Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 10, Episode 29 - Twenty Miles from Dodge - full transcript

On a stagecoach returning to Dodge, Kitty and her traveling companions are waylaid and held for ransom.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

Ow! Ow!

Ow! Ow! Ooh!

- Ooh.
- Ooh! Ow!

You hush your yowling now!

Is it all right, Festus?

Oh, my poor boy.

Fiddle, it ain't nothing
but a little old rock salt.

It'll dissolve all
by itself directly.

Now, why don't you take
him home, Miss Rucker,

and set him in a
tub of hot water?

That's what Doc'd
tell you if he was here.

Get your pants on, Henry!

Marshal, I want that
John Suggs arrested.

I'll swear out a complaint...

Attempted murder!

Well, Mrs., uh, Rucker,
Henry was trespassing

on private property,
stealing apples, you know.

His pa will tan his
hide right enough.

But that's no call for
that old man to shoot him.

He'd have killed me
if I hadn't hightailed it.

Ooh, it burns!

Oh, you're just like your pa!

Getting into trouble
every which a-way.


Now, Mrs. Rucker, don't worry.

I'll go out and have
a talk with Suggs.

And we'll send Doc
out to look at Henry

just as soon as he gets back.

Now, Henry, in the meantime,

you stay away from
stealing any more apples.

You hear what the marshal said?

If I catch you even so
much as thinking about...


Well, I guess I'll have to
go out and talk to Suggs.

He's liable to hurt
somebody if he keeps this up.

Aw, fiddle, Matthew.

He ain't using enough powder

in that shotgun to more
than sting 'em a little bit.


Them kids'll eat them
apples up in a hurry, you know.

Yeah, but I can't have
him running around

salting down the backside

of every kid in the
county, you know.

Well, all right, if you want
to go and spoil the fun

for the kids.

Why, if I had a dollar for
every piece of rock salt

that old Doc's took
out of a kid's backside,

why, I'd buy you a beer.

If I had a dollar
I'd buy you a beer.

Well, now, I'm mighty
glad to hear that.

But, uh, I'll have to
take you up on it later.

Right now I got
to meet the stage.

Matthew, that stage ain't
due in for another hour,

and you know that.

Anyway, Miss Kitty's only
been away three weeks.

Closer to four.

Well, she's just apt
not to come back at all.

Well, there's a lot of nice
fellers in Wichita, you know.

And her going to
the wedding and all,

it just could be that...

Festus, by golly, I think
you're worse than old Suggs.

Rub salt in an open wound, huh?


What's going on up there?

He's going to kill us all.


Now, then, Josh. (whoops)

Need you to tap
the back of the hand.

Hold your hand under it.

All right, now tap the back.

- (whoops)
- Hey! -Hey!

A silver dollar!

Now, Josh, you're gonna
have to get yourself a haircut

in Dodge, I think,
because you've got all kinds

of things sticking in there.
Would you look at that?

A watch!

How'd you do that?

Mom, how did he do that?

That is my watch!

How dare you, sir?

- How dare you, Josh?
- (laughs)

Now, hold your hand up there.
Hold-hold your hand right up

next to you, that's right.
Now, if-if you give your ear

just a...

You know, you're gonna
have to get a bath in Dodge.

If you give that ear
a really good pull

- Look at that.
- (coins jingle)

JOSH: A ten-dollar gold piece!

(man laughing)

Now, you just take that
and put it in the bank

- and watch it grow.
- Oh, boy!

No, please, Mr. Helmick.

- I couldn't...
- Oh, it was his ear, Mrs. Starkey.

Oh, I couldn't
let him keep it...

Well, now, you know.

You can't just do
that to every ear.

You see, Josh here's
been quite a gentleman

and a delightful
traveling companion.

- Please, Mrs. Starkey.
- Well...

Uh, you know, a long stage
ride can be almost unendurable.

And if it weren't for
Josh here, ma'am,

why, you wouldn't be along.

Well, all right.

What do you say, Josh?

Oh, thanks, Mr. Helmick!

(all laughing)

(laughing): You darling.

HELMICK: It's my pleasure, son.

Well, I hope you can
convince your mother

to stay over a
few days in Dodge.

'Cause you're still a
long way to Denver.

