here

on edge?

Oh, what do you mean?

Well, you told me you was
gonna shoot the marshal.

Oh, I just told you that
because you were getting nosy,

and I wanted to shut you up.

Sounds like he's
reformed, doesn't it?

Hey, Ben, how about
coming over to Delmonico's

and having some supper with me?

We'll talk over old times.

Well, I already had supper
with the lady over there,

but, uh, I'll keep you company.

Wait till I say good-bye to her.

Rode together
for five years, Kitty.

Down in Arizona.

Did a little cowboying,
a little hell-raising.

Mostly the latter, I'm sure.

I got to go with the marshal.

You're old friends.


I'll probably spend the
rest of the evening with him.

But tomorrow's gonna be

for just you and me.

I'd like that.

I'll find you here?

In the evening.

Uh, there's one thing
you don't know about me.

I'm a very jealous man.

But I wouldn't be jealous if I
didn't like something, would I?

See you tomorrow.


Good night, Kitty.

- Come back when you can, Ben.
- You bet.

See you later, Kitty.

Good night, Matt.

There's your key,
Mr. Stack. Number eight.

Thank you.

Well, you've seen
most of the town, Ben.

Well, enough for one night.

It's been a long day.

I'm glad we're turning in early.

Sure, we can see the rest later

as long as you're
gonna be around a while.

Yeah, I got no place in
particular to go right now.

Good. Maybe you ought
to find yourself a girl

and settle down in Dodge.

(laughs) Now, wouldn't
that be something?

Stop by the office
in the morning.

I will. Good night.

Good night.

Good night, sir.

Evening, Doc.


You get that fella all
bedded down, did you?

Yeah, finally.

How long do you
think he'll stay here?

Eh, I don't know, Doc.

It's hard to say.

By golly, he could do
worse, Matt, than stay here.

This is not a bad
town, you know it?


I was just sitting
here thinking, Matt.

What is it that makes
this town seem different

than a hundred
others just like it?

Same dirty streets and
same clapboard buildings

and same kind of
people, you know?

All scratching, trying to make
ends meet one way or another.

You ever think about that?

- Yeah.
- Well, why is it?

Why does this
town seem different?

Well, maybe it's not
the town so much, Doc,

as the investment you got in it.


All the people whose lives

kind of got mixed up with yours.

Yup, that's... that's
about it, I guess.

(clicks tongue)

Yes, sir, that's it.

Well, I'm gonna turn in.

Don't you want a cup of coffee?

No. No, thanks.

I'll, I'll see you
in the morning.

- Good night.
- All right, Doc, good night.

Well, I couldn't sleep,

so thought I'd walk
around for a little bit.

(crickets trilling)

(dog barking in distance)


Well, you're out late, Honey.

The Long Branch is closed.

Remember what I told you?

I'm a very jealous man.

Ben, I'm sorry,
I... Look, mister.

When Honey's working
at the Long Branch,

you can talk to
her all you want.

So long as you're
buying the drinks.

Come on.


I know it happened fast.

But I thought we had
something going for us.

Why didn't you give it a chance?


Why don't you go on
about your business

and leave us be?

Couldn't wait for me, huh?

Had to take a bum like him.

All right, that does it.




Ben, you killed him.

What'd you want
him to do... Kill me?

But he's never
worn a gun in his life!

You're right. He acted
like he was going for one.

The most important
thing is you get out of here.


So you can tell
them I killed him?

He's my husband, Ben.

- What?
- Look, we can talk about it later.

You've got to get out of here.
That's the most important thing.

Out that alley.

I think you're right.

What's happened here?

Well, we were just walking along

and this man I never saw before

drew his gun and shot him.

Where'd he go?

Well, I don't know.

I was with him, and
he must've run away.

Any of you men see this happen?

MAN: No, Marshal.

Who's this?

Hal Biggs.

You work at the Long
Branch, don't you?

Yes, I'm Honey Dare.

Where you staying?

At the Dodge House.

Hello, Matt.

Well, hello, Ben.

You're up early.

Couldn't sleep.

Ah, guilty conscience, huh?

Uh, me? Why should I have?

Oh, about a hundred
reasons maybe.

What are you doing?

Well, something I've been
meaning to do for a long time,

but traveling
around the country,

it isn't too easy to
come by tools, so, uh,

I borrowed yours
out of the drawer.

What are you doing?

Putting a hair trigger on that?


Listen, I'll, uh,
build a little fire,

we'll have some
coffee when I get back.