And a few days' rest would
make the remainder of the trip

much more enjoyable.

Well, well, why not, Mom?

Then we could see
Miss Russell's restaurant

and meet her friend
Marshal Dillon and everything!

Would he let me see
his jail, Miss Russell?

Do you think he's got
any outlaws in there now?

Well, you never know, Josh.

Oh, boy! Please, Mom.

Just for a little while?

Well, now, Josh, you
know your Uncle Ray's

expecting us on the 14th.

Well, there is a
telegram office in Dodge.

I'm sure that they
wouldn't object too highly

if you wanted to
be a few days late.

(loud crash)

This is... Driver!

I'm not going to stand
for any more of this.

- (man shouting)
- (horses galloping nearby)

(door opens)

Afternoon, folks.

Everybody out.

Come on, let's go.

You treed the
wrong critters, friend.

We ain't carrying no gold.

We're not after gold, mister.

We got what we're after.


And this one.


(Helmick mumbles)

The-the ring is of
relative little value, sir.

Glass. My mother's.


Take them ear bobs off.

Why didn't you use that, mister?

(clears throat)


All right, get him off.

Come on, everybody down.

Get down here. Come on.

Now, take a look.

That's what happens to
anybody that gives us any trouble.

Close that door.


(men shouting, whistling)

Now, we're all going
for a nice long walk.

I-I just don't understand.

Nobody asked you to understand.

All you got to do
is what you're told.

Now, move, all of you!

Yeah, come on, come on!

Get moving! Get over there!

- All right, move it out!
- Move it out there!

- Hyah! Move it out!
- Come on, let's move.

- Let's go! -Move!
- Move out of there!

- Come on.
- Come on!

- Get moving! Get over there!
- All right, move it out!

Move it out there! Hyah!

- Move it out!
- Come on, let's move.

- Move out of there! -Move!
- Get moving! Get over there!

- All right, move it out!
- Move it out there! Hyah!

- Move it out!
- Come on, let's move.

- Let's go!
- Move out of there!

- Get moving! Get over there!
- All right,

- move it out!
- Move it out there! Hyah!

- Move it out!
- Come on, let's move. -Let's go!

- Move!
- Move out of there!

- Get moving! Get over there!
- All right, move it out!

Move it out there! Hyah!

- Move it out!
- Come on.

What time is it now, Festus?

Ten minutes later than it was
the last time you asked me.

(Dillon sighs)

Matthew, that 2:00 stage

ain't never known to
get in here before 3:00.

Now, you know that.

I know what time
the stage gets here.

Well, a feller'd
sure never know it

the way you're a-faunching
and a-bellering around.

Festus, why don't
you go down to Oliver's

and spend 50 cents
to get yourself a shave?

I just took a bath down
yonder not an hour ago

in honor of Miss
Kitty's homecoming.

Figured getting a shave would
be gilding the lily too much.

Oh, well, yeah. You
wouldn't want to overdo it.

Matthew, why don't
we go back in yonder

and get us another beer?

Uh, stage'll be along directly.

Yeah, later maybe.

I got things to do.

He sure has got hisself
worked up about that stage.


I've been trying to
hoorah him a little bit,

but I'll tell you
something, Sam.

I'm starting to fret myself.

That stage ain't been
this late in months.

No, it ain't.

All right, up through here.

Come on, all of you.


This is an outrage.

I... I'll see that...

that you men pay for this.

Is that right?

Shut up and keep moving.


Come on, hyah!


You seem to be
giving the orders here.

We, we got to stop.

That man's bleeding to death.

Oh, we stop when I say so.

Dollar-a-day shotgun
guard ain't no concern to me.


How'd you know my name?

I know all about you.

All of you.

And you're gonna know
a lot more about me, too,

before we're through.

(Helmick grunts)

To start with, my name is Shay.

Grant Shay.

I want to put a bandage on him.

Say please.

Ain't no man ever taught you
to pay mind when you're told?

Some have tried.

A lot better men than you.


Say please.

Suit yourself.

Wait a minute!


That's better.

All right!

We're gonna rest here.


(men laughing)


Listen, I-I...

I don't know what you
intend to do with us.

I'm prepared to pay
handsomely for our release.

I'll... I'll pay you a
thousand dollars.

"A thousand dollars"?

- Yes.
- Did you hear that, fellas?

Mr. Follansbee here,
he's just offered us

a thousand dollars
to let him go.

- (men laughing)
- All right, I...

I'll-I'll pay you $2,000.

(men laugh harder)

$2,000 and, and no
trouble for anybody

if you release us right here.


Why, Mr. Follansbee, I heard
tell you were a right smart man.

You sure are a
big disappointment.

Why, Miss Russell here
is worth at least $5,000.

Well, it seems to me
that Brian C. Follansbee,

the man who practically
owns the railroad,

ought to be worth
at least $50,000.


Get that kind of bandage,
and I'm gonna have to let

some air in some more
hides before this trip's over.

Let go of her!


Hold it!

He tried to hit me.

I saw what he did and why.


Who are you, boy?

My name's Johnny Hutton.

I was trying to get
to Dodge to get a job.

He ain't nothing
but a troublemaker.

And anyway, he ain't
worth more than a nickel.

You're probably right.

Kill him.


What kind of men
are you, anyway?

We are poor men, Miss Russell.

And we're looking to
remedy the situation.

And I don't need to let
nobody stand in our way.

Now, just stand aside.

He'll be working
for me in Dodge.

I'll pay for him.

Well, now.

Let's see.

We figured to get
$5,000 for you, Miss Kitty.

And another five for
Ace High Helmick here.

He's got poker winnings
stashed all over the territories.

And maybe, uh, $2,000

for Mrs. Starkey and the boy

from his good uncle in Denver.

And, uh, another
$50,000 for Follansbee.

Now, what do you
think the boy's worth?

If I can raise
$5,000 for myself,

I can raise $500 for him.

Well, I guess your friends
will do what you tell them.

We'll throw the boy
in for another $500.

He ain't started
to fill out yet.



They would've killed me

if it hadn't been for you.

Well, you tried to
help me, Johnny.

We're gonna have
to stick together

if we're all gonna
get through this.

Did you mean that?

About my working
for you in Dodge?

We'll talk about it later.

We're only about
20 miles from Dodge.

It's likely to be the
hardest 20 miles

any of us have ever traveled.

SHAY: All right, on
your feet and move out!

Come on, get on your
feet, and let's move here.

All right, come on.

Move up here, all of you.

Come on, move!

Come on, move.

Get up there.


Come on, let's go!

Come on, move
up here, all of you.

Come on, move.

Wait a minute!

Come on, move. Get up there.

Watch it, Dobbs!

(coughing): I... I-I
have to have water.

Hold it up here!

All right, here.

Pass it on there, that's enough.

Come on, pass it on.

Here, Josh.

The sun.

I never knew it to be so hot.

Well, maybe it won't
be much farther.

Yes, but... to what?

And where?

Don't worry, all
they want is money.

Drink some water.

I-I bet, I bet if your friend
Marshal Dillon was here,

he'd take care of them.

Don't worry.

We're gonna be fine.

Thank you.



Here, hold this, will you?

You know, I'd almost
risk getting shot myself

to watch you make
bandages, Miss Kitty.


You had a gun...
Why didn't you use it?

Oh, I said "almost."

See, almost being a fool's
different than being one.

And money's not
so hard to come by.

But you only lose
your life once.

What about pride?

How many times
can a man lose that?


All right, let's move out!

Come on!

Get on your feet there!

(indistinct chatter)


Come on, honey! Go on.

(indistinct chatter)

Oh, fiddle, Sam, let's quit.

I don't feel like playing.

And I thought your
great-grandpa invented this game.

Well, he did, but I just
ain't in the mood for playing.

That's all.

Maybe you ought
to just go to work

and draw me a beer.

The way you've been
playing this game,

you need something.

DILLON: Festus?

Better get saddled up.
We got some riding to do.

What's the matter, Matthew?

The stage left the
relay station at 1:15.

How do you know that?

'Cause I sent a wire to
Spearville, they checked it out,

and I just got the answer.

Maybe they had a breakdown,

a busted wheel or something.

Festus, it's after 5:00.

Now, they could've
busted all four wheels,

gotten them fixed, and
been back here by this time.