Where you going?

Well, I'm going
up to the stable.

I'm hunting for a man.

The stable's always a good
place to get information.

What'd he do?

He murdered a man last night.

That so?

Yeah, in cold blood
down the street,

about 1:30 in the morning.

I didn't hear any gunfight.

Well, it wasn't a gunfight,
it was out-and-out murder.

The other man wasn't even armed.

That's bad.

As a matter of fact, uh,

he was walking with that
girl you were drinking with

in the Long Branch yesterday.

(quiet laugh)

Well, I'll be doggoned.

Small world, isn't it?


Well, I'll be back
in a few minutes.

Well, I'll go with
you. I need the air.

What, you're just gonna
leave your gun there?

You mean to tell
me it's not safe

for a man to walk in this
town even with the marshal?

I wouldn't guarantee it.

Well, let's find out.

Hello, Hank.

Oh, hello, Marshal.

You riding out again today?

No. No, I'm not.

- Howdy, mister.
- Morning.

What's up?

Hank, I'm looking for a man.

What's his name?

Well, I don't know
what his name is.

Well, what's he look like?


Get Doc quick, Hank!

Now, Ben, don't try to move.

Just, just lie still.

Well, you know, Doc,

by rights you should've been
taking this bullet out of me.

Well, an inch to the left,

and I wouldn't have
had to take it out at all.

I still can't get over it.

I don't even know what happened.

Well, we were over at
the stable talking to Hank,

some fella was laying
for me up in the hayloft,

and I had my back to him.

Ben here was wearing
an empty holster.

But he reached for it
like he was pulling a gun.

He drew this man's fire, Doc.

He saved my life just as
sure as I'm standing here.

(clicks tongue)

Friends like that don't come
along very often, do they?

I didn't know he was
that kind of a friend.

Guess you never do
till the chips are down.

What are his chances, Doc?

(smacks lips)

Well, I don't know.

when will you know?

Well, I don't know that, either.

I... I'll do what I can.

Hello, Festus.


Look any better for that
friend of your'n, does it?

No, not much I'm afraid.

That sure is a shame.

I heared from old
Hank what he'd done.

And I took that feller that shot
him over to the undertaker's.

You know something, Matthew?

He's the same ugly yahoo

you had locked up in jail
here a couple of days...

the same one that kicked up
that ruckus at the Long Branch.

That's right, Festus.

I gave him back his gun.

He said he'd kill me with it.

I thought he was just talking.

Well, at least you
can quit looking

for the feller that
shot Hal Biggs.

It just natural stands to reason

that this Evers is the same
one that done that, too.

Well, it would be
except for Honey's

description of the killer.

You mean it don't fit?

No. She said he was a
heavy-set, sandy-haired man.

Evers was slight
and dark-haired.

Was that the only description

she was able to give you on him?

Well, she thinks she may have
seen him in the Long Branch.

If it's the same man, he's got
kind of a stammer in his speech.

A "stammer"?

Well, golly Bill.

Just this morning
I seen a feller

that kinds of fits
that description.

He sure don't look
like no gunman, though.

What was his name?

Well, I don't know.

I-I seen him when I
was having breakfast

over at Delmonico's.

He was with a woman.

And, uh, now that
I come to think of it,

he acted awful nervious, too.

Well, now wait a minute.

What makes you think
he had a stammer?

Well, I heared him
talking to the waiter.

Well, I can't actual
say it was a stammer.

It was, uh, kind of a more

of a nervious way of talking.

When they got done eating,

why, they both went a-walking
off towards the Dodge House.

Maybe I'd better just get over

and check that out, Festus.


Well, he's sitting
right over there.

Well, what's his name?

Gregory Bellow.

Thanks, Howie.

Mr. Bellow?


I'm the United States
Marshal here in Dodge.

I'd like to ask you
a question or two.

Uh, a-a U.S. Marshal? A
que-question about what?

Look, I've never had a
run with the law in my life.

I obey the law and respect it.

I'm plumb against
those who don't.

Now, I've never done
anything wrong in my life.

Why should you be after me?

(chuckling): Well, now
hold on just a minute.

All I want to do is
ask you a question.

Well, uh, question me, uh,

what-what-what a... what about?

Where were you last
night after midnight?

Well, I-I was in bed
like any decent citizen.

Where was this?

Uh, in-in a rooming house.

Uh, what was the
name of it, Maude?