(man screaming)

(men clamoring)

Whoa, whoa!

What's the story...?

Marshal, Marshal!

There ain't nobody inside!

Where's Bert...?

All right, everybody!
Quiet down a minute here.

Now, go on, what's happening?

They-they just a-come
a-running into our corn field.

I-I-I let them rest
up a bit, and then,

then I brought them in
just as fast as I could.

Well, where's the driver
and the passengers?

I-I-I didn't see nobody!

Matthew, look here at this.

All right, everybody,
move on down!

Go on, move, move!

- All right.
- Get down there!

- We're waiting.
- We're walking on.

Whoa, come on, let's go!

All right, just a minute.

- Come on, let's go.
- Come on, now!


Hyah! Oh, oh, get it!

Come on, get it, get it!

Look, you can't pen us
up in there like animals!

We-we need food and water!

And if you expect
to get any money...


Make no mistake about it.

We're gonna get that money.

And we're gonna
get it in 24 hours

or this corral is
gonna be a graveyard

with no tombstones in it.

All right, move them in.

Get up there, get in there!

Come on, get in there!

- Come on!
- Come on!

All right, on your feet! Up!

Come on, get in there!


Wait a minute.

Are you all right, ma'am?

Yes, thank you.

Pleasure's all mine.

going to murder us!

We've got to get away!

Oh, Mr. Follansbee!

No, let me go, please.

Please, we've got
to do something!

There's nothing we
can do, Follansbee,

except try to stay
alive. Now, now, listen...

But you saw what he did!

Listen to me now!

He won't kill us! They
want some money!

I tell you, they'd kill any one
of us without batting an eye!

Of course he would if it
would suit his purpose.

But they've got to keep us
alive in order to get the money.

That's right! And he's too smart

to expect them just to send
the money on his say-so.

I mean, he's got to
prove that we're still alive.

Look, he kicked you.

But he could've just
as well used his gun.


Yes, and... and as
his, his greatest source

of-of revenue,

naturally I'm-I'm the one
that he would most want

to keep alive.

Yes, yes.

Of course, thank
you, Miss Russell.

You... you've set
my mind at rest.

Thank you.

You know, uh, you
know, Miss Russell,

we make a pretty
good combination.

Stop reaching, Mr. Helmick.

You haven't got the stature.


I ain't saw a thing, Matthew.

Nothing on that side, either.

There's not a single sign.

Nothing to go on.

Festus, I want you
to ride back to Dodge

and round up every
able-bodied man you can find.

Tell them to be out
here by dawn tomorrow.

And have them bring a
bedroll and some food.

We're gonna cover as
much territory as we can.

Be back directly.

(wind blowing)

Grant, it's gonna get
very cold out there

before this night's over.


That sure is a pity, them,

them two fine-looking females

shivering out
there, lying awake.

We've been over all that.

What we're after is the money.

Yeah, sure, but...

maybe they'd, uh,
just cotton to a little, uh,

friendly-like talk?

Well, I don't think
the other boys

are gonna take too
kindly to our talking

while they're out in
the cold standing guard.

Finish your beans,
the two of you.

It's time to relieve,
uh, Hart and Simpson

up in the point.

Looks like you took quite
a shine to that redhead.

Toting her hat and all.

Have you got any objections?

(mouth full): You just said...

I just said we're not
bringing them women in here.

I told you right from the start

there's not gonna be any
fooling around with the women.

I told you right from the start
that I'm taking a double share

because the whole idea was mine.

Ain't none of you had
any complaints then.

If you got any now,
let's just get them settled.

(door closes)

Changing of the guard.

I don't know what they
need any guards for.

Nobody'd ever find this place.

Yeah, you're right.

It's pretty deserted
around here.


They seem to have
everything pretty well-planned.

I think we'd better
do something.

That boy and Mrs.
Starkey, look at them.

They're gonna leave us out here.

They'd leave us out here to...

Aw, Kitty, Kitty,
there's no sense

in doing something foolish.

Now, they're
obviously gonna take

one of us into town
to get the money.

When they get the money,
they're gonna let us go.

All we have to
do is just sit tight...

and stay healthy.

There's no guarantee
they'll let us go

even if they do get the money.

No, I think the
odds are they will.

Why should they kill
us if it's unnecessary?

You don't plan to
do anything, huh?

Kitty, my whole life is based on
knowing the odds and playing it.

And I don't intend
to change now.



Boys, come over here.

A-All I want's a match, you see,

since it looks like you're not
gonna be serving us any supper.

Much obliged.

Oh, uh, would you...

you boys like to indulge, huh?

Fresh from Cuba.

Mucho fino.

Cold rum, hot cigars
and warm women.

Can't beat Cuba for all three.


Go on.

Miss Kitty?

Maybe me and Bert
could do something.

If we could get hold of a gun.

Aw, Johnny, you'd need help.

There's nothing the
two of you can do alone.

But you was talking
to that gambler.

If he could do
something, then I could.

Well, he's older than you are.

I ain't no kid, Miss Kitty.

Oh, Johnny, I...

I-I didn't mean
it like that, I...

I-I meant that he's dealt
with these kind of men before,

and I... I can't take a chance

on you and Bert
getting yourselves killed.

The way that Grant
Shay looks at you, he...


It's gonna be all right.

Try and get some rest.

Now, I ain't asking for any
special favors or anything,

but I certainly would appreciate

a blanket if you got
another one around.

I mean, this wind cuts right
through a man like a knife.

Well, I figured there's
no harm in asking.

Say, uh, uh,

have-haven't I seen
you somewheres?

D-D-Down Texas way.

You ever played
any poker in Dallas?

I ain't never been in Dallas.

We met somewheres.

I never do forget
a poker player.

And-and it comes
to mind that-that, uh,

you handle yourself pretty well.

Him? (laughs)

You're thinking of
someone else, mister.

Nobody asked you nothing, Dobbs.

It ain't my fault if
my luck runs sour.

I-I can play the cards

- if I get them.
- (laughs)


I seen him lose the
boots right off his feet

trying to fill an
inside straight.

That ain't so.

Uh, you, uh,

you ever try to fill
an inside straight?



Come here, boys.

Come here.

Here, let me show you something.


You all right?


I never knew it could,
it could get so cold.

Well, you-you'll be all right

if you just don't
sit still too long.

We'll take turns holding him.

I just can't believe it.

How could this happen?

Kidnapped, about to be murdered.

Well, I... I know it seems
pretty awful right now.

But in two or three days

it'll all be just
like a bad dream.

What they've done
to us is bad enough,

but how could they
treat a child that way?

- They're savages.
- Mrs. Starkey...

They'd just as soon
kill a man as look at him.

- Stop it!
- Mom?

- Oh...
- What's...?

It's all right,
Josh. It's all right.

- I'm cold.
- Yes, darling.

All right, you go back to sleep.

Go to sleep,
darling. Go to sleep.

I want to see your boss,
the one they call Shay!

Well, now wait a minute,
Kitty. I was just telling the boys...

Get him out here!
Get him out here

before I start
yelling my brains out!

- (grumbling)
- Tell him if he... if he wants

a cent out of this, he'd
better get out here right now!

Why don't you shut your
mouth before we shut it for you?

Take it easy, boy,
she's a little upset.

- That's all.
- Let go, let go of me!

Listen, if you hadn't
butted in there,

I might've gotten
some blankets and food.

Oh, you make me sick!

Look at this,
look, look at this.

I took them off the guys
when they weren't looking.

I figured that I might
as well keep in practice.

What good are
they without a gun?

Who knows what I
might get next time?

SHAY: Miss Russell?

Dobbs says you want something.

Nobody's gonna pay
for dead hostages.

How long do you think
we can stay in this cold?

Dobbs, get some
firewood in there.

Start these people a fire.

We'll keep you
warm, Miss Russell.



Wasn't figuring you
to get here till morning.

Oh, I got to fidgeting around.

Couldn't set still.

Besides, I figured you
might be getting lonesome,

want somebody to jaw with.

You get the men all right?

Oh, yeah, they're all
a-fixing to leave at daylight.

Yeah, I sure hope
nobody with itchy fingers

comes into Dodge
tomorrow, though.

Why is that?

Well, there ain't
a man left in town

that's under 60.

Everybody's coming.

Everybody that could
get hisself a horse.