- T-Tell him.
- Ma Smalley's.

Ma Smalley's.

Uh, this is Mrs. Bellow?

Uh, yes, yes, it is.

Uh, I-I was with her.

Tell him we were together.

Of course we were together.

I never let him out of my sight.

Not even to get his hair cut.

Don't trust him.

Never did and I never will.

Now, what was this all about?

Uh... Nothing, Mr. Bellow.

Nothing at all.

How is he?

Well, he... he's no worse.

What does that mean?

Not much better, either.

Pretty critical.

Has he been unconscious
like that the whole time?

Yeah, most of the time.

He wakes up once in a while.

Well, that's good.

How about you?

You got a line on
who killed Biggs?

Nah, not a thing so far.

I'm going over at
the Long Branch now

and have another
talk with Honey Dare.

How's she taking it?

She isn't exactly
in mourning, Doc.

I'll look in on him later.

Honey, let me ask you something.

You still can't
think of anybody,

any enemies Hal might've had?

Well, he had enemies, Marshal.

But we weren't in
Dodge long enough

for him to have gotten
any here that I know of.

Well, it doesn't take a
gambler long to make enemies.

I know.

Well, that's probably
what happened, Matt.

Biggs cheated some man,

the man waited
until he came along,

shot him, and then
left town for good.

That makes sense to me, Kitty.

How'd you and Hal
get along, Honey?

(clicks tongue)

We didn't, not at all.

Yet you stayed with him?

I thought a bad man was
better than no man at all.

I can't say I go
along with that.

Well, I got to make my rounds.

I'll see you later.

Just in time for
a cup of coffee.

How is he?

Why don't you go ask him?


Hello, Matt.

Hey, you're sleeping in
kind of late, aren't you?

Well, a man's entitled

to a day off now and then.

(laughs) I guess
you are, all right.

You did a pretty good
day's work yesterday.

Well, you would've
done the same for me.

Well, you did it for me, Ben.

And I'm grateful to be alive.

(quiet laugh)

Now we're both alive.

Hey, you know something?

That fella hardly
hurt me at all.

All right, you two, that's it.

You can visit later.

Yeah, Ben, I'll, uh,

I'll be back to see
you later on today.


You're looking good.

(quietly): Well, he's
doing fine, isn't he?

Amazing, just amazing.

How long before he'll be up?

Well, he wants to
get up right now,

but I'm gonna keep him
like that for about a week.

I guess maybe I'll have
a cup of that coffee.

(door closes)


Marshal Dillon?

I'm Sol Durham.
You don't know me.

But I come here
to do the right thing.

What do you mean?

Well, that killing that
took place last week,

that fella Biggs who
got hisself murdered?

What about it?

Well, I seen it happen.


I wasn't no more
than 50 yards away.

But I run off.

I didn't want to stay around.

Why not?

So I didn't have to
tell you who done it.

I don't understand.

Well, supposing
Carter... Carter who?

Herb Carter, the murderer!

Now, supposing Carter found out

that I was the one
that told you about him.

And supposing you
didn't catch him right off.

Well, he'd have found me
and murdered me, too, Marshal.

Then, what are you
telling me now for?

'Cause now I know
you can catch him.

I've been waiting a
whole week for this minute.

He's over to the general store.

You can walk right
in and take him easy.

There he is.

That's the one, Marshal.

Now, watch out...
He's a tricky one.

What is this?

He says you murdered
Hal Biggs last week.


Well, that ain't true, Marshal.

I seen it.

And I'll testify in
court that I seen it.

You ain't getting
away with this, Carter.

(both men grunting)

You know them, Roy?

Oh, yeah, they're both crazy.

They hate each other's insides.

(both grunting)

All right, that's enough now.

- Come on!
- (grunts)

No, I ain't hurt him enough!

That's all!

Let me go!

All right, I ain't
gonna do nothing.


Why didn't you let me kill him

to save the law
a lot of trouble?

You lying... No, that's
all now, come on!

Ain't you gonna
arrest him, Marshal?

No, I'm not. I'm
gonna arrest you.

- What?!
- Maybe a day or two in jail

will teach you a little
respect for the law.

Good for you, Marshal.

- Will you...?
- Now, hold on here!

You just keep still or
I'll throw you in jail, too.

- Now, let's go.
- (huffs)

That Sol Durham's crazy!

Don't tell me your troubles.

Just get this stuff
together here,

and that's $1.95.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

(door opens)

(footsteps approaching)

Hello, Marshal.