Good. You want some coffee?

Yeah. Much obliged.

Matthew, you're gonna
have to quit fretting

and just get it
through your head

that she's gonna be all right.

It isn't only Kitty I'm
worried about, Festus.

There were other
people on that stage, too,

including a woman and child.

The Starkeys.

They was ticketed
for Denver, you know.

Old Doc sent a telegraph to see

was there anybody
that knowed them.

Well, did he get an answer?

He hadn't when I left.

Say, the railroad's
sending the Pinkertons out

to try to find that
Follansbee feller.

Fact is, I hear they're
even trying to get the army

- to go out and look for him.
- (chuckles)

Well, they're a
little late for that.

You know, Matthew,
as cold as it is,

it's liable to get plumb down
to freezing 'fore daylight.

Here, all their baggage is
there on the stagecoach.

They ain't got no
overcoats nor nothing.

Well, it isn't the
weather that worries me

as much as thinking
what kind of men

it is that would take
women and children

up into the hills like that.

You figure they took them
up yonder in the hills, do you?

Oh, yeah, they're
up there all right.

Golly Bill, Matthew.

It'll take us to doomsday
to cover them hills.

That's about right, Festus.

You know, Matthew,
if them yahoos

is a-fixing to get
money out of them,

they sure as shooting
ain't gonna hurt them none.

Festus, how many people have
you heard of that have been held

for ransom and then
turned loose unharmed?

Well, not many,
but it has happened.

Now, you got to give me that.


But all that gang's got to do

is get quarrelling
among themselves

or arguing over the women

or panic a little bit.


I wonder what time
it's getting to be.

Must be getting close to 3:00.

You'd better try to get
yourself some sleep, Matthew.

Liable to be a long day.

No, you go ahead
if you can, Festus.

I don't think I could manage it.

(wind whistling)



(men laughing, clamoring nearby)


Where'd you find him?

Halfway down the mountain.

He'd have gotten clean away
if he hadn't sprained his ankle.

MAN 2: Yeah, we
was watching, boss.

But you never know
what a k... (grunts)

You were watching, all right.

You was watching that
tinhorn do card tricks.

That's a thousand
dollars from both of you!

Well, that don't
hardly seem fair, Grant.

- We was just passing...
- You were just what?


Put him in there!

Savages! Savages!

Oh, Johnny, Johnny.


I should have...
listened to you.

You had no call to do this.

We warned you, all of you!

You wouldn't listen. No, no!

You had to go find
yourselves a hero.

Now, just take it easy, Johnny.

You're gonna be all right.

Miss Kitty?

I tried.

I tried.

I know you did, Johnny.

You did all that any
man could've done.

I'm proud of you.

JOSH: Mom?

Now, hush, Josh.

Just hush.

I'm terrible hungry.

Yes, yes.

Forget about us, but that boy

hasn't had anything
to eat for over 18 hours.

That's right, I forgot
about the food.

How about it, Red?

Are you hungry?

We're all hungry.

All right.

Me and you can
have us a little coffee

and some bacon later on.

I'll send some food
down here for the rest.

And, uh, you, Mrs. Starkey?

Get on out here.

Just a minute.

You got to know that you're not
gonna get a cent of that money

until somebody sees
that we're all all right.

Simmer down, simmer down.

Now, Mrs. Starkey.

You're going into
Dodge with Dorner here

to make arrangements
for the money.

You leave my mom alone!

- Oh!
- SHAY: Get away from there, boy.

Nobody's gonna hurt your ma.

Get another horse.

Now, wait. Wait a minute. Wait.

Leave me alone!

Leave her alone! Mama!

(crying): Mom!


She is not gonna
make any wrong moves.

Not while I got the
boy here with us.

That's the way I got it figured.

Nobody's gonna just hand
over that kind of money.

Oh, I guess maybe they will.

Once Mrs. Starkey explains
to them that we mean

what we say.

That we're not gonna
let anybody out of here

unless we get that
money by noon tomorrow.

We're gonna let
them see all of you

from a good ways off, of course.

Dorner is gonna bring
back two men with him.

They'll see you're all
fine from that hill yonder.

He's gonna fetch one of
them down here to make sure.

And he's gonna
signal the other one

to start moving
in with the money.

And then you folks are gonna

start moving out slow.

Once we get the money,
that'll be the end of it.

Of course we're gonna
be watching the trail.

And if there's any
posse anywheres near,

that means the deal is off.

And I'd be right
sorry about that.

But I'm sure that
Mrs. Starkey is going

to explain it to them real good.

Won't you, Mrs. Starkey?


All right, mount up.

- Josh!
- (crying): Mama! Mama!




- It's all right, Josh.
- Mom...

They won't hurt her.

It's all right.

(gunfire nearby)

Matthew, this here lady's
one of the passengers

off the stagecoach.

And this yahoo here is one

of the ones that held it up.

All right, you, now talk!

No! No, Marshal, please!
They'll kill the others!

They're holding us for ransom!

We'd best be getting on

into Dodge, Marshal.

We'll be wanting to ride out
of there by noon tomorrow

with better than
$60,000 in our poke.

Well, it's-it's easy to tell.

You see, if the body is-is kind
of round there, it's a buzzard.

But if it's sharp in the back,
th-then it's, uh, it's an eagle.

That there's an eagle.

That's right, yeah.

Yeah, look over
there. See-see-see?

What do you think those
three circling over there are?

Those are buzzards.

That's right!


T-Tell you what.

Why don't you try and-and count

all you can count in the sky

until the sun goes down, huh?

I bet I could count a hundred.

I bet you couldn't.

(quietly): One, two...

You're gonna make
a good Indian yet.

Hasn't come to yet, huh?

Ah, just a couple
of groans, that's it.


Probably better for
him if he does stay out.

Oh, you mind?

I thought you ran
out of those things.

No, no, no. I got a couple more

from my buddies over there.

You know,
Mr. Helmick, every time

I think I have you pegged,
you turn out to be the heel

I thought you were
in the first place.


Well, Kitty, this is just

an unpleasant experience
to be endured, nothing more.

Now, surely you don't
expect any suicidal effort

out of me, now, do you?

I mean, the-the experience
of our young friend over there

showed the stupidity of that.

Well, I haven't made
the situation any worse,

now, have I?

You haven't
helped it any, either.

Nope, unfortunately
that has to be left up

to the noble in
spirit, me and you.

But, um, watch out for Shay.

What about Shay?

Well, did you notice the
way that he looked at you?

I mean, that's the way that a man
looks when he wants a woman.

I know.

Now, that much I can believe.

Just because he didn't
press some matters then,

just don't think it's over.

He wants the money, sure.

But when it gets here...

When it gets here,
Matt Dillon will bring it.

And then you think everything's
gonna be all right, huh?

Him in here alone
with this bunch?

He won't exactly be
alone, Mr. Helmick.

Whatever happens, there'll
be some of us that are together.


That does it, Marshal.

$62,000, gold and paper.

Well, thank you,
thank you, Mr. Scott.

Uh, the railroad will be sending

their draft along, and I'm
sure Miss Russell's account...

No problem, Marshal.

Those telegrams of
confirmation were sufficient.

Thank you.


Festus, you stay
here with the money.

When I start out with
Kitty and the rest of them,

you ride on in.

I don't see no extra
horses down yonder.

You reckon they figure to...?

Yeah, three horses
to carry nine of us.

They probably figure
think that's their head start.

But I don't think
we got much choice.

I'm going with you,
Marshal. My son's in there,

and he's all I've
got in the world.


Did you have any trouble
raising the money, Marshal?

It's all up there, $62,000.

Well, bring it on in then.

What about them?

Turn them loose.

Kitty, you all right?


All right, hold on
there, Marshal.

We're gonna turn
your girlfriend loose

just as soon as we
get across the border.

Now, wait a minute.

We've played it straight
with you right down the line.

Now, if you want
a hostage, take me.

Oh, I don't think so.

That'll be like taking

a rattlesnake
along for protection.

Get your hands up.

Get them up!

Cover him.

You, come here.



- (Kitty crying)
- Kitty, whoa...

It's all, it's all over!

It's all right, Kitty.

- Oh, Matt!
- It's all right.


Oh, that, that explosion.

I figured this was something
you all had worked out.

(Kitty sighs)

Miss Kitty.



Come on.