- Mr. Stack.
- Morning.

Last I heard of you, you
were in pretty serious condition.

Well, my grandpappy
lived to be 93,

and I plan to break his record.

Well, I hope you do.

You take care of him, Marshal.

I'll do my best.

It's nice to see you up and
around again, Mr. Stack.

Thank you.

Here's your key, sir.

You want me to give
you a hand up the stairs?

No, I don't want you to
give me a hand up the stairs.

I ain't no little old lady.

Well, you're not exactly a
wildcat, either, you know.

This is your first day up.

Oh, no, I was up
yesterday at Doc's.

Well, we won't argue
about it. I tell you, I'll stop by

and bring you
something to eat later.

Fine, you do that, and tonight
I'll take you to Delmonico's.

I'm buying.

All right, well,
we'll talk about that.

We sure will.


That first night
after you were shot,

I sat up all night
long right there,

wondering if I'd
ever see you again.

You know, that little old
bullet hardly hurt me at all.

(laughs): Oh!

You're standing up too long.

(both chuckle)

Oh, I'm in pretty good shape.

I would've been out before this,

but the doc put
up such a holler,

it was easier for
me to stay there

than it was to listen to him.

(laughs) Well, you sit down.

You're worse than the doc.

Would you like a drink?

Yes, ma'am, I would. Thank you.

Now... here's to us.

It's the best thing I
ever drank to in my life.

All right.

Where do we go from here?

I don't know, Ben.

I never thought you'd
come back to me.

Well, you know now.

You know, Matt
Dillon's a smart man.

We're gonna have
to play this thing cozy.

What do you mean?

I mean we have to sit tight.

Sooner or later,
Matt's gonna give up

and forget the whole thing.

And little by little,

we can appear
in public together.

And one of these days,
we'll get on the stage.

And we'll leave town.

(smacks lips) I'm
surprised at you, Ben.

I don't know Matt
Dillon very well,

but he's not the kind
of man that gives up

and starts forgetting.

Well, it's the only
chance we've got.

You could leave town.

Well, so could you.

He wouldn't suspect a thing.

That's right.

Providing one of us
stayed here long enough.

A few months at least.

Well, that settles it.

We stay and take our chances.

(clicks tongue)

Well, you said it, Ben,

and I'll remember
it all my life.

But I'm gonna leave Dodge alone.

(puts glass down)

Come here.

You're my girl.

And you're not leaving
this town without me.

We stay. Do you understand that?

Would you like another drink?

No, thanks.

I'd better be getting
back to my room.

Matt's gonna show up any minute.

Must be hard on you,
playing this game with Matt.

It's the worst thing I ever
had to do in my whole life.


You know, you never once
asked me about Hal Biggs.

I'm a jealous man.

But I'm not jealous of things
that happened in the past.

Whatever you did,

I'm sure you had
good reason for.

Thank you, Ben.

Well, evening, Ben.

Ah, hello, Matt. I've
been waiting for you.

Well, what do you say
we go over to Delmonico's

- and grab something to eat?
- Fine, let's go.

Let's just hope we don't
run into Doc on the way.

Yeah, I hope not.

Any luck today?

No, not a thing.

I covered a half
a dozen ranches,

couldn't find the man at all.

Well, so what's your next move?

I don't know, Ben.
I'm kind of stuck.

You mean you're,
uh, gonna give it up?

Oh, nothing like that.

I think I'll just operate on
a different theory maybe.

Oh. What do you mean by that?

Well, I'm gonna
assume that maybe

there's no such man
as Honey described.

I don't follow you.

Well, maybe she was so
upset when all this happened,

she just didn't see
the man clearly.

That sounds reasonable.

(chuckles) Just a theory.

But I got nothing to lose.

Come on, let's
go eat. I'm starved.

All right.

I suppose the
way you're feeling,

you want to go out carousing
around after supper, huh?

Well, yeah, now
that you mentioned it.

- (piano playing)
- (indistinct chatter)

Hello, Sam. Four
drinks over here, please.

Coming right up.

- Kitty.
- Well, Ben.

It's good to see you
up and around again.

Well, it's good to be
up and around again.

That Doc runs a pretty
good place up there,

but he's a little
short on the drinks.

Well, I can't imagine
any reason for that.

Well, neither can I.

I bet you never asked him.

I bet I never will.


How's the murder
case coming, Matt?

Nothing new on it so far, Kitty.

Well... here's to a long life.


Haven't you got
anything better than that

for a special occasion?

Of course I do.

Sam, um,

break out a bottle of that
private stock back there.

Yes, ma'am.

- I'll get it.
- Thank you.

(grunts) You know?

The way he was carrying
on up there in that office,

I thought I was gonna have to
be there for the rest of my life.

KITTY: He likes to make money.

STACK: I know.

Well, this looks
a little better.

I guarantee you it is.

Here's to you getting
Hal Biggs' killer.

I'll drink to that.

Uh, sure.

Well, I got to be going, Kitty.

You just sat down.

Yeah, I know, but I, uh,
got to make my rounds, Kitty.

See you later.

(crickets trilling)


Hey, Roy?

(clears throat)

- Morning.
- Morning, Hank.

You hear the news?

What news?

Fella up the street
told me about it.

He got it from a fella who'd
been to the telegraph office.

The telegraph operator
told him about it.

About what for gosh sakes?

The marshal.

What about the marshal?

He quit.

Marshal Dillon quit?

Sent a telegram to
Washington this morning,

giving them his resignation
effective immediately.

Oh, I don't believe that.

Well, a lot of the others
didn't believe it, either.

I've told a half a dozen
people about it already.

Well, he must've, uh,

he must've had some reason.

No, didn't give
no reason at all.

Just quit like that.

Well, I've got to
get on up the street.

Lot of other people
want to hear about this.

Oh, good morning, Mr. Stack.

- Morning.
- Uh, Mr. Stack?

You wouldn't tell me why
he done it, would you?


Marshal Dillon. Why he quit.

- Quit what?
- Being marshal.

I thought since you and him was

good friends and
all, you'd know.

You mean to say Matt
Dillon resigned his job?

You didn't know?
Why, he sent a telegram

to Washington this morning.

Said he was through
as of right now.

That so?


It's true. You're leaving.

Yeah, it's true, Doc.

Well, where you going?

I don't know yet.

Well, how long you figure
you're gonna be gone?

Don't know that, either, Doc.

I just haven't
figured it all out yet.

Just, uh, just giving up, huh?

Giving up the law.

Well, if I'm not too
inquisitive, why?!

'Cause the law's given
me a problem I can't handle.

Well, by thunder, you
must have a very low opinion

of my ability to comprehend

unless this is
awful complicated.

Nothing complicated
about it, Doc.

It's real simple.

Ben Stack murdered Hal Biggs.


That's it.

He saved your life.

Either I got to go out
there and arrest the man

that saved my life,

or I got to take off that badge.

You know anything else I can do?

No. Well, no.

Well, I suppose you told Kitty.

No, I haven't told her yet, Doc.


just been putting that off
as long as I could, I guess.

(door opens)

Hiya, Doc.

- Riley, how are you?
- Good.

How are things over in Jetmore?

They're fine.

Matt, I'm sorry I
was late getting here.

I was out of town when
your telegram arrived.

My telegram? What
are you talking about?

Is somebody playing games?


If this is a joke, Matt,
it ain't very funny.

I near killed two
horses getting here.

Sam? Whiskey.

You bet.

Excuse me.

Ben, I can hardly believe it.

He's leaving in the
morning for good.

Nothing can happen to us now.

We're free.

I'm, uh, sorry I didn't
come over to your room

this afternoon like I promised.

Oh, that doesn't matter.

It's only hours.

We can be together all the time.

Well, here's to us.

No matter what happens.

What do you mean "no
matter what happens"?

Well, sometimes
a man does things

that a woman doesn't understand.

And especially if the woman
happens to be in love with him.

What did you do, Ben?

What is it?



This here's James Riley,

he's the sheriff
over in Jetmore.

That so?

Somebody sent him a
telegram signed with my name,

saying he was needed
in Dodge right away.

I just thought maybe you'd
know something about it.

Yeah, I do.

You see, Matt Dillon
and I are old friends.

And last night he found out

I killed somebody
a few days ago.

And rather than arrest me,

because we were old friends,

he took off his badge
and resigned his job.


I understand.

Marshal, it was a mistake.

Ben thought Hal was
reaching for his gun.

I figured it was
something like that.

If I've got anything
to say about it,

the jury'll know that, too.

I'm, uh, sorry I put
you in that spot, Matt.

I was just afraid
I'd lose something

I'd been looking
for for a long time.

You're my girl.

Don't you forget it.

You know I won't.


